The 8 Best Folding Loungers of 2022

Folding Sun Lounger – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

It is necessary to take the time to choose the best folding lounger, because among so many options it can be difficult to know which one is the most suitable for your needs. For that reason, checking the models on the market could help you choose the one that is perfect for you. A chair like Solmar 5 positions will provide comfort and a good design, which will give the beach touch you are looking for anywhere, meanwhile, a deckchair like the Songmics GCB19WGV1 offers protection and resistant materials, so that the product has greater durability. As you can see, the variety between the models will give you the opportunity to choose loungers completely adapted to your tastes and requirements.

The 8 Best Folding Sun Loungers – Opinions 2022

Although there are many folding sun loungers on the market, there are some that stand out from the rest thanks to their qualities. In this case, these 8 varied models offer different positive aspects so that you can find the product that you consider most appropriate.

Folding beach lounger

1. Solmar Sun Lounger Hammock Folding Beach Chair

If you want a chair that makes you feel cool on a sunny day, this folding beach chair from Solmar could be a good option. It is a product made of aluminum, a material that provides resistance and lightness, which will give you comfort and ease of mobilization so that you can use the lounger on a trip, in your patio or wherever you want. Its striking and classic design consists of a blue and white striped pattern, easily combined with beach environments.

To give you greater security, this lounger has a double support system, which manages to support up to 150 kg of weight. In addition, the fabric is made with materials resistant to climatic conditions, breathable and with protection against overheating due to high temperatures. In terms of comfort, this lounger manages to fold and also stay in 5 different positions so you can lie down as you prefer.

Deciding which folding lounger to buy will not be difficult when you see the classic design of this Solmar option.


Positions: The 5 positions offered provide more comfortable options for you to enjoy the sun.

Weight: Its maximum weight capacity of 150kg allows more people to have the opportunity to use the lounger.

Materials: Both the aluminum and the fabric used in the chair provide strength and safety, without neglecting good looks.

Portable: The lightness and ease of folding this lounger provide easy and quick mobilization; that way, this product can always accompany you.


Colour: The white section of the fabric could easily get dirty if the lounger is used constantly.

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Folding aluminum lounger

2. Songmics Reclining Lounger with Backrest and Parasol

Going to the beach or enjoying a day at the pool is usually accompanied by a strong sun, for that reason, the best folding sun lounger could be the one that offers protection against it. For that reason, this Songmics model is so sought after, because, in addition to being among the cheap products, it comes with a sun visor that can be adjusted to make its use more comfortable. When lying down it will be possible to relax in 5 different positions and enjoy a fabric that will not allow your sweat to accumulate.

On top of that, with a 4.9kg weight and the side handles, you can take this foldable aluminum lounger anywhere you need to use it. This aluminum, which acts as the main material, is resistant to oxidation, while the fabric protects from UV rays for a safer rest. Finally, the stable and comfortable chair will provide its space for anyone with a maximum weight of 150kg.

Comfort and protection will be an inseparable duo when using this lounger that will allow you to relax while covering yourself from the sun.


Protection: The parasol will not only provide you with comfortable shade, but it will also provide protection against UV rays.

Comfort: The breathable fabric and the 5 positions to choose from that the lounger offers will give you a greater opportunity to relax.

Resistance: You can use this lounger without fear of damaging it, as it manages to support up to 150 kg, while the aluminum resists oxidation to keep it in good condition.


Nuts: The material used for the nuts is plastic, therefore, it is necessary to be extra careful when adjusting them. 

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Folding garden lounger

3. Outsunny Lounger with Reclining and Folding Pillow

Hanging out in the garden is a relaxing activity and if you have a folding garden lounger this will be easier. Therefore, this product can be a good alternative, as it is a chair with a stable structure of 4.8 kilograms made of steel and with a PVC-coated fabric. These qualities allow it to resist UVA rays and unfavorable weather conditions. In addition, all people with a maximum weight of 136 kg will be able to enjoy their day with this comfortable chair.

As for its use, this lounger can be adjusted to three positions so you can choose the one you like best; reaching 153 x 60 x 29 cm when fully open. With a soft sponge-filled pillow on top, you can lie back with ease, and when you’re done, the lounger can be folded up. In addition to that, the cushion can be detached and washed to keep it clean and keep the blue of the chair bright despite the time.

Outsunny, created to provide products designed for outdoor use, could be considered the best brand of folding sun loungers thanks to its quality items.


Cushion: The included cushion is a small extra accessory that will give you the opportunity to relax in the best way.

Materials: The steel provides strength to the lounger, while the fabric withstands exposure to the elements without compromising comfort.

Weight: With a weight of 4.8 kg, this lounger is easy to move to where you want to do it; this is complemented by its folding quality.


Positions: Unlike chairs that offer up to 5 positions, this product only manages to adapt in 3 ways.

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Padded folding lounger

4. Amanka Folding Lounger Comfortable Beach Chair

A padded folding lounger could be exactly what those who want a little more comfort need. In this case, this bright red 5kg model comes with an adjustable headrest, which will provide more comfort when you relax. In terms of practicality, this could be one of the best folding sun loungers of 2022 since it is possible to use the product on beaches, gardens, camping, balconies, etc.

On the other hand, the structure of this product is made of steel to give it resistance and, in addition, it manages to support 100 kg without any problem. The fabric, meanwhile, is thick and also provides good support for the body. 

Regardless of the location, it will be possible to use this lounger in two positions and, when extended, you will be able to lie down completely on a surface of 178 x 60 x 30 cm. On the other hand, when it is folded, it will be easier to manipulate the chair and transport it.

Among the cheapest loungers you can find this practical and classic model, which will look good anywhere and will give you a comfortable rest space.


Cushion: The included cushion, in addition to giving you comfort, can also be adjusted to achieve a better position when lying down.

Versatile: Due to its practical design you will have the possibility of using this lounger in different areas, both outdoors and inside your home.

Design: The bright red color will make this chair stand out anywhere. That way it will never be lost, because you will find it due to its bright hue.


Position: This lounger only allows two positions, which may not be enough for some people.

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Folding wooden lounger

5. Harbor Housewares Reclining and Folding Lounger

Beautiful traditional and classic styling is what makes any folding wooden lounger stand out, and in this case, this set of two chairs proves that simplicity can sometimes be just that touch needed for beautiful design. 

Offering a support for 120 kg, these loungers are made with a wooden frame and a water-resistant fabric, which combines polyester and cotton, so you can keep each one in good condition, even when used constantly. In fact, the wood has FSC certification that confirms its durability. 

When it comes to comfort when sitting on one of the chairs, they manage to recline at 3 different angles thanks to the hook found on the back of the product. When you’re done using it, you can fold the chair flat to save space or remove the canvas and wash it to keep it looking pristine.

Easy to combine with the environment, comfortable and beautiful; these are the most noticeable qualities of this Harbor Housewares alternative.


Set: In this purchase you will get two chairs at the same time, so it is a good alternative if you want to buy several things at the same time.

Design: The elegant lines of the wood and the striking hue of the fabric give the chairs an appearance that is pleasing to the eye.

Washable: To give you greater comfort, the canvas can be easily separated from the wood to be able to wash it correctly.


Hook: Unlike the rest of the structure, the hook of these chairs is plastic and, for that reason, care must be taken when handling it.

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folding sun lounger chair

6. AmazonBasics Set of 2 Padded Zero Gravity Chairs

Amazon not only sells products, it also manufactures them, as is the case with these folding loungers that stand out for their design. With a padded structure, this purchase not only comes with one folding sun lounger chair, but two, and both stand out for the comfort they provide. The moment you decide to recline, you will notice how the chair relieves pressure points and gives you a rest at zero gravity, to provide a better experience. This, in addition, is complemented by a removable headrest and a cup holder to make room for your hot or cold drinks.

To achieve the expected comfort, each product in this set has a durable steel frame and also comes with an Oxford cotton fabric to cushion your weight correctly, no matter the position. The fabric, for its part, is also easy to clean, since you only need a damp cloth. Finally, it is necessary to point out that each structure measures 165 x 74.9 x 112 cm and weighs 9.81 kg.

The best folding lounger of the moment could be one of these two chairs that Amazon has for you.


Set: With this purchase you will get 2 very good quality products, which will accompany you in your moments of relaxation.

Comfort: Being padded chairs with the possibility of relieving pressure when using them, comfort is one of its most relevant aspects.

Construction: Steel and Oxford cloth not only provide strength and durability, but also ease of use and comfort.


Weight: Despite their portability when folded, each chair weighs 9.81 kg and that may require a little more effort when moving them.

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Folding resin lounger

7. Shaf Sp Garden 42608 Folding Lounger

Wondering which is the best folding lounger is very valid when you want to buy one, and this model could be the right combination of comfort, design and safety that you are looking for. With rounded edges and a blue and white striped pattern, this foldable resin lounger will look beautiful in a variety of settings. In addition, since it has wheels and weighs 8.2 kg, it will not be so difficult to move it to the ideal area.

Its dimensions of 195 cm long x 72 cm wide x 100 cm high will give you enough space to lie down and, additionally, you can adjust the backrest in 4 different positions for more comfort. Your rest will also be greater by enjoying the padding of its cover and this, in turn, stands out for being resistant to UV rays. Last but not least, this purchase comes with the necessary instruction manual for assembly.

This lounger makes it possible to enjoy a comfortable rest and add a beautiful touch to the environment simultaneously, as it is eye-catching and will provide comfort whenever you want it.


Wheels: The two wheels will make it easier for you to move this lounger to the place you want.

Reclining: To provide you with the comfort you are looking for, this chair allows you to recline in 4 positions; in addition to folding.

Assembly: It will be possible to follow the instructions step by step and easily when assembling this folding lounger.


Cushion: The cushion could be thicker, however its strength and good looks make up for this.

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Folding lounger with wheels

8. Adriatic Comfort Resin Lounger

A folding sun lounger with wheels is the first thing you should take on a beach adventure, and in this case, this model considered the best value for money folding sun lounger will offer you exactly that. Made of resin and featuring a classic design, this chair provides the strength and portability needed to take the product anywhere and use it comfortably.

Its 60 x 50 x 40 cm structure makes it a lounger with enough space to be considered comfortable; however, this comfort is not only limited to relaxation but to practicality when it comes to carrying things with you, since the chair can become a small trailer to be able to have essential things and, in addition, the structure has a hook on the the back that will allow things to hang and prevent them from filling with sand.

Your next visit to the beach cannot be complete without this folding chair from Adriatic Comfort, as this product will make the trip easier and more comfortable.


Multifunctional: This lounger will not only let you relax, but also carry things on it and hang your cloths to prevent sand from dirtying them.

Portable: The wheels and light weight facilitate portability allowing you to take the chair anywhere.

Price: This is one of the most affordable options on the market, making it a good alternative to save money.


Comfort: As it is not padded, this chair does not provide the comfort that other models provide; however, it fulfills its function completely.

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Shopping guide

The most important thing when purchasing a lounger is comfort, however, comfort is not only achieved by how padded the seat is, but also by taking into account different aspects such as its size, ease of movement and included accessories.


If you have no idea how much a folding lounger costs and you want to buy one, you need to know that both the price and the functionality depend a lot on what your objective is when buying it. Despite the fact that many models are similar and that, in some cases, they share a manufacturer, there is a wide variety of loungers and you must choose the alternative that best suits the use you want to give it.

The most famous loungers are those designed for the beach or the pool, since that is where they are mostly used. These are usually characterized by being light and made of waterproof materials.

On the other hand, it is also possible to find the so-called sun loungers for camping. These are designed to withstand the elements and, in addition, they are usually padded enough to be able to relax and even sleep for a while without complications.

Finally, there are the garden loungers. These models are usually made of wood and, although reclining, they are not always fully foldable. These are characterized because, in most cases, they use cushion covers or have outstanding designs to be easy to combine with the decoration.

All alternatives are excellent for fulfilling their functions, therefore, you should take the time to know what qualities you require and, in this way, choose the correct type of lounger. In addition to all this, do not forget to check the number of positions in which you can place the lounger, as this will give you more freedom when relaxing.


After determining what type of product you need, then the comparison of folding sun loungers should focus on their structure and what they offer. The easiest thing to identify among the different models is their main materials, since these elements not only affect the design, but also durability, mobility, etc.

The commonly used materials are aluminium, resin and wood. Choosing one over another depends exclusively on you, as they all have qualities and disadvantages. Wood, for example, is ideal for those who want loungers with the best designs. On the other hand, aluminum is often one of the lightest and strongest materials, which provides striking benefits. Finally, the resin is used for its low cost and its resistance to water. 

The maximum capacity that the chairs support is an important aspect that does not depend exclusively on their materials; for that reason, it is necessary to verify the resistance of each model and not assume that some elements always provide better support. Sun loungers usually have a capacity of 100 to 140 kg, however, the best options are those that resist 150 kg or more.

When making the guide to buy the best folding lounger, do not leave aside the ease of mobilization. Depending on the dimensions of the product, loungers can offer forms of mobility that differ from each other. Some models offer handles to easily lift the chair, while other larger products include wheels for easy portability.


When you are looking for a good and cheap lounger, do not look only at being able to lie down, since it is possible to find certain low-priced alternatives that offer much more than just a surface to sit or lie down. Some models come with accessories or accessories that maximize the experience of using the product.

One of the highlights of some loungers, especially those designed for the beach or pool, is the inclusion of a parasol. These pieces can adjust their position to cover sunlight from different angles and, in addition, they usually provide protection against UV rays.

Other accessories that usually stand out for providing more comfort are cushions. These accessories allow you to lie down comfortably and support your head in a padded space; therefore, many people highly value these types of plugins, especially if you can adjust the position.

In the case of camping and beach loungers, it is also a good idea to acquire models that have a space to place drinks, regardless of their temperature, since relaxing and having a drink is a common activity carried out on these loungers.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use folding lounger?

Place the lounger in the place you want, choose the position you need and sit or lie down. Locking systems vary from one model to another, so it is necessary to read the manufacturers’ instructions.

Q2: How to make a folding sun lounger?

So that you can make the lounger at home, the material to use will be wood, since it is the easiest element to use. Suitable measurements can be 2 meters and a minimum of 70 centimeters wide, therefore, you will have to cut 4 wooden strips, each pair with a different measurement. This will be the base.

Place the slats in position to join them and draw a line one cm from the edge, while marking two points 3 cm from the top edge and another 3 cm from the bottom. There, open the respective holes and join the slats with small wooden blocks; Also help yourself with carpentry glue. Repeat the process on all 4 sides.

Make a small square that fits inside the base to function as the backrest. Also, cut four legs and attach them to the inside of the base at the bottom section, placing two at each corner.

At the top make a through hole with a drill bit on each side. Take two slats that will serve as legs and punch two holes on each edge.

In these slats insert a wooden stick to join the legs; help yourself with glue. Position them with the loose end next to the base holes on the inside and, using a stick the same width as the main frame, join everything together. This will allow the piece to move, to allow for recline while the axis remains stationary. 

Proceed to place the upper strips, leaving the same distance between them and fastening them with wooden blocks and glue.

Take a wooden board and open a line of circles in the middle with the drill bit. That way, you’ll get two half-circumference ribbons. Attach them to the inner side section of the backrest area, leaving the serrated surface facing up.

Proceed to join the frame of the backrest to the central wooden slats with hinges and you will be able to lie down completely. However, by placing a wooden stick the same width as the lounger in one of the slots on the toothed base, you will be able to support the backrest to sit comfortably.

Q3: Which is better: wooden or metal folding lounger?

Metal loungers, as they are usually lighter, stronger and more affordable. But it will depend on your preferences and goals to choose which one is better.

Q4: How to store the folding sun lounger in the winter?

It is best to store the folded and clean loungers in a cool and dry place in your home.

If you do not have space inside your home, then it is possible to purchase a special cover that protects the chair from the elements while it is outside.

Q5: Which folding sun lounger is best for the beach?

Among the folding sun loungers there are beach models which are specially designed to provide you with comfort when doing this type of walk, as they sometimes offer a sunshade, hooks to hang things, etc.

For this it is advisable to choose light loungers or with wheels, as they allow them to be moved easily. In addition to this, the fabric or the inner material must be waterproof to prevent it from being damaged or dirty when using the product. Lastly, the chair must also have resistance against UV rays, otherwise it will deteriorate very quickly.

Q6: How to clean a folding lounger?

This depends a lot on the main material that the lounger has. Wooden loungers usually come with a cushion or fabric on them. Therefore, these parts must be removed in order to clean them. Some fabrics just require a damp cloth over them, while others can even be washed in a washing machine.

On the other hand, a lounger made entirely of resin only needs soap and water to clean.

Q7: What maintenance does a folding lounger need?

In addition to occasional cleaning and washing of fabrics, loungers do not require extra maintenance beyond the common protection that you would give to any other piece of furniture. 

Now, if it is about chairs made of wood, they can lose their shine and start to be damaged by constant exposure to the sun. To avoid this, it is important to keep them protected with a special product. If the piece has lost its smooth texture and shine, it is recommended to acquire a suitable paint for wood, which serves to protect it and give it color.

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