The 8 Best Food Carrier Bags of 2022

Food bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The food bag has become a useful daily accessory for those users who need to take their food to school, work and leisure outings; since it allows them to be preserved and kept at the appropriate temperature until they are consumed. Hence, the PuTwo Classic is a clear example of what the market offers in terms of items in this category, as it offers versatility, capacity and thermal resistance in its format, which also integrates elements that facilitate its portability. Qualities that we can also appreciate in the Valira Compact, an exponent of design and innovation.

The 8 Best Food Carrier Bags – Opinions 2022


The supply of food carrier bags is unlimited; notably differentiated by their storage capacity and accessories. However, they all allow food to be transported conveniently, guaranteeing that they keep their flavor and nutrients intact for longer. Hence, we have gathered the most recommended by users in order to help you choose the best purchase option.

Thermal food bag


1. PuTwo Thermal Airtight Food Carrier Folding Bag

The thermal food bag is a useful and practical tool when it comes to taking your food, whether it is to work, the park or anywhere. For this reason, before buying one, you should analyze in detail all the qualities that the product can offer you.

In this sense, the PuTwo bag has an elegant and functional design, since it is made of 600D Oxford fabric that provides resistance, impermeability and easy hygiene. Also, its internal coating of expandable polyethylene provides convenient thermal resistance to preserve food, whether hot or cold. In addition, it is a product that economically adapts to any pocket, which is why it may be the best value-for-money food carrier bag.

On the other hand, this product uses a YKK zipper in its closure system, which is considered one of the most durable, fluid and easy to maneuver.

Being cataloged as the best food carrier bag of the moment, you may be interested in analyzing some aspects.


Capacity: It can store up to 8 liters inside, enough space to store solids, liquids and snacks.

Resistant: Being made of 600D Oxford fabric, this bag offers resistance to shocks, water and other external agents such as changes in temperature.

Safe: Its materials are food grade and approved by the FDA and SGS, making it a safe bag.


Containers: You must bear in mind that it does not include any type of airtight container to contain the food.

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2. Oryx 5025050 Insulated Bag With 4 Airtight Containers

Oryx presents us with a useful product, due to the versatility and safety it provides when transporting food and drinks. In the specific case of this model, we can mention that its casual design in a black tone adapts to any user.

As for practicality, this insulated food bag incorporates a useful handle to hold it and a removable shoulder strap, which provides comfort when carrying it. In the same way, it has two additional pockets to store any personal item and a zipper with a double handle that facilitates quick access to its interior.

On the other hand, the maintenance of this bag is simple, since its raw material is polyester; a resistant material, of good quality that does not require special care when washing, since it can even be put in the washing machine. Due to so many positive qualities, this option could well be considered the best food carrier bag.

By providing practicality and safety when carrying food, you should know the most outstanding features of this model.


Isothermal: It has thermal insulation that preserves the temperature of the food, making it convenient to preserve and move it.

Tuppers: It has 4 airtight containers of different sizes, which is useful for keeping food organized.

Safe: Its materials are non-toxic and its containers are free of BPA, making it a safe product to store supplies.


Padded: Its fastening system lacks padding, something convenient to move it with greater comfort for long journeys.

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Valira food bag


3. Valira Compact Fabric Food Carrier Bag

This lunch box could be a good alternative if you are looking to take food from home anywhere. Therefore, it is an option to consider among the best food carrier bags of 2022, since its elegant and practical design will make it easier for you to use it daily.

If we focus on its appearance, this Valira food carrier bag is made with a highly durable fabric, resistant to stains and in black on the outside, which gives it an executive appearance. Added to this, its interior is reinforced with a thermal metallized material, which maintains the temperature of food and drinks.

On the other hand, its design with a full zipper in its central compartment helps to remove the tupperware more easily, sanitize it efficiently and reduce its dimensions for storage. Likewise, it has an ergonomic grip handle and a detachable strap to carry it comfortably on the shoulder.

This bag allows us to maintain the temperature and freshness of the meals if we are going to leave home. Therefore, we invite you to analyze its additional qualities.


Extra: It has an internal pocket to store kitchen utensils, which allows you to maintain internal order.

Flexible: Due to its design and dimensions, it adapts to contain different sizes of containers, thermos flasks and even baby bottles.

Maintenance: Due to the metallic characteristics of its materials, its cleaning is simple, allowing it to extend its useful life.


Seams: It is recommended not to exceed its capacity, since over time the seams could come loose.

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Neoprene food bag


4. Coofit Thermal Neoprene Food Carrier Bag

This neoprene food bag is convenient for those users who move around the city daily, since it has a flat format that does not hinder mobility. Likewise, it has a double fastening system, which increases comfort in each use, since it can be carried by hand or as a shoulder bag, thanks to its adjustable strap.

Among the qualities that make neoprene a suitable material for this type of product are its resistance, insulating capacity and easy washing. As is known, daily food carrier bags must contain weight, tolerate different temperatures and cope with handling and hygiene, factors that inevitably shorten their useful life.

On the other hand, you will also be interested to know that it is one of the cheap models in this selection. In addition, it has a secure zipper with nylon teeth that allows access to its interior.

This bag, being one of the cheapest and most compact, deserves to be analyzed for its qualities.



Compact size: Its dimensions allow it to be carried comfortably and without inconvenience when using public transport.

Versatile: It adapts to the shape of the container and can be used by any user to transport food or other types of products.

Finishes: Both its closure, seams and fastening hooks are well reinforced to ensure insulation and portability, while stylizing the bag.



Pockets: It lacks external pockets to protect personal items. But, it is accompanied by a cover that keeps the cutlery protected and clean.

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Tatay food carrier bag


5. Tatay Urban Food Casual Insulated food bag

This model is recommended for those users who like to eat healthy, despite being away from home, without carrying extra weight and affecting their style. That’s why the Tatay lunch bag has a capacity of 3 liters and comes in 9 different designs, including fun prints and trendy colors.

In addition to its good aesthetic finish, this food carrier bag, made of waterproof polyester and a triple layer of insulating material, offers users the possibility of enjoying their food both at the temperature and convenient nutritional and organoleptic properties.

On the other hand, to ensure its mission and increase domestic comfort, the manufacturer provides two 0.5-liter and two 0.2-liter sealed containers, BPA-free, easy to clean and suitable for placing in the freezer and microwave. As well as a handle and extendable strap.

The best brand of food carrier bags seeks to offer maximum performance, such as this particular model from Tatay.


Design: It has a casual style in a variety of colors and patterns that suit children, youth and adults.

Thermal resistance: The inclusion of a triple layer of insulating material in its format keeps food at the right temperature.

Extras: Includes two sets of containers of different capacities and an interior grid that facilitates the organization of food, cutlery and napkins.



Dimensions: For those users who like to carry extra liquids and snacks, it could be small.

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food cooler bag


6. E-Manis Thermal Portable Lunch Bag for Men and Women

Those who are looking for a food cooler bag, this model could be a good alternative. Made from durable 1680D Oxford material and PEVA lined, this bag has the ability to keep hot and cold foods separate.

The compartment at the top has a large U-shaped opening, which is responsible for keeping special dishes warm. In the case of foods that require a low temperature, the lower one is insulated through an aluminum coating that preserves the cold. However, its separation board could be removed in order to unify both spaces.

If you are still wondering which is the best food carrier bag, it is worth taking into account the anti-absorbent capacity of the textile of this product, because in case liquids are accidentally spilled, it is easier to clean with a cloth.

In order for you to enjoy a healthy meal made at home, you must know all the characteristics of this bag.


Resistance: Thanks to its reinforced seams and quality zippers, this model offers resistance to daily use.

Opening: By having a two-way closing system, it allows quick access and visualization of all its content.

Pocket: It incorporates a practical pocket on the front, which makes it easy to transport and store small items.



Color: It does not have a variety of colors and, therefore, its versatility depending on gender and tastes is limited to black.

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Built food bag


7. Built Insulated Lunch Bag with The Professional design

If you are looking for a food carrier bag that will ease the task of moving your breakfasts, lunches, shopping, drinks and more, in style, this monochrome bag from the New York brand Built could be a tempting option. In addition, it has both a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap that offers the possibility of carrying it according to the personality of each user.

It is the Built food carrier bag that is physically very attractive, thanks to its elegant design and sophisticated color, suitable for gentlemen who want to transport their food. The model is made with an insulating polyethylene core, which allows food to be kept at the right temperature for a few hours. Likewise, it has a PEVA coating inside, a waterproof material that prevents leaks in the event of an accidental spill.

Given the need to avoid discomfort, the Built option to take your food could benefit you.


Versatility: It is a food bag that could be used in daily work routines and even on walks and rest days.

Size: Given its large dimensions, it allows it to organize a large number of groceries and drinks.

Material: Its quality materials not only make it a resistant model, it also maintains the flavor and freshness of food.



Price: The price of this model is a bit high compared to other bags that the brand offers.

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Jata food bag


8. Jata Hogar Take Away Thermal Food Bag

Jata Hogar is a company specialized in manufacturing quality products to facilitate kitchen and household tasks. Hence, the Jata food carrier bag stands out from many others, due to its light, foldable and resistant design; that ensures users the possibility of taking their food to work every day or keeping their drinks cold on leisure outings.

This bag is mainly characterized by having a large storage capacity. As an example, it can accommodate up to 15 cans inside without any problem given its large dimensions. Likewise, it is a refrigerator that keeps food at an adequate temperature, since it has an insulating material and its interior is covered with an aluminum sheet, which keeps the ice blocks and even favors cleaning.

If you want to buy a product of this type, but you still don’t know which food carrier bag to buy, we invite you to get to know this one from the Jata brand in depth.



Transfer: By having an adjustable strap and two very comfortable handles, its transfer turns out to be practical.

Pockets: It has several pockets on the outside, which provide extra storage.

Safe: Its coating is suitable for food use and respectful of the environment as it is non-toxic.



Base: Its base is less rigid than that of other models and, therefore, care must be taken when storing containers with liquids.

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Shopping guide

Today it is common to lead a fast pace of life, and it is possible that we spend more hours of the day in offices, places of study or other activities that force us to be away from home for a long time. For this reason, a food carrier bag turns out to be a good ally to take our food anywhere. Thinking of you, we have prepared this guide to buy the best food carrier bag.

Types and materials

The supply of food carrier bags on the market is varied; Due to the manufacturing materials, there are both textiles (rigid and/or soft material) and electrical ones. We can also find them in different sizes and with accessories. Delving a little deeper into the subject, the electric ones contain a rigid bag or lunch box, and a connector that is used to heat food more quickly and safely, without having to go through a microwave.

However, although the electric ones offer the possibility of heating themselves, the most popular and used by users are those made of nylon. These not only maintain the temperature, but also allow the food to perspire, maintaining its normal state, without becoming excessively moist. Other options that are also common to find are those made of materials such as vinyl, neoprene, Peva, PVC, Oxford and aluminum lining; These models turn out to be cheaper, but not as effective in maintaining the temperature of the food.

Capacity and compartments

Among the variety of food carrier bags, choosing one will not only depend on whether it is good and economical; You should also consider other aspects such as its capacity to store tupperware and other additional supplies that are normally used on a day-to-day basis. An example of this are the glass or plastic containers used to load fruits, sweets, juices, among others.

In the market we can find this product in different sizes, since there are from 1.5 liters of capacity to 15 liters and more, this depending on personal, family or group supply. Another important characteristic that you must take into account, when making a comparison of food carrier bags, is the number of compartments, since there are various options that can offer you from one, to multiple spaces, thus allowing you to transport cold and cold foods separately. hot.

We do not want to forget to mention that some of them have extra pockets, special to store cutlery, mobile, money or other personal items.


When buying a food carrier bag, you should not only analyze how much it costs, but also the benefits that it can offer you. Look for the one that gives you the comfort to be able to transport food, depending on your tastes and personal preferences.

In this order of ideas, design is a fundamental quality when choosing a food carrier bag, as they are available both hand-held with a handle, and with straps that you can hang over your shoulder or carry as a shoulder bag, facilitating handling and transfer of the same, especially if it will be necessary to travel in the city.

They can also be found with different motifs and colors for women, men, children and even unisex. In addition to this, the resistance of the product and the ease of cleaning or washing it must be analyzed in the same way, since it is a task that must be done frequently, since keeping it clean plays an important role as it is a food container for daily use..


Among the variables to consider when purchasing a food carrier bag, safety must undoubtedly be taken into account. Insulation is a point that is within this characteristic, since not all models have this thermal quality. For this reason, before buying one of these products, our recommendation is to get one that has this advantage, since it helps food maintain its temperature for a longer time, regardless of whether it is hot or cold; because the materials minimize the transmission of cold or heat from one container to another.

Similarly, food carrier bags that have a hermetic closure system are a wise purchase when choosing. These mechanisms allow you to keep everything contained and secured inside. In addition, they must be easy to open and close, to store and remove the containers quickly. On the other hand, the straps or handles that the product has must be properly secured, so that they resist the weight of the tupperware and food that we carry.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a food carrier bag?

When using this element it is important not to exceed its capacity and take into account the type of container. It is advisable not to use glass containers, but plastic with airtight qualities and wide bases. In addition, it is convenient to locate them in a convenient way to maintain interior stability and prevent them from tipping over or spilling. Some bags have separate spaces for solids and liquids, which makes organization easier. 

Once the food is consumed, it would be convenient to wash and dry the containers, but, if this is not possible, they must be re-introduced tightly closed. Once at home, the bag should be completely emptied and cleaned with a damp or dry cloth depending on the presence or absence of spills and let it air out to prevent it from acquiring bad odours.

Q2: How to make a food carrier bag?

Making a food carrier bag is a type of craft that is not that complicated, you just have to have the necessary materials, a pattern and a little dedication at hand. The first thing is to capture the pattern and cut both the fabric that will remain on the outside and the waterproof, thermal or plastic textile that has been selected for the internal structure. Then, the parts are joined with pins to proceed to sew the joints and shape the bag. Finally, the zipper or velcro closure and other accessories are adapted, which will give it both internal security and portability.


Q3: How to clean a food carrier bag?

First of all, it is advisable to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and avoid the use of chemical products that can damage the qualities of the bag material. In this sense, you can clean it internally and externally with a damp cloth or brush and then dry it well to prevent the appearance of fungi. This is very important, since the correct maintenance will largely depend on its useful life.


Q4: What containers to use in a food carrier bag?

There is a wide variety of containers on the market for this type of item, in addition to the fact that some models already come with their custom-made containers. However, it is advisable to use the so-called tupperware or lunch boxes, since these containers have convenient thermal and hermetic qualities, which help maintain temperature, regardless of whether they are hot or cold foods.

On the other hand, it is advisable to use plastic tuppers to avoid accidents in the event of any unexpected blow or fall. In addition, these useful containers help keep food, dressings and drinks organized, avoiding boats inside the bag.


Q5: How long does a food carrier hold the temperature?

Saying for sure how long a food carrier bag can maintain the temperature is difficult, but we can mention that the less it is opened, the better. Similarly, the materials with which these types of backpacks are made and the type of container where the food is packaged, will influence the time the food is kept at temperature. Another factor to consider is the size, because the larger the compartment, the less time the temperature will last in it. From the above, it could be deduced that the thermal conservation could be around 4 hours, depending on the material and design of the bag.


Q6: Which is better, to buy a food carrier bag with containers or without?

This choice depends on the preferences and needs of each user. Sometimes the model includes some very practical and good quality containers that add overall value. In addition, they are usually designed to adapt to the interior space and optimize it.

In the case of purchasing them separately, you could adapt their size to the portions you need, so, as we have mentioned, it will depend on each person determining what their specific needs are.

Q7: What material is more resistant for a lunch bag, fabric or neoprene?

In the process of making food carrier bags, there are many textile alternatives that manufacturers use in their designs, as they all offer good qualities for this purpose. However, neoprene, as it is a more resistant textile with better characteristics, functionality and performance, may be the best option. Also, unlike a cloth bag, it better preserves the temperature of foods and keeps spills inside.

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