The 8 Best Headlamps of 2022

Headlamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Headlamps with LED lights are an essential tool that everyone should have, since it allows you to illuminate dark places without having to use your hands. To obtain the aforementioned advantages, you can resort to models such as the Lighting Ever B01DNDMSLY headlamp, which has a light and ergonomic design, with an ipx4 degree of protection that makes it water resistant. Now, if you prefer a simple and multifunctional style, the Omeril 831265 flashlight has a power of 200 lumens and 5 light modes, which you can adjust depending on the intensity you need at the moment.

The 8 Best Headlamps – Opinions 2022

Choosing the headlamp that is right for you is not an easy task, as there is a wide variety of brands and models on the market with different qualities and functions, which can make you hesitate when making a decision. In order to save you time and effort, we have prepared a selection of 8 products that may interest you.


rechargeable headlamp


1. Lighting Ever Elastic Lightweight USB Rechargeable Headlamp


This model is a good option to consider among your purchase alternatives, because among the best headlamps of 2022, this device stands out for being affordable and of quality. If we focus on its appearance, it has a simple, comfortable and ergonomic elastic rubber design; its LED bulbs offer a range of 150 meters due to the power of 120 lumens.

In addition, it has 5 light modes, 3 of them white light and 2 red light, which can be adjusted from high brightness to low brightness and intermittent.

Regarding its autonomy, we must highlight that this rechargeable headlamp has a lithium battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh, which can last approximately 4 hours in high brightness mode and 25 hours in low brightness. We do not want to forget to mention, that you can charge it through a USB cable.

This model could be considered in our list as the best headlamp of the moment; for this reason we invite you to read more about its qualities.


Waterproof: It has an IPX4 protection degree, which makes it resistant to splashes.

Simple to use: It has two buttons that allow you to adjust the 5 light modes, either red or white.

Comfortable: Its size of 6.2 x 4 x 3.5 cm and light weight provide comfort when using it.


Batteries: It does not use conventional batteries, so a power bank should be considered when making long trips outdoors.

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Omeril led headlamp


2. Omeril Waterproof USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp


If you like outdoor activities or need a device in your home that offers good lighting while you perform manual tasks, the Omeril Led headlamp could be a good option. This is because its lamp has a power of 200 lumens, capable of lighting up to 100 meters away, enough capacity to provide greater visibility of the environment.

Despite being one of the cheap models, it has good features, as it includes 5 lighting modes, which can be adjusted through two switches located on the top of the flashlight.

The left button is set to switch from white high beam to red light and flashing high beam; while on the right button we can find the high white light and the low white light. In addition, this model is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery through a USB cable that gives it considerable autonomy.

In the search for the best headlamp brand, you should analyze in detail the pros and cons that this device promises.


Angle of View: The lighting angle of the headlamp can be adjusted up to 60° with simple up and down movements, for easy visibility.

Materials: It is made of waterproof materials, which make it water resistant.

Indicator: The model has an indicator that shows the battery charge levels, to be attentive.


Resistance: Because it is a flashlight with a structure made of plastic, it may not withstand falls or strong impacts.

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Petzl headlamp


3. Petzl Actik Unisex Adult Headlamp


The Petzl headlamp is equipped with two light beams, which provide a power of 300 lumens, efficient for activities such as running, mountaineering, hiking, among others. 

The dimensions and materials of this device have been well chosen to fit the head without causing injury or discomfort, as it has a weight of 92 grams and a good quality soft elastic strap.

Among other qualities, the autonomy of this model works through AAA batteries, and it is also compatible with the core battery, which is available as an accessory. On the other hand, it has 3 light modes, including red light for night vision, which does not generate fatigue.

Regarding safety, the adjustment tape, being reflective, protects the user when wearing it; one of the reasons why it could be considered as the best headlamp.

Next, we advise you to read in detail the pros and cons that this model can offer you to help you in your choice. 


Safety: This model has a reflective tape that allows you to be seen when illuminated with another beam of light and a whistle for emergencies.

Light capacity: It has a mixed light beam and a wide beam, which provide a capacity of 300 lumens.

Autonomy: When used at its maximum power, this model has an autonomy of 60 hours.


Batteries: It works with three AAA batteries, so you would have to change them constantly. However, it is compatible with the core battery.

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Led Lenser headlamp


4. Led Lenser H7R.2 7298 Headlamp


Another product that may interest you is the Led Lenser headlamp, since it is considered a useful device for doing housework or venturing into outdoor activities, because being made with materials that have an IPX4 degree of protection, it offers good resistance to dust, rain, moisture or splashing water.

Likewise, it has an Xtreme Power LED that provides a power of 300 lumens and can be adjusted according to the intensity of light required at the time.

If you are wondering which is the best headlamp, we can highlight that this product, in addition to having a powerful headlight, which can be tilted at four different angles, also has a rear light, so that those behind you can see you and avoid accidents.

Finally, we can add that it works with 3.7 V Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries that extend its autonomy.

This innovative headlamp can be used for many activities, for that reason you should read the advantages and disadvantages it has.


Multifunctional switch: It has a single switch, from which all the functions of the product are activated.

Taillight: Has a taillight that can flash or stay on to alert those behind you.

Rotating lens: It has a rotating lens that allows you to open and close the light beam, to expand or illuminate something specific.


Band hygiene: As it is fixed to the entire system that makes up the lamp, it prevents it from being washed after each use.

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USB rechargeable headlamp


5. Eecoo USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp Motion Sensor


This could be considered the best price-quality headlamp, since it is an economical and efficient model, characterized by its simple design that adapts to the circumference of the head through an adjustable band and is made of resistant plastic. and lightweight which provides comfort to use.

One of the advantages of this flashlight is its 8 power modes, such as 2 red lighting, 4 adjustable white light and 2 sensor lighting.

Speaking a little more about this device, we can say that it is a USB rechargeable headlamp that has a 1200 mAh battery, capable of performing up to 30 hours.

You may also be interested to know that this model has a sensor that is controlled by waving your hands at a distance of 10 to 20 cm and turns on the front light automatically when objects are detected.

This model is listed as one of the cheapest on our list. Get to know some additional details in summary.


Power: It has an intensity of 300 lumens, being capable of lighting up to 180 meters away.

Sensor: The front light automatically turns on when objects are detected at a distance of 10 to 20 cm, which provides greater comfort.

Angles: The flashlight has 3 illumination angles, 45°, 60° and 120°, to visualize the road at the required distance.


Material: If it falls to the ground or suffers a strong impact, it could break, since it is made of plastic.

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powerful headlamp


6. VicTsing High Power LED Rechargeable Headlamp 6000 Lumens


The VicTsing brand introduces to the market this powerful headlamp equipped with 6,000 lumens, capable of lighting at a distance of 500 meters. For this reason, with this model you will have the certainty that your path will always be visible. Speaking a little more about its lighting properties, we must mention that it has 6 lighting modes, which can be adjusted in different intensities, from high, medium, low and SOS white light, to constant red light and intermittent red light.

As for its resistance, you should know that it is made of good quality aluminum alloys, with an IPX6 degree of protection against water, dust and impacts.

In this sense, the model we are analyzing has characteristics that could well position it as the best headlamp for sports or outdoor activities at night. In addition, the elastic support strap provides stability and comfort by adapting to the head.

Keep reading so you don’t miss out on the pros and cons offered by this headlamp, because perhaps this model meets your requirements.


Autonomy: It has two 4400 mAh rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which can offer up to 8 hours of autonomy.

Design: Comes in a comfortable helmet-like design, providing a more secure and stable fit.

Red light: There is a dim red light on the back of the treadmill for added safety.


Weight: It weighs approximately 340 grams, a slightly high amount compared to other models. However, it does not generate discomfort when using it.

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Phoenix headlamp


7. Fénix HL60R Rechargeable Headlamp


Whether you are going to use it to do household chores or repairs, to carry out outdoor activities or to practice outdoor sports, the Fénix headlamp could be a good ally when it comes to illuminating any dark space.

Its helmet-shaped design gives it greater stability and weight distribution when using it. Also, each of the elastic bands have locks that provide a personalized fit to whoever wears it.

This model of headlamp with rechargeable battery has a micro USB port, which allows easy charging. The maximum autonomy duration supports using it in low power mode for approximately 100 hours, thanks to its Li-ion battery.

Another highlight of this device is its powerful LED bulb, which offers 5 levels of light intensity, two red light LEDs and a turbo mode of 950 lumens.

When choosing, we recommend analyzing in detail all the pros and cons that you can find in this device.


Resistance: It is made of aluminum alloy, capable of withstanding falls from a height of one meter, and has an IPX8 waterproof rating, submersible up to two meters.

Easy handling: A single button controls all the light modes that this model brings, so handling it will not be a problem.

Finishes: Has Premium III hard anodized finishes; Thanks to this coating, the product is anti-abrasive.


Operation: If the multifunctional switch is damaged, the headlamp could not be used.

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Headlamp for fishing


8. Ramotto LED Headlamp Rechable USB Headlight


This headlamp for fishing is a successful option for lovers of this activity; Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this model will provide you with an illumination of 15,000 lumens, lighting up to a distance of 500 meters, as it has 7 powerful and bright integrated LED bulbs.

Its IPX4 degree of protection makes it resistant to rain, snow and impacts, as well as waterproof wiring, which guarantees your safety when using it.

On the other hand, this rechargeable LED headlamp has two long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, which accept USB charging by mobile charger, laptop, etc.

If we focus on its design, this model has good quality elastic bands that can be easily adjusted; while the structure is made of aluminum alloy, a material characterized by being durable and resistant.

If you are wondering which headlamp to buy, you may want to look at the pros and cons that this model can offer you.


Modes: It has 8 lighting modes, including a strobe light to be used in emergencies.

Fit: The elastic bands have a sponge pad for a stable fit.

Zoom: It has a zoom function that allows you to focus the lighting range and the distance at which you want to project the light.


Design: The design may seem unsturdy. However, it is practical for those users who focus more on the power and not on the appearance of the product.

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Shopping guide


Headlamps are one of those common multifunctional tools found on the market in a wide variety of makes and models. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best headlamp, where we detail characteristics that you should take into account when purchasing one.


All flashlights of this style have a common goal, and that is to illuminate what we need or what we have in front of us without the need to use our hands. However, after making a comparison of headlamps, we can find that there are different types of devices that have special functions to adapt to the activity we need, and for that reason they can make the selection process difficult.

In this sense, it is advisable to consider in detail the use that we are going to give the product, since in the market we can find headlamps for fishing or diving, which have waterproof characteristics to carry out these aquatic activities.

Also, there are specific models for mountaineering, running or trekking and others designed for exploring caves or hiking. For these reasons, we suggest you analyze all the options and qualities offered by each one, in order to select the one that best suits your needs.

lighting power

Another point where you should pay close attention is the lighting power offered by the product. However, the light intensity will depend on the activity for which you need it. That is, if you will use the headlamp to do domestic work, you may not need as much light. On the other hand, if you are going to use it to go hiking or camping, you should bet on a model that has a higher capacity and lumen power, which generates more brightness and light.

To delve a little deeper into the subject, the power of light is measured in lumens, for this reason, the higher it is, the higher the lighting capacity. An acceptable headlamp on the market for homework should have approximately 200 to 300 lumens.

On the contrary, if you need a model that has a better power, opt for flashlights that offer 1,000 lumens, or a volume close to that. Whatever you choose, don’t forget that the more energy flow the product has, the difference in how much it costs will also vary. However, it is better to choose one that is effective, even if it is not the cheapest.

Power source

The power source is also another aspect to consider when buying a headlamp, as it must have sufficient capacity to provide light for as long as we need it. When choosing a good and cheap flashlight, you may find yourself with two options to consider. The first consists of those models that work with disposable or rechargeable batteries in the AAA or AA formats.

Usually these flashlights are a bit heavier and the charging time is about 4-6 hours. However, if you run out of batteries, you can easily change them for others.

Now, the other alternative is headlamps with rechargeable batteries. These models contribute to caring for the environment, as they allow you to use the same battery over and over again, after charging it via a USB cable, avoiding constant investment in disposable batteries.

In addition, this type of flashlight, despite having a slightly higher price, is safer, since it gives the product power and greater autonomy when using it.


The design is one of the characteristics that you cannot overlook when buying a headlamp, since the weight and ergonomics directly influence the fit and comfort of the product, since when you wear it on your head, you do not you want it to be heavy and cumbersome. When analyzing in detail we can observe two main models in which this article can be found.

Conventional strap-on headlamps allow the product to be held on the head using a simple soft elastic strap, which avoids causing injuries, discomfort and chafing. However, another line that is achieved are those that have a resemblance to a helmet. This type of flashlight adds a strap at the top to its design, which allows the weight to be distributed, giving greater stability and adjustment during use.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a headlamp?

When preparing to use a headlamp, we must check that the battery charge is complete or that the batteries have a charge. However, we must have on hand, depending on the case, spare batteries or an additional charging device. Then we proceed to adjust the flashlight to the head, press its power button and select the lighting mode. It is important to avoid using it continuously at its maximum power to increase its autonomy. Once it is no longer required to be used, it is best to remove the moisture and dust it may contain, to proceed to charge it again and have it in optimal conditions for its next use.

Q2: How to turn on the headlamp?

Headlamps, depending on the brand or model, commonly have a switch in their design that, when pressed, allows it to be turned on; Likewise, some of them also have a system to regulate the intensity of light and even the angle of illumination. In the same way, you can check the specifications in the instruction manual, which these products usually bring, to take advantage of all its advantages.

On the other hand, it is advisable to use it when the environmental conditions require it, because if you are outdoors doing any activity, it is essential that you save energy, turning on the flashlight only when the light density is very low.


Q3: How to make a headlamp?

If you want to make a headlamp with few materials and in a short time, the elements you will need are the following: a flashlight, elastic band, velcro, a fine needle and thread. The first step is to measure our head using a tape measure; consecutively and having the correct size, we proceed to cut the elastic tape with those dimensions.

Once the ribbon has been cut so that it fits the head, without being too tight or loose, we proceed to sew the two ends with the needle and thread, joining one on top of the other, with 5 cm on both sides, to establish strong and secure seam. Finally, the measurements of the velcro strips are taken in reference to the thickness of the flashlight, and we sew them on the side above the ear, to be able to fix the flashlight there when we need it.


Q4: How to charge a headlamp?

The system to charge a headlamp will vary depending on the brand and model you choose; In general, most of them have a rechargeable battery with a good autonomy, which are charged through a USB cable. On the other hand, other flashlights come with rechargeable batteries, which must be removed from the product, to be inserted into a device that charges them with energy again.

Also, we must mention that some flashlights have a button or a small bulb that indicates if the device is charging or when the battery is running low, and when the indicator is green, this will denote that the battery is fully charged.


Q5: Why won’t my headlamp turn on?

Many factors are attributable to a headlamp not turning on, but the most common is that it is not charged. For this reason, when this inconvenience occurs, we recommend disconnecting and connecting the battery (if it is not sealed); If it still does not turn on, proceed to connect the flashlight to the USB cable to fully charge the battery. If by doing the above the mishap has not been solved, contact the brand’s technical or after-sales service.

Q6: How to change headlamp modes?

One of the main advantages of these products is that you can adjust the intensity of the light, depending on the operation you want to give it and the visibility you need.

To adjust the different modes that a headlamp brings, it is recommended to first read the instruction manual, because there you will find in detail the correct way to use it. Usually, some of them have one or more switches to adjust the lighting mode to low, medium or high power.


Q7: How to adjust a headlamp?

Before choosing a headlamp, you should make sure that it has an elastic strap that can be adapted to the right size of your head, so as not to run the risk of causing discomfort or falling off when loose. To adjust it correctly, you need to place it on your head, above your ears, and fix it through the straps so that when you walk it does not move.

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