The 8 Best Hiking Backpacks of 2022

Hiking Backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Hiking backpacks are a fundamental element for any athlete, since they allow you to carry everything you need for your survival during the tour. For this reason, it is so important to take time to make a selection and try as much as possible to ensure that it is a quality, spacious, resistant and anatomical product. A good example could be the Huntvp 7298070 model, which has interior compartments and exterior pockets for proper load distribution. In addition, it offers great strength and lightness, due to the weight of the nylon used to make it. For its part, the Meisohua 40 L model offers you a spacious interior structure and an exterior suitable for carrying additional larger items.

The 8 Best Hiking Backpacks – Opinions 2022

There are many hiking backpacks, but you must take into consideration that not all of them are capable of satisfying your needs. In this sense, an exhaustive review of the models that the market has for you is necessary. Here is a selection of eight hiking backpacks mentioned among the best.

20 liter hiking backpack

1. Huntvp 12L/20L Tactical Military Assault Backpack

If we review the purchase lists of sports equipment for outdoor activities, we will find this patented Huntvp backpack very well positioned, which has been recommended on multiple occasions as the best hiking backpack.

Its black exterior design is quite simple and incorporates a pair of straps on the sides to improve the coupling of the content. Likewise, its moderately padded shoulder pads and mesh in the back area will allow you to enjoy a good level of perspiration.

This 20-liter hiking backpack was made from 900-denier nylon, which gives the gear strength and lightness. In addition, the structure has been provided with a special interior compartment so you can carry a computer with you

12-inch laptop or tablet. 

For its part, the front zippered pocket is suitable for small objects, while the mesh side pockets will allow you to keep your water bottles close at hand.

This could very well be the best hiking backpack of the moment, designed to be used for sports and school activities. Details below.


Cleaning: You can wash the backpack manually and without spending a lot of time.

Pockets: You will have two side pockets and the other pair with zippers on the front, to keep small objects close at hand.

Fabric: The nylon fabric has quite convenient waterproof properties in case of precipitation.

Volume: Its 20-shot storage capacity is roomy enough to carry everything from school supplies to camping gear.


Seams: It is recommended not to exceed the load weight so as not to damage the seams.

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40 liter hiking backpack

2. Meisohua 40L Waterproof Climbing Hiking Backpack

This product from the Meisohua house is valued among the best hiking backpacks of 2022, because it has a design that adapts to be used in different outdoor activities such as camping, cycling, trekking, among others.

Its structure was made with nylon fabric, which is a material that is highly resistant to tearing and even to humidity. Likewise, both the shoulder pads and the backrest have been duly padded to cushion the pressure generated by the weight contained in the backpack. A nylon mesh lining also stands out in these areas, for better breathability.

On the other hand, this 40-liter hiking backpack has some compartments inside so you can distribute your luggage properly. In addition, it incorporates exterior pockets and adjustment points so you can carry larger objects. In this way, you will achieve a center of balance to avoid injuries at the level of the back, cervical or lumbar region.

Meisohua could be the best brand of hiking backpacks due to the attractive design and construction attributes of its models. We present below a summary of the highlights in this particular option.


Cover: Thanks to its waterproof cover you can protect the backpack from the rain.

Textile: Its robust nylon fabric construction provides resistance to tearing.

Shoulder pads: The padded design of the shoulder pads absorbs pressure for greater comfort.

Breathability: The addition of breathable fabric on the back and shoulder pads will keep you cool all the way.


Backrest: The backrest of the backpack may be a little soft, but this is not synonymous with poor quality.

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Baby carrier for hiking

3. FA Sports Lil Boss Baby Carrier

FA Sports is a highly positioned brand valued positively by many, due to the quality present in each of its designs. Proof of this is this model, a possible answer to the question that many people ask about which is the best hiking backpack.

For its preparation, a structure in stainless steel tubes and polyester fabric was used for the upholstery and the storage compartments. In this way, the manufacturer structured this hiking backpack for babies, which also incorporates padded shoulder straps with an anatomical and breathable shape for greater comfort. 

Likewise, a system of fastening straps adjustable in size and with buckles for a quick and safe closure for both the child and the person who is carrying the backpack on their body. Also, by purchasing this baby carrier backpack for hiking, you will enjoy some accessories for protection against sunlight and unexpected precipitation.

If you still do not know which hiking backpack to buy, the invitation is to review what is good and what could be improved in this model.


Fabric: Polyester fabric has been used to make this product, which offers resistance and a pleasant soft touch.

Structure: Its structure in metal tubes provides great stability against the weight of the infant.

Adjustment: The adjustment straps allow the structure to fit correctly to the person’s body.

Storage: You can carry some objects comfortably thanks to the attached compartment and pockets.


Flimsy: The equipment may seem flimsy at first glance, but after use you will notice that it is quite resistant.

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30 liter hiking backpack

4. Neekfox 30L Foldable Lightweight Hiking Backpack

This product with the Neekfox quality seal is, for many, the best value for money hiking backpack. Its ergonomic design is spacious inside and has a very attractive aesthetic in which a series of well-crafted seams, cuts and joints stand out. In addition, thanks to its construction in nylon fabric, you can enjoy a team that is resistant to both abrasion and humidity.

It is a 30-liter hiking backpack that is characterized by being comfortable due to the incorporation of padded material on the shoulder pads, which, in turn, have been lined with mesh for better breathability.

Also noteworthy in this model are a pair of side straps with closing buckles for load coupling, as well as a pair of pockets on the sides and the front area, to always have water bottles and some small objects at hand, respectively..

Among the cheapest options you will find this model, whose positive and negative aspects we show you below.


Storage: You can store and protect the backpack from the rain thanks to the fact that it is stored in a compartment built into the structure.

Adjustment: In the chest area you will have a strap with a secure closure buckle, to attach the backpack to your body.

Hydration: Its two side pockets allow you to keep water bottles close at hand, to keep you hydrated during the tour.

Fabric: The backpack offers tear and moisture resistance due to its high-end nylon construction.


Grab Handles: The top handle might be a bit flimsy, so you’ll need to be careful when handling it.

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Women’s hiking backpack

5. Colisal 40L Backpack Hiking Trekking Woman Man

This is a recommended product as the best hiking backpack, to be used in outdoor activities such as cycling, trekking, climbing, camping, among others. 

This is due to the fact that it is a highly resistant product to abrasion, humidity and tearing, since robust and high-end nylon fabric was used for its preparation; which is also easy to clean and dry. However, it requires certain care, such as avoiding the use of bleach and the washing machine.

The storage volume of this women’s hiking backpack corresponds to 40 liters, so it is a fairly spacious mountain equipment. Its padded shoulder straps provide comfort, while the mesh back of these pieces allows complete breathability for an anti-sweat effect. For its part, the pair of side straps are responsible for keeping the load attached.

By purchasing this hiking backpack, you will be carrying with you a quality product suitable for any outdoor activity. Next, more features.


Volume: Its volume is adequate to carry all the necessary elements to survive in the open.

Freshness: You will enjoy an anti-humidity effect thanks to the breathable mesh used on the shoulder pads and back.

Straps: A pair of lateral straps are incorporated for the correct coupling of the load.

Construction: The nylon fabric used provides resistance to both water and abrasion. 


Buckles: You may need to change the buckles on the adjustment straps, as their level of adjustment may decrease over time.

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15 liter hiking backpack

6. Lixada Breathable and waterproof backpack with 15L capacity

This is another backpack valued among the cheapest in this selection, which has managed to positively attract the attention of users due to its attractive design that combines blue and black tones. In addition, it incorporates a quite convenient mesh perspiration system, arranged on the back and shoulder pads.

This 15 liter hiking backpack is suitable for those who are used to outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, cycling or going to school. In fact, it has a compartment for placing the waterproof bag, which unfortunately is not attached to the product.

The backpack has a pair of plastic adjustment straps with an easy-to-adjust system and a closing buckle, which, together, promote a correct coupling of the equipment to the body for greater ergonomics. Plus, you won’t have to worry about going unnoticed when riding your bike at night, thanks to the attached reflective strips.

Learn below about the positives and negatives of this Lixada patented hiking backpack.


Capacity: Its 15-liter capacity is adequate to carry with you what is necessary for short sports tours and even for school use.

Security: You will be able to drive at night without fear of not being seen, since the product incorporates reflective tapes.

Breathable: Breathable mesh was used on the back and reverse of the shoulder pads to improve breathability.

Straps: The pair of fastening straps have an adjustable length and closure buckles to carry your belongings safely and comfortably.


Water bag: Despite incorporating a compartment for the waterproof bag, it is not added in the purchase.

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small hiking backpack

7. Vbiger 15L Cycling Backpack Hiking Backpack

Vbiger presents this time a small hiking backpack with an anatomical design that adapts correctly to the person’s body. Its interior has a volume of 15 liters and has been provided with some compartments for you to carry your tablet and certain items that you consider necessary.

On the outside, you will have a flexible mesh for the helmet and, at the bottom, a small zippered pocket, ideal for storing your keys or wallet.

The shoulder pads have an “S” shape, which suggests a better coupling to the body. In addition, they are adjustable in size and have been both padded and covered in the lower area with mesh. In this way, you will enjoy greater perspiration. Also, this hiking equipment incorporates a chest strap and another at hip level with quick-closing buckles and opening with one hand.

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight, anatomical and waterproof hiking backpack, you should review the pros and cons of this model.


Compartments: The interior of the backpack incorporates several compartments for a correct distribution of the load.

Shoulder pads: Its padded shoulder pads with an “S” design provide a better fit to the body.

Buckles: Buckles on the straps provide quick and secure closure.

Elastic mesh: You will be able to wear your bicycle helmet with great comfort thanks to the built-in external elastic mesh.


Cover: The placement of the waterproof cover could be a bit confusing for some people. However, with a little practice you could do it with greater agility.

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10 liter hiking backpack

8. Vaude Pecki 10 Boy’s Hiking Backpack

It is a 10-liter hiking backpack aimed at the child target, designed with robust and highly resistant polyester fabric. In addition, it incorporates specific mesh areas for greater breathability when worn on the shoulders and back.

The product has a drawstring closure method for the central compartment, while the lid incorporates easy-open buckles with one hand. Also, in this area you have a zippered pocket for small objects that you need to locate quickly.

The shoulder pads have an anatomical design and have been padded as well as the backrest, for greater comfort. For its part, the straps can be adjusted according to the thickness of the person’s body and provide a secure closure.

Among other specifications, we have the incorporation of a waterproof cover, reflective elements, a synthetic mat so that you can sit on any surface, a practical magnifying glass and a label placed inside to place the child’s name.

If you are looking for a hiking backpack for the little ones in the house, we recommend you check the details of this model.


Cover: With the purchase a practical waterproof cover is incorporated for rainy days.

Shoulder pads: The incorporation of padding on the shoulder pads gives the backpack extra comfort.

Volume: Its 10-liter capacity is adequate for the child to carry various objects for personal use, snacks and even their school supplies.

Side pockets: Thanks to the pair of built-in mesh pockets, the child will be able to keep water bottles close at hand to avoid dehydration.


Hooks: The hooks on the straps may have a slightly low setting.

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Shopping guide

Hiking backpacks are part of the mandatory equipment for anyone who wants to go hiking in the mountains, since they allow you to carry all the necessary implements for the tour. Therefore, it is important that you select a model that really suits your needs, both physical and containment. There are certain quality indicators that you cannot fail to evaluate and that we present in the following guide to buying the best hiking backpack.

holding capacity

In any comparison of hiking backpacks, it is necessary to examine the containment capacity of the equipment, since the number of objects that we can transport will depend on this specification. Similarly, there is the issue of compartments and pockets for a correct distribution of implements, clothing and others.

You can find backpacks with different storage volumes, which will allow you to select the one that best suits your needs. This volume can range from 10 to 40 liters, generally. Likewise, some models have been provided with internal dividers, side pockets for bottles and others with a zipper, so that you have small objects such as a compass, knife, etc. at hand.


Although hiking backpacks fulfill the function of helping us transport what is necessary for our excursion, you must take into consideration that each model has specific characteristics. In this sense, we refer to both the design and the quality of the manufacturing materials, which, as expected, significantly influence how much the equipment costs.

If we review the proposals in hiking backpacks present in the main shopping portals, we will find that fabrics with synthetic properties are preferred by most brands. This is because these fibers provide higher levels of resistance to both moisture and abrasion than the vegetable type, to name a few.

For example, polyester is widely used in the textile industry and is usually inexpensive, while nylon is a bit more robust, so it provides greater durability. For its part, polyamide is a polymer treated with amides to be incorporated into the textile industry. Although this fabric has a fairly comfortable touch, it is also true that its resistance is greater than that of the aforementioned materials. In addition, it repels water, but maintains a good level of breathability.

Finally, a material known as sanity stands out, which derives from polyamide and is currently one of the favorite textiles of manufacturers, since it has quite attractive characteristics such as its lightness, due to the grammage of 500 to 8000 deniers.


Many manufacturers choose to incorporate a series of accessories into their products, which allows users to improve the user experience. In addition, this is quite flattering, because it will save us time and money by not having to purchase them separately.

In any case, the ideal is that the hiking backpack that we are carrying with us is good and economical. However, if this last aspect means that it has not been provided with at least one accessory, then in the long run we will end up spending more money than planned.

Most hiking backpacks incorporate a waterproof cover, which is quite convenient because we do not know when precipitation will occur during our journey. In this way, we provide greater protection to the objects we are transporting. 

Likewise, other models are accompanied by a mesh cover that is used to carry our bicycle helmet safely and well attached to the backpack. In addition, you can find as accessories a magnifying glass or a mat made of insulating foam, so you can sit comfortably.


In a hiking backpack, the issue of comfort cannot go unnoticed. Let us remember that it is a piece of equipment that we will carry on our shoulders and back, so the ideal would be to achieve a complete adaptation to our body without causing discomfort.

In this sense, it is necessary that some specific parts of the backpack, such as the shoulder pads and the backrest, incorporate a padding system. In this way, the pressure generated by the weight of the objects will not cause a greater impact on the shoulders, while the back will be more rested, since the foam adapts and acquires the natural shape of said area.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a hiking backpack?

To start using your hiking backpack, you need to verify that its size and capacity are suitable for your anatomy. Likewise, you will have to distribute the objects creating an internal balance point and adjust both the shoulder pads and the remaining belts, so that they adapt to the natural shape of the body. You will also have to close the zippers or drawstrings and put a protective cover on the backpack in case of precipitation.

Q2: What to carry in a hiking backpack?

Among the items to incorporate in your hiking backpack, a series of canned foods, fruits, vegetables and sweet snacks stand out. Also, a few bottles of water for proper hydration, a gas burner and basic kitchen utensils such as plates, cutlery and pots.

Similarly, you will need to carry a first aid kit with you in case of an accident, as well as personal hygiene and skin protection items against the sun’s rays.

Regarding clothing, it is recommended to wear sweatshirts, pants and light t-shirts. In addition, a raincoat in case of precipitation, a hat and sunglasses.

Q3: How to adjust a hiking backpack?

The adjustment of the hiking backpack is an essential step so that you can move comfortably along the trail. It is necessary that, when placing the equipment on your back and shoulders, you quickly proceed to adjust the size of the lumbar belt according to your anatomy. Next, you will need to close the built-in clip mechanism.

To continue, make the adjustment of the shoulder pads, which will allow you to balance the weight towards the hips and give your shoulders more rest. In addition, fasten the side and chest belt. In the latter, be careful so that you do not generate discomfort in the rib cage.

Q4: How to wash a hiking backpack?

To wash your hiking backpack you must empty it completely and submerge it in a pot with a soapy solution free of bleach. Afterwards, leave the charging equipment to rest for about 20 minutes so that the dirt begins to come off. In this way, you can proceed to rub the textile with the help of a soft bristle brush.

To finish, remove the excesses with plenty of water and hang the backpack in a ventilated area to dry, trying as much as possible not to expose it directly to the sun’s rays.

Q5: How to sew a hiking backpack?

To sew your hiking backpack you will only need a sewing machine, strong thread and probably a piece of fabric with characteristics similar to the fabric with which the backpack has been made.

If it is an unraveling, you will only have to reinforce the seam and possibly place a fabric bias to prevent the fabric from fraying or coming off again, due to the pressure exerted by the weight of the load.

However, if the backpack has been torn, it is best to place a patch of fabric and darn correctly to integrate the piece of textile to the damaged surface.

Q6: How to protect your back when carrying a hiking backpack?

The best way to protect your back when carrying a hiking backpack is to know how to balance its weight. In this way, you will avoid injuries at the cervical or lumbar level and fatigue in the shoulders and neck. To do this, you should try, as much as possible, to keep the heaviest objects close to the back of the backpack. In the same way, you will have to correctly adjust the load-bearing equipment so that it adapts to the natural shape of the back.

Q7: How to fill a hiking backpack?

To fill your hiking backpack, the first thing you need to know is its containment volume, which in turn you will need to contrast with the number of elements you plan to incorporate into it. You will have to have all these objects on hand, properly packed in hermetically sealed bags or folded, in the case of clothing. In this way, you can proceed to fill the backpack.

In this sense, it is important that you can distribute the weight properly so that the back remains rested and free of the characteristic points of tension. To do this, you will have to balance the weight so that both sides have the same level of weight, as well as the upper and lower area. Ideally, the weight to be carried should be equivalent to a maximum of 25% of your weight.

Also, remember that all light objects should be placed in the upper, lower and lateral areas, while the heaviest should go in the center and as close as possible to the back.

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