The 8 Best Hiking Boots of 2022

Hiking Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Hiking is an outdoor activity to enjoy nature. Although it seems simple, it requires a good physical condition and special equipment to make it safer, such is the case of boots, which will allow safe steps and protect the feet. While there is a wide variety of options, two stand out. Among them, the CMP Rigel Mid are women’s boots that have been made with a leather exterior and synthetic lining, available in various colors. For men, the Columbia Peakfreak Nomad model has waterproof properties and are versatile boots that can be used for hiking or touring the city, due to their low cut.

The 8 Best Hiking Boots – Opinions 2022

Hiking boots are part of the equipment required by people who enjoy being in the mountains and camping outdoors. As it is an activity that has more and more fans, there are several options and there are many brands that offer interesting models of boots for their characteristics and prices. So, if you are interested in purchasing one of these, you may want to take a look at the options that have been certified by the user community among the 8 best hiking boots. 

Women’s hiking boots

1. Cmp Rigel Mid, High Rise Hiking Shoes for Women

Available in a wide variety of colours, from bold to understated and feminine, these women’s hiking boots are a recommended alternative for their quality construction and efficient footing. 

This model has been made with an outer material of leather and a synthetic coating, so it is comfortable and, being its waterproof exterior, protection is guaranteed during the tour. These characteristics make this proposal the best possible hiking boots on the market, because, being light, they reduce exhaustion when walking. 

In addition, the design is modern and has a FullOn GRIP rubber sole, with traction, so that slipping is avoided and grip on the ground is ensured, as well as stability on both dry and wet terrain. Likewise, the model has a cut to the ankles, with a lace-up closure system that maximizes support.

Although they are the best hiking boots of the moment, you will have to review their pros and cons to verify their quality.


Sole: Its sole is thick, made of rubber and with traction patterns for greater stability.

Cut: The model has a medium cut, at ankle height, so the foot is supported with each step.

Construction: It has a resistant construction, with a leather exterior and synthetic coating, so it is comfortable.

Waterproof: For added protection, these boots have waterproof properties.


Size: Before selecting a size, it is recommended to measure the dimensions of the foot because the last of the model varies.

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Men’s hiking boots

2. Columbia Men’s Peakfreak Nomad Hiking Boots

Positioned as one of the best hiking boots of 2022, this model from the manufacturer Columbia has the approval of the user community, because it has technology adapted to footwear to improve footprints and protect feet.

In addition, these men’s hiking boots are made with quality materials, with a leather upper, synthetic coating and rubber sole, with a one-centimeter flat heel and traction. Therefore, its construction is a combination of mesh and leather that is comfortable. They are also breathable and waterproof, with sealed seams that prevent water and moisture from entering the interior. 

Its Omni-Tech technology involves a microporous membrane that increases breathability and reduces humidity. They are available in three colors and their cut is low, with a comfortable instep, lace closure and internal cushioning, as well as an adequate grip of the sole to the surfaces. 

Columbia has years of experience in the market and this proposal shows why it is considered the best brand of hiking boots. Here its pros and cons.


Technology: It has technology applied to footwear, through a microporous membrane that reduces humidity.

Sole: It has a rubber sole with a traction pattern that guarantees grip and prevents slipping.

Impermeability: Due to its construction with resistant materials, this model is waterproof.

Cushioning: With a soft leather and mesh upper, it provides better cushioning.


Last: Its last can be narrow and it is recommended to order a number higher than the conventional one.

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Salomon hiking boots

3. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Answering the question about which are the best hiking boots on the market may not be easy, but you should know that the attributes of this model meet the highest demands of users. 

Salomon hiking boots have a masculine and resistant design that is made with a synthetic leather upper and lining, which is strong, as well as a traction sole that is made of rubber and guarantees grip during the walk through different mountain terrains.. 

The design of this proposal is medium cut, at ankle height, with a shape that guarantees support and prevents it from moving laterally, without reducing movement in the front area. In addition, the boots are waterproof, have a pressure lace closure system and are available in at least seven shades to choose the most striking.

A frequently asked question is which hiking boots to buy, so knowing the pros and cons of this model could help you answer it.


Design: It has a masculine and aggressive design, cut to the ankles, which provides stability.

Colors: According to tastes, the user will be able to select between various colors and thus show their personality.

Construction: The boots are made almost entirely of synthetic, resistant and waterproof material.

Sole: Its sole has studs and a traction figure, which reduces slippage and improves grip.


Stiffness: The boots may initially be a bit stiff and cause discomfort.

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Women’s Snow Hiking Boots

4. Pastaza Men Women Waterproof Hiking Snow Boots

Although they are snow hiking boots for women, this alternative from the manufacturer Pastaza can also be a profitable proposal for men, because they are waterproof and have a leather lining, which is a good level of resistance. 

In addition, this model is available in several colors, so, according to taste, they can be selected between brown, black, yellow and pink. Its exterior is made of a mix of smooth leather and rubber, with a soft faux fur lining, which has been added to block cold air. 

Likewise, its rubber sole is non-slip and resistant to wear, so it is favorable for mountain terrain, whether wet or dry. The boots have a lace-up closure system, which provides a good fit for greater stability and its flat heel is 3 cm high. 

These are cheap and good quality hiking boots, which you can check by their pros and cons. 


Sole: They have a non-slip rubber sole with traction studs, which improve grip on dry and wet terrain.

Adjustment: Its adjustment system through laces provides adequate stability and foot support.

Protection: They are boots suitable for different conditions, especially humidity and snow, because they keep the feet warm.

Composition: They have a resistant composition, with waterproof leather interior and synthetic leather exterior. 


Wear: Your outer material may not be as wear resistant as expected. 

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waterproof hiking boots

5. Hi-Tec Storm Waterproof Hiking Boots

Hi-Tec is a manufacturer that has presented various models to the market, such as these waterproof hiking boots that stand out among the best proposals of the manufacturer, because they are resistant and comfortable for mountain walks.

This alternative is made with a leather exterior and textile lining, making it comfortable for the feet and strong enough to withstand the elements of nature. In addition, these boots have a synthetic sole and a flat heel, with a height of 1.5 cm. Likewise, they have non-slip properties, so they adhere favorably to surfaces, both wet (usually snowy) and dry (rocky paths).

They are waterproof boots and therefore able to keep your feet warm, so they can be used in cold conditions. Its design is simple, with height up to the ankles, which provides stability. They are available in three colors and their adjustment system is by means of laces, so it is effective. 

Those interested in this model can read its pros and cons to determine if it is what they are looking for. 


Design: It has a classic and functional design that protects the feet and stabilizes the tread for greater comfort. 

Colors: According to tastes, the user can select between colors such as beige, brown and gray 

Sole: It has a resistant sole that adheres to the ground, with a flat heel and 1.5 cm high.

Adjustment: Its adjustment system is made by means of strong laces that provide fixation.


Tip: The tip of this model can wear out easily, although this depends on the conditions of use.

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Girl’s hiking boots 

6. Cmp Rigel Mid, Unisex High Rise Hiking Shoes

The youngest members of the household also enjoy outdoor activities and, to this end, the manufacturer CMP presents this range of hiking boots for girls, which are available in a wide range of feminine colours. However, it is a unisex model. 

The boots have a striking design, with a cane that reaches the ankles, so that it keeps this area stable during walks, to avoid sprains and injuries in the mountains. In addition, their manufacture is high-end because they are made with a leather outer material, with a synthetic coating that protects the foot since they are waterproof, which provides greater protection and fit. 

Likewise, the sole of this proposal has CMP FullOn GRIP technology, so it can be used on dry or wet floors. Its closure system is by means of laces, which guarantees that the boots remain in place.

Before selecting this model, it would be good if you review its positive and negative aspects. 


Design: It has a design that provides stability and comfort in each step.

Fit: Thanks to its design, it provides a perfect fit to the foot, since its cane is up to the ankle.

Construction: The boots are made of leather and synthetic material, with a waterproof exterior for added protection.

Sole: They have a resistant sole made of rubber, with traction and FullOn Grip, suitable for dry or wet floors.


Size: Before selecting the model, it is recommended to take a look at the size table. 

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Hiking boots for boys

7. Vitike VTK Hiking Shoes Boy

The properties of this Vitike proposal make it recognized as possible representatives of the best hiking boots, because it has a functional, comfortable design with an adequate fit, for a better feeling when walking. 

For this reason, these hiking boots for boys are among the favorites and, according to preferences, a color can be selected from 17 alternatives. In addition, they are suitable for winter because they are equipped with a warm lining, as well as an exterior made of synthetic material. 

For greater protection, they have technology applied to textile production and also in their soles, so they are boots that fit the foot and are comfortable for a smooth hiking experience and resistant to wear, due to their quality finishes. 

The sole material is non-slip rubber, for grip on wet or dry surfaces. Buyers add that these may be the best value for money hiking boots, because they are some of the cheapest on the market. 

This model stands out for its quality, which you can verify by analyzing its pros and cons.


Manufacturing: It has been manufactured to high standards, with an advanced process and careful finishes in synthetic leather. 

Fit: It fits properly to the foot because it has a lace and velcro closure system.

Design: Its design with a cane up to the ankles provides stability and, being for children, it is available in various colors. 

Technologies: The sole has been developed with anti-slip technology and its body blocks cold air. 


Size: The size could vary between one and two centimeters, which must be taken into account when choosing. 

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Men’s Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

8. Chiruca Pointer Gore Tex Boot

With a relatively light weight, but high resistance, this model is positioned among the best on the market for its quality and foot protection, as well as its adherence to different surfaces. 

These men’s Gore-Tex hiking boots are made of strong materials, with a leather upper, so they are suitable for wear and frequent use. In addition, they have a sole made of non-slip rubber, which provides correct adherence to the ground, whether wet or dry, because it has studs and traction. 

In the same way, they have a lace-up closure system, which adjusts the foot and prevents the boot from coming off during the walk, and its internal construction guarantees greater comfort throughout the entire route, without injuries or discomfort. Its design with an ankle-length cut stabilizes the foot and prevents sprains because it is elevated and provides firmness in each of the steps.

This model stands out for its good performance for mountain walks. Therefore, we have summarized its most essential aspects below.


Gore Tex: Within its construction, the Gore Tex membrane has been added for greater protection and waterproofing.

Components: Among its components, these boots stand out for incorporating a resistant leather exterior. 

Sole: They have a non-slip sole that adheres to wet and dry surfaces.

Design: The design of these boots is cut to the ankle, it looks resistant and provides stability in each step.


Last: The last of the model is narrow, so the conventional number may be small in some cases. Thus, it is recommended to choose larger sizes.

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Shopping guide

With proper boots you can enjoy long hours of hiking in the mountains, so it is recommended that, if you go hiking, you are equipped with the necessary equipment for this activity. The popularization of trekking has led to many different models and it is necessary to know what qualities and characteristics to look for. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best hiking boots on the market, with the most important details about this equipment. 

Materials and manufacturing

One way to have an estimate of how much hiking boots cost is through an analysis of the materials that the manufacturer has used in the composition and elaboration of the footwear, since its quality, resistance and wear time will depend on this. 

Many models are made with natural leather and a lining that could be textile, synthetic leather or mesh. According to these materials, the resistance of the model changes and its cost as well. For example, boots that have been made of leather have a high degree of resistance and serve to protect the foot from the cold, while providing adequate breathability. 

The models made of synthetic leather and mesh are suitable for air intake and foot protection. Its price is cheaper and, therefore, its wear faster. Also, there are some alternatives that are equipped with rubber inserts in the tip, which provide greater resistance in complex terrain with rocks. 


When making a comparison of hiking boots, the design of the model must be considered to know if it is suitable for the user’s requirements. This is because there are different proposals, from hiking boots for winter, which incorporate an addition of fleece, to others that are designed for hiking in warm climates. 

In addition, within the design you can differentiate the models that have been made for women, which incorporate pastel colors and on the scale of pink and lilac, with more feminine touches, to other alternatives that are for men, due to their sporty and aggressive style, as well as with dark colors. 

Similarly, some options of hiking boots have the properties suitable for children and you can find both models for boys and girls, so that they can enjoy outdoor activities in the mountains. Likewise, there are boots that have less visually loaded designs. These can be convenient to wear while hiking or around town.

Sole and technology

If you find good and cheap hiking boots in your search, but that also have the incorporation of a quality sole, then it will be a wise purchase, because the sole represents one of the most important factors in these footwear. 

According to the recommendations, the soles of hiking boots should be made of rubber, since this material is favorable for adherence and has a slow level of wear, which ensures the durability and resistance of the boot. as well as grip. 

In addition, the common thing is that they have studs, which provide firmness in each step and reduce the probability of slipping. Likewise, the big brands have worked and invested in the development of technologies that provide a better experience, comfortable, safe and with greater stability, without mistreating the foot. 

In the case of technologies applied to the sole, they provide better performance during walking and are beneficial, because they make the shoe suitable for different situations and conditions, whether it is to maintain grip on wet, muddy, dry or sandy terrain.. On the other hand, the boots must be waterproof and provide safety and protection to the feet against the cold and wind.

cut and cane

A factor that should not be neglected when considering the purchase of hiking boots is the cut of the model and the shaft that it presents. The shaft refers to the height of the boot on the leg. Most hiking models tend to go above the ankle, so they are low-cut. However, you can also find other models that can be lower or medium cut. Any of these alternatives is responsible for providing support to the foot and providing stability to the ankle, so that it does not bend during walks.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use hiking boots?

They must be taken out of their box, remove all the components that may be inside it, and then a pair of socks must be put on. Once you have them on both feet, it is time to release the laces and insert the foot with pressure so that the heel enters. You must repeat the same action with the other foot. To finish, it is necessary to tie the laces.

Q2: How to tie the hiking boots?

These boots have adjustable closures, which lace differently to provide added security and stability. The first thing is to adjust the heel with the pins or hooks at the ankle level. It is necessary to thread the lace through the hook and adjustment bracket, then thread the opposite end of the lace. 

The next thing is to pull the laces and apply force to properly adjust the heel area. To conclude, a resistant bow should be made, without the cords being loose. 

Q3: How to clean hiking boots?

Cleaning hiking boots will require a soft cloth, fine-bristled brush, detergent, leather conditioner, and water. When doing these cleanings, the process can be structured in two parts. First, focus on the sole, where impurities should be removed and washed with plenty of water. 

The second phase comprises the upper part of this shoe. Its cleaning varies according to the material. The first thing will be to remove the excess impurities with a dry cloth. If necessary, you can wet the surface and add soap to remove the most adherent dirt. 

If the covering material is suede, brushes should not be used, so it will be necessary to use a damp cloth and special detergent. If it is leather, the material must be moistened and conditioned so that it remains flexible.

Q4: How should hiking boots fit?

Hiking boots should fit the shape of the foot. However, it is necessary that the terms “tight” and “tight” are not confused. The first refers to the natural adaptation of the foot to provide stability and firmness, with enough space for it to be ventilated and rest. The second is an uncomfortable pressure, in which the size of the last is smaller than that of the feet and ends up mistreating it.

Q5: Which brand of hiking boots is better, Columbia or Salomon?

Specifying which hiking boots are better between Columbia or Salomon would be imprudent, because the two brands have years of experience in the market and have a development area for technological innovations applied to footwear, in order to present improvements that provide greater stability, for a pleasant and comfortable hiking experience. 

Each brand has presented models that at the time outperform their competitor, only to be displaced a few months later by other proposals with greater attributes of comfort and protection. Being both quality brands, it is up to each individual to select one or the other, because preferences are subjective and respond to personal tastes. In the case of Columbia, it is recognized worldwide because it has a greater presence in the markets. 

Q6: Are hiking boots the same as snow boots?

In essence, both boots are the same. However, they have specific differences that can be observed when buying a model. When hiking, there may be sections of the route that have snow, such as just rocky terrain. Hence, when buying snow hiking boots, the most recommended thing is that they have a sole that provides good grip on wet terrain, waterproofing and safety. Generally, snow hiking boots have a medium cut, so they offer more protection from the cold. 

Q7: What are Gore Tex hiking boots for?

They serve to provide greater durability and impermeability to footwear. This is because Gore-Tex is a membrane made of a thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, with more than 1.4 billion pores per cm 2. That is why the boots with this technology are waterproof, breathable to favor the evaporation of sweat and windproof, for greater protection of the feet during the hiking route. 

Q8: How to break in hiking boots?

The best way to break in hiking boots is through regular use of the shoe. However, you can also put folded socks inside the boots or take enough newspaper, moisten it and put it inside both boots until they are full. Afterwards, you will have to take them to the freezer for at least 24 hours and remove them. This should cause the material to expand and be softer.

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