The 8 Best Hiking Boots of 2022

Trekking Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are one of the adventurers who is passionate about the mountains and outdoor activities, good trekking boots should not be missing from your equipment. A shoe that will protect you against any unforeseen event on the road, such as rocks, rain, mud, dust, etc. and most importantly, thanks to its comfort you can fully enjoy the adventure. These qualities are present in these two models: the Gracosy Non-Slip, boots designed for women who are not stopped by winter, and the Columbia Canyon Point Mid, a model designed for the modern man who seeks traction and comfort.

The 8 Best Hiking Boots – Opinions 2022

Regardless of whether you are thinking of taking your first steps in the world of trekking or whether you want to improve your current equipment; it is essential to invest in a pair of boots that meet all your expectations. Therefore, we present a selection with 8 of the best models, designed to tackle all kinds of roads.

Women’s trekking boots

1. Gracosy Women Snow Boots Hiking Non-Slip Shoes

On your next trekking route you cannot ignore the importance of having boots that allow you to comfortably carry out long walks and at the same time protect your feet from the cold. In this sense, these women’s trekking boots could be the most suitable when it comes to facing scenarios with low temperatures.

They could be the best value for money trekking boots of the moment, since in addition to offering an affordable cost they also offer great benefits. They are made with a rubber sole that is highly resistant to abrasion, non-slip and with a 2.5 cm flat heel; they also have a practical velcro closure and an external synthetic leather lining.

Likewise, they are cheap and feminine trekking boots, equipped with a plush lining that provides warmth and comfort on winter days. In addition, you can choose between different colors and sizes.

If you are one of the active women who does not stop in the face of low temperatures, these boots could be your best allies. We invite you to learn more about this product below.



Versatility: Since they have an attractive and comfortable design, they are boots that can also be used daily for walking.

Medium cane: They have a medium cane height that protects the ankle from twisting.

Waterproof: They are equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane that prevents moisture from reaching your feet.


Size: These shoes are small in size, so you should request a larger number than the one you usually wear.

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2. CMP Rigel Mid High Rise Shoes

If you are one of those passionate who enjoys nature and walking through rough terrain, such as ridges, slopes or steep climbs; In order for your feet to remain stable and comfortable, the best option is to use women’s trekking boots like this model, which gives you a perfect fit to your feet, while providing lightness and traction.

These are boots designed to face any climate, since their manufacture includes water-repellent material that keeps your feet free of moisture. Likewise, thanks to its lace-up closure and its large padded tongue, you will be able to adjust the boots comfortably on your feet and start your journey. In addition, it is a shoe that gives you great stability, since it has a rubber sole with studs of different profiles that keep you attached to the ground at all times.

Due to their comfort and waterproofness, these could be the best trekking boots 2022 designed for active women. Learn a little more about this shoe.


Materials: They are made externally of suede leather with fabric covering and the sole has high quality rubber.

Puller: These are boots that have a puller on the heel, which favors being able to put them on easily.

Diversity: You can choose the combination and color of your choice, among a wide variety of models.


Summer: As indicated by the manufacturer, they are not recommended boots for the summer months, since you could get hot.

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Men’s trekking boots

3. Columbia Canyon Point Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoes

This model of men’s trekking boots stands out among its peers for providing a combination of high-end materials. On the outside it has webbing, mesh and suede; while internally it has a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet safe from moisture, while giving you the breathability you need.

Many consider them the best trekking boots of 2022, since in addition to these features, they are also equipped with a Techlite midsole that provides comfort and cushioning with each step. As for the sole, Columbia has equipped these boots with a high-traction Omni-Grip sole, so you can walk safely whether on flat or mountainous terrain and without your feet ending up hurt.

In addition, they offer extra ankle protection, thanks to their reinforced mid-cut design with internal padding, specially designed to prevent chafing and blisters.

Columbia might be the best hiking boot brand, given their experience and high quality in making off-road footwear. Learn a little more about this model.


Sole: These are boots equipped with a powerful rubber sole with great traction, which ensures stability on all types of terrain.

Closure system: Thanks to the lace closure system, you can easily adjust them.

Lightness: Since they offer a light weight, it is a shoe that is very comfortable for long walks.


Waterproofing: The waterproofing could be compromised, since apparently the material has not turned out to be as waterproof as expected.

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4. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid GTX Boots

Today’s men’s trekking boots are characterized by their versatility and masculine design. Such is the case of this footwear that Merrel presents us, boots that combine comfort with protection and could be the most recommended for walking either in the city or in the forest with intermediate climates. They have a medium shaft that provides the support and stability that the ankle needs when you travel through difficult terrain.

They have a very resistant and versatile synthetic leather finish; Likewise, they ensure good traction and grip on different floors thanks to the fact that they have a Vibram sole. Likewise, in order to provide greater comfort and stability, they are boots that have a lace-up closure and an air chamber capable of absorbing impacts. In addition, they are equipped with Gore-Tex, a breathable and waterproof membrane.

Given the excellent reputation on the net that this model has, they could be considered one of the best trekking boots of the moment. Then review its main attributes and disadvantages.



Toecap: They have a toecap made of resistant rubber that provides extra protection to the fingers.

Gore-Tex: Thanks to this membrane, the boots resist humidity and rain.

Air chamber: They have an air chamber in the heel, which efficiently cushions impacts and footsteps.


Template: The thickness of your template could be improved, since given its thinness it tends to bother the foot when walking on rocky terrain.

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Salomon trekking boots

5. Salomon Evasion 2 Mid LTR GTX Hiking Shoes

Salomon has long been a great ally of mountaineers and hikers around the world. It is one of the leading brands in the off-road footwear market, so this model could be what your feet need when you start a journey; especially if you carry a heavy backpack on your back. Therefore, if you are looking for the best trekking boots, you could consider these Salomon trekking boots.

They are boots equipped with a Contagrip sole developed with various types of rubber, whose deep, multidirectional and highly adherent studs provide grip and stability in all terrains and seasons. They also have a comfortable lace-up closure system, which ensures optimal support to the foot. Likewise, they are light boots that offer a weight of only 476 g approximately; which favors its intensive use on mixed terrain.

If, faced with so many available options, you still do not know which trekking boots to buy, you could consider the advantages that this model offers you. We present below, more relevant information about this shoe.


Sensifit System: This technology favors a precise fit, since it has a die-cut EVA midsole and a lace closure.

Cane: For greater support and protection to the ankle, it offers a half cane height.

Durability: Thanks to the split leather finish and Gore-Tex membrane, they are boots with a long service life.



Grip: Although the boots offer good grip on dry ground; when it comes to wet terrain, stability is not as expected.

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Trekking boots for children

6. Anokar Kids Winter Hiking Boots

The best trekking boots are those that meet the primary objective of providing stability, grip and protection in each step. In this sense, these trekking boots for boys could be the best option for your child to enjoy contact with nature in the winter season, without neglecting safety. It is a children’s model designed with the smallest of the house in mind, so it offers a practical and comfortable velcro closure that favors being able to take it off and put it on.

On the other hand, in addition to being cheap boots that offer a competitive cost and being available in various attractive colors, they also offer high-quality materials in their manufacture. Likewise, they have excellent support in their mid-cut, which ensures adequate protection for the ankle in the event of a sprain or fall. Additionally, in order to choose the most suitable size, the manufacturer offers you a size chart.

If you are looking for the cheapest trekking boots, this model could be the best option to give to a boy or girl. Learn more details by reading its pros and cons.


Inner lining: These are boots made with a warm plush lining, which provides comfort and warmth in the winter months.

Sole: Its non-slip rubber sole with hook buckle offers great traction so that the child walks on the snow in complete safety.

Impermeability: Its manufacturing material has waterproof qualities.


Size: The manufacturer recommends choosing a larger size in case the little one has wide feet.

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Gore-Tex men’s trekking boots

7. Chiruca Pointer Gore Tex Boot

If you are one of the men who bet on classic mountain boots, Chiruca presents you with a model that could meet all your expectations. It is a shoe with a timeless design and an original touch; being the favorite of many users who work in the field, given the durability and resistance to water offered by its materials. To do this, it has a leather membrane with water-repellent qualities and a Gore-Tex lining.

We are in front of some Gore-Tex men’s trekking boots that could be the most recommended to use in the four seasons and for various activities. They offer a lace-up closure, metal loops, a large padded tongue and a high cuff that efficiently supports the ankle; which favors a comfortable and secure fit on your feet. Likewise, thanks to their Vibram rubber sole, they have the necessary traction and grip to avoid an imbalance that could cause a serious fall.

These Chiruca boots are a classic that offer stability and protection for your feet, so they deserve to be taken into account. Read below its qualities and cons.


Water- repellent: Their leather and Gore-Tex lining make them waterproof and breathable boots.

Uses: In addition to being your allies in your outdoor adventures, you can also use them in field work and hunting.

Durability: Its high-quality and wear-resistant materials provide a long service life.


Use: Since Gore-Tex is not compatible with sandy environments, it is advisable not to use these boots in dunes, beaches or deserts.

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Adidas hiking boots

8. Adidas Originals GSG-9.2 Outdoor Trainers 

Compared to shoes that offer a low shaft, where the ankle is devoid of protection in the event of a sprain, these Adidas trekking boots have a design that includes a high shaft. For this reason, they are able to provide extra support to the foot, providing optimal stability and support.

They are boots designed with the needs of the modern man in mind, as they offer great versatility. For this reason, many users use them comfortably in work environments as if they were safety footwear, they also wear them as tactical boots and as trekking boots for adventures in nature.

They are made of leather with fabric covering, which favors waterproofing; while its rubber sole has multidirectional studs that provide traction on different terrains. In addition, its closure system with laces and its tongue allow an optimal fit to the foot.

When it comes to high-quality multifunction boots backed by a recognized brand, this model could be what you are looking for. Analyze its pros and cons.


Cane: Its high cane design favors optimal support and stability in the foot, while providing protection and safety.

Comfort: These are boots that fit comfortably on the foot, without causing chafing or blisters.

Utility: Thanks to their design, they could be used as tactical boots, trekking boots and also as work shoes.


Narrow last: Since this model offers a narrow last, you should consider its purchase if you have wide feet.

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Shopping guide

We have prepared the following guide to buy the best trekking boots, where you can find information of interest that could help you make your purchase successful. The idea is that you find the footwear that meets all your expectations and that allows you to enjoy the journey.

sole and traction

The sole is one of the most important parts of any trekking boot, since it is in charge of traction; which prevents you from slipping or serious falls. Therefore, beyond providing support and joining the field efficiently, it also offers you physical integrity and security. This type of sole in particular is distinguished by having a multidirectional studded design, which provides optimal grip regardless of whether it is wet, dry, loose, compact, muddy or snowy terrain.

In addition, thanks to this design, dirt from the road is easily expelled and does not accumulate on the studs. Likewise, remember that it is usual for the front part to have less thickness and be smoother, since this favors climbing. Due to these qualities, you will be able to move with the necessary stability and grip while climbing a slope; or, when you need to brake during a descent.

Regarding the most used materials to manufacture these off-road soles, we have polyurethane and rubber. Polyurethane (PU) is a light material with excellent grip; however, its abrasion resistance is not ideal for active mountaineers. The rubber, for its part, offers great resistance and durability; its disadvantage is its weight, since it is greater than the PU.

Insole and breathability

Comfort comes hand in hand with breathability, so if you are looking for boots that make you feel comfortable, with dry feet and without overheating, you need to look for a model equipped with a breathable insole. The template must offer optimal isolation of the sole, support and cushioning in each step; while evacuating sweat from the feet efficiently. They are usually made of foam rubber and gels, with designs that can range from completely flat to the most modern and ergonomic that adapt perfectly to the foot.


If you have to face bad weather or cross puddles, the most convenient footwear for you should have water-repellent or waterproof materials. Given this, it is advisable that you make a comparison of trekking boots and analyze the main use that you are going to give them, since walking along a wet trail or in the rain is not the same as moving through a dry and desert environment.

In this sense, the use of the Gore-tex membrane solves the problem when it comes to waterproofing. However, despite being a breathable membrane, it is not the most suitable for use in very hot environments; in which case you can bet on a good and cheap pair of boots without a membrane, since in this situation the most important thing is to keep your feet free of sweat.

Cane and protection

When it comes to trekking boots, the shaft is a fundamental element to provide proper protection to the ankle. Depending on whether the footwear is more or less professional or technical, the upper can be low, medium or high; In any case, this part of the boot must be properly padded to avoid chafing with the skin. Likewise, some models offer handles that favor being able to put them on more easily.

The shaft of a boot, in addition to protecting the ankle against a sprain, also prevents stones, snow, rain, mud and moisture from entering your feet. For this reason, trekking enthusiasts prefer mid-cut or high-cut boots when they embark on a journey.


Today the trekking boots offered on the market are modern models very different from the boots of yesteryear that caused blisters and chafing. To do this, the best brands offer comfortable designs and attractive colors, specially designed to please the tastes and demands of all audiences (women, men and children). They are boots that provide great comfort when walking for long hours, providing an excellent fit to the foot, so they have a large tongue and a closure system that can be with laces or velcro, so you can choose the ones that go with your style.

For all this, when it comes to mountaineering, you should not skimp on how much a good pair of boots costs, since quality is closely linked to the safety that this type of footwear can provide you.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use the trekking boots?

Having the right equipment is essential to enjoy the route; so trekking boots are essential if you want to venture into nature. Using this type of boots is very simple, you just have to make sure you have the right size, with the right sole for the terrain you are going to cover and, very importantly, that the boot adapts to the conditions and environment. You can choose between high or medium cane boots, light or heavier, waterproof or not. Remember to adjust the laces and/or velcros well and use the buckles in case they are included in the sole. Doing it correctly will give you the comfort and security you need.

Q2: What is the best brand of trekking boots?

It is important that your investment ensures the acquisition of a good pair of boots and for this, there is nothing better than betting on brands with a recognized trajectory in the world of trekking. In this sense, it is practically impossible to choose a single brand as the best, since manufacturers such as Salomon, Columbia, Chiruca, Merrel, Gnediae and others, are positioned in the market among the best options; since they offer a large number of models with excellent features.

Q3: What are the advantages of trekking boots with Gore-Tex?

Two of the most important factors to take into account when choosing your trekking boots are waterproofing and breathability; advantages that only the Gore-Tex membrane can offer you. These qualities prevent your feet from overheating, while protecting them against sweat, water and humidity that you may encounter during the trek. This textile will make your boots the appropriate footwear to face routes where there are streams, puddles or when you are exposed to rain, keeping your feet protected and dry.

Q4: How to clean trekking boots?

Proper maintenance of your boots will prevent premature deterioration. For this, you will have to clean them every time you return from a route. You only need a soft bristle brush, a scourer, neutral soap, tweezers and warm water. To get started, remove the laces and insoles from your boots and wash them separately. With the brush rub dry removing dust, use the tweezers to remove splinters, stones or mud that the soles may have.

Next, moisten the scourer to pass it through the boots, apply soap and rub until the dirt is removed. Then remove the soap residue, using a clean cloth. Once clean, put newspaper in each boot to absorb moisture and let them dry at room temperature; never near a direct heat source.

Q5: Trekking boots, what size to buy?

To choose the appropriate size number you must take into account your type of foot and the last of the boot; if it is small, wide or narrow and get those that adapt to your anatomy; It is important to always measure your shoes at the end of the afternoon, when the foot is more dilated. Start by loosening the laces, take the insole out of the boot and try it on your foot; There should be a finger of slack between your fingers and the template. Make sure you’re wearing the socks you normally wear and now place the insole and insert your foot into the boot; There should be a gap of one finger between your heel and the heel of the boot. If so, this would be the correct number to buy.

Q6: How to tie trekking boots?

Tying your boots properly will give you the comfort and protection you need so your feet fit perfectly into the shoe. To begin, insert your foot into the boot, adjust the tongue and start tying the laces from the bottom up, going through all the holes and locking buckles. Adjust the velcros if you have one and if it is a high-top boot, tie the laces enough to be protected, but not excessively as it could be uncomfortable. By doing it properly you could avoid injuries, falls, circulatory difficulty, among other inconveniences.


Q7: How to soften trekking boots?

To break in your boots it is necessary to make the purchase in advance of the date of that walk that you have in mind. Wear them at home with the appropriate socks so that they gradually soften. Use them several days for short intervals of time, if they do not cause any discomfort you can go out with them for short walks and progressively increase the time and distances, until using them for a whole day or in increasingly rustic terrain.

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