The 8 Best MTB Mudguards of 2022

MTB Mudguards – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

All bicycle components are necessary for proper performance. Although most models include the fender, this part can be replaced by another with more advanced and specific properties according to the modality. Among the large number of options, two appear frequently. First of all, we find the Zéfal Deflector FM20 model, a removable fender, compatible with most forks and wheels, from 26 to 29. On the other hand, the Diealles Shine PVC model stands out, a set of two pieces made of Black polyvinyl chloride with aerodynamic design.

The 8 Best MTB Mudguards – Opinions 2022

When practicing cycling in certain modalities, a little mud may splash on our equipment. The amount will depend on weather conditions. Sometimes even dry sand can also be a problem. Therefore, the use of an appropriate fender is necessary to ensure better performance. With the number of models available it is a challenge to select the right one. Therefore, below we will review the positive and negative characteristics of what are considered the 8 best MTB mudguards on the market.

MTB enduro mudguard

1. Zefal Deflector Fm20 Steck-Fender

If you are looking for the best MTB mudguard on the market, then it would be wise for you to take a look at the characteristics of this model, which stands out for its adequate performance. This alternative is made of resistant materials and, although it has solid properties, it is also flexible.

In addition, its size is appropriate to cover the wheel and prevent mud from splashing. Its mechanism of use is simple because it can be done through a removable and adjustable assembly with velcro or flanges, with low incidence in the displacement of the piece.

This model is compatible with most 26, 27.5 and 29-inch forks and wheels. Due to its characteristics, it is an MTB mudguard for enduro that adapts to the practices of different modalities. It has a light weight of about 110 grams, so adding it to the bike will not slow it down. It also includes three sets of stickers to decorate.

Considered to be the best MTB fender of the moment, this model has additional properties that could be of interest and that we will review below.


Resistance: Being made with solid materials, it is resistant, but at the same time flexible.

Adjustment: It has a removable mounting mechanism, which is also adjustable by velcro or zip ties.

Decoration: It is possible to select between several colors and includes decorative stickers.

Compatibility: Almost all forks are compatible with this model, which is suitable for 26, 27.5 and 29-inch wheels.


Length: It is a bit short in the back so splashes can be generated in this area.

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2. Mudhugge Front MTB Mountain Bike Fender

The Mudhugge MMU01 mudguard is an ideal solution so that mud and dirt are not a problem when moving through the most complex terrain. This model has a high-quality metal construction, which will not chip over time or deteriorate.

This makes it easy to withstand the toughest conditions when dealing with wet, muddy and other common threats on the road. It also has a profiled design created in collaboration with mountain bike professionals, to improve the performance generated by the product.

Regarding its assembly, it is enough to screw these MTB enduro mudguards in the corresponding area of ​​​​the frame so that it is well mounted. All this without forgetting its compatibility, which allows it to be installed on wheels from 26 to 29 inches in diameter.

We give you some more details of this design, located among the best MTB mudguards of 2022.


Compatibility: The fender is suitable for wheels from 26 to 29 inches in diameter.

Weight: Its weight is only 78 grams, so the fenders do not add more weight to your bike.

Resistance: Due to its construction, it has a high resistance against speed, humidity and cold.


Finish: Although it is something purely aesthetic, the finish of the product is black and smooth, perhaps somewhat bland.

Rear: It is possible that the rear area is somewhat unprotected, especially towards the rear.

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MTB rear fender

3. Diealles Shine Mountain Bike Fender Set

If you want to equip your mountain bike with fenders with a resistant body and modern aesthetics, you will be interested in knowing more about this model developed by the well-known brand Diealles Shine.

It is a set consisting of a front and a rear fender, suitable for tires from 26 to 29 inches. Also included is a pair of inner cores, the cushion made of stainless steel; two pairs of pads, for better cushioning and three adapters. You will also have a hex key and some screws. In this way, you can carry out the assembly quickly.

Also, it should be noted that these fenders offer impact resistance and a simple cleaning method, for which you will only need to rub a sponge with a soapy solution and tap water to remove excesses. All this is due to the fact that the pieces have been manufactured in polyvinyl chloride, which is a high-quality synthetic material.

Here, more details about this pair of MTB mudguards developed by Diealles Shine.


Mounting set: Some tools are included to facilitate the mounting of the fenders.

Adjustment: You can adjust the angle of the equipment, to keep the bicycle protected from splashes.

Cleaning: Removing dirt will not be a problem, since the material can be washed with soap and water.

Design: Thanks to its aerodynamic design, you will add an elegant and modern touch to the bicycle.


Compatibility: If you are looking for fenders for 20-inch bikes, you should know that this model is only suitable for 26 to 29-inch tires.

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4. VeloChampion Mountain Bike Rear Fender

If you are interested in acquiring an MTB rear fender, this alternative from the manufacturer VeloChampion may fit your requirements, because it has been manufactured to be efficient against splashes and protect from moisture on the pavement.

This MTB bike mudguard is available in two sizes: a large one for mountain bikes and a medium one for road and commuter bikes, so it has estimated measurements of 38 x 13 cm and 28 x 8 cm respectively.

Being made of resistant but flexible materials, this model fits to the lower part of the saddle and combines with up to 80% of them, to prevent the cyclist from being splashed while pedaling on rainy days. It is resistant to water and mud, with a functional structure that does not generate vibrations. Also, although it is a bit hard, its installation is simple and does not take much time.

Before making a hasty purchase, you could take a look at the pros and cons that correspond to this model.


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 13 cm wide by 38 cm long, in its largest option, while the average size is 8 by 28 cm, providing two adaptation alternatives.

Adjustment: Being a fender with flexible properties, its structure adjusts to the bottom of the saddle.

Compatibility: It is compatible with up to 80% of saddles of different makes and models in good condition.

Installation: The installation of this bicycle accessory is quick and easy.


Narrow: Its dimensions may be narrow and although it is easy to install, removing it can be time consuming.

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MTB front fender

5. Artaka Mountain Bike Fender Set

When reviewing Artaka’s MTB fender catalog, this model quickly stands out, due to its innovative design, which easily adapts to wheels with a diameter from 16 to 29 inches. This is due to the fact that the structure has been manufactured in a polymer with a totally flexible body and a thickness of 1.2 millimeters, which can be adjusted to the shape of the tire.

In addition, you will not have problems to fix the fenders, since each of the pieces has a series of perforations, so that they intersect with the incorporated flanges. In this way, you will keep the equipment in place throughout the ride, without fear of unexpected slippage.

Also, it is worth mentioning that cleaning this equipment does not require special products, so you will only need to rub a soft sponge with soap, remove the excesses with water, and dry, to avoid the accumulation of moisture.

These are MTB mudguards that adapt to different types of wheels and whose advantages and disadvantages you will immediately learn about.


Adjustment: It is possible to adjust the adjustment of the fenders, due to the flexible body of the structure.

Stability: You won’t have to worry about the fender slipping unexpectedly, because its flanged criss-cross holes provide high stability.

Cleaning: Thanks to its synthetic body, you can wash the pieces with soap and water.

Compatibility: You will not have compatibility problems, since the fenders adapt to tires between 16 and 29 inches.


Cable tie: Built-in cable ties may seem a bit flimsy, so you’ll need to be careful when handling them.

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6. All Mountain Style AMS Front Fender

Although it is far from being the best MTB mudguard brand at the moment, this All Mountain model is everything you need to protect yourself during your route and set your style.

We are talking about fenders made of high quality plastic material, capable of protecting you against mud and water in a solvent way. In fact, the fender incorporates an additional seal for the fork, which increases its protection. Its shape makes it easy to place the piece on the front wheels, in a simple process that does not require tools.

Another extra of this MTB front fender is its versatility. Due to its design, it is possible to mount it on 26, 27.5 and 29-inch wheels, both in the Plus and Fat Bike versions. So it covers a good part of the bicycle designs on the market today.

Showing style and protecting your bike is easy if you resort to original fenders like this one.


Protection: Its design adds extra protection to the fork, so that moisture and mud do not affect it.

Compatibility: The fender is compatible with bikes from 26 to 29 inches of all types, including fat bikes.

Finish: This model has more than thirty different finishes to give your bike a special touch.


Fixation: The fixation is done by means of plastic flanges and not with screws, which can affect its stability.

Clamps: You will have to buy the clamps separately, as they are not included with the fender.

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MTB fender 29

7. Nicedack MTB Mudguard

Quality and strength are two attributes that can be found in this 29 inch MTB fender set as it is 0.12cm thick and flexible, yet durable and strong at the same time.

The set is made up of two large fenders and a small fender, pieces that serve to cover efficiently and prevent splashes. Its installation is simple and includes 10 robust flanges that serve to hold the fork, shock absorbers and bridges.

Although it has a classic design, available in black, this fender is universal fit and is compatible with the rear seat and front forks. In addition, it can be adapted to 26, 27.5 and 29-inch wheels. On the other hand, these fenders are light in weight, so they do not affect the speed performance of the bike, and although they are flexible, they do not deform.

This option stands out for its quality, but before making a purchase decision, it is convenient to know more about its specifications.


Units: This model is made up of a set of three units that complement its good use: a small bumper and two fenders.

Weight: These are ultralight fenders at 77 grams, so they don’t affect speed performance.

Adjustment: They are universal cut pieces, so they adapt to different sizes of wheels.

Design: They have a functional design with fixing patterns with four points, so there will be no slippage.


Resistance: Although it is a robust set, if it is exposed to high temperatures, the pieces can deteriorate.

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Full Suspension MTB Mudguard

8. Fetesnice Front and Rear Fender Mountain Bike

These are mudguards designed to fit the rear, front tire and bicycle frame, with the purpose of keeping the structure protected from the common splashes of mud or dirty water. This will significantly reduce the need to constantly clean your bike.

The product has been built with polypropylene, a polymer with a robust body, moderately flexible, with a pleasant touch and a high level of resistance to impacts. Plus, it’s a light-bodied raw material, so mounting the fenders will only add 90 grams to the overall weight of the frame.

Regarding the assembly of the parts on the bicycle, you will not experience complications when carrying out this task, since the number of seven velcro straps and a front clip have been incorporated into the purchase package, which allow each of the parts to be fixed in a precise way. fast and safe.

Below, you can review the pros and cons of a pair of tough, easy-to-mount fenders.


Resistance: The polypropylene used provides resistance to impacts that may arise.

Weight: The light weight of the structure will not represent an extra load for the cyclist when pedaling.

Cleaning: Due to its synthetic manufacture, you can easily clean the product under the tap.

Assembly: It is possible to assemble the pieces quickly and easily, thanks to the built-in velcro straps.


Color: If you are looking for a product with a striking color, keep in mind that it has a structure in discreet tones.

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Shopping guide

When cycling, in its different modalities, there is a great possibility of going through muddy terrain, so it is necessary to have a mudguard to prevent splashes and improve pedaling efficiency. Although there are several options available, before making a hasty purchase, it is necessary to know about the properties and characteristics that distinguish a conventional model from a quality one. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best MTB mudguard on the market.


If you are wondering how much an MTB fender costs, then the most prudent thing to do is to analyze the number of units or pieces that are included in the set, since, according to this, the price varies.

In this sense, there are some alternatives that only have a fender, either for the front or rear of the bike. Instead, there are other options that are made up of three pieces: a front fender, a rear fender and an additional small bumper for shock absorbers and suspension.

Similarly, some brands have two fender units. In general, these sets that have more than one unit are made up of different pieces. In the case of models with a single unit, they must be selected according to the use that the cyclist will give them, either for the front wheel or as rear protection.


A good and cheap MTB fender will be a suitable option, as long as it is made with strong and quality materials that provide the part with greater durability and resistance to weather conditions, water, mud and sand, as well as other agents. that can be found while pedaling on the route.

A fender is usually made of plastic, which can be polypropylene. This raw material is processed in different ways and with different densities, therefore, depending on the brand and model, its thickness may vary.

In addition, in many cases, the plastic is usually recycled, which would make it the most ecological and least polluting option. Also, although the plastic needs to be strong and solid, it should also be flexible, to accommodate different demands.

design and colors

Like all the pieces that make up a bicycle, the fender can be selected in design and colors to suit the aesthetics of the structure and personal style. Hence, when making a comparison of MTB fenders, it is necessary to include both properties.

In the market you can find from classic models, which are available in black, to other versatile and modern proposals for aggressive sports styles. Some manufacturers present alternatives available in different colors, as well as with superimposed prints and striking figures, which go in tune with the rest of the bicycle.

In the case of these models, they can have finishes in matt tones, chrome and polished profiles, to avoid cuts and discomfort during pedalling. In addition, the most sought after alternatives for their quality are usually those that have engravings that have an additional protective layer.


Most of the parts that make up a mountain bike are usually light, so that they do not increase the weight or reduce the cyclist’s performance or speed during pedaling.

The same goes for fenders. The best thing to improve performance is that they are light. Therefore, both the front and rear fenders must be of light properties. It is recommended that they do not exceed 100 grams, so that they do not affect the speed in the competition.

Although almost all the options available on the market are light, there are some that stand out for being “extra light”, with weights of 35 grams, so in some cases they can be more efficient.

Compatibility and measurements

One characteristic that must be considered to make an adequate purchase decision is the compatibility of the model and its dimensions, since this will allow it to fit the rubber of the bicycle.

Some proposals are available in universal size, which means that they are valid for bicycles of different sizes and modalities. However, before venturing to make a hasty purchase, it is convenient that the exact measurements are known, in order to determine whether or not the model is suitable for the rim, since the intention of these pieces is to avoid the splashes and, if they do not protect enough, they will be just a decoration.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a MTB fender?

To use an MTB fender, it is first necessary to install it on the bike. It should be distinguished whether it is a front or rear fender. Afterwards, it is necessary to remove the part from the package and check if the dimensions are suitable for the wheel. Otherwise, it will be better to skip the installation and select a new fender.

If everything is as stated, the part will need to be installed. To do this, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, where it is stipulated how to complete the process successfully. It is only necessary to place the fender on the wheel and fasten it with the adjustment mechanism.

Once it’s on the bike, you can go over mud, sand, mud and mud, without this dirt affecting the bike’s performance, because it will be protected from splashes and prevent it from reaching the shock absorber, frame and transmission.

Q2: Why is the rear MTB fender different from the front one?

Because they are pieces that have been designed to be installed in different parts of the bicycle structure and fulfill different functions. Essentially, the rear fender is usually slightly longer than the front fender and serves to keep dirt from the terrain from splashing onto the bike’s legs, frame, shock and drivetrain.

On the other hand, the front fender gives protection to the front of the bike. Either way, both parts should be installed as they will allow the rider to perform better on rainy days.

Q3: How to prevent the MTB fender from moving?

To prevent the bike’s fender from moving, it will be necessary to make a proper adjustment. To do this, efficient use must be made of the fastening system that includes either flanges, Velcro or even both. Most mountain bikes have the brackets and holes to install this part, so its installation will not be a problem.

Q4: How to paint a MTB fender?

To paint the fender of a bicycle, you can use the same technique that is often used to change the color of the rest of the structure. To do this, you can use spray paint in the color of your choice.

The most convenient thing is to remove the piece, to be able to work with it more freely. Then, if it is metallic, you have to apply an iron spray primer. If it is plastic, a plastic primer should be used.

When the fender is already varnished and dry (from the first application), the preferred layer of paint should be continued. It is recommended that, during this process, you do not rub against anything and wait for the drying times between coats.

Q5: Why does my MTB fender rust?

It must be remembered that these pieces are in direct contact with water and other agents that could be abrasive. So, if they are not of quality or are made of metallic material, they will be exposed to oxidation.

The most recommended is to use front and rear fenders that are made of plastic and have additional layers of protection. In addition, regular maintenance is required to prevent wear and tear and ensure a longer lifespan. These parts can be removed, so that after the ride, it is best to wash them, let them dry and put them back.

Q6: What material is best for an MTB fender?

The selection of a material for the bicycle fender will depend on the habits, uses and availability of money. The most recommended by mountain and road cyclists are usually the models made of plastic, because their weight is light, they do not rust and many have flexible properties that improve their performance.

Q7: How to make a homemade MTB fender?

First, a paper pattern must be made with the shape and measurements required according to the bicycle. Then, it is necessary to acquire, in a stationery store, a letter-size transparent plastic and this will work as a fender.

Once you have the plastic, you will have to trace the pattern on it and then cut to have the fender. In this structure, a couple of holes must be made with a hole opener to fasten properly.

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