The 8 Best Punching Bags of 2022

Punching bag – Buying guide, Opinions and comparison

The punching bag is a key piece both to train our strength and to burn calories, relax our mind and release tension while we hit the structure. It is a product that comes in different types of models and formats, to make it easier for you to select the one that suits you at all times. Among them we have the Homcom ESA91-0630731 model, a boxing bag with a stable base for water or sand, with a resistant and practical integral construction to receive blows, kicks, and thus execute a multifunctional training. Its height is 1.65 meters, it has padded foam to prevent injuries and is available in black. Another interesting model is the Everlast Boxartikel, of traditional design and from a brand recognized for the resistance and quality of its products, so you can do all kinds of exercises comfortably.

The 8 Best Punching Bags – Opinions 2022

If you practice boxing and want to improve your technique or just want to relax hitting one of these products, you must have a punching bag that meets your specific needs. In the market we find many models, which makes it difficult to make a selection of an appropriate product. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the models that are usually preferred by buyers and we detail the main attributes of each of the available options.

standing punching bag

1. Homcom Standing Punching Bag 165 cm 

With an estimated height of 1.65 meters, this model from the manufacturer HomCom is positioned as one of the best punching bags in its category, because it has a functional, as well as resistant, design that is suitable for hitting and kicking in training. regular without its structure being deformed or compromised. 

In addition, this foot model is versatile and can be used for martial arts or other disciplines, as a complement to physical activity. Thanks to its dimensions, it can be installed in a corner of the office or at home, since it will not take up much space. 

Its rebound action is reduced thanks to the fact that its structure has a support base that adapts to being filled with both water and sand, or even a mixture of both, for 30 kilos of content. It also has suction cups that give it a better grip on the ground. 

This model has other aspects that may be of interest and that we present in the form of pros and cons. 


Construction: It has a robust construction with a length of 1.65 m, with a polyethylene base. 

Base: It has a stable base of support, thanks to the fact that it can be filled with sand, with water or even with both.

Assembly: Its assembly is simple, since it only requires filling the base and screwing the upper part.

Padding: Its work area is padded, covered in PVC, so it is suitable for blows without injuries. 


Suction cups: Its suction cups are more efficient on smooth floors, not irregular ones.

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2. Womdee Inflatable Punching Bag

Designed for those looking for a simple standing punching bag, the Yellow Womdee model is a good alternative. This model does not have padding in the upper part and does not have a particularly high weight, since this area is inflatable. This facilitates its assembly and installation without having to complicate ourselves with heavier elements.

This area of ​​the product has a double-chamber construction, which gives the bag greater resistance and prevents air loss. It is finished off with a conventional base, so that it can be filled with either water or sand, to increase stability during training.

By the way, being an inflatable model, it is much easier to store or move than other similar or traditional models that we find on the market, and it is also lighter in case we want to move it.

If you do not want to spend too much on your punching bag, this model that we analyze below is a good alternative.


Double decks: The double decks design prevents deterioration and air loss during training.

Base : The base can be stabilized with water or sand, for greater efficiency in training.

Assembly and storage: The product is easy to assemble and store, in case you need it.


Level: It may be suitable for basic uses but perhaps not so much for more advanced users.

Rebound: The level of rebound is much higher than that of other models, which must be taken into account.

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Everlast punching bag

3. Everlast Boxartikel 3un PU Unfilled

If you are wondering what is the best punching bag that you can currently get on the market, you need to check out the Everlast Boxartikel model. A brand that offers a modern and striking design, in which it combines the colors black and yellow, to give the product a good presence.

This Everlast punching bag has a cylinder shaped style that can be hung on the wall. In addition, it is available in two sizes: one with a width of 100 cm and another with a larger dimension, so that a size for children or for adults could be selected, according to the needs of the users.

It has an external structure made of high quality and resistant synthetic leather, being appropriate to resist the hardest blows. Its internal composition is made up of four panels that can be filled with different materials. The model accepts from sand, to scraps of cloth or others.

For those who do not know which punching bag to buy, the Everlast brand Boxartikel model may be a convenient option, being prudent that you know its attributes and disadvantages.


Design : The model is ready to hang on the wall, being its cylindrical shape and suitable for installation in the home.

Color : This punching bag is made in a very elegant combination of black with yellow.

Materials : The punching bag has a high quality and resistant synthetic leather covering that withstands blows.

Structure : The model is equipped with an internal structure of four panels that can be filled to suit the user.


Padding : For some people it is an inconvenience that this punching bag does not have padding included.

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boxing bag with base

4. Eyepower Adult Floor Bag 160cm

Although it is not a cheap punching bag, the Eyepower 15185 model is another punching bag with an interesting base for those who need a product of this type. A model with a resistant construction, both in the base area and in the hitting area.

This first area has been made with vinyl-based artificial leather, thus providing greater resistance and an adequate response to hitting. An area 28 centimeters in diameter and 95 centimeters high, weighing about 24.5 kilos. Regarding its base, it is about 50 centimeters in diameter and can be filled with both water and sand.

In both cases, the product offers good stability when hitting, so you will not have problems to perform any routine without more complications than necessary.

Give your best shot with this model, whose details we analyze below.


Hitting area: The hitting area measures 28 centimeters in diameter and 95 in height, being quite wide.

Response : The response to hitting is adequate, both due to materials and the characteristics of the base.

Base: The base design offers greater stability than other similar models, as long as it is well filled.

Materials: The product has been manufactured with materials such as artificial leather or vinyl, for greater resistance.


Protection: It is recommended to use the product with protection, to avoid damage to the hands.

Fill quantity: The base requires a high quantity of fill, being better to use sand than water.

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wall punching bag

5. Rdx MMA Muay Thai Stuffed Punching Bag 

This aerial boxing bag is one of the most complete that can be found on the market, because, in addition to including the canvas, the model incorporates the ceiling support, the chain and a pair of high-quality gloves to start training on different disciplines of martial arts such as Thai, kick boxing, among other modalities. 

The product is filled with pieces of textile, so that it is resistant to shocks without deforming, in addition to being built with mesh and leather, materials that provide greater durability and shock absorption.

Similarly, the bag includes a hook at the bottom to anchor the equipment to the floor, in order to reduce movements and rebounds. The incorporated gloves are quality, with technology applied for greater performance, so they are made with gel foam padding that promotes strength and reduces injuries.

If you want to have more details about the properties of this model, then you can review the following pros and cons. 


Stability: This bag has various hooks and anti-roll mechanisms, which favor stability during training.

Gloves: Incorporate a pair of resistant mesh leather gloves, with gel to absorb shocks.

Accessories: It is complete because it has the jacket, the gloves, the chain, the iron hook and a decorative keyring.

Construction: It has a robust two-layer mesh construction, with reinforced manual seams. 


Hardness: The padding inside can be a bit hard while the person gets used to its density.

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floor punching bag

6. Rosemaryrose Inflatable Women’s Punching Bag 

Versatility is an adjective that could describe this model of punching bag marketed by Rosemaryrose, since it is suitable for both women and children in different ways of use, either as a boxing column for training or as a ventilation toy. 

This proposal is of the inflatable type with a base and has a solid construction made with PVC. Adds a safety spout that prevents leaks during shocks, even if the spout is accidentally opened. In addition, it is a lightweight portable model that can be carried to different places while deflated. 

On the other hand, its dimensions make it suitable for use by children or adults, since its length is 1.60 meters with a diameter of 65 cm, making it efficient for punches and kicks throughout the body without causing damage to the structure, or personal injury.

You can get more details about the features of this model by taking a look at its pros and cons.


Design: The design is floor and inflatable type, practical for games and relaxation, as well as gentle exercises. 

Construction: It has a solid construction, since, despite being inflatable, it is made of PVC.

Base: The base can be filled with water to provide added stability to the structure.

Portability: Its weight is light and the size is compact, which facilitates its portability when deflated. 


Use: The equipment has a more recreational use, since it is not designed for professional training or high intensity.

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Other products

7. Vgeby1 Freestanding Punching Bag

Designed as an alternative for practicing martial arts and other combat sports, this model has a robust construction, which supports punches and kicks to improve muscle development and technique. 

It is an aerial punching bag that requires installation on the ceiling and is made of canvas fabric, with low incidence of wear and tear and tolerant to constant blows, as well as kicks. 

The bag comes in red or green with black, and is supplied empty. Its interior can be filled with sand, grains, crushed textiles, sawdust or any other element that the user considers necessary for training and that helps absorb shocks for greater protection. 

The weight of the model without the padding varies between 600 grams and 1 kilo, depending on the size chosen between 0.6 and 1.2 meters. On the other hand, the alternative includes the bag and the mounting elements, such as a metal chain, carabiner and hook. 

Knowing the positives and negatives about this model could help you determine if it is suitable. 


Uses: Its versatile, aerial design can be used for martial arts and other contact sports.

Construction: It has a robust construction, made with low-wear reinforced canvas textile.

Accessories: It is complete, as it includes all the assembly elements such as the carabiner, the chain and the hook.

Filling: It is delivered empty and, depending on the needs, it can be filled with fabric, sand, grains or other materials that benefit training.


Installation: It requires a ceiling installation, which can eventually involve more time and effort.

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8. Magt Durable Boxing Heavy Bag 

If you are looking for a model that is efficient for training, with quality and low level of wear, you may have reached the option that meets these parameters, because it is a robust punching bag made of canvas fabric, with PU areas to protect the hands.

This bag is delivered empty, but it can be filled with sawdust, sand or textile, as well as other materials that are considered appropriate for the training system. Due to its aerial design, which is available in the colors green or red with black, it is suitable for practicing and improving technique in combat sports and martial arts. 

Also, the construction of the bag has reinforced seams, with firm buckles for installation on the roof, so it is stable. Similarly, it has a seal zipper and incorporates all the elements to complete the assembly. 

Before making a final decision, we recommend that you learn more about this model through a quick analysis of its pros and cons. 


Manufacturing: Robustness defines this model, which is made of canvas, with PU patches.

Seams: For greater durability and resistance to constant shocks, the model has double and reinforced seams.

Zipper: It has a resistant zipper that opens to introduce the selected filling, between sand, sawdust or another that is considered appropriate.

Uses: It is practical to develop technique in combat sports, through the execution of punches and kicks.


Filling: The bag can be so wide that the filling task can require a high amount of time and filling.

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Punching Bag Accessories

Floor punching bag stand

Cclife Punching Bag Support

If you want a stand for a floor punching bag, we could recommend this proposal marketed by Cclife, because it has a practical and versatile design to improve the training system, with an adapter for bags, speed balls, pears and more. In addition, it does not require fixing, but it is still stable. 

The model is made with a structure of steel tubes and a non-slip rubber base. It incorporates a height-adjustable platform on 4 levels ranging from 177 to 185 cm. It also has pins designed for disc weights, which have an estimated load capacity of 15 kilos.

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Boxing bag padding

Rubber Chip Filling Punching Bag

If you want to forget about the maintenance of your bag forever, all you have to do is use these professional rubber shavings as padding for a punching bag. This material has the advantage of not degrading over time, as it happens through sawdust or fabric remains, which must be changed from time to time.

In addition, this material does not cake, does not have an annoying texture and is always soft on contact, offering a more realistic sensation and a more adequate movement. With this product you will have 25 kilos of this material with a thickness of 16 to 18 millimeters, approximately.

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Shopping guide

The punching bag is a basic product when it comes to releasing adrenaline and exercising properly. A solution to burn calories, fight stress and gain health. But the current offer, which we can see in any comparison of punching bags, can be somewhat overwhelming. Luckily, we also have the help of our guide to buying the best punching bag, with guidelines to help you find the perfect product for your home gym.

bag type

We start these tips by taking a look at the three most common types of bags on the market. The first would be the hanging punching bag, from the ceiling or the wall, which has been the bag of a lifetime. A suitable solution for when we have a space dedicated to our training and we do not want to complicate ourselves too much.

Another option is the traditional floor models, which use a metal support and use the same type of bags as the wall or ceiling models. This model has the advantage of not having to fight with the drill, as well as being adjustable in height to give you greater comfort. The “fixation” of the support to the ground is usually done with weights and the like, so the assembly process is very easy.

The third option is the base or standing punching bags. These bags have a wide base, which we must fill with sand or water to give it good stability. The hitting area is located in the upper part, and it can be the same conventional type or inflatable. The first option is the most recommended for advanced users, while the inflatable models are suitable for newcomers or children.

Manufacturing materials

For the bag to be comfortable and safe, it must have quality materials. So this is another aspect that we must take into account, especially if we consider that it also has a great influence on how much the bag we have chosen costs.

In the part of the bag we usually find materials such as artificial leather, being the most common. It is also common to find models made of vinyl and other types of plastic, although these are somewhat harder and have less efficient finishes. In any case, check that the material from which the bag is made is resistant and of quality. And also check if you are going to need gloves or not to work with the bag, since many models require it, unless you want to leave your fingers. Regarding inflatable models, the usual thing is that they are PVC bags with a double chamber, to prevent air loss.

As for the support, in the wall or ceiling models it must be made of steel or another high-resistance metal. A support that must also be properly treated, in order to withstand shocks and the effect of humidity or heat, which can end up reducing its useful life and be a source of problems.

As for the foot bags, it is key to verify that the product has a resistant construction, which prevents water or sand from leaking from the base during the use of the product. It must also be a suitable material and one that does not make too much noise, since this base is going to move as we hit the bag. An unsuitable material can end up being quite annoying, without forgetting that it can also cause more slippage of the bag. So the verification of this area is also key when we bet on one of these products.

With padding or without padding

We wanted to leave aside, when talking about materials, the issue of padding. And it is that one of the big questions when buying a cheap and quality punching bag has to do with this element. The temptation to buy it stuffed and simplify the process is strong, but not knowing its feel and resistance is a problem when making decisions.

In general, the fillings included in the bags that are sold under this approach are not usually the best… but it is more than enough for those who do not have great demands in this regard either. So if you’re just starting out and you don’t want to get complicated, all you have to do is resort to a pre-filled model.

However, things change if you already have some experience. In fact, you probably already have your preferences regarding the material to use. So you can save yourself the process of buying a stuffed model and simply fill it with sand, water, cloth or even rubber, which seems to be the most recommended material by professionals.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, punching bag or punching ball?

It all depends on what we want to train, even being two complementary products. Specifically, the punching bag allows for high-intensity strength and hitting training, while the punching ball is usually for skill and speed training, in which strength is not so important.

Q2: Is it comfortable to use a punching bag filled with water?

As with gloves, the padding of the punching bag is something that is more of a particular preference than anything else. In the case of punching bags filled with water, these have a liquid core whose displacement offers particular sensations when hitting. If you want to know the same, you can fill a small plastic bag with water and push it at certain points, checking how the depth of the hit is usually higher than other materials. Something that can be softer for the hands, although it is not a completely realistic feeling. As we have already mentioned, a matter of preferences.

Q3: Does the punching bag serve to burn fat?

Hitting a punching bag is an activity that burns a lot of calories. Specifically, a one-hour bag session usually spends around 400 calories, depending also on the intensity of said exercise. Therefore, it is a very suitable exercise for burning fat and also for releasing tension and relaxing with punches.

Q4: How to repair punching bag?

In general, this process varies depending on the type of bag we have. In conventional bags, it will be necessary to close the possible crack or break with a piece of cloth or leather similar to the one that the bag originally had, fixing it with a quality glue and making sure that it does not leave loose areas that could scratch the hands. If it is an inflatable bag, then we must resort to a patch suitable for the size of the puncture, fixing it with an adhesive for repairing this type of product and verifying that, after the repair, the hole does not lose air.

Q5: Is it safe to use a footed punching bag?

The use of this type of bags is safe, provided that the product is assembled correctly. Specifically, it is necessary that the bag is properly seated on the support, counting for this with the hooks or other necessary fastening elements. It is also essential that we leave space so that the product can move, depending on the oscillation that it has, thus leaving a reasonable distance to the walls and other furniture. Finally, it is key that the base is well filled, with water or sand, according to the quantities and instructions indicated by the manufacturer.

Q6: How to make homemade punching bag?

To make a homemade punching bag we are going to start by needing the bag itself. This can be bought or resort to items such as a military backpack or similar. A material that must have a high resistance and capacity to place the blows. You will also need the padding, which can be sand, old clothes, or another material. Once filled, you will have to close it securely, either by sewing, zip ties or the method that suits you best. Finally, it’s time to hang up the bag. For this, it is recommended to use chains as a connecting element and a hook with a carabiner for mounting on the ceiling. In case of doing it on the wall you will need a square, which separates the bag from said wall.

Q7: How to fill a punching bag?

When filling a punching bag, simply open the zipper or upper area of ​​the bag and insert the filling inside. In this process we can use cloth, sawdust, sand or rubber, among other elements. The choice of material depends on what you prefer, although the truth is that certain materials, such as sand or fabric, must be replaced from time to time, which we must take into account when choosing the corresponding material.

Q8: Where to hang a punching bag?

When it comes to hanging a punching bag, we have two main options: on the wall or under the ceiling. Both options are valid as long as we use the appropriate support for it. It is also key that the surfaces on which we are going to carry out the installation have sufficient resistance to withstand the weight of the bag and the intensity of the beating. This rules out mounting on weak walls or ceilings, such as plasterboard walls and other materials that are not solid brick, or false paneled or plaster ceilings, which surely cannot support this weight.

How to assemble a punching bag

Assembling a punching bag is essential to enjoy our training, but also to have the necessary safety during the process and avoid accidents during it. An improperly attached bag can be a serious problem, should it fall or come loose. For this reason, we are going to give you some guidelines so that you know how to hang a punching bag safely and train without any risk at home.

choosing the place

When it comes to hanging a punching bag safely, choosing the right place is key. This place should have enough space for you to train comfortably, also having enough space for the bag to move during the hit without breaking anything or hitting the walls. Something that we must consider for the roof bags, but also for the wall bags, whose bracket must be long enough to give you this mobility.

In addition to what has been stated, it is also essential that the bag be hung from a surface with sufficient quality and resistance to avoid problems. It is imperative that the product be mounted on a heavy-duty ceiling or wall. Therefore, we should not try to mount the bag on plasterboard walls or weak plaster ceilings, as we have many chances that the bag ends up falling as soon as we give a few hits.

Checking the screws

Another important aspect in this equation is to properly choose the hardware that corresponds to both the weight of the bag and the material on which it is mounted. An aspect in which the lots of screws included with the bags are not always right, these having an improvable quality. So it’s worth taking a trip to the hardware store and getting some better quality plugs and screws than the ones that usually come from the factory.

stuffing the sack

Another important part of the process is the filling of the bag. It does not matter what material we use, which depends more on your preferences. But what does matter is that said material must be distributed homogeneously, in order to avoid imbalances in the bag during the hit. This fact affects your comfort when hitting but al

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