The 8 Best Reducing Belts of 2022

Reducing belt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Reducing belts are sports implements of great popularity in the market, since they help us to shape the body by compressing fat. Similarly, they help release toxins, improve posture, prevent injuries and relieve localized ailments. Of course, everything will depend on the model you select, since there is a wide variety of models and brands. For example, if what you are looking for is a sports-type reducing girdle aimed at the female target, Mezzuno Neopreno is a good option, since it has been made with materials with a pleasant touch and without rods. For its part, Win.Max Reductora is a product to be used during sports practices, which has been provided with a practical bracelet to keep your hands free.



The 8 Best Reducing Belts – Opinions 2022

The selection of a reducing belt could become a messy task because there are many existing models on the market, as well as the highly positioned manufacturer brands. In any case, to make this task easier for you, we leave you below eight reducing belts valued by users as the best.

Reducing girdle for women

1. Mezzuno Reducing Girdle for Women and Men in Neoprene

With this girdle from the Mezzuno brand, you will support the area of ​​the waist, abdomen, and lower back, so you will not only eliminate toxins when you sweat, but you will also relieve some ailments, due to the correct fit that it exerts. 

Likewise, you will avoid injuring yourself when performing the different movements in your daily routine both in the gym and in the open field and the circulation of the bloodstream is noticeably improved. This girdle for women is available in a format of 96 x 20 x 0.35 centimeters and 123 x 23 x 0.35 centimeters, corresponding to sizes SM and L-XL respectively. 

The girdle is made of nylon and neoprene, which are two synthetic materials with waterproof and thermal properties, quite convenient to enhance the sweating process. Likewise, thanks to the fact that its structure does not include rods, the garment can go unnoticed under the clothes you wear daily.

There are those who recommend this model as the best reducing girdle of the moment. So, its positive and negative aspects are presented below.


Fanny pack: With the purchase a fanny pack is incorporated so that you have your personal items at hand.

Sizes: The girdle has been made in two groups of measures, for people of size S/M and L/XL. 

Fabric: The combination of nylon with neoprene offers durability and heat retention for rapid sweating.

Use: With this sports belt you can relieve ailments in the lower back, release toxins and protect yourself from injuries when doing sports.


Adjustment: The adjustment velcro could deteriorate when machine washed, so it is advisable to carry out this task manually.

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2. Miss Moly Shaper Panty Reducing Slimming Girdle

This reducing girdle for women from the Miss Moly house not only flattens the abdomen and shapes the waist, but also lifts the buttocks, shapes the legs and hips, due to its pants design. 

This is possible thanks to the combination of elastane and polyamide fibers at 20 and 80% respectively, which are materials that, despite being flexible, are capable of maintaining a good level of resistance to compress fat and slim the body. 

However, the crotch area was made of organic cotton to offer greater protection to your intimate area, due to the antibacterial properties provided by this type of textile.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that said garment incorporates a system of metal rods and has a high waist cut that reaches the lower chest area, while the length of the legs corresponds to above the knees.

This model will allow you to show off a curvaceous figure from day one. Get to know their positive and negative details below.


Elasticity: The polyamide and elastane fibers used allow the body to be shaped correctly. 

Design: Its panty-like design has a high waist and the leg area reaches the upper part of the legs, giving good coverage.

Crotch: The crotch was made of cotton to avoid allergic reactions in the intimate parts.

Washing: Although it must be done manually, since the washing machine could end the elasticity of the threads, cleaning the garment can be done easily.


Rods: The rigidity of the rods incorporated into the girdle could be a bit uncomfortable at first.

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Reducing girdle for men

3. Win.Max Waist Trainer Lumbar Slimming Reducing Belt

This is a product that has achieved a great position in the market due to its great practicality of use, since its design improves the protection of the lumbar area, while stimulating the abdominal area for greater loss of calories and release of toxins. 

This is because the neoprene fabric used to make this girdle, being in direct contact with the skin, facilitates the sweating process after performing physical activities. 

However, by wearing the girdle over a thin textile garment, you will avoid sweating, which will allow you to take advantage of it to improve posture or alleviate lumbar problems. 

You will also like to know that, according to the evaluation of a large number of buyers, this model is considered to be the best quality-price relation belt and one of the cheapest. Also, this slimming girdle for men has been provided with a convenient sports bracelet, so you can carry your mobile with you.

If you are looking for a high-quality product at a competitive price, you should review the pros and cons of this girdle, which is among the cheapest.


Bracelet: With the purchase you will get a sports bracelet so that you always have your mobile at your fingertips.

Washing: You should avoid using a washing machine or dryer to prevent deterioration of the product.

Fabric: The neoprene fabric promotes rapid perspiration on contact with the skin.

Usage: The product should be used three hours a day both for practicing sports and for correcting posture.


Aroma: It is likely that the girdle has an intense aroma due to the neoprene, so you will have to place it outdoors for the first 24 hours.

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4. Olymstars Slimming Reducing Belts for Women and Men

If you are aware of the different brands of sporting goods that lead the market, you will know that Olymstars is a manufacturer with experience and positioning. For this reason, it is not surprising to find in this selection of recommended products this reducing girdle for men, belonging to your purchase catalogue.

It is a sporty design made of neoprene, which is a synthetic material with a high level of thermal insulation. In this sense, as the material is in contact with the skin and after executing an exercise routine, it will noticeably increase sweating and, therefore, the release of toxins.

On the other hand, you will be pleased to know that this girdle also serves to support the lumbar area in case you suffer from any ailment and, at the same time, protects you from injuries caused by improperly exerting force. In addition, you will be able to improve your posture and release accumulated tension in specific points of the back.

If you are looking for a reducing belt that adapts to any sports activity, you should review the good things it offers and what needs to be improved in this model.


Fabric: The fabric used generates a sauna effect on contact with the skin after performing some physical effort.

Length: The length of the girdle is 140 centimeters, so it adapts to different waist diameters.

Posture: Thanks to its structure and design, this girdle helps to correct the posture of the body in the trunk area. 

Closure: The girdle offers a fast, simple and secure closure by means of velcro.


Fit: The minimum fit of the girdle could be loose for people with a slim build. Therefore, it is convenient that you first measure the diameter of your waist to determine if it is useful.

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Belly reducing girdle

5. Emooqi Neoprene Waist Trimmer Reducing Girdle 

Among the best girdles of 2022, this model has managed to stand out, which, according to the opinions of the buyers, offers a correct level of stability for the back and lumbar area. In addition, due to the concentration of body heat, it generates a large volume of sweating and, with it, the stimulation of the metabolism for a gradual loss of calories and toxins.

This belly reducing girdle has a diameter that reaches 110 centimeters and incorporates a velcro adjustment and closure system. In this sense, you will have no problem adapting the belt to both a robust and thin anatomy.

On the other hand, we must mention that neoprene rubber was used to make this sports garment, which is a non-slip polymer, while the exterior is black plush with a pleasant soft touch. Both materials are hand washable, as the heat from the machine cleaning cycle would deteriorate the fibres.

Emooqi is for many the best shapewear brand, with a sports model whose pros and contrasts we explain below.


Storage: A storage bag with a drawstring closure is incorporated to prevent the deterioration of the product.

Diameter: Its diameter reaches 110 centimeters and can be adjusted according to your anatomy.

Pocket: Thanks to the front pocket you can quickly access your mobile.

Hygiene: The inner rubber repels moisture, which reduces the proliferation of bacteria.


Length: Keep in mind that the girdle is 22 cm high, which for some people with small trunks may be a bit large.

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6. Rc Ocio Women’s Slimming Reducing Girdle with tourmaline

The positive reviews have managed to position this product as a possible solution to the question that many users ask themselves, about which is the best reducing belt.

The design of this belly reducer is pants type, providing a high waist cut and legs that reach the height of the knees. For its preparation, a combination of elastane, polyester and polyamide at 10, 30 and 60% respectively was used, which are synthetic materials of great resistance, flexible and with a good capacity to retain body heat. In this way, the girdle eliminates toxins and promotes better blood circulation. 

In addition, in the area of ​​the buttocks it incorporates tourmaline particles, which is a mineral responsible for helping in the process of eliminating cellulite, releasing tension and enhancing the well-being of the person. This is possible thanks to its particularity of balancing the body energy contained in the chakras.

For those who still do not know which reducing belt to buy, the invitation is to review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Design: Its high-waisted pants design will go unnoticed under your clothes.

Maintenance: The maintenance of this garment can be done manually without too much effort.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline particles are attached to the buttocks to combat cellulite.

Fabric: The clothing fabric offers resistance, elasticity and heat retention, thanks to the combination of elastane, polyester and polyamide.


Size: The cut pattern used for the girdle could be a little larger than the conventional sizes.

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Panty with reducing girdle

7. Slimbelle Thong Girdle Reducing Panty for Women Flat Stomach

This could very well be the best girdle on the market due to its discreet high-waisted thong-type design, which you can wear under your clothes to help shape your figure. Thus, you will enhance the buttocks, flatten the belly and create a curved silhouette in your waist. All this is possible thanks to the 85 and 15% high-density nylon and spandex yarns incorporated, which achieves a correct compression effect in the most important areas. 

In addition, you will be interested to know that cotton fabric has been incorporated in the crotch, so that you can enjoy greater perspiration and antibacterial protection in your private parts.

It is important to mention that this panty with a reducing girdle incorporates into its structure a total of four rods strategically distributed between the front and back areas, which help to maintain a good posture and prevent the garment from deforming.

Find out below the positive and negative aspects of a girdle that currently appears on different shopping lists, due to its high level of compression.


Rods: Four rods are incorporated that improve posture and prevent deformations.

Crotch: For greater freshness and hygiene, the crotch was made of cotton fabric.

Fabric: The combination of synthetic and elastic fabrics allows greater compression of localized fat.

Design: Its high-waisted thong-type design will go unnoticed under your clothes.


Size: You will need to compare your body measurements to the dimensions of the girdle, as the girdle may have a slightly large sizing pattern.

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8. Delimira Shapewear Panties Shapewear Seamless Panties

Delimira is one of the favorite lingerie brands for women, because its garments are designed to satisfy the different aesthetic needs that may arise when dressing. In this sense, we refer to the flattening of the abdomen, the lifting of the buttocks and the creation of a curve in the waist to frame it.

On this occasion, said manufacturer presents us with a panty with a reducing girdle with a boxer-type cut, made with two fabrics that are characterized by their flexibility, resistance and perspiration, such as polyamide and elastane. In addition, it is an easy-to-wash and fast-drying fabric.

Among the particularities that will make you consider this option when buying a girdle, the lightness of the textile stands out, added to the invisible seams used for its preparation, which will allow you to use the garment with any type of tight clothing without being detected, since It will be like a second skin.

If you are looking for a reducing girdle that you can wear under your clothes without being noticed, consider reviewing this model.


Design: Its design in black or leather has a practical boxer-type cut.

Benefits: The girdle flattens the lower abdomen, lifts the buttocks and shapes the hips.

Elasticity: Elastane fibers in conjunction with polyamide offer a high level of elasticity for greater adaptation.

Seams: Its invisible seams allow the girdle to be like a second skin.


Crotch: If you are allergic to synthetic materials, you should take precautions when using the product, since the crotch does not incorporate a cotton fiber lining.

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Shopping guide

There are many models of girdles on the market, but not all designs are aimed at satisfying the same needs of the person. If you want to buy a quality product, made with the right material and dimensions, that really suits your anatomy, here is a guide to buying the best body shaper.


It is important that, when selecting a reducing belt, you take into consideration that its model could determine how much the product costs. However, the important thing is that, as far as possible, you try not to limit the budget, since this way you can carry with you a girdle capable of satisfying your needs.

The designs are usually varied, starting with panty-type girdles with a high waist cut to the lower part of the chest, leg area with a length that reaches the knee level and rods for better modeling. 

Likewise, there are the models at the waist and others with the short leg area. On the other hand, there are the belts, whose format surrounds the lumbar area, abdomen and waist to provide protection and concentrate body heat.


There are those who comment that the girdles are simply for aesthetic purposes and, in a certain way, it is so. Its main function is to instantly compress localized fat in the abdomen, waist and hips. In this way, they shape the body giving it more pronounced curves, stylized legs, flat abdomen and toned buttocks. However, the girdles also significantly improve the posture of our back, just by using it an average of eight hours a day.

Likewise, health experts recommend this type of implement to treat ailments in the lower back, because the belt surrounds this area and provides both stability and protection, to avoid further injury due to poor movement.

On the other hand, girdles are also used when walking, running, lifting weights or in the practice of some sports, since, being in direct contact with the skin, they promote sweating, which is so important for the release of toxins. In addition, they stimulate blood circulation and help burn calories.

As we can see, there are several benefits offered by this type of product, so its use is scheduled both for physical activities and for aesthetic and health treatments.

clothing materials

To get a good and cheap girdle, you will need to not settle for the first purchase option. On the contrary, you will have to review the main specifications of various models and compare them with each other, before making a final decision. Thus, you can define which one is best for you.

In this review you cannot fail to evaluate the product’s manufacturing materials, because the level of quality that we will enjoy in terms of durability, stability, protection and resistance to compress the body will depend on the fabric used by the manufacturer.

For example, you can find girdles made of a combination of polyamide and elastane threads, which give the design the necessary elasticity to adapt correctly to the body without deforming. Thus, they manage to shape the curvaceous figure desired by every woman.

There are also sports girdles with a plush or nylon exterior, for a pleasant touch and greater resistance to constant handling, while the neoprene interior provides good heat insulation and repels moisture. This last feature is quite convenient, because perspiration does not accumulate and, therefore, the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that cause bad odor is less likely on said synthetic material.


The incorporation of some type of accessory that is responsible for improving our user experience with the product is, in short, an aspect that we must take into consideration when making a comparison of reducing belts. In addition, thanks to these annexes we can save a little by not having to purchase them separately.

If you spend some time reviewing the brands with the highest positioning, you will find that currently more and more manufacturers are taking the initiative to incorporate a supplement to accompany the girdle into the purchase package. Among them, sports bracelets stand out, which are quite beneficial for those who usually carry out outdoor activities such as cycling, running, walking, among others, since they allow them to carry the mobile safely all the way.

In addition, this way you can easily access it to activate the stopwatch, GPS, take a call or listen to music. Likewise, there are those who give away a waterproof storage bag with a drawstring closure, to protect the girdle from dirt and deterioration when you are not using it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a reducing belt?

The use of a reducing belt begins as a process of adaptation of the body, in which the waist and hip area are momentarily reduced, thanks to the pressure of said elastic fabric garment. In this way, the girdle will shape the silhouette in a natural way. Of course, to obtain permanent results, it is necessary to be consistent with its use and follow the instructions of the experts, such as using the girdle only eight hours a day directly on the skin, avoiding the application of reducing cream or gel.

It is recommended that you use the girdle for a period of 30 minutes the first day and gradually increase the time, since this way you will not force the posture or tense the muscles abruptly. Likewise, it is important that you do not sleep with it or use it during the digestion process or menstrual period, as this could cause health problems. In addition, you will need to verify that the width and length of the girdle correspond to your body measurements.

Q2: How to make a reducing belt?

To make a girdle, you must first select the model to be made and then collect the necessary materials, such as small metal hooks for the adjustment lines, plastic rods and a piece of flexible textile. You’ll also need to have a sewing machine, scissors, pins, and cutting patterns for the design on hand.

You can acquire the latter by accessing a portal specialized in reducing belts, as well as the respective steps to follow to make the belt. Remember to adapt the measurements according to your anatomy. Thus, it only remains to spread the fabric on a table and on it the mold to proceed to cut the textile. Then, make the relevant seams, as required by the design.

Q3: How to wash a reducing belt?

Washing your girdle is a task that must be done manually because it is a garment made of extra flexible fabric, so the heat of the washing or drying cycle would quickly deteriorate the fibers. In this sense, it is also convenient to apply a mild detergent free of bleaches, since they are usually quite aggressive.

Regarding the drying of the girdle, try as much as possible not to apply twist with your hands. Simply, at the end of the washing process, you should hang the garment in a ventilated place where it is not directly exposed to the sun’s rays.

Q4: How does the reducing girdle that makes you sweat work?

Reducing girdles that make you sweat are made of synthetic materials that, on contact with the skin, compress the fat and mold it, but this does not mean that they make you lose weight. Simply, when the body speeds up after executing an exercise routine, the area where the girdle is located begins to secrete more sweat, which means that the person is becoming dehydrated and at the same time releasing toxins. In this sense, you may notice a reduction in the waist, but it is a temporary loss, since, by drinking water and rehydrating the body, you can recover those centimeters.

Q5: When to put on a reducing girdle?

Reducing belts have many uses, both aesthetic and health. Therefore, you can use them when you want to compress fat and shape your figure. In addition, there are those who must put on a girdle of this type daily to improve their posture or relieve some ailments at the level of the back or lumbar region.

Q6: How to sew a body shaper?

To sew a reducing belt you will have to place the two pieces of fabric inside out and join their edges with the help of the machine, but remember that you must leave a small opening so that you can turn the garment. Next, use a pencil to push the accumulated fabric into the corners to better shape the design. Next, unwrinkle the girdle with your hands and carefully sew the opening. You will also need to do some outside seams for the placement of the snap hooks.

Q7: How to choose the size of the girdle?

Reducing belts are classified by size just like any other garment. However, for your selection we must be a little more careful and check the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Thus, you will be able to buy this information with your body measurements, so that there is no problem when you start using the product. Remember that the objective is that the localized fat is compressed, so the girdle should be smaller in diameter than our waist.

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