The 8 Best Running Shoes for Men of 2022

Running shoes for men – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

To jog you only need strength in your legs and an appropriate pair of shoes, which provide you with stability and support to generate greater performance in each step, without hurting your feet. Therefore, before buying men’s running shoes, you should know that there are many brands and models, that although they are of quality, it is convenient that you can make a comparison between the available options, in order to acquire some that are appropriate. With so many prototypes, few stand out and two are frequently recommended by users. The first is the Salomon Speedcross 4 model, sneakers offered in various colors and sizes, made of synthetic material, with a strong lining and a simple lacing system. Then, we find the Nike Revolution 4 with a modern style and soles made with non-slip rubber. These shoes are also made of high quality synthetic and textile material.



The 8 Best Running Shoes for Men – Opinions 2022

If you like to jog or participate in long-mileage competitions, you will surely want to buy some running shoes for men, which allow you to perform efficiently on the track. To do this, you need a model that has quality features. But with so many designs, selecting one is not easy. To make your choice easier, we have prepared a section with the attributes of some specific models that lead user preferences.

Men’s Trail Running Shoes

1. Salomon Speedcross 4

For those who are looking for the best running shoes for men, this may be the recommended model, since it has attributes that make it stand out. The manufacturer Salomon presents to the market a sporty design, available in various sizes and a variety of colors, from sober to striking tones.

They are a lightweight model, weighing less than 300 grams, being suitable for gaining agility and speed when running. In addition, they have a fastening system through quicklace laces, which narrow easily, which can be more resistant than conventional ones, a quality that could make us value them as a good pair of trail running shoes for men.

Likewise, they are made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, incorporating in their structure a synthetic coating, anti-gravel mesh and waterproof properties.

While inside, they have an EVA insole and preformed arch to guarantee comfort in each step. The soles of this model are made of thin rubber with non-slip contagrip traction, for running on wet surfaces.

For running, it is necessary to have lightweight footwear, aggressive grip on the soles and quality materials, which is why the Speedcross 4 design from the manufacturer Salomon is considered by many users to be the best men’s running shoes of the moment. Here its pros and cons.


Closure: The shoes are equipped with a closure system through easy-adjust laces, which do not require annoying braiding.

Design: This model has a sporty design, with light properties that provide speed and agility to the user.

Sole: Grip and traction are characteristics that define the rubber soles of these shoes, being suitable even for running on wet surfaces.

Resistance: They are made of resistant materials that provide durability, with synthetic and mesh present in their waterproof structure.


Rigidity: The model may initially be a bit rigid, giving the impression of not adapting to the shape of the foot.

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Nike Men’s Running Shoes

2.Nike Revolution 4

If you are wondering which are the best running shoes for men, this model from the manufacturer Nike may help you answer the question. The design is made with highly resistant materials, incorporating high-density synthetic and textile material into its structure.

The upper of these shoes is made from a blend of nylon and synthetic, with a fabric lining. The model has a modern and stylish sports style, suitable for both casual outings and running.

They are black sneakers with details of the brand’s logo in white and with an anthracite tone front area. They are available in several sizes, so you can select the one that best fits your foot.

In addition, these Nike running shoes for men have a rubber sole, with a flat heel and non-slip traction, so that they adhere to surfaces, providing stability and speed to runners. They have an adjustment system through resistant laces.

Although there are many convenient models for having materials that provide benefits for users during use on different surfaces, not all are suitable, so Nike is a strong contender to become the best brand of running shoes for men. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of your Revolution 4 model.


Materials: For its preparation, the manufacturer has incorporated synthetic and textile material in different areas of its structure.

Design: The sneakers have a modern and avant-garde style, which can be used with both jeans and sportswear.

Sole: These shoes have a high degree of traction, since the sole is made of non-slip rubber.

Colour: This is a model available in an elegant black color with white details and anthracite mesh.


Size: The Revolution 4 can be a bit tight in its last, being appropriate to select an additional size to the conventional one.

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Adidas men ‘s running shoes

3.Adidas Galaxy 4

If you are looking for cheap men’s running shoes, these could be the right model for you. It should be noted that they are made of fabric while the rubber soles are capable of providing you with a long useful life, since they are resistant to wear.

For its part, the midsole of these Adidas men’s running shoes has a system called cloudfoam that is characterized by the softness and comfort it provides during each step you take, in this way your steps will be cushioned all the way. In a nutshell, we’re talking about a pair of shoes that help you stay focused on your goals.

It is also important to mention the fact that this model has a design in the upper part called air-mesh capable of providing you with a special shoe to keep your feet fresh and prevent injuries to them. Likewise, its closure system is by means of laces.

If you want to buy appropriate shoes for the practice of Running, you should pay attention to every detail that it has to offer you the model that you like the most. Thus, we invite you to learn a little more about the Adidas Galaxy 4. 


Construction: These shoes are made with resistant and durable fabric capable of providing you with the quality you expect during each use.

Soles: This model has cushioned soles, made of rubber and capable of giving you the wear resistance you are looking for.

Between soles: The midsole of these shoes has a cloudfoam system that offers you softness and comfort with each step, so you can enjoy the entire route without problems.


Color: It is important that you take into account that these shoes are only available in black, therefore, you will not be able to choose the one you prefer among several shades.

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Asics Running Shoes for Men

4. Asics Patriot 9

To get a model that is of quality and stands out for its characteristics, it is necessary to make the selection among the best running shoes for men of 2022, so you should consider the Asics Patriot 9 design.

They have a classic style and lightweight properties, which maximize the power and agility of the runner on different surfaces. Its structure is made from synthetic material, with a lining in fabric and synthetic mesh, which provide proper ventilation to let hot air out and allow freshness.

Another outstanding quality in this model of Asics running shoes for men is that its closure is through laces, which keep the foot adjusted to the user’s convenience. On the other hand, the soles of these white sneakers are made of non-slip rubber, with traction and flexibility.

In addition, they are equipped with removable amplifoam insoles, a technology designed to maintain durability and reduce the impact force on the foot, allowing you to run with greater momentum.

Since running is a popular sport, the market offers a varied line of running shoes, so it is necessary to pay attention to the quality standards present in the available options. If you haven’t been able to decide which men’s running shoes to buy, we offer you the attributes and disadvantages of the Asics Patriot 9.


Design: These shoes have a classic design, with a lace-up closure system.

Weight: The model stands out for being suitable for competitions that involve skill and speed, since its weight is light, providing agility.

Sole: With this model you can run and jog properly, because its rubber sole has traction and is non-slip.

Materials: Comfort, stability and flexibility are the characteristics provided by the materials incorporated in its structure.


Size: The model has a small last, being necessary to check the dimension of the foot before selecting a number.

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New Balance Men’s Running Shoes

5.New Balance Mt620v2

For those looking for the best value for money running shoes for men, they can consider this New Balance model as the right option, since it is one of the cheapest on the market and the lowest cost of our selection of recommended products..

Available in two colors: blue or black, this model is considered practical for different surfaces, because it is made of high-quality and resistant materials.

The New Balance men’s running shoes have a synthetic material upper with breathable mesh, which allows sweat to escape and fresh air to enter. They have a closure system through laces, which adjust the foot according to the user’s requirements.

The model is equipped with a protective toe cap, a midsole made of molded EVA, which provides greater comfort when stepping, and Speed ​​Ride technology, for greater speed. In addition, the sole is dual and suitable for paved roads or paths, due to its grip and traction capacity.

The New Balance Mt620v2 have a competitive price and quality materials, as well as technology incorporated into their design, which maximizes performance and reduces negative impact, being one of the cheapest running shoes for men. Here are its positive and negative aspects.


Sole: The shoes are considered all-terrain because the sole is suitable for paved surfaces or dirt roads.

Technology: The model is equipped with the latest generation sports technology, which provides greater speed with Speed ​​Ride.

Insoles: To run it is necessary to have comfort and this attribute is covered with a midsole made of molded EVA.

Ventilation: The shoes have a synthetic mesh lining that provides a balance between sweat output and air intake.


Size: The sizing of this model does not correspond to the conventional numbering, making it difficult to select a size.

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Salomon Men’s Running Shoes

6. Salomon Speedcross 4 L38315000

The Speedcross 4 model could be considered one of the best running shoes of 2022 for men, since they have to offer you a considerable level of practicality as it is a product capable of providing you with an aggressive grip on the most technical and soft terrain that you could run, thanks to the crampons available on each sole.

Likewise, these Salomon men’s running shoes represent a special degree of lightness, so that you can wear them for a long time without feeling uncomfortable, since their weight is between 260 and 300 grams. For its part, these are shoes with a synthetic outer material as well as its coating, which in turn guarantees an appropriate level of resistance against water during each run.

As for the adjustment offered by these shoes, it is a lace-up system that allows you to adjust them easily, simply and without knots. It should be noted that this model also has a system called sensifit that surrounds your foot so that you can feel comfortable and safe while using it.

Running shoes should always provide you with a high level of comfort and practicality so that you can enjoy a good run. In this way, we invite you to learn a little more about this model.


Grip: Thanks to the crampons available on the soles of these shoes, they are able to offer you a level of grip on each appropriate terrain.

Light: You can wear these shoes for a long time without causing discomfort thanks to their lightness, since their weight is between 260 and 300 grams.

Fit: The shoes are able to offer an appropriate fit, so you can enjoy a good ride day by day, so that you always keep your goals firm. 


Use: Due to the crampons that it has, these shoes are not suitable for use on asphalt.

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Mizuno Running Shoes for Men 

7. Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Mizuno has what could be the best men’s Running shoes for you, since they are designed for those looking for lightweight shoes and, of course, well-cushioned with which to go running comfortably without worrying about any inconvenience.

In this sense, it is a model with a synthetic coating, a resistant and durable fabric on the outside capable of offering you a long useful life. Likewise, the sole is completely made of rubber, while the midsole is characterized by being light and comfortable at the same time. This same one is able to provide you with an appropriate rebound before each step you take.

It should be noted that these Mizuno Running Shoes for men have a tongue made of mesh that offers you a higher level of breathability compared to other models available on the market. Likewise, its high-quality insole is removable and gives you considerable cushioning and durability.

Good running shoes should offer you different special features to cover the distances you want comfortably. That is why you should not overlook any detail before the purchase.


Comfortable: These shoes are special for those looking for a light and comfortable model, therefore, they could provide you with the quality and practicality you need.

Manufacturing: It is a model with synthetic coating and high-quality fabric available on the outside. Therefore, it could bring you a long service life.

Tongue: The tongue available in each shoe is made of mesh so it offers you an adequate level of breathability to keep your feet always fresh.


Sizes: You must be careful when choosing the right size for you, since some users comment that Mizuno has a large size.

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Other products

8. Adidas Duramo Lite 2.0

If you run frequently and enjoy jogging, but want a dual design shoe, this option from the manufacturer Adidas may be the one for you.

Available in various colours: blue, black, white, grey, each with three-stripe details that identify the brand, these men’s running shoes are usually the most recommended by users.

They are made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, incorporating a reinforced synthetic exterior to its structure, with a mesh-shaped lining in textile material. In addition, the sole of these shoes is made of white rubber about two cm high, with a flat heel and a high level of traction.

The closure system of this model is through dense and resistant laces, which combine with the rest of the structure of the shoe, being easy to fasten and providing a favorable fit.

The Adidas Duramo Lite 2.0 are shoes that offer quality, versatility, stability and traction in each step, being also a model with a competitive price and modern style, becoming one of the most recommended. Therefore, you should read its pros and cons.


Design: This model has been designed for versatile use, being suitable for both sports activities and casual outings due to its modern style.

Sole: Traction is a characteristic with which the rubber soles of these shoes have been provided to make them non-slip.

Adjustment: The shoes have a closure system through adjustable laces, being easy to tie and release when necessary.

Materials: The structure of these shoes is made with resistant materials, which provide the model with properties such as lightness and durability.


Size: This model has an adjusted last, so that the conventional size does not correspond to the dimensions of the foot.

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Shopping guide

If you are a regular runner and you want to buy special running shoes, you will have to take into account different special characteristics to achieve a good purchase. In this way, we have decided to create a guide to buy the best running shoes for men, where you can find the appropriate information about the manufacture, design or even the type of sole that a specific model should have, to provide you with the level of comfort, practicality and resistance that you need. 


Before making a comparison of running shoes for men, to acquire the best among all, the first thing you should consider will be the type of material that has been used during the manufacture of the model that has most caught your attention.

In this way, you cannot let go unnoticed the fact of leaning towards shoes that, in addition to comfort, provide you with quality and resistance to each use.

There is a variety of Running shoes on the market, therefore, you can find those made of synthetic material, while others are made of fabric both inside and outside. Thus, the most appropriate thing is that you consider what type of composition is the one that suits you best depending on the use you are going to give the product, whether you want it to practice constantly or to go running from time to time.


The use of comfortable and appropriate shoes for running will not only depend on the variety of technologies that a specific model has to offer, but also on the fact that you manage to acquire the right size for you.

In this sense, you must choose the correct size to be able to get the most out of your shoes considering the idea that depending on your body weight, when you step your feet will expand a little, therefore, if you choose a very fair size, you will most likely experience moments of discomfort throughout the tour.

Some experts recommend always buying one size larger than what you usually wear, since that is the only way you could run freely without experiencing your foot rubbing against the toe of the shoe. In addition, if your foot were to swell, as it usually does during the day, this will not be a matter of concern for you, thinking that the shoes will be tighter and therefore cause you discomfort.


The level of cushioning that a pair of shoes can offer you is very important when running. That is why even experts in this type of product recommend looking not only at how much a pair of shoes costs, but also in assessing the idea of ​​enjoying good cushioning with each step.

This feature has a lot to do with the type of sole and midsole that a model has. In this way, most of them are made up of 100% rubber and make the shoes even ideal for walking on paved or dirt terrain, that is, from the most difficult to the easiest to run at considerable speed.


Being able to buy good and cheap running shoes for men but with an attractive design at the same time is possible. In the market there are classic and avant-garde styles for all kinds of tastes. Some models are even available in different shades of colors, so you can choose the one you prefer.

Paying attention to the design of the shoes also has to do with the type of grip that they can offer you, since some are even equipped with crampons, ideal configurations so that you can easily adapt to different terrains without running the risk of slipping inappropriately.

Likewise, there is also the fact that you can use light and appropriate shoes to take firm steps. In this way, do not ignore the weight that the model that most attracts your attention may have.

Finally, in terms of design, you should also assess the type of closure that the shoes offer you, since it will depend on it that you can run confidently. Generally, these have a lace-up system, but some do not require the annoying braiding that they usually have. In this sense, everything will depend on your tastes and requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: When to change running shoes?

According to the options of some users available on the internet, they assure that some manufacturers recommend changing running shoes every 800 kilometers, however there are those who believe that this is a special marketing strategy so that each brand can sell more and more products.

Even so, whether or not this recommendation is appropriate, the truth is that you should always take into account the condition of the shoes you own, and we are not only referring to the appearance they may have at a certain time, but also to the condition of the soles and the between. sole, since these tend to wear out depending on the use you give them, since they have a certain useful life. In this way, it will be up to you to change the shoes in time to avoid any type of injury or discomfort.

Q2: How to wash running shoes?

To clean the shoes properly you should have a mild detergent on hand, the kind you use to wash delicate clothes, you will also need a soft bristle brush and a bucket of water. Next, remove the laces from the shoes, as it is best to wash everything separately.

In the bucket of water, add a little detergent and with the brush proceed to clean the soles with the intention of removing all the mud or dirt that they may have after a long journey. Later, continue with the upper part and the rest of the shoes. It will not be necessary to submerge them in the water, simply wet the brush and start cleaning, working harder in the dirtiest spaces. Finally, rinse with plenty of water to remove the detergent and then put them to dry.

Q3: What shoes to buy for Trail Running?

If you want to buy shoes for Trail Running, you must take into account different factors that will help you run safely and comfortably on different terrains. These characteristics include the resistance that a pair of shoes is capable of providing, as well as the type of sole, the level of cushioning, protection and comfort that it would be ideal for you to have at your disposal. Due to their experience with the use of some shoes, there are those who recommend the Salomon Speedcross 4, the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V3 Trail or even the Adidas Terrex CMTK. Although there are varieties of models on the market that could well adapt to your requirements.


Q4: What is the drop in running shoes?

For those who do not know what the drop is in running shoes, it is simply the difference in height between the heel of the shoe and the front of it. In the world of Running this term is often quite used, since the drop represents an important function in the shoes.

Q5: How to tie the shoelaces of running shoes?

Although it may not seem like it, there are many ways to be able to tie the laces of your running shoes. Each technique depends largely on some details such as the manufacturing material with which the laces are made or even the number of holes that the shoes have. In this way, the most appropriate thing would be to search the internet for what type of lacing would be the most convenient for you, taking into account that only then can you enjoy the comfort and foot support you need to run comfortably.

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