The 8 Best Snow Boots of 2022

Snow Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Snow boots are a type of footwear with specific characteristics, which offer the foot a cover with greater resistance than conventional shoes, interior warmth and a sole with adequate traction on wet surfaces, which is why it is a product in great demand during the winter. the cold months of the year. For example, the Columbia Nikiski are snow boots aimed at the female target, which provide a comfortable interior, a sole with an adequate level of traction and cushioning of the impact generated when stepping. On the other hand, the Mountain Warehouse Caribou offer a colorful design with a convenient side Velcro closure.

The 8 Best Snow Boots – Opinions 2022

With so many models of snow boots on the market, getting one that suits our anatomy, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and safe, will not be an inconvenience. However, to facilitate the selection, you should review the following eight designs positioned among the best snow boots this year.

Snow boots for women

1. Columbia Women’s Nikiski Snow Boot

Columbia is a brand with a great position in the market, which is used to marketing products with high levels of quality, positively commented on by thousands of users. Therefore, it is not surprising that this product has been recommended on the web within the category of the best snow boots.

It is a shoe with a high-top design and closure by means of a lacing system arranged on the instep, which allows quick adjustment according to the anatomy of your foot. The outer area is made of waterproof membrane and incorporates leather reinforcements on the heel and toe, while the interior made of fabric provides the necessary comfort.

On the other hand, these women’s snow boots have been provided with a rubber sole with medium depth channels, so you can enjoy proper traction, while the midsole helps absorb the impact energy when stepping.

This is a model valued as the best snow boots of the moment, whose pros and cons you can review below.


Sole: Its sole made of rubber provides a good level of traction.

Cushioning: You will enjoy adequate impact absorption when stepping, due to the midsole of the shoe.

Closure: You can easily control the fit of the shoe, thanks to the instep lacing system.

Impermeability: You won’t have to worry about the passage of water inside, since a waterproof membrane is incorporated.


Last: It is possible that the last of the shoe is a little reduced, so you could consider selecting a larger size.

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Snow boots for boys

2. Mountain Warehouse Embellished Snow Boots

Among the cheapest options on this list, which includes snow boots for boys, this model made by Mountain Warehouse stands out, whose colorful exterior has been made of synthetic fabric and comfortable fleece interior; that allows to keep the little feet warm all the time.

For the sole, thick rubber was used with medium depth channels, which allow adequate traction when stepping on the snow. In this way, you will not have to worry about unexpected slips that can cause an injury at the ankle level. 

In addition, a convenient velcro closure system is incorporated on the lower side, which will allow the child to widen the mouthpiece of the shaft, insert the foot quickly, adjust the boot according to the respective anatomy and close it intuitively. Thus, a correct immobilization of the heel and ankle is achieved, for a correct posture when stepping without sacrificing comfort.

Here, the details of snow boots aimed at the children’s target that have caught the attention of various buyers.


Traction: Medium deep grooves cut into the outsole provide good traction on snow.

Warmth: Thanks to the fleece lining, the little ones’ feet will remain warm, despite the cold of winter.

Closure: The velcro incorporated on the sides offers a correct fit and quick closure for children.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the boots, due to their synthetic exterior.


Impermeability: Perhaps the level of impermeability is a bit low for the child to play in the snow, but it is adequate for walking down the street in winter.

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Snow boots for men

3. CMP Men’s Kinos Snow Boots

Those who are looking for men’s snow boots might be interested in this model from the CMP house, for which high-end materials and a high-top design with laces and a high-traction sole have been used.

This is a model that, according to the opinions found on the web, could be one of the best value for money snow boots. Its exterior combines polished leather and thermoplastic rubber throughout the area of ​​the heel pointer and sides. 

For its part, the interior has been covered with a special membrane with waterproof properties and wool, which give the design an adequate level of comfort and warmth, necessary during the cold days of the year. All this, without sacrificing the perspiration of the feet to preserve their freshness. In addition, it has a secure closure by means of intertwined laces on the metal pins arranged on the instep.

These are snow boots promoted among the cheapest. Know its positive and negative aspects.


Cover: Thermoplastic rubber cover provides protection and durability.

Closure: The lacing system arranged on the instep offers a quick adjustment, according to the anatomy of your foot.

Waterproof: You won’t have to worry about the passage of moisture, thanks to the incorporation of a special membrane inside.

Sole: Its robust sole with deep grooves provides a good grip on the snow.


Color: The dark hue of these snow boots might not be to everyone’s taste.

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Boots for cold and snow

4. Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Shell Waterproof Snow Boots

These could well be the best snow boots of 2022, according to the opinions of buyers in the different specialized portals, since their design is modern, robust and has finishes that reveal a high level of quality.

Among the materials used in these boots for cold and snow are natural leather and polyurethane, which prevent the passage of water inside, while the rubber sole, together with the five-millimeter-deep channels, provide a correct grip. on snow and uneven terrain. In addition, EVA-type rubber is incorporated into the midsole, which is responsible for absorbing the impact generated in each one of the steps.

It is worth mentioning that the interior has been lined with fleece, to add comfort and warmth, while the proper closure of the boots is by means of criss-crossed laces on metal pins and the insole with antibacterial technology is removable.

Merrell is recognized as the best brand of snow boots and here you can read more details about one of its models.


Midsole: You will enjoy good comfort and cushioning thanks to the EVA rubber midsole.

Template: You can easily wash the templates for greater hygiene, because they are removable.

Closure: The lace-up closure method allows you to control the level of tension when adjusting the shoe.

Waterproof: The incorporation of polyurethane in the lower area of ​​the boots closes the passage to moisture.


Size: It is possible that the last is a bit tight, but you can buy it half a size above the one used to solve this.

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Girl’s Snow Boots

5. Saguaro Kids Snow Boots Waterproof Winter Boot

Many users have found in this product the answer to which are the best snow boots, since they offer a design capable of keeping little ones’ feet completely protected when moving on snow or wet terrain.

The sole has been made of robust, non-slip rubber with a light body that, thanks to the system of deep channels, offers a correct grip on the surface. For its part, the exterior is made of polyurethane, a synthetic material with a pleasant touch and waterproof. In addition, these girls’ snow boots have been lined internally with cotton fabric; a quality that gives them softness and warmth to keep your feet comfortable all day.

It is important to mention that on the sides of the high cane of this shoe a velcro closure is incorporated, which is responsible for providing a quick adjustment and practical closure for infants.

This is a model for children with interesting pros and cons that could clarify your doubts about which snow boots to buy.


Sole: The non-slip rubber sole allows a correct grip on wet or snowy ground.

Closure: The velcro incorporated on the sides offers a quick opening and secure closing. 

Impermeability: Thanks to the polyurethane exterior you won’t have to worry about the passage of moisture to the foot.

Interior: Its inner cotton lining offers the necessary warmth for winter days.


Last: It is important to verify the dimensions of the last with respect to the foot, so that it adapts correctly, but this is not a notable limitation of the footwear.

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Columbia Snow Boots

6. Columbia Youth Rope Tow III Waterproof Snow Boots

Columbia, once again, manages to surprise its followers with high-quality, comfortable, safe and waterproof snow boots. In addition, with a pleasant exterior design aimed at the children’s target.

Polyurethane, also known by the acronym PU, was used for its construction, which is a highly resistant, waterproof leatherette with a pleasant soft touch. Likewise, nylon fabric is incorporated that also repels moisture; which will allow to keep the feet of the little ones always dry.

Inside, these Columbia snow boots have a special lining made of a fiber with thermal insulation properties, which will not only keep your feet warm, but also comfortable due to its softness. 

For its part, regarding the construction of the sole, the presence of robust rubber with deep channels and a flat heel stands out. In this way, you will get a secure grip on snow or any wet surface.

This is a model for girls with a resistant and aesthetically pleasing design. Its advantages and disadvantages, below.


Sole: You will be able to step on the snow without slipping, since its rubber sole provides adequate grip.

Closure: You will get a complete fit to the foot, thanks to the lace closure system.

Waterproof: The combination of leather treated with polyurethane and nylon fabric makes this shoe keep moisture away from the foot.

Seams: Its reinforced seams are resistant and add a decorative touch to the footwear.


Colours: The boots have been made in blue and grey, so if you are looking for other shades you should continue your research.

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Women’s Snow Hiking Boots

7. Gracosy Women Snow Boots Hiking Shoes

By purchasing these women’s snow hiking boots, you will be carrying with you a multifunctional product, which you can use both in the countryside and in the city, thanks to its modern design with a comfortable interior, a waterproof exterior and a sole that favors stability.

The sole of this model offers a high level of traction on wet, snowy and uneven surfaces, as it has been made of robust anti-slip type rubber, it has a light weight and a series of deep grooves. For its part, the interior was provided with a fleece lining, which prevents chafing due to its softness, as well as providing warmth for the coldest days of the year.

Finally, we have the convenient adjustment method that, on this occasion, is given by a strap that goes through some metal pins, arranged on the instep of the shoe, and closes easily by means of Velcro on one of the sides of the mouth of the shoe.

If you are looking for snow boots that you can use in outdoor activities or wear them daily in the city, you will be interested in the pros and cons of this model.


Sole: The rubber used in the sole is resistant, non-slip and generates good traction.

Warmth: Its inner lining gives the footwear extra warmth and comfort.

Use: With these boots you can practice hiking or use them in your day to day without problems.

Closure: You can easily adjust the boots to your foot, thanks to the velcro closure system.


Size: The manufacturer advises purchasing a size above the one used to avoid inconveniences.

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Snow Rest Boots

8. Aigle Alboez Snow Boots for Men

With these rest boots for snow you will provide your feet with protection against the characteristic cold of winter. Likewise, a secure grip when moving on any type of surface with snow or moisture. Therefore, it is a suitable model for day to day or, if you wish, you can use the shoe on your hiking adventures.

Among the aspects to comment on this shoe is its high shank with ankle reinforcements, which generates a slight immobilization in said area for a correct foot posture. Thus, you will not have to worry about internal slippage when stepping. 

In addition, the adjustment and closure system by means of laces allows an easy coupling of the shoe to the anatomy of your foot. Also, you will be interested to know that the rubber sole has deep grooves that improve traction, while the interior is lined with a special lining that maintains warmth.

Here’s the good and the bad about snow boots with outstanding positioning.


Channels: The channels drawn on the sole allow a good grip on wet, snowy or irregular surfaces.

Laces: You will be able to adjust the footwear easily, by means of the lacing system arranged on the instep.

Design: Its modern and resistant design is suitable for day to day or field trips.

Support: An ankle reinforcement is incorporated to maintain stability in the foot when walking.


Comfort: Perhaps the boots are a bit stiff, but with the passing of days they give way and are comfortable.

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Shopping guide

The arrival of winter requires a special type of footwear, which provides comfort and control in each of the steps; regardless of whether it is a wet, smooth, uneven or snowy surface. Here is a guide to buying the best snow boots, in which we point out the main quality indicators to check.

closing method

Among the main aspects to review in any comparison of snow boots is the adjustment and closure systems offered by the footwear, since they are responsible for allowing a correct coupling between the foot and the inside of the shoe. This method may vary between laces and hook-and-loop straps, as determined by the manufacturer.

For example, the designs provided with laces incorporate in the instep a pair of rows with a series of holes criss-crossed by said ribbons. In this case, you could find metal eyelets that must be anti-corrosive, to prevent deterioration when exposed to moisture. Likewise, there are designs with pins in synthetic fabric similar to that of the laces, whose seams must have been reinforced, so that they offer maximum security.

In relation to the laces, it would be convenient for the selected model to be waterproof so that, in the event of precipitation, they do not retain water and generate weight on the foot.

For their part, those who bet on snow boots with a velcro closure will have to make sure that it is a resistant strap and not so short, in order to be able to adjust the fit and hold the footwear in the expected way.


The sole is one of the specifications that could influence how much a certain shoe costs, since its quality determines the level of grip on the surface, comfort when stepping on and moving around. In this sense, snow boots are no exception, so when thinking about purchasing a model, we must verify everything related to such an important area of ​​its structure.

This type of footwear usually incorporates non-slip rubber soles, robust and with a series of channels of medium or great depth, whose function is to improve traction on snow or any irregular surface. In this way, it is possible to avoid unexpected slips and, therefore, any injury due to a bad step.

Also, the midsole is usually made of a softer material such as EVA rubber. The purpose of attaching said material is that, when stepping, the energy generated due to the impact is absorbed by it. Thus, the foot is given greater comfort and rest, as it does not have so many pressure points.


Because it is a pair of snow boots, the issue of waterproofing is of great importance, so it will not only matter if they are good and cheap. Always keep in mind that, during the cold days of the year, you will be exposed to precipitation and snow, that is, a high level of humidity that could penetrate the inside of the shoe, if you are not careful enough when choosing the product.

In this sense, the ideal is that the snow boots have been made with a special membrane that has waterproof properties. Similarly, if it is a model made with leather, imitation leather or synthetic fabric; It is recommended to corroborate the incorporation of some treatment in charge of preventing the passage of humidity.

Likewise, it is convenient to bet on a model provided with a cover in thermoplastic material, just in the lower part of the shoe, so that the impermeability is guaranteed, as well as the protection of the feet due to its resistance.


The lining arranged inside the snow boots to acquire is decisive for the comfort of the foot, as well as to keep it warm throughout the day. In this sense, it is necessary to corroborate this specification and try as far as possible that the manufacturer brand has incorporated the appropriate fabric in said area to fulfill such a task.

Usually, the snow boots tend to attach internal linings in cotton textile, since it is soft, warm, but at the same time breathable, so it will not generate sweating. Likewise, polar fiber is quite popular in this type of footwear, because it retains the heat generated by the body; that is, your feet will be warm despite the intense cold of the winter months.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use snow boots?

To use your snow boots you will need to start by selecting a model that really suits your feet and the type of activity in which you intend to use the boots, whether for sports or for day-to-day use. Also, check that the shoes are not too tight, but not too loose either. Otherwise, the foot could slide internally when stepping on it. Do not forget that the material must be waterproof, but at the same time breathable.

Then, stretch the shoes a little so that it adapts to the shape of your foot, put on comfortable socks that prevent chafing and apply an antibacterial product to maintain freshness and neutralize bad odours. Criss-cross the laces at the instep and adjust the shoe so that the ankle and heel are slightly immobile, but without sacrificing comfort.

Q2: How to clean the snow boots?

To clean the snow boots you will need to start by removing the laces arranged on the instep. You can submerge them in a soapy solution for a few minutes, rub them and remove the excesses with water.

Then, take a small soft-bristled brush and go over the entire sole, to remove embedded traces of dirt. Thus, it only remains to slide a damp cloth on the outside of the shoe to get rid of the dust and stains left by exposure to the elements. Let dry naturally, as the heat from the machine could end up damaging the boots.

Q3: How to dye snow boots?

If the surface of your snow boots have started to deteriorate, don’t worry, dyeing them is a fairly simple task that won’t take up much of your time. You just have to get a small-format brush that you can easily rub over the surface of the shoe. Similarly, you will need a special pigment for leather, polyleather or synthetic fabric, depending on the case of your footwear. Remember to check that the color of the product is identical to that of the manufacturing material of the boots. Otherwise, the difference in tones will be noticeable.

Proceed to clean the snow boots with a damp cloth and a dry cloth. Thus, you will eliminate traces of dirt that can prevent the pigment from being properly impregnated into the material. Then, apply a first layer of the product evenly over the entire surface, let it rest and repeat the process, if necessary.

Q4: How do you carve snow boots?

To know how snow boots are carved, you need to determine the exact distance between the heel and the tip of the big toe of your feet. Then proceed to multiply that length by 1.5. This way, you will get your shoe size.

Q5: How to stretch snow boots?

To stretch your snow boots you could pour equal parts alcohol and water into a spray bottle. Then, apply the solution inside the shoe and proceed to put it on. You will want to keep your boots on until the mixture has completely dried. Likewise, you can take newspaper, moisten it with alcohol and insert it into the shoes, exerting pressure to stretch them. In this case, you will have to leave them like this for a day and continue repeating the process if necessary.

Q6: Why do snow boots squeeze?

Initially, the footwear purchased may feel a bit squeezing on the feet, as the raw material used for manufacturing tends to be a bit stiff. This situation is very common in snow boots, which are usually made of genuine leather, polyleather or other synthetic membranes with a robust body. In addition, most designs incorporate a mid-high shaft in order to protect the ankle. In this sense, you could feel a slight immobilization in the foot but, with the first few uses, whatever the material, it will begin to give way and, eventually, it will adapt to the natural shape of the foot.

Q7: Which is better, lace-up or zip-up snow boots?

If you’re torn between lace-up and zip-up snow boots, you’ll be interested to know that both designs offer a good level of foot support, making them great options for winter.

However, we can say that footwear with laces on the instep can better adjust to the shape of the foot, managing to immobilize the heel and sole without sacrificing comfort. For its part, the zipper system is faster to manipulate to open and close.

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