The 8 Best Snowshoes of 2022

Snowshoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you plan to do a mountain route when it snows, you will need snowshoes that allow you to walk on this type of surface, without sinking or getting excessively tired. Thanks to these teams you will be able to enjoy the snowy landscapes and conquer any mountain in winter. In this article we will analyze some rackets such as the TSL 418, with a sliding base plate that adjusts to the foot and a secure ratchet system, or the Inook AXM   made of stainless steel and with an intelligent fixing system to find the best fit for the boot.

The 8 Best Snowshoes – Opinions 2022

Snowshoes allow you to move over thick layers of snow, so with them you can conquer snowy peaks and enjoy impressive landscapes. Next, we analyze some of the best racket models so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Snowshoes TSL

1. TSL 418 Up&Down Grip Snowshoe

The TSL 418 snowshoes could be the most suitable option for all users who are wondering what snowshoes to buy for their walks in the mountains or to practice mountaineering. They are made from high quality dark gray plastic so they are sturdy and won’t crack or break in the cold.

They are capable of supporting between 62 and 120 kg of weight and can be easily adjusted to the foot thanks to the sliding base plate at the rear, which easily moves forwards or backwards. This system allows an excellent coupling, to adapt them to almost all foot sizes, making them very versatile and comfortable rackets.

On the other hand, they include a quick ratchet system, which allows you to easily and safely fix the racket to the foot. In addition, its design has a shock absorption system (SSAS) that protects your foot from any accidental shock.


Sound absorption: The rackets have a sound absorption system, so that the steps are silent.

Pawls: The adjustment pawls, with bright red pins, are very resistant, securing the racket to the foot so that it does not come loose.

Design: The design, with spikes on the heels, is designed to offer maximum safety, and can even go downhill, as it allows the heel to sink in.


Grip: The grip in the heel area is a bit difficult to put on, however, once you get used to it, it is smooth and safe.

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Snowshoes Inook

2. Inook Snowshoes AXM I EU 36-47 snowshoe set

The Inook AXM I snowshoes are made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and polypropylene, which offer very high wear resistance, which is essential in these pieces of equipment. In addition, they have a very stable design, which allows you to move comfortably on the snow and prevents you from sinking deeply.

Inook could be the best brand of snowshoes in France, which translates into products like this that are light and at the same time capable of withstanding up to 200 Kg of weight and temperatures below 40 degrees.

The smart fit allows you to change sizes from 36 to 47 in seconds, so you can fit most winter boot sizes. At the same time, it has a bag for storage, something that is not found in cheaper rackets.


Design: The design is very solid and resistant, protecting the feet from bumps and accidents. They are also light and comfortable.

Fastening : The intelligent fastening system of the rackets allows you to change the size in a few seconds and fits almost all winter boots on the market.

Bag: The snowshoes are sold together with a sports bag that is very comfortable to store them.


Lateral displacement: Due to their design, they are not the most suitable rackets for lateral displacements, nor for descents.

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Snowshoes for children

3. Tubbs Kids Flex HKE Snow Shoe 

The Tubbs Flex HKE Kids Snowshoes could be the best snowshoes of 2022 for little mountaineers. They have a special design for the feet of the little ones and are recommended for ages between 9 and 14 years, since they have an adjustment for sizes between 34 and 44.

Its design, with 3D modeling of the side rails, offers the best grip for the foot and allows a safe movement on the snow, preventing the child from sinking too much and protecting his foot from accidental bumps. In addition, this design allows the “Active Lift”, which improves the effectiveness of rackets on climbs, by offering a deeper grip.

The fixed Quick Lock 2 support system provides great support, securing the foot and, together with the Flex Tail technology, which allows a natural unwinding, it provides a secure hold and a quick size change.


Fixed Quick Lock 2: This strap system allows you to adjust the racket to the child’s foot quickly and very safely, so that it does not move or come off.

Design: Thanks to its 3D modeling system with rails, these rackets offer a great grip very high to move with ease and comfort.

Active Lift: With Active Lift, the rackets improve their efficiency during climbs, preventing the child from slipping.


Sizing: Racquet sizes, starting at 34, can run a bit large for smaller kids.

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Other products

4. Alpidex Adult Light Snowshoes 38-45 carry bag

Alpidex could be the best snowshoes of the moment, as they offer many customization options, allowing the user to choose between different colors, as well as several configuration options with and without poles. Among the colors to choose from we find blue, green and magenta, all very showy and ideal for moving on the snow.

They have a very robust design, capable of supporting a total weight of 130 kg, and with a “Just Lock” closure system that facilitates placement and allows rackets to be adjusted between sizes 38 and 45. They are made of resistant plastic and with tips carbon steel front plates, as well as longitudinal continuous notched rails on the front, which offer better traction and a safe ride on snow.

The equipment also includes a bag for the transport and storage of the rackets. In addition, optionally, you can choose a model with snow poles.


Resistance: Being made of top quality plastic materials, they are very resistant, capable of supporting up to 130 kg of weight.

Accessories: Alpidex snowshoes have a very resistant transport bag to transport them anywhere.

Stability: Thanks to its design with continuous longitudinal rails, which are notched at the front, it offers a better grip and symmetrical fixation.


Crampons: The rear crampons make the movement a little slower, since they scratch the snow continuously.

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5. Ferrino Pinter Special Unisex Adult Snowshoes

These snowshoes offer a safe way to move on the snow, thanks to their construction with high-strength ferrous materials. They have a wide design with a slightly raised toe box, which makes it easy to move both uphill and downhill, although they are especially recommended for moving on slopes, as they have parallel rails and fixing crampons.

It is a very comfortable model, with a narrow last and low volume, which guarantees safe mobility and good buoyancy on snow of all kinds, even fresh.

The straps are made of high quality nylon, offering great support and securing the foot to the racket so that it does not move or come loose, preventing accidents and injuries. In addition, the fastening system has a cap incorporated in the riser that can be activated with the cane.


Cap: The cap fixing system allows you to open and close using the pole, making it easy to remove and put on the racket.

Straps: High-quality nylon straps secure to the foot and ankle, preventing rackets from coming loose.

Design: Thanks to the crampons and the narrow last, they offer safe mobility, even on steep slopes.


Weight: Despite its resistant design, with weights greater than 90 kg, the rackets have less buoyancy than other similar equipment.

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6. Odoland Snowshoes Set 4 in 1 for men and women

This product is the most suitable for those users who are looking for the best value for money snowshoes, since the package includes the poles, some gaiters and also a transport bag, so it would be a suitable product for those users. who are just starting out and looking for cheap equipment.

The snowshoes have a very solid design; with high-strength aluminum frames and high-density polyethylene lining, which provides rigidity and lightness, while providing good buoyancy for walking on fresh snow. At the front, it has saw crampons that offer secure support on slippery surfaces.

The grip is very secure, thanks to a double ratchet and buckle system that offers quick and precise adjustment. Additionally, these ratchets feature a quick release system and customizable fit.


Traction: Thanks to the front crampons and heel lock system, the snowshoes offer excellent traction on packed snow.

Structure: The structure is very safe, stable and durable, thanks to the aluminum frame.

Equipment: The snowshoes are sold with shockproof and adjustable trekking poles, waterproof gaiters to protect the boots and a polyester bag to store them.


Terrain: These snowshoes are intended for soft snow, as they are very wide for churning snow and other types of terrain.

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7. Morpho Schneeschuhe Morphoalp Ultra Light Basic Snowshoe 

If you are looking for equipment to move on all types of snowy terrain, and you are wondering what the best snowshoes are, Morphoalp could be the answer. Its wide and flat design offers great buoyancy on most terrains, whether on fresh, churned snow and also on damp or wet terrain. In addition, being made of light and resistant materials, they are safe and comfortable. 

The fixed rail fastening system allows the racket to be adapted to all sizes of snow boots, up to 46 (European Union size). In addition, the fixed fastening mechanism has a heel cushioning system, which improves the user’s balance and offers great comfort, reducing fatigue on the ankle. In this way, it alleviates the difficulties of moving on snow, so they are also suitable for long walks and even professional work on snow.


Cushioning: The cushioning system under the heel greatly improves the comfort of the rackets and relieves the fatigue of moving on the snow.

Colors: The snowshoes are available in two colors: red and gray. Both are very showy and attractive.

Fastening: The fixed fastening system, with rail and nylon strap, is very secure, as it fits boots of almost all sizes.


Rise: These rackets have a damping raise system that can be annoying if you are not used to walking with this type of racket.

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8. MSR Lightning Ascent Backcountry & Mountaineering Snowshoes

MSR’s might be the best snowshoes for users looking for professional quality gear. These are technical rackets, with a wide and ultralight design that improves traction on all types of terrain, even the most complicated. 

Thanks to their 360 degree traction frames they provide the best grip from edge to edge. In addition, the highly durable stainless steel DTX crampons offer excellent bite on the ground, great buoyancy and comfort that makes them effective for long treks.

Meanwhile, the “Paragon” binding system with one-piece contour straps wraps the ankle securely, with a glove-like feel, preventing accidents and injuries when moving on snow.


Size and weight: They are sized to fit almost all sizes, weigh very little and are capable of supporting up to 127 kg.

Crampons: The combination of the ultralight 360-degree frame and the steel toe crampons allow you to move comfortably over any terrain.

Fixation: The “Paragon” system wraps the foot with a one-piece strap, maximizing support and preventing accidents.


Price: They are high-priced rackets. However, every dollar is worth it, as they have excellent features.

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Snowshoe Accessories

Snowshoe backpack

Atlas Unisex Adult Deluxe Tote Bag 27-30 Snowshoes

The Atlas Unisex snowshoe backpack is one of the products best valued by users, thanks to its resistant and elegant design; in black and with the silhouette of the brand’s letters silk-screened in white.

It is made of a very resistant fabric and is quite wide, with adjustable velcro straps to take it with you anywhere and an external fastening system for trekking poles.

Also, it has a ventilation mesh, top closure with a safety zipper and large double handles for support.

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Snowshoe poles

Covvy triplex carbon fiber trekking pole climbing stick

Covvy snowshoe poles are ultralight, as they are made of an alloy of carbon fiber and aviation aluminum, which weighs very little but is very resistant.

On the other hand, the tungsten tip offers a lot of security, since it does not slip. The poles have a quick height adjustment system and locking parts, with a polyester fiber strap that adjusts to adapt to the tension desired by the user.

The folding design allows you to store it anywhere without taking up space and has a quick mounting system.

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Snowshoe Gaiters

Gafild Hiking Gaiters Lightweight Waterproof Snow Gaiters

Gafil Snowshoe Gaiters are made from a blend of high-quality 600D Oxford fabric and polyester, providing superior protection against water, rips and cold; but at the same time they are comfortable and breathable.

They feature TPU straps resistant to temperatures below 30 degrees, which prevents them from freezing in winter and improves durability.

On the other hand, they are light, compact and easy to fold for storage. They are easy to put on and take off, with velcro on the front, an adjustable belt at the back and a woven strap at the top.

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Shopping guide

After our snowshoe comparison in which we have detailed the main characteristics of some of the best models on the market, it is time to move on to our buying guide. In it, we will explain all the characteristics that you should look at when choosing one of these teams.

Type of activity

Depending on the activity you plan to carry out, you should assess which parameter is the most important. In this sense, if you plan to go hiking, the most appropriate thing is to look for a tear-type racket, since it offers good buoyancy and is a good and economical type of racket, with medium mobility, with little grip, suitable for valleys without unevenness and controlled tracks, because in different conditions they can be dangerous.

On the other hand, for “trail running” the most appropriate thing is to opt for light rackets with an elongated design that does not bother when running. These types of rackets have very low buoyancy and grip. 

Finally, if you want to do mountain or technical hiking, you will need rackets with less buoyancy, but with great grip. These are usually wasp-shaped, with a narrow central part and short spikes with crampons to offer a good grip. Some more technical models also have metal “grips” and aluminum edges with polyurethane. How much the snowshoes in question cost will depend on these elements.

In the case of rackets for technical use, the ideal is that they also have a damping system and risers. The latter are especially suitable for routes with slopes, as they are designed to release pressure on the legs and the calves tire less. The more specialized models have adjustable risers, but others are fixed systems.

user weight

We continue with this guide to buying the best snowshoes, explaining how the weight of the user affects the choice of equipment. In this sense, when choosing the rackets you must take into account not only your weight, but that of all your equipment (clothes, backpack, footwear, poles…). The more weight the rackets have to support, the wider and heavier they are, which will force you to have to open your legs more to avoid colliding and having an accident.

To give you an idea, the most common weights that rackets support are: between 25 and 40 kg for children’s rackets, between 80 and 100 kg for multipurpose equipment and between 100 and 120 kg for those intended for general use. heavier and more professional.


The materials from which the snowshoes are made is another factor that you should assess before buying, since the use you can give them will largely depend on them, as well as the resistance, weight and protection they offer. 

In this sense, it is best to avoid models made entirely of low-quality polymers or plastics, since this type of material does not withstand the cold well and it is very common for it to crack or split due to the low temperatures of the snow. If you are thinking of buying rackets made of plastic, it is best to use “composite” type materials, which are more resistant, robust and lighter plastic alloys.

The technical and professional models are made of metal. The most common metals for these rackets are aluminum, steel alloys and also manganese or tungsten. In short, these are very hard, resistant and, above all, light materials.

fixing systems

The fixing system of snowshoes is another important element when evaluating the purchase of one model or another. This element must offer security, since we do not want rackets that suddenly come loose while climbing a slope, nor is a system that tightens too much, or one that takes a long time to fix, desirable.

The most common systems are the “universal” or straps, these are the most versatile, since they allow the equipment to be attached to any type of footwear. Another fixation is the automatic one; In this case, a special mountaineering shoe is required that has a flange to attach to the racket. Finally, some rackets have “step-in” systems that require special boots with fixing plates.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use snowshoes?

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with snowshoes. To do this, you must be able to recognize the different parts of the equipment, such as the front spikes, the rear spikes, the grip crampons (if you have them), the blades (if you have them), the grip system straps, the frame, the increase or the size regulator.

Next, if the racket has a regulator, adjust it to your boot size. Put on your snowshoes, using their fastening system and make sure they are securely fastened, since if they come loose during the ride you could have an accident. Check that you can walk well and that they do not come loose.

Finally, prepare the rest of your equipment, such as leggings, backpack or poles, and go for a walk on the snow to enjoy the spectacular alpine landscapes.

Q2: How to carry the snowshoes in the backpack?

Some racket models have their own backpack. These backpacks have the correct size to store the equipment, for this you must store them sole against sole, being careful with the crampons. The objective of storing them in this way is that the crampons do not break the fabric.

If you do not have a special backpack, but you have a hiking or mountaineering one, the ideal is to hook the rackets with the compression straps or on the side straps, one on each side of the backpack, so that they do not bother or unbalance the user when walk.

Q3: How to walk with snowshoes?

On flat ground, the heel should be worn loose and, if the rackets have a riser, remove it. The rackets are usually wide, so you must be careful to walk with your legs apart, but without exceeding it, as you could injure yourself. Try not to take too long steps so you don’t lose your balance. 

As you walk, raise your rackets high enough to prevent the tips from dragging, as dragging will make you more tired. In addition, you have to make firm steps so that the tips grip the ground. If you use poles, remember that you must coordinate their movement with that of your legs.

For climbs, if the snow is hard and the slope is steep, you have to use crampons to avoid falling. Again, your heel should be on the ground, but this time set the rear sight, zig zag to tire yourself out less, and shift your weight forward so your toes dig into the snow and improve grip.

Q4: How to make snowshoes?

You can create your own rackets with a frame made of steel, aluminum or wood. For the wooden ones you need a beam between 7 and 9 mm. The width of the racket is determined by the height of the user, in this sense for every 100 cm of height, the base must be 25 cm. Cut the appropriate base and, with plastic or aluminum tubes, create a frame. 

Finally, use polyester or nylon straps to create a racket attachment system. 

Q5: Where to snowshoe?

To make your own snowshoes, it is best to have a home workshop with all the necessary tools and materials.

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