The 8 Best Solar Showers of 2022

Solar Shower – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Both when entering a pool and when leaving it, it is convenient to remove impurities from the body. Therefore, it is important to have a shower, especially if it is a solar type. These showers are currently the most convenient alternative, so their supply and demand is wide. Among the extensive variety, two stand out. The GF Garden Sunny Style can heat the water up to 60° and also mix the cold with the hot to adjust its temperature. The CRM 30L is a 2.20 m solar shower, with a capacity of 30 litres, equipped with a water collector made of anti-corrosive aluminium.

The 8 Best Solar Showers – Opinions 2022

A solar shower is a suitable complement, not only for the pool, but also to cool off naturally and without energy consumption in any outdoor area and even to take camping or vacations during hot summer days. Although there are several models that could be found, there are few that could be classified as the best. Here we present some of them.

Solar pool shower 

1. GF Garden Sunny Style Solar Garden Outdoor Shower

If you are looking for tall solar showers, the GF Garden brand proposes the Sunny Style model as a fun alternative that is in harmony with the family economy, thanks to its system to heat the water naturally, which contributes to saving energy. 

This solar pool shower works by connecting it to the hydraulic network, and allows you to fill its tank with water to heat it after two hours exposed to the sun. GF Garden’s Sunny Style offers a maximum temperature of 60°. However, this can be adjusted to enjoy a pleasant shower for the body. 

To do this, it incorporates a mechanism that uses cold water from the hydraulic network and mixes it with hot water from its tank. Its structure is 2.10 m high and is equipped with a 3/4” tap, a pressure regulator and a base or tank, which accumulates water in a sufficient quantity. 

In addition to knowing the main characteristics of this model, it would be pertinent to evaluate some of its advantages and a negative aspect.


Height: Its height is appropriate so that the shower can be used by both children and adults of any size.

Portable: It is light, comfortable to handle and adapts to any space, so it can be taken wherever you want. 

Performance: The tank has enough capacity to supply several showers of fresh water.

Adjustable: It incorporates a mixer that allows you to regulate the temperature of the water.


Water pressure: Low hydraulic pressure could limit the amount of water that comes out.

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2. Bestway 58224 Solar Shower Pro Shower 

The Bestway 58224 solar pool shower is a suitable option for those who are looking for the best value for money solar shower. It is designed in the form of a bag, made of resistant and durable material, with the capacity to hold a maximum of 20 L of water.

This practical solar shower includes a strip that allows you to appreciate the temperature of the water inside, to know when it has reached the ideal point to shower comfortably and without cold. Likewise, it has a handle that favors hanging it easily and safely to any firm structure. 

Its size and design make this type of shower useful for those who usually practice hiking or other outdoor sports, as well as camping and going on walks or vacations in the countryside, since it can be easily stored, transported and filled. Also, water tends to heat up in a short time after being exposed to the sun.

This model is among the cheapest solar showers. To learn more about it, it would be appropriate to review its pros and cons.


Practical: It is a practical and useful solar shower to carry, to be able to clean yourself when going for a walk or camping.  

Capacity: It can store up to 20 L of water, enough capacity for at least two showers.

Effectiveness: It heats the water quickly, after hanging it and putting it in the sun.

Indicator: It has a reading strip where you can see the change in temperature.


Handle: Its handle can be a bit flimsy to hang it from some areas that could damage it. 

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CRM solar shower 

3. Crm Solar Shower

If you plan to acquire the best solar shower, you may be inclined towards this alternative. It is a white solar shower, which has the capacity to store up to 30 L of water. The CRM solar shower has a solar water collector, made of aluminium, a material that provides protection against corrosion.

This shower incorporates a solar sensor that can heat the water up to a temperature of 60°C. The liquid flows through a tube that provides a nominal pressure of 10 bar and is capable of withstanding temperatures below -15°C. It also has two taps for hot and cold water, made of brass. 

This solar shower is designed to decorate spaces and be fixed permanently to the ground, by means of zingé screws, washers and nylon plugs. His height is 2.20 m and his weight is 8.1 kg.

To find the best solar shower of the moment, it is convenient to know everything related to each model. Here, some favorable points and one against this shower.


Elegant: It has an attractive design that decorates any outdoor space.

Resistant: It is made of materials that provide resistance to changes in temperature and protect against corrosion and other factors.

Temperature: Heats the water up to 60°C and allows the hot and cold to be mixed to offer a comfortable temperature.

Stability: Its fixing system to the ground makes it remain correctly stable.


Installation: It is a fixed solar shower, so it would be more difficult to place it in another area, after mounting it for the first time.

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portable solar shower 

4. MFH Solar Shower Deluxe 

Among the best solar showers of 2022, is the MFH 37633 portable solar shower. It is a bag-type shower, made in most of its parts in PVC, which offers an internal capacity to store up to 20 L of water. 

This material allows the water to be heated with the sun’s rays, to a temperature that could reach 50 °C, the variations of which can be seen by means of its thermometer. It is also equipped with a hose that, in turn, includes a practical pressure valve, which allows the right amount of water to be spread.

It is an ideal complement for those who usually practice outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking or cycling for long periods of time and need to clean up during this time. Similarly, it is appropriate for rangers, security and surveillance employees, as well as to carry during trips and walks.

MFH is among the manufacturers hoping to position themselves as the best solar shower brand. Here, more of this model.


Functional: Its design is appropriate for washing easily and safely while in remote places. 

Portable: It weighs only 540g, making it easy and convenient to transport in your luggage.

Thermometer: Includes a thermometer that allows you to distinguish changes in water temperature.

Suspension: It is equipped with a removable strap that favors hanging it safely.


Limit: To prevent the shower material from breaking, it is recommended to respect the limit of its capacity.

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solar garden shower 

5. vidaXL Solar Powered Outdoor Shower 

The Safers-Hülle-6543 solar garden shower, from the manufacturer VidaXL, could be the appropriate answer for those who are still wondering which is the best solar shower. It is a shower for patios, swimming pools or any outdoor area, which works by means of solar energy. Its structure is made up of a tube made of resistant aluminum, a head made of ABS and a base made of high-density polyethylene.

Its base has the capacity to store up to 20 L of water and has a strategic design in black, with a transparent cover, which favors heat absorption and keeps the water hot for a certain time. 

It also has a handle that allows you to open the tap and adjust the temperature of the water by mixing it between hot and cold. This solar shower is 2.14 m high and its base is 67.8 cm in diameter. It is easy to assemble and can be transported comfortably.

There may still be indecision about which solar shower to buy, but knowing some favorable points and another against this model could be decisive.


Design: It presents a modern and functional design that adapts to any space.

Durable: All its parts are made of materials that guarantee quality and resistance.

Assembly: Its installation can be done quickly and easily.

Firmness: The large base provides stability to maintain the initial position.


Winter: While the solar shower is not in use or during the winter season, it is recommended to empty it to prevent it from deteriorating and prolong its operation.

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solar shower for camping 

6. Deanyi Portable Solar Camping Shower Bag

The manufacturer Deanyi presents this model as a viable alternative for those who want to get a solar shower for camping. It is a shower bag that has a bag made of PVC, whose interior can store 20 L of water. This material is characterized by its ability to absorb the energy of the sun’s rays, which allows it to heat water in three hours, to a temperature that can reach 50 °C.

It is designed with a sturdy handle, suitable for safe carrying and hanging from a tree branch or tent. This shower bag is provided with a switch that allows the water to flow out in just the right amount.

It also has an indicator that indicates the temperature of the water and includes a hose of sufficient length, as well as a suspension strap. Its weight is 346.5 g, which makes it easy to transport.

This solar shower bag can be considered a favorable alternative to take on trips and excursions, but knowing its pros and cons could determine the decision.


Foldable: The material that makes it up makes it easy to fold it to store it and carry it without taking up so much space.

Switch: It incorporates a switch that allows you to increase or decrease the water flow.

Volume: It has a capacity of 20 L of water, which is enough to provide several outdoor showers.

Reader: It has a temperature indicator to know when the water is at the ideal point.


Strap: The strap that connects the handle to the hanging point may give way, but can be replaced if necessary.

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outdoor solar shower 

7. Sodial(R) Shower Bag 

Another alternative indicated for those looking for an outdoor solar shower is the one offered by the Sodial® brand. It is a robust and heat-resistant bag, which works as a large-capacity camping solar shower, since it can contain up to a maximum of 40 liters inside. 

This model of cheap solar showers can heat the water to a temperature close to 45 ° C, just by hanging it above the head, in an area where it receives enough energy from the sun’s rays. To facilitate its use and supply water in the right amount, it incorporates a hose with a dispenser, which can be connected to the bag quickly and easily. 

In addition to this, the Sodial solar shower bag is reinforced with a strong hook and rope, which allow the full weight of the water-filled bag to be firmly supported while it remains suspended.

There are several qualities that stand out in this solar shower. However, it is also important to analyze its advantages and disadvantages.


Size: Its wide body is suitable to contain a greater amount of water, as it supports 40 L.

Usage: Assembly and handling can be executed quickly and easily.

Accessories: Includes accessories that make it easy to take a fresh outdoor shower, such as a hose, valve and rope.

Heat: It is designed in a material that favors heating the water to 45°, which is an appropriate maximum heat level.


Suspension: The rope that keeps it suspended seems to be inadequate for the weight that the bag must support, although it can be replaced with another.

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Solar Angel Shower 

8. LordsWorld Astralpool 56932 Angel Solar Pool Shower

Those looking for a solar shower that can be securely fixed to the ground and, in addition, give a distinguished look to the outdoor area, could consider LordsWorld’s proposal. It is the Solar Angel shower, whose stylized structure has been built in aluminum and exhibits the color gray on its cover.

The Astralpool solar shower has a height of 2.07 m. Inside, it incorporates a tank made of plastic, which absorbs the sun’s rays and has the capacity to store up to 30 liters of water.

In addition, this offers the possibility of enjoying a pleasant bath with warm water, since it has a tap with which the temperature of the water can be regulated, by mixing the cold with the hot. It is designed to be installed above ground, adjacent to the pool, by means of anchors and screws, and can be easily connected to the nearest water inlet.

Analyzing the pros and cons of the LordsWorld solar shower could be useful when choosing the final product to buy.


Durability: Its aluminum and plastic structure is resistant for outdoor use.

Appearance: It exhibits an innovative design, appropriate for the pool or external areas. 

Tank: The tank can hold 30 liters of water, an adequate amount for a few showers.

Connection: It can be easily and quickly connected to the water outlet provided for the shower.


Fixing: It must be securely fixed to the ground, which would imply more work if you want to move or remove it.

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Shopping guide

Choosing a solar shower that suits your needs and preferences and, in addition, guarantees correct performance is essential. However, in view of the great variety of models that the various manufacturers present, it could be difficult to make the right decision. However, we suggest that you analyze some of the characteristics outlined in the following guide to buy the best solar shower, as these are an indication of what you should look for in the models of interest.


Solar showers are designed to heat the water that accumulates inside them. To do this, they have a tank whose size and capacity can vary depending on the type of shower and model. Thus, before choosing a solar shower that seems good and economical, it would be convenient to verify that it has a suitable capacity for the use that it is proposed to give it.

There are models of solar showers with a smaller capacity, with water storage space for 10 and 20 liters, an amount that could be enough to take a few quick showers. Similarly, there are other solar showers with the capacity to contain a greater amount of water, which could be enough to take several baths. 

There are options for pool and bag, designed to take during walks or outdoor activities. Both types have a space to accumulate between 20, 30 and up to 40 liters of water. 


Among the variety of solar showers, those that have been designed to be placed in the pool area or any outdoor area stand out. These have a base, one or two taps, shower head, drainage system and connections for the water network, and their height is usually around 2 m. Some of them are light and portable, others are more robust, elegant and permanently fixed to the ground.

There are also solar bag showers. These are practical for those who are used to sports or leisure activities outdoors, as they can be folded for easy storage and transport. In addition, they have a temperature indicator.


For a solar shower to work effectively and be usable for longer, it should be made of materials that guarantee correct absorption of the sun’s rays, with a solid and resistant structure. Therefore, it would be worth making a comparison of solar showers to determine which is the most appropriate. 

Solar showers for swimming pool or outdoor are characterized by slim design and light weight. However, most of them are made of resistant aluminum tubes that, in turn, function as a reservoir to store and heat the water. 

Other models of this type have a base made of polyethylene, a material that has the property of containing the energy of the sun’s rays to heat the water inside. Some solar bag showers are made of polyester, PVC and ABS. These must guarantee flexibility and strength to stay suspended and support their load.


There are models of solar showers that require a special type of installation with screws, plugs and washers, to keep them fixed on the ground for an indefinite period of time. These generally need to be connected to a hydraulic network or hose to fill their internal reservoir. 

There are other models that also take in water in this way, with the difference that they can be installed, connected and disassembled more quickly and easily, which makes it easier to move them and take them from one place to another. 

Portable bag solar showers are suitable for carrying in luggage when heading to remote places. These are easily filled, since they incorporate a nozzle through which the water is poured and a cap to close them, while, to shower, it is enough to hang them from a certain height.  


Thinking about how much a solar shower costs is one of the most frequent doubts when preparing to navigate in search of this equipment, since, like any acquisition, it represents a cost that must be evaluated. However, there is another relevant factor that determines how effective a certain model could be: temperature. 

Solar showers have the ability to heat water with solar energy, but some do so at a higher temperature. Among the variety of models available, there are solar showers that can heat the water to a maximum temperature of 45, 50 or 60 °C. In addition, some offer the possibility of regulating this temperature, by combining hot and cold water. 

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a solar shower?

The first thing is to make the assembly and connections to the hose or hydraulic network in an adequate way, to avoid loss of water or malfunction. There are models that could require a complex installation, so it would be convenient to consult the manufacturer’s instructions. 

The shower must be filled to its maximum capacity and allowed to heat for the time specified in the instructions. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the tap can be opened to proceed to take the bath. In some models, it is possible to regulate the temperature so that it is more pleasant to the body.

It is necessary to make sure to close the tap well so that the water is not wasted, nor does it cool down faster. If it is going to be used sporadically, it is recommended to open the hot water tap for a few minutes to renew the water. In winter season, the water should be drained and the network that supplies it should be closed.

Q2: How does a solar shower work? 

Solar showers work by exposing them to the sun for some time. These incorporate tanks or collectors that accumulate a certain amount of water inside. The tanks are made of materials that have the ability to absorb solar energy more quickly, which conducts the heat towards the water accumulated inside, causing its temperature to increase. 

Q3: How to repair a solar shower?

To repair a solar shower it is essential to identify the cause of the failure. In some cases, the assistance of specialized plumbing personnel may be required. If it is the most common faults, such as when the water does not heat up, there is a constant drip, the water in the tank spills or the water flow decreases, it is advisable to review the entire installation. 

In addition, it must be ensured that the inlet and outlet connections are tight in place. It is also convenient to check if the water flows with enough pressure from the network to the tank. Likewise, it is indicated to check the sprinkler filter, as it may have been clogged with dirt.

Q4: How to install a solar shower?

To install the solar shower, choose a suitable space and place it on a flat surface, vertically, to mark the reference points through the holes.

Next, it is convenient to remove the shower and place it in a horizontal position in a safe place, while the holes are made on the floor. After opening them, the solar shower must be placed back in place and the plugs, screws and washers inserted. Once installed, it is necessary to connect it to the hydraulic network and open the hot water tap until it comes out of the shower head. Thus, the shower will be ready to use. 

Q5: How to make a solar shower?

To make a homemade solar shower, you can use a PVC tube of the desired height, with two caps to close its ends. It is convenient to paint the tube black to better capture the sun’s rays. Two holes must be opened in this tube for the entrance and exit of the water.

In addition, a post should be made that will serve as a support, to which a mixer could be installed. To continue, the PVC pipe is attached to the post and the connections are made that will allow the outlet and inlet of hot and cold water to be conducted. These, in turn, must be connected to the mixer.

Then, the homemade solar shower should be located in a clear area where it receives the full glare of the sun. To stabilize it in its lower part, it can be fixed by means of an iron plate. To conclude, it is necessary to connect it to the water supply and check if it works. If so, just wait for the sun to take effect. 

Q6: Which is better, a solar or traditional shower?

Both are useful, as they remove dirt before entering the pool so as not to damage the filter system, while, when leaving, they remove the remains of chemical products that could irritate the eyes and skin.

However, solar showers offer greater benefits: they are easy to install, do not affect electricity consumption and are in harmony with the environment, since they take advantage of solar energy as a natural and sustainable resource.

Q7: What heating capacity does a solar shower have?

The heating capacity of a solar shower can vary depending on the model. The most widely used today are designed to heat water to a maximum temperature of 60 °C. However, there are also models with a lower capacity, which is usually between 45 and 50 °C.

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