The 8 best sports watches on the market

Sports watches are efficient devices to measure and improve training capabilities, through different sensors that allow monitoring of physical activity. One of the advantages is the wide offer. There are from simple models, with interesting properties at low cost, to other advanced ones with higher prices and functions. 

Whether for personal use or as a gift, a sports watch is an alternative that will win over anyone who exercises regularly. The good news is that, depending on your budget, you can get a suitable model.

Through this device it is possible to know the time and have control of some metrics such as calories consumed, distance traveled, steps taken, among others. Meanwhile, higher cost models may include other features with more advanced metrics. 

What should you watch out for?

Before making a hasty purchase, the right thing to do is to do a preliminary analysis. The appropriate thing is that it is a resistant device, with protection against elements such as water and dust, since this could be an indication that it can be submerged and used for water sports, as well as that it will tolerate rain and sweat. 

Likewise, if you want the best sports watch on the market, it is important that you have the possibility of monitoring different parameters around sports activity.

On the other hand, a complete smart watch model will allow you to keep track of training metrics, such as distance, cadence route, pulse level, heart rate, oxygen consumption and load. Also, it incorporates technological instruments such as GPS for geolocation. 

Many times, to select a suitable model it is necessary to know what sport it will be used for. Many brands introduce convenient devices to the market for disciplines such as triathlon, swimming, golf, among others. In the case of doing different sports activities, then an interesting option could be a multisport. 

When making a choice, it is important that it is also a compatible device and that it can be synchronized with the computer and with the mobile, especially if it is possible to receive notifications of calls and messages on it. Here are the most notable models on the market:

Polar M200

With a price of around 100 euros, the Polar M200 model incorporates a sensor to measure heart rate, steps and calories consumed during activity. Due to its properties, this model is of the basic type. It has been made of plastic and has three simple programs for running training. It offers relevant information on the calculation of speed, heart rate and height, as well as the distance traveled. It has GPS and when it is activated, the autonomy of the battery is about 6 hours. Likewise, it can be linked with the mobile. 

Polar M430

Also from the manufacturer Polar, the M430 model has greater attributes in relation to the metrics, with its approximate price being 200 euros. With this model it is possible to have an estimation regarding the aerobic capacity of the user, the training load and the recovery time. In addition to these advanced features, it also has the basics of distance, heart rate, heart rate, altitude and steps. It is usually recommended for the disciplines of athletics and cycling. With the GPS active, its battery has a range of 8 hours. 


For more or less 200 euros, you can access this versatile device that can be a smart or sports watch, because it includes GPS. In addition, it is equipped with the Wear OS operating system and with the Google Maps, Translate, Now and Weather applications. It has a color screen where it is possible to receive mobile notifications and has voice control, being compatible with applications such as Spotify or Shazam.

As for the sports part, it is equipped with various training programs and has GPS. Due to its characteristics, it is more of a smart watch than a sports one, but it can still measure steps, distance, sleep behavior, calories burned and other information, being suitable for practices such as golf, cycling and athletics. 

Garmin Forerunner 35

Garmin is one of the strongest sports watch manufacturers out there today. Within its catalog, it has different models such as Forerunner 35, which can be obtained for about 100 euros. Its properties are interesting because it has a simple-to-use mechanism and personalized training mode, it has basic GPS and its battery provides about 13 hours of autonomy with geolocation turned on. 

Garmin Forerunner 235

With an approximate price of 180 euros, the Garmin Forerunner 235 sports watch is one of the best on the market if its features are analyzed. It is usually used to control daily training, in addition to being an efficient option if it comes to preparing for races. Its design is circular and incorporates a color screen, where you can see the values ​​collected in the form of graphs. It has sensors to measure pulse and distance and incorporates GPS. Its battery works with an autonomy of 11 hours with active GPS. In addition, it can be linked with the mobile device to download the training content. 

FitBit Versa

Like Garmin, the firm FitBit has made its way into the market for sports watches and activity bracelets. The Versa model is compact and versatile. Its use is simple and it can be an ally when it comes to monitoring sleep, steps taken and distance traveled. In addition, it incorporates a GPS with a high degree of precision. It is compatible with iOS and Android, receiving notifications of calls and messages. Its battery has a range of 4 days.

Huawei GT

The good thing about this model of approximately 150 euros is that it is versatile, modern and elegant. In addition to having metrics such as distance, sleep, calories and step measurement, the Huawei GT has a high battery life, multi-sport programs and geolocation. It incorporates an Amoled screen and heart rate measurement, VOW Max and is practical for swimmers. 

Xiaomi Amazfit Strat+

Xiaomi appears with its Amazfit Stratos + model that has an average cost of 200 euros. Its design is casual and incorporates GPS. It also has a heart rate meter, steps, distance and even VO2 Max. Its battery has a range of up to 4 days.

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