The 8 Best Thermal Socks of 2022

Thermal Socks – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Thermal socks are part of the fundamental equipment when practicing a sport on the snow. Its demand in the market is quite significant, which is why more and more manufacturers are incorporating new design technologies to provide greater protection, stability, breathability and rest to the feet. Danish Endurance 3 pairs is a set of socks designed with a high-end fabric, which adapts to any scenario to offer you a warm cover in winter and breathable in summer. For its part, the Mosotech Running have cushions in the heel and toes to provide additional support to the feet. In addition, they offer good moisture absorption.

The 8 Best Thermal Socks – Opinions 2022

More and more sports brands are betting on the manufacture of thermal socks, equipped with new technologies in terms of their fabrics to provide individuals with greater comfort, freshness and warmth. Below, we present a compilation of the eight best thermal socks accompanied by their pros and cons.

Thermal socks for women

1. Danish Endurance Wool Hiking and Trekking Socks

This product is considered by many athletes as one of the best thermal socks, due to the high quality standards involved in its manufacture, which allow them to be used both in trekking and hiking practices and in any type of outdoor walk. 

For its preparation, merino wool was used, a fabric of natural origin and with great softness, which allows the foot to enjoy an adequate level of cushioning and perspiration. Therefore, you can use these socks to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You’ll want to know that these women’s thermal socks are available in sizes 35-47, so there’s one for every body type. Likewise, they have been put on sale in kits of three pairs in light gray, brown and multicolored tones.

This model offers really interesting features that position it as one of the best thermal socks of the moment.


Cushioning: The robust fibers protect the foot from blisters generated by friction.

Perspiration: The system of breathing channels provided by the fabric allows the foot to always be fresh.

Thermal properties: The wool used has thermal properties that keep your feet warm in cold settings.

Presentation: You will have a kit of three socks in grey, brown or multicolored tones.


Drying: The material requires an adequate ventilation flow for its rapid drying or otherwise the process could take up to a day.

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2. Xaed Women’s Ergonomic Thermal Socks

Xaed is a manufacturer brand that has managed to position this model in the market among the best quality-price thermal socks and, ultimately, one of the cheapest in this list. The product has great characteristics given by the textile material used to make it, which, by providing an adequate level of perspiration, prevents interior moisture from being retained and, therefore, the feet manage to maintain body heat.

These women’s thermal socks offer a fairly ergonomic design by incorporating an area of ​​protection against impacts and the pressure generated when stepping, thanks to the cushioning system through reinforcements with much more robust fabric. 

In this sense, comfort is increased and even the support of the sock with respect to the foot is improved. In addition, the integrated anatomical insoles for the right and left foot respectively stand out, managing to provide greater stability when moving.

Among the cheapest thermal socks is this model, whose pros and cons we explain below.


Insoles: You will achieve maximum stability with these socks due to their built-in left and right foot insoles.

Reinforcements: The socks have thicker fabric reinforcements to cushion the impact when walking.

Fabric: The fabric releases moisture and therefore the foot retains body heat.

Design: The design is aimed at the female target and provides foot protection in any scenario.


Format: The height of the socks reaches the calves, so you should give up this model if you like low-cut ones.

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Thermal socks for men 

3. Mosotech Men’s Sports Socks 

These thermal socks are made with cotton, polyester and elastane synthetic fabrics, capable of providing comfort and absorbing moisture. In this way, they can keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable during the cold winter nights.

For greater comfort, it incorporates thick cushions in the area of ​​the fingers and the heel, which helps to increase the resistance against impacts. Likewise, this allows you to prevent blisters, since it avoids friction when jogging or walking.

In terms of size, they are available from number 41 to 46 according to European footwear measurements. As if that were not enough, you can get them in black, white, gray and black with gray details, which allows you to choose the ones that best match your style.

Thermal socks can help keep your feet warm during the winter. In this sense, we invite you to know the pros and cons of this pair.


Materials: These socks are made from 63% cotton, 32% polyester, and 5% elastane for strength and comfort.

Presentation: They come in a presentation of 5 pairs so that you always have some socks available while the others are in the washing machine.

Cushions: They incorporate cushions on the heel and toes to prevent friction that causes blisters.


Drying: It is possible that they lose elasticity when dried with an iron or dryer, so it is advisable to let them air dry.

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4. Gore Socken Road Thermo Unisex Adult Cycling Socks

On this occasion, the Gore house presents socks that deserve a series of positive comments, as a result of the brand’s followers’ experience of using them. 

Its developers determined that, to provide the individual with a balance between freshness and warmth during sports practice in the cold season of the year, they could not use a single textile. This is the reason why they resorted to combining mixed fibers such as polyamide, wool, polyacrylic and elastane, in proportions of 43, 23, 23, and 11% respectively. 

In this way, when you put on these thermal socks for men, you will enjoy a cover whose arch is anti-torsion. The plant provides a good level of breathability and both the upper and its edge fit correctly, due to the elastic fibers. In addition, these thermal cycling socks have a low cut design that reaches the height of the ankles and a nice dark gray aesthetic.

You will not be able to miss the great manufacturing attributes of this model. Here are some of its positive and negative aspects.


Construction: The socks keep feet dry and warm thanks to their mixed fibers of polyamide, wool, polyacrylic and elastane.

Design: Its dark gray design has a comfortable low cane, which is also visually pleasing.

Breathability: The construction of the plant area helps cushion impacts and provides breathability.

Use: The socks are made for the cold season of the year and can be used in sports, including cycling.


Thermal system: Despite being thermal socks, they are not suitable for extreme cold levels, so you will have to implement some additional mechanism.

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thermal heated socks

5. Svpro Rechargeable Electric Socks for Men and Women

These socks have a pair of 4000 mAh batteries that provide energy to keep your feet warm for several hours. In addition, they are capable of heating in just 1 minute, which provides greater practicality.

They offer 3 modes of use with different autonomy. In this sense, with 100% of the power they work for 4.5 hours, at 75% they offer 8.5 hours and with 50% they offer up to 12 hours. It is important to note that the batteries can be fully charged in a period of 4 to 5 hours.

On the other hand, the socks are made of thick cotton, which is soft to the touch and is capable of absorbing sweat, which favors durability. As if that were not enough, they have pockets to store the batteries and are available in different color presentations to choose according to your tastes.

If you need a pair of socks that can be worn by both men and women, then you should take a closer look at this pair before deciding.


Battery: They offer lithium polymer batteries that can provide a maximum of 12 hours of autonomy.

Pockets: They incorporate a pocket on the sides to store the batteries while they are in operation, which favors practicality.

Resistance: They offer great resistance to abrasion, constant use and humidity.


Warming: These socks do not provide completely even heating, as the top can heat up faster than the bottom.

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6. Snow Deer Heated Socks for Men and Women

Thanks to these heated thermal socks, you can prevent your feet from cooling for approximately four hours, which is the autonomy given by its 7.4-watt lithium-ion battery. In addition, you can easily recharge the energy of these cartridges by plugging the power cable into an AC outlet.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that the built-in heating system is by means of infrared and you can regulate the temperature in three different intensity levels. Thus, you will be able to adjust the operation of the socks to be used during the winter season, in treatments associated with arthritis or in people with stiff joints.

Regarding the textile construction of the socks, we have that the manufacturer used different proportions of cotton, polyester and elastane at 80, 12 and 8% respectively. In this way, they provide the foot with softness, cushioning, perspiration and elasticity, among other aspects.

If you want to keep your feet warm during the winter season, then take a look at the pros and cons of these Snow Deer socks.


Battery: Its power supply is provided by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery through an AC cable.

Heating: The infrared heating system is quite safe and generates low energy consumption.

Construction: The cotton, polyester and elastane used for the socks provide comfort, breathability and flexibility. 

Usage: The socks are intended for people with stiff joints, arthritis, and those who simply want to warm their feet.


Autonomy: If we use your heating at a high level, the maximum autonomy of four hours could decrease.

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Thermal socks for the cold

7. Imitor Hiking Socks for Men and Women Cotton

It is a set of three thermal socks for the cold developed by Imitor that, since their appearance on the market, have managed to position themselves pleasantly due to their high standards of manufacturing and the multiple benefits provided by the fabrics that compose them. 

Elastane, cotton and nylon are incorporated in the structure to provide a good level of absorption for the humidity generated due to perspiration. In this way, the temperature of the feet remains completely regulated. Likewise, you will avoid bad odors because these fibers also have antibacterial protection.

Among other peculiarities of these socks we have that they are one size fits all and unisex. In addition, they have reinforcements both in the heel and in the toe. Thus, it cushions the impact when walking. We cannot fail to comment that the product is aimed at sports activities such as snowboarding, skiing, trekking, climbing and cycling, among others.

With these thermal socks you will not have limitations of use, since you can wear them on cold days or to your sports practices. Next, more details.


Reinforcements: Both the heel and the toe were reinforced to cushion the impact of the foot when walking.

Construction: Its composition of polyester, elastane and cotton provides softness and flexibility for a better fit.

Breathability: The lower transpiration line releases moisture, keeping the foot dry and warm.

Use: Its use is aimed at day to day or for the practice of sports activities on snow.


One-size-fits-all: Being one-size-fits-all socks, inconveniences could arise if the person has a build above or below the standard range.

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Thermal mountain socks

8. Innova Lne Coolmax Trekking Socks 3 Pairs

With these thermal mountain socks you will keep your feet warm and you will not have to worry about accumulated moisture, since they have been made with insulating and breathable fibers. It is a combination of elastane, colmax and cotton at 5, 10 and 85% respectively. 

In addition, they provide comfort and adequate cushioning to counteract the pressure and friction generated when walking. We cannot fail to mention the antibacterial treatment with which the fabric has been provided, to avoid allergies, proliferation of fungi and bad odours.

The design of the socks is completely anatomical, so it adapts to the foot without putting pressure on it, allowing true freedom in each movement. It is a set of three pairs of socks in dark colors and high cane, suitable for activities in the snow, outdoor walks, cycling, mountaineering or to be worn daily during the winter season.

If you want to keep your feet warm without worrying about humidity, you can consider this model from Innova Lne, which has the following pros and cons.


Antibacterial treatment: Fungi and bad odors will not be a problem, since the fabric has an antibacterial treatment.

Design: The socks adapt without generating pressure due to their high-cut anatomical design.

Presentation: The product is available in a set of three socks in black, blue and dark gray, allowing an adequate variety when dressing.

Construction: Its construction in elastane, colmax and cotton offers softness, breathability and great cushioning.


Seams: In the pointer area you will find a seam line that could cause discomfort in the fingers in some people.

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Shopping guide

Thermal socks are very popular in the snow sports market, as they are specially designed to protect the feet from the cold. Similarly, there are designs suitable for people with arthritis, cold feet or simply for those who want to keep them warm during the winter. The models are usually varied, as well as the applied manufacturing technology. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best thermal socks, in which you will find the main aspects to evaluate prior to purchase.

clothing materials

The raw material used to make the product that we are going to acquire is an aspect that cannot fail to be evaluated, so we must incorporate its review into our comparison of thermal socks. In this way, we will know the properties, resistance and certification of the fabrics used by the manufacturer, since, finally, these characteristics will determine the level of quality that the socks will offer.

The fabrics used in the industry are usually varied, highlighting among them cotton as the natural fiber base of any type of sock. This is because cotton gives the design freshness, softness and cushioning. On the other hand, we have the incorporation of a small percentage of polyester or nylon threads, which are absorbent, fast-drying and highly flexible synthetic fabrics. In addition, its shades are much more vivid than those of other fabrics for socks. 

Elastane is another material widely used in this type of clothing, because it gives flexibility to the textile piece. In this way, it manages to adapt correctly to the foot. Likewise, there are chinlon fabrics, acrylic-type merino wool, among others. In any case, the important thing is that the purchased product combines several fibers that are capable of releasing moisture and at the same time keeping each foot warm.

Heating system

Although a correct combination of fabrics allows the socks to keep your feet at an adequate level of warmth, it is also true that there are technologies applied to these garments to improve the heating system. As expected, it is not a cheap product, but it is quite beneficial for our feet. These are the models of thermal socks with programmable heating, considered as products with intelligent operation. These socks have been provided with a heating system based on fine alloy wires, which intersect with the textile fibers in strategic places. 

It also highlights another fairly safe heating method, through infrared. Whatever the case, you can adjust the temperature at a high, medium and low level, whose caloric intensity will depend on the power of the battery used as a power source. Generally, these are of the rechargeable type and can offer a range of between four and 12 hours, depending on the manufacturer.


Socks are in constant contact with our feet and with the perspiration secreted by them, so keeping said textile clean is a priority. Some models incorporate antibacterial treatments, which prevent the proliferation of bacteria and block bad odours. However, constantly cleaning our socks with water and detergent is necessary to keep them in perfect condition.

When selecting the product you will have to make sure that you can wash them easily, even though they incorporate a heating system, for example. The ideal in these cases is that the battery is removable and that the temperature adjustment area has some waterproof treatment. Likewise, you will have to know the type of detergent and the temperature of the water allowed for washing natural, synthetic and elastic fabrics.


It is important that you take into consideration that the design of the selected thermal socks will influence how much the product costs. However, this should not be a limitation to acquire a model that really suits our needs. Remember that it will be useless to wear low-cost socks if they do not adapt correctly to the foot or protect it as it should be. There are models with tall and short shafts, which should be chosen according to your taste.

Also, you will be interested to know that most of the socks incorporate reinforcements on the sole, toe and heel, designed to create cushioning areas against the impacts caused by walking. In this way, you get a better grip inside the shoe and extra stability. With regard to heated socks, make sure they have an easily accessible lining for battery placement.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use thermal socks?

To use thermal socks, you must define the type of use you will give them, whether for the practice of a specific sport, treatment for diabetes, arthritis or simply to keep your feet warm during the winter. In this way, you will be able to know which model is best for you, making the selection based on the manufacturing textiles used. Likewise, it reviews the topic of reinforcements, perspiration channels, level of elasticity, among other aspects of interest. 

Also, make sure that the size of the socks is the one indicated for your feet. Once you have selected and purchased the product, you should take a look at the manual no matter how intuitive its use is. Thus, you will know the precautions you must take when washing and drying the garment to preserve its good condition. Also, if the model incorporates a heating system, you will need to familiarize yourself with the placement of the batteries, charging method and adjusting the temperature levels. Similarly, when putting on your socks, make sure your foot adapts correctly to its format, so that you can take full advantage of the reinforcements and cushioning areas.  

Q2: How to wash thermal socks?

To wash your thermal socks you should start by reviewing the information given on the manufacturing label. In this way, you will be able to know the type of textile fiber with which they are made and which detergent is suitable for the washing process. Once this information has been verified, you can submerge the socks in a mixture of water with a mild detergent for a few minutes, avoiding the use of bleaching products and brushes. Instead, rub the textile with your hands and remove the excesses with plenty of water under the tap. Afterwards, hang the socks outside until they are completely dry. You can also use the washing machine, programming it on a short cycle and with cold water.

Q3: How to charge the thermal heated socks?

The first thing you should know is that heated socks incorporate a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. You will need to identify the area of ​​the sock where the battery is located. In this way, you can remove it and place it in its respective charging base and then plug the power cable into an alternating current source. You should keep an eye on the charging indicator light to put the battery back in the sock when the process is complete.

Q4: How should thermal socks fit?

Thermal socks should conform to the anatomy of the foot without sacrificing comfort. To do this, you must be careful when putting them on so that the toe and heel reinforcements are correctly attached to these areas. Likewise, the ventilation channels must be just under the sole and the upper elastic of the instep must not be too loose, to keep the sock in place.

Q5: Are diabetic thermal socks suitable?

Thermal socks are ideal for diabetics, since they do not have seams that damage the skin, their fabrics release moisture and keep feet warm. In this way, the individual will run less risk of acquiring some type of fungus that can worsen. In addition, they provide a good level of cushioning in case of minor impacts.

Q6: Which is better, thermal or wool socks?

Both thermal and wool socks are good options to combat the cold. However, wool socks are more recommended for Nordic climates, because their structure is much more robust and they generate a greater volume of heat. In addition, they can be placed on top of normal socks to create a small chamber of warm air between them. For their part, thermal socks combine several textile fibers in the search for breathability, stability and comfort. In this sense, they are much more suitable for sports on ice, cycling or for people with diabetes or arthritis.

Q7: What temperature can thermal socks withstand for extreme cold?

The temperature supported by thermal socks in situations of extreme cold is a fact that cannot be specified, since it will depend on the model of the socks. Some socks are made with a variety of highly robust fibers and others with heating systems using batteries. In this sense, the heat level is subject to the power of said energy accumulator. For example, in Finland, temperatures can reach -20°C and both types of socks are used to keep feet warm.

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