The 8 Best Trekking Poles of 2022

Trekking Poles – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Trekking is one of the outdoor activities with the greatest health benefits that exist today, which is why more and more people make the decision to practice it often. Therefore, it is very important to know which is the most suitable equipment for this sport. Trekking poles are essential elements for backpackers and hikers, among which the Glymnis Aluminum 7075 stands out, folding equipment from 36 to 130 and ideal for mountaineering. On the other hand, if you are looking for ultralight poles of up to 520 grams and with a length of 65 to 135 cm, we recommend the ENKEEO 70C6ML01.

The 8 Best Trekking Poles – Opinions 2022

Trekking poles are essential equipment for the vast majority of users who practice trekking, since they provide a large number of advantages such as stability and comfort when walking. Therefore, if you are looking for the best trekking poles for 2022, do not hesitate to look at the selection of the most important models that we have chosen for you.

Folding trekking poles

1. Glymnis Hiking Poles Folding Trekking Poles

Among the best-selling folding trekking poles today are the Glymnis Aluminum 7075, which stand out for being both very resistant and light, therefore they are an ideal complement for your walks.

They are made of aluminum alloy, which makes them highly durable and better resistant to impacts and pressure than those made of carbon fiber. In addition, they are very light, weighing up to 780 grams.

You have the possibility to extend and shorten the length of the poles from 110 to 130 cm, allowing them to be folded up to 36 cm to store them in the backpack. In addition, they include various tips such as rubber and boot-type, as well as baskets for mud and snow.

Being considered the best trekking poles, we recommend you take into account their pros and cons.


Compact : You can easily carry them in your backpack thanks to their folding system up to 36 cm in length.

Handle : They have a very comfortable handle that is soft to the touch thanks to its EVA foam construction that prevents the cold in winter and absorbs moisture.

Tip : Its tips made of tungsten carbide provide safety when walking thanks to its hardness.

Rods : Made of a 7075 aluminum alloy with zinc, they provide great lightness and resistance to impacts with the ground.


Vibration : Consider that if you hit the ground very hard, they could vibrate a little.

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2. Taococo 2pcs Folding Hiking Pole 7075

This product is considered one of the best sets of folding trekking poles that the market offers according to the opinions of various users thanks to its extensive features, making it a suitable model for people who love hiking and outdoor walks.

It stands out for its manufacture with 7075 aluminum alloy, which gives it maximum strength and portability. In addition, they have a handle made with high-density EVA foam, which adapts to the shape of the hand to improve ergonomics and absorbs sweat from your hands.

Its 5-section folding system is one of the best on the market thanks to its ease of use, with which you can quickly extend the product from 40 to 135 cm. Also, the extra strong and fast locking mechanism allows you to adjust the height without problems.

If you are interested in knowing which are the best trekking poles, we recommend you look at the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


Set : With your purchase a complete set of 14 pieces is included, in addition to the carrying case, so you will not need to make any more investment.

Pads : Includes a complete set of rubber pads for snow, asphalt or stone, dirt and mud.

Cable : Each section is supported by a wear-resistant steel cable that allows them to be held together.


Trail : If you are interested in acquiring a set of poles for trail running, we recommend choosing another model, since they are not indicated for that sport.

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carbon trekking poles 

3. Enkeeo 2 Pack Ultralight Trekking Hiking Poles

If you are interested in acquiring a pair of carbon trekking poles due to their lightness of 260 grams for each pole and their great resistance, which also makes them suitable for trail running, we recommend this Enkeeo brand model.

These poles are made entirely of carbon fiber and EVA artificial cork handles, which fit perfectly to the shape of your hands and manage to absorb sweat to prevent them from slipping.

They feature a quick-lock system that allows you to quickly adjust the length of the poles and have a set of wrist straps that provide a higher level of comfort on the back of your hand, ensuring you won’t lose them.

To choose the best trekking poles of the moment, you should take a good look at the technical characteristics of each model. Later we present the advantages and disadvantages of this set of canes.


Length : They have a variable length that goes from 65 to 135 cm, which allows you to adjust them according to your height.

Temples : The temples made of carbon fiber provide durability and lightness, so you can carry them comfortably and with the certainty that they will withstand intense use.

Handles : Made of EVA cork, the handles provide users with great ergonomics.


Vibration : They are poles that can vibrate considerably due to the closure system, so if this aspect bothers you, you should choose another model.

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4. Unigear Folding Hiking Pole

For practitioners of mountain activities, these carbon trekking poles are an ideal alternative thanks to their 5-segment design and quick release system, which allows you to quickly store them in your bag due to their 36 cm dimensions. In addition, they reach a length of 135 cm in total.

These poles are made of carbon fiber, weighing about 265 grams each, in addition to having a high level of resistance and durability, especially in its lower section, which is made of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, to withstand impacts. to the stones. On the other hand, its handles are made of EVA foam, adjusting ergonomically to the hand and absorbing the sweat we produce to prevent slipping.

Considered one of the cheapest models on the market, this set of poles includes a complete set of rosettes for mud, sand, snow and stone. In addition, the tip of each pole is made of tungsten steel, which is a material harder than rock itself.

If you are looking for the best price-quality trekking poles, we recommend you look at the highlights of this model.


Length : Each pole can be adjusted to a length of 115 to 135 cm, depending on your height.

Versatile : These are completely versatile poles, ideal for hiking, mountaineering, trail running and backpacking.

Materials : Made of carbon fiber, these carbon fiber poles offer both high resistance to frequent use as well as lightness.


Paint : It is likely that, with frequent use and rubbing against the roots and flowers, the paint on the bottom of the canes will gradually degrade.

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Black Diamond trekking poles 

5. Black Diamond Trail’14 Hiking Poles

These Black Diamond trekking poles stand out for being made of resistant aluminum, ideal for use during any season of the year thanks to their durability and possibility of adjusting to any user.

Each pole has three easy-to-adjust segments thanks to its flick lock system, with which you can get going in a few seconds. In addition, it incorporates a set of various tips and removable and interchangeable baskets with which you can walk safely on all types of surfaces.

With an adjustable length from 63 to 140cm per pole, you can quickly adjust them to your height for a more comfortable walk. On the other hand, each cane includes a padded strap.

Known as the best trekking pole brand, Black Diamond presents a product with the following pros and cons.


Materials : The poles are made of aluminum, which gives them great durability and lightness.

Adjustable : They are easily adjustable poles according to the height of the user who is going to use them.

Baskets : They have a complete set of interchangeable baskets to walk on snow and dirt.


Tip : If you’re looking for a pair of canes to walk on stone or hard surfaces, you’ll need to purchase rubber tips separately.

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6. Black Diamond Distance Z Poles

If you are looking for a set of Black Diamond trekking poles ideal for both adult users who are just starting out in this sport and the most experienced, this is an excellent purchase option.

These trekking poles are made of aluminum, adjustable up to a length of 125 cm according to your height, so they provide great resistance to frequent use, in addition to their design of three folding sections, they are ideal to carry in a bag thanks to its size 40 cm.

They have a set of interchangeable tech tips made of carbide and rubber, making them ideal for use on any terrain and perfect for trail running.

Some users claim that they are the best trekking poles of the moment, so we recommend you look carefully at the following pros and cons.


Adjustable : You can easily adjust the length of the poles according to your height to achieve a correct displacement.

Foldable : Take them easily to any place where the adventure is thanks to its practical folding system.

Materials : Made of aluminum with carbide and rubber tech tips, they are poles that guarantee durability.


Bag : Keep in mind that this set of trekking poles does not have a carrying bag, so you must carry it in your backpack.

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Leki trekking poles

7. Leki Eagle Trekking Poles 6402011

This set of Leki trekking poles is one of the cheapest and simplest alternatives on this list, being an ideal product for users who do not want to invest too much money, as well as for beginners who are starting to practice trekking.

These poles are made of aluminum, so they are resistant and very light, each one weighing approximately 270 grams, so they do not represent a very heavy weight. In addition, you can easily adjust the length of the poles from 110 to 145 cm to have a better comfort when walking thanks to its super lock system.

It incorporates an ergonomic handle that provides a lot of confidence and security thanks to its rigid texture made of PAS and has an adjustable strap.

If you still don’t know which trekking poles to buy, we suggest you look at the most important technical characteristics of this model.


Length : You can easily adjust the length of the poles from 110 to 145 cm, which will allow you to have better mobility and comfort when walking.

Weight : They are lightweight poles, weighing 540 grams per pair, perfect to take on your walks to the countryside or wherever you want to go trekking.

Material : They are made of aluminum, so they are resistant trekking poles with a lot of durability.


Accessories : If you are looking for a set of trekking poles that includes accessories such as baskets and tips for various surfaces, you should choose another model.

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Folding carbon trekking poles

8. Maxbona Extendable Carbon Hiking Poles

Nordic walking lovers have at their disposal a set of folding carbon trekking poles that can be comfortably carried in their practices in the countryside and on any terrain thanks to their complete set of tips, each indicated for a specific surface.

They stand out for being light and durable thanks to their carbon fiber alloy construction, providing great resistance to the impacts generated when walking and allowing each cane to weigh no more than 214 grams.

The poles have a length adjustment and locking system, which prevents them from folding unexpectedly, plus you can quickly adjust their size from 60 to 135 cm. Their versatility makes them suitable for both novice and experienced hikers.

Before proceeding with your purchase, it is important that you look carefully at the aspects and characteristics of this model.


Set : A complete set of accessories and interchangeable tips is included to walk on any terrain.

Ergonomic : Its handle made of EVA cork will give you a comfortable grip and will absorb all the sweat from your hand to prevent slipping.

Construction : Made from aluminum alloy, these poles provide high impact resistance.


Lock: If you don’t adjust the cane locks correctly, they could shorten while you walk.

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Accessories for trekking poles 

Tips for trekking poles

Wirabo Protectors

Depending on the type of surface on which you intend to hike, the tips used by trekking poles are very different, helping to reduce the vibration caused by the impact of the metal tip on the ground, so that you can walk comfortably. This set of rubber protectors also protect the tips of the poles, reducing wear, especially when you go on asphalt, gravel roads or through the mountains.

These trekking pole tips have a universal design, allowing them to be attached to almost any type of trekking pole. In addition, they have a robust construction and high-quality rubber, reducing noise and improving smoothness with each step.

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Shopping guide 

Trekking is one of the most practiced outdoor sports today and, like any sport, special equipment is required to perform it correctly. The use of trekking poles is completely necessary if you want to perform safely and advance with a little more ease on the different terrains that you may find on your way.

However, faced with so many alternatives offered by the specialized market, choosing the right poles becomes a bit difficult. For this reason, in case you are interested in acquiring the cheapest model, we have made the decision to create this guide to buy the best trekking poles, so that you can easily make your choice.

Fabrication material

One of the main aspects that you must take into account when making a comparison of trekking poles is what type of terrain you will be traveling on. The reason is clear. Depending on the surface, the type and material of manufacture of the cane will vary considerably.

Therefore, something very important that you have to take into account is the material of the cane, since depending on the utility and the terrain on which you are going to walk, it should be made of one or another material. For example, those made of carbon fiber are ultra light and ideal for trail running or mountaineers looking for speed of movement, however, they are a little more expensive than those made of aluminum, which are for all uses and with better value. quality price, but they transmit more vibrations when walking. 


According to the opinions of the majority of experienced users, one of the main aspects that you should take into account when choosing your next poles is the type of handle they have. These can vary in size, materials and shapes, so each user will be able to find the ones that best suit their needs and are more comfortable for them. It is important to note that before looking at how much the product costs, the grip or handle should feel very comfortable as soon as you hold it.

It is recommended that the handle be as ergonomic as possible, however, with so many models on the market, it is not very easy to find the right one for each user. The materials can be either rubber, foam, plastic or cork, which means that each one has a different level of grip. For example, some materials like EVA cork can absorb sweat and water to prevent stick loss.

cane body

This is the part of the trekking pole that goes from the handle to the lower tip where the rosette is located. In other words, it is the one that supports the impact and weight of the user who wears it. This is why the body is usually made of very resistant but light materials, such as carbon fiber or aluminum. 

Although carbon fiber is very light and strong, it is noticeably more expensive compared to alloy. However, lately aluminum models have been made that are both light and strong.

On the other hand, it is very important that you look at the possibility of folding the cane to store it more easily in your backpack. Among so many models that are offered in the market, some allow to be folded and others do not, so if you are thinking of acquiring really compact ones, we recommend that you look at the model that allows it to be folded for greater ease of transport. 

Lock system 

Finally, a fundamental aspect in the choice of your next trekking poles that generates controversy among professional users is the locking system of each segment of the poles, since personal tastes are what make a certain system good or bad. 

While internal mechanisms were the favorite until some time ago, today it is external systems that dominate the market, since they are much easier to use, even with gloves on, and you will be able to determine if one has come loose just by looking at it.

Remember that the important thing about the locking system is the possibility of extending the length of the poles according to your height. It is important to keep in mind that sticks that are too small will be just as uncomfortable for you as ones that are too long. 

Because of this, many canes have length markings that can act as a guide to get the correct 90-degree angle at the elbows to get the ideal length for your height. Keep in mind that the market makes canes of different lengths available, so it is advisable to take into account your height before making the purchase. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use trekking poles?

First of all, it is important that you adjust the length of each pole according to your height. For this, it is advisable to prolong them until, when holding them by their handle, your elbow forms an angle of about 90 degrees. Make sure that the locks are well adjusted to prevent the poles from being picked up unexpectedly.

Then, it is important that you secure the leashes or straps that are on the handle to the wrists, which will prevent you from losing the poles if they slip out of your hands. Next, place the tip corresponding to the surface you will cover, be it mud, earth, stone or snow.

Finally, every time you take a stride, you should position the tip of the cane well to help you have a better balance with each step, making sure you have a correct angle on the surface to avoid a fall.

Q2: How to carry the trekking poles in the backpack?

There are some types of backpacks that have a special accessory to carry the poles. In this type of bag, the tip should go down. However, if your backpack does not have this accessory, you can use the compression straps located on the sides to adjust them.

In that case, place the tips up and secure the poles with the straps. Also, if the bag has an external side pocket, use it to deposit the handle and leash inside. In general, the idea is to take advantage of the straps and systems to place the ice axes, especially in case your backpack does not have the accessory to carry poles.

Q3: How to carry the trekking poles on the plane?

To guarantee the care of the trekking poles in a trip by air, it is indicated to store them in the checked luggage in a correct way to prevent them from bending due to the weight caused by other bags.

For this, it is recommended to join the two poles very well and cover them with air bubble paper, securing them well with adhesive tape, which will prevent any pole from bending. In addition, this way you will keep the tips safe and prevent them from damaging any part of the backpack.

Q4: How to repair trekking poles?

On the net you can find numerous maintenance and repair tips for your trekking poles, which focus on unfolding the body of the pole, repairing the adjustment systems and changing the bent tips of each pole.

In the event that the body has been bent, you can try to unbend it by inserting a thinner pipe or beam through the faulty section. With a little pressure, you can straighten the cane again. Although sometimes these folds affect the entire pole, not allowing them to slide freely through the sections, you can try to remove the larger bulges using tweezers or pliers.

In case it is the grip that has been damaged by use, you can change that component by buying a replacement rubber or coating. Likewise, if the tip is affected, you can change it by acquiring the necessary spare part.

Q5: How many trekking poles to use?

Normally, it is recommended to use two trekking poles, one for each hand, so an extra one would be impossible to hold. However, if you are extremely cautious, you can carry an extra pole or two with another tip or basket attached to quickly swap them out depending on the terrain and not waste time changing the tip.

Q6: How should the trekking poles be?

Trekking poles must have certain height and tip conditions that are determined by your size and the terrain you are going to walk. To calculate the correct length of the poles, simply multiply your height by 0.67 and round the given result to a multiple of 5.

On the other hand, the tip of the poles must be consistent with the type of terrain on which you are going to hike. This means that if you are going to be walking on snow, dirt, rock, or mud, the type of basket or tip will vary greatly.

Q7: How to regulate the trekking poles?

To adjust trekking poles, you will need to know your height and release the locks on each section of the pole until your hand forms a 90-degree angle with each other. Check the security systems of each section to avoid an unexpected fall.

Q8: How to clean trekking poles?

First, separate each section of your poles according to pattern and use a medium bristle brush to remove any debris such as dried-on dirt. Then, with a small damp cloth, clean each section well and put them to dry in the shade. Finally, reassemble the poles and secure them with their security system so they look like new.

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