The 9 Best 4 Person Camping Tents of 2022

Tent for 4 people – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The choice of the tent that you will take on your next camping trip is crucial, because not only your comfort depends on this, but also your safety throughout the night. For that reason, it is not something to be taken lightly. Fortunately, the market is full of very good options made by renowned brands. This is the case of, for example, the Coleman Coastline 4 Deluxe camping tent, which has been created to protect you from the sun’s UV rays, strong wind and rain. Likewise, an alternative such as the High Peak 10092 is also recommended, as it is a spacious, robust and easy to assemble tent.  

The 9 Best 4-Person Camping Tents – Opinions 2022

To really enjoy camping with family or friends, you need to have a comfortable place to sleep. For that reason, here you can find 9 tents for 4 people that could become your ideal option.

1. Coleman Coastline Tunnel Tent

Camping never has to be synonymous with discomfort and Coleman knows this. For that reason, the company has manufactured this tent, which has a suitable design to provide the comfort you are looking for.

For starters, this product is made from a high-quality polyester fabric, which is waterproof, has UV protection, and is also windproof. However, the tent is still breathable, as it has different ventilation chambers so that the air circulates correctly, avoiding condensation.

The large space of this tent has been divided in two, to have a comfortable place to sleep and to share during the day. In addition, because the floor is made of sealed polyurethane canvas, you will always be protected from moisture and insects. On the other hand, thanks to its 3 fiberglass arches and the fixing system, the assembly of the tent will be simple and fast.

Due to its extensive experience in the camping market, Coleman could be the best brand of 4-person camping tents.


Assembly: The assembly of this store is a really simple process that can be done in a short time.

Space: Divided into two wide sections, this tent offers enough space to rest comfortably.

Protection: The polyester fabric is equipped with UV protection, it is waterproof and, in addition, it is windproof.

Ventilation: Due to its ventilation system, the air will be able to circulate correctly.


Price: The cost of this product is high compared to other models, which can be a drawback.

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2. High Peak Tent Zelt Tessin 4

When you want to go camping as a family, you need a spacious tent. Therefore, if you are wondering which is the best tent for 4 people, this may be a good option, since its interior dimensions are 220 x 240 x 170 centimeters. In addition to that, the structure has a small lobby to have more space, either to hang out or relax.

As for the materials, this tent is made of 100% coated polyester, with a water column of 2000 mm to prevent precipitation from affecting the interior. On the other hand, the rods are made of fiberglass to provide durability and strength.

To give greater comfort, the tent has continuous ventilation and two entrances, so that you can always open the one that is against the direction of the wind.

This tent is a good alternative for those who want a comfortable space to interact and another to sleep.


Comfort: The small lobby offers a comfortable space to share during the day or to store belongings.

Security: Reinforced seams and high-quality waterproof fabric provide the security you need when camping. This is complemented by proper ventilation.

Space: This structure has adequate space to comfortably accommodate 4 people simultaneously.


Lobby: The small lobby does not have a floor, therefore it is not possible to sleep there.

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3. Justcamp Carson 4 Tent 4 People

For those who want comfort from start to finish, this could be one of the best 4-person tents of 2022, as it is a model that comes with a repair and transport kit and, in addition, has exterior measurements of 345 x 245 x 135 centimeters to give a comfortable space to rest.

The rods of this product are made of fiberglass, which gives it stability, while the waterproof fabric provides resistance, since the walls have a water column of 2000 mm and the floor has a protection of 10,000 mm. Likewise, the zippers have protection strips against water, to avoid dripping.

The structure of this tent is divided into a vestibule and a sleeping area, which is completely closed and has adequate ventilation. In addition, the store includes two tickets, so you can use the one that is most convenient.

With a beautiful design and easy use, this could be the tent you need to go camping.


Protection: The floor has a 10,000 mm protection to prevent water from penetrating the material.

Division: The structure of this model is divided into two areas so you can enjoy more space.

Intuitive use: The assembly instructions included in the purchase and the repair kit make using this tent quite simple.


Vestibule: Unlike some models that come with a resistant floor in both areas, the vestibule of this product only has a top cover.

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4. FE Active 4 Person Camping Tent

This tent has many remarkable qualities, however, probably the most important is the fact that it is a model suitable for all 4 seasons of the year. Therefore, you will be able to use the store whenever you need it.

The floor is made of 210D Oxford fabric and the walls are made of 210 T Ripstop polyester, with a waterproof rating of 3000 mm. This way you will always be protected from water and snow. On the other hand, in summer you can enjoy the wind through the multiple ventilated windows, which promote air circulation without letting insects through.

Another positive aspect of this model is that it is quite light, weighing 3.2 kilograms. However, it still offers a lot of space, as its structure reaches dimensions of 240 x 210 x 120 centimeters. The tent can be carried in its transport bag, which is also waterproof and comes with a comfortable handle.

This model has all the qualities that the best 4-person tent of the moment should offer, making it a standout product.


Versatile: This tent is suitable for use in any of the 4 seasons, no problem.

Protection: In terms of water resistance, this is one of the most effective options, as it has a water column of 3000 mm.

Transport: Thanks to the waterproof transport bag, it will be quite easy to move the tent from one place to another.


Storage: Getting the tent into the carry bag can be challenging the first few times, which is a downside.

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5. Bessport 4-5 Person Lightweight Tent

Not only could this be the best 4-person camping tent, but it’s also almost impossible to miss out on because of its bright orange color. The product has an interior height of 160 centimeters and measures 260 x 240 to provide enough space to rest comfortably.

The walls are made with a material resistant to water, wind and UV rays from the sun, to protect in summer. In addition, the seams have been reinforced to prevent leaks and keep campers always dry. On the other hand, enjoying a starry night will be possible, because when you remove the cover, you will see everything through the roof, the windows and the mesh door.

The structure, for its part, is divided in two so that you have a better organization and, in addition to that, although it is light, the frame is robust to withstand rainy and snowy conditions.

By using this tent you can rest comfortably, no matter the season and without worrying about rain.


Mesh: By removing the cover from the tent you can enjoy viewing the entire landscape through the anti-mosquito mesh on the roof.

Protection: The materials of this product are suitable to protect you against water, wind and UV rays.

Durability: The frame of this tent is robust and this, together with the reinforced zippers and stitching, will give excellent durability.


Height: The tent could be a little higher, however, this does not affect its use much.

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6. MSR Habitude 4 Spacious Tent

This is not one of the cheapest models on the market, however, if what you need is ample space, then it is a suitable alternative. This tent has dimensions of 241.3 x 241.3 x 185.42 cm so everyone can comfortably fit in, and best of all, it’s still lightweight.

The structure has been carefully planned, with a stable geometry of bars to give strength and durability. This is complemented by a 68D polyester cover that protects against rain and wind, thanks to the 1500mm water column. On the other hand, the floor is made of polyester with polyurethane and has a protection of 10,000 mm.

To make assembly quick and easy, the tent has color-coded pole clips. As for comfort and organization, inside the structure, there are different storage compartments to store essential things.

If you don’t mind spending a little more money, you could get this tent, which is made for durability and comfort.


Height: This tent has a height of 1.85 meters, therefore, most will be able to stand comfortably inside it.

Storage: The interior of the tent has small storage spaces to store essential things.

Floor:  The floor has a 10,000mm water protection, so you won’t have to suffer with a wet surface when using the tent.


Price: The cost of this product is quite high compared to other alternatives on the market, which is a negative point.

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7. Ayamaya 4-6 Person Camping Tent

A 4-person tent is a good alternative, however having room for 6 will expand the possibilities. For that reason, this can be a very good purchase option. 

Its design has dark colors, which is good because it will not look dirty so quickly and, in addition, the assembly is done in seconds, since it is instant. For your greater comfort, you should not worry about air circulation, since the 5 windows and the door have mesh for ventilation. 

To this is added the polyester of the structure, which is double layered, coated with polyurethane and has a resistance against water of 3,000 mm. This material will protect you from wind and rain, especially as it has reinforced seams that prevent leaks and is complemented by durable zippers. In terms of layout, the interior is divided into two sections and, for practical reasons, has storage pockets for keys, cell phones and other items.

If you don’t know which 4-person tent to buy, then take a look at this alternative, which will give you space for two more people comfortably.


Assembly: The assembly of this product, fortunately, does not need rods or instructions, since it is instantaneous.

Water column: The water column of this double-layer polyester is 3000 mm, so you will be protected from the rain.

Space: Up to 6 people can sleep in this tent, as it has ample space to provide comfort.


Weight: The weight of this tent is a little more than 7 kilos, which could make it difficult to transport.

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8. CampFeuer Extra Large Family Tent

By purchasing a tunnel tent, like this one, you no longer need to worry about having enough space, as its width is adequate for 4 people to sleep comfortably. Although the package has dimensions of 72 x 39 x 33 centimeters to facilitate transport, the actual measurements of this product reach 475 x 305 x 205 centimeters, divided into two wide sections with three entrances.

To provide you with safety and comfort, this tent has been made from 190T polyester that is also polyurethane coated. In addition to this, it has a water column of 5,000 mm so that you can be protected from the rain. On the other hand, PE sheets have been used for the floor.

Along with the purchase of this tent, you will also get a transport bag that brings everything you need to assemble it, such as cables, pegs and fiberglass rods.

Among the cheapest options, you can find this tent, which is quite complete and will give you comfort.


Dimensions: With measurements of 475 x 305 x 205 centimeters you will have plenty of space to rest comfortably.

Water column: The protection of this tent against water is 5000 mm, so you will be safe and dry inside it.

Materials: The best materials have been used in the manufacturing process to give this tent strength and durability.


Weight: This product, due to its size, is one of the heaviest in the entire market. Which can make it difficult to transport.

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9. Coleman Rock Springs Tent

Cheap products can be pretty good, especially when they’re made by a brand like Coleman. In fact, this model could be considered the best value for money 4-person tent, as it combines good design with protection and comfort.

This polyester tent has a 2000mm water column and is polyurethane coated for added safety. However, this does not affect ventilation, so air circulation will always be correct. The floor, on the other hand, is made of polyethylene.

The entire tent is held stable by fiberglass poles, which provide good strength and make mounting possible. In addition, this structure is divided into two and has a double entrance to give you greater comfort. This way you will have space to sleep and also for your most important belongings.

With the Coleman seal of quality, this tent could become your best ally on camping nights.


Price: This tent is quite affordable, so you will not have to invest a lot of money to get it.

Structure: The division of the store is very well done and, in addition, the double entrance makes the use of the model more comfortable.

Space: The tent has enough space to accommodate 4 people simultaneously without discomfort.


Water column: Although 2000 mm of protection is adequate, this is a lower value than other options.

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Shopping guide

If you want to spend a good night camping, you need to check important aspects of your future tent, to ensure a comfortable, safe and memorable time.


When comparing 4-person tents, there are many things to consider. However, the most important thing to note before making the purchase decision is the size, as this is what will ensure that you can spend a pleasant and comfortable time with family or friends.

Using a tent that is too small for the number of people that will be staying there can not only be inconvenient, it can also be dangerous. Items may need to be left outside, exposed to theft, to accommodate more than the bill. Also, being close together, a wrong move can hurt someone in the middle of the night.

The best thing you can do is buy a tent with divided spaces. These models are those that have small “lobbies”, which can have a floor or be without it. The former will provide a nice extra sleeping space, dividing the tent into duos for comfort. On the other hand, the latter allow the use of this extra space to leave belongings or have an area to share during the day. Regardless of its type, having more space is always a good thing.

You must remember that the larger the model, the greater its cost and weight. However, you should not look so much at how much the product costs, but how comfortable you will feel using it.


When you are sure that the model has the size you need, then you can proceed to verify the quality of the materials used in each product found in the guide to buy the best 4-person tent. These are the ones that will give you security while you use the store.

The most used is polyester, as it is a fairly resistant material that also provides impermeability. You must bear in mind that even if you see two tents made of polyester, this does not mean that they have the same resistance to water and wind, as this can vary depending on the interlacing of the threads and the treatment that has been given to the material. tissue.

The quality of the materials is quite noticeable in the resistance it provides against water. An optimal water column is one that is between 2000 mm and 7000 mm, the latter value being the one necessary for camping in extreme situations.

In the same way, the protection of the floor can also vary depending on the quality of the material. Usually, the elements used are canvas or nylon, the latter being the weakest. Floor protection is usually between 3000 mm and 10,000 mm.

As for the linkage, it can be made of aluminum, carbon and, the most common, fiberglass. These materials provide stability and adequate resistance.

Lastly, even if you find a good, cheap alternative, try to get this one with reinforced seams. This small detail will prevent water or snow from getting inside the tent. In addition, it influences the durability of the model.


If you have already evaluated the most important thing, that is, the size and the safety of the materials used in the manufacture of the model, then you can now go on to check other details that are also important.

So that 4 people can be comfortable sharing a small space, it is necessary that it has good ventilation. Therefore, make sure that the product you have chosen has good air circulation, otherwise, it is possible to feel suffocated spending a lot of time inside the store. These air inlets are usually the windows; which, for your comfort, should always have an anti-mosquito fabric.

In this sense, another characteristic that you should check in the windows is that they have a fabric that covers them, if necessary. Especially for protection against the rain, but also to prevent the passage of light in the early hours of the morning, in case you want to maximize your sleeping hours.

Another relevant aspect of comfort is the ease of transport and assembly offered by the tent. Most products come with carrying cases, and for easy portability, you should choose products that have handles and are not too heavy. In reference to the assembly, try to buy models with an instruction manual so that the process is not complicated.

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