The 9 Best Adidas Socks of 2022

Adidas Socks – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Socks are essential garments for our feet, as they provide them with the necessary protection so that they do not suffer any type of chafing when in contact with the inside of the shoes. In addition, depending on the thickness of the textile, they will provide cushioning and even stability in specific areas such as the ankle. This is the case of the Adidas Solid Crew socks, which have a discreet sports aesthetic, while the high shaft with vertical channels improves flexibility, for a better fit to the leg. For their part, the Adidas DZ9346 socks adapt anatomically to the cane, heel, arch, toe and instep of the foot, due to their flexible fabric.



The 9 Best Adidas Socks – Opinions 2022

To take the best Adidas socks with you, it’s important to put rush shopping in the past and instead check out what the top brands have to offer. For this reason, we present below nine recommended Adidas socks among the best of this year.

Adidas long socks

1. Adidas Solid Crew Socks Unisex Adult 3 Pack

For many people, this model could represent the best Adidas socks due to its high-cut design, which adjusts to the leg to provide protection during your soccer, basketball, skateboarding or any other sports activity.

Regarding the construction of these long Adidas socks, you will be interested to know that they combine four different fibers such as polyamide and polyester, which are robust and highly resistant materials. Likewise, cotton or natural fabric gives the design softness and breathability, while elastane is responsible for enhancing flexibility for an anatomical fit to the sole, ankle and leg.

It is also important to mention that this set includes six pieces or three pairs of white socks. In addition, these garments have a total of three black stripes on the upper part of the shaft along with the logo of the manufacturer brand.

This is a model valued as the best Adidas socks of the moment. Learn about its favorable and unfavorable aspects, below.


Stretch : The elastane fabric built into the socks provides an anatomical fit every time.

Cane: Its high cane provides protection to the legs in case of hitting the ground during your sports practices.

Washing: You can add the socks to the washing machine and avoid the messy task of washing them manually.

Use: Due to its discreet design, you can use the socks in sports activities or daily.


Size: You should check the length of the socks, as they may be shorter than expected.

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2. Adidas Cushioned Crew Socks Long Classic Unisex Adult

Sports socks made of white fabric are a type of garment considered a basic, since it is a neutral tone, which combines with the vast majority of outfits to go to the gym or play sports. Therefore, it is not surprising to find at least one pair of this type of socks in the wardrobe of a man or woman.

For example, for those looking for comfort and protection for their feet, long Adidas socks are a good alternative, since they have a minimalist design, highlighting a series of vertical channels on the shaft that improve elasticity and offer an anatomical fit. For its part, the heel and arch areas are made with slightly more robust fibers that enhance the stability of the foot.

In addition, we must mention the inclusion of polyester, cotton, polyamide and elastane threads, which provide the socks with residence, cushioning, breathability and elasticity.

These are Adidas socks with great positioning, with some positive and negative details that we will comment on below.


Washing: You can save time when washing the socks, since they can be incorporated into the washing machine.

Cane: Its high cane provides protection to the leg against chafing and does not limit movements.

Fit: Built-in elastane fibers provide flexibility for socks to fit anatomically.

Fabric: You will get correct cushioning with these socks thanks to their robust fabric.


Dirt: These socks could easily get dirty because they are white.

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Adidas high socks

3.Adidas 3s

For many, these could be the best Adidas socks of 2022 due to their unisex design, in which three black stripes stand out on the upper area of ​​the shaft and the brand’s logo placed on the instep. All this, on a robust white textile with ribbed sections of greater rigidity and elasticity, arranged to provide the foot with better stability when moving. In addition, in the toe and heel there is a reinforcement for greater cushioning and, therefore, increased comfort.

This set of three pairs of Adidas high socks are aimed at an adult target and made with a combination of three synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyamide and elastane, as well as a fourth material of natural origin such as cotton. These are resistant fibers, which together form a quality fabric, comfortable, flexible and with a pleasant touch.

Adidas is recommended as the possible best brand of socks. So we invite you to know other details of this model, below.


Cushioning: The robust fabric provides cushioning for a comfortable ride when walking or running.

Seams: Built-in seams are flat, so they won’t cause discomfort on your toes.

Elasticity: The incorporated elastane threads offer the correct flexibility for an anatomical fit.

Cleaning: You will not have limitations to wash the socks, since they are suitable for the machine due to the combination of resistant fibers.


Length: The rod may not be very long, so you should check the dimensions of that area.

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4. Adidas Cush CRW 6pp Unisex Adult Socks

On this occasion, Adidas presents us with a set of socks made up of six pieces or, what is the same, three pairs, made with a combination of high-quality synthetic fibers such as polyamide, elastane and polyester. Similarly, they incorporate a significant percentage of cotton, which is a fabric of natural origin. 

All these materials provide specific characteristics such as breathability and cushioning, so that the foot is always fresh and protected. They also provide elasticity, so that you can easily put on the socks, achieve an anatomical fit and that the shaft stays in place despite your movements. 

In addition, these Adidas high socks have a discreet design in black with channels, and the brand’s logo stands out on the sides in white. We must not forget to mention that the seams are flat, to prevent the fingers from suffering any type of friction that reduces the comfort of the person.

Find out below the details of this set of sports socks with a discreet design.


Cushioning: The robust fabric of these socks provides correct cushioning to the soles of your feet.

Seams: Flat toe seams will protect your toes from chafing.

Stability: Thanks to the incorporation of a thicker fabric in the ankle, arch and heel, you will enjoy a good level of stability.

Design: You can easily combine the socks with your sports outfits, thanks to their black design.


Size: The absence of numerical size could cause confusion when selecting socks.

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Adidas Originals Socks

5. Adidas Originals Chaussettes mi mollet Mid Cut x3

This is a model that for many users could be the answer to which are the best Adidas socks, since, thanks to its mid-cut design, it provides a high level of stability in the ankle without sacrificing freedom of movement. In the same way, due to the robust body of the textile, you will enjoy the necessary cushioning on the sole when stepping. Thus, the feet will not be exposed to chafing or blisters.

In addition, these socks offer great flexibility so that you can easily insert your foot into them and, at the same time, they fit anatomically without fear of the shaft falling down with the constant movement when walking.

Also, it is important to mention that all the benefits of these Adidas Originals socks are due to the natural and synthetic fibers used in their preparation, which are elastane, polyacrylic, polyester and cotton at 2, 13, 24 and 61. %, respectively.

Those who do not know which Adidas socks to buy might be interested in this pack. Here, the details.


Cane: Its mid-high cane provides stability to the ankle without sacrificing comfort.

Flexibility: The elastane threads provide flexibility when introducing the feet and allow to achieve a correct fit.

Seams: The toe seams will not cause chafing on the toes because they are flat.

Pack: By purchasing this pack you will enjoy three pairs of assorted socks, so you can combine them with your sports outfits.


Size: It is likely that the dimensions of these socks are a little different from the conventional lasts, so you should check the size.

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Women’s Adidas Socks

6. Adidas Mid Cut Glitter Crew Sock 2pp Socks Women

Adidas is a brand known worldwide, whose products stand out for having high levels of quality, so this explains the good positioning of each of the garments, footwear and other sports items that make up the purchase catalog of said multinational.

These Adidas socks for women are made of synthetic fabric, which gives the design an adequate level of resistance and a robust body, responsible for both protecting and cushioning the feet, without sacrificing proper breathability.

Regarding the appearance of the socks, we have that they are white and incorporate three gray and pink stripes on the upper part of the shaft with some shiny threads, which give the design a feminine touch. Also, under these lines the iconic logo of the Adidas house stands out in the form of a clover.

If you want to make a successful purchase, you should review the pros and cons for this model.


Glitter: Glittery yarns incorporated into the color stripes give the socks an attractive look.

Cushioning: You will enjoy a good level of cushioning thanks to the robust body of the textile used.

Cane: Its cane is more rigid than the rest of the socks to offer the necessary stability to the ankle. 

Seams: The flat seams used will not cause annoying chafing on the fingers.


Colours: If you are looking for stockings in solid tones, this model is not the one, since it incorporates three colored stripes on the shaft.

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Adidas soccer socks

7. Adidas Milano 16 Sock Men’s Tights 1 Pair

Among the cheapest Adidas socks is this knee-high model, made of good quality recycled-type textile, robust body and great flexibility, due to the incorporation of a small percentage of elastane threads. In this way, you will be able to enter the foot with ease and achieve an anatomical fit. In addition, the upper band arranged in the neck of the sock prevents them from falling down with the constant movement when running, jumping or simply walking.

These Adidas football socks can be purchased in various colors and the brand’s logo stands out in white on the front area. They have also been provided with some reinforcements in the medial area of ​​the sole, ankle and toe. In this way, the socks will provide the athlete with a higher level of stability, protection and a better fit, turning them into a second skin.

Here you can read more details about Adidas unicolor socks, aimed at the male target.


Flexibility: Thanks to the elastane threads incorporated into the fabric, you will be able to adjust the sock with greater practicality.

Seams: The seams arranged on the toecap are imperceptible because they are flat, so they will not cause discomfort.

Cushioning: The robust body of the fabric provides a high level of cushioning and prevents chafing.

Aesthetics: These socks are easy to combine with your sports uniforms, thanks to the solid tone of the textile.


Rigidity: There are those who comment that the textile of the socks can be a bit rigid. However, this will depend on the anatomy of each person.

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Adidas men’s socks

8. Adidas Unisex Adult Light ANK 3pp Socks

This is a pack of Adidas socks for men, made with high-quality fibers and advanced technology that will allow you to enjoy a maximum level of comfort and freshness at all times.

These are socks with a cut specially made for each foot, so that one of the socks will fit correctly on the right foot and the other on the left, just like footwear. The shaft is low with flexible edges, to always keep the garment in place no matter how much you move when moving or doing sports. 

In addition, the toe seams are flat to prevent chafing and the three stripes incorporated in the middle part of the plant promote a better fit. Similarly, to the elastane, polyamide and polyester fabrics used, climacool technology is added for a better level of breathability.

These Adidas socks have a series of advantages and disadvantages that may be interesting if you are looking for a low-top model.


Pack: As it is a pack of three pairs of socks, you can have spare parts when you need them.

Climacool: The Climacool technology incorporated into the textile allows maximum breathability for the foot.

Cane: Its low cane provides greater freedom of movement.

Textile: You will enjoy resistant socks with good elasticity thanks to the combination of polyester, polyamide and elastane.


Size: You should carefully check the measurements of the socks, as they could be a little large for some people.

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Adidas long socks for women

9. Adidas Santos 18 Tights spring summer woman color

If you want to take with you a quality, resistant and comfortable garment for your feet, you should not let this model go unnoticed, considered the best value for money Adidas socks.

It is a garment made of nylon with a low percentage of elastane, which gives these Adidas long socks for women the necessary elasticity to fit anatomically to the foot. In addition, this is a fabric suitable for being inserted in the washing machine previously programmed in a gentle cycle.

Also, you will be interested to know that the seams are flat on the toe for greater comfort when in contact with the toes, while the elastic edge of the shaft allows this area to always remain extended up to the height of the knees, despite from the constant movement made during sports activities by running, jumping or bending the legs.

Among the cheapest Adidas socks, this high-top model stands out. Here, its pros and cons.


Seams: Its flat seams in the toe area prevent chafing and facilitate comfort. 

Washing: You will save time by not washing the socks manually, since you can add them to the washing machine.

Cushioning: The arch and ankle of the socks have been provided with a more robust textile to improve cushioning.

Neck: The neck or elastic edge of the cane allows a correct and comfortable fit to the leg.


Thickness: It is possible that the textile is a bit thin, but this will depend on the taste of each user.

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Shopping guide

Whatever footwear we are going to use, it is important to take measures to improve our comfort when moving. In this way, we refer to socks, which are garments initially designed to protect our feet from the friction caused inside the shoes. Here is a guide to buying the best Adidas socks.

Appearance and seams

Socks are used by men and women regardless of their age, since it is a universal garment that provides protection and comfort to the feet at all times. For this reason, if we review the purchase catalogs related to this type of textile, we will find a wide variety of brands and models, among which those belonging to the well-known Adidas house stand out.

These are socks in varied solid tones, accompanied by the brand’s logo on the sides or front area, while other models incorporate three stripes on the upper part of the shaft. In this way, they give a distinctive touch to the garment without overloading it visually, so you can combine the socks with any type of sports outfit without inconvenience, due to their discreet but modern appearance.

Regarding the issue of the joints of some parts of the socks, the Adidas house incorporates flat seams that manage to go unnoticed and, therefore, do not generate the typical and annoying chafing on the feet.


The shaft of the garment is an area of ​​great importance that must be reviewed in the comparison of Adidas socks, since, thanks to it, we can provide the ankle and even the leg with the necessary protection so that you can carry out your practice sports safely.

When reviewing the proposals that Adidas has for you, you will find socks with low, medium and long canes, which you must select according to your needs. For example, if you plan to play soccer, you’ll want a sock that has a cuff that reaches knee level, as well as one that provides a good range of flexibility and cuff fit. In this way, when putting on your socks, you will be able to incorporate the characteristic protectors of said sport, without fear of having to stop to raise the rods in the middle of training and rearrange the equipment initially placed under them.

For their part, the medium-high and low canes also require elasticity, so that they fit correctly and do not slip while you run, jump or walk. In this sense, you should keep an eye out and confirm that said part of the socks is a little more robust and rigid. Of course, without sacrificing comfort and free mobility.


The type of fabric used to make the socks is perhaps a specification that could influence how much the product costs. However, it is recommended that you do not buy the garment solely for its cost, since for the product to really meet your needs, you must know what type of textile it has been manufactured with.

Among the favorite fibers used by the brand to make its socks, cotton stands out because it is a natural, breathable, hypoallergenic material with a pleasant soft touch. Likewise, synthetic fabrics such as polyester and polyamide provide resistance and stability to the design, while elastane, used in an approximate percentage of 1 to 3%, gives the socks the necessary elasticity so that you can easily insert your foot. and achieve an immediate anatomical fit.


Regardless of whether it is an economical or high-cost product, when purchasing it, the issue of cleaning is fundamental. In this sense, Adidas socks could not be the exception, since after each use we must wash them to remove dirt, stains, bad odors and any bacterial agent.

Generally, Adidas socks offer two washing options, so you can carry out the process manually or add the garments to the washing machine. Of course, it is necessary to avoid the use of abrasive products and long cleaning cycles.

In any case, you will have to review the instruction manual beforehand to know exactly the right temperature according to the type of fibers and, in this way, provide them with the appropriate treatment so as not to deteriorate them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use Adidas socks?

The use of Adidas socks does not escape the conventional, so you should initially confirm that the size of the garment is adequate for your foot, as well as that the model adapts to the type of sports activity that you plan to carry out according to its high, medium or low cut.

In addition, it is important that, before putting on your socks, you apply some type of antibacterial powder to your feet, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria due to sweating. In this way, you will be able to insert your foot into the respective sock, verifying that it fits correctly. Thus, when putting on the shoes, you will not have any inconveniences and you will experience maximum comfort.

Q2: How to wash Adidas socks?

Before washing your Adidas socks, the first thing you should do is carefully review the information offered on the manufacturing label. In this way, you will be able to know all the care required to maintain the good condition of the fibers.

In any case, this type of textile can generally be incorporated into the washing machine, but you must program a gentle cleaning cycle and use a bleach-free detergent. Likewise, if you wish, you have the option of washing the socks manually, avoiding the use of abrasive products or brushes to rub the fabric.

Q3: How to fold Adidas socks?

To fold your Adidas socks there are several techniques and, of course, it will depend on the long or short design they have. For example, if your socks are long, you can spread one of them vertically on a flat surface and place the second sock on it, but horizontally. 

Next, take the right end, fold it over to the left, and then fold it over to the right. Next, repeat the procedure with the top and bottom ends and you will have finished folding your socks.

Similarly, if it is short socks, you can place them one on top of the other and begin to fold them in small sections from the toe to the end of the leg of the garment. Thus, it only remains to turn it around in an enveloping way through the elastic of the cane.

Q4: Which Adidas socks are better, long or short?

To say that long Adidas socks are better than short ones or vice versa would be a bit unfair, as both designs are made from high-end fibers.

However, we could say that long socks are the most suitable for sports activities such as soccer, because they provide greater protection to the leg, incorporate reinforced areas and are suitable for you to place the respective protectors inside. For their part, short socks are recommended for low-impact sports, going to the gym, yoga classes and even for day-to-day use, providing the foot with extra comfort.

Q5: How to sew Adidas socks?

Adidas socks generally have some flat and imperceptible seam, which allows the person or athlete to enjoy maximum comfort, by not having to experience any kind of annoying friction.

Now, in case you have to sew your Adidas socks, it is recommended that you use a thin needle and resistant cotton thread in a color similar to the tone of the textile. In this way, you will be able to sew the desired area with small short stitches and as flat as possible, so as not to alter the design of the socks.

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