The 9 Best Anti-Mosquito Lamps of 2022

Anti-mosquito lamp – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Anti-mosquito lamps are a very useful ally to get rid of insects both inside and outside the home. Their designs, formats, working power and brightness level are usually varied, as is the mosquito-killing technology incorporated into each model. For example, with the Aerb UV, people will enjoy a device with a cylindrical format and an ergonomic grip system, which can be used in any area of ​​the home or outdoors. On the other hand, there is the Molbory NA178 model, which is suitable to be used as a lamp or mosquito killer, as desired.

The 9 Best Anti-Mosquito Lamps – Opinions 2022

When searching for mosquito repellent lamps, the market offers an extensive list of options. So we have reduced them to nine, including the most recommended by buyers, based on their experience of use and technical characteristics. Meet them below.

Outdoor anti-mosquito lamp

1. Aerb UV LED Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp 18W Power Trap

This outdoor anti-mosquito lamp will attract insects and kill them after contact with the metal grid, which has an electrical voltage of 4000 volts. In addition, it is worth mentioning the 18 watts of power of the built-in UV type bulb, which covers a wavelength corresponding to 365 nm.

On the other hand, there is the structure of compact format, light weight and resistant body; Made of a combination of steel and ABS polymer. Both materials are tarnish and corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about minor impacts or corrosion. In fact, this is a piece of equipment that can be washed under the tap without inconvenience.

Also, in this lamp, which is one of the cheapest, an easy-release lower tray stands out to eliminate the mosquitoes that have died and, in order to offer a safe grip, the structure has been provided with an ergonomic handle on the back. higher.

This is a product with high quality standards, with which you can kill mosquitoes both inside and outside the home. Here, the details.


Handle: Its upper handle allows you to hang the lamp anywhere or hold it comfortably.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the lamp under the tap without damaging it.

Structure: The polymer and metal used for the construction of the structure provide adequate resistance to wear.

Tension: The tension of 4000 volts offered in the grid exterminates the insects immediately when they are in contact with it.


Effectiveness: There are those who comment that, after a few hours of the electric shock, some insects could fly again.

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2. Tdw Electric Mosquito Repellent Lamp Outdoor Camping Repellent

Considered the best anti-mosquito lamp, this model stands out for its compact size and light weight, manufactured to be used outdoors, without fear of it deteriorating due to unexpected precipitation. This is because the equipment has been provided with an IP67 water resistance treatment, so it can be washed under the tap and even submerged, but only for a few minutes, since otherwise the electrical components could suffer a short circuit and end the useful life of the device.

In addition, this outdoor anti-mosquito lamp has LED lighting, which does not emit harmful radiation for people or animals and, in turn, provides three levels of brightness, adaptable according to the needs of each person. 

On the other hand, there is its long-lasting battery, which can be recharged via USB cable for three hours, in order to enjoy up to 20 consecutive hours of lighting.

Know the pros and cons of this equipment, rated on the web as the best anti-mosquito lamp of the moment.


IP67 protection: The equipment can be used outdoors or washed under the tap, thanks to the IP67 treatment against water.

Brightness: You will have three levels of brightness, adjustable according to the needs of use.

Format: Due to the compact and light format of the structure, it will be possible to handle it easily.

Charge: You can quickly charge the lamp in three hours through a practical USB cable.


Immersions: Despite being a waterproof product, you should avoid submersion to protect the electrical part.

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Solar mosquito repellent lamp

3. Molbory Mosquito Killer Lamp Camping Solar Mosquito Killer LED

This is a model that has managed to stand out among the best anti-mosquito lamps of 2022, thanks to the modern design line of its structure, made of water-resistant polymer and metal. 

In addition, there is its compact size, corresponding to 13.5 x 8 centimeters in height – width, which provides comfortable handling and easy holding or storage in any space, while the 3.5-centimeter upper handle provides a safe and ergonomic grip. In fact, thanks to said hook, it is possible to hang the lamp, for greater practicality.

On the other hand, the working modes of this solar mosquito repellent lamp support its use as a flashlight, adjustable in three levels, or as a device to attract and kill mosquitoes or other insects, both indoors and outdoors. Also, it is important to remember that the device does not generate radiation that is harmful to humans or animals.

Molbory is recommended as the best brand of anti-mosquito lamps and this product can be proof of this. Next, its advantages and disadvantages.


Use: Due to the functionality of this equipment, you can use it as a lamp or mosquito killer.

Solar panel: It is possible to charge the device with solar energy, favoring energy consumption and the environment.

Hook: Its ergonomically shaped hook allows for quick and secure fastening.

Instruction manual: Through the instruction manual you will be able to know the step by step for the use and care of the equipment.


Effectiveness: The equipment could be inefficient in killing mosquitoes in very open areas, according to some comments.

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4. Lumisky FLY Solar LED lamp lighting anti-mosquito function steel

This product is another of the favorites of buyers, since it has a structure made of stainless steel, which is a metal with a high level of resistance. Its format is 18 x 18 centimeters and, in the upper part, it integrates a convenient handle, designed to improve the grip of the device and provide a safe area to hang it. Likewise, there is the IP44 treatment, which protects the electrical part against water, so it can be used outdoors.

This solar mosquito repellent lamp has been praised for its dual operation, which allows you to exterminate mosquitoes and illuminate the garden, or a specific space within the home, with the white light of its LED bulb. In addition, it has a long autonomy, which could reach up to 40 consecutive hours thanks, in part, to its lithium battery and the fact that it has energy efficiency class A.

Among the anti-mosquito lamps in this selection of recommended products, this model stands out. Next, its positive aspects and other less flattering ones.


Accessories: A special brush is incorporated to facilitate the cleaning of the grill.

Dual function: You can use the product as a lamp or exterminator of mosquitoes and moths.

Handle: The built-in handle allows quick and safe handling of the equipment.

Resistance: The structure has been made of stainless steel, so it offers a high level of resistance.


Solar panel: Recharging through the solar panel can be a bit slow, being annoying for some people.

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Anti-mosquito lamp for camping

5. Runacc Camping Lantern Rechargeable LED Mosquito Killer Lamp 

Those who wonder which is the best anti-mosquito lamp could find an answer in this model, since it not only offers a resistant structure but also multifunction, which can be used in any room of the house, the garden or for adventures in the open field.

This anti-mosquito lamp for camping has been made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, known as ABS polymer, which is a plastic characterized by offering a high level of resistance to impacts. In addition, the entire electrical part has been provided with an IP66 treatment against dust and water jets, that is, the device can be washed under the tap or exposed to unexpected precipitation.

On the other hand, there is the operation of the device as a flashlight, mosquito killer and SOS lamp during a journey. Likewise, it highlights the method of feeding energy from the battery, arranged through a practical USB cable.

If you still don’t know which anti-mosquito lamp to buy, you might be interested in knowing the pros and cons of this model from the Runacc house.


Hook: The built-in hook at the top allows easy handling and hanging of the structure.

IP66 protection: Thanks to the applied IP66 treatment, the equipment is protected from dust and humidity.

Ultraviolet wave: The emission of ultraviolet wave effectively attracts mosquitoes to be exterminated.

Use: With this kit you will have a mosquito killer, flashlight and SOS light in case of an emergency in the open field.


Battery: Despite requiring a battery for its operation, this has not been incorporated into the package.

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6. Bawoo Camping Lamp LED Flashlight Waterproof IP67

When looking for an anti-mosquito lamp for camping, this model frequently appears among the preferred options of users, for its versatile use in indoor and outdoor spaces. Likewise, its operation admits its use to eliminate mosquitoes or as a traditional lighting lamp, thus adapting to each circumstance.

To make the use and handling of the lamp even easier, the manufacturer added a handle from which it can be held during transport or simply hung where it is most convenient.

On the other hand, this model can be charged in a short time of four hours, and for this it supports the connection via USB, so that replenishing its energy will be easy. This product can be used in humid areas, as it has IP67 protection, which makes it waterproof. In its anti-mosquito mode, it can act in a considerable range of 5 meters, using ultraviolet light effectively.

Among the models that offer the practicality of being portable is this one, whose main favorable and unfavorable aspects we have summarized here.


Charging: The charging of this lamp is done simply via a USB cable and is completed in a relatively short time of four hours.

Portability: The general structure of the product facilitates its portability, so it can be carried or placed in a space without major complications.

Modes: Supports a conventional lighting mode or its operation as an anti-mosquito, resulting versatile.

Waterproof: It can be used in humid spaces, since it has waterproof protection.


Handle: Depending on the type of fastening that you want to make to hang it, it is possible that the handle of the lamp is less resistant than expected.

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Other products

7. Yissvic Smart Mosquito Killer Lamp

For those who want to find the best price-quality anti-mosquito lamp, they can look at this model that consists of an integrated fan, which helps to trap insects more efficiently, without causing noise that is uncomfortable for the user.

To reinforce its operation, it adds an ultraviolet light, which helps attract mosquitoes. Likewise, its charging process is simple, as it is completed by a USB source, which means an extensive list of equipment with which it can be linked.

Also, the cleaning mode is convenient, since it only consists of pressing a button to release the residues. In the same way, moving the lamp from one place to another or storing it will be an easy task, because it has a compact size of 21 x 13 cm, with an integrated carrying handle. On the other hand, it can be used in external and internal areas, since its use does not represent any type of chemical risk.

When it comes to cheaper lamps, this does not mean that their performance is inferior. As an example, we invite you to review the positive and negative elements of this model.


Technology: Combines ultraviolet light technology and a fan to effectively attract and trap mosquitoes.

Cleaning: Cleaning is simple, since it only involves emptying the corresponding tank.

Charging: It can be charged from any device that has a USB type output, which expands the possibilities of power supply.

Size: Due to its measurements of 21 x 13 cm, the lamp is easy to handle at all times.


Sound: The sound emitted by the fan may be audible to some users.

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8. Zacro 2 in 1 IPX6 Waterproof Camping Mosquito Killer Lamp

Another positively valued lamp is this Zacro model, which can be placed on a table in the room or hung from a tree. This indicates that it supports its use in internal and external areas. In this way, it can work as a mosquito killer or conventional lamp.

If you are concerned about the charging issue, you should know that this team completes this process in a period of three to five hours. To do this, it should only be connected to a source via USB. Depending on usage, it can last up to 24 hours, thanks to its 2000 mAh lithium battery.

Regarding exposure to rain, this lamp has IPX6 protection, so humidity will not be a problem. This factor is doubly beneficial, because the appliance can also be washed without any problems. To illuminate, the user will be able to adapt the light to his needs, because three brightness options will be available, in addition to the mosquito killing mode.

Those looking for a versatile lamp can find the right option in this one. The following pros and cons might help determine this fact.


IPX6 protection: It can come into contact with water without damaging its internal mechanisms, facilitating its use and cleaning.

Battery: Your battery is charged via USB, allowing you to connect to various power sources.

Light adjustment: In its light mode, it is possible to adjust the intensity in three levels, depending on the needs of the moment.

Handling: Due to its compact structure, it is a versatile lamp for both interiors and exteriors, with simple handling.


Lighting: If the lamp is used in an area where there is also another light source, this may interfere with its effect of attracting mosquitoes.

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9. Hisome Anti-mosquito Lamp Camping Killer of Mosquito Larvae

When going camping and being protected from mosquitoes, this lamp could help, due to its mosquito elimination system by electric shock, which offers good results.

Since the charging of this equipment is carried out through a USB adapter, it is possible to link it to a series of devices, so it will be easy to supply power. In addition, for cleaning, it can be washed with water, since it has IP67 protection that makes it waterproof. This implies that it can also be exposed to rain.

As for the design, its size of 13 x 8 cm allows the lamp to be stored, moved and manipulated without complications, and adds a hook to place it in specific areas when desired. Due to its operation, it is not considered a toxic piece of equipment and it is quite simple to use. It can be used as a normal lamp, taking advantage of its light at three different levels.

A model that is small and portable will always catch the attention of buyers. So the invitation is to know more details about this option.


Waterproof: It is a lamp suitable for wet outdoor environments, as it has waterproof protection.

USB: Various equipment can be used to charge the device, through a USB cable.

Lamp: The equipment works as a conventional lamp and allows to regulate the intensity of the light.

Compact: Its compact size makes it easier to use and handle in any area.


Darkness: In order for the lamp to offer the expected result, it must be placed in an area that is completely dark.

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Shopping guide

To buy a lamp that will help you reduce the presence of mosquitoes in a certain space, we have prepared a guide to buy the best anti-mosquito lamp, with the main aspects that you should take into account.


In any comparison of anti-mosquito lamps, you will get the operation of the device among the first points to verify, since generally this type of product offers two to three working modes. However, it all depends on what is set by each of the manufacturers.

When reviewing the proposals for anti-mosquito lamps on the market, it is possible to find dual-function models that, after being turned on, not only attract mosquitoes to exterminate them, but also offer the option of a flashlight. In this sense, you can illuminate any room in the home, terrace or garden.

In addition, there are teams with a triple function, which kill mosquitoes, illuminate spaces and have a convenient SOS mode, suitable for those who use the lamp on excursions or outdoor activities that involve low lighting. Whatever the model, it usually offers completely intuitive operation, controlled by a button on the body of the lamp.

energy power supply

An anti-mosquito lamp not only has to be good and economical, but it must also have a series of aspects that favor its operation. One of them is the power supply, which is usually made up of a lithium-ion battery. It is an energy accumulator integrated into the structure, whose workforce can be recharged via USB cable or through a direct current adapter, depending on the model selected.

Similarly, some brands of anti-mosquito lamps have opted for sustainable energy and, therefore, their equipment incorporates a convenient solar light panel. In this sense, it will only be necessary to place the device under the rays of the king star during the period of time set by the manufacturer, and thus enjoy the same level of autonomy as if you will charge it with an electrical current input. On average, approximately 20 hours can be mentioned. In this way, it is possible to take care of the environment and reduce the monthly energy bill.


In general, people evaluate the cost of the product among the main aspects of purchase, so they wonder how much the anti-mosquito lamp that has caught their attention costs. However, this is not the only characteristic to identify, since, for example, the fastening method offered by the structure could make a difference when handling the device.

Generally, anti-mosquito lamps incorporate a handle no more than five centimeters high on the top cover, whose design must be resistant and ergonomic, in order to provide a safe and comfortable grip at any time.

This bracket is suitable for the person to hang the lamp in the garden or, if you plan to use it when camping, you can place it on a branch, inside the tent or on the side of the backpack to light the way during the trek..

water protection

The issue of waterproofing is of great importance, especially if we plan to use the anti-mosquito lamp in the garden, since some unexpected precipitation could occur. It is also relevant when using this type of equipment in hiking or camping activities. In this sense, moisture could reach the electrical part of the device, causing a short circuit and, therefore, the end of its useful life.

For this reason, many manufacturers have opted to incorporate special treatments into their anti-mosquito lamps, which protect the entire internal area not only from power surges, but also from the effects of humidity and dust particles accumulated in the cables, connections and circuits.

Among the popularly used treatments is IP66, which protects the device from dust and jets of water, so that the person can wash the lamp under the tap, while the IP67 treatment allows immersion to a maximum of seven meters for not more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, the water could leak.

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