The 9 Best Artichoke Capsules of 2022

Artichoke capsules – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The artichoke is a healthy, nutritious vegetable with great properties. It is mainly used to help eliminate extra kilos; however, beyond aesthetics, this plant also acts as a depurative, digestive and most importantly, has a hepatoprotective effect. Therefore, its consumption is of great value for health and one of the most recommended products is the Bio Atlantic Organic Artichoke, an effective formula from organic farming that contains 200 tablets. On the other hand, we have El Granero Integral Alcachofera Forte, a powerful supplement that provides a concentration of 600 mg in each of its tablets.

The 9 Best Artichoke Capsules – Opinions 2022

If you are looking to detoxify your body or lose weight, including the artichoke in your diet is an excellent alternative to improve your health in general. For this reason, in order to help you choose the most suitable supplement for your needs, we present you with 9 of the best options that the market currently offers you.

1. Bio Atlantic Organic Artichoke 400 milligram

Taking care of health with adequate supplementation is something that should not be taken lightly. Whether you want to reduce blood cholesterol, improve digestion or cleanse the liver; these artichoke capsules could be an option to consider.

Bio Atlantic, an expert in the manufacture of high-quality natural supplements, has developed some of the best artichoke capsules of 2022. It is an organic product from organic farming, so its natural ingredients have been grown without the use of toxic pesticides.

Its formula contains 400 mg of artichoke powder and magnesium carbonate, ingredients that help the body function properly. Likewise, in order to obtain better results, the manufacturer offers you 200 units to take 2 to 3 tablets daily with a glass of water before or with each meal.

To know more details about this artichoke supplement, we have prepared a summary of its most outstanding characteristics.


Concentration: Its concentration offers 400 mg of the product in each tablet, so your daily intake of 2 or 3 supplements covers the necessary requirements.

Formulation: They are made with a high purity formulation, with ingredients from organic farming.

Presentation: Its sealed bottle contains 200 capsules, which gives you treatment for more than 2 months.


Storage: Like all medications, this bottle of supplements should be stored in a place out of the reach of children.

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2. El Granero Integral Artichoke Forte 600 mg

Some of the cheap capsules offered on the market do not usually have the quality that is sought. However, others offer an affordable cost and also high manufacturing standards; such is the case of this supplement that could be considered among the best value for money artichoke capsules.

El Granero Integral presents the best of the artichoke in its natural state. It is a food supplement that works effectively to stimulate hepatic-biliary juices; so it favors the regularization of the digestive processes. Likewise, it is recommended for vegans.

Its bottle contains 120 units in a tablet format and each one offers 600 mg of artichoke leaf powder. For this reason, it is a supplement that provides nutritional quality and a high concentration. In addition, the recommended intake is 2 to 3 tablets up to three times a day.

Due to its high quality and competitive cost, this product manufactured with high standards deserves your consideration. Continue reading to know more details about this supplement.


Reliability: It is a product manufactured by a brand of recognized prestige that is committed to natural products for health care.

Concentration: They are tablets with 600 mg of artichoke leaf powder, a concentration that benefits the body.

Benefits: They are recommended supplements to purify the liver, eliminate cholesterol and lose weight.


Size: The tablets have turned out to be larger than expected, which can make it difficult to take.

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3. Obire Artichoke 500 mg Dry Ext.

The artichoke is a plant used as a natural diuretic, so it helps to eliminate fat and lose a few kilos. Therefore, this supplement could cover your organic requirements if you are overweight or have cholesterol.

It is a product made with a formula free of genetically modified organisms, without BSE/TSE and also does not contain ingredients of animal origin; in this sense, it is a supplement indicated for people who lead a vegan lifestyle.

Its presentation gives you a bottle containing 250 tablets and each one has 500 mg of artichoke leaf powder, enough for a complete treatment of up to 125 days.

Likewise, its daily intake is recommended in 2 tablets a day, one after breakfast and lunch. In addition, it is advisable that you take a break between consumptions when the treatments are prolonged.

These could be the best artichoke capsules of the moment, due to their high quality and quantity of supplements. Here are its advantages and possible disadvantages.


Content: The manufacturer offers you a bottle with 250 supplements, adequate content to cover a 125-day treatment.

Vegan: Thanks to its formula free of ingredients of animal origin, it is a suitable product for consumption by vegans.

Diuretic: It has diuretic properties, since the artichoke favors the elimination of liquids and fats.


Gluten: These are tablets that could contain gluten, so they are not the best option for people allergic to this ingredient.

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4. Sotyam Artichoke 500 mg depurative Liver diuretic

When searching the market among the best artichoke capsules, you will be able to find this recommended product to eliminate toxins, control blood cholesterol levels or as a liver cleanser. This supplement is made with high-quality artichoke, a vegetable that is highly beneficial for liver and digestive health.

It is a food supplement made from the extract of artichoke leaves. Its tablets contain cynarin and luteolin, flavonoids that provide a hepatoprotective effect. Likewise, they stimulate the production of bile, motility at the gastrointestinal level and favor the elimination of toxic substances in the urine.

With the purchase of this product you will receive two bottles of supplements, each containing 100 tablets and with a concentration of 500 mg. Regarding the dosage, the manufacturer’s recommendations indicate consuming 4 units with the main meals.

It is a nutritional supplement that promotes good health in general, so you could consider it in your comparison. Learn a little more below.


Formulation: Contains micronized artichoke and artichoke extract, natural ingredients beneficial to the body.

Dosage: The manufacturer recommends taking only 4 capsules daily that provide you with the required dose.

Presentation: In order to provide additional savings and provide sufficient quantity of supplements, you will receive 2 bottles with 100 tablets each.


Effectiveness: It is a treatment that offers its effects in the medium and long term, so it is advisable to persevere with the intake of supplements.

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5. Nature Et Plantes Organic Artichoke Cynara scolymus

Organic farming provides great benefits to the soil, while minimizing the exposure of crops to chemicals and pesticides. In this sense, Nature Et Plantes is a brand that is committed to nature and obtains its active ingredients from organic agriculture. For this reason, if you have doubts about which are the best artichoke capsules, this product deserves your attention.

It is a nutritional supplement that offers you high purity vegetable capsules; which are free of allergens and suitable for consumption by the vegan public. They contain organic artichoke leaf powder and cellulose, a polysaccharide that promotes digestion and acts against constipation.

Its bottle is presented in a sealed format and inside you can find 200 vegetable capsules, with a concentration level of 200 mg of cynara scolymus.

If you are looking for a supplement that gives you an extra supply of this beneficial plant, we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of this product.


Purity: It is an organic supplement made with high purity standards, so its formula is free of chemical additives and certified organic farming.

Capsules: Its presentation gives you a format of vegetable capsules, free of allergens and suitable for vegans.

Concentration: Each capsule contains 200 mg of artichoke, a high concentration that covers the daily requirements.


Taste: The taste of the capsules has not been pleasant for some people.

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6. GHF Artichoke 100 tablets 500 mg

The Spanish brand General Healthy Foods (GHF) is one of the leaders in the food supplements market; therefore, it offers you a wide catalog of natural products made from medicinal plants that gives you the best of nature ready for consumption.

This particular supplement is developed based on artichoke; a plant with diuretic, depurative properties and capable of helping the liver to regenerate and fully fulfill its functions. Likewise, its intake reduces blood sugar, fats and also cholesterol.

Its bottle contains 100 tablets that cover 25 days of treatment, since the manufacturer recommends taking 4 units a day with main meals. In addition, this intake provides the body with the amount of 760 mg of artichoke, 400 mg of artichoke extract and 20 mg of cynarin.

For manufacturing high-quality and organic products, GHF could be considered the best brand of artichoke capsules. Next, analyze one of your cheapest options.


Hepatoprotective effect: It is a product that helps the lazy liver, favors the regeneration of liver cells and increases the production of bile.

Reliability: It is manufactured by a Spanish brand with a recognized track record in the market for natural products.

Efficacy: It is a nutritional supplement that provides high efficacy; so taking it properly could help you achieve your goals.


Ingestion: The size of the tablets has proven difficult to ingest, a disadvantage to be considered.

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7. Vitamintrend Artichoke capsules Cynara Scolymus

This supplement is manufactured in Germany by Vitamintrend under high hygiene and quality standards. In addition, the company works with raw materials obtained mainly from crops in European countries.

It is a product developed with a natural formula that provides adequate assimilation and favors intake for all audiences. Therefore, it does not contain gluten, lactose, fructose, soy, yeast, preservatives, stabilizers, colorants or allergens and is also free of GMOs.

It is a recommended supplement to stimulate metabolism and as an adjuvant in liver function. Its formulation has 2.5% cynarin, its main active ingredient, and its total concentration level is 1050 mg, which benefits the body in general. For best results, you should take 3 capsules per day.

You will receive a bottle with a hermetic security seal, which ensures the freshness and purity of the supplements and its content is 180 capsules of artichoke extract.

If you still don’t know which artichoke capsules to buy among so many options, you could consider this product with a German quality seal. Get to know its most outstanding aspects.


Allergen-free: It does not contain lactose, gluten or fructose, which makes this product suitable for people allergic to these types of ingredients.

Security: The manufacturer offers you a bottle with an airtight seal that guarantees a long shelf life and the purity of the product.

Intake: They are easy to ingest capsules that provide adequate assimilation in the body.


Language: The Spanish language is missing on the information label of the product.

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8. Sanon Artichoke Food Supplement 400 mg

If you are looking to take a food supplement to detoxify your body, improve digestive functions or to reduce blood urea; These artichoke extract capsules from Sanon could meet all your expectations. Thanks to the fact that it is a product made with plant species selected for their high quality and purity.

It is a product specially formulated to improve various liver pathologies, such as jaundice and sluggish liver; since it favors the increase of bile, a key substance to help the metabolism of fats. Likewise, it helps to purify the body; as it works as a diuretic.

It has a concentration of 400 mg in each tablet and to cover the necessary daily requirements, you must take 6 to 9 supplements; preferably before main meals. Therefore, in order to comply with the treatment, the manufacturer includes 200 units.

To improve your quality of life and give extra support to liver function, you could consider this supplement in your comparison. Evaluate in detail the most important features of this product.


Benefits: It is a recommended supplement to detoxify the body, reduce cholesterol and to help in conditions related to diuresis.

Bottle: You will receive the supplements packaged in a bottle with a security closure that guarantees its purity.

Quantity: In order to comply with the appropriate treatment, 200 tablets are included.


Allergens: The capsules are made with corn starch as a bulking agent, so they could contain gluten.

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9. Vitabay Concentrated Artichoke 350 mg 90 Vegan Capsules

People who maintain a vegan lifestyle do not consume products that include ingredients of animal origin, so not all supplements are suitable for this audience; especially, the cases in which the capsules are made with gelatin.

For this reason, Vitabay has manufactured these totally vegetarian artichoke capsules, with certified raw materials and complying with the strictest quality controls; such as ISO 13485.

Each vegetable capsule contains concentrated artichoke juice, with 2.5% cynarin; a presentation that favors optimal absorption at the intestinal level. Likewise, its formula is free of fat, lactose, preservatives and genetically modified organisms.

They are recommended capsules to purify and detoxify the body; especially at the liver level. For which, the manufacturer offers a bottle with 90 easy-to-swallow units, you only have to take one daily with plenty of liquid.

This is a reliable, high-quality, and totally vegan supplement. Next, its strengths and cons.


Vegan: This is a product made with this type of user in mind, so it is suitable for consumption by anyone.

Gluten-free: Its formula is gluten-free, which favors its intake by the population suffering from allergies.

Quality: It is a complement certified by ISO 13485, which provides a guarantee of high quality controls.


Intake: To promote digestion and assimilation, the manufacturer recommends its intake without chewing and with plenty of liquid: water or juice.

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Shopping guide

The artichoke is a highly appreciated vegetable in haute cuisine, but little known by most people; given its apparent complexity in terms of cooking and flavor. However, beyond its culinary properties, the artichoke is a nutritious plant that provides great benefits to health in general. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best artichoke capsules, where you can find relevant information about these supplements that could help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Properties and benefits

Artichokes offer multiple nutritional properties. It is a vegetable that favors digestion, especially when it comes to fatty foods. It also collaborates with the decongestion of the liver, since it allows the bile to be more fluid and less dense.

Likewise, thanks to the fiber it contains, the consumption of artichoke provides a feeling of satiety; while gently promoting intestinal transit and preventing constipation.

Likewise, it has diuretic and purifying properties with a weight loss effect, since it prevents fluid retention. Similarly, it is capable of eliminating toxins and fats; which is why it is a recommended vegetable for weight loss diets, since it contributes to losing volume.

On the other hand, it can exert a regulatory action on the kidney, favoring the elimination of waste substances. In addition, it reduces triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

For all this, the artichoke particularly benefits people with functional and organic pathologies related to the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts. Likewise, it helps in digestive disorders derived from these conditions.


Consuming artichoke naturally is not always possible. In these cases, taking supplements made from this plant could be the most recommended. In this sense, the artichoke capsules are made with the leaves; since it is a part of the plant rich in magnesium, potassium, sterols and two powerful phytonutrients: cynarine and silymarin.

Cynarin is a great antioxidant that contributes to liver functions, especially in the production of bile; likewise, it has a hypoglycemic action. On the other hand, silymarin is a flavonoid that favors the regeneration of liver cells and also offers an anti-inflammatory effect.

Thanks to the composition of its leaves, artichoke capsules provide a hepatoprotective effect; unlike culinary use, where only the fruit is used.

On the other hand, it also contains luteolin; a flavonoid that plays an important role as an antioxidant, since it is capable of fighting free radicals and also prevents inflammation. Another important compound that we can get in these capsules is chlorogenic acid, an agent that plays an important role in weight loss; In addition, it is an adjuvant to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Likewise, inulin could also be present in these supplements. It is a natural prebiotic rich in fiber, so it is responsible for stimulating the development of the intestinal flora; this benefits better digestion. On the other hand, it also favors the absorption of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Ingredients and reliability

It is important that when making your comparison of artichoke capsules, you check the manufacturer’s label for the ingredients that have been used to prepare the formula. This way you can check if it contains gluten, lactose or soy; which could cause adverse reactions in people allergic to these ingredients.

Similarly, you should take into account aspects such as the inclusion of substances of animal origin, since in these cases the supplements are not suitable for consumption by vegans.

On the other hand, it is advisable to bet on artichoke capsules from organic crops or organic agriculture, since with this you will be ensuring that the active ingredients are free of pesticides.

Presentation and content

The market has good and cheap artichoke capsules, since it is a cheap product that does not require large investments. You can find them in bottles that contain the right amount of supplements to cover the treatment you need.

In addition, some brands offer their presentation in tablet format, while others make the supplements in capsules. In this sense, you can find capsules with artichoke powder extract and also capsules with concentrated juice extract.

For all this, beyond how much the product costs, the idea is to choose the one that suits your lifestyle and your particular needs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What vitamins does the artichoke have?

The artichoke is a plant that contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals that we can take advantage of, regardless of the way you decide to consume it.

Among the minerals present in the artichoke we have sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin A. In addition, it also contains vitamin C, E, K and in a smaller amount niacin, better known as vitamin B3. Therefore, it is beneficial to include it in a balanced diet.

Q2: What are artichoke capsules used for?

Artichoke capsules are used mainly in cases in which their intake in a natural way is not feasible or when the recommended daily requirements are not met. In its natural state, its fruit is usually used, which is prepared in gastronomy dishes. While the capsules are made from the extract of the leaves, the part of the plant that contains great medicinal properties; in particular, it has a hepatoprotective effect.

In this sense, the capsules that contain artichoke leaves (whether in powder or juice), favor the regeneration of liver cells, help liver function and work as an excellent prebiotic, since they relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel. Also, they keep blood pressure at normal values ​​thanks to the flavonoids in its leaves, which is why it is also a contributor to the prevention of migraines.

Q3: How to take the artichoke in capsules?

The consumption of artichoke capsules must be regulated mainly by the express indications of the manufacturer. Although you can also consult with a nutrition specialist. However, in general, this type of supplement should be taken with plenty of water and preferably before or with main meals. Also, it is not advisable to chew them.

On the other hand, to get the results you expect, you should take the amount of supplements recommended; which can vary from 2 to 9 units daily, depending on the brand and its concentration level. Likewise, it is important to know the contraindications that may exist and never exceed the prescribed dose.

Q4: How to make artichoke infusion?

To prepare this infusion you will need approximately 20 mg of previously washed fresh artichoke leaves. First of all, you have to boil 250 ml of water and once it has boiled, place the leaves of the artichoke and leave it on a low heat for 10 minutes. After this time, remove the pot from the heat and let it rest. When it has cooled, strain the leaves and serve the infusion. If you prefer, you could sweeten the drink with a teaspoon of honey.

Q5: How to consume artichoke to lose weight?

If you want to get rid of those extra kilos, it is advisable to eat as healthy a diet as possible and exercise frequently; since a good diet combined with physical activity are the most important factors to reach the weight you want to achieve.

However, the artichoke could be your great ally to lose weight. To do this, you can drink artichoke water, a drink used as a slimming agent.

For its preparation, it begins with washing and cutting the artichokes, carefully lowering their stem. Then, submerge them in a pot until they boil and soften. After they have softened, remove them and reserve.

Leave the pot on the heat with the water, add lemon slices and mint leaves to improve its flavor and then cook over low heat for 20 minutes, covering the pot.

Proceed to remove from the heat and strain the water, separating the mint and lemon. You can drink this water while still hot if you want to take full advantage of its properties. Likewise, if you prefer, you can also add an extra drop of lemon or drink it cold with ice.

This slimming drink can be stored and kept for a week refrigerated. In addition, it is a way to take advantage of the water used to cook this vegetable.

Q6: How to make artichoke extract?

Artichoke extract is the way manufacturers present artichoke supplements. You can find in the capsules the extract of its dry leaves or the extract of its juice. For this reason, making an extract from this plant at home is not an option, since it is a vegetable that does not contain liquid that is easy to extract, as in the case of an orange.

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