The 9 Best B Vitamins of 2022

Vitamin B – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Many people may be deficient in vitamin B without knowing it. Some symptoms such as tiredness, irritability, a feeling of discomfort and even lack of concentration may be due to a lack of this nutrient. Among the best supplements that the market offers to cover the lack of complex B, we first have the Nu U Nutrition 020, a product with high concentration, gluten-free and that has tablets for 6 months. Another good option could be Soralay 3549953, an easily absorbed and highly pure supplement, so that you do not take more than what you need each day and contribute to your health.

The 9 Best B Vitamins – Opinions 2022

The lack of vitamins of group B could seriously affect our health in general. For this reason, in order to help you choose a reliable, effective supplement that is easy to take and suitable for your needs, we have prepared a comparison of the best B vitamins of the moment.

1. Nu U Nutrition Vitamin B Complex 180 Tablets

The best B vitamin is the one that offers you in its composition the 8 essential nutrients that make up the B complex, such as this supplement that also offers you a formula free of sweeteners and artificial flavors. Similarly, it is a product suitable for vegans, since it does not have ingredients of animal origin.

Its complete formula contains thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid and cyanocobalamin; essential nutrients for the optimal balance of the organism. In addition, it does not include lactose, corn starch, wheat or yeast. For this reason, it is a reliable product, and has been developed in the United Kingdom under high quality standards.

Its bottle contains 180 easy-to-digest tablets and the manufacturer recommends taking one a day, so you will have supplements to cover 6 months of treatment. Thanks to this, it will not be necessary to buy vitamin B for 26 weeks.

It is a high-quality supplement that helps you reduce fatigue and tiredness. We invite you to read a little more to know its pros and cons.


Allergen free: Its high purity formula is free of allergens such as yeast, wheat or lactose.

Content: The bottle offers you a content of 180 tablets, for 6 months of treatment.

Dose: Given its concentration, it will only be necessary to take one tablet daily.


Veterinary use: If you plan to give your dog this supplement, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

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2. Solaray B complex 50

In addition to including all the major forms of B vitamins in one supplement, Solaray offers a well-balanced ratio. This means that you will not receive more than you need or, on the contrary, a lower percentage than expected in any of them. This translates into an effective supplement to support your metabolism, immune system, energy level and much more.

As for the dose, it is only necessary to take one capsule daily, which is practical; And if you are following a vegan philosophy, you can also choose this supplement with confidence, due to the lack of ingredients of animal origin.

On the other hand, Solaray is a well-known brand in the supplement market. In addition, it has extensive experience, which is why its product is considered among the best B vitamins of 2022.

Now, in the next section, you will be able to know more highlights of this supplement.


Absorption: The forms of B vitamins, chosen for the supplement, are easily absorbed by the body, in order to effectively fulfill their function.

Special diets: Both the forms of vitamins and their capsule and excipients are suitable for vegans.

Quality: The constant review of the substances that make up Solaray supplements allows its products to be highly valued by users, since they provide safety.


Quantity: The container contains 50 capsules, so it will only be enough for 7 weeks.

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3. Hivital Foods Vitamin B Complex 210 Vegan Capsules

Among the cheap vitamins offered by the market, this multivitamin stands out for offering the recommended daily dose to achieve a good balance of metabolic processes. In addition, not only does it offer an affordable cost, if we compare it with other similar products, but it also has 210 capsules that are enough for approximately 7 months of treatment.

It is a B vitamin developed in Spain with high quality standards, with a formula free of lactose, gluten and soy. Likewise, it does not contain dyes, preservatives, or GMOs. For this reason, it can be ingested by people with allergies and celiac disease.

It should be noted that its composition integrates the 8 vitamins of the B complex and additionally vitamin C has been added; This nutrient promotes bioavailability and fights free radicals. For all these reasons, this supplement could be considered the best value for money B vitamin in our selection.

If you are looking to improve memory, concentration and an extra supply of energy, you could consider this supplement. Next, we offer you more details of this product.


Gluten-free: Its formula is gluten-free, so it is recommended for people with celiac disease.

Vegan capsules: Compared to tablets, its vegan capsules facilitate gastrointestinal absorption more.

E-Book: With the purchase you will receive an e-book in PDF format, with relevant information about vitamins.


Side effects: If you want to avoid the appearance of any unwanted effect, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and not exceed the daily dose.

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4. Vitamaze Vitamin B Complex 180 High Dose Vegan Tablets

High German quality is present in this product made in collaboration with a team of experts and scientists. It is a supplement specially developed from non-animal ingredients, so it is recommended for vegetarians and vegans. Likewise, its composition does not include genetically modified organisms or added additives; which makes it suitable for all audiences.

It is a B vitamin with a high concentration of active ingredients, so you will only need to take one tablet a day to cover the necessary dose that the body requires for its optimal functioning. In addition, they are small tablets that are very easy to swallow.

Its powerful formula includes thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, and methylcobalamin. All these vitamins are contained in the 180 supplements that your bottle offers, which is why you will have coverage for 6 months of treatment.

This could be the best vitamin B of the moment, since it is a high quality product and a formula of great purity and concentration. Next, analyze its strengths and weaknesses.


Dosage: Thanks to its concentrated formula, it is only necessary to take one tablet per day, preferably with a sufficient amount of water.

Treatment: Your bottle contains 180 supplements, enough to treat you for 6 continuous months.

Easy intake: The tablets offer a small size, which favors easy intake for any adult person.


Abdominal pain: Some people may experience abdominal pain during treatment.

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5. Nutravita Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin D 365 Tablets

If you are tired, have a sleep disorder or suffer from depression, you may need to take a B complex. But, if you also have bone loss, it is essential that you look for a multivitamin that has vitamin D. This is the case with this Complete and powerful supplement that offers you a specially developed formula to cover the deficiencies of these nutrients.

Its composition includes not only the 8 essential B vitamins, but also vitamin D3; an element that provides care and protection to the bones, skin and hair. Likewise, thanks to its concentrated formula, you only require a daily dose of supplement to cover the needs of the body.

On the other hand, so that you have vitamins for long-term treatment, the manufacturer offers you a bottle containing 365 tablets, with highly bioavailable and easy-to-digest active ingredients.

If you don’t know which B vitamins to buy, you might want to consider this trustworthy multivitamin, which is held to strict manufacturing standards. Know its most relevant aspects.


Formula: It is a complex of vitamin B with a high quality formula, which includes the 8 essential molecules of group B and also vitamin D3.

Properties: Helps produce red blood cells, strengthen the immune system, fight osteoporosis and more.

Quantity: You will receive a bottle that offers you the amount necessary to cover one year of treatment.


Users: The manufacturer recommends the intake of this multivitamin only for people over 18 years of age.

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6. Gloryfeel Vitamin B Complex 200 Vegan Tablets Immune Support

Gloryfeel is a German manufacturer that is committed to nutritional supplements made with natural ingredients and under the highest quality controls. In addition, its products are controlled by prestigious external laboratories. In this sense, this brand has developed vitamin B Complex with a vegan formula that integrates the best of the B complex.

Its composition has vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12; in an especially high dose in each tablet, in order to provide extra support to the body and promote optimal health. Its presentation is given in a bottle that contains 200 tablets, free of taste and odor.

Likewise, it does not contain preservatives, gluten, or magnesium stearate. In addition, it is a supplement that could help you improve your mental performance, the condition of the skin, hair and provide reinforcements to the immune system.

Gloryfeel might be the best brand of B vitamins, given the quality it offers in its supplements. Learn more about this vitamin.


Purity: It is free of artificial additives, GMOs, release agents and preservatives; so it is a pure and reliable vitamin.

Flavorless: Its flavorless tablets do not leave an unpleasant sensation in the mouth when ingested.

Free of magnesium stearate: It does not contain this controversial bulking agent in its formula.


Tablet size: The size of the tablets is larger than expected, making them a bit difficult to swallow.

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7. Vit4ever Vitamin B Complex 500

It is not only important to consume the essential vitamins that our body needs, but to do so in the most appropriate proportion. In this sense, for adults who want to avoid B complex deficiencies, the Vit4ever formula is a good alternative.

It comes in a practical presentation, specifically designed for those who, permanently, ingest this complex every day. Thus, it consists of 500 tablets in a compact format, only 6.6 mm in diameter; therefore, they are very easy to ingest.

Now, perhaps the highlight is that, without compromising on quality, the pills are good value for money. This way, you don’t have to spend too much money to ensure that, day after day, you have the recommended intake of these important essentials.

There may be B vitamins in cheaper forms, but this product has a lot to offer and remarkable performance. Let’s analyze its qualities in detail.


Quantity: In this presentation, you purchase 500 tablets, so you will have enough for more than a year of treatment or to share with your partner.

Convenience: The tablets that make up this presentation are small, so you can easily ingest them.

No additives: No preservatives, dyes and substances that do not contribute to your health are added to the formula.


Expiration: You must be careful to consume all the tablets before they meet their expiration date.

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8. Solgar Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin C Tablets 100

If before so many products offered by the market you do not know which is the best vitamin B, to support the body, this multivitamin supplement developed in the United States, under high quality standards, could be the one to cover your nutritional deficiencies related to this vitamin.

Solgar has integrated into the B-Complex formula, the 8 most important B vitamins

that make up group B. In addition, it has also included vitamin C, as an extra that favors the formation of collagen, and, thanks to its antioxidant power, protects cells from free radicals.

Among the most important benefits that you could obtain, we have physical and intellectual performance, an improvement in metabolic function and an adequate production of red blood cells. In addition, its bottle has 100 tablets for a recommended daily intake of two tablets.

There are multiple advantages offered by this complete supplement, so you could consider it a good purchase. We present its most outstanding features.


Ingredients: It is a supplement that not only has the main molecules of vitamin B, but also includes vitamin C among its ingredients.

Antioxidant: Thanks to the ascorbic acid present, it is a multivitamin with antioxidant power.

Brand and reliability: It is a product developed by an American brand that gives you confidence, given its prestige and high quality.


Pregnancy and lactation: If you are pregnant or lactating, you should consult your doctor before starting treatment with this supplement.

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9. Warnke Vitalstoffe Vitamin B Complex Vegetarian 100 capsules

If you are a vegan, it is likely that you have a vitamin B deficiency; so to achieve balance, you’ll need to take a reliable supplement like this one from Warnke Vitalstoffe. It is a product made with great purity and following the strictest quality controls. To meet the requirements, its formula is free of transgenics and its raw materials do not contain genetically modified organisms.

On the other hand, it is a vitamin B supplement that includes the 8 fundamental nutrients that make up group B; by virtue of which, you will be able to obtain an extra reinforcement in your immune system, greater energy, concentration and also, deal with insomnia and problems related to depression.

Given its high-quality formula, the manufacturer recommends taking a daily dose and thanks to its bottle, which offers you 100 tablets, you will have enough for more than three months.

Due to its German quality and its purity, this vitamin supplement deserves to be considered among the best. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Purity: It is a multivitamin developed with a formula free of GMOs, gluten, GMOs, yeast and unnecessary additives.

Presentation: Its presentation is given in 100% vegetarian tablets, making it a recommended supplement for vegans.

Quantity: You will receive a bottle with 100 units, in order to cover more than 3 months of treatment.


Spanish language: The description of the contents of the boat in Spanish is missing.

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Shopping guide

Vitamin B plays a fundamental role in the vital balance of the body and since it cannot be produced by the body, we must consume it daily in order to maintain stable levels. In this guide to buying the best vitamin B, you can find interesting information that could help you choose a supplement that suits your particular requirements.


Metabolism is the set of physicochemical processes and biochemical reactions that occur in the cells of the body and in the organism. Thanks to this, the energy contained in the food eaten is transformed into the fuel necessary to breathe, move and even to think or grow.

Vitamin B, also known as B complex vitamins, participate in metabolism as enzyme cofactors that produce chemical reactions. They are also capable of producing red blood cells, creating new cells and intervening in nerve impulses. These molecules are water soluble and, in addition to contributing to metabolic health, are also essential for their synergistic benefits to overall health.


When it was first discovered, scientists thought they would find a single molecule. However, various studies confirmed the existence of several types of vitamin B, which are distinguished by a number. Experts have discovered and classified more than twenty different molecules; however, today the vitamin B complex is limited to eight essential types.

These eight nutrients are B1 or thiamin, B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niacin, B5 or pantothenic acid, B6 or pyridoxine, B7 or biotin, B9 or folic acid, and B12 or cobalamin. Each of these molecules provides specific and additional benefits to overall health.

Therefore, in your comparison of B vitamins, you will notice that there are supplements with different nutrients in their composition. Hence the importance of not getting carried away by how much a particular product costs, but looking for a high-quality supplement that includes these eight basic elements; in a way that effectively covers your nutritional deficiencies.


Given their health benefits, B complex vitamins can be consumed by a wide variety of people. Among them, we can mention athletes, since it improves their resistance, provides sustained energy to the body and thanks to cell repair, they also play an important role in athletic recovery. Likewise, it helps students improve their cognitive ability and fight against fatigue and tiredness.

Another group that benefits is the elderly. Among its main vitamin deficiencies we have that of vitamins B6, B9, B12, niacin and riboflavin; so the B complex could help prevent these deficiencies. In addition, these nutrients prevent common problems at this age such as fatigue, aging, dry skin, digestive disorders, brittle hair and more.

In the case of pregnancy, thiamine (B1) and pyridoxine (B6), as well as folic acid (B9), are molecules that favor the development of the brain and also of the nervous system of the fetus. Similarly, the other B vitamins strengthen the health of the mother in general.

People who suffer from migraines usually find a great ally in the B complex vitamins. This ailment is characterized by recurrent attacks of pain in one region of the head, with the female population being the most affected. According to studies carried out, the intake of complex B could reduce both the frequency and intensity of pain.

Likewise, those who have restless legs syndrome and problems falling asleep may notice a great improvement after treatment with vitamin B. This is because this nutrient participates in the synthesis and release of neurotransmitters that are used to regulate sleep cycle and nerve impulse control. In addition, vitamin B9 helps people with a tendency to depression.

On the other hand, it should be noted that alcohol consumption and smoking prevent the storage, absorption and activation of these vitamins. For this reason, it is advisable to abandon these habits if you are looking for a healthy balance in your body.

Formula and presentation

There are expensive supplements on the market, although you can also find a good and cheap presentation that fits your budget. The important thing is that you bet on reliable brands, whose formula is free of allergens, genetically modified organisms and preferably vegan. As for its format, you can find vitamin B in tablets, capsules with powder, soft capsules, in drops, sublingual and effervescent tablets.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: In what foods is vitamin B found?

Vitamin B is made up of a group of molecules that make up the B complex. You can find B1 or thiamin in peas, legumes, eggs or nuts. The B2 or riboflavin, is present in dairy products, meats, eggs and nuts.

B3 or niacin is found in eggs, fish, rice, potatoes and meat. Foods that provide B5 or pantothenic acid are avocado, chicken, eggs, dairy products and mushrooms.

For its part, B6 or pyridoxine is found in fish, chicken, cereals and oranges. Biotin or B7 can be found in chocolate, dairy, pork and eggs.

On the other hand, folic acid or B9 is present in avocado, citrus fruits, lentils and green leafy vegetables. Finally, vitamin B12 or cobalamin is linked to meat, chicken, shellfish, dairy and eggs.

Q2: How to take vitamin B?

To take a B complex supplement, you must follow the recommendations that are included in the product or consult your trusted doctor. However, in general, it is recommended to take this vitamin with enough liquid and preferably in the morning, since it is an energy vitamin.

Q3: What is vitamin B Complex for?

The B vitamin group of micronutrients specializes in supporting DNA function, regulating metabolism, improving muscle tone, providing energy, and helping to form red blood cells. The B complex is also essential for the brain because it helps reduce cognitive decline, prevents depression and also supports sleep function. Within group B, biotin or B7 stands out, which additionally contributes to the maintenance of hair, hair and nails. Another well-known B vitamin is folic acid or B9, which helps create new cells; It is extremely important before and during pregnancy as it can prevent brain and spinal related defects in the baby.

Q4: When should I take vitamin B?

To know if you should take B complex vitamins, you will have to analyze your lifestyle, if you follow a healthy diet, if you do regular physical activity and if you have an optimal state of mental health. If you have all these variables in your favor, it is very likely that you do not need to take a vitamin B supplement.

If, on the other hand, you are an elderly person, follow a vegan diet, are under a strict weight loss regimen, or simply your lifestyle does not allow you to eat a balanced diet; then you must balance your deficiencies and take a supplement that covers your nutritional deficits.

Q5: What is vitamin B17 for?

Vitamin B17 also known as amygdalin, laetrile or nitroliside is not really a B complex vitamin, it is a cyanogenic glycoside. Supposedly vitamin B17 has curative effects against cancer, but there are no studies or real scientific evidence to support this claim. In addition, its sale is prohibited both in Europe and in the United States because its consumption can cause severe damage, since it contains a small part of cyanide. Although the amount of cyanide that this chemical compound has is minimal, as to cause a direct impact on health, its long-term consumption is totally dangerous.

Q6: What is vitamin B50 for?

Vitamin B50 is a powerful mix of B vitamins that help you avoid fatigue, tiredness and keep you energized. It also favors the good condition of hair, nails, mouth, eyesight and liver; In addition, it keeps the nervous system and the immune system healthy. This complex usually includes vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Q7: How do I know if I lack vitamin B?

There are several factors and symptoms that can determine a vitamin B deficiency, among the most superficial are dryness and hair loss, dry lips and loss of sight. Joint pain is also linked to a lack of B complex, as it prevents arthritis symptoms. Cognitive decline is also directly linked to a lack of B vitamins; such is the case of stress, depression, lack of sleep and concentration.

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