The 9 Best Baseball Bats of 2022

Baseball Bat – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The characteristics and design of baseball bats have evolved over the years, which has allowed their manufacturers to perfect these sports implements. Currently, there are multiple options that can be achieved, with models from various brands, suitable for each type of player. Among the most prominent is the Barnett BB-W, a wooden softball bat, available in various sizes, suitable for children and beginners. The Champion Sports PLB is another recommended product, being made of solid plastic. It is light, resistant and has a molded handle that facilitates its grip.



The 9 Best Baseball Bats – Opinions 2022

If you want to buy a baseball bat to start training this sport or replace an old bat, you can choose from a wide range of products. But, if you want to have one that ensures good performance and durability, we suggest you choose among those that have been classified as the best baseball bats. Here, you can get products suitable for every need and type of player. 

wooden baseball bat 

1. Barnett BB-W Baseball Bat, Wood, Beginner

If you hope to find the best baseball bat on the market, the manufacturer Barnett presents an option that could be the right one: an appropriate bat to start practicing this sport, since it is suitable for both children or beginners, as well as for those who play occasional baseball.

This wooden baseball bat features a clean, classic design in a natural brown color. Its structure is made of a mixture of wood, a material that makes it strong and resistant. However, it is lightweight, which makes it easier and more comfortable to hold and handle. 

Another advantage that stands out in this model is that it is available in four different sizes, so you only have to find the size that best suits the size, weight and age of the person. In addition, it is ideal for training with soft balls.

Investigating the pros and cons of this proposal would be useful to determine if this may be the best baseball bat of the moment.


Construction: It is made of wood, a material that makes it robust and resistant but, at the same time, manageable.

Utility: It is suitable for the initiation of children, youth and adults during free time.

Size: It is available in different sizes, so there is one appropriate for everyone.

Weight: Its weight of 560 g, in size 28, makes it manageable, since it is neither very light nor very heavy.


Use: It is not recommended to use it during matches or professional training, as it is for initiation and entertainment.

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2. Optimum Velocity Baseball Bat

This other alternative could be of interest, since it stands out as one of the best baseball bats of 2022. It is the Optimum BBVEL32 model, a bat of high hardness, but with a light design that makes it easy to handle, since it allows to obtain good control and speed on it.

It is a wooden baseball bat suitable for any type of game, from beginners to experts, whether they want to use it for fun or during games and training. It is built with high quality materials, to provide great resistance, good performance and durability.

This bat comes in 32” size, an ideal size to be used by young or adult players, whether male or female. Its design has been tested under strict protocols to guarantee optimized performance and high quality standards.

Optimum looks like a strong contender to become the best brand of baseball bats. Here, the pros and cons of this model.


Handling: Its 748 g weight and 32” size make it easy to handle with adequate speed.

Durability: It is of high hardness and quality, which guarantees resistance and long useful life.

Unisex: It is appropriate for men or women, whether they are beginners or with a certain level of experience.

Use: It is used to train in baseball games or to play with family and friends.


Weight: It could be very heavy for children, so it is more recommended for young people and adults.

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plastic baseball bat

3. Champion Sports Plastic Bat 

A plastic baseball bat may be a suitable option for those looking for something lighter and more manageable, but still strong enough. This is an alternative proposed by the manufacturer Champion Sports, as a timely answer for those who wonder what the best baseball bat is.

It is the model built in a strong plastic that makes it solid, durable, but much lighter than aluminum or wood bats. It is capable of withstanding great impacts and, in addition, it is suitable to be used for several seasons in a row. 

It has a suitable design that allows athletes, of any age, to take advantage of its advantages. This baseball bat has been designed with a molded handle that promotes a tight grip, so players can hold it more firmly when swinging. It measures 31” in length and comes in black.

Knowing the pros and cons of this product could make it easier to decide which baseball bat to buy.


Handling: It has a molded handle that makes it easy to hold it tightly.

Light: It is manageable, less heavy and safer than a wooden or aluminum bat.

Construction: Its solid plastic construction makes it durable and shock resistant.

Use: Its design adapts to players of any age, as it measures 31” long.


Soft: Might be flimsy for professional use, so it’s more appropriate for playing and practicing hitting small, soft, plastic balls. 

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4. Lioobo 4 Baseball Bat Kit Sets

The children’s set made up of 4 sets of plastic baseball bats and balls, from the manufacturer Lioobo, is an appropriate accessory to instill in the little ones a taste for this sport, while developing their motor skills and improving concentration and reflexes when playing. bat. 

This is presented as the best value for money baseball bat. Includes bats in red, green, yellow and blue colors. It is an ideal set to play in outdoor areas, to give as souvenirs of children’s parties and even to decorate the rooms of the little ones. 

It is made of Premium material, it is light, manageable and safe for children, who can play with it, either alone or interact with family members or other children, without fear of damaging windows or furniture, or hurting other people. In addition, its light weight makes it an easy toy to handle and move.

This may be a feasible alternative for those looking for cheaper baseball bats, although its pros and cons would also need to be evaluated.


Safe: The set is made of premium plastic, a light and safe material to handle.

Useful: It is suitable for practicing hitting the ball and, at the same time, for playing, decorating and sharing.

Easy handling: Its size and light weight make it easy to use and transport.

Entertaining: Allows the little ones to increase interaction with family members and other children, while having fun and developing their skills. 


Toy: It is a toy baseball bat, not suitable for field training.  

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aluminum baseball bat 

5. Rucanor Aluminum Baseball Bat

An aluminum baseball bat has the ability to hit the ball with greater force and accuracy, which makes it easier to hit the ball further. In addition to this, it is lighter, harder, more comfortable and more manageable than a wooden one. If you are looking for one of this type, you can consider the Rucanor 25439.

It is made of an aluminum alloy and its size is 60 cm. It has an attractive design in silver, with a shiny appearance, and has a soft and ergonomic handle, which provides a good grip, making it easy to hold it properly when executing each blow and movement.

Its approximate weight is 399 g, which makes it light and easy to control. However, it is resistant, which gives it greater durability. It is useful for training and for beginners who want to learn how to hit the ball. 

This baseball bat can be a suitable alternative to consider, but it would also be interesting to know more about it, by analyzing its advantages and a point against it.


Control: Provides a good grip, making it easy to hold securely and have greater control.

Design: It presents a striking and easily distinguishable design in silver, with a polished finish.

Resistance: Its aluminum construction makes it firm, resistant and durable.

Light: Its weight is light, which makes it easy to hold and handle comfortably.


Length: The length of the bat may be less than that of professional models.

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6. Win.Max Baseball Bat 

If you are interested in purchasing an aluminum baseball bat, perhaps this option from the manufacturer Win.Max can offer you the advantages you are looking for. Constructed of an aluminum alloy in a frame that measures 81.5 cm and weighs 550 g, this is an ideal bat for training baseball or softball with softballs.

It is designed to provide resistance, durability and performance, since it has been developed under an anodized finish technology that gives it high hardness and quality. In the same way, it has a thin handle that favors a better grip, covered, in turn, by an optimized non-slip rubber grip, which allows you to hold and maneuver the bat safely in each movement.

Despite being robust, its design is lightweight, which makes it easy to use and transport. This model, moreover, is unisex and comes in four different colours, so you can choose the one you prefer, between gold, wood, silver or black.

To find out if this model could be suitable, it would be wise to consider some of its advantages and disadvantages.


Lightweight design: It is designed in a slim and light structure, which favors using it comfortably.

Handle: It has a thin handle covered with a non-slip rubber that makes it easy to hold it safely.  

Variety: It is available in various shades and its design is suitable for both sexes.

Hardness: It is made of aluminum alloy with an anodized finish, which gives it strength and high hardness.


Soft Balls: This is a soft ball bat, so it could dent if used to hit harder objects. 

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professional baseball bat 

7. Latinaric Wooden Baseball Bat 

The Latinaric brand presents a solid and resistant baseball bat, made of wood, whose design fits comfortably in the hand, both for children, who are just starting to practice this sport, and for more experienced youth and adults. 

It is a professional baseball bat, so it is suitable to get used to training and also to play baseball games in competitions. This model is available in four different sizes, which are adjusted to the different ages, characteristics and abilities of each player.

Its weight varies depending on the size, the 54 cm weighs 530 g, while the 64 cm weighs 630 g. Among the largest, there is the 74 cm, which weighs 730 g, as well as the 84 cm, whose weight is 870 g. Its design exhibits a natural tone of varnished wood and can be useful for both men and women.

This baseball bat seems like a reliable alternative, but to be more certain, it would be pertinent to analyze its pros and cons.


Dimensions: It is available in 4 sizes, appropriate for players of different ages.

Professional: It is a baseball bat for professional use, indicated both for training and to compete in matches.

Durability and resistance: It is made of solid wood, which makes it strong, resistant and durable.

Utility: It is appropriate for children, youth and adults, men or women.


Weight: In some cases, it could be very heavy, so it would be convenient to choose a size and weight according to the person.

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baseball bat and ball

8. Schildkroet Funsports 970220 Baseball Set

The Schildkroet Funsports baseball bat and ball set can be a suitable alternative if you are looking for safer and less harmless baseball bats for children and young people while they are learning to start training this sport.

It is an appropriate model for children over 6 years old. Both the bat and the ball are covered in soft, padded material, which reduces the risk of little ones being prone to bumps when using them. 

The bat is resistant to salt water, measures 62 cm and weighs 200 g. It is made up of a plastic tube inside, covered with foam and, in turn, with neoprene, which makes it easy to hold it in your hands safely, without slipping. For its part, the soft ball is 8.5 cm in diameter. The set is available in green and orange colors.

This model could be a suitable alternative if you are looking for baseball bats for children. However, its positive and negative points should be reviewed.


Harmless: It is made of soft and padded materials to prevent children from hitting themselves while playing.

Grip: The neoprene cover makes it easy to hold parts securely.

Resistant: It is made with materials that protect and resist use and even salt water.

Fun and Educational: Allows little ones to learn the basics of baseball while having fun.


Caution: It is recommended to keep children under supervision to avoid misuse.

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foam baseball bat 

9. Leorx Foam Baseball Bat 

Among the cheap baseball bats available within this selection of products, there is the option offered by the manufacturer Leorx, a quality thick foam rubber baseball bat, which includes a ball made of the same material. 

This game set is suitable for children between 3 and 5 years old, as it is soft, light and safe to handle, so, under supervision, it is safe and does not represent any danger to the little ones, nor to furniture, windows, etc. pets or other people. This children’s game is presented in a striking color, which combines blue and black on the bat, with the ball in red.

The internal part of the bat incorporates a hollow plastic tube that keeps it firm, whose length is 21.5” and has a grip, also made of foam, while the ball has a diameter of 2.3”, facilitating handling in general. 

Taking a look at the pros and cons of this baseball bat would help you determine if this might be the right product for you.


Protection: The material that covers the bat and the ball allows children to play without fear of getting hurt.

Complete: The bat is presented in a children’s game set that includes its respective ball.

Light: It is light in weight, which makes it comfortable and safe for small children to handle.

Stable: It is hard enough, which ensures that the bat can stand firm.


Size: It is more recommended only for small children, due to its size.

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Shopping guide

Although most models of baseball bats from different manufacturers have a common and similar design, there are some relevant aspects that distinguish them and make them adaptable to the needs of each player, so they should be taken into account when choosing the best one. indicated. For this reason, below, we present a guide to buying the best baseball bat, where you will be able to know the most outstanding characteristics that you should look for in these objects.

Weight and size

The weight and size of the baseball bat should be commensurate with the height and weight of the player, but the age category in which they compete should also be considered. In this way, a high batting speed with full control can be guaranteed, whether for training or playing matches.

These characteristics can be distinguished when making a comparison of baseball bats, as there are appropriate models for children, youth and adults. However, the most advisable thing would be to consult the table of exact measurements of length and diameter of the thickest part of the bat. 

The size of a baseball bat for children is usually between 24 and 25” the smallest, but there are also 28”, covering children’s categories on different scales. For the youth categories, the range can go from 30 to 32 inches, and for a professional level there are options between 35 and 40 inches.

Fabrication material

In order for a baseball bat to withstand constant knocks and continuous use during each training session or game, it should be made of materials that give it sufficient strength and resistance. However, the material it is made from is what could play a role in determining how much a baseball bat costs. 

The most recommended bats for training, professional and official competitions for adults are the wooden ones, as they are usually a little more robust and heavier but, at the same time, they provide good performance, give the player greater security, while providing resistance and durability..

On the other hand, there are the aluminum ones, more recommended for lower categories, training and to play with family and friends, since they are characterized by being lighter than the wooden ones and have the ability to hit the ball with more force, which urges you to send it further. 

Design and grip

Baseball bats share a common design that can be suitable for both men and women. What varies between one model and another is its size, weight and type of construction material. 

These are characterized by having an elongated structure that is divided into a thin handle, from which a slight curve emerges that leads to the thickest part, known as the barrel. However, in some models from different manufacturers, certain details have been added that make them stand out. 

Aluminum baseball bats can come in different colors, bright and eye-catching, with lines that stand out. Some, in addition, incorporate a rubber or rubber that covers part of the handle and serves as a grip to hold the bat with more security and confidence by preventing it from slipping from the hands, which allows greater control in each movement when hitting the ball..


Perhaps, among all the variety of models, you will be able to find a cheap baseball bat. However, it would be necessary to evaluate if this proposal would be useful, according to the type of game or level of training for which it is sought. There are baseball bats designed for juniors and beginners or those who play baseball on an occasional basis. 

Similarly, there are others that are suitable for both baseball and softball, to play with soft balls. Likewise, there are others destined exclusively to play professional matches. 

For the little ones, there are very light plastic bats, covered with a padded material that makes them safer and softer, which are ideal for keeping children entertained while they play and learn.


Some models of baseball bats come in kits that may include the ball and, in some cases, the glove. Among these, there are recommended options to teach younger children to hit the ball and develop their motor skills. 

Some of them have a bat and ball made of plastic, while others also include the same pieces covered with foam rubber and neoprene, materials that make them safer when children play and even prevent damage to windows and windows. furniture.

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use a baseball bat?

To use a baseball bat properly, the first thing is to use one whose dimensions are consistent with the size, ability and category of game. 

The proper position to catch it is with the bat at a 45° angle to the ground, with most of the body weight on the rear leg, while the front leg should be with the foot touching the ground, the knees slightly bent, the front shoulder in and hands away from the body.

It is recommended to use it only with the type of ball for which it has been designed and avoid hitting harder objects, which could damage it. To clean it, it can be rubbed with a damp sponge and rinsed with water. It should be noted that the cleaning method and liquids to be used could depend on the material of the bat.

Q2: How to make a baseball bat?

A wooden baseball bat can be made with a few carpentry tools, such as a round, maple, or hickory block of wood. In addition, you will need chisels, a pencil, sandpaper, a tape measure, a wood lathe, and varnish. To begin, you must have the exact measurements of length and thickness in each part. 

With a pencil, the shape of the bat with its respective diameter should be marked on the wood in each area, to guide the amount of wood to be cut. Finally, it can be cut and carved with the help of a rotary wood lathe, to mold the rounded shape of the bat in each section. Once turned, it is sanded and varnished. 

Q3: How to grip the baseball bat?

To grip a baseball bat properly, place the toe of the bat in front of your front foot on the ground and grasp its handle with your non-dominant or bottom hand. For right-handed hitters, both the front foot and bottom hand will be left.

The index finger of the lower hand should remain curled around the bat, while the three fingers of the lower hand should be held slightly apart around the handle. With the upper hand, the handle should be held in a similar way to the lower hand, ensuring that all four fingers hold the handle, while the thumb is placed in a comfortable position. As you grab it, the knuckles of both hands should be aligned.

Q4: How to repair a baseball bat?

If a wooden baseball bat has cracks, it can be repaired by applying some special wood glue between the cracks and then sanding over the treated area. However, if the bat has completely broken into two parts, it would be best to replace it with a new one, as this type of damage is usually beyond repair.  

Q5: Who invented the baseball bat?

The baseball bat has had various designs and modifications. However, some data indicates that, in 1890, Emile Kinst patented a bat known as the banana bat, which was characterized by being curved, which made the ball spin more. Subsequently, the Spalding firm and the Wright & Ditsons Lajoie company each created new designs, with improved features.

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