The 9 Best Bike Lights of 2022

Bicycle Light – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the main problems that arise when riding a bicycle is that, on many occasions, our jobs or school activities do not leave much free time to do it during the day. Therefore, if you plan to go out at night, the best thing to do is to have a bicycle light that illuminates the path you are going to travel. Among the best-selling lights is the Omeril OMFLZ-LD220-BK that has three operating modes, as well as being waterproof and suitable for any type of weather. If what you are looking for is a rear light for your bicycle that is charged via USB and allows for multiple practical uses, the DonPeregrino M2 is an excellent alternative.

The 9 Best Bicycle Lights – Opinions 2022

Safety when riding a bicycle is one of the priorities that you should keep in mind whenever you go out for a ride at night. Therefore, to have good visibility in the dark, we recommend that you purchase the best bicycle light of the moment.

bike front light

1. Omeril USB Rechargeable Bike Light

If you are planning to go for a bike ride at night but you do not want to run any risk of an accident, the ideal would be to have a front bike light that allows you to illuminate the path in front of you.

This bike light set has both a front and rear focus, so night riders can see you from behind too. With a light intensity of 300 lumens in its front light and 100 in its rear light, this product is suitable for any type of climate, thanks to the fact that it complies with the international IP65 standard.

Both lights are rechargeable via a USB connection with smart charging and incorporate a 1,200 mAh lithium battery in the front and 500 mAh in the rear. In addition, they are easy to install and remove thanks to their elastic rubber strap that does not require tools.

This is among the cheapest bicycle lights on the list, therefore, we recommend paying attention to its most outstanding features.


Fast charging : The full charge of the battery of this bike light is done in a time span of up to 3 hours.

Automatic : It has a practical cut-off system that ensures a longer battery life.

Versatile : It is a product that can be used in all kinds of situations as an emergency light.

Durability : This bicycle light is made of ABS and a rubber mount that allows it to resist water and falls.


Autonomy : It is important to keep in mind that its autonomy allows the front light to stay on for 4 hours, so after that time, the light will turn off.

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bicycle rear light

2. DonPeregrino M2 Compact Bike Rear Light

When out riding your bike at night, one thing you need to make sure is that vehicle drivers can see you, so a bike rear light is one of the most important accessories you should have.

This product stands out for its great autonomy once its battery is fully recharged, lasting from 8 to 56 hours depending on the operating mode it has active. Unlike other similar models, this bicycle light has 5 modes such as breathing, flashing, strobe, meteor and taichi.

This light is waterproof, making it suitable for weather changes. It has a light intensity of 70 lumens and its size is compact, so it fits in a pocket. It is easy to install without tools, plus it can be used on any type of bike.

This alternative is considered the best rear bicycle light, so we present its advantages and disadvantages.


Versatile : It is a model that can be installed both on bicycles and on helmets, backpacks and even pet leashes.

Rechargeable : It incorporates a 220 mAh rechargeable battery that charges via USB cable within 2 hours.

Waterproof : This bicycle light is made of waterproof material with Ipx5 protection.


Material : You must bear in mind that the material of the clamp’s plastic closure is made of a rigid plastic material that breaks easily.

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powerful bike light

3. Nestlin USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light

If you plan to go out with your bike at night, it is important that you make sure you have a powerful bicycle light, so that you can illuminate the entire path you plan to travel and avoid any obstacles on the ground.

Covering this need, the Nestlin brand, in addition to the powerful front bicycle light with a light output of 2,400 lumens, includes a 100-lumen rear safety light, with which they can see you from behind. In addition, it should be noted that the intensity range allows a visibility of 298 meters away.

As for its fixing, it has an easy installation and release system, which allows the light to be placed and removed without wasting time. Likewise, it is a model suitable for handles from 30 to 40 millimeters in diameter, so it adapts easily to any type of bicycle. As for the duration of its light, it offers autonomy of up to 24 hours depending on the active mode and is recharged via USB connection.

This alternative is considered the best bike light, therefore, do not hesitate to look at its negative and positive aspects.


Waterproof : This bike light is waterproof, because it is made with IPX5 protection.

Versatility : It is a product that can be used on a wide variety of items such as helmets, backpacks, wheels and handlebars.

Modes : It has a variety of up to 4 operating modes such as stable light, slow flash, strobe and fast flash.


Support : You must be careful not to drop or hit this light, since its support is made of plastic.

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LED bike light

4. Omeril Front and Rear Bicycle Lights

Safety is an aspect that should always be considered when riding a bicycle, especially if you plan to do it at night. Therefore, an LED bike light that is rechargeable, like this model with a 1,200 mAh battery, can be a good option.

It has several functions and lighting modes in both the front and rear lights, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The front light allows you to choose between 6 modes: high, medium, low, weak, slow and fast flashing. Likewise, the rear light has 5 modes: red, flashing red, white, flashing white and red with flashing white.

Don’t worry about weather changes, as this product is completely waterproof thanks to its IP65 compliance. Equipped with a speaker function of up to 120 dB and brightness control by remote control.

Many opinions suggest that this is the best bicycle light today, so we recommend you look at its pros and cons.


Lumens : This front bike light has a light output of about 300 lumens.

Rechargeable : With a 500 mAh rechargeable battery, you can keep the rear light charged through a USB cable connection.

Waterproof : Resistant to rain, this product is waterproof, since it is manufactured according to the IP65 standard.


Bracket : Depending on the type of bike you have, the brackets used to hold it may not fit very well, causing it to move slightly.

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bicycle brake light

5. Dracarys Smart Bike Tail Light

If you already have a front light for your night rides, but you need a bike brake light that you can attach to the back, we recommend you take a look at this compact and practical model.

This light has an automatic operation that turns it on when the ambient lighting is low. On the other hand, if it is daytime, the light will not turn on to conserve battery power. Also, this product automatically switches to brake light mode when decelerating the bike.

Another attractive feature of the product is that it has been made dustproof and rainproof thanks to its manufacturing with IPx6 protection, so you can use it under extreme environmental conditions. In addition, this light has an autonomy of about 20 hours, allowing recharging via USB connection, and its light is visible to drivers up to a distance of 200 meters.

If you do not know which bicycle light to buy, it is advisable to analyze each technical aspect of this model to have a clearer idea.


Automatic : It has an automatic function system that turns the light on or off automatically if there is little or a lot of ambient light, respectively.

Waterproof : It is manufactured with IPx6 protection, making it a waterproof model and resistant to dust or rain.

Rechargeable : It incorporates a rechargeable battery with a 20-hour autonomy, depending on the operating mode, which is charged via a USB connection.


Power: It is possible that its light power is a little lower than other similar models, therefore, if you are looking for a light that illuminates a lot, you can consider another model.

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Bontrager Bike Light

6. Bontrager Flare RT Tail Light

With a flash that can be seen clearly both at night and during the day, this Bontrager bike light is a great alternative if you need a model that you can use during any hour of the day, so they have a clear view of you.

This bicycle light produces a flash flicker of up to 90 lumens, in addition to incorporating an automatic brightness adjustment system, which adjusts the intensity in relation to the ambient light. Likewise, it has a special battery saving mode that is activated by subtracting 5% of its charge, providing an autonomy of 30 additional minutes.

On the other hand, it has IPx7 protection, which gives it a high level of impermeability, allowing you to use it on the rainiest days. While it should be noted that in its flash mode, the battery can last between 4, 12 and 15 hours approximately, being able to recharge it using a USB cable.

To know which is the best bicycle light, it is necessary to know the positive and negative characteristics of each model on the list, so you should not miss the following information.


Waterproof : Made of waterproof material, this light meets IPx7 protection standards.

Saving : It has an additional battery saving system that extends the battery life for up to 30 minutes when 5% charge remains.

Autonomy : Depending on the operating mode you have chosen, the battery offers an autonomy that ranges from 5 to 15 hours in total approximately.


Polar : If you’re looking for a bike light that you can pair with your Polar v650 cycling system, you’ll need to choose another model.

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bicycle daytime light

7. DonPeregrino B2 110 Lumens Rear Bicycle Light

A large number of bicycle accidents occur in broad daylight, so having a bicycle daytime running light is highly recommended, in order to enjoy a safe riding experience. In this sense, this DonPeregrino model can meet your expectations, since it is made with a waterproof material that meets IPx4 protection.

Noted for offering a high light intensity of 110 lumens with a striking red and blue brightness, this light provides excellent visibility at a total distance of 200 meters and with an angle of 150 degrees.

It has a 500 mAh rechargeable battery via a USB cable that provides autonomy of up to 10 hours depending on the operating mode you have chosen. On the other hand, this bicycle light is suitable for multiple uses, being able to easily attach it to a helmet, backpack and even your dog’s leash.

Considered one of the best bicycle lights of 2022, here are its pros and cons.


Charging : This bicycle light can be charged in a period of 2 hours through a practical USB connection cable.

Versatile : It is a versatile light that can be used on any type of bicycle, as well as on various objects such as helmets, backpacks or straps.

Lumens : Its light power allows it to be perfectly visible at a distance of 200 meters and an angle of 150 degrees.


Autonomy : It is important that you take into account that the fixed light mode can considerably reduce the battery life.

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LED rear bike light

8. Topelek Powerful LED Rear Bike Light

An ideal option for users looking to purchase a rear led bicycle light pack that includes two units, this alternative is the one indicated. It stands out for being a bright light that allows you to be completely safe in all kinds of situations, such as when you go for a walk, walk, run or have to change a tire in the dark.

It incorporates a 250 mAh rechargeable battery that is quickly charged via USB cable in 2 hours. In addition, it has an autonomy that goes from 2 to 7 hours depending on the operating mode you have chosen.

It is a light resistant to rain and dust thanks to its manufacture with waterproof materials that have IPx44 protection, making it a suitable product for any weather condition. On the other hand, it guarantees visibility of up to 200 meters thanks to its 120 lumens of light power.

Topelek could be the best brand of bicycle lights, so we recommend analyzing the technical characteristics of this model.


Pack : If you need a pack of lights that includes 2 units, either to use with your partner when walking or to place one on the bicycle and the other on your helmet, this is an ideal alternative.

Lighting : Allows drivers to see you well up to a distance of 200 meters thanks to its 120 lumens of power.

Installation : It can be easily installed on any bike thanks to its easy adjustment strap.


Material : The adjustment strap can break if you stretch it too much.

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Light with dynamo for bicycle

9. Onogal Chrome Front Bike Light

If you are interested in acquiring a bicycle dynamo light that has a “vintage” style, we recommend you look at this attractive and classic model. Plus, you’ll have good lighting of your path as long as you keep moving.

This bicycle light incorporates a practical dynamo made of metal, which must be installed on the right side of the front fork, to obtain the current transformed from the mechanical energy that you generate each time you spin the wheel.

With a moderate pedaling speed, you may well be able to get adequate power for good illumination of your path up to a distance of 15 meters, as well as for other drivers to see you at night. On the other hand, because you don’t need to change batteries or consume energy to charge your bulb, this model is probably the best value for money bike light.

This product is considered one of the cheapest models on this list. Therefore, before making your purchase, take a close look at the technical aspects of this light.


Design: It has a “vintage” look that will look great on your bike and gives it a very attractive classic look.

Dynamo : It incorporates a metal dynamo that converts the mechanical energy, generated by the rotation of the wheel, into electrical energy that powers this light.

Distance : You can get clear visibility at a distance of up to 15 meters with this bike light.


Material : Unlike your metal dynamo, this light is made of plastic, so be careful not to bump it.

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Shopping guide

If you are passionate about cycling and you love going for a ride with your bike at any time of the day and even at night, the right thing to do is to have a light that allows you to ride safely in the dark. However, with so many models available today, choosing the one that suits your needs becomes a bit complicated.

To help you make an appropriate decision, we have prepared the following guide to buying the best bicycle light, in which we mention the most important technical aspects that you should consider before making the investment.


When you are ready to make a comparison of bicycle lights, one of the most important aspects that you must take into account is its light intensity. Keep in mind that, in most cases, you will use this small accessory during your night rides on your bike or when you go exploring, so it is recommended that the intensity of its light is high, so that you can see clearly the road and all the obstacles that arise.

The amount of brightness that certain light emits is measured in a value known as lumens and is perhaps a more important aspect than the electrical power itself, which is what manufacturers usually mention in the indications of a light bulb. However, it may happen that, although the product has a high power, it may not be as bright as a low power product.

In general terms, lumens or lm indicate the amount of visible light generated or emitted by a light source, such as a light bulb or lamp. Therefore, the higher the number or value of lumens, the brighter the light. Related to this, a bike light that has a brightness intensity of about 800 lumens will be visible from 1.5 kilometers away.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the brighter the light source, the higher its market price will be, therefore, to choose a good and economical light, it will be necessary to choose a model that suits your needs..


When you invest in a bike light, before worrying about how much it costs, you need to pay attention to its battery life, which will determine the operating time that the device offers you. In this way, you can be sure that it will not suddenly leave you without lighting halfway.

While some models of bicycle lights work with alkaline batteries, most current models incorporate a rechargeable battery via USB cable. Also, compared to traditional batteries, Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries are more compact and lighter, making them suitable for bicycle lights.

As for the autonomy of the batteries, you have to know that its duration can vary from 2 to 200 hours, depending on the operating mode you have activated, the type of battery and the care you have given it. Likewise, the duration that a full battery charge takes varies from one model to another, depending on its power and the manufacturing technology it has.

Fabrication material

Although it is clear that most of the bicycle lights on the market are waterproof, it is important to make sure to analyze the materials with which the device is made, as well as the degree of IP protection that it complies with.

IP protection refers to an international standard indicated in the technical data of most electronic equipment and refers to the level of resistance that a certain device has in the face of climatic changes or various particles such as, for example, snow, dust, the rain, etc

In this sense, when talking about a bicycle light with a degree of protection IPx7, the following should be understood: “IP” refers to “Ingress Protection” or Income Protection and the value 7 describes the protection against liquids, referring to the fact that it is a device that supports immersion in water for 30 minutes.


Finally, although it is not a feature that many users determine as a priority, the reality is that it has a high level of importance, since it will determine the use that you can give the device, the ease of installation and versatility, among others. aspects.

While some lights only serve to mount somewhere on the frame of your bike, other models give you the possibility of also placing them on the helmet, the leash of your pet or the backpack.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bicycle light?

To use a bicycle light correctly, the first thing you should do is verify that the battery is fully charged, to avoid running out of lighting, and then proceed to install it on the bicycle.

At this point, you will need to decide on the exact spot where you are going to place it. Most models have a flexible strap mount, which allows it to be installed in a wide variety of areas on the bike frame. However, it is normal to place it between the handlebar and the front wheel bar, so that the light always points towards the front of the wheel.

Finally, if your model allows it, choose the operating mode you want to use, since each one has its main objective, bearing in mind that, depending on the one you have selected, the battery life will be affected differently.

Q2: How to charge a LED bike light?

The most current models of bicycle lights incorporate intelligent rechargeable Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries that stand out for being fast-charging, which are connected via a USB connection cable, either to a computer or to an electrical wall outlet..

Some allow you to reach full charge in just a couple of hours, however, others require a little more time. What is recommended by most users who have experience with this type of lights is to try to fully charge them, so that you can preserve the battery life for a longer time.

Q3: How to make a bicycle stop light?

On the net you can find a wide variety of instructions that are very easy to follow with which you can make your own rear bicycle light, of which one of the simplest and most popular consists of a small LED light that turns on automatically when braking..

To make this model you will need a red LED bulb with wires and a pair of 9 volt alkaline batteries. The idea is to fix the batteries to the bike frame using adhesive tape and the LED bulb under the bike seat. The contact of the cable corresponding to the negative of the battery and the positive to one of the ends of the brake cable is made.

On the other hand, a cable is installed that goes from the positive contact of the battery to the other end of the brake cable. This allows the led bulb to light up whenever the two metal ends of the brake cable are brought together.

Q4: Where to put the taillight to the bike?

What is indicated in terms of bicycle rear lights is to place them on the back of the frame, placing them under the seat, so that they are protected a little from particles such as rain, snow or dust.

However, like most headlights, the rear lights have a special mount that is easy to mount almost anywhere on the bike thanks to a flexible rubber strap that fits over the frame tubes.

Q5: How many lumens should a bike light have?

To define this aspect, first of all you should have in mind both what you will use the light for and how much budget you have available to invest in this product.

Remember, as the spotlight has more lumens, its cost will be considerably higher, however, the greater visibility you will have. Likewise, a greater light output will allow you to be seen by other drivers at a much greater distance or even during the day.

In today’s market, you can find models with a wide variety of lumens, from some simple and cheap with around 300 lm to more powerful but expensive ones with around 2400 lm.

Q6: Is it mandatory to carry a light on the bicycle?

For the DGT, in Spain it is necessary to comply with some legal and safety regulations when riding a bicycle, such as the use of two lights, a white front one and a red rear one.

Q7: How to fix a bicycle light?

Depending on the model you have purchased, attaching a light to your bike frame is a process that can be done very easily or in a slightly more complicated way. Some bicycle lights do not require any type of tool for fixing, however, a large number of them have a mount that has a system that is easily installed thanks to a flexible rubber strap, which can be adapted to a large number of bikes. variety of objects.

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