The 9 Best Biotin Supplements of 2022

Biotin Supplement – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Biotin is one of the essential nutrients for the body. It is an integral part of the B complex vitamins and although it is known for its contribution to the health of hair, nails and skin; its benefits and properties go much further. In this sense, today we present two biotin supplements recommended by many for their effectiveness and reliability. Starting with N2 Natural Nutrition Skin, Nails & Hair, a product that provides you with 90 capsules of high quality nutritional content. Hivital Foods HP-P18002T is another supplement that could be a wise bet, as it offers 365 tablets and a high concentration of biotin.

The 9 Best Biotin Supplements – Opinions 2022

If your lifestyle does not allow you to consume a balanced diet rich in biotin, it is necessary to take a good supplement daily that covers the nutritional needs of this vitamin. For this reason and in order to help you select a suitable product for your requirements, we have prepared a list of 9 of the best supplements available on the market.

1. N2 Natural Nutrition Biotin Zinc Selenium Hair Skin Nails

If you are looking among the best biotin supplements of 2022, you will be able to find this product made under high quality standards. It is a reliable product, since it is 100% natural, certified vegan, free of GMOs and also free of animal cruelty.

It is a supplement formulated with nutritional ingredients of great value for the general health of the organism; so it contains B complex vitamins, such as B1, B2, B6, B7 (biotin) and B12. It also offers vitamin D3, A, C, E and minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, among others.

Its presentation has a translucent bottle and its screw cap favors easy opening and closing. Its capsules are made of chlorophyll, free of lactose and gluten; which favor the purity, concentration and maximum absorption of the active ingredients of the formula. In addition, it has a recommended amount to cover treatments for up to 3 months.

For its nutritional content, this could be the best biotin supplement of the moment. Learn a little more about this product.


Reliable: It is a reliable supplement, as it meets strict quality standards, is vegan certified, and is supported by ISO 9001 and the American FDA.

Indications: It is especially recommended to give strength and health to the nails and hair, while keeping the skin hydrated.

Capsules: Its presentation is given in chlorophyll capsules, which favors purity and absorption.


Dosage: In order to avoid any undesirable effects, the manufacturer advises not to exceed the recommended daily dose.

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2. Hivital Foods Biotin 10,000 mcg Vitamin B7

If you need to cover the lack of biotin in your body, this product could be the best option to start a long-term treatment. It not only offers you purity and quality, but also an affordable cost; which is why many consider it to be the best value for money biotin supplement on our list.

Thanks to its concentration level of 10,000 mcg, it is a supplement that can be ingested by any adult looking for a balance in their biotin levels. Likewise, it has a 100% natural formula of the highest quality, free of sugar, gluten, lactose, soy and without magnesium stearate.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has developed tablets that are easy to swallow and have no undesirable effects on your mouth, since they do not contain added flavours, odours, or aromas. In addition, the bottle offers the amount of 365 units, enough to cover your nutritional requirements for biotin for up to a year.

It is one of the cheapest supplements on the market, compared to other similar products, and it is a vitamin of great nutritional value; so we invite you to analyze its advantages and disadvantages.


Natural: It offers you a 100% natural, vegan, preservative-free and non-transgenic formula; which makes it a reliable product.

Quantity: It is presented in a bottle with 365 tablets, so you will have treatment for one year.

e-Book: With the purchase you will receive an e-Book in PDF format, with important information about biotin.


Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or think you are, you should consult your trusted doctor before taking this supplement.

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3. Navit Plus Biotin 10000mcg Vitamins

The best biotin supplement is one that not only strengthens and improves the appearance of hair, nails, and skin; but it also helps for the optimal functioning of the organism. To do this, you must have a high purity concentration; Just like the one offered by this Navit Plus product, a highly prestigious brand with a presence in 5 countries of the European Union.

It is a vitamin supplement formulated with 10,000 mcg of the active principle of biotin, which makes it ideal for people with nutritional deficiencies related to this vitamin. For this reason, it is not only used as a beauty treatment, but also as an adjuvant to restore the proper functioning of the nervous system and the metabolic system.

You will receive a handy screw-top bottle containing 120 easy-to-take vegetable capsules, making absorption easy. Plus, this amount gives you a daily dose for up to 4 months.

Being a recognized manufacturer that collaborates with the NGO FarmaMundi, Navit Plus could be the best brand of biotin supplements. Read a little more about this supplement.


Concentration: Its concentration is 10,000 mcg of biotin, which favors the good health of hair, nails, skin and the body in general.

Absorption: Thanks to its vegetable capsules, it is a product of easy intestinal absorption.

Prestige: Its manufacturer has the endorsement of the Official College of Pharmacists.


Binder: It uses magnesium stearate as a binder, so if you are looking for a product with natural ingredients, you could check out other options.

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4. Biomenta Biotin 12,500 µg Zinc Selenium Vegan tablets

If you are looking for a powerful formula and you do not know which is the best biotin supplement that gives you an important contribution, this product developed in Germany by Biomenta could be your best option. Since it has a formula specially enriched with nutrients that provide benefits for your appearance and your health in general.

To do this, it is a highly concentrated vitamin supplement, which is why it offers you 12,500 mcg of biotin, 10 mg of zinc bisglycinate and 55 mcg of selenium; ingredients that promote the development and maintenance of healthy hair and strong nails, while keeping the skin hydrated.

Likewise, the manufacturer offers you a practical bottle with a presentation that contains up to 365 tablets, so that you have a sufficient amount of treatment for a year. In addition, these tablets offer a size of 7.7 mm, which favors easy ingestion.

When it comes to quality and quantity, this vitamin B7 supplement could meet your nutritional expectations. Next, its pros and cons.


Dosage: It is one of the products that the market offers with the highest dose of pure biotin, up to 12,500 mcg; which provides excellent health benefits.

Formula: In addition to biotin, it is a supplement that has minerals of great value to the body, such as zinc and selenium.

Coverage: You will have 365 vitamins to cover your requirements for up to a year.


Language: Since it is a foreign manufacturer, the nutritional content and indications on the label are expressed in German.

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5. Zipvit Biotin 10,000 mcg 360 Tablets

Among the cheap supplements available today that also give you reliability, this product made in the United Kingdom stands out. It has vegan qualities and is approved by the Vegetarian Society, since its formula is free of ingredients of animal origin and strict quality controls have been applied for its development.

Zipvit’s biotin supplement is one of the most powerful at the moment, since it has a formulation that includes 10,000 mcg of Vitamin B7; therefore, it offers a high dose of biotin for the hair that could significantly improve the appearance and structure of the hair fiber.

Thanks to its concentration level, it is also recommended to strengthen the nails and provide a better appearance to the skin; Likewise, it is a vitamin supplement that provides nutrients to the nervous system. On the other hand, this brand provides the necessary amount for long-term treatments, so its bottle has 360 tablets.

If you are deficient in biotin and need a cheap supplement that offers you a large number of pills; this could be your best option. Read on and learn more features.


Cost: This is one of the supplements that offers a competitive cost, easily affordable for any budget.

Vegan: It has a natural formula free of ingredients of animal origin, so it is recommended for vegetarians.

Quantity: The manufacturer offers a bottle containing 360 tablets, in order to provide treatment for long periods.


Lactation: You must evaluate its consumption during the lactation period, for which the advice of a professional is advisable.

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6. Lindens Biotin 5mg Pills Pack 90GB

Based in the UK, Lindens is a brand that has developed this high-quality food supplement, with the aim of providing a product that is easily tolerated by most people. Therefore, it has a natural formulation that does not include elements that could cause allergies; such as lactose, wheat, soy and gluten. It also contains no added sugar and is suitable for vegans.

It is a nutritional supplement with a concentration of 5,000 mcg of active ingredient biotin, in the form of D-biotin. For this reason, it is recommended for people who have some type of deficiency of this vitamin; especially those cases in which there are skin, hair and nail problems.

Likewise, Lindens has designed an innovative package to store its 90 tablets, which consists of a bag made of aluminum. Thanks to this, the supplements can be kept protected from light and fresh for as long as possible.

If you are looking for a biotin supplement with an affordable cost and with an adequate concentration for your needs, this product could be a good purchase. For more information, keep reading its qualities and disadvantages.


ISO 9001 Certification: It is a product that complies with this regulation, which guarantees its high quality, reliability and efficiency.

Healthy hair: Thanks to the concentration of pure biotin, it could be the best ally to improve weak and dull hair.

Natural: It offers a vegan and natural formula, free of gluten, sugar and soy.


Packaging: A container that contains the supplements in a bottle format is missing. Although for many the bag has turned out to be very practical.

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7. Nutridix Biotin 10,000 mcg Hair Growth and Nail Maintenance

Nutridix has developed this supplement with benefits for everyone, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. For which, it has combined some of the best ingredients in a select formula of great nutritional value; such as biotin, zinc, selenium, vitamin D and E. For this reason, it is a product that provides optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Its exclusive formulation gives you a high dose of biotin, up to 10,000 mcg. This quality, together with the benefits offered by its other components, allows you to have a supplement that favors not only the health of the skin, hair and nails; but also brings vitality to the bones, muscles and teeth.

Similarly, its composition is free of ingredients of animal origin, so it is a product recommended for vegans. In addition, its bottle with a screw cap offers you up to 120 easily absorbed capsules.

If you still don’t know which biotin supplement to buy, you might consider this product for its nutritious formulation and easy intake. Pay attention to its salient features.


Capsules: Thanks to its presentation in flavor and odor free capsules, you will not have problems taking it. In addition, it is easily absorbed.

Ingredients: It has a formula rich in biotin; also offers vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc and selenium; great allies for health in general.

Benefits: Its vitamins and minerals are excellent benefits for bones, muscles, teeth, skin, nails and hair.


Storage: It is convenient to store the bottle out of the reach of children, in a cool place free of moisture.

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8. Vitamaze Biotin 10000 mcg High Dose and Vegan

When it comes to natural vitamin supplements, quality is something that should not be overlooked. In this sense, this Vitamaze biotin has been elaborated taking into account rigorous controls, in order to offer a vegan product that provides reliability. For this reason, its formula is free of genetic modification, contaminants, magnesium stearate and gluten.

Likewise, its content of vitamin B7 is highly concentrated, since it has 10,000 mcg. Which is why it is a recommended supplement for both skin and hair health. Likewise, it is of great value as an adjuvant in the functions of the nervous and metabolic systems.

The manufacturer offers you a plastic bottle with the amount of 180 doses of biotin, enough to cover up to 6 months of treatment. On the other hand, the small dimensions of its tablets make them easy to ingest by any adult.

Because it is a natural product, with German quality and suitable for vegetarians, you could consider it in your comparison of supplements. Analyze more details of this presentation.


Brand: Vitamaze is a German brand that works together with experts and scientists to achieve reliable natural products.

Concentration: This biotin contains a high level of concentration, which makes it ideal for people with nutritional deficiencies of this vitamin.

Tablets: Offers 180 small, concentrated, easy-to-swallow and absorb tablets.


Users: It is a supplement recommended only for adults, which is why its intake is not recommended for people under 18 years of age.

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9. Zenement Biotin 10,000 µg 365 Vegan Tablets

Biotin is a vitamin that is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids and amino acids. It also participates in the functioning of the nervous system and is an element that promotes good health of hair, mucous membranes and skin. For this reason, if you need a vitamin supplement of this coenzyme and bet on nationally manufactured products, Zenement’s biotin could be what you are looking for.

This Spanish manufacturer works in cooperation with a team of nutritionists and doctors, in order to offer high quality and effective products. To do this, this supplement has 10,000 mcg of vitamin B7 and its concentrated formula does not include lactose, preservatives, or gluten. Reason why, it could be suitable for anyone with allergic problems. In addition to this, it is a cruelty-free vegan product, since for its strict controls it has not been tested on animals.

If you need to get a supplement that gives you coverage for a year of treatment, this biotin could meet all your expectations. We present more information about this product.


Quantity: Its bottle offers you the quantity of 365 tablets, to cover the nutritional requirements of a year.

Formula: It has a 100% vegan formula, free of lactose, colorants, preservatives, sweeteners and gluten-free; which favors allergy sufferers.

National product: It is manufactured in the Iberian Peninsula under high quality standards and its label offers you information in Spanish.


Medication: If you are receiving medication for any pathology, you should consult your doctor before starting treatment.

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Shopping guide

The intake of vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity is one of the basic requirements to be healthy. In this sense, we present this guide to buy the best biotin supplement, where you can find information of interest about this vital nutrient; as well as the aspects in which you should look before making your purchase.

Benefits and uses

Biotin is a necessary vitamin for the proper functioning of some enzymes, particularly those involved in cell duplication processes. It is a water-soluble nutrient and is considered an especially important coenzyme for the metabolism of fats, amino acids, carbohydrates and purines.

Although it is especially known for improving the health of hair, skin and nails, biotin goes further; since it plays a fundamental role in the absorption of nutrients and in the control of diseases. For this reason, it is a recommended vitamin for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, since it significantly improves the functions of the nervous system.

Likewise, it is a nutrient that reduces muscle cramps and when taken together with chromium, it has been shown to improve insulin response and help balance diabetic blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, the health of the brain could also be benefited, since this vitamin helps in neurotransmitter activity. Due to this, it favors concentration and memory, relieves stress and also slows down the cognitive deterioration typical of old age. In addition, when combined with thiamine, it improves the dysfunction of the basal ganglia.

It also provides benefits to hair, nails and skin, so vitamin B7 could be the most suitable nutrient to visibly improve its appearance, avoiding premature wrinkles, brittle hair and brittle nails.

However, it should be noted that, according to experts, biotin does not accelerate hair growth, but rather provides greater resistance to the root and follicle, thus preventing breakage; so it is effective in treating weak or brittle hair problems.

Deficiencies and sources of origin

Biotin deficiency can cause health disorders, ranging from mild to severe. Among them we have: hair loss, weak nails, tingling or muscle pain, seborrhea, rashes on the face, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, cramps, nerve damage, depression and even cognitive impairment.

For this reason, experts recommend a balanced diet, considering the intake of foods rich in biotin such as eggs, cauliflower, mushrooms, almonds, walnuts, barley, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, dairy products, salmon, avocado, sweet potato, peanuts, wholemeal bread, chard and more.

However, many times it is not possible to comply with an adequate diet; Therefore, to deal with the lack of this nutrient, what better than having a good biotin supplement on hand, which could make the difference between having good health or not.


When you make a comparison of biotin supplements, you will realize that its presentation tends to vary from one manufacturer to another; so in the market you can find tablets, pills, capsules, effervescents, powder and liquids. Thanks to the diversity of formats, you can easily find a good and cheap product that suits your requirements.

Likewise, it is important that you consider the amount of vitamin available in each presentation based on your needs; the idea is that you have the necessary amount for a complete treatment. In this sense, manufacturers offer containers for all requirements, which can range from 30 to 365 capsules or pills. On the other hand, in its liquid version you could opt for bottles that offer between 10 and 200 ml.

Formulation and brand

Biotin is known as vitamin B7; Likewise, it is also called vitamin H or Coenzyme R. For this reason, you can find it with any of these names on the label that specifies the nutritional content of each supplement.

Many times it usually presents a formula where it is accompanied by other nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, zinc, selenium and folic acid. For this reason, biotin is present in most prenatal supplements, in multivitamins, in the B complex and you can also find it alone.

As for the brand, this aspect could influence how much a certain product costs. Therefore, it is important to always bet on supplements from recognized laboratories, which contain reliable ingredients and are manufactured under high-quality standards.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use biotin supplements?

Biotin supplements are generally well tolerated by most people, making them safe to take. Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, you can take it alone or with food and at any time of the day. However, it is advisable to take this vitamin always following the express instructions of the manufacturer; without exceeding the recommended dose and take with plenty of water. Also, remember that smoking could degrade the amount of biotin present in your body.

Q2: How many mg of biotin per day should be consumed?

Although there is no recommended daily dose for the intake of biotin, experts recommend 30 mcg in the case of adults over 18 years of age and when referring to a treatment for deficiency of this supplement, an intake of up to 10 mg daily is recommended. Likewise, in the case of taking this supplement to strengthen hair or nails, the recommended dose could vary from 500 to 700 mcg per day.

Q3: What does biotin do for hair?

This vitamin favors the proper functioning and regeneration of capillary tissues, while stimulating blood circulation in this area. For this reason, it allows the scalp to remain healthy, providing elasticity, shine and strength to the hair; since the nutrients can efficiently reach the root. When it comes to hair loss, it is recommended to combine biotin with zinc and some epidermal growth factor.

The lack of this vitamin is reflected in the breakage and hair loss; likewise, in cases of fine hair, a visible opacity and arrest of its normal growth is noted. For this reason, it is important to incorporate it into the diet, through the foods that contain it or through some type of supplement.

Q4: What is biotin tablets for?

Biotin in pills, pills or tablets, is used for oral treatment for deficiency of this vitamin in the body or when the patient has a medical condition that requires its intake. This vitamin supplement is also usually presented on the market in the form of soft capsules, which fulfill the same function as pills.

Q5: What side effects does biotin have?

When biotin is consumed properly and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it rarely causes side effects. However, when the indicated dose is exceeded, it could lead to the appearance of undesirable effects, such as nausea, which usually occur in the initial stage of treatment.

Stomach aches and diarrhea may also occur if you consume more than the recommended amounts. Similarly, a pregnancy could be interrupted by the intake of high doses of biotin; Therefore, before starting treatment, it is essential to consult a doctor. Similarly, there may also be cases of allergic reactions, such as rashes, swelling of the face and throat or chest tightness.

Another of the side effects that a high intake of biotin could cause is a picture of cystic acne; which usually improves when treatment is stopped and the dose is decreased.

On the other hand, taking biotin might reduce the effectiveness of other medications; For this reason, if you are undergoing any medical treatment, professional guidance is advisable.

Q6: Which is better, biotin supplements in pill or powder form?

Both in powder and in pill form, biotin supplements offer great benefits for the body; they rarely cause adverse reactions and they do not usually leave a bad taste in your mouth. However, its powder presentation could offer better absorption at the intestinal level and you can even put a small portion under your tongue or mix it with a juice or smoothie.

Q7: Is biotin shampoo effective?

Although there are no scientific studies to support the benefits of biotin shampoos on hair, manufacturers and many users claim that hair grows faster and stronger with continued use of these products.

Likewise, these shampoos can provide greater strength and prevent hair loss; regardless of whether it is a case of temporary hair loss or alopecia.

They also offer shine and luminosity to your hair, while serving to give volume to fragile and brittle hair; as it combats the thinning of the hair fiber. In addition, many of these products contain a formulation that prevents frizz.

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