The 9 Best Camping Accessories of 2022

Camping Accessories – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Camping is an activity that has been proven to significantly improve mood, reduce stress and improve physical condition. However, for the experience to be rewarding, safe and as comfortable as possible; you need to get a good set of accessories, to help you solve any mishap that may arise in nature. With this in mind, we present the 18 in 1 Multipurpose Giriaitus, a versatile tool made of stainless steel, portable and very useful for all adventurers. Another recommended option is the Hukoer Tent, a resistant product that you can hook to your vehicle and enjoy an extra shaded space.

The 9 Best Camping Accessories – Opinions 2022

Next, you will be able to find some of the best camping accessories that the market has, designed to cover different situations that you can find when you are camping. The idea is that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

cheap camping accessories

1. Giriaitus Black Oxide Folding 18-in-1 Multi-Tool

Among the cheap camping accessories that the market offers you, this model stands out, since it not only has an affordable cost, but it is also a very useful product for all adventurers who are passionate about outdoor activities. It is a compact multitool and considered as a survival kit, as its design gives you up to 18 functions in a single product.

To do this, it integrates into its structure a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, hammer, axe, wire cutter, plier handle, bottle opener, spring, file, wood saw, threaded hexagonal key and more. It is a product made of stainless steel that provides durability and its red anodized aluminum handle favors a comfortable grip.

Given all its qualities, this model could be the best value for money camping accessory of the moment. In addition, you will receive it with a practical protection cover made of resistant Oxford cloth.

This could be the perfect gift for any camper or adventurer, as it is not only one of the cheapest accessories, but also one of high quality. Analyze its pros and cons.


Multi-tool: It has 18 different functions built into one emergency tool, giving you portability and saving space in your backpack.

Materials: It is made of stainless steel with black oxide finishes and an anodized aluminum handle, materials that provide lightness and durability.

Utility: Thanks to its multiple tools you can hammer, cut, saw, unscrew, pry and more.


Ax Cover: A protective cover on the edge of the ax is missing that offers greater security.

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2. Outdoorer 52-Piece Camping Accessory Set

Camping enthusiasts know the importance of having a tent that provides a comfortable place to rest. In this sense, in order to provide an adequate assembly, it is essential to have all the necessary accessories to fix it safely to the ground.

To make this task easier, we present one of the most complete cheap camping accessories to carry out the work of setting up your tent. It is a set that contains different types of stakes, specially designed to successfully anchor the tent regardless of the ground, since it has some specific ones for stony, sandy, rocky soils and square stakes.

It also offers you a practical rubber hammer to drive the pegs; Likewise, a useful stake remover, which favors the process of setting up and dismantling your tent more easily. In addition, you will receive a 20-meter rope, rubber rings and adjustable flaps that improve the wearing experience.

So you don’t have to rush when setting up your tent, you could consider this very useful accessory kit. Learn more about its pros and cons.


Set: You will receive a complete set of 52 pieces: 6 elastic bands, 10 adjustable flaps, 20 m of rope, 1 rubber hammer, 1 stake remover and various stakes.

Portability: All accessories come neatly organized in a handy carry bag for portability.

Variety: The kit offers you stakes and pegs suitable for soft, hard and semi-hard ground.


Hammer Smell: Rubber hammer has an odor that some people might find unpleasant. The good thing is that after several days of use, the aroma disappears.

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Accessories for camping vans

3. Hukoer Outdoor Camping Car Account

Nothing more comfortable than taking our vehicle to the place where we are going to camp, since we can comfortably transport everything we need. For this reason, accessories for camping vans like this model are very useful products when what you are looking for is an extra shaded area to hang out with friends and family.

It is an awning resistant to wind and UV rays, so you can use it at any time of the year; either on the beach or in the mountains. In addition, it is foldable, light and its dimensions are 350 x 240 x 105-300 cm, enough for the enjoyment of several people.

It is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, with fiberglass rods and steel tubes; which gives it great resistance to use. Likewise, all the pieces are stored in a transport bag. For all these features, this model can be considered among the best camping accessories of 2022.

To make camping a moment of relaxation and comfort, you could consider this camping accessory. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.


Utility: It is an awning that you can easily attach to your vehicle, either from the side or from the rear and thus achieve an extra shaded space.

Portability: Thanks to its easy folding and its light weight of 3.3 kilos; It is a portable accessory that does not take up space in your car.

Resistant: It has resistant materials that stand up to the sun, rain and wind.


User manual: A user manual that allows quick assembly is missing. However, for many it has been easy to use.

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Kitchen accessories for camping

4. Diealles Utensils Kitchen Camping Set for Camping Excursion

This model stands out among the most useful camping kitchen accessories when preparing food in the middle of nature. It is a practical set of utensils made up of a pot, a frying pan, a lid that works for both pieces, a soup ladle, 2 bowls of different sizes, a wooden spatula to stir or serve, and a cleaning sponge. All contained in a strong nylon mesh bag.

This could be the best camping accessory for cooking, as in addition to all the pieces it offers, it also allows you to conveniently organize them to take up as little space as possible. Likewise, it has folding handles that improve portability and it is made of aluminum with a non-stick bottom, which provides lightness in your backpack. Plus, it’s an easy-to-clean and easy-to-store cookware kit.

If you plan to go camping alone or as a couple, you could consider this model among the best camping accessories of the moment, given its usefulness for cooking. Keep reading and know its pros and cons.


Portability: It is an accessory kit made of aluminum and weighing only 355 grams, which provides lightness and portability.

Stackable design: Thanks to its stackable design, you can organize the pieces one on top of the other without taking up more space.

Cleaning: You will receive the set with a sponge that favors cleaning, which will help you keep it in perfect condition.


Diners: The size of the set is designed for the preparation of food for 1 or 2 diners, so it is not suitable for cooking large quantities of food.

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Other products

5. HPiano 2pcs Collapsible Bellows Blow Fire Tube

We all know how annoying it is when smoke and ashes from the campfire land on our faces, hair and clothes, because we blow too close to get the fire. Now, with this practical and useful collapsible blowing tube you can light the fire in a safe and comfortable way, either to prepare food or to seek shelter and warmth with the fire.

It is one of the cheap and high-quality models offered by the market, since it is a blower tube with an affordable cost and made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and intensive use.

Its folded dimensions are 9.3 x 1.2 cm, so you can easily carry it in a pocket of your backpack and once unfolded it can reach up to 48.5 x 1.2 cm, which keeps your face away from the fire while you blow. In addition, you will receive a set with two pieces, each tube collapsible in its corresponding case for safe storage.

To light branches or firewood and stay away from the fire, now you can count on this great ally. Next, we present its advantages and disadvantages.


Materials: It is a tube made of high quality stainless steel, capable of resisting corrosion and heat; which makes it durable and resistant.

Portable: Thanks to its folding design and its light weight, you can carry it in any hole in your backpack.

Utility: You can use it not only in nature to light a fire, but it is also very useful to light a barbecue.


Strap: Although it is a product that comes with a case, an additional strap would be a good complement to prevent it from being lost.

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6. Justcamp Griffin Tent Accessory Kit

One of the basic elements to be able to enjoy an excursion or a camping trip in the middle of nature is the tent. For this, you need to have all the accessories for its proper assembly, in such a way that it not only provides you with shelter and a place to rest; but it also remains conveniently anchored to the ground, so that it resists the winds and rain that may come.

In this sense, this spare parts kit contains all the parts you could need when setting up your tent, whether in the desert, mountains or on the beach. To do this, it has 34 pickets suitable for all types of floors, it also includes tie cords, a rubber hammer, picket extractor and rubber ties.

Likewise, in order to be able to transport the set of accessories in an easy and comfortable way, you will also receive a practical nylon bag, where you can keep everything organized and at hand.

If you are looking to set up your tent in an easy way and don’t know what camping accessories to buy, this product could offer you everything you need. Pay attention to its pros and cons.


Parts: The accessory kit contains short and long pickets, a hammer, rubber ties, picket puller, nails for normal and hard floors, tie string and a storage bag.

Portability: Thanks to its included bag and its low weight, you can comfortably carry everything you need.

Utility: You can easily set up your tent at festivals, camping and at any time of the year.


Hammer: A sturdier hammer would be appreciated. However, the other products do their job.

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7. AmazonBasics Camping Cookware Set

Nothing like eating hot, freshly prepared food when you’re on a hike; And if you don’t know which are the best camping accessories that will give you a complete and practical kitchen set; you could consider this model from AmazonBasics. It is a product specially designed to take when you go on an adventure in nature, since it offers a foldable design, lightness and durability.

Cookware set includes pot, pan and lid, made of durable anodized aluminum; It also has a wooden spatula to stir food, a soup ladle and two bowls made of BPA-free plastic. Likewise, it has a polyethylene spoon, a sponge for cleaning and a nylon bag for storage.

Thanks to this, you will be able to make stews, fried foods or soups, easily and quickly; since anodized aluminum favors optimal heating. In addition, they are utensils with folding handles that favor their portability.

AmazonBasics might be the best brand for camping accessories, given the variety of products and high quality that it offers. Read below the pros and cons of this set.


Materials: It is a set of pieces made of high quality materials, such as anodized aluminum, polyethylene and BPA-free plastic.

Storage: Offers convenient storage inside a mesh bag as it features foldable handles and utensils can be easily stacked.

Functionality: Thanks to its functional design you can boil water, prepare soup or fry any food when you are camping.


Cleaning: The manufacturer advises washing by hand, so you should avoid putting the containers in the dishwasher.

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8. Odoland Kitchen Utensils Camping Kit Aluminum Pan Pots

If you plan to go on a journey, and you are looking for a set of utensils that contains everything you need to eat during the time you are away from home, this complete kit could be your best ally. It is a set that includes a mini camping stove and a base adaptable to different gas cylinders, a pot, a frying pan, a glass, three folding cutlery and a mesh bag for transport.

The pot and pan have folding handles to save space and are made of anodized aluminum with a non-stick coating, so that food does not stick. While the glass has stainless steel and silicone protection to prevent burns on the hands.

The mini stove can be conveniently folded to take up minimal space and the entire set conveniently stores inside its carry bag; which you can easily attach to your backpack.

A high quality, complete and economical product that could get you out of trouble. If you want to know more details, we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Mini stove: It has a foldable and resistant mini stove, compatible with standard propane or butane gas screw cylinders. Likewise, it has a flame regulator for fast or slow cooking.

Capacity: The pot offers you a capacity of up to 1.2 liters and the pan 0.6; so you can prepare enough food for two people.

Base: It has a base tripod that holds the gas cylinder, in order to cook more safely.


Stability: It is advisable to find a flat and stable ground to mount the cylinder and the mini stove.

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9. Bibury 5 in 1 Folding Pliers Survival Folding Knife

Going on an excursion, hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity requires that you have the necessary implements to face any setback. In this sense, having a Swiss-designed multi-tool like this model on hand could be of great help when you are alone in the middle of nature.

It is a lightweight and compact multifunction tool; so you can carry it in your backpack without taking up extra space. It is made of stainless steel with a black oxide coating, which provides resistance to corrosion and wear. Likewise, it has an ergonomic grip that favors its handling.

Its integrated design offers you 5 tools in a single product, where a screwdriver with 9 spare bits, a pliers with wire cutters and a versatile knife stand out; so it is recommended for DIY and activities such as fishing, hunting, picnicking and camping. Plus, you’ll receive it in a sturdy Oxford cloth sleeve.

Having this multi-tool could be very useful every time you go for a walk in nature. For more details, read their pros and cons.


Dimensions: The folded tool measures approximately 10 cm and once unfolded its knife can reach 19 cm.

Locking system: It is a safe tool, as it has a discreet system that locks the blade of the knife and prevents it from accidentally closing.

Versatility: Given its versatility and compact body, you can take it hiking, fishing, hunting and any outdoor activity.


Serrated blade: If you are looking to cut thick tree branches, the serrated blade of the knife might not be enough.

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Shopping guide

Camping is an activity that benefits our body physically and mentally, as it allows us to be in contact with nature. To fully enjoy this adventure, you must have everything you need at hand. For this reason, we present this guide to buying the best camping accessories; here you will be able to know the most relevant parameters that you must take into account when choosing any element. We want your investment to be as profitable as possible and for you to find the accessory that covers all your needs.


The camping accessories market is very diverse and the usefulness that these can provide is closely related to the use you are going to give it, with the terrain where you plan to camp (camping on the beach is not the same as on a mountain), the prevailing weather or atmospheric conditions, the duration of the camping and the number of people who will accompany you on the adventure. For this reason, camping equipment may vary depending on these factors.

In any case, when preparing the trip and heading out into nature, you should consider that there are essential accessories for every camper, which are related to safety; so regardless of how much it costs, you should make a hole in your backpack and give priority to these over those that provide comfort. For this, you should keep in mind accessories such as a tent, food, first aid kit, fire starter, water purifier and a multi-tool.

When basic survival needs are covered, you might consider camping accessories that provide comfort, such as a folding chair, portable shower, or coffee maker. Also, do not neglect the importance of keeping your mobile functional to be able to communicate in an emergency, for which you must have a charging device.

On the other hand, before packing it is convenient that you review each element and verify that it is in good condition, that it works correctly and that all its parts are complete. If necessary, you should replace any that are defective, since in the middle of nowhere a damaged accessory could mean the difference between a good or bad experience.

Accessories according to their functionality

First of all, it is important to cover basic needs such as shelter and food. For this reason, the tent is an essential accessory that should not be missing when you go camping; for your choice you need to take into account the number of people who are going to use it, the natural environment and the necessary elements for its assembly. The sleeping bag is another basic accessory and if you are looking for a cheap one, the market offers you a wide range of options. Among other aspects, for your choice you must consider the ambient temperature and your texture.

On the other hand, being in nature does not imply that you have to make too many sacrifices, so among the implements that you must take is the kitchen equipment; that will allow you to prepare food comfortably, either for one or more people. For this reason, there are models that include a set with a pot, pan, cutlery, glasses and even a mini stove; You will also need water bottles, dishes and garbage bags to collect waste and leave everything clean.

Likewise, you could also choose to carry a cooler backpack that keeps fruits and food in good condition; Likewise, consider having a flashlight with batteries, personal hygiene items, and, if you travel in your vehicle, it would be convenient to bring chairs and a folding table for greater comfort.

Portability and materials

Every camping accessory you pack in your backpack or carry in your vehicle should serve an important purpose. For this reason, you should look for multipurpose elements; that is, accessories that provide more than one function. For this reason, instead of carrying a knife or a pliers, you could look for a multi-tool with several integrated elements in your comparison of camping accessories; in this way you will be increasing its functionality and saving space in your backpack.

Likewise, look for products that are easy to transport, made of light materials, but at the same time resistant. The idea is that they withstand blows without deteriorating and that the textiles can cope with tearing. In this sense and in general, the most used materials in regard to tools are stainless steel; for kitchenware, aluminum and for tents, waterproof polyester fabric might be the best option.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use camping accessories?

Camping accessories are of great use when it comes to dealing with various outdoor situations. For this reason, some models offer a survival kit to face nature; others consist of a set of kitchen utensils that favor the preparation of food outdoors. Likewise, some are used especially to set up tents or to start a campfire.

Q2: Which camping kitchen accessories are better, plastic or wooden?

When you go out camping you have two options to feed yourself in nature: you bring the food prepared from home and ready to serve or you are willing to cook and prepare the food on site. For the first option, you could use plastic containers, since they are light, unbreakable and some have airtight lids.

But, if you prefer to eat hot and freshly made food, the best alternative is to have fire-resistant kitchenware and wooden accessories that allow you to serve and stir food as you cook.

Q3: How to clean the kitchen camping accessories?

When we are outdoors and in nature, some things can change; for example, we will not have a sink or a dishwasher on hand to wash the kitchenware.

For this, it is important to have clean water and soap; The idea is to wash the kitchen accessories once you have served the food and everyone has eaten, in order to prevent food remains from drying out inside them and insects from getting there. Once they are clean, you should dry them and store them properly, as appropriate to the model in question.

Q4: What are the most common camping accessories?

Among the most common camping items that you should have for a safe and comfortable camping, there is a first aid kit, a flashlight and a preferably waterproof tent; This implies that you must also have the necessary accessories for its assembly, as well as a good sleeping bag for a well-deserved rest.

Another accessory that could be very useful is a cooler backpack, which has the necessary space to keep fruits or drinks in good condition. You should also have a survival kit with multifunction tools on hand; likewise, a set of kitchen accessories to prepare food. Likewise, you cannot ignore the importance of having a water purifier and mosquito repellent.

Q5: What material should camping accessories be made of to be light?

When we go camping with our backpacks, the lightness of the materials that make up the accessories plays a fundamental role. For this reason, if it is about kitchenware, you could look for aluminum utensils for cooking and plastic containers for eating or drinking.

As for the tools, many are made of stainless steel, aluminum and some even have wooden handles that provide safety and light weight. The idea is to carry a functional product without representing an extra burden.

Q6: How to organize camping accessories in the backpack?

It is important to thoroughly know the capacity of your backpack, its pockets and compartments, in order to correctly distribute the weight of the implements you are going to carry; since a bad organization could cause serious injuries to your back. In this sense, it is advisable to put the sleeping bag in the bottom part, since it could act as a protector of the lower back and the kidneys.

In the middle area towards the interior, you can put heavier objects such as clothing, boots, kitchen accessories and first aid kit. Avoid sharp objects that could hurt your back and try to keep the clothes closest to the body. At the top, you could put your documents, a flashlight or a raincoat; Finally, the bottle with water or canteen must be carried in the side pockets.

Q7: What are van camping accessories such as pergolas or trailers used for?

Pergolas, awnings or awnings for caravans and vans are an excellent alternative for enjoying the company of family and friends, as they are ideal for outdoor dining, board games and even for napping. These elements are capable of providing adequate protection from the sun, since they increase the shaded area and also protect from the rain; since most are waterproof.

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