The 9 Best Camping Coolers of 2022

Camping Fridge – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Going camping can be a pretty effective way to vary your routine and get some fresh air, although to enjoy a certain level of comfort, you need special equipment. Camping fridges are one of them and now we present, first of all, the AmazonBasics 9600003113, a 26-liter capacity model, with a compact design and that can generate both heat and cold. In second place is the Campingaz IceTime Plus, a 30-litre capacity camping cooler. It offers insulation to maintain internal temperature and easy maintenance to carry out.

The 9 Best Camping Coolers – Opinions 2022


Camping equipment can save you discomfort and work when you are away from home, so now you can learn about some of the best portable coolers to take when you go camping, along with their most important features.

electric camping fridge


1. AmazonBasics Thermoelectric Cooler 26 Liter Hot/Cold 230V AC/12V

If you want to buy a good electric camping fridge, to keep your food preserved for longer, we present the AmazonBasics Thermoelectric, a model with a comfortable capacity and low consumption.

It has a capacity of 26 liters, where you can easily accommodate almost 40 cans and even 2-liter bottles standing up. Its dimensions are 39.5 x 39.5 x 29.6 centimeters and it weighs 4 kilograms, relatively low for this type of camping cooler.

It has a refrigeration system, which allows you to bring the interior temperature to -18 °C, with respect to the environment, helping to keep food and drinks cold for a long time. In addition, it should be noted that it consumes little energy and is category A +++. Thanks to this, some catalog it as one of the best camping coolers of 2022.

AmazonBasics has for you what is perhaps the best camping fridge of the moment with this product, which offers multiple advantages:


Materials: Its manufacturing materials help maintain temperature, as well as being robust and with good finishes.

Modes: It can both cool and heat so you can carry all kinds of food in it.

Bottles: Its height allows you to fit 2-liter bottles without problems, allowing you to make better use of space.

Efficiency: It does not consume much energy, since it has an energy efficiency of A +++.



Noise: If it is turned on at full power, the noise of the fan can become annoying.

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portable cooler for camping


2. Campingaz Portable Cooler IceTime Plus Thermal Box For Camping

Campingaz has a product that, for some users, could easily be the best camping fridge: the IceTime Plus model.

This option does not require electricity, since it uses a series of materials designed to maintain the temperature inside. It is made of polyurethane and has solid PU foam padding, both with thermal properties for heat and cold that are also easy to clean.

In addition to this, the Campingaz portable camping fridge stands out for offering 30 liters of capacity, which are distributed in a tall design to allow you to store bottles without problems. It has a handle for its transport and an airtight lid in charge of protecting the contents of the refrigerator, as well as blocking the external heat. Thanks to this, the time offered for conservation is considerably increased.

In case you have doubts about which camping fridge to buy, you can take a look at the pros and cons of this option:


Filling: It has a solid foam filling, capable of insulating the interior to better preserve the cold.

Time: It can keep things frozen for a period of about 27 hours.

Closing: The lid has a hermetic closing system that will keep your things safe and the fridge completely closed.

Maintenance: Its design facilitates maintenance, avoiding the presence of bad odours.



Basic: It does not have components such as fans or compressors to help with cooling.

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camping mini fridge


3. Coleman Polylite 5 Cooler Box

In case you need a compact size model, you may be interested in learning about the Coleman Polylite 5, a very useful mini camping fridge for a walk alone or with a partner.

This particular product is 27 x 20 x 18 centimeters in size and weighs 748 grams, so it won’t take up much space in your luggage. It is a basic model made of insulation material that includes polyurethane and polyethylene, and is also quite robust.

Its capacity is 4 liters to accommodate approximately 6 small-sized cans and its handle is wide enough to carry it without causing discomfort in the hands. Finally, it should be noted that it is one of the cheapest refrigerators on the list, to avoid spending too much.

Below, you can learn more about the Coleman product, which could help you make a good purchase decision:


Finishes: The Coleman model has a sturdy build to withstand regular outdoor use.

Handle: Its large handle will facilitate the handling of the refrigerator, as well as its transport.

Light: It is light in weight, avoiding complicating its handling when it is full with groceries.

Duration: It can keep things cold for at least a full day, being useful for a visit to the beach, for example.



Lid: The lid of the refrigerator should have a lock that keeps it in place to avoid accidents.

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small camping fridge


4. Campos 16L Polypropylene Thermo Rigid Cooler

If you have a tight budget, we invite you to check out the Campos 75224, which could be the best value for money camping fridge, as it offers you comfort at an affordable cost.

This 16-liter capacity equipment is made of polypropylene, weighing 1.8 kilograms and a handle from end to end to hold it. Its dimensions are 43 x 25 x 29 centimeters, to easily accommodate groceries and it has an airtight lid, which will keep them protected from the outside.

On the other hand, this small camping cooler is also UV resistant, making it safe to use outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about its wear and tear. Likewise, it stands out that it is easy to wash in case there is a spill inside.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Campos brand option is one of the cheapest among those mentioned:


Practical: Its capacity makes it practical for short trips, picnics, a visit to the park, among many other things.

Handling: It has a large size handle, designed to easily carry the camping cooler.

Lid: Its lid is airtight, which helps prevent heat from entering the fridge.

Materials: It has good quality materials and properties for the operation of the equipment.



Autonomous: Being autonomous, the refrigerator needs ice or thermal bags to maintain the temperature.

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table cooler for camping


5. Outsunny 28L Thermo Fridge with Wheels Convertible to Table

Outsunny offers you a tabletop camping cooler with a table that stands out for its practical and foldable design, which offers you space, comfort and ease of use.

This model has integrated two sides that can be unfolded to offer a functional table, so you will have space to serve and eat without problems. In addition, the fridge also includes a couple of benches where you can sit at table height. Both elements have steel legs and a chrome finish, which will provide you with the necessary stability for your comfort.

The fridge has a size of 51 x 33 x 42 centimeters and offers a storage space with a capacity of 28 litres. It has EPS foam insulation, as well as a waterproof PVC coating, capable of keeping the interior cold for several hours without inconvenience.

Being a practical alternative in camping coolers, we advise you to consider the benefits of this Outsunny model:


Design: Its folding design will allow you to use it as a table to place your plates, glasses and cutlery there.

Benches: It has 2 benches where you can sit, which adds versatility.

Support: Each side of the table can support up to 10 kilograms, while the benches hold approximately 120 kilograms each.

Wheels: It has wheels on the base that will facilitate its transport from one place to another.



Capacity: Although it has a large capacity, for large families it could be insufficient.

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gas cooler for camping


6. Dometic CombiCool RC 1205 GC Portable Absorption Cooler

When in doubt about which is the best camping fridge, don’t forget to consider the Dometic CombiCool RC1205, an electric and powerful model to cool your food.

We are facing a 40-litre capacity fridge equipped with a refrigeration system that allows it to bring the internal temperature to a level of -30 °C in relation to the outside, which will allow you to prepare even ice cubes. In addition, you can choose to connect it to a 12V or 230V power source.

The Dometic camping gas fridge also stands out for being spacious with its 40 liter capacity, where you can store food, drinks, treats and more. It has a size of 50 x 44.1 x 50.8 centimeters and its weight is 16 kilograms.

Dometic may become the best camping fridge brand, thanks to models like the RC1205:


Design: This model has an ergonomic design with integrated handles and modern manufacturing finishes.

Cooling: It has a cooling system that allows it to be at -30 °C with respect to the external temperature.

Mold: The purchase includes an ice cube mold that could be useful.

Capacity: It has a large and comfortable capacity, where many products can be stored.



Smell: During the first start up, a plastic smell may emanate from the interior, which will fade over time.

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12V camping fridge


7. Severin KB 2922 Portable Electric Cooler with Cooling

In case what you are looking for is a 12V camping fridge, which you can connect to both the car socket and an outlet, here we show you the benefits of the Severin KB 2922.

This camping fridge has a size of 41.6 x 39.8 x 29.7 centimeters and its weight is 4.6 kilograms, being a practical alternative to keep your food cold. It has a capacity of 20 liters, in addition to having 2 fans at the top along with its Eco mode with a maximum consumption of 8W per hour, avoiding causing impacts on the car’s bill or battery.

It can be connected to 220V – 240V outlets, as well as to the 12V cigarette lighter port, so its portability is not affected and it includes 2 power adapters that you can easily exchange.

With an electric fridge like Severin’s you can make your camping adventure much more comfortable. Learn more about this model below.


Design: Its design is practical and with compartments, to store cables while maintaining order.

Adapters: Includes 2 power adapters that will allow you to connect it to a plug or the 12V socket of the car.

Indicator: It has an integrated light indicator with which you can know the mode activated in the refrigerator.

Consumption: Its electricity consumption is low as it has a class A++ energy efficiency category.



Transport: It could include wheels that help distribute the weight when moving it from site.

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camping cooler with wheels


8. Coleman 3000004944 Performance 60 Qt Rigid Cooler on Wheels

A good camping cooler with wheels is the one that the Coleman brand has for you, one of the best known on the market within this category.

It is an alternative with a large capacity with 56 liters, where you can organize cans, bottles, containers and more. Its size is 57 x 44 x 45 centimeters, while its weight when empty is 5.2 kilograms. It can keep cold for up to 4 days and has wheels for easy transport.

As for its construction, the Coleman camping cooler has PU insulation material and is made of HDPE, being also easy to clean so you can have it ready to use in no time. It also highlights its telescopic handle and the cup holders integrated into the hermetic lid, which you could use as a table in case you need it.

The capacity and practicality of this camping fridge model make it worthy of a deeper analysis:


Capacity: This camping fridge has a large capacity, allowing you to store, organize and have all the groceries you want at hand.

Wheels: It has a pair of thick wheels to be able to pull or push the refrigerator when you want to move it.

Handle: Its handle is telescopic, helping to save space when you want to carry it in the car, for example.

Lid: The lid design allows you to use it as a coaster for your drinks.



Robustness: Do not abuse the capacity of the handle, as it could give way with the fridge completely full.

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camping fridge with compressor


9. Dometic Coolfreeze CF 35 Portable Compressor Cooler 

With a camping fridge with a compressor you can better regulate the temperature to reach lower levels and Dometic has a model that may catch your attention: the Coolfreeze CF 35.

This product has its respective compressor, allowing the temperature to be managed through a thermostat, to choose the maximum of +10 °C and the minimum of -18 °C with respect to the outside. Thanks to this, you can both cool and keep the stored content warm.

Its capacity reaches 31 liters and it has a size of 58 x 36 x 38.5 centimeters, so it also has large handles designed to help hold the cooler firmly. It has a quite nice aesthetic design, in addition to being accompanied by a display that will show you the activated settings for the operation of the camping fridge.

In case you want to keep your drinks and food very cold, even when you are away from home, here is the Dometic model plus other advantages:


Panel: It has a control panel with an LCD display where you can manage the functions of the camping fridge.

Adjustable: It offers a temperature regulation system that will allow you to select the desired one.

Solar: It consumes little energy and could even be used with solar energy.

Light: It has an internal lighting system that will facilitate the general use of the equipment.



Handling: It has considerable weight due to the cooling components.

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Shopping guide


A camping fridge allows you to keep your food hot or cold when you are away from home, and is also useful for transporting medicines, for example. In this guide to buying the best camping fridge we will help you identify its important aspects, in order to choose the most suitable model according to your needs.

camping fridge design

When reviewing the options available in camping coolers, evaluating their design in detail can help you get the most for your money. Some models may offer multifunctional feature structures, making them convenient to use as well as practical.

At the same time, it is convenient to consider details such as the ease of transport, the manufacturing materials and the accessories integrated into the refrigerator, since this way you will be able to choose a really useful alternative.

In this sense, its design, for example, can focus on practicality, either by offering separate compartments to organize food and drinks or allowing you to take advantage of its exterior if it has spaces to place plates and glasses. Other options can go further and allow them to be used as tables, being really useful when being in nature.

On the other hand, considering the mobility in a camping cooler, this is very important, since the equipment must be large enough to hold what is necessary, while maintaining its quality of being portable. Here you can check if the model you want has wheels or handles, which will make it easier to load and move it around.


Capacity provided 

Another of the most studied aspects in a comparison of camping fridges is their capacity, since this must be directly linked to the requirements of each buyer.

Camping fridges can be chosen in different sizes, so their capacity also varies from one model to another, requiring each one to be considered based on specific needs.

To give you a better idea, if you buy a 20-liter refrigerator, you can easily accommodate approximately 40 cans of soda in it, but if you consider a model of 30 liters or more, you can also carry containers with full meals without any inconvenience. These alternatives are more practical when looking for a camping cooler for families or multi-day trips.

Operating modes

The modes of operation of a camping fridge can be very important and affect how much it costs, since those that offer dual operation, that is, providing both cold and heat, are a little more expensive than the simple ones. However, finding one that is good and cheap is not very complicated either.

In the case of camping coolers without electricity, these have materials capable of retaining heat or cold, so no matter what you want to store, it must be very cold or hot enough before putting it in if it gets cold. plan to consume within the next few hours.

If the model you want to buy is electric, you will probably come across camping fridges with a compressor, which connect to a 12V outlet onwards. These equipment can offer different minimum temperatures and, generally, their performance is influenced by the heat of the environment.

Compressor power

The power of the refrigerator is expressed by its ability to produce cold, since most models for heat are designed to retain it. In this case, we advise you to review the information regarding its performance, so that you can properly consider the power of the refrigerator.

Some of the models most recommended by users have compressors that allow them to reach internal temperatures of -18 °C depending on the outside, which is a cold enough level to keep supermarket meat frozen or the drink you want to enjoy at the same time. half way.

Other options, in addition, are capable of maintaining heat thanks to the work in conjunction with the manufacturing materials, being very useful for transporting hot meals.

electrical consumption

If the camping fridge you want to buy is electric, you cannot ignore the details related to its energy consumption. In general, these types of refrigerators have special adapters for the 12V socket of the car, but they can vary in terms of the level of consumption, being an aspect of the utmost importance to avoid inconveniences outside the home.

However, the models with ecological energy administrations could win the dispute, which are capable of generating the electricity necessary to run the camping fridge without causing excessive expenditure.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a camping cooler?

Camping fridges help you maintain the temperature of your food and drinks, so one of the most recommended tips is to put the previously cold products, in order to make better use of the capacity of the equipment.

When you have prepared what you want to take, install the fridge in the car by connecting the adapter to the 12V port, then turn on the fridge and, if it has one, adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature. This will have it practically ready to use for any event away from home, however it is also recommended to connect the cooler to AC power where possible to avoid battery drain.

Also, if you prefer, you can increase the cooling capacity of your fridge by placing ice packs or thermal gel bags, which will help maintain the cold temperature inside and will not force the compressor.

Q2: How to clean the camping fridge?

To thoroughly clean the inside of your camping fridge, a good solution is to use baking soda. Start by combining two tablespoons of this component in 1 liter of hot water where you will moisten a cloth.

Unplug the fridge from its power source, take out the products if there are any and start applying the mixture to the surfaces. Let sit for a couple of minutes and remove the remains with a dry cloth, making sure to clean each of the corners. Finally, you can use kitchen paper, which will better absorb the liquid to leave your camping fridge ready to use.


Q3: How long does the temperature last in a camping cooler?

The time that a camping fridge can maintain a certain temperature will depend on its capacity, its materials and even on whether or not preservatives were used.

In the case of capacity, this refers to the power of the refrigerator and whether it has a compressor to keep food cold. These teams advise storing already cold products and, in the case of camping fridges without a compressor, these are capable of keeping the ice frozen overnight, while those with a compressor can do so for 1 to 2 days.

Reviewing their materials, it is more convenient when they are made of nylon or polystyrene, since these have a greater capacity to maintain the cold than plastic and can keep dry ice between 18 and 24 hours.

On the other hand, the use of preservatives is the fact of using ice or thermal gel bags to help cool the fridge. These products are capable of reducing interior temperatures for many hours, being able to offer up to 1 day of cooling.


Q4: How much battery does a 12 volt camping cooler consume?

A 12V camping fridge, for the most part, consumes between 35W to 80W, although when used connected to the cigarette lighter socket, this level is usually much lower due to power management. In the case of refrigerators that have a compressor, this level can vary between 50W and 100W.


Q5: Which is better, a thermoelectric or compressor camping cooler?

The answer to this question will depend exclusively on your expectations and needs regarding the use of the refrigerator.

If you opt for a thermoelectric cooler, you have the advantage that it consumes less electricity, but its capacity is also affected. These models are almost exclusively designed for the purpose of keeping food cold, rather than cooling it by itself, making it the ideal option if you want, for example, to just keep your food cold.

On the other hand, considering the models that have a cooling compressor, some of these refrigerators have enough power to produce ice. This could make them the right product for users who need a refrigerator with real cooling capacity. Of course, not without first forgetting that it will have a higher electricity consumption.

Q6: How much weight can a camping cooler on wheels support?

In the case of camping coolers with small wheels, these can hold between 20 and 25 liters, while the medium ones range from 25 to 30 liters and the large ones hold 60 liters or more.


Q7: What is the largest capacity offered by a camping fridge?

Full-size camping coolers can offer capacities from 30 to 60 litres, but some models can be over 100 litres.

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