The 9 Best Camping Kitchen Furniture of 2022

Kitchen furniture for camping – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you like to enjoy nature and go camping with your family, you must know how uncomfortable it can be to cook on a log or a makeshift table. That is why the new designs of kitchen furniture for camping have become very popular, with the TecTake 800585 standing out among buyers for being a large cabinet, with a large surface to place the stove, your implements and cook like a chef in the kitchen. nature. On the other hand, the CampFeuer Staubo4 cabinet has a tubular, folding, aluminum structure that is easy to assemble, and lower shelves to store utensils.

The 9 Best Kitchen Furniture for Camping – Opinions 2022

Going camping does not have to mean eating only canned food, you can also prepare delicious meals outdoors with comfort and space if you use one of the best kitchen furniture for camping that we present in our selection.

Folding kitchen cabinet for camping

1. TecTake 800585 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Camping Kitchen

To feed a large family during a camping trip, it is necessary to carry many supplies, utensils and accessories, so it would be very convenient to have a folding camping kitchen cabinet like this one from TecTake.

It is an innovative solution, with a very light tubular structure and a very wide table, measuring 97 x 47.5 cm, on which you can place the stove, saucepans, a cutting board, the food to be prepared and much more. more, so that you feel comfortable when cooking. 

The structure has a resistance of 30 kg and the distribution of the compartments allows to store numerous objects, thanks to the reinforced aluminum plates. 

For its part, the fabric covering with zippers, which facilitate access, gives a nice finish to the piece of furniture, as it looks tidy for use in the camp. All these characteristics allow this model to be valued as the best kitchen cabinet for camping. 

To learn more about this product, we invite you to know its pros and cons. In this way you can confirm if it is the best kitchen furniture for camping at the moment.  


Stability: With a capacity of 30 kg, the furniture remains stable on uneven ground thanks to the adjustable legs. 

Structure: The furniture has a tubular aluminum structure, light but resistant, and easy to assemble.

Distribution: The table offers enough space to place the stove and other implements when cooking, while the lower compartments help you organize the area.

Transport: By folding the furniture, it can be stored in the included transport case and stored, without taking up much space. 


Adjustment: In some cases it was necessary to use an electric grinder to make adjustments to the assembly. But, most of the comments about the assembly are positive.

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2. CampFeuer Camping Cabinet Aluminum Camping Kitchen

One of the problems when cooking outdoors is that the wind affects the power of the stove, delaying the preparation of food. For this reason, the folding camping kitchen cabinet designed by CampFeuer incorporates windscreens on all three sides of the upper counter, where the portable stove will be placed.

This design increases the functionality of the cabinet, which also has side cabinets that will serve to store provisions and utensils for serving food. These are lined with durable polyester and access is determined by a zipper. In this way, the entry of animals and insects into the cabinets is prevented.

In terms of construction, the cabinet is mainly made of aluminium, it has plastic elements and the cabinets are made of sealed MDF, framed in aluminium. The folding structure, for its part, facilitates the assembly and storage of the product. These qualities make it worthy of a good position among the best kitchen furniture for camping in 2022.

And if you are considering buying it, we recommend you take a look at the positive and negative aspects that we detect in it beforehand.


Space: Side counters provide ample work space, while cabinets store all your camping supplies.

Windscreen: The side and back protection of the stove top prevent the wind from blowing out the fire.

Coating: The polyester fabric that covers the cabinets is very resistant and has a metal window on the back to maintain good ventilation.


Disassembly: Care must be taken when folding the furniture for storage, as some hinges are a bit tight. 

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Other products

3. CamPart Travel Camping kitchen Malaga With windscreen

When you prepare your purchases for the next family camp, the question may arise of knowing what is the best kitchen cabinet for camping? Because when preparing food you will need a comfortable and functional space.

This is the objective of the KI-0732 model, since the work and storage space offered by the cabinet help to organize supplies and prepare food. Measures 172 x 48 x 79.5/110.5 cm when unfolded.

But, when it is stored, its dimensions are reduced to 79 x 12 x 45 cm, to store it in its travel bag and transport it without problems, because it weighs 12.1 kg. In addition, its adjustable legs allow the height to be adjusted so that the cook has an ergonomic and stable posture, even if the ground is uneven.

This model also incorporates a windscreen on the main worktop, which will prevent the stove fire from going out. 

It is good to know that this manufacturer has a wide catalog of accessories for outdoor activities, which is why several users rate it as the best brand of kitchen furniture for camping. Now we summarize the pros and cons of this model, in particular.


Storage: To store the furniture, it folds and stores in the included transport bag.

Height: The legs of the table can be adjusted to vary its height from 70 to 110.5 cm. 

Comfort: The space provided by the countertops and double cabinets allow you to cook comfortably, outdoors and enjoy nature.


Fastening: One aspect to improve is the fastening of the windscreen, which is fixed with suction cups, and hinges could be used for greater resistance.

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4. Ultrasport Camping kitchen folding cabinet with 3 compartments

Spending a few days in the countryside, in contact with nature, is a way to recharge batteries to continue with life in the city. But cooking on a stove on rocks or a log is very inconvenient.

For this reason, Ultrasport presents us with its folding and compact cabinet, whose countertop has enough space to place the portable kitchen and prepare a delicious meal, without complications. 

To prevent splashes or wind blowing out the fire, a side shield is included. In terms of space, this piece of furniture offers a main compartment and another with two shelves to organize crockery, utensils and food. 

In addition, all its contents will remain protected thanks to the resistant polyester cover, the zipper opening system and the Velcro fastening system. So you can choose whether to keep them closed or open while cooking.

Before deciding which camping kitchen cabinet to buy, we suggest you review the summary of the characteristics of this functional and lightweight model.


Compartments: Each compartment has a plastic base that gives it stability. 

Construction: The aluminum structure is robust and stable, while the polyester fabric has good resistance, which defines, in part, the durability of the furniture.

Assembly: The assembly is done quickly, since neither the rods nor the fabric must be fixed, because these are attached to the structure.


Velcro: With frequent use, the velcro can lose grip, so it must be treated with care, when mounting and dismounting.

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5. CampFeuer Framed Camp Kitchen Cabinet

The usefulness of kitchen furniture for camping continues to spread, as they allow you comfort and practicality when cooking in the field. In this sense, a good alternative to buying in your items is this cabinet with an aluminum structure, designed by CampFeuer.

The piece of furniture has dimensions of 117 x 50 x 111 cm with the protection barrier on, and when folded it measures approximately 119 x 40 x 12 cm, stored in its transport bag.

This model stands out for being robust, as it combines aluminum with plastic and a high-density PVC coating. In addition, the distribution of the cabinet allows you to organize kitchen utensils, food and other items, keeping them protected from insects, rodents and other animals. 

Next to the counter there is a very useful space, designed as a sink or basin, in which there is a resistant bag that you can fill with water to wash your hands or food while cooking.

Below we show you the positive and negative aspects that we identified in this model.


Travel bag: The piece of furniture is stored in a cloth bag with handles, easy to transport.

Design: The windbreak has a hole for the gas pipe outlet, and on the back wall there is a hole to make the connection to the cylinder, which should be stored in the side compartment.

Hob: The surface is made of aluminium, so it dissipates the heat from the stove well and is easy to clean.


Depth: The sink area should be deeper to take better advantage of its design.

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6. Camping kitchen Granada Campart Travel KI-0757

Versatility and elegance come together in this kitchen cabinet for camping, which will help you prepare delicious recipes outdoors and pamper your family. It is a table with compartments that weighs 11.9 kg, whose dimensions of 100 x 50 x 76 cm provide a good work space.

The upper board works as a windscreen, but also as a support for the baskets and hanging hooks, which will allow you to have the utensils, spices and ingredients that you use most when cooking at hand.

The stability of the piece of furniture is determined by the metal frame, the individually adjustable feet and the bottom grid in the cabinet compartments, which help it to keep its shape. Another aspect to highlight in this model is the container that fits on the countertop and serves as a sink.

Now we present the positive and negative aspects that we observed in this Campart Travel furniture.


Accessories: The furniture includes organizing baskets for the countertop and hook holders to place the utensils. In addition, there is a compartment that will serve as a sink.

Adjustment: Individually adjustable legs allow the table to stabilize on uneven ground.

Versatility: The piece of furniture can be used as a dining or games table by closing the upper countertop, increasing its functionality.


Divisions: A couple of divisions or shelves are missing in the lower compartment to make better use of the space.

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7. Ferrino Quick Kitchen Plus Folding Kitchen Cabinet 

The Quick Kitchen Plus is valued as a beautiful and functional camping kitchen cabinet. First of all, the folding and resistant structure stands out, made with 19 mm aluminum tubes, so it is also very light. 

Second, it brings out the blue color of the woven lining which gives it a nice finish, so it combines functionality and style for camping.

On the other hand, we must mention that this piece of furniture resists a load of 30 kg, and its design has been designed to prevent the wind from putting out the fire. In addition, the protection barriers have well-placed holes, considering that most portable stoves have the gas pipe on one side.

Regarding the size, this model is compact, since it measures 90 x 48 x 10 cm and weighs 7.4 kg, being easy to transport and store due to its folding design.

If you like this camping furniture, we recommend you review our list of pros and cons about the product.


Access: The cabinets have a zipper opening to keep them closed and if you want them to be open, you can use the velcro straps to hold the fabric.

Structure: The piece of furniture is made with 19 mm aluminum tubes that give it stability and resistance, without being excessively heavy to facilitate its transport.

Ventilation: At the back, the lining has grids to keep the compartments ventilated, preventing the entry of insects and other animals.


Price: Its cost is high, which can be a limitation for buyers on a tight budget.

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8. Eurohike Ayfee Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Eurohike presents its model, considered by some users to be the best value for money kitchen cabinet for camping, because it has an affordable cost, a robust steel structure and a functional design. 

If you do not like to carry a lot of luggage for your camping outings, this product may be the most suitable for you. Its dimensions of 65 x 66 x 8 cm, when closed, allow it to be easy to transport, thanks also to its travel bag and its weight of 7.8 kg.

When unfolded, the cabinet measures 65 x 35 x 97 cm, and the main worktop includes wind protection barriers, so you can cook without any problems and without wasting gas. In addition, the steel shelves have a good resistance to store the utensils. In the same way, the camping battery, the crockery and the provisions for cooking in an organized environment. 

This is one of the cheapest products in our selection, so it’s worth looking at its positives and negatives below.


Windbreak: The upper panels prevent the wind from affecting the power of the stove. 

Organization: The distribution of the lower shelves allows you to organize the main utensils and supplies when cooking.

Surface: On the main counter you have enough space to cut food or place your portable stove. 


Storage: This cabinet has no lining, so it will not stay closed and is not useful for storing food or utensils.

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9. Charles Bentley Camping Kitchen Cooking Stand

In this category there are few cheap products, but this is one of them and deserves our attention for its design with a side table, which accompanies the portable kitchen stand.

With regard to materials, the main structure of the entire piece of furniture is made of tubular aluminium. The top of the side table is made of MDF, while the top for the stove is made of aluminium.

For its part, the wardrobe has a resistant and durable Oxford fabric lining, with a mesh door to promote ventilation. In addition, access is determined by a zipper.

This model has a very simple assembly, its total weight is 7.2 kg and when folded it measures approximately 60 x 50 cm. When unfolded, its dimensions reach 80 x 120 x 46 cm, providing a good independent workspace: one for the kitchen and one for food preparation.

We summarize some characteristics of this product, separated into positive and negative aspects, so we invite you to get to know them.


Design: In this piece of furniture you will have two differentiated spaces, but together: the surface for the portable kitchen and the side table with the cabinet below to prepare food and organize all the utensils, respectively.

Travel cover: The travel cover makes it easy to transport and store the furniture.

Assembly: The tables are joined, but their assembly is very simple, unfolding the structure in a few steps.


Barrier: This model does not incorporate a wind barrier in the kitchen support. 

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Shopping guide

Cooking in a camp can be very uncomfortable when a space is improvised to place the stove, ingredients and implements. Therefore, having a kitchen table or stand is essential. So if you are interested in acquiring one of these products, we invite you to review our guide to buying the best kitchen cabinet for camping, so you can learn more about this functional gadget, very useful on outdoor trips.


Being in contact with nature cannot be a limitation to have a homemade and delicious meal, prepare food delicately, chop it or season meat. But, doing this on a stone or a log is not comfortable at all.

In this sense, the manufacturers of camping items observed the need to create a robust, spacious and resistant piece of furniture to be able to carry out all these activities related to the kitchen. However, it was also necessary for the piece of furniture in question to be light and easy to transport.

From there the concept of folding furniture for camping kitchens was derived, in which aluminum is a very important material to achieve a resistant, but light structure. 

Likewise, this material is also used for the surface or worktop where the stove is placed, as it allows heat to be dissipated easily and is more comfortable to clean. 

Also, it is possible to find models with MDF tops framed in aluminum or another metal to give the furniture greater stability, in this way it will withstand many uses.


Starting with a comparison of kitchen furniture for camping allows us to have an idea of ​​what we would like to have for our next vacation, taking into account the space in the car and the rest of the luggage, as well as our budget.

Seeing the different models available, we distinguish a common element. Many pieces of furniture include windbreaks with holes for the installation of kitchens. This is a very important aspect, because it favors the connection of the gas, the rapid cooking of food and the easy installation of the kitchen. 

Another factor that is repeated is that of functionality. The camping kitchen is no longer conceived as a small gas stove where you can place a can of soup. Now, the concept of comfort wherever you go has been established, and camping is no exception.

Therefore, kitchen furniture for camping must have large tables to organize ingredients and utensils, as well as spaces for storage. We will talk about this specific point below, but we cannot forget to mention beforehand the importance of accessories.

In this regard, some contemporary designs include a space that functions as a sink, where a waterproof bag or container is placed to wash dishes or food while cooking. Also, there are designs that incorporate utensil holders or organizing baskets to keep spices, oil and everything you need to prepare your recipes close at hand.


To camp for several days with a large family or friends, it is necessary to bring enough provisions so that everyone is well fed during their stay. You should also take crockery, some pots and pans, the main cooking utensils, not forgetting the spices and everything you need to prepare your meals. 

In this sense, modern kitchen furniture has compartments for storage: functional cabinets, with structures and divisions to take advantage of all the space. Some models can come with large side cabinets, others have a combined area to favor the compact design of the cabinet and help you maintain order, as if it were your home kitchen.

Without a doubt, this element can determine how much the piece of furniture costs, since the greater the structure and compartments, the higher the price. But, this does not mean that you cannot find cheap and functional furniture to take to your campsite, because on the main e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, you get a wide variety of models and prices, from manufacturers with many years of experience and a lot of positive feedback.


When mentioning that camping kitchen furniture is foldable, we must also talk about the best way to transport it, since it is important that it is protected during the trip. 

For this reason, most models come with their travel case, made of a resistant fabric, with zipper opening and handles, to make portability easier.

In this sense, it is also important to check the dimensions of the product, when it is open and when it is closed, so you can have an idea of ​​the space it will occupy in the camp and the space you will need later to store it at home.

Likewise, the weight must be observed in this review of characteristics, because even if you are not going to load it for long hours or endless journeys, it is always convenient to know how much the piece of furniture weighs. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a camping kitchen cabinet?

Their main function is to organize everything related to food during camping days, but they are also very useful inside the camping tent as a closet for your clothes and to organize all your personal hygiene items, hiking equipment, among others..

Q2: How to anchor a camping kitchen cabinet?

In general, when installing the kitchen furniture, a regular area is sought, under the shade of a tree so as not to suffer from sunstroke during the preparation of food. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions step by step, regarding anchoring, since most of the available models do not need to be fixed to the ground, because the structure gives them the necessary stability to stand up.

Q3: How to clean a camping kitchen cabinet?

It is necessary to clean all the surfaces when you finish cooking, in this way the accumulation of grease and dirt is avoided, which will later be difficult to remove.

In this sense, and considering that you are going to be in nature, avoid carrying abrasive detergents that could end up on the ground or in river water. It’s best to use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to remove any dirt with a damp cloth, then rinse with the clean cloth.

Q4: How to store the camping kitchen cabinet?

When packing up camp, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry all parts of the piece of furniture before storing it in its travel bag. Once you have it disassembled and stored, find a spacious place to avoid dents in the surfaces, or other camping equipment weighing down the table. 

When it comes to home storage, you can usually find a space for it in the garage or closet, even under the bed, since most of this furniture folds, reducing its dimensions considerably.

Q5: How to install windscreens on a camping kitchen cabinet?

Some models come with suction cups to hold the panels, which prevent the passage of wind, others incorporate hinges to facilitate their grip. In either case, check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper mounting. 

But, if your piece of furniture does not include a windscreen, you can improvise some barriers, using other elements from the camp, such as tarps or the same portable kitchen case. to prevent the wind from blowing out the fire.

Q6: What maintenance does a camping kitchen cabinet require?

Periodic cleaning during the use of the furniture is essential to keep it in the best conditions. Especially polyester linings and other fabrics that can be easily stained. 

For their part, the zippers must slide carefully, so that they are not damaged by improper handling, while the velcro straps must not be pulled with excessive force, because with continuous use they can lose their grip, affecting their functionality. 

Q7: Is it safe to cook in a camping kitchen cabinet?

Of course it is safe, as long as basic precautions are taken, such as keeping children away from the piece of furniture while an adult is cooking, keeping cabinet doors closed to keep out animals, and placing the piece of furniture in a regular surface, preventing it from becoming uneven and the things that are on it falling.

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