The 9 Best Carb Supplements of 2022

Carbohydrate Supplement – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Carbohydrate supplements are the preferred energy source for beginners and professional athletes, as they help improve performance during training and generally optimize the growth of muscle mass. However, there are a large number of these products on the market, so we will specifically mention some of the most prominent ones. The Amix Carbojet Basic is indicated primarily to increase muscle strength and is available in a 3 kg presentation. Another option is Vit.O.Best Dextrose Powder, which is capable of optimizing energy levels and incorporates crystal dextrose monohydrate to regenerate muscle tissue.

The 9 Best Carbohydrate Supplements – Opinions 2022

When performing physical exercises, our brain and muscles consume a large amount of energy, so if we want to maintain optimal performance, it is best to add a carbohydrate supplement to our diet, since these can provide our body with fuel. what it needs to work. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best carbohydrate supplements of 2022.

1. Amix Carbojet Basic Carbohydrates 3000 gr

It is the best carbohydrate supplement according to the opinions of some users, because it is capable of increasing muscle mass, muscle strength and energy, thus allowing you to stay more active during the day to train and perform daily tasks. Additionally, it promotes muscle recovery.

The carbohydrates in this supplement have a low glycemic index, so it is possible to maintain a tighter control of blood sugar, in addition, they create the conditions conducive to following a sugar-free diet that helps you lose weight.

It has a presentation of 3 kg, which offers you enough supplement to consume for 2 months in portions of 50 g per day or one month if you choose the 100 g daily dose.

On the other hand, to obtain an exact measurement, it includes a very practical and easy-to-use measuring scoop. As for the flavor, you can get it in its presentation of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and banana, in addition, it offers a good solution in water to facilitate its preparation and consumption.

The best carbohydrate supplement of the moment should provide all the nutrients necessary to achieve good performance during any workout, so this model could be a good option.


Benefits: Promotes the recovery of muscle tissue and increases energy during training, in this way, it is possible to increase muscle mass more easily.

Quantity: It comes in a 3 kg presentation and the manufacturer recommends taking daily portions of 50 or 100 g, so that it provides enough content for 1 or 2 months.

Flavors: It is available in strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla flavors, so you can choose the one you like best to enjoy it to the fullest.


Allergens: It is not indicated for people allergic to gluten, shellfish or peanuts, as it may contain traces of these ingredients.

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2. Vit.O.Best Carbs Dextrose Powder 100% 4 lb NEUTRAL

It is a supplement that incorporates crystal dextrose monohydrate from Cargill. It is a simple sugar that helps replace body fluids during exercise, thus allowing you to keep energy levels at peak for better performance. Also, it is one of the cheapest supplements on the list.

It comes in a container with a content of 1.8 kg, which must be consumed in portions of a maximum of 100 g per day, in this way, it can provide you with 91% of the carbohydrates that are needed for fast food, however, it does not It can be used as a substitute for natural foods.

It has been made under strict safety regulations in Spain, which guarantees the quality and freshness of its ingredients. In addition, it can be consumed in 50 g portions before and after training to get up to 365 calories and thus maintain energy.

Carbohydrates are responsible for giving you the energy you need to train and achieve the body you want. In this sense, it is advisable to carefully review the pros and cons of this supplement.


Energy: It offers you up to 365 calories per 100 g portion, with the aim of maintaining optimal performance in medium and high intensity exercises.

Quality: It was manufactured in Spain under the Good Manufacturing Practices system.

Use: It can be used before and after training just by dissolving it in water.


Quantity: Its content is only 1.8 kg, which is little compared to other models on the list with a larger quantity.

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3. Quamtrax Nutrition 100% Waxy Maize 5LB Carbohydrate Supplements

It is mainly indicated to provide energy in the shortest possible time so that you can perform short high-intensity workouts. In this sense, it is capable of improving the physical performance of professional athletes and beginners during exercises.

Also, it helps regenerate glycogen that can be degraded during physical activity, in this way, it favors the reconstruction of muscle tissue and speeds up muscle growth, so you can increase your weight quickly if that is the case. In addition, it is low in sugar and salt.

It is composed of waxy corn starch, which facilitates its passage through the digestive system. On the other hand, the manufacturer recommends its consumption in daily portions of a maximum of 100 g, in this way, it can serve up to approximately 22 days, since it comes in a 2.2 kg presentation, to provide 91.3 g of carbohydrates for each portion.

This product could be a good option if you are still wondering which carbohydrate supplement to buy, but it is good to consider some of its main features before making a decision.


Digestion: Among its ingredients it has waxy corn starch, which makes its passage through the digestive system easier.

Absorption: It is a fast-absorbing product, so it can provide energy in less time than other supplements.

Function: Its main function is to improve physical performance and regenerate glycogen in the body more quickly during intense training.


Flavor: It is categorized by the manufacturer as a flavorless product, which puts it at a disadvantage compared to other supplements on the list.

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4. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Cookies&Cream

It is a supplement that incorporates 243 g of carbohydrates per 327 g serving, which is more than double compared to other models. In addition, it has 60 g of proteins that include branched chain amino acids and natural components, which contribute to increasing muscle mass in a short time.

For greater versatility, it is indicated for regular athletes, vegetarians and people allergic to gluten, since it has been tested to avoid the consumption of allergens and prohibited substances. Also, it is important to know that your content meets the needs of professional weightlifters and bodybuilders.

Additionally, it has 5 vitamins that help reduce fatigue and tiredness. As for its presentation, it comes in a 2.9 kg container with cream and biscuit flavored powder, but it is also available in other quantities and flavors so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

If you are wondering which is the best carbohydrate supplement, we recommend that you carefully review the pros and cons of this model before making the purchase.


Composition: Includes carbohydrates and branched chain amino acids, but does not contain gluten or prohibited substances. Plus, it’s low in sugar and suitable for vegetarians.

Use: It is indicated to promote the growth of muscle mass and meet the needs of weight lifters and other athletes.

Vitamins: Contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, folate and pantothenic acid, which help reduce fatigue and tiredness during training.


Serving: The manufacturer recommends servings of 327g, but that might be a lot of carbs for beginners.

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5. BSN True Mass All in one Gainer

This supplement brings 4.2 kg and each serving of 168 g has 3 g of creatine to maintain optimal physical performance, 55 g of protein to promote muscle growth and 3 g of glutamine, which is a key element in the construction of muscle tissue. For this reason, it can be consumed by both professional athletes and people who want to perform better during training.

Among its ingredients it has milk protein, sunflower oil, soy protein, black pepper extract, vitamins and minerals, which make up a complete supplement to help maintain energy during training, however, it is not recommended to consume it as a substitute of daily meals.

As far as its flavor is concerned, it incorporates lean cocoa powder, which stands out among other types for being low in fat, which gives it a pleasant chocolate flavor to consume with pleasure.

This is considered by many to be the best value for money carbohydrate supplement as it offers a good quantity for an affordable cost. However, it is advisable to know its pros and cons.


Quantity: It offers a content of 4.2 kg, which is sufficient for 25 days in 168 g portions and for 42 days in 100 g doses.

Nutrients: It is made up of 55 g of protein, 3 g of glutamine and 3 g of creatine, to optimize performance and provide better results.

Cocoa: It incorporates lean cocoa powder, which is low in fat and provides a good flavor to the smoothie.


Dissolution: May be more difficult to completely dissolve compared to other supplements on the list.

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6. Scitec Nutrition Jumbo Professional Winner Chocolate 3240g

It is a professional formula to gain weight, since it is composed of 6 types of carbohydrates, whey protein and 6 kinds of creatine, ingredients that increase energy for high intensity exercises. For this reason, it contributes to the growth of muscle mass to obtain more athletic bodies.

The manufacturer recommends consuming just one serving daily after training for best results. In this sense, one serving contains 588 calories, 78 g of carbohydrates, 55 g of protein and only 6.2 g of fat, making it a complete and appropriate supplement for professional training.

As for its presentation, it has 3240 g, enough to drink from 20 to 31 days in portions of 100 or 162 g. In addition, it has a pleasant chocolate flavor that gives the milkshake a sweet touch to make its consumption more pleasant.

The best brand of carbohydrate supplements must have balanced products to properly complement the diet, as is the case with this model from Scitec Nutrition.


Function: It is suitable for increasing performance during high-intensity and short-duration exercises, allowing a rapid increase in muscle mass.

Smoothie: It has a pleasant chocolate flavor and provides a lump-free texture.

Protein: Contains 55 g of whey protein per serving, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle tissue.


Sugar: For each dose of 162 g it has 45 g of sugar, so it is recommended not to consume it for a long time.

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7. Victory Endurance Iso Energy Orange 900g

This supplement has an advanced formula capable of optimizing performance during entertainment, which brings better results in the shortest possible time. As for its presentation, it has a quantity of 900 grams, enough to consume for 30 days in portions of 30 grams. Its flavor is a mixture of tangerine and orange, but you can also get it with lemon, ice blue and cola flavors.

It is indicated to make an isotonic drink, that is, it prevents dehydration during intense exercise, where we lose more body fluid, therefore, it allows a faster replacement of salts and nutrients.

As if that were not enough, it incorporates carbohydrates, vitamins, glutamine and minerals, which provide essential nutrients for the optimal functioning of the body, helping to repair tissues and increasing defenses against disease. It also has electrolytes, calcium and potassium, which play a fundamental role in prolonged exercises and in the improvement of nerve conduction.

If you are looking for one of the cheapest supplements you should make sure that it gives you the minimum benefits of hydration and nutrition during training.


Function: It is indicated to hydrate the body during high intensity training, therefore, it improves resistance and optimizes performance.

Nutrients: It is composed of glutamine, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins, which provide the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Flavor: It has a tangerine with orange flavor, but you can get it in three other flavors; cola, ice blue and lemon.


Colorant: The color it produces is quite intense, so it could stain the bottle you use to consume it.

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8. The Protein Works Mass Matrix Total Weight Gainer

It is indicated to make a shake high in calories, proteins and carbohydrates, which allows you to gain weight in the shortest possible time. In this sense, it has maltodextrin, concentrated milk protein, golden flaxseed, dextrose monohydrate and soy protein, indicated to improve tissue recovery during training.

For each dose of 120 g it has 496 calories, 63 g of carbohydrates and 30 of proteins, in this way, it allows you to gain muscle mass in a short time. As if that were not enough, it has low-fat cocoa powder to offer a smooth chocolate flavor, in the same way, you can get it in its presentation of strawberries with cream, smooth banana and vanilla cream.

It was made with high quality standards to maintain its nutritional benefits, which guarantees a fresh and innovative product. In addition, it has a presentation in a 2 kg bag, but you can find it in its 5 kg version.

Consuming a specialized nutrition product can guarantee better and faster results during training, so it is recommended that you know the pros and cons of this carbohydrate supplement.


Serving: A 120g serving has 495 calories, 30g protein and 63g carbs to provide a complete supplement.

Elaboration: It has been elaborated under strict quality standards to maintain its freshness and nutrients until consumption.

Taste: It has a smooth chocolate flavor, but you can also get it flavored with vanilla cream, smooth banana and strawberries with cream.


Texture: The shake may contain undissolved pieces of oatmeal, so its texture may not be palatable to all users.

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9. Vit.O.Best Carbs Monster Gainer 2200 Supplements

This is a supplement that comes in a 3 kg presentation, enough to consume for 30 days in 100 g portions, in the same way, you can get it in quantities from 1.5 kg to 9 kg. As for its flavor, you can choose between chocolate, strawberry, lemon, vanilla and biscuit, which allows you to adapt it to your tastes.

It was made in Spain under strict safety regulations that guarantee its quality and functionality. In this sense, it can be used by professional athletes before and after training, but it is also suitable for all people who want to quickly increase their volume of muscle mass.

On the other hand, it integrates a concentrated amount of whey protein, a mixture of carbohydrates from Cargill and creatine monohydrate from Creapure, which together make up 70% carbohydrates, to maintain maximum energy during training.

If you need a supplement that will help you gain muscle mass quickly, then you should consider the positive and negative aspects of this model before deciding.


Flavor: It offers chocolate flavor, but you can also get it in its presentation of lemon, vanilla, cookies and strawberry.

Protein: It has WPC 80 concentrated protein, which contains 80% pure whey, capable of stimulating muscle growth.

Quantity: It has a content of 3 kg, which can be consumed for 30 days if you take it in daily portions of 100 g.


Gluten: Among its ingredients it has whole oat flour, so it is not suitable for consumption by people allergic to gluten or wheat cereals.

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Shopping guide

Carbohydrate and protein shakes are the most used supplements by athletes with any level of experience. However, not all supplements provide the same benefits, since depending on the model, they could have a greater or lesser effect. For this reason, we have put together a guide to buying the best carbohydrate supplement, with everything you need to know before choosing one of these products.


The supplements are mainly made up of simple sugars, such as glucose, fructose, dextrose and maltodextrin, which are easy to dilute in water and their main function is to replace the liquid that can be lost during intense and prolonged training. These carbohydrate sources are what optimize energy levels in the body and improve performance. Similarly, they help in the recovery of muscle tissue.

In addition to carbohydrates, another key ingredient in these supplements is protein, the most popular of which is whey protein, which provides the necessary amino acids to increase muscle strength and increase mass. In addition, this type of protein is low in fat and is made through more practical procedures that reduce the cost of the supplement, so this type of protein is synonymous with an economical and quality product. As if that were not enough, whey protein produces a satiating effect that reduces the consumption of other types of harmful foods.

For best performance, it may be necessary that the supplement of your choice has an ingredient that facilitates the passage of nutrients through the body and the digestive system. In this case, there are models that can integrate waxy corn starch or oat grains. In the first case, it provides glucose in the blood and muscles to facilitate the recovery of the body during exercise; In the second case, we find a product with a large amount of fiber that facilitates intestinal transit, but could be more difficult to dissolve during the preparation of the shake.

On the other hand, there are supplements that incorporate a lower dose of cocoa powder, usually of the lean type, since it has a lower dose of butter in its composition. This cocoa is usually used in chocolate-flavored products to make it more pleasant to consume.

On the other hand, it is important to know the allergen content of the supplement, since it may contain traces of shellfish, cereals, nuts and gluten, which could cause allergic reactions in people sensitive to these foods.


The amount of powder that a supplement has can define how much it costs, so it is necessary to be clear about how long we should consume it and with what regularity. In this sense, it is necessary to mention that supplements are not products of indefinite consumption, since at the time of use they could produce unfavorable consequences in the body, especially in regard to the organs that process their content, such as the liver and the kidneys. For this reason, it is advisable to consult with a trained trainer, nutritionist or doctor before starting to take the product.

Once this has been clarified, it is important to know that not all supplements are taken in the same proportions, since depending on the manufacturer and the composition of the supplement, the product itself has a standardized measure of the daily portion that must be taken, so Generally, this is between 50 g and 320 g.

The recommended dose directly affects the maximum use time of the product, for example, a 3 kg supplement that must be taken in daily portions of 100 g, is sufficient for a maximum of 30 days, while if it is taken in portions of 320 g is only enough for 9 continuous days. Therefore, it is important to know that there are supplements in amounts from 1.5 kg to 9 kg.


When making a comparison of carbohydrate supplements, we can see that they are available in a variety of flavors, this is because the flavor facilitates their consumption and marketing, since being composed of simple sugars, fats and proteins, they may not provide the better taste. In this sense, the most common among the different supplements is the chocolate flavor, but you can also get strawberry and vanilla, which are the three most popular among users.

However, in some cases they may be available in fruit flavors, such as banana, orange, lemon and tangerine, as well as other more exotic and distinctive flavors, such as strawberries and cream and cookies and cream. However, if you want to combine it with the juice of some fruit, then a presentation without flavor is indicated, in this way, the smoothie will obtain the flavor that you want.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use carbohydrate supplements?

Carbohydrate supplements should be prepared and consumed only when an increase in nutrients in our diet is necessary. In this sense, you should know that they do not work as a substitute for natural foods, but simply as a supplement to the diet.

Similarly, it is necessary to consult with your personal trainer or a nutritionist who can tell you the exact portion in which you should take the supplement and how often. Athletes usually take it before and after training. To consume it, you just have to dilute it in water.

Q2: When to take carbohydrate supplements?

Depending on the carbohydrate supplement model, it can be taken before, during and after training. In this sense, it is necessary to mention that these are rich in dextrose and maltodextrin, capable of protecting muscle tissue from the decomposition that usually occurs when performing intense exercises, thus increasing insulin levels and optimizing energy.

However, it is important not to consume a higher dose than recommended by the manufacturer, as it can be counterproductive to the body and to training. Similarly, it is necessary to mention that the supplement servings cannot replace complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, vegetables and rice.

Q3: Do carbohydrate supplements expire?

Some microbiologists and food safety experts agree that the date printed on supplement packaging is nothing more than a quality date, not a safety date, meaning you can still use the protein long afterward. that the expiration date has passed.

In any case, it is necessary to take into account the percentage of fat in the supplement, since unlike protein and carbohydrate, this could turn rancid after a short time, producing an odor that indicates that the supplement should no longer be used. consumed.

Q4: How to take carbohydrate supplements?

Supplements should generally be taken with a cup of water for each portion indicated by the manufacturer, but in some cases, athletes choose to increase their nutritional value by adding other types of ingredients to the mix.

In this case, macronutrients can be added, such as cereals and nuts, as well as a teaspoon of milk or simply replace the water with the juice of a fruit of your choice. In the latter case, it is recommended that the supplement be unflavored, to avoid an unpleasant combination of flavors.

Q5: What contraindications do carbohydrate supplements have?

Among the main contraindications of carbohydrate supplements is obesity, so it is necessary to consult a trainer or nutritionist when consuming one of these products. The intensity and type of training should be commensurate with the amount of additional carbohydrates you are consuming with the use of a supplement, in this way, you can be sure that it is producing the desired effect.

Similarly, these are products that must be consumed for certain periods of time, since they are also rich in protein and their excess can cause liver problems, as well as an increase in the elimination of organic waste by the body. kidneys. Among other contraindications, it can also cause acne, impotence, gas, altered metabolism and vitamin deficiency.

Q6: What ingredients do carbohydrate supplements have?

Depending on the type of supplements, carbohydrates can have different flavors, digestibility and composition. They can contain glucose, lactose, fructose and galactose, which are simple and double sugars that are essential in the human diet.

Other common sources of carbohydrates include maltodextrin and dextrose, which favor their soluble capacity and can replace fluids lost during training, thus maintaining maximum energy levels to improve performance. Other supplements might also feature waxy corn and oatmeal, which increase the rate of digestion to make it easier for the body to process the supplement.

Q7: Can diabetics take carbohydrate supplements?

People with diabetes generally should pay more attention to the foods that they integrate into their diet, since it is necessary to avoid excessive consumption of sugar, fat and carbohydrate content. In the case of carbohydrate supplements, they can be consumed by diabetics but under the strict supervision of a doctor. Similarly, there are exclusive products for diabetics with very low sugar content, which is usually between 0 and 30 g of sugar, however, this may vary depending on the type of training.

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