The 9 Best Chitosan Supplements of 2022

Chitosan Supplement – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the treatments to lose weight, there is one in particular that is known because it prevents the absorption of fat in the intestine, creating a protective film. This is chitosan, a natural polymer that is extracted from shrimp and other crustaceans. In this category, Vitamintrend Chitosan stands out, a supplement that traps fat in a gel that is eliminated through excretion, without the body absorbing the fatty acids. On the other hand, there is Ab’s Maximize Your Body Chitosan, which favors intestinal transit and prevents the fixing of fat in the body, forcing the body to burn fat reserves.

Top 9 Chitosan Supplements – Opinions 2022

The different options that exist in the market, when choosing a Chitosan supplement, give us the opportunity to make a comparison and evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the products, so that your purchase is a smart investment to lose weight and improve your comprehensive health.

1. Vitamintrend Chitosan 500mg Chitosan Fat Blocker

All the properties of chitosan can be used with this German quality supplement, which offers 500 mg of chitosan in each capsule, so that the daily dose of two capsules, half an hour before meals, allows you to lose weight in a short time.

The use of this product is also indicated for vegans, since in its composition care has been taken not to include ingredients of animal origin or allergens, so it is also a supplement free of gluten, genetically modified organisms, lactose, fructose, soy, among other additives. For this reason, this is a product that is easy to assimilate and its effectiveness has been verified by its users.

There are 240 capsules in total that are included in the Vitamintrend package, so, following the manufacturer’s indicated dose of 6 daily tablets, it offers a 40-day supply.

Some users have commented that this is the best chitosan supplement at the moment, so we have summarized the pros and cons of the product below.


Formula: Each capsule contains 500 mg of chitosan, so that the effectiveness in the body is perceived in a short time.

Quantity: The container comes with 240 capsules, enough for more than a month of treatment.

Suitable for vegans: The composition free of animal derivatives makes this supplement suitable for such a style of diet. Similarly, the absence of allergens such as gluten, lactose and soy is an aspect valued by users.


Size: The tablets are a bit large, making them difficult for some people to swallow. Therefore, it is recommended to take each pill with enough water.

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2. Ab’s Maximize Your Body Chitosan High Density Purity Guaranteed

Among the best chitosan supplements of 2022, this product stands out for being 90% deacetylated. This process allows obtaining chitosan of high purity from chitin, being more efficient in the absorption of fats at the intestinal level.

For this reason, the manufacturer recommends taking it twice a day, two capsules at a time, preferably after meals and accompanied by half a glass of water.

As for the properties of this supplement, it is worth mentioning its benefits in intestinal transit, naturally disposing of waste from the body and reducing abdominal swelling.

It also works as an adjuvant in cases of ulcers, gastritis and other pathologies of the digestive system. In addition, it promotes weight loss, due to its powerful absorption of fat, which forces the body to use reserves and burn existing fat.

We have observed some positive and negative aspects of this product that we summarize below, and that will help you decide which chitosan supplement to buy.


Capsules: One tablet contains 300 mg of high purity chitosan, since its extraction process has been 90% deacetylation.

Treatment: This container contains 200 capsules, enough for 50 days of treatment, if the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

Effectiveness: The purity of the supplement enhances its effectiveness in absorbing fat naturally, promoting weight loss.


Value: It is one of the most expensive supplements in our selection, but the quality of the French manufacturer is recognized in the market and justifies the price.

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3. Beslan SL Sotya Chitosan 100 capsules

For some users, this product is the best value for money chitosan supplement, since its cost is affordable and its benefits in weight loss can be seen when complementing a low-fat diet and a regular exercise routine.

It should be noted that this supplement contains Vitamin C to enhance the mechanism of action of chitosan in the body. Also, we must mention that, according to the manufacturer, each gram of chitosan is capable of absorbing up to 8 grams of fat. These will be clumped together and passed out of the body through the stool.

Consequently, this product helps regulate intestinal transit and digestive functions, while preventing the absorption of fat from food, to help you lose weight if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions: take 2 to 4 capsules per day, half an hour before main meals.

Now, we invite you to read our summary of the pros and cons that we distinguish in this supplement.


Composition: The combination of vitamin C with chitosan increases the effectiveness of this element, reduces cholesterol levels and helps to lose weight.

Dosage: The manufacturer advises taking two to four capsules daily, half an hour before main meals.

Price: It has an affordable cost to be a carbohydrate blocker, being one of the cheapest in its category.


Quantity: The 100 chitosan capsules are enough for 25 days of treatment. However, the cost of the product will allow you to buy more bottles in one purchase, to have a supply for a couple of months.

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4. Uriach-Aquilea Otc SL Chitosan Forte

Aquilea chitosan is another of the cheap products on our list that surprises with the effectiveness of its formula. There are 400 mg of this marine fiber that encapsulates ingested fats to prevent their absorption, and discard them naturally.

The manufacturer has designed this supplement for occasional use on those days of excess food, parties with friends and family celebrations where high-fat menus are guaranteed.

Therefore, it is recommended to take two to 4 capsules before each main meal: lunch and dinner, so that the mechanism of action traps all the fat that enters the body. This treatment can be used regularly for a reasonable period of time, taking into account that it is not indicated for people allergic to shellfish and fish, due to its direct extraction from crustaceans.

If you are interested in this product, you can take a look at the positive and negative aspects that we mention below.


Silhouette Line: This supplement belongs to Aquilea’s Silhouette line, which combined with other products helps you lose weight more quickly and have a silhouette free of fat rolls.

Use: You can take the capsules on days of celebrations, parties and events where you are going to eat a lot to prevent fat from accumulating in the body.


Quantity: It may be necessary to purchase more than one bottle if you want to use it regularly, since there are only 90 capsules per container.

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5. Arkopharma SA Chitosan Extra Forte 500mg

To know which is the best chitosan supplement, it is necessary to know the amount of extract that each capsule contains. In the case of this Arkopharma product, for each capsule ingested, 500 mg of high purity chitosan are being consumed.

In addition, the zinc and chromium present in small amounts in this formula are involved in metabolic processes to increase energy levels, reduce tiredness and fatigue, so the user will be more willing to exercise.

In turn, the chitosan will be acting in the capture of fats and their respective excretion from the body, favoring weight loss. According to the manufacturer, the indicated dose is 2 capsules at lunch and 2 at dinner, to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Although this can be considered the best chitosan supplement, it is convenient to review the list of pros and cons that we distinguish in this product.


Composition: Each capsule contains 500 mg of chitosan, which daily provides a total of 2000 mg of this element to our body to absorb fat from food, helping to lose weight.

Origin: The extraction of chitosan from the shell of crustaceans makes this a natural supplement, with various benefits and without adverse reactions.

Vitality: The addition of Zinc and Chromium in this supplement favors the increase of energy and vitality in users to complete exercise routines without fatigue.


Treatment: The number of capsules is enough for 15 days of treatment, so you will have to buy more than one bottle.

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6. Obire Chitosan & Garcinia HCA 450mg

Using chitosan on its own can be effective, but when combined with other elements such as HCA, naturally extracted from the Garcinia plant in Cambodia, it is more effective. That is what this Obire supplement offers, 225mg of Chitosan and 225mg of HCA per capsule.

The first, as we already know, is responsible for encapsulating the fat that enters the body and prevents it from being absorbed in the intestine. The second, for its part, has the function of blocking the enzyme that transforms sugars into fats.

In this way, blood sugar levels remain stable, also offering a satiating effect that inhibits cravings. All these actions are reflected in weight loss, helping users lose weight faster, while applying a regular physical routine and better eating habits.

About this product we have summarized some of its main characteristics in pros and cons. Below you can see what they are.


How to use: It is recommended to take one capsule three times a day, before each meal, which is considered easy to carry out.

Duration: Each container comes with 100 capsules of the supplement, offering a little over a month’s supply.

Combination: The use of HCA in the formula of this natural supplement helps regulate blood sugar levels, providing greater satiety when giving in to mid-afternoon cravings.


Discomfort: Prolonged use of this supplement can cause intestinal discomfort in sensitive people.

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7. Fairvital Chitosan extra forte 500mg Chitosan

Made in Germany, Fairvital’s Chitosan Extraforte capsules contain 500mg of the natural extract to complement weight loss treatments, without side effects.

This product does not include genetically modified agents, it is completely free of gluten and lactose, nor does it contain chemical additives, fructose or other preservatives that could affect its natural composition.

Consequently, it is a highly effective supplement in the retention and elimination of fats, before the body absorbs them. In this way, you can lose weight in a short time, while regulating your eating habits and practicing sports for comprehensive physical development.

Regarding its presentation, this supplement stands out for the hermetic sealing of the bottle, and the dosing cap allows you to easily obtain the two capsules that must be taken three times a day.

When reviewing the opinions of users and characteristics of this product, we summarize some positive and negative aspects that we present in the following section.


Presentation: Each hermetically sealed bottle comes with 120 pills, which are enough for 20 days of treatment, if 6 capsules are taken daily.

Allergen-free formula: This supplement is free of gluten, lactose and soy, nor does it contain genetically modified organisms to preserve its natural composition.

Instructions: The information is available in 6 different languages, including Spanish, in order to correctly read the manufacturer’s instructions.


Ingestion: When ingesting the capsules, they begin to dissolve causing a strange sensation in the palate for several seconds.

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8. Now Foods Chitosan 500Mg Plus Chromium

For all those who want to start controlling their weight and lose weight, this Now Foods product can be a good ally, as it contains 500 mg of chitosan per capsule, which is responsible for absorbing a large part of the fat in the daily diet to eliminate it, favoring intestinal transit in the process.

With this supplement, cholesterol levels can be controlled, so it is very useful for people who are overweight. In addition, a plus of chromium has been added to its composition, an element that acts in the metabolism of insulin and in the correct absorption of nutrients.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that in the preparation of this supplement the use of allergens such as gluten, lactose, soy, fructose, nuts, among others, has been avoided.

The correct way to use this product is to take 3 capsules, just before each main meal: lunch and dinner, without exceeding the dose of 6 tablets per day.

According to some users, Now is considered the best brand of chitosan supplements. Therefore, we mention the pros and cons of this specific product.


Capsules: The capsules are totally vegan and their compact format favors daily intake, since they only measure 23 mm.

Formula: The benefits of chitosan are enhanced with the addition of chromium, which acts at the metabolic level in the absorption of nutrients and the functioning of insulin to protect the body.

Duration: Each container contains 240 capsules, enough for 40 days of treatment.


Price: It is the most expensive supplement on our list, but the endorsement of Now Foods is a guarantee of its quality and effectiveness.

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9. Sanon Chitosan Food Supplement 80 Capsules

Considering the complexity of the digestive system and its role in weight loss, Sanon has combined the properties of chitosan with the benefits of plum. In this way, it presents us with a supplement that prevents the absorption of fat in the intestine, reducing cholesterol levels, at the same time that it regulates the intestinal bacterial flora.

Consequently, the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste, such as fats, are favored naturally. Likewise, the content of vitamin C in the formula enhances the properties of chitosan for greater efficacy.

With this combination, weight loss is evident in a short time if it is complemented with a balanced diet and a regular physical routine. For this to be possible, the manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules after lunch and 1 tablet after dinner. In both cases with enough water, two to three glasses, to facilitate its assimilation.

The positive and negative aspects that we find in this product are summarized in the next section, so that it is easier for you to identify them.


Composition: Plum extract was included in this supplement to regulate intestinal bacterial flora, cholesterol levels and promote weight loss.

Cost – benefit: The relationship between the price of the product and its benefits is very positive, because it is a cheap supplement that helps to lose weight and take care of our health.


Duration: The 80 capsules that come in the package of this supplement are barely enough for 20 days of treatment, if you follow the dose recommended by the manufacturer.

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Shopping guide

In the market we get various products of natural origin that can help in weight loss. One of them is chitosan, which is not yet well known by users, but it is worth learning more about its properties. For this reason, we explain the most outstanding aspects of this product in our guide to buying the best chitosan supplement.

Origin and extraction

Chitosan, also known as chitosan, is a natural polymer that is obtained from the shell of crustaceans such as crabs, prawns, shrimp, among others. The method by which it is extracted is deacetylation, since this element can be dissolved in aqueous solutions through enzymatic or chemical processes. In this way, a high density and purity of the polymer is maintained to make the most of its properties.

The usefulness of chitosan lies in the fact that it can react on contact with fatty acids and encapsulate them, so that they are not absorbed by the body. According to some studies, one gram of chitosan is capable of trapping 5 to 8 grams of fat, forming a gelatinous film that is naturally expelled from the body through feces.

It should be noted that chitosan cannot be absorbed by the digestive system, so it cannot cause adverse reactions, unless you are allergic to shellfish. But, its function is to stay alert in the body to prevent the fat that enters the body from accumulating, resulting in weight gain.

On the other hand, and thinking of vegan users, some manufacturers have focused on making this product suitable for this population, so all the elements in the composition of the tablets are of plant origin


In any comparison of chitosan supplements or other natural elements, we must identify the concentration level of the active ingredient, information that the manufacturer generally shows in the product presentation.

According to some research, the minimum effective amount of chitosan in one tablet is 300 mg of the marine extract. For this reason, it is common to find products that offer between 400 and up to 500 mg of chitosan per capsule, and by recommending a daily dose of 4 or 6 tablets, the user can add a maximum of 3,000 mg of this element to their diet.

Clearly, this aspect can vary from one brand to another, because in cases where the concentration of chitosan is higher, the dose can decrease to a maximum of three capsules per day. While in lower concentration supplements, it is necessary to increase the dose to notice the effectiveness of the product.

This can certainly affect how much the supplement costs, but it’s not hard to find an inexpensive product high in chitosan to aid in weight loss.

additional ingredients

As it is a food supplement, many laboratories and manufacturers have decided to enhance the effectiveness of chitosan with some additional elements in its formula. One of them is vitamin C, which favors the action of chitosan in the body in the absorption of lipids. In turn, it improves the digestion process for a regular intestinal transit.

Other of the most used components in the supplement with chitosan are chromium and zinc. These ingredients intervene in the metabolic process for the absorption of nutrients. Also, they increase energy levels to improve users’ willingness to engage in physical activities, reducing tiredness and fatigue.

On the other hand, in some chitosan supplements we can find HCA, a derivative of citric acid that is extracted from a plant and that contributes to weight loss, since its function is to inhibit the transformation of carbohydrates into fats and suppress appetite.


Regarding the presentation of this supplement, the most common way to market it is in capsules. Based on this, the size of the capsules can vary from one manufacturer to another, and it is an aspect to consider if you have difficulty taking large tablets, as capsules can often exceed 2 cm in length and be difficult to swallow.

Regarding the presentation, the number of capsules contained in each bottle should also be evaluated, since the duration of the treatment will depend on this and if you should make an additional investment in the purchase of more bottles. An aspect that can also affect your budget, so you should carefully review the cost-benefit ratio offered by the different brands before making an accelerated purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to take chitosan?

Chitosan acts as a natural polymer that absorbs fat from food before it is absorbed in the intestinal tract. For this reason, its use is indicated in weight control, regulation of cholesterol levels, nutritional metabolism, among others.

Therefore, chitosan can be purchased in capsules, tablets and even powders to be diluted in health food stores or pharmacies, with the capsule format being the most common and easiest presentation to ingest this product.

In this sense, chitosan can usually be taken as a supplement before meals and the dose can vary from one manufacturer to another, depending on the concentration of the extract in each tablet.

Q2: What is chitosan used for?

Chitosan is extracted from the shell of marine crustaceans such as crabs, prawns, prawns, among others to obtain a natural fiber. This extract is not absorbed by the digestive system, but remains in the intestine and when it comes into contact with the fatty acids, it encapsulates them with a gelatinous film, so that they are excreted naturally. Thus, the absorption of fat from most foods is avoided, favoring weight loss.

Likewise, chitosan helps regulate intestinal transit, reducing swelling in the abdomen, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and improves general health.

Q3: When to take chitosan?

The use of chitosan is recommended when starting a weight loss regimen, to accelerate the metabolism in the burning of reserved fat and to avoid the accumulation of most of the fat that enters our body through food.

Another way to use chitosan, when your eating habits have improved, is to take the tablets on special occasions where foods rich in fat abound, such as parties, celebrations, outings with friends, among others. This occasional use helps capture the fat present in foods to be disposed of without being absorbed by your body. This way it helps you maintain your weight.

Q4: How to take chitosan to lose weight?

Doses of chitosan can vary from one manufacturer to another, generally responding to the concentration of the extract in each capsule. However, we see that as a general recommendation it is indicated to take two tablets 30 to 60 minutes before the main meals.

Other brands indicate taking up to 3 tablets at a time, without exceeding the daily dose of 6 capsules. There is also some discrepancy regarding whether to take the supplement before or after meals.

On the other hand, some manufacturers advise taking one capsule three times a day, while others recommend using chitosan only with main meals such as lunch and dinner, excluding breakfast.

What is a common factor in chitosan supplements is the recommendation to take each capsule with plenty of water to make it easier to assimilate, as some tablets can be large and difficult to swallow.

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