The 9 Best Chlorella Capsules of 2022

Chlorella Capsule – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Chlorella is a natural detoxifier with many benefits for the body. However, when deciding to ingest said product, you must verify that its composition is really organic, that is, that it does not incorporate additives, preservatives or any type of genetic engineering that may be toxic to humans. For example, the Aldous Bio Premium Quality model is a presentation of 500 100% organic tablets, which last for several months and, therefore, save time and money by not frequently contacting the manufacturer for new shipments. For its part, Carefood Tablets is a gluten-free product with an organic composition, suitable for consumption by vegans.

The 9 Best Chlorella Capsules – Opinions 2022

Chlorella is a type of algae with a high concentration of minerals, proteins, vitamins and chlorophyll, which complement the daily diet in a natural and effective way. Next, you will be able to know nine recommended Chlorella capsules among the best of the current year.

1. Aldous Labs Premium Organic Chlorella for 165 days tablets

This is a product commented as the best Chlorella capsule, since it offers a 100% organic composition, aimed at all those vegans and vegetarians, since it does not incorporate milk, animal gelatin or lactose. Its production, on the other hand, does not involve genetic engineering and is gluten-free.

In addition, the tablets have been manufactured with algae grown in water free of preservatives, pesticides or any toxic substance, so their use is completely safe. For its part, the careful drying process to which the plants are exposed allows the conservation of a greater number of nutrients, which your body will take advantage of once you ingest the product.

Regarding the presentation, you will have a metal container with a pressure closure lid, which will keep the 500 tablets protected from air, humidity and light. In this way, it will be possible to preserve the nutritional values ​​of Chlorella and the low percentage of silica incorporated into the formula.

Recommended as the best Chlorella capsules of the moment, this model stands out. Here, your details.


Content: You will not have to worry about acquiring another presentation quickly, because the tablets yield approximately 165 days.

Certification: It is a certified product, whose algae have been cultivated in water free of additives, pesticides or preservatives.

Container: The metal container is safe, since no toxic agents are released from it.

Lid: Its pressure lid offers an airtight seal, which prevents the loss of nutrients.


Purification: The purification process can be intense, so you should start by taking a daily tablet.

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2. Carefood Organic Broken Cell Wall Chlorella Vegan

Among the best Chlorella capsules of 2022 it is possible to find this presentation from Carefood laboratories, whose organic formula does not incorporate preservatives, gluten, pesticides, artificial colors or aromas. Instead, it uses algae grown in ecologically certified waters, so they are free of toxic agents. Later, these plants are dried and ground under the strictest hygiene regulations, to be compressed into small tablets that are easy to ingest. Thus, maximum use of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and chlorophyll is obtained.

The presentation of the product is 300 tablets, which, consuming a dose of three tablets daily, could last up to 100 days. For its part, the packaging has a bag format, and is made of ecological paper. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the release of phthalate and bisphenol A on the supplement, which is usually one of the drawbacks of synthetic packaging.

Carefood is recognized as the best brand of Chlorella capsules. Next, the pros and cons of one of his presentations.


Natural: The algae were cultivated free of pesticides or additives, so they are not harmful to health.

Tablets: Its intake will be easy for anyone, thanks to the format of small tablets.

Gluten-free: You can consume this product if you are intolerant to gluten, since the tablets are free of said substance.

Presentation: It is a presentation of 300 tablets, suitable for an average of 100 days.


Packaging: The packaging could expose the tablets, since it does not incorporate an airtight seal.

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3. Solgar Chlorella Vegetable Capsules Broken cell wall microalgae

Solgar is a laboratory present in the market since 1947, whose products are made under the highest medical standards, to guarantee people safe formulas free of additives, pesticides or any toxic agent harmful to health. Therefore, those who have had doubts about which is the best Chlorella capsule, got a quick answer in this product.

These are 520-milligram tablets, with an elongated format and a striking green color, offered by the concentration of chlorophyll provided by the ground algae, used to manufacture the supplement.

On the other hand, we have the presentation of the product, for which a darkened glass container was used, designed to prevent the passage of light into the interior and, therefore, the oxidation of the capsules. Likewise, the metal lid with closure provides a quick opening and safe protection.

If you don’t know which Chlorella capsules to buy, this presentation could be a good option. Here are some advantages and disadvantages.


Container: The darkened glass container does not give off particles or toxic contaminating agents.

Lid: Its screw cap opens easily and provides an airtight seal, which keeps the capsules protected.

Presentation: This presentation of 100 tablets lasts for just over a month, depending on the number of tablets consumed daily.

Use: Thanks to its organic composition and free of additives, it is a suitable product for vegans.


Ingestion: Because they are capsules and not pills, they may be a little more difficult for some people to ingest.

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4. MySuperfoods Organic Broken Cell Wall Chlorella Tablets

Commented on the different specialized purchase portals as the best value for money Chlorella capsule, we can find this presentation of 300 tablets of 500 milligrams each.

The tablets are intense green in color, thanks to the concentration of chlorophyll given by the algae used for their manufacture. Therefore, it is a highly pure product, whose consumption will benefit the body with its load of minerals, proteins, antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. In addition, it should be noted that the tablets have a compact size with rounded edges that, when ingested, do not hurt the throat.

Also, it is important to refer to the cultivation of algae, which takes place in the South China Sea. These waters do not have polluting agents, fertilizers or preservatives, that is, they have a pure nature. For this reason, this product is granted an organic type certification.

Among the cheapest Chlorella capsules, this presentation stands out. Here, more details of interest.


Tablets: Each 500-milligram tablet has a small, easy-to-swallow format.

Certification: This product has ecological certification, which means that the algae have been cultivated in waters free of toxic agents.

Presentation: This is a profitable presentation, whose content lasts for 100 days.

Purity: Its consumption is suitable for vegans, thanks to the high level of purity of the product, made with 100% ground algae.


Packaging: The bag closure method may seem flimsy, but the pills can be placed in another secure container.

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5. Sevenhills Wholefoods Chlorella Tablets Organic Broken Cell Wall

Sevenhills Wholefoods laboratories, on this occasion, present high purity Chlorella capsules, which, after being ingested, will begin to progressively eliminate the toxins accumulated in the blood, liver and other organisms.

The product has organic type approval, endorsed by the UK Soil Association. Thus, it is algae grown in clean water, free of toxic agents, additives, preservatives or other elements that, when absorbed by plants, could alter their benefits for the human body.

In addition, there is the issue of the presentation of the capsules. In this sense, each pill has a small size, for quick intake, and the bag-format package contains a total of 1,000 tablets of 500 milligrams each. In this way, you will have a long-lasting supplement, so you do not have to invest time and money periodically purchasing the product.

The pros and cons of these Chlorella capsules could be interesting for those looking for a good cleanser.


Freshness: The bag format container incorporates a superior hermetic closure, which provides a secure fit.

Pills: You will not have problems digesting the pills, thanks to its compact format.

Gluten-free: This product can be consumed by people intolerant to gluten, because said compound is not incorporated into the formula.

Cultivation: It is a formula of high purity and free of toxic agents, since the algae are cultivated in fresh water.


Presentation: This presentation of 1000 tablets could be excessive for some people.

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6. The Healthy Tree Company Vegan Organic Chlorella Tablets

With these Chlorella capsules it is possible to eliminate toxins from the body, as well as provide the body with a concentrated load of proteins, chlorophyll, iron, vitamin E and B12. All these substances are beneficial in slowing down cellular aging, giving the body energy, improving the intestinal flora and treating mild depression.

It is one of the cheapest options on this list, characterized by its 100% organic composition, that is, it does not incorporate chemicals or toxic substances, since the algae have been cultivated on an island located on forest land. In addition, these aquatic plants have organic certification from the United Kingdom Soil Association.

On the other hand, we have the bag format container, which has been provided with a convenient system for easy opening and secure closure. Thus, it is possible to preserve the good condition of the capsules throughout the period of consumption.

Get to know right away the good aspects and those that can be improved in this presentation of Chlorella capsules.


Certification: Its consumption is completely safe, because this is a product with organic certification.

Presentation: The presentation of this supplement incorporates a total of 300 pills, which could last for one or two months, depending on the dose ingested.

Packaging: Its bag-shaped packaging incorporates a convenient snap closure to keep the capsules protected at all times.

Tablets: You will not have problems ingesting the pills, thanks to their compact size.


Dosage: You should start consuming the product with two pills daily, to avoid adverse reactions.

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7. WeightWorld Organic Chlorella Algae Tablets High Dose Bio

WeightWorld is a renowned laboratory, with a history of at least 14 years, whose products are often positioned at the top of shopping lists, due to their high quality standards. Such is the case of these Chlorella capsules, which have been made with an organic composition of 100% algae.

These unicolor aquatic plants are grown in clean water, which is why they are certified as organic by the Soil Association, that is, it is a supplement free of fertilizers or chemical substances, which could be toxic to the human body.

The presentation of the supplement is 375 pills, contained in a darkened plastic container with a snap-on lid, which allows the pills to be kept protected. In this way, a high percentage of minerals and vitamins are preserved that reduce appetite, enhance muscle growth, among other benefits.

Here, the details of some Chlorella capsules with the WeightWorld seal of quality.


Gluten-free: As it does not have gluten in its formula, it is a suitable product for vegans and people intolerant to said compound.

Presentation: Its presentation of 375 tablets can be considered profitable, because it is enough for just over two months.

Pills: You can easily take the pills, since they have a small format.

Organic: Thanks to its cultivation in clean waters, you will enjoy a product with a 100% organic composition, free of toxic agents.


Instructions: The instructions on the label are in English, which might be inconvenient for some people.

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8. Aavalabs Spirulina Capsules and Chlorella Tablets

On this occasion, Aavalabs brings to the market Chlorella capsules with Spirulina, which are two types of algae with a high level of protein, beneficial fatty acids, essential nutrients, amino acids and chlorophyll. In fact, the nutrient supply of this pair of aquatic plants is higher than that given by foods such as broccoli, and even spinach.

The presentation of this natural daily supplement is in coated capsules of 1800 micrograms, of which 900 are Chlorella and the other 900 are Spirulina. Both green powders are 100% organic, so they do not incorporate additives, aromas or artificial colors.

In addition, the composition is gluten-free, so its intake is convenient for people intolerant to said ingredient. For its part, the container has a label with the instructions for use and certification seals, while the incorporated metal screw cap provides a safe closure and smooth opening.

Next, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of this presentation of Chlorella capsules.


Components: The capsules have equal parts of Spirulina and Chlorella, so the nutritional contribution is greater than in other products.

Gluten-free: If you are intolerant to gluten you will not have limitations to consume this product, because it does not have said ingredient.

Lid: You will be able to open and close the container easily, since a screw cap is incorporated.

Presentation: 200 capsules are included in this presentation, which could last for two months.


Packaging: The packaging could be large for the total number of capsules contained, being a feature to be improved to promote material savings.

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9. Vegavero Chlorella Bio The Highest Dosage European Origin

The manufacturer of this option is a German laboratory with a presence in the market for six years, during which it has been dedicated to developing products with special formulas for vegans, made under the most careful quality controls. Therefore, these Chlorella capsules have an organic composition free of additives.

The presentation of the product is 180 units, each one of 1000 milligrams and suitable for a treatment of just over a month, during which the body is offered a high concentration of vitamins E, B3, B12 and potassium.

The capsules have a compact and long green body, which is the pigmentation given by the chlorophyll of the algae. In addition, the tablets have been packaged in a small bottle with an ergonomic design, which allows to hold securely, while the screw cap provides quick opening and hermetic closure.

These are highly concentrated organic Chlorella capsules. Here, the details.


Dosage: It is recommended to take three capsules daily, because the concentration of the tablet is 1000 milligrams.

Lid: Thanks to the screw cap you will achieve an airtight seal, preventing the passage of air into the interior to prevent oxidation.

Presentation: Its presentation of 180 units is suitable for consumption for just over a month, being a yielding supplement.

Additives: This product is free of additives, so its intake is safe for anyone.


Ingestion: Problems may occur when digesting the capsules, due to their large format.

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Shopping guide

Next, you will be able to review a complete guide to buy the best Chlorella capsule, which details the main quality identifiers to review in said daily supplement.

intake method

The use of this product cannot be carried out lightly, since the body could assimilate it in the opposite way to the desired one. For this reason, it is important to document yourself on the subject and verify the correct method of taking the supplement, through the information presented in any comparison of Chlorella capsules.

For example, if your desire is to detoxify the body of all the toxins accumulated in the blood, liver and intestine, the ideal is to take three tablets daily, immediately after finishing the main meals, that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, those who are aiming to lose weight should then consume Chlorella tablets at least 15 minutes before starting to eat. In this way, the satiety effect offered by the substitute will reduce appetite and anxiety.

Likewise, taking the capsules before or after meals will achieve an effective stimulation of the tissues at the nerve level, in addition to reducing blood sugar levels, calming constipation, delaying cellular aging, among other benefits.

organic composition

Regardless of how good and cheap the Chlorella capsule you intend to buy is considered, either by the number of tablets included or the quality of the packaging, if the composition of the supplement incorporates preservatives, additives, or any type of genetic engineering, which may be toxic to the body, it would be advisable to desist from its acquisition.

In this sense, it is necessary to verify the cultivation method applied to algae. Let us remember that these are unicellular aquatic plants, which feed on all the inorganic compounds present in the water. Therefore, it is essential that said water is free of preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers of synthetic origin, antibiotics or any type of additive. All this is possible to verify if the product has been accredited with an ecological certification.

Likewise, it confirms that once the algae are dried and ground, their purity is not less than 90%. In this way, it is possible to take advantage of a greater number of nutrients, minerals, proteins and antioxidants, which is beneficial for the body.


The issue of the product’s packaging cannot go unnoticed, since if we buy some capsules that have been contained in a plastic container, we run the risk of consuming a contaminated supplement. This is due to the fact that polymers tend to release particular phthalates, bisphenol A and other toxic agents, which are highly harmful to health and the environment.

It is for this reason that it is most convenient to bet on glass containers, preferably darkened, since they will prevent the passage of light into the interior and, therefore, the oxidation of nutrients. Likewise, it is necessary for the lid to be metallic and to have a screw or pressure closure, to maintain its hermeticism.

On the other hand, there are the containers in bag format. If this is the case, check that they are made of clean and certified material. In addition, check that some type of easy-to-handle closure is incorporated at the top.


The presentation of a food supplement refers to the content of the product offered, which may vary according to the provisions of the manufacturing laboratory. Said specification is an aspect of great importance to determine the number of doses to consume, as well as how much the product costs, among other details.

There are several presentations of Chlorella capsules on the market, such as long and cylindrical ones. There are also smaller tablets with a compressed body, which are easier to swallow when passing through the throat, compared to capsules.

On the other hand, you have to look at the number of tablets included in the package, which can vary between 100 and up to 1000 tablets. In this way, when consumed three times a day, they could last between one and just over five months, respectively.

In any case, the ideal would be to bet on a presentation that is used for a long treatment, since in this way it is possible to save time and money, by not having to constantly contact the supplier to acquire the product each month.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is Chlorella used for?

Chlorella is an algae native to Japan and Taiwan, whose concentration of chlorophyll serves as a powerful detoxifier, eliminating toxins accumulated in the liver, blood and intestine. Also, this aquatic plant regulates sugar levels by oxygenating the blood, for better health of the arteries.

For their part, the amino acids, minerals and proteins contained in the algae are a source of great energy for the body, while their nutrients act as antioxidants, thus preventing cell aging and promoting their regeneration.

Q2: How to consume Chlorella ?

Chlorella is an easy-to-consume daily supplement that, although it does not replace daily food intake, is capable of providing the body with a significant concentration of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, among other elements.

The consumption of this product will initially depend on the presentation purchased. For example, if it is tablets, you should take one to three daily, after each of the main meals. On the other hand, for the powder presentations, it is necessary to dilute a teaspoon in a glass of water, drinking the supplement the same number of times as with the pills.

Of course, you will have to be careful with the dose, since the purifying process could be too strong for your body. Therefore, experts recommend starting with a single dose a day, to assess the body’s reaction. Thus, if there is no intense diarrhea, dizziness, headache, vomiting, among other symptoms, you can gradually increase the number of intakes.

Q3: Chlorella or Spirulina, which is better ?

Both Chlorella and Spirulina are food supplements used by thousands of people worldwide, with the purpose of purifying and nourishing the body in an organic and safe way.

Although both products provide great benefits to the body, it is also true that they have some distinctions with respect to the protein content offered. For example, Chlorella has 50% protein, while Spirulina provides 70% and a high concentration of good fatty acids, but Chlorella has essential nutrients, a high content of chlorophyll and 19 amino acids.

For these reasons, saying that Chlorella is better than spirulina or vice versa might be a bit of an unfair statement for any of these supplements.

Q4: How to take Chlorella to detoxify?

If you plan to start taking Chlorella capsules to detoxify your body, the ideal is to take one to three tablets a day, but you should do it right after each of the main meals, that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner.. Remember that the intake will have to be gradual, as recommended by health experts.

Also, remember that taking the supplement before these meals eventually produces a satiety effect. So, ingesting it in this way will reduce the appetite and, therefore, help those who are experiencing a weight loss process.

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