The 9 Best Cycling Clothing Options of 2022

Cycling Clothing – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To have a better performance during training or cycling, it is necessary to have the specific clothing of the discipline and this is represented by cycling clothing. In the market there are infinite options of different brands, but among them only two lead the preferences. First of all, Bxio Woman appears, a women’s jersey for free cycling, which has been made of polyester and is practical for several seasons. There is also the Jogvelo Hombre model, a men’s set designed for cycling during winter, which is made of polyester with mesh and adapts to the body.

The 9 Best Cycling Clothing Options – Opinions 2022

If you want to improve sports performance, you need to have the necessary equipment. Each sport has its special clothing and, if you are a regular cyclist, you will need clothing designed for the discipline. There are different makes and models available on the market today, so making the right purchase decision can be complex. For this reason, below we will review the most relevant characteristics of the models that are considered among the best cycling clothing of the moment.

Women’s Cycling Clothing

1. Bxio Cycling Jersey Women Clothing Set

If you are looking for the best cycling clothing on the market, you could consider this Bxio model as one of your alternatives, since it is suitable for improving sports performance while pedaling.

This women’s cycling clothing is made with quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Within the materials, the manufacturer has incorporated soft mesh for breathability and sweat absorption, as well as fine seams that do not bother the skin. In addition, in the area of ​​the pockets it has double stitching and, in general, the jersey has adequate elasticity that fits the body.

On the other hand, it has non-slip strips and the shirt is equipped with a full zipper and three pockets on the back, to carry belongings. Its design is sporty, with a delicate and feminine style. For greater comfort, a resistant and anti-shock pad is included in the pants.

This Bxio model is considered by many users to be the best cycling clothing of the moment. Know its pros and cons.


Design: It has a sporty all-over design, with a feminine style, which is available in various colors.

Clothing: Its clothing has been made from materials that fit the body and allow perspiration.

Pockets: To store from snacks to belongings, it includes three pockets on the back.

Protection: Includes anti-shock pad on the bottom, anti-slip strips and full zipper.


Size: Before making the choice, the size table should be reviewed and corroborated with the dimensions of the body.

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2. JNL Bib, 3D 2.8cm Cushion Fashion Clothing Cycling Jersey

If you want to make your choice among the best cycling clothing of 2019, then you will be interested in knowing about this model marketed by JNL, which is complete in style, with a short-sleeved shirt and knee-length pants.

It is a women’s cycling clothing with a modern and sporty design, which is available in a wide range of colors and prints. In this way, the user will be able to select the one that best suits her style.

This sports garment has been made with different functional textiles, which in turn have been treated with technology to provide better ventilation, absorption and drying during pedaling time. It incorporates elastic fabric mesh and a full zip, with a cycling collar.

In addition, the jersey has three rear pockets in which you can store personal or hydration items, as well as snacks to consume during the ride, without having to get off the bike.

The trajectory and experience are qualities that are attributed to the manufacturer JNL, which is why it is considered the best cycling clothing brand. Let’s see the details of your model.


Design: It has an integral design with a sporty style that includes both the shirt and the bottom.

Pockets: To store belongings, this clothing is equipped with 3 pockets.

Technology: The manufacturer has applied sports technology to the garment, so it absorbs sweat and allows ventilation.

Clothing: Its clothing has been carefully made with different resistant and quality materials.


Fit: Before making a choice, the manufacturer’s size chart should be reviewed.

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Winter cycling clothing

3. Jogvelo Cycling Jersey Winter Cycling Clothing for Men

After knowing some options, you may still be wondering what is the best cycling clothing on the market. If so, you should take a look at the attributes that this model presents, which stands out for its quality.

It is a winter cycling clothing that includes a long-sleeved shirt, with an ankle-length lycra, so it fully protects the entire body and is suitable for men due to its black style, with green details.

This model includes several parts and, therefore, they are made of different materials. In the case of the jersey, it is made of polyester and mesh for proper ventilation and air intake, while the lower part is made of elastic and soft lycra with an internal hem, so that the fabric does not slip. It also has a full zip closure and is equipped with 3D antibacterial gel and padding, as well as pockets.

Those who do not know what cycling clothing to buy should learn more about this model by reading the following pros and cons.


Design: It has a long-sleeved design that is available in black with green details.

Construction: Its construction has been made with polyester, mesh and elastic lycra, which adjusts to the body efficiently.

Pockets: On the back of the jersey there are three pockets to store small belongings and hydration.

Breathability: It has ventilation holes that provide comfort and quick drying.


Season: Being winter, its use is limited to this season because it is hot for other seasons.

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4. Feilaxleer Autumn/Winter/Spring Cycling Clothing for Men and Women

Available in a unisex style, this model from manufacturer Feilaxleer is considered winter cycling clothing because the jersey is long-sleeved and the lycra shorts reach the ankles. It has a body-hugging design, so it shows off the athletic figure of the cyclist.

However, beyond aesthetics, this alternative is made of polyester fiber that protects appropriately and allows adequate air intake and perspiration during pedaling. In addition, the pants are made of 80% polyester, with 20% lycra, so they are elastic and do not lose their shape.

Like most models, this one has been equipped with rear pockets and a silicone gel protection that prevents the garment from slipping, while providing comfort and ergonomics during travel time, by making the saddle more comfortable.

A quality model must combine materials, price and functionality. Learn more about this option for both sexes.


Design: It has a sporty design with a long-sleeved shirt, full zipper and long pants, with a unisex style.

Pockets: It includes a couple of pockets on the back that are used to store small objects.

Gel: It has additional protection in silicone gel that provides greater comfort.

Construction: It has been made with polyester and lycra, materials that fit the body without deforming the garment.


Season: Because it has light properties, the level of protection it provides during the winter is questioned.

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Men’s cycling clothing

5. X-tiger Men’s 5D Gel Padding MTB Bike

For those who want men’s cycling clothing that fits properly to the body, allows the athletic figure to be seen, provides comfort and ergonomics, this may be the indicated alternative, since this X-tiger model is one of the most sought after.

According to the considerations of the buyers, this model is relevant because it has an integral design and incorporates several pieces: from the short-sleeved, full-zip biker neck top to the shorts with suspenders.

For greater ergonomics during pedaling, it has been equipped with a 5D padded gel, so that friction with the saddle is reduced and a sensation of comfort is obtained during pedaling, which prevents rubbing against private parts, by acting as a cushion. anti-shock element. It is available in various colors, with black predominating, as well as in various sizes to fit different textures and bodies.

Cycling clothing must be of quality and this model is considered one of the best. Read about its most important aspects.


Design: It has a masculine design that includes all the pieces, with shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt.

Protection: To increase protection and reduce friction, it has a padded area that improves contact with the saddle.

Adjustment: It fits ideally to the person’s body, without being tight or loose.

Construction: The clothing has been made with resistant materials and double seams, but without folds.


Zipper: The full zipper of the jersey may be flimsy and may not slide properly.

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MTB cycling clothing

6. Asvert Bicycle Clothing Men MTB Cycling Suit

As part of its MTB cycling clothing collection, the manufacturer Asvert brought this model to the market, which has been considered one of the most convenient, as it is made with quality materials and is practical for different bicycle disciplines.

The model has a design for cold climates above zero degrees, because it has long sleeves and long pants. Being made of polyester and lycra, this alternative combines fit with flexibility and adequate breathability, to give the cyclist a feeling of comfort while pedaling.

The part of the shorts includes a 4D padded area in antibacterial silicone, which improves the feeling of rebound on the saddle and provides comfort on long rides. In addition, the shirt has been equipped with three pockets in which personal accessories, snacks and hydration can be stored. Includes reflective material to be seen at night when on the road.

Before making a hasty purchase, you should review the positive and negative attributes of this Asvert model.


Pockets: To efficiently store belongings, it includes three pockets on the back.

Comfort: It incorporates a 4D silicone gel area that provides greater comfort for long rides.

Construction: It has a careful construction that has been made with materials such as polyester and lycra.

Reflective: It incorporates strips of reflective material that provide greater security to be seen at night.


Fit: After a few washes, the model may lose its level of fit to the body.

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mountain biking clothing

7. Hengxin Men’s Summer Short Cycling Jersey

Unlike normal cycling clothing, mountain biking clothing should have extra protection for your body. This is what we find in this Hengxin set, which includes the shorts and the jersey in a single kit.

Starting with the bib shorts, they incorporate a protective gel pad, ideal for the area in contact with the saddle to suffer less from the effects of potholes. The materials also have good elasticity, so the shorts feel soft and don’t chafe your skin as you ride.

Something similar happens with the jersey, highly breathable and with a format that does not stick to the back. It has a zipper and pockets, so you can carry what you want and have your things always at hand. It is finished off with reflective strips, so that you can be seen better when the light is scarce.

Complete your cycling equipment with this complete Hengxin set, which we analyze below.


Materials: The jersey is made entirely of polyester, while the shorts mix 80% polyester and 20% fiber.

Pad: The pad, with a 3D design and a gel base, gives you greater comfort when rolling.

Closing strip: The jersey incorporates a closing strip at the waist, which prevents air from penetrating inside.


Climate: It is not the most suitable option when the cold is pressing, since the fabric is rather light and fresh.

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Ale cycling clothing

8. Alé 13646718 Men’s Shorts

The presence of Ale in cycling clothing is already a classic. Many users trust this manufacturer to equip themselves when shooting. And seeing pieces like the shorts that we analyze below, it is not strange.

This product weighs just 220 grams, being an extremely light piece. This does not prevent it from offering you great comfort, thanks to a fabric that mixes polyamide and elastane and has great flexibility. Also pleasant is the touch, which avoids the friction on the straps typical of other lower quality options.

To make it easier for you to choose, the shorts come in a good variety of sizes, ranging from S to 2XL. All of them are elastic and comfortable, so you will have no problem moving around comfortably with this garment.

If you still don’t know Ale’s cycling clothing, we delve a little deeper into this model.


Softness: The mixture of fabric used offers you great softness and comfort when rolling.

Materials: The product is made from a blend of 78% polyamide and 22% elastane.

Straps: The straps do not generate friction during use and stay in place.


Finish: The finish is smooth, in black and only includes the brand on one leg, with a somewhat bland finish.

Training: The shorts are rated as training shorts, so they may fall short for competition.

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Children’s cycling clothing

9. M&A JT-Amigo Cycling Jersey Shorts

Those who want to acquire the best value for money cycling clothing cannot leave this option out of their alternatives, which is one of the cheapest in our selection.

It is a cycling clothing for children that is made up of a set that includes two pieces. On the one hand, there is the jersey, with a tight design with short sleeves, and on the other, it incorporates the shorts.

In the case of the shirt, it is made of 100% polyester, so it is fresh, soft and allows perspiration while you are on the pedaling route. For its part, the shorts are made of 90% polyester and 10% lycra. Therefore, it is flexible and conforms to the figure of the body. In addition, this model has been equipped with special technology for quick drying by 3D CoolMax.

This model is of quality and one of the cheapest products. Here you can know its pros and cons.


Design: It has a classic design, which is available in various colors and sizes suitable for children.

Construction: The jersey is made of 100% polyester and the pants in a mixture of textiles.

Pieces: This model incorporates the complete set for cycling, with a shirt and shorts.

Technology: The textiles have been endowed with special technologies that allow correct ventilation, perspiration and quick drying.


Size: It is recommended to select an additional size than usual because it is tight.

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Shopping guide

If you are a professional cyclist and you want to improve performance on the road with more responsiveness and increase power, you will need to train, but also be equipped with the recommended clothing. In this sense, you should opt for cycling clothing. Although there are many brands available in the market, before making a hasty purchase, some properties should be considered that will make the model of quality. Therefore, you can take a look at the following guide to buy the best cycling clothing, a section in which you will get all the details you need to know to choose an efficient model.


When making a comparison of cycling clothing, it is convenient to analyze the design, since there are different models and types on the market, which adjust to different demands in terms of tastes and climatic conditions. Within the designs, you can get masculine, feminine and other models with a dynamic touch for the little ones.

In addition, in each of these types of clothing it is possible to select the color. Among the colors, the most common is to get models in a predominant black, with details in other tones.

On the other hand, regarding design, there are alternatives for the winter or summer season. These can be distinguished by the length of the sleeves and pants. In the case of summer models, they are usually short-sleeved, while winter and autumn models are long-sleeved and the pants reach the ankle.

Manufacturing materials

If you are wondering how much cycling clothing costs, knowing the materials that the manufacturer used to make the garments may give you an indication of their cost and quality. Being training clothes and with which you will surely perspire, they must be soft and light textiles that allow ventilation and regular air intake while pedaling. For this reason, most models are made of textiles such as polyester, lycra and elastane. The latter are flexible materials that provide elasticity to the pieces. In turn, the combination of them provides the required adjustment so that the piece molds to the body and prevents it from becoming deformed after washing. Hence the importance of selecting high-end and quality materials.


An important feature, but that many people leave aside when making an intelligent choice, is the construction of cycling clothing. This must be carefully and precisely made, with double stitching where required and avoiding creases. In this way, both the jersey and the shorts will be tailored to the body, without causing discomfort.

In turn, it is necessary to consider the options that have been made with hems on the sleeves and waist, as well as those that incorporate non-slip material in areas such as the neck and hips.

Protection and ergonomics

Good, cheap cycling clothing is a pocket-friendly alternative, but it may not be for training and performance on the trail. Therefore, it is necessary that you do not skimp when it comes to protection and ergonomics, since it will be these two characteristics that will provide the best feeling, freshness and fitness while pedaling on long routes.

Bicycle saddles begin to feel uncomfortable and generate vibrations after pedaling for a while. Faced with this situation, some brands have added extra padded and gel protection of different densities to their models that makes the journey more comfortable and prevents fatigue from occurring. At the same time, it is recommended that, when making the choice, an ergonomic alternative be taken as the first option, since the sensation of comfort will be appreciated after a few kilometers of travel.

pockets and reflective

There are many manufacturers that have dedicated themselves to studying the needs of cyclists to, through their clothing, provide a solution to the most common problems. For this reason, many brands have incorporated pockets on the back of their jerseys, in which everything from personal items to snacks or hydration can be strategically stored, without having to stop pedalling.

Similarly, to provide greater safety, some models are equipped with reflective strips that allow them to be seen when illuminated by car headlights.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the cycling clothing?

Using cycling clothing is not complex, but it is necessary to consider some recommendations so that the fit is the right one. The first thing to put on is the culotte with the straps, knowing that there should be no creases and it should be fitted. Then, both the pants and the cycling jersey or shirt must be placed on this garment. In both cases, it must be stretched properly on the skin so that there are no folds, as these cause discomfort.

Q2: Where to customize cycling clothing?

There are different companies that are responsible for the customization of cycling clothing. Some of them have years of experience and are a benchmark, while others have successfully emerged in recent years. Some of the big brands allow the user to select some details to add to the clothing. However, these are limited. For this reason, some firms such as Corvi, Gobik, Ixcor, DPS, among others, can customize the complete service when it exceeds an order of 10 pieces. In the design departments they work to capture the user’s ideas and present an aesthetic and innovative model.

Q3: What underwear to wear for cycling?

Although the recommendation seems a bit strange, experts and professionals point out that, if you wear special clothing for cycling, you should not use any type of underwear because it generates chafing. It is necessary to remember that these sports garments are made of specific materials, thin and light, so they are fitted to the body and, when wearing underwear, it can cause discomfort and cause folds. In addition, the most popular models include all the pieces, even the culotte with suspenders that is placed under the main clothing, which is visible.

Q4: How to fold cycling clothes?

The first consideration to take into account when storing cycling clothing is that it should not be left in damp places, or in direct sunlight. In fact, the recommendation of experts is that it should preferably be placed on hangers, if the space in the closet allows it. This is because, by bending, its properties are lost. Now, if you don’t have the space, the jerseys can be folded conventionally and stored in drawers. In the case of the culotte, care must be taken so that it does not deform. To do this, both legs must be bent towards the chamois, bring the sides inwards at the height of the straps and then bend upwards.

Q5: What clothes to wear for cycling in winter?

Each season has a special cycling clothing that adjusts to the needs and requirements of the cyclist, according to weather conditions. In the case of the winter season, it is recommended to wear long-sleeved clothing and ankle-length pants. These models must be made with thicker textiles than summer ones, have waterproof areas and thermal properties so that the user does not suffer from hypothermia during pedaling and their levels remain stable.

Q6: What material is the cycling clothing?

The material will depend on the brand and model that has been selected. In addition, this usually changes according to the season and the discipline. In general, the clothing is made of soft textiles that allow perspiration such as polyester, lycra and other fabrics that are treated with sports technologies.

Q7: How to wash cycling clothes?

Washing cycling clothing is very simple, you just have to take into account a few considerations. If you want to wash these clothes by machine, it is recommended that you do it in a delicate cycle, do not include other garments and do not let it reach the spin cycle. In addition, it is convenient to use a neutral detergent and, to keep the garments in better condition, it is recommended to wash on the opposite side.

Q8: How should cycling clothing fit?

The most conventional thing is that cycling clothing is tailored to the body and fits properly, since its design is aerodynamic and molds to the figure to provide better pedaling performance, less wind resistance and greater speed, in addition to esthetic. Although it should fit snugly, this term should not be confused with tight. If you have doubts about the size, the correct thing to do is to check the size chart of the brand of interest.

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