The 9 Best Cycling Kits of 2022

Cycling Equipment – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To carry out your practice correctly, most sports disciplines require a special type of clothing and in cycling this is very important. For example, it is possible to see how in the Tour de France many of the cyclists change their equipment from time to time to have more aerodynamics. If you are a professional cyclist or on the way to becoming one, you will surely be interested in having the best cycling clothing, among which the Jogvelo Maillot stands out for being ideal for winter and made of 100% polyester mesh. If you are interested in purchasing a model with shorts and UV protection, we recommend the X-Tiger XM-DBT-01301.

The 9 Best Cycling Kits – Opinions 2022

If you are a professional cyclist, you will know very well the importance of having clothing according to this sport that gives you greater comfort and aerodynamics. Therefore, if you are interested in acquiring the best cycling clothing, we suggest you look at the following alternatives.

Winter cycling gear

1. Jogvelo Cycling Jersey, Winter Cycling Clothing for Men

Depending on the time of year in which you are going to use the suit, it is recommended that it be prepared for that climate, so if you want to buy cycling clothing for winter, this model is the one for you.

Made from high-quality fabrics, the Jersey is made with 100% polyester mesh, providing great moisture-wicking breathability. In addition, the trousers with barber straps are made of a very elastic and comfortable lycra fabric, as they fit perfectly to the body.

This kit has an anti-slip system thanks to the hem at the bottom of the Jersey and the zippers installed on the boots, which are very easy and quick to adjust. In addition, it has a padded and breathable antibacterial material with approximately 2.1 cm thickness, as well as high-quality seams and wear resistance.

Considered one of the best cycling kits of 2022, this product has the following positive and negative aspects.


Pockets : This kit includes up to 3 rear pockets where you can store various personal items such as keys, wallet and phone.

Padding : Thanks to its 2.1 cm thick padded and completely breathable antibacterial gel, you will get great comfort.

Material : Made with high quality and very resistant materials, this kit has a 100% polyester jersey and pants with breathable mesh parts.

Non- slip : Due to the lower hems of the jersey and zippers on the leg boots, it is a kit that sits perfectly on the body.


Size : It is important to be careful with the size you buy, as it could be too big for you.

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2. Inbike Men’s Winter Cycling Clothing Set

This winter cycling kit stands out for being made with a quick-drying 100% polyester material, which fits comfortably to your body, allowing you to do this sport without any discomfort. On the other hand, the pants are made of lycra fabric that is both soft and light.

This product incorporates 2 bars of reflective material on the back that help drivers to have better visibility of the cyclist during the day and at night. On the other hand, it has a gel gripper at the bottom hem of the jersey and at the edges of the pants, which prevents the clothes from slipping.

In addition to this, it has 3 rear pockets, which will allow you to carry various personal things such as water, wallet and keys. In addition, the pants are equipped with silicone gel cushions that improve user comfort.

To find out which is the best cycling kit, it is advisable to look at all the technical aspects of this model.


Materials : Made of polyester and some parts in breathable mesh, this set is one of the best on the market.

Reflection : It has two reflective bars that allow drivers to move with greater safety.

Pocket : Includes 3 pockets on the back of the jersey, allowing you to store various belongings.


Suspenders : The absence of adapted braces means that the pants do not fit perfectly, slipping a little.

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Cycling equipment for MTB

3. X-Tiger Men’s Bike with 5D Gel Padding

For those who practice mountain biking and are looking for a suit that allows them to practice this sport with greater comfort and aerodynamics, we recommend this cycling kit for MTB or “Mountain Bike” for its acronym in English.

This product consists of padded shorts with a cushion made of 5D silicone, which notably increases the feeling of comfort when handling the bicycle during long journeys and is made of 80% polyester and 13% lycra.

On the other hand, the jersey is made of 100% polyester and has a high capacity for breathability and protection against UV rays. This kit has the property of quick drying and is very light. In addition, a practical pocket is included on the back of the jersey that allows you to store various items.

Considered one of the cheapest cycling suits we have on this list, we recommend you look at its most important technical aspects.


Materials : This kit is made with high quality materials such as 100% polyester in the jersey, as well as 87% polyester and 13% pound in the pants.

Padding : The pants incorporate a 5D silicone cushion that significantly increases comfort when worn.

Pocket : It incorporates three practical pockets on the back of the jersey to store some small items.


Sizes : It is important that you choose the size well, taking into account that they are usually a little smaller than indicated.

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Thermal cycling clothing

4. Lixada Men’s Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Many times you will have the need to take out your bicycle, even in the middle of winter, either to participate in a competition or to go for a ride, so it is advisable to acquire thermal cycling clothing and be able to carry out the activity in a more comfortable and protected way..

This kit stands out for being made with a breathable double-layer polyester fabric, which helps you stay cool all the time without accumulating sweat, as well as resisting wind and water.

The back of the jersey has 3 practical pockets to store some belongings and includes reflective strips that give you greater safety when riding your bike at night. In addition, the 3D padded cushion of the pants stands out for its great comfort, so you can ride for longer.

This alternative is considered the best cycling kit of the moment, so we recommend you look at its pros and cons.


Safe : It has a design that includes reflective strips to make rides safer at night.

Cushion : It incorporates a practical 3D padded cushion that fits comfortably to the body and provides greater comfort.

Materials : This cycling kit is made of several layers of polyester fabric, which increases protection against water and wind.


Zipper : It is important to be careful with the zipper, because if the suit is too small for you, it will have to open on its own.

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Summer cycling gear

5. Feilaxleer Summer Cycling Clothing for Men and Women

Sunny days are ideal for taking the bike and going for a ride, so having a summer cycling kit is totally recommended if you want to spend that time comfortably and protected.

The jersey is made of 100% high-quality high-quality polyester and is very breathable. On the other hand, the shorts are made of 80% polyester fiber and 20% lycra, so they have a soft texture and fit perfectly against the skin without becoming deformed or stretched.

In addition, this kit incorporates three rear pockets in which you can carry some belongings such as keys, wallet, etc. Likewise, it equips a silicone gel cushion that significantly increases comfort.

If you don’t know which cycling kit to buy, we recommend you look at the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Cushion : It incorporates a comfortable gel silicone cushion that provides greater comfort when riding the bicycle.

Pockets : Carry your belongings close by thanks to the three pockets that it incorporates on the back of the jersey.

Design : Its pants and short sleeves design is specially designed for cyclists looking for a kit to wear in summer.


Straps : It is important to bear in mind that if you are a user who measures more than 1.90 cm in height, the straps could be too tight.

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Alè cycling kit

6. Alè L03947518 LS Jersey PRR Clima Protection 2.0

For users looking for a jersey that can match their Alè cycling kit, this is an excellent alternative, especially if the winter days have already arrived. This cycling jersey is made of resistant materials that protect against the cold, maintaining a comfortable body temperature.

This kit features a modern gray design with long sleeves that help protect your arms while riding your bike.

This product comes in size L, so you should be sure what size you wear before making the purchase. In addition, although it is not one of the cheapest alternatives on the market, it is a product that allows you to be protected and comfortable during your bike rides.

Before proceeding to make the purchase, it is advisable to be completely sure of the product, therefore, we suggest you look at the advantages and disadvantages of this cycling kit.


Climate : This kit is specially designed for riding on cold days thanks to its thermal protection fabric.

Design : This pullover is designed with long sleeves, allowing you to keep your arms protected in extreme weather.

Zipper : It has a zipper that allows the user to put on and take off the garment very easily.


Jersey: You must bear in mind that this product only comes with a jersey and does not have pants, so you will have to have purchased it separately.

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Women’s cycling gear

7. Bxio Women’s Cycling Jersey

If you are looking for a women’s cycling kit, we definitely recommend this model, which is made with high-quality materials and has double-stitched seams, which significantly increases its durability and resistance.

The jersey is made with polyester and lycra, which greatly improves breathability, while the gold wire mesh straps are very soft. Likewise, the Oxter fabric on the sides keeps the body cool.

It includes non-slip lower strips with back pockets that you can use to store some belongings safely. It has a half-sleeve design that will allow you to make the tours comfortably. It is available in sizes M, L and XL.

Considered the best value for money cycling kit, this product has the following advantages.


Pad : The pants include a culotte made of comfortable and very resistant sponge that molds to the user’s body.

Non- slip : Both the cuffs and the edges of the jersey and pants have a non-slip tape.

Pockets : It includes three pockets on the back of the jersey that allows you to store all your belongings quickly to have them within reach at all times.


Sizes : As is customary in this type of product, the main inconvenience arises when purchasing one with a larger or smaller size.

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Movistar cycling kit

8. Wolfire WF Men’s Team Cycling Suit

Made with high-quality polyester, this Movistar cycling kit is an excellent alternative, as they have a high degree of absorption against moisture and sweat, allowing you to keep your body dry and fresh on your routes for longer.

This product has a high-quality 5D gel pad that fits perfectly to the body and allows you to be more comfortable. In addition, it has three pockets on the back of the jersey where you can store some small items and have them within reach at all times.

Its finish stands out for having flat and high-quality seams, likewise, the full zipper will give you the possibility to put on and take off the jersey quickly and without complications. In addition, it includes reflective tapes that will allow you to be safer at night.

Wolfire WF is known as the best cycling clothing brand today, so we recommend you look at the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Gel : It has a pad made of 5D gel that fits perfectly to your body and will allow you to be much more comfortable for a longer period of time.

Pockets : Thanks to its three rear pockets, you can easily store some of your belongings and have them within reach at all times.

Reflective : This kit is designed with some strips of reflective material that are ideal for greater safety when driving at night.


Design : It is important to bear in mind that you will not be able to go to the toilet comfortably without having to take off your suit, something that you can do with other models.

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Children’s cycling clothing

9. Ateid Cycling Jersey and Shorts for Boys

It is important to bring children closer to sport and, with this cycling kit for children, the smallest of the house will be able to accompany you on some of your routes safely and comfortably. This product is made of mesh, so it provides excellent ventilation and dispersion of sweat, helping to keep the body dry.

It has an attractive and modern design, keeping the back of the jersey longer and with a silicone strap that prevents the garment from gathering. In addition, thanks to its full front zipper, your child will be able to put on and take off the piece quickly.

The pants have an elastic waist and thighs, which allows a better adaptation to the child’s body, so that, in addition to providing freedom of movement, it will not move. Likewise, it has three pockets on the back of the jersey with elastic bands that prevent your child’s belongings from slipping out.

Considered a cheap cycling kit, here are the benefits of this model.


Firmness : Both the bottom hem of the jersey with silicone tape and the elastic on the pants will keep the kit in place.

Zip : A component that helps to get the jersey on and off more quickly, the full zip is very useful when you don’t have a lot of time.

Pockets : Thanks to its three elasticated back pockets, you can easily store your child’s important belongings.


Short : Both the sleeves and the legs are short in this kit, so if you are looking for a uniform that your child can wear in winter, it is better to look at another model.

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Shopping guide

To choose a cycling kit correctly, you have to take into account some important aspects that guarantee that the uniform fits you perfectly and works well for the type of cycling you do. Faced with so many jersey models on the market, we have made the decision to create this guide to buying the best cycling gear, with the idea of ​​helping you to have a better idea of ​​which option best suits your needs.

Before asking yourself how much a certain product costs, it is vital that you look at the following technical characteristics so that you make a good investment.

cycling type

Depending on the type of cycling you practice, the jersey or kit will be very different, so it is one of the main aspects that you must take care of before making the investment. For example, for the MTB and race modalities, the type of equipment shares many characteristics with each other, with the exception of downhill and enduro.

These jerseys have a series of very characteristic technical specifications, the most recommended being the light uniforms, with very flat seams, which can be adjusted to the body and have great breathability properties.

On the other hand, for more recreational practices it is not necessary to have a jersey that is too tight, the most basic models being ideal. In this case, in addition, the seams should not be so flat and the fabrics are more casual. However, it is recommended to maintain the breathability feature.

The weather

In any comparison of cycling clothing, one of the technical characteristics that you must take care of is the season of the year in which you plan to go out with your bicycle, since the climate will determine some details such as the thickness of the fabric, the length of the sleeves, among others. other aspects.

Consider that if you wear a uniform with short sleeves and shorts in the middle of winter, it is very likely that you will freeze. Likewise, if you wear a long-sleeved and thermal kit in summer, you will have a very bad time. This is why the market offers jerseys for different climates, giving the user the opportunity to choose the one they need according to the temperature on the day of the competition.


This is one of the most important aspects that you must take care of and that, sometimes, is more difficult to choose well, especially considering that the sizes can vary considerably depending on the country where you buy the uniform.

Finding the exact size is vital when choosing cycling clothing, as the product must fit perfectly to the shape of the body and, at the same time, provide ample freedom of movement. Mainly, the cyclist should feel comfortable but not loose, since it can significantly reduce aerodynamics.

On the other hand, it is advisable to choose a jersey that meets your particular tastes, which is more or less close to the body, with short or long sleeves, with a high or low neck, etc.

The tissue

If you are looking for a good and cheap cycling kit, this aspect will largely determine the price it will have in the market. As the fabric becomes more complex and the uniform has more layers, its cost can increase significantly. However, a jersey that is too cheap can have a very thin fabric and not enough protection, so it is a feature that should not go unnoticed.

In general, depending on the fabrics with which cycling kits are made, they have one or another feature, such as breathability and protection against the wind. Commonly, jerseys are made of materials such as polyester, lycra or merino wool, since breathable and protective fabrics are sought after.

It is clear that the quality of a kit will depend mainly on its composition, with those with more technical and specific fabrics being considered a good quality jersey, as well as those with fewer seams and these being flatter. In addition, some models have a hidden zipper and the cuts are made with a laser, which are factors that must be taken into account if you are looking for a good product.

In this sense, polyester is considered one of the best fabrics that exist for making jerseys, since they have an excellent response in terms of moisture absorption, allowing the cyclist to stay drier for longer. In addition, it is a fabric that has an excellent relationship in terms of resistance and durability, as it maintains its qualities for longer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cycling kit?

If you are just starting out with this sport, it is important to know how and when to use cycling clothing. First of all, it is vital to use the jersey whenever you are going to ride the bicycle, either when you are going to train or in competitions. First you must put on the pants and suspenders, and then put the sweater on top. It is important to cover your legs, torso and arms at all times, seeking to maintain the greatest aerodynamics possible.

Q2: How to clean a cycling kit?

To properly wash a jersey, it is recommended to do it separately and turn each garment inside out, leaving the seams facing out.

It is also recommended never to dry clean, but machine or hand wash and always use cold water to rinse and rinse. It is also not recommended to spin the clothes, much less use bleach or any other type of bleach or softener.

Also, keep in mind that clothes should be dried by hanging them in the air and never in a dryer. Finally, cycling clothing should not be ironed and it is recommended that you use neutral liquid soap whenever you wash it.

Q3: What size of cycling clothing to buy?

The size of the kit will always depend on yours, taking into account that they can vary a little depending on the country where you buy it. In some countries the sizes vary slightly, so an L for one country could result in an M in another. The choice becomes more complicated when you want to buy the jersey online, since there is a greater risk of not matching the size. It is always more advisable, as far as possible, to try on the uniform before buying it.

Q4: How should a cycling kit fit?

Professionals recommend that the jersey should be tight, not too tight, not too loose. It is important that the equipment feels comfortable and close to the body, and you must also ensure that you have ample freedom of movement.

Therefore, study the sizes well and try to choose one smaller than your body size to ensure that it fits well to the body. Regarding the internal part of the uniform, it is recommended that the straps remain fixed, so choosing the correct size is key. If the straps are too tight, the pants and culotte area will be too uncomfortable, reducing freedom of movement.

Q5: What material is best for cycling clothing?

Cycling kits are made in a wide variety of fabrics, including lycra, mesh and polyester, among others. However, experienced users suggest the use of polyester jerseys, as it is a fabric that adapts perfectly to the body and has several beneficial properties, such as breathability, comfort, protection and elasticity.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the straps and the inside of the uniform have mesh, which helps not to overload yourself with layers that can reduce your mobility and generate more heat.

Q6: What cycling clothing is best for winter?

The winter kits are characterized by having a special design of sleeves and long pants, so that they can protect your extremities from the cold. In addition, this type of jersey usually has several layers of fabric that increase the thermal sensation in the body. Likewise, it is recommended that the collar be slightly elevated to protect the throat area.

It is advisable to avoid very light and mesh equipment, since it has holes through which the cold enters. In addition, there are jerseys that have sleeves and legs with non-slip wheels, which have a thin silicone or rubber band that prevents the piece from moving and does not allow the wind to enter through the edges.

Q7: How is a normal cycling kit different from an MTB kit?

The main difference between the jerseys used in mountain biking or MTB and in normal cycling is the way they fit your body. For MTB, it is recommended to have greater aerodynamics, so the best thing is that the uniform fits well to the body. In addition, the seams should be as flat as possible, as well as having as few of them as otherwise they could noticeably affect speed.

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