The 9 Best Electric Generators of 2022

Electric Generator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sometimes, the stability of the electrical system can be poor and some installations and equipment require a constant flow of energy, which can be obtained with an electric generator, a device that transforms mechanical energy into electricity. Some models are recommended for their good performance. Among them, the Hyundai DHY6500SE-LRS, which works as a support system for solar installations, using diesel, with a 10 hex motor and voltage regulation. Another model that stands out is the German Force 5500 W, equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine that generates single-phase and three-phase electricity.

The 9 Best Electric Generators – Opinions 2022

With an electric generator, alternative energy can be obtained, since it is capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, through a magnetic field that produces the movement of electrons. So, if you are interested in purchasing one and you do not know which ones are recommended, you may be interested in knowing the specifications of the models that are positioned as the most purchased by the user community.

diesel electric generator

1. Hyundai DHY6500SE-LRS Specific Diesel Generator for solar support

Designed by its manufacturer Hyundai as an alternate mechanism to support solar installations, this model stands out for its robust construction and silent operation, making it the best electric generator on the market. 

Its size is large and its weight is 167 kilos, with a white structure with blue details and a sealed chassis, which reduces noise generation. In addition, it includes an external control panel that facilitates its use and that can be connected to the device by means of a 14-meter cable that is incorporated.

Regarding other specifications, this diesel electric generator has a 4-stroke engine and a power of 5 kW. It is recommended to support battery charging in solar installations, by supplying additional energy. It has a voltage regulator, with overload protection, it is air-cooled and incorporates a vibration reduction function and an LED screen for better monitoring. 

There are users who claim that this is the best electric generator of the moment. You could confirm or refute this claim by analyzing its pros and cons.


Consumption: It works with direct injection, it consumes little fuel and its maintenance is reduced.

Design: Its white chassis design protects the mechanism and incorporates an external control panel.

Power: It is a 5 kVA electric generator, with a power of 5 kW and a 4-stroke engine.

Uses: It is recommended as alternative energy to feed the batteries of solar installations.


Cons: Although it’s relatively quiet, its 72 dB sound may bother some people.

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gasoline electric generator

2. German Force Gasoline Electric Generator with Wheels

Those interested in acquiring a cheap electric generator may be attracted to this alternative presented by the manufacturer German Force, because it has adequate performance for the generation of alternating electrical energy.

It is a single-phase and three-phase model, equipped with a 4-stroke engine. Due to its operating specifications, it falls into the category of unleaded gasoline electric generator, which ensures a power of 5500 W. In addition, this alternative has three bases for the 220/240 V connection, 1000 W in each phase, and a three-phase base of 380 V, with 2500 W. It also offers safety in starting based on the oil level and by rope. 

Although it is a heavy piece of equipment, its handling is facilitated by the grip handles and transport wheels. Similarly, its general use is simple, which is why it is positioned as one of the best electric generators of 2022.

Manufacturers like German Force compete to be the best brand of electric generators with a model like this. Here are its pros and cons. 


Transport: Its transport is facilitated by its grip handles and transport wheels.

Operation: It has an efficient operation based on unleaded gasoline, as well as oil, to improve its performance.

Power: It has been equipped with a 4-stroke engine and a power of 5500 W, which represents a good level of energy.

Phases: It is a versatile electric generator, with single-phase and three-phase phases, as well as the option of using it in various environments.


Boot: It may take some time to execute the first boot, due to the lack of mounting instructions.

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silent electric generator

3. Böhmer-AG W4500i Inverted Gasoline Generator Set

Answering the question about which is the best electric generator on the market can be complex, but this model from the manufacturer Böhmer has been equipped with features that are worth knowing in order to draw your own conclusions. 

It is a silent electric generator that runs on gasoline with a tank for 6 hours, but has low emissions, which is why it is considered ecological. In addition, within its operation it has an economic mode, so it is possible to control fuel consumption. Likewise, it has a wound copper motor, with a starting power of 2000 W and a constant power of 1700 W, which provides the generator with favorable stability in the electrical supply. 

Due to its specifications, it is recommended for sensitive devices, since it provides power continuously with sine waves. It has two outputs for the 220 V power supply, with 2 EU adapters, as well as a 12 V output.

If you do not know which electric generator to buy, we could recommend that you take a look at the pros and cons of this model. 


Accessories: Includes a DC crocodile clip, a screwdriver, a fuel funnel, a spark plug wrench and the user manual, which complement the handling.

Design: It has a compact and different design, with a camouflaged casing, with a light weight of only 21.5 kilos.

Power: It is equipped with a wound motor that supplies a stable power of 1700W, for adequate performance.

Sound: It is silent, because during its operation it emits a sound of 59 dB, practical for domestic environments. 


Manual: The instruction manual could be more precise and explanatory to facilitate the process of using the device. 

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inverter electric generator

4. Greencut GRI300XM Gasoline Inverter Electric Generator 

Within the extensive catalog of products that the manufacturer Greencut handles, there is this model of inverter electric generator that is positioned as one of the best performing, because it has a 4-stroke engine that runs on gasoline. 

This model has a weight of 35 kg and is single-phase. In addition, it includes a tool kit for the assembly and basic maintenance of the equipment. It adapts to different requirements, so it is suitable for providing electrical energy in different places, from venues to events. So, if you want to buy an electric generator with adequate power, it is possible that this proposal is the one indicated for your requirements, because it has a nominal output power of 2.8 kW, with a maximum power of 3 kW. 

It is also equipped with manual and electronic starter. During its operation it has a low consumption and its sound level is low. 

Those interested in this model of electric generator can delve into its specifications by reading its pros and cons. 


Engine: It works with a 212 cc 4-stroke gasoline engine that allows it to offer adequate performance.

Maintenance: Its maintenance is reduced and it includes some accessories that make it easier to do it. 

Protection: It has an overload protection system, as well as a low oil level warning. 

Power: It works with a maximum output power of 3 kW, so it is suitable for household appliances. 


Filling: The process of filling the tank may not be as comfortable or simple, although this perception may vary from one user to another.

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solar electric generator 

5. Enkeeo Portable Generator 

Positioned as one of the cheapest in our selection, this model of solar electric generator that presents the Enkeeo brand has adequate performance, with a high range and versatility of use, because it is used to charge different digital equipment and appliances at its ports. 

This option offers a power capacity of 155 Wh and is a silent power supply that has a portable and compact design of only 1.68 kilos. In addition, it is equipped with an LED screen where you can see data on the type of current and the amount of energy available. Similarly, it has two different buttons, one for DC output and one for AC. 

To make connections easy, this generator has been enabled with input ports including one AC, two DC, one USB 3.0 and 2 regular USB. In addition, to protect the computer and connected devices, it has various security systems. 

This model is appropriate for several of its characteristics. To learn more about it, we present its pros and cons. 


Protection: It has protection against short circuits, overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, underload and overload. 

Design: It has been endowed with a compact and lightweight design, portable properties and an informative LED screen.

Power: It has a powerful battery with the capacity to charge mobiles, tablets, fans and more.

Accessories: Includes cigarette lighter adapter, power adapter, car charger and MC4 to DC35135 transfer cable, all for efficient performance.


Charge: Its charging time to have autonomy can be high, approximately 11 hours. 

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portable electric generator

6. Mecafer 450009 Generator Set

This model is usually a recommended proposal for those who are looking for the best value for money electric generator, since, although it is low cost, it has a robust construction and adequate performance.

This portable electric generator is compact and small in size, due to its dimensions of 32 x 38 x 30.5 cm. It incorporates a top handle that facilitates its portability and a rubber base that prevents slipping. In relation to its design, it has a blue casing that protects its mechanism. 

Its weight is 17.5 kilos and it is recommended for small panel installations, as well as to ensure outdoor entertainment during camping, whether in caravans or night markets, among other situations. 

In addition, this generator is equipped with a 2-stroke engine and a maximum power of 780 W, with autonomy for about 6 hours of continuous use. For added safety, it is equipped with overload protection. 

If the properties of this model, which is one of the cheapest, have been adjusted to your requirements, we recommend that you know its pros and cons. 


Power: It works for a maximum power of 780 W and a nominal power of 650 W, offering power for essential devices.

Design: Its design is compact and portable, with a top handle that facilitates its transport.

Autonomy: The model works with 2T oil and gasoline, for a convenient autonomy of 6 hours.

Sound: While it is in operation, it emits a sound of over 66 dB at a distance of 7 meters, which is not excessive.


Startup: In cold environments, it may take time for the device to start up and stabilize power. 

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Honda electric generator

7.Honda GXH50 Generator Engine

This Honda electric generator is one of the favorites of users, because it has a compact, lightweight and portable design that diversifies its use and makes it convenient for camping tents, caravans or outdoor trips. 

The product is equipped with a GXH50 4-stroke engine, which can provide a continuous power of 3.9 hours, while in eco mode, the figure increases to an estimated 8 hours.

This model has been equipped by its manufacturer with a maximum power of 1000 VA, as well as with a continuous power of 900 VA. It is easy to transport because it weighs 13 kilos and is available in a striking red color. It has a mechanism against overheating and is efficient for computers, mobile phones and more. It is supplied with an understandable and precise instruction manual that helps the user to solve problems. 

Before making a hasty choice, we invite you to analyze some positive and negative aspects of this model. 


Design: It has a compact and lightweight design of less than 15 kilos, with a top handle that makes it easy to hold.

Power: The model has been equipped to supply a maximum continuous power of 900 VA.

Instructions: It is delivered with a precise and complete instruction manual that will guide the user.

Autonomy: Its autonomy allows it to offer operation in ranges of 4 or 8 hours, depending on the operating mode that is configured.


Sound: During its operation it emits a sound that can become uncomfortable, so it is recommended to place it far away. 

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gas electric generator

8. Vinco Power Generator 2.0 Kw 60170 

This gas-fired electric generator has been defined as a versatile and highly efficient model, since it works with a 4-stroke engine, with a power of 2 kW and is single-phase.

It has a manual type starting system and, for the greater benefit of the user, it has a voltage stabilizer that ensures continuous operation. Due to its specifications, it can be used for different purposes, either in case of emergency due to failures in the supply of the conventional electrical system or for lighting some area. 

Running on gas, it emits less pollution than gasoline models. In addition, it can be used with gas cylinders, which increases autonomy and reduces dependence on fuel.

It is resistant, with a metal body and other materials that protect the mechanism. Likewise, it is corrosion-proof and its structure allows the addition of wheels to facilitate its mobility.  

Learn more about the specifications of this model through a quick review of its main positives and negatives. 


Structure: The generator has a resistant structure, made of metal and plastic, with moderate weight.

Power: According to what was announced by its manufacturer, it has a power of 2 kW and is a single-phase generator, which makes it compatible with basic installations.

Operation: It works thanks to a 4-stroke gas engine, which emits less pollution. 

Stabilization: The model has a current stabilization system, which prevents inconveniences in the supply.  


Wheels: This model has not been equipped with wheels that facilitate its transport, so they must be purchased separately. 

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mini electric generator

9. Einhell 4152530 Electric Generator TC-PG 1000 with AVR System 

With a compact design and a relatively light weight of 18.8 kilos, this mini electric generator from the Einhell brand is one of the favorites and most sought after in our selection, because, despite being small, it is efficient, since it has been equipped with a 2-stroke engine with air cooling that provides an estimated power of 1.2 kW.

In addition, it generates a continuous power of 680 W and emits about 3,000 revolutions per minute. In order to keep it running, it requires the use of fuel and has a tank with a considerable capacity of 4.2 liters. Likewise, its approximate consumption is 0.7 liters for each hour of operation. 

On the other hand, this model includes, within its functions, an AVR system for automatic voltage regulation and stable power. It has a strong chassis, available in red with black details, which protects the internal mechanism and makes it easy to transport. 

If you want more details about this model, you can review its favorable and negative properties.


Operation: It has a 2-stroke gasoline engine, which allows it to generate a good level of power.

Tank: It has a 4.1-liter tank for gasoline, so that a good amount of fuel can be supplied.

Stability: Its power manages to be continuous, thanks to the incorporation of an automatic voltage stabilizer.

Design: Its design is compact, available in red and black chassis, which makes it visually attractive and easy to move. 


Boot: Its boot system can be complex for those who are not used to using these computers. 

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Shopping guide

For places where the electrical system is not stable or the power supply is not guaranteed, it is necessary to be equipped with an electrical generator that helps to counteract any deficiencies that may exist. So, if you are interested in having information that helps you make a good purchase, you should read the following guide to buy the best electric generator on the market.  

engine and power 

If you want to buy a cheap electric generator, there are many alternatives available on the market, but before making a hasty decision, you need to know that price is not the most important thing in these devices. For this reason, the recommendation is that the engine and power be taken into account, since it will be these components that will lead to its operation being optimized and of adequate performance.

The motor is usually very important, because it will generate the mechanical energy that will be transformed into electrical energy. You can find 2 and 4 stroke engines. In addition, they also vary depending on the revolutions per minute that they can generate and the final power in kilowatts that they will be able to maintain, that is, their capacity. Therefore, according to the needs, a type of motor must be selected.

Type and autonomy

When choosing, it is important to make a comparison of electric generators that includes the type of fuel that moves the mechanism, as well as its consumption and autonomy.

Although there are many mechanisms available, six types can be identified, which are the most commercial. Among them are electric generators with fuel engines, either gasoline or diesel, with tanks that vary according to size and can have autonomies of between 6 and 10 hours. In general, these models have adequate performance and are versatile.

In addition, there are gas, electromechanical, thermal, photovoltaic electric generators, which convert sunlight into electrical energy with solar panels, as well as electrochemical generators, which include those integrated by rechargeable batteries or accumulators of electrical energy and solve before situations that require low power consumption. 

In each of the cases, the autonomy can be greater or less. Likewise, the level of consumption may vary according to the mode selected (if this option is incorporated), so some proposals allow it to be adjusted and reduced. 

Connection mode and technology

According to the connection mode available, as well as its technology and starting method, different models of electric generators are distinguished. Also, knowing these specs could give you an estimate of how much one costs. 

Due to their connection, the so-called power plants can be divided into single-phase and three-phase. Each of these alternatives has different ways of operating and power levels. In the case of single-phase, they are single-phase with a current ranging from 220 to 230V. For triphasic, they are three phases and three alternating currents, which work with 380 volts. 

In relation to starting, they can be manual or automatic, while, due to their technology, traditional generators and inverters can be distinguished, which provide considerable savings and adequate system stability. For this reason, they tend to be more expensive, since they also incorporate details that allow better operation and enjoy their advantages, through less noisy systems, small sizes and voltage stability.

Design and protection 

Another important feature when making an intelligent purchase decision is to analyze the design based on the needs. These kits are usually heavy and large, but there are some of compact sizes and relatively light weights that can be taken on camping trips. Similarly, certain designs incorporate handles and wheels that facilitate portability and movement, while others include practical structures. 

In addition, it is necessary to study the type of protection, since it is convenient that the model to be selected is safe and is enabled with voltage regulation and systems against overload, overvoltage, overheating, underload, short circuits and more. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an electric generator?

The equipment must be on a flat, stable and ventilated surface. Likewise, the tanks for fuel and oil must be verified, as well as the connections of the devices that will be attached to the generator. 

The next thing (it can vary according to the model) is to connect the switch and the fuel tap. If it is manual, it will be necessary to pull the cable. If it is an electric start, it is only enough to activate the mechanism. To finish, it is necessary to close the connections and place the switch in the off option. It is necessary to remember that while the equipment is in use, it must have enough fuel in the tank.

Q2: How to make a homemade electric generator?

To make an electric generator you need a square piece of wood, a skewer stick, a large paddle, 2 CDs and an electric motor. In addition, you must have a ruler, marker, compass, scissors, cutter and elastic band. 

A circumference must be made on the cardboard, cut out and glued to the center of a CD, with silicone. To continue, the other CD must be attached to the circumference. Then, you will have to pierce the central part of the CD with the skewer stick and create a rectangular wooden base, which will be where the pulley will go. 

Likewise, 5 trapezoids must be drawn, with a height that prevents the pulley from rubbing against the base. These should be glued two by two with silicone and pierce the center of the upper part with the stick. 

The process continues by inserting the skewer stick into the center of the CD and fixing it with silicone. Now, you have to glue the trapezoid to the cardboard base and place the rubber band, as well as the pulley made with CDs. In addition, it is necessary to place the other trapezoid at a distance of 3 fingers. 

At this point, the skewer stick needs to be cut, and the remaining material will serve as the crank. The palette should also be cut so that it does not rub against the base and open 2 holes. Place a piece of stick in the hole with silicone and insert the crank. 

To finish, glue the motor to the base and fit the belt around the pulley and motor. Open the terminals of the LEDs and connect the negative to the positive, as well as the motor cables in the points for connection. It only remains to stick the LEDs on the base and verify that it works. 

Q3: How to wind an electric generator?

The winding of modern generators is complex, hence the recommendation is to leave the task to professionals. However, if you want to try it, you have to remove the entire cable, coil by coil (the number of coils varies according to the model) and note the position of each of them. In addition, a new wire must be purchased to replace it and the gauge, as well as the type, will depend on the one that was removed. 

The complex part of the process is mounting the new wire, since it must follow a rigorous pattern. Indeed, it is not just about winding, but a specific number of turns must be given and in a certain way, to comply with the values ​​of the established diameters.


Q4: What oil does an electric generator use?

In general, the oils used by these teams are for 4-stroke engines. In addition, it is recommended to use low viscosity type 10W oils. Many brands have specific lubricants for generators and garden machinery can also be used. 

Q5: How to convert an electric motor into a generator?

It is possible to do this conversion, but it will not be very efficient in terms of performance and power. These procedures, for the most part, are inconvenient as alternative energy sources, because they require advanced engineering knowledge, so there are certain studies, but few examples that can certify their use as active energy.

Q6: How to repair a gasoline electric generator?

In order to repair a gasoline electric generator, it is first necessary to identify where the fault comes from. If the model is new, it is probably still under warranty, so it is recommended to contact the seller. 

If the product has been in use for some time and you do not have knowledge, you should take it to an authorized center of the brand or contact a technician who is in charge of checking the mechanics. This is advised, because the failure can be simple or more complex, such as the replacement of parts that will lead to the opening of its mechanics.

Q7: What maintenance does an electric generator require?

The maintenance will depend on the frequency of use which, if high, will make it necessary to take the generator to a technical service center. In the case of regular maintenance, many of these models require the use of oil and fuel to be able to work, so it is necessary to be attentive to the level of both consumables.

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