The 9 Best Electrostimulators of 2022

Electrostimulator – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

If your multiple occupations do not allow you to go to the gym to exercise, then an electrostimulator is a tool that will surely become your best ally. In addition, this type of equipment is also suitable for releasing accumulated tensions and relieving ailments in the back, neck, head, lumbar region, among others. The important thing is to know how to select the model and verify the quality identifiers that characterize it, trying to make them fit your usage needs. A widely recommended device is the  Medfit MED-FIT 3, which offers an intuitive programming unit and spacious screen for quick reading. In addition, it is a device provided with TENS technology and has obtained medical certification, being specially designed for therapeutic use. For its part, Compex FIT 1.0 is the best option if you want a sporty, pleasant and resistant design, since it was made of high-end metal and polymer.


The 9 Best Electrostimulators – Opinions 2022

Electrostimulators are devices that have currently increased in popularity, due to people’s lack of time to exercise in a gym. Also, they provide suitable therapy programs to alleviate various kinds of ailments. If you are looking for a device of this type, we invite you to find out about the models that are at the top of the shopping lists.

muscle electrostimulator

1. Med-Fit 3 Digital Tens Machine Electrostimulator

To take with you the best price-quality electrostimulator, you will have to place this model developed by Medfit on your shopping list, which has been rated by buyers as one of the cheapest. The unit has a robust design at 18.2 x 13.2 x 4.6 centimeters and weighs 458 grams.

Its design has a double channel for the transmission of the electrical impulse, long wiring, self-adhesive electrodes of 5 x 5 centimeters and requires a nine-watt PP3 battery for its power supply. In addition, this muscle electrostimulator has a spacious screen with quick-read digits, so you can monitor the duration of each session, the intensity of the pulses and their frequency.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, better known by its English acronym TENS, stands out among the operating technology incorporated. It is a way of working that will allow you to relieve rooted ailments in the cervical, lumbar area, back, shoulders, head, legs. Likewise, it is a suitable device to treat tendinitis, arthritis, sciatica problems, among others.

This electro-stimulator will provide you with effective operation with certified technology, to relieve any ailment in your body. In addition, it stands out as one of the cheapest equipment on our list of recommended products.


Dimensions:  The case of the device has dimensions of 18.2 x 13.2 x 4.6 centimeters, thus offering a compact body for easy storage.

Electrodes:  Each of the electrodes incorporated into the wiring outlets of the electro-stimulator has a 5 x 5 format and is adhesive.

Weight:  It is a light piece of equipment that you can take with you anywhere, since it only weighs 458 grams.

TENS technology:  Thanks to the incorporation of transcutaneous nerve electrostimulation technology, you will be able to relieve ailments of the back, lumbar region, head, cervical, among others.


Battery:  A negative aspect to comment on is the PP3 battery built into the device, since it does not have a recharging method.

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Compex electrostimulator

2. Compex FIT 1.0 Unisex Electrostimulator

If you have doubts about which is the best electrostimulator, then the invitation is to check the specifications of this model belonging to the Compex house. The unit has been made of polymer together with metal, its dimensions are 26.6 x 17 x 11 centimeters and it weighs 1.3 kilograms.

The design has a sports aesthetic in blue, the finishes are of quality, the screen is spacious and the programming buttons have a soft touch. The device incorporates four outlets for the cables, adhesive electrodes and rechargeable battery. In addition, so that you can take this Compex electro-stimulator with you anywhere safely and comfortably, you have a waterproof cover.

Its operation is intuitive and varied, so you have a relaxing massage mode, TENS technology to relieve pain in some areas of your body and finally eight fitness programs, suitable for strengthening the muscle tone of the abdominal region, biceps, buttocks., quadriceps, among others.

When asked what electrostimulator to buy, the invitation is to review the pros and cons of this device that has achieved great positioning due to its pleasant design, easy handling and cutting-edge technology.


Housing:  The housing of the unit has been made with a combination of polymer and metal, thus offering strength and durability.

Format:  The device measures 26.6 x 17 x 11 centimeters, making it a robust electro-stimulator that will not take up much space.

Battery:  For its operation, the manufacturer incorporated a rechargeable battery through a power adapter.

Storage:  In the purchase package you will find a waterproof bag in which you can store the device, which will allow you to transport it safely.


Programs:  The possibility of a personalized adjustment is missing in the device programming system, which adapts to the specific needs of each person.

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Abdominal electrostimulator

3. HURRISE Electronic Abdominal Stimulator

If your goal is to burn localized fat in your body or, on the contrary, stimulate muscle growth, then you cannot overlook this model patented by HURRISE, belonging to the best electro-stimulators of 2022. The product is made up of three belts with ergonomic and light design, which with the help of silica gel will adhere to your skin quickly.

As for its operation, the well-known EMS or electrical muscle stimulation technology stands out, programmable through 6 work modules. In the same way, you can increase the intensity of the pulsation up to a maximum of 15 levels, according to your needs, to exercise your abdominal area, arms or legs.

It is important to remember that this abdominal electro-stimulator is powered by a rechargeable battery via USB, thus offering autonomy for a couple of hours. In addition, it includes a storage bag, a one-year warranty and an instruction manual with some practical advice.

This muscle trainer developed by HURRISE is a model that you should review and place on your shopping list, in order to bring the best brand of electrostimulators with you.


Design:  This muscle trainer has an abdominal belt and a smaller pair for the biceps or legs.

Storage:  You can take the device with you anywhere safely, since it has a practical storage bag.

Warranty:  The electro-stimulator is guaranteed for a period of one year, granted by the manufacturer in the event of any inconvenience related to its operation.

Battery:  The battery with which the device has been provided can be recharged by means of a USB connection cable, included in the purchase package.


Instruction manual:  The instruction manual has been written and printed in English, being necessary to look for a support tutorial in case you do not master the language.

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TENS electrostimulator

4. Meilian MH-1080

If you want to relieve ailments in your legs, back, lower back, cervical area, shoulders and head, you should purchase this device equipped with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technology, also known as a TENS electro-stimulator.

The product is made up of a central unit capable of offering intuitive operation, through its LCD screen and a central navigation button. In this way, you can control the power on – off, select between EMS, TENS or massage work modes, as well as adjust the intensity and timer in a maximum interval of 60 minutes.

This compact and lightweight electro-stimulator has a power supply method using a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Thus, it will only be necessary to link the built-in USB cable to your laptop or connect it to an alternating current source, with the help of the adapter. Also, attach six pads, a pair of power cords, and a storage bag.

With this electrostimulator you will relieve daily tensions and focused ailments, since it has three working modes with specialized technology.


Pads: Six pads are incorporated that adhere easily without using any type of gel.

Storage: You can store and transport the device safely, since it attaches a practical bag.

Modes: Its EMS, TENS and massage work modes offer a therapeutic treatment to relieve ailments or simply relax.

Power: Its lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about constantly acquiring batteries.


Instruction Manual: The instruction manual was printed in English. However, you can contact the manufacturer to request a copy in Spanish.

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electrostimulator belt

5. Slendertone EMS-Bauchtrainer Flex MAX

With five decades in the market, the Slendertone house has become an obligatory reference when it comes to electrostimulation devices, due to the high quality standards, technologies used and medical grade certifications applied to each model.

On this occasion, it presents us with a one-size-fits-all electro-stimulator belt with an extension for 61 and up to 117 centimeters. Its design is unisex, the energy supply requires AAA alkaline batteries and it offers autonomy for two weeks. In addition, it incorporates EMS technology, which simulates the natural impulse of the muscles in each session for maximum abdominal toning in six weeks.

For its part, the method of operation is completely intuitive thanks to the small front control panel. This area incorporates five easy-to-press buttons, which will allow you to select between the 10 toning modes divided into a couple of active programs and eight fixed ones, as well as having the possibility of adjusting the intensity.

The models of electrostimulators are usually varied, but not all of them offer the same characteristics. Next, we will tell you about this model that could exercise the abdominal area in record time.


Modes: You have a total of 10 exercise modes, which are subdivided into two active and eight fixed types.

Design: Its unisex girdle-type design has intuitive operation from a front control panel.

Autonomy: You will not have to change the batteries until after two weeks of use, this being a practical autonomy time.

Extension: The belt is suitable for different anatomies, offering an extension of 61 to 117 centimeters.


Storage: The product does not include a storage bag, which has been negatively valued.

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Beurer electrostimulator

6. Beurer EM49 Digital Electrostimulator

This model presented by the Beurer house could be the best electrostimulator, since it has managed to position itself among its competitors due to its simple design and medically recommended operation.

The 2.3 x 13.2 x 6.3 centimeter case was made of white polymer and provided with an LCD screen with blue backlight, which will offer you an easy reading of the data.

In addition, it incorporates an intuitive-use button panel so you can turn on the device and control the personalized or pre-established programs. Its use is simple, safe and painless, requiring you to connect the four built-in electrodes to the area you want to treat.

This Beurer electro-stimulator offers TENS and EMS technologies, designed to relieve headaches, discomfort in the lower back, back, joints, among others, as well as allowing you to tone your muscles to complement the training done in the gym. Finally, the massage function provides a gentle vibration to release built-up tension.

Its compact design and cutting-edge technology programs for muscle exercise or pain relief in targeted areas are reasons why this model is considered the best electro-stimulator of the moment.


Dimensions:  The structure of the unit has a compact format of 2.3 x 13.2 x 6.3 centimeters, which you can handle comfortably.

Screen:  The equipment incorporates a spacious LCD screen with backlighting, where you can quickly read the settings in each program.

Electrodes:  The manufacturer had four adherent wired electrodes, so you can carry out the electrostimulation session in any area of ​​your body.

Functions:  The device has a massage program, as well as transcutaneous nerve and muscle electrostimulation technology, responsible for relieving both ailments and exercising your body.


Conductive gel:  The gel incorporated in each electrode has a somewhat short useful life, so you will have to purchase the spare parts separately.

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Vitalcontrol electrostimulator

7. VITALCONTROL EMS/TENS Electrostimulator 3 In 1

VITALCONTROL products are characterized by high quality standards and attractive designs that are easy to handle, so it is not surprising that this model is considered a recommended purchase option.

Its design offers a control unit with a compact and light body, which includes a spacious LCD screen with backlight for quick reading, as well as some buttons for turning on, turning off and programming the work modes. In this way, you will be able to enjoy EMS and TENS technology, to tone your muscles and relieve ailments in some areas of the body. Likewise, it has a total of six massage programs to customize, according to your needs.

The VITALCONTROL electrostimulator model is complemented by four electrodes and a pair of electrical cables, which generate a pulse with a frequency of 1 to 150 Hz at intervals of 50 and up to 450 microseconds. In addition, it integrates a blocking system for the control panel and disconnection by means of the timer.

This electro-stimulator has high-end technology and intuitive operation, so you won’t be able to let it go unnoticed on your shopping list. Here its pros and cons.


Unit: The compact and lightweight unit of the equipment is easy to handle and will not take up much space when stored.

Disconnection: The device has a disconnection system that is activated at the end of each work cycle. This helps to increase the autonomy of the device.

Modes: You can tone your muscles, relieve some ailments and enjoy a comfortable massage, thanks to EMS and TENS technology. 

Electrodes: The electrodes adhere easily to the skin without the need to apply a special gel.


Instruction manual: The absence of an instruction manual is the main disadvantage in this product.

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Globus electrostimulator

8. Globus Duo TENS Electrostimulator 

With this Globus electrostimulator we will be able to tone the different muscles of our body through the electrical impulse generated after its start-up, complementing the cardiovascular or weight training done in the gym. Likewise, this type of equipment allows us to carry out therapeutic treatments, releasing the common points of tension caused on a day-to-day basis. All this is possible due to the incorporation of TENS technology, also known as “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation”.

Among the aspects to highlight of this electro-stimulator we have its ergonomic, compact and light design. To this is added an intuitive operation, by means of a total of 12 buttons arranged in the front area of ​​the control unit. 

Also, you will find a screen with backlight and black numerals for quick reading. The equipment incorporates four work channels, 16 adjustable programs and allows you to customize the treatment or toning according to your own parameters.

Globus DUO TENS is an electrostimulator with an ergonomic design and intuitive operation, which will offer you an effective therapeutic and fitness treatment. Read its pros and cons here.


Screen: The screen offers a quick reading, due to the size of the digits and backlight system.

Unit: The unit has a compact and light format, which will not take up much space when stored.

Modes : The device has four channels and 16 working modes, which you can regulate according to your needs of use.

Use: The equipment is suitable for toning and alleviating the different ailments of the body, since it incorporates TENS technology.


Power: Although the specifications indicate the incorporation of alkaline batteries, it actually uses a lithium ion battery.

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Other products

9. TensCare Perfect Tens electrostimulator pain relief 2 channels

Those users who suffer from pain and who are looking for a way to relieve them without resorting to medication, will find a way to do so in this electro-stimulator. TensCare Perfect Tens is capable of relieving back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual pain, spondylitis and common pain caused by osteoporosis.

It is a device that is very easy to use by everyone, with 8 predetermined programs and the option of creating a personalized program, configuring the time and the different voltage options that are received. It is a very safe and complete equipment, widely used in physiotherapy centers and hospitals.

On the other hand, it has a slim and comfortable design, with a clip that allows you to hook the controller to your belt and carry it with you while doing other activities, without being heavy or annoying, since it only weighs 450 grams.


Programs: The blood pressure monitor has 8 preconfigured programs and the possibility of creating a personal configuration.

Patches: The equipment is complemented by four electrodes in the form of a Dual Channel patch designed to stimulate two different areas.

Open circuit: It has open circuit detection that is able to perceive when an electrode is not connected and automatically adjust the power.


Batteries: This electrostimulator does not have a battery, but works with batteries, which increases its weight and also the user’s expense.

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Shopping guide

Electrostimulators are equipment designed to improve our quality of life, whether by toning the different muscle groups, alleviating localized ailments or releasing accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck and back. Thus, in order for your usage needs to be satisfied, you will need to pay attention to the selection of the product, verifying a series of aspects related to its design, operation, power supply, among others. Next, we present a guide to buy the best electrostimulator, which we hope will serve as a guide.


Among the electrostimulators on the market, those with belts stand out, which have an adjustable system that allows correct adaptation to the torso, abdomen, hips, legs or arms. In addition, these units incorporate a front control panel from which operation can be quickly programmed.

On the other hand, there are the electrostimulators that work with adhesive patches, linked to a control unit by means of a pair of cables. Said programming module generally has an LCD screen and some buttons, arranged for the selection of work modes and intensity adjustment.

As you can see, these are equipment that, although they can fulfill the same function in the body, have different designs and formats, which will definitely influence how much the product costs.

Power supply and autonomy

Some people, after searching for an economical electrostimulator, neglect to review some aspects, which in the long run end up becoming an expense that we cannot avoid if we want to continue enjoying the benefits of the device. Thus, we refer to the method of feeding and autonomy time of the electrostimulators. In this sense, you will need to stay alert and check the type of battery incorporated into the product, if it is rechargeable and what its useful life is.

A large part of the manufacturers usually incorporate lithium-ion batteries, since they offer a range that can reach up to a week. In addition, its recharging through a USB cable or AC adapter is usually quick and easy.

Similarly, other electrostimulators attach alkaline batteries, whose useful life is characterized by being much shorter. Although these energy accumulators do not usually have a high price, it is also true that each spare part purchased will be added to your list of weekly expenses.

Work modes and technology

Starting a comparison of electrostimulators is usually the most recommended alternative to evaluate and compare some quality identifiers such as work modes. This is an aspect of great interest, since the use that we can give to the device will depend on it.

Let us remember that all the equipment belonging to this category do not always have the same working modes or technologies, so you can find electrostimulators on the market aimed at the area of ​​fitness, relaxation, therapeutic or functional.

If your immediate need is the toning of the different muscle groups as a complement to your weekly routine in the gym, pilates or yoga class, you should purchase an electro-stimulator with EMS technology, better known as electrical muscle stimulation. In this way, the impulse generated by the equipment, after its start-up, will go directly to the selected muscle. Thus, you will obtain the natural movement carried out, for example, when performing an abdominal routine, but at a higher speed and without interruption until the scheduled session is completed.

For their part, there are therapeutic-type electrostimulators, provided with TENS technology or transcutaneous nerve electrostimulation. Its function is to treat mild conditions at the level of the back, cervical, lower back, shoulders, head and legs, as well as more intense conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, among others. Likewise, you will find equipment equipped with both modalities and even with a soft massage mode, to release tensions subject to daily stress.


Regardless of the model of electrostimulator you select, it will always be important to have some type of cover or case for storage, so that you can keep the equipment protected from dirt, unexpected spills or any type of deterioration while you are away. using. You can also prevent additional parts such as heads, cables and batteries from being misplaced. In view of its importance, many manufacturers have decided to incorporate this type of accessories into their products.

Most of the storage bags usually have a simple construction, highlighting in them a closure by means of laces or velcro, which you can easily open and close. Likewise, there is the issue of impermeability, which does not go unnoticed, since the textile fabric used generally has a treatment to prevent the passage of water inside.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Where to put the electrostimulator electrodes?

The place of placement of the electrodes will depend on the part of the body that you want to treat. In this sense, you will be able to attach two pairs of electrodes to the right shoulder and the other two to the left, distributing them vertically. Likewise, you can place them at the level of the neck, middle back or in the lumbar region. Similarly, it is possible to place them in the abdominal area to tone said muscles. Regarding the lower body, the specific use of the electrodes in the quadricep, femoral and calves stands out.

Q2: How do I change the battery of the Globus electro-stimulator?

Globus electrostimulators incorporate a lithium ion battery similar to that of our mobile phone, but with a format that fits into the casing of the equipment unit. To make the change, you will need to pick up the device and release the back cover. Thus, you will have access to the battery. In this way, you should identify a small cable in it and carefully disconnect it. The next step is the placement of the new battery, being necessary to adjust it in the aforementioned area, connect the cable to its terminal and adjust the cover again.

Q3: How to use an electrostimulator for cellulite?

If you plan to use the electrostimulator to treat localized cellulite on your body, you should know that this procedure is beneficial to help reduce this type of problem a little. However, it is not a definitive solution for its removal. Clarified this, you will have to adhere the patches in the affected area and start one of the programs of your electrostimulator. In this way, the discharge of electrical impulses will generate an oxygenation process in the fat cells at the cutaneous level, resulting in the drainage of the liquids that contain the excesses of diluted fat through the urine.

Q4: Where to buy electrodes for electrostimulator?

The electrodes for electrostimulators are easy to acquire, so you can find them in any department store. Also, you can find a wide variety of online stores with shipments to any part of the world. As a third option to acquire these pads, you can access the official website of the electrostimulator brand and review its purchase catalog, referring to the spare parts for its devices. In any case, remember to pay attention and verify the compatibility of the electrodes with the equipment before making the purchase.

Q5: How to apply the patches of an electrostimulator?

The placement of the electrostimulator patches will depend on the model you selected. Hence the importance of verifying the information on use provided by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

For the adhesion of the electrodes you have two options, the first being the prior application of a thin layer of ailanto gel on the skin. Thus, these pads will be responsible for transmitting a better electrical impulse and will not come off with movement.

However, there are models that do not require this procedure, since they incorporate a long-lasting gel coating. In this case, you only have to adhere the patch to the area to be treate

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