The 9 Best Evening Primrose Oils of 2022

Evening Primrose Oil – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

It cannot fail to be recognized that, more and more, people try to take care of their health and strengthen it in a natural way. The almost immediate curative effect of drugs is undeniable, however, so is their secondary damage. If you are looking for natural treatments to provide the body with healthy fatty acids, Zenement Z-FTA-300077 is a pure evening primrose oil of recognized Premium quality that offers you an important daily dose in each capsule. The Hivital Foods 1000 mg is not far behind with its high content and, in addition, it is fortified with vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

The 9 Best Evening Primrose Oils – Opinions 2022

Here you have 9 of the best alternatives on the market to help your health with essential fatty acids that the body is not capable of synthesizing on its own. All have as a component the beneficial evening primrose oil from the medicinal plant also known as evening primrose.

1. Zenement Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg x 200 pearls

The effects on health and the adjustment of the hormonal balance of women position this option as the best high-dose evening primrose oil.

Knowing all the real benefits of the seeds of this plant, Zenement is responsible for manufacturing in Spain one of the most outstanding formulas under very strict standards that guarantee a reliable product for health.

Its direct anti-inflammatory action is highly effective so that after daily treatment the annoying pain in the joints and swelling of the belly and breasts common in premenstrual syndrome are reduced.

Given its high quantity in milligrams per capsule, it is recommended not to take more than 1 or 2 pearls daily during meals. With this dose, you can enjoy a top quality product free of preservatives, dyes and any genetic modification for more than 3 months.

In addition to the high concentration of evening primrose in each of its pearls, this product has interesting pros and cons to consider.


Formula: The beneficial action of its composition of 1000 mg of evening primrose is reinforced with 10% gamma-linolenic acid and vitamin E.

Benefits: Nourishes for healthy skin and helps with both premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Quantity: It is a bottle with 200 pearls, enough to cover between 3 and 6 months depending on the daily dose.

Manufacturing: It is a Spanish product with certification of good practice and compliance with manufacturing standards.


Size: The size of the pearl can seem quite large, especially for those who have trouble swallowing pills.

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2. Hivital Foods Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg

Although it is clear that no vitamin supplement is a substitute for a good general diet, this product is one of the best evening primrose oils of 2022 to provide your body with important elements for its health.

It contains 10% Omega 6 GLA as an active ingredient, which is an essential polysaturated acid for the body. In addition, it has vitamins such as C and E, the amino acids glycine and histidine and, among other minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and copper stand out.

This combination of elements is an excellent option for hormonal balance, skin, hair and nail health and the reduction of joint inflammation and menstrual discomfort.

Each of its 200 capsules is completely free of gluten, lactose, artificial preservatives and transgenic ingredients, so you can be sure that you are consuming a 100% natural product.

In addition to the approval of the Spanish consumer, food safety and nutrition agency, this product has more important features to offer.


Presentation: It comes in the form of oil pearls for the best bioavailability and assimilation by the body.

Vitamin E: 20 milligrams of natural vitamin E have been added to give the product a powerful antioxidant property.

Dosage: The dosage suggestion is easy to remember. It is about taking 1 or 2 pearls daily distributed with breakfast and dinner.


Coating: There is no specification as to whether the gelatin that covers the pearl is of vegetable or bovine origin.

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3. Obire 450 pearls Evening Primrose Oil 500 mg

A sufficient dose of milligrams of evening primrose oil per day can help with all those hormonal imbalances of menstrual syndrome that cause pain, swelling and even irritability and depression. This presentation offers 500 mg of this oil for each pearl, so three daily will become the perfect treatment.

Its properties are intact in each pearl thanks to a cold pressure extraction process. Similarly, the presence of a significant percentage of gamma-linolenic acid with its essential oil Omega-6 and vitamin E make it an ideal product for cell care against oxidative damage and comprehensive health.

Additionally, Obire is a brand that stands out for always making sure to preserve its products with the best packaging. An amber-colored bottle protects the 450 pearls in this presentation from possible light damage.

Let’s review the reasons why this product can be considered the best evening primrose oil of the moment among other alternatives on the market.


Quantity: It brings a very good number of pills that allows you to complete a treatment for 5 months.

Allergen-free: It does not contain any genetically modified ingredients or allergens that may cause unwanted reactions.

Packaging: It comes in a jar that protects the pearls from light and also has an airtight lid that lifts and closes under pressure.


Non-Vegan: The shell of the pearls is made with bovine gelatin, which does not make them a vegan option.

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4. Soria Natural Colestagra Evening Primrose Oil

With a concentration of 513 mg of evening primrose oil per capsule, this supplement is suitable for any user. But, in addition, it has been enriched with Vitamin E. In this way, the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and auxiliary effects in premenstrual disorders, attributed to the plant of origin, are enhanced.

Another aspect that users highlight in their comments is that it can be considered the best value for money evening primrose oil, since its content bottle consists of 500 capsules. Consequently, you will have enough supply to include this product in your daily life for several weeks, before having to worry about making another purchase.

It should be added that the manufacturer specifies that this supplement is free of dyes, preservatives and other additives, so there will be no other unexpected effects from its intake.

Soria Natural’s evening primrose capsules are among the cheapest on our list. If you have been interested in acquiring them, read our list of pros and cons.


Formula: The pearls in this presentation also include vitamin E. Due to this, you can obtain more benefits in your general health.

Extraction: The oil of this supplement has been cold pressed, to better preserve the qualities that characterize it. Therefore, it is considered effective.

Comfort: The pearls are small, which makes them easy to eat.


Dosage: To complete the recommended dose, it is necessary to take up to 7 capsules per day, which may not be practical for some people.

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5. Ana Maria Lajusticia Evening Primrose Oil 275 pearls

This brand emerged as a product of its founder’s own ailments. Ana María Lajusticia lived the experience of discovering what a correct diet with healthy and necessary contributions can do for health.

Currently, its line offers a variety of products, including special treatments for women based on algae, iron and honey, isoflavones, collagen and evening primrose oil with vitamin E, among others. So, if you are wondering which is the best evening primrose oil, these 275 pearls may be the ones for you.

They are recommended for all disorders attributed to menstruation, menopause, circulatory problems and oxidative damage to cells. Two pearls daily, preferably in the morning, will provide the amounts of evening primrose oil and vitamin E necessary to see the benefits of linolenic acid in your body.

In addition to offering to be gluten-free, this oil has more characteristics that detail its quality and convenience of consumption.


Quantity: Its 275 pearls are enough to cover more than 4 months of daily intake of the best evening primrose oil.

Size: The content of 500 mg of oil makes them pearls of a good size so that there is no difficulty in swallowing them.

Presentation: They come in a jar that is easy to store and handle with a lid that is hermetic when closed under pressure.


Dosage: The minimum intake of two pearls must be met, otherwise only one does not meet the required nutritional content.

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6. N2 Natural Nutrition Evening Primrose Oil, 2000mg

The benefits of this plant originally discovered by the first settlers in the northern United States are now shared with the world through this product. N2 Natural Nutrition obtains this oil rich in Omega 6 with first cold pressure extraction to ensure an ingredient of the purest concentration.

Both young and old women can benefit from taking it. The daily dose recommended by this brand is 4 capsules a day so that the intake has a noticeable effect on female hormonal regulation, strong bones, prevention of skin aging and fertility in women.

Taking 4 daily achieves that with the 500 mg of each one, the 2000 mg of evening primrose oil required to see benefits in women during or before the menstrual period, with menopause or who seek to increase their chances of pregnancy is reached.

Apart from being a 100% natural alternative, this product has many more advantages to offer.


Quality: Its manufacture occurs in compliance with the standards of EU laboratories. In addition, it is free of magnesium stearate and artificial preservatives.

Purity: Its content is digested very well, reducing intestinal irritation. Its pearls are free of gluten and lactose.

Vegan: Its consumption has the full approval of the British vegan society as vegetable capsules free of any cruelty to animals.


Daily intake: Although they are easy to swallow, the amount of pearls recommended daily to ingest might seem like a lot.

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7. Donnaplus Oilnagra Liquid, 150ml

Two fundamental characteristics of this food supplement stand out for those who are evaluating the options to consume and benefit from evening primrose oil. On the one hand, it is an ideal liquid presentation for those who dislike taking pills or those who wish to use it topically to help dry and flaky skin.

On the other hand, the measure of a single teaspoon of coffee of the product reaches one of the highest daily doses of consumption equivalent to 2500 mg. With its concept of a plus for each stage of a woman’s life, this brand proposes this product so that your energy and dynamism do not vary due to menstruation or menopause.

This pure first-pressed evening primrose oil will reduce sensations of fluid retention, mood swings and swelling with constant intake for a minimum of 12 weeks.

If you are wondering which evening primrose oil to buy that gives you the best dose in a single dose, this is undoubtedly the option. Let’s see other pros and cons that characterize it.


Liquid: They are 150 ml that do not need any wrapper that inhibits consumption by vegans.

Flavor: Another plus of this formula is that every time you ingest it you will perceive the lemon-lime flavor.

Concentration: One teaspoon achieves a high concentration of 2,500 mg of evening primrose oil and 250 mg of GLA.


Sensation: There are those who, faced with such an oily sensation in the mouth, could feel nauseated. Make sure this liquid version is good for you.

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8. SimplySupplements Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg

The recognized quality of SimplySupplements products usually gives them an important place in health and herbal stores. Not only are they listed as cheaply priced options, but very reliable manufacturing.

For more than a decade, this manufacturer from the United Kingdom has built a well-deserved recognition among the most competitive in the market. In this bottle, there are 180 softgel capsules that combine 1000 mg of evening primrose oil and 90 mg of gamma-linolenic acid that cover 6 months of treatment at a good price.

The daily intake of 1 to 3 pearls is the recommended dose so that the effects of its components are reflected in the hormonal balance and protection against cell oxidation. In addition to all this, it ensures that its ingredients are of guaranteed quality and free of wheat, yeast and fish.

Given its characteristics, this could be considered a product made by the best brand of evening primrose oil. Let’s review some of its advantages.


Evening primrose oil: Its manufacturer has made sure to extract the oil by first cold pressing to maintain all its properties.

Pearls: Its oval pearl format and good size allows you to ingest it without difficulty or discomfort when swallowing.

Brand: As a company that manufactures and distributes its products, its commitment to observing standards has given it certificates of trust.


Interaction: You should avoid that its consumption coincides with a prescribed treatment or any condition that is under medical observation.

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9. Naissance Organic Evening Primrose Vegetable Oil 100ml

Naissance is a brand that for more than 10 years has been dedicated to the manufacture of essential and vegetable oils, waxes and butters, salts, clays and soaps with natural ingredients that come from their own farmers. Its 100% pure evening primrose oil, rich in gamma linolenic acid, is suggested as an ally for different conditions.

Apart from its traditional recommendation as a regulator of menstruation and menopausal symptoms, its 100 ml liquid presentation allows it to benefit muscles and joints as an anti-inflammatory in massage therapies.

On its label, you can see the logo of the Soil Association that guarantees a bio product with reliable ecological certification and sustainable production. In addition to being organic, it is registered vegan and adheres to its manufacturer’s commitment to no animal testing.

In addition to intact properties achieved thanks to its direct extraction from the seeds of the fruit, this oil has more benefits to offer.


Versatility: According to the needs of each person, it could be taken, used for massages or as a base for the preparation of creams or soaps.

Purity: In addition to its 100% purity, it is a product that is completely free of dyes, perfumes or preservatives.

Organic: Naissance guarantees that each of the ingredients used comes from organic crops.


Traces: The manufacturer cannot guarantee 100% that there are no traces of nuts or traces of other allergens.

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Shopping guide

This guide to buying the best evening primrose oil will be very effective for you to make the safest selection among the many alternatives offered in stores. It is not about taking the first bottle that you see identified as evening primrose oil; A simple review will help make sure that it is the right product to include in your diet and thus see its benefits.


Everything good and beneficial is soon imitated or taken to all possible places. This is exactly what has happened with the evening primrose, primrose or oenothera biennis as it is usually referred to. This plant native to North America is cultivated in Asia and Europe today. Day by day, there are more people who make it part of their food supplements.

The purity of both the area where the plant is grown and the process of extracting its seeds is key so that its action in the body is only positive. This is something impossible to ignore, so check the product’s descriptor elements on its label and information table of ingredients.

For example, specifying that it is made based on 100% natural ingredients and that its origin corresponds to organic crops are part of the first aspects to take into account in a comparison of evening primrose oils.

In the same way, both for your health and for the environment, it is very important to make sure that the product you have in your hands states that it is free of elements that have been genetically modified and that, in addition, it has food quality certification.

Another quality of purity, no less relevant, is how it was extracted. Without a doubt, a cold-pressed evening primrose oil seeks to be healthy and retain all the original attributes that it had within the seed. This process ensures you a clean seed taken to the press at a low temperature that keeps its properties intact.


One of the most powerful reasons why evening primrose oil is considered a very healthy item is that it contains two of the most beneficial Omega 6 fatty oils: linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid GLA. The main presentation formats are as liquid pure oil or in soft capsules as oval pearls.

The cheapest format should be adjusted to your need for use, since each one has characteristics that may be more advantageous than others. For example, if you want a direct action on the skin through massage, there is no doubt that what you need is the purchase in milliliters.

Although it can also be ingested in teaspoons, for those who do not enjoy an oily sensation with a strong taste, capsules may be the best option as a neutral flavor. However, depending on the degree of concentration and quantity in milligrams, these pearls can be of a size that some find difficult to swallow.

Also, it is necessary to take into account the amount in ml or mg and how long the duration of treatment is offered. The various presentations give you the opportunity to buy quantities that range from 2 to 6 months of evening primrose oil intake. So it will depend on the consumption time that has been recommended and your budget availability.


Of course, a trusted endorsement brand can raise how much evening primrose oil costs, but it certainly also gives you peace of mind as to how the processes for ingredient selection, manufacturing, and packaging have been met. This guarantee can be corroborated with the certifications or seals that indicate the approval of the FDA, the EU and the vegan association, among others.

Similarly, the manufacturer must ensure a clear display of the percentage of each ingredient in the composition and whether elements such as vitamin E or flavorings of any kind have been added. Also, it is responsible for informing if the product contains any type of trace elements that could be allergens for some people.

When a manufacturer is responsible not only for producing, but also for providing users of its products with general guidance, then it reflects in its indications reliable advice regarding doses and times of intake.

A company dedicated and experienced in comprehensive health care will guide you properly with its recommendations, so the back of the label becomes a fundamental element to increase confidence in the product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use evening primrose oil?

For centuries, evening primrose oil has not disappointed in its use for medicinal purposes, ingesting it directly, applying it to the skin of the face or spreading it as an oil for aromatherapy sessions and massages for muscles and joints.

Depending on the aspect of health that you want to improve, it can be used in its liquid form or taken in capsules. Always pay attention to the indications given by the manufacturer regarding the daily dose, since this is calculated taking into account the percentage of concentration of the oil in each product.

For example, the liquid form of evening primrose oil is capable of providing 2,000 to 2,500 mg in a single teaspoon daily. In the case of pearls, the daily number depends on whether they are 500 or 1000 mg and can be between meals or with breakfast and dinner.

Q2: When do the effects of evening primrose oil start to be noticed?

It is important to note that as it is a natural product in which it is only the attributes of evening primrose oil that act, it is necessary to allow time for its action. Whoever, faced with an intense abdominal pain, expects that by taking the recommended daily dose they will see an immediate effect, may feel frustrated.

The minimum recommended treatment is around 12 weeks, since the purpose of this product is to achieve hormonal regulation and balance so that the positive effects on the body are not momentary but long-lasting.

Q3: How to take evening primrose oil to get pregnant?

Although opinions continue day by day that there is still not enough evidence to affirm that evening primrose oil achieves increased fertility, there are characteristics that it produces in the body that can have a positive influence, such as the natural regulation of cervical mucus.

For this, the suggestion of use is a daily dose that reaches 2000 mg each day of the first half of the menstrual cycle. Begin by taking evening primrose oil on the first day of your period and continue taking it until you confirm that ovulation has occurred.

Q4: What is evening primrose oil used for in women?

The properties of this oil are really important for women. In fact, there are many people who refer to it as women’s oil. The reason is that it has a proven effective action for the relief of premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Its richness in gamma-linolenic acid increases the production of a hormone with anti-inflammatory effects called prostaglandin, which has a positive effect on the discomfort of pain, swelling and general sensitivity during these stages.

Q5: Which is better, evening primrose oil capsules or liquid?

It depends on both the person’s tolerance and the purpose of use. If swallowing capsules is unpleasant, the liquid option is best. As if massage therapies for muscles and joints are planned.

On the contrary, if you do not tolerate the consistency and flavor of the oil, the capsules have a neutral flavor that will allow you to ingest them and benefit from the properties of evening primrose oil.

Q6: What properties does evening primrose oil have?

The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and hormonal regulation effects achieved by the action of Omega 6 fatty acid have attributed beneficial properties to its use for a significant number of health conditions.

These include PMS, breast pain, menopausal hot flashes, acne, eczema, and joint pain. Moreover, it also strengthens the general health of the heart.

Q7: Where is evening primrose oil extracted from?

Its extraction is achieved from the seeds of the beautiful plant with yellow flowers with the same name. These are subjected to cold pressure, which is a method of extraction carried out at low temperature to ensure that the original proportions of the fatty acids present remain intact, as well as appearing to be a very pure juice.

Q8: When not to take evening primrose oil?

Its action is so beneficial that its recommendations for use generally prohibit its use against the same conditions as any other medication. The use in children, pregnant or lactating women can be given only under strict consent and medical observation.

In the same way, depending on the addition of other components to the formula, suggestions could be read such as not consuming it when taking a treatment with fiber-rich medications in parallel to avoid possible intestinal discomfort. The same attention must be paid in case of having pre-existing conditions with coagulation or nervous system alterations.

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