The 9 Best Fanny Packs of 2022

Fanny Pack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are many fanny packs on the market, but definitely not all of them are right for you. Each model has different specifications and aesthetics, so you will need to review several options to be able to acquire a product that really meets your needs. You can also use the opinions of other users registered on the web as a reference. For example, the Befekt Gears F7300 is a fanny pack aimed at the female target with a simple, spacious design and detailed finishes. The structure is made up of two zippered pockets and a third mesh pocket. For its part, the Ainstsk SamGreatWorld is a fanny pack for motorcyclists or lovers of outdoor sports, which you can adjust at the waist and leg simultaneously.



The 9 Best Fanny Packs – Opinions 2022

In order for your purchase to be a complete success, you will need to be careful when it comes to product selection, so here are nine highly positioned fanny packs from iconic brands in the world of sports.

Women’s Waist Bag

1. Befekt Gears Sports Fanny Pack Running Belt Bag Women Men Waterproof

Befekt Gears may be the answer for everyone looking for the best value for money fanny pack. It is the cheapest proposal on this list and one of the models best commented on by users. 

For its preparation, both lycra and nylon were used, since they are textile fabrics that, in addition to being light, also provide a pleasant soft touch, impermeability and breathability to the design. In this sense, we will be providing the necessary protection to our mobile, identification credentials, money and any other item that we carry in the fanny pack.

Among other interesting aspects about this women’s fanny pack, we have its spacious structure with a mesh pocket and two zippered front pockets. It also has a hole surrounded by soft rubber for the headphone cable to exit, a belt with an adjustable length of up to 105 centimeters and a pair of reflective membrane stripes, which will make you more visible in the dark.

Although this is one of the cheapest fanny packs, it does not mean that its quality is low. On the contrary, it has great manufacturing attributes that we list below.


Capacity: The fanny pack has two large zippered pockets and one rear mesh pocket.

Belt: The belt is adjustable in length, so you will have no problem adapting it.

Confection: The combination of lycra – nylon provides impermeability, softness and breathability to the piece.

Headphones: The hole for the exit of the cable of your headphone will allow you to listen to music while you walk or run.


Presentation: Its only presentation in black is a limitation if you like bright tones.

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Men’s Waist Bag

2. Ainstsk Waymeduo Waist Bag for Men with Zipper

This model could well be the best fanny pack, according to the comments found on the purchase portals. It is a men’s fanny pack with a design that highlights a couple of spacious compartments and a small pocket on the front cover. All of them have a zipper for greater security of objects that you move, such as mobile phones, keys, money, credentials or any other small-format object such as a knife, flashlight, tools, among others. 

This is a fanny pack for motorcycle, hiking, outdoor sports or everyday wear thanks to its understated black aesthetic, reinforced seams and high-end Oxford fabric construction. This is a light, soft and flexible material that combines cotton, polyester and elastane. 

In addition, the interior has been lined with nylon fiber, which protects the contents of the fanny pack in case of spills. Finally, it is considered as a leg fanny pack, because it adds a double belt and has its respective clip closure, which facilitates adjustment.

This design may become the best fanny pack of the moment due to its spacious, ergonomic and secure design. Here its pros and cons.


Straps: The pair of straps are easily adjustable in length and have a clip closure for a good fit.

Construction: This belt bag is resistant and has a soft and light touch due to its construction in Oxford fabric.

Waterproof: Thanks to its inner nylon lining, the objects will not suffer any deterioration in case of spills.

Closure: You will not have to worry about losing any object from the fanny pack, since all the pockets have a robust zipper.


Flimsy: The structure may project a flimsy appearance, but it is actually quite sturdy.

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Nike waist bag

3. Nike Nk Heritage Hip Pack Bag Unisex Adult

The high quality standards present in this model are something expected, since it is a product patented by one of the most iconic brands in the world of sports such as Nike, so it can be named one of the best fanny packs of 2019, whose structure has been made of synthetic fabric with waterproof properties. 

Aesthetically it is black and the official Nike logo stands out on the front area. Likewise, the design has a height format of 13.97 cm and width of 34.92 centimeters, making it a fairly spacious Nike fanny pack. 

Its interior has been lined with a polyester lining and incorporates a practical zippered mesh pocket to store your credentials or keys. In addition, the product has a belt that is easy to adjust and close by means of a plastic clip.

This model has managed to position itself on the list of representatives of the best fanny pack brand. Next, know its pros and cons.


Dimensions: Its structure is quite spacious, so you will not have limitations to store several of your personal items.

Inside pocket: You can safely store your credentials and keys thanks to the zippered mesh pocket.

Strap: The support strap is adjustable and is adjusted by means of a clip, adapting easily. 

Resistance: Its resistance lies in the high quality level of the synthetic fabric in conjunction with the series of reinforced seams.


Pockets: The presence of a rear pocket would have been a good idea to achieve a better distribution of objects.

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Fila Belt Bag

4. Fila Waist Bag Black

Fila is a company of Korean origin present in the sporting goods market since 1911, which currently presents us with a fanny pack inspired by its classic model from the 90s. It is a product that can easily clarify your doubts about which is the best fanny pack

Aesthetically, this Fila fanny pack is black and has a zipper closure. Its exterior has been made of robust polyester fabric and the interior is lined with lower density textile. These materials provide resistance, soft touch and impermeability. In addition, they give the body of the fanny pack greater stability, so that it does not deform with the weight of the stored objects. 

The structure is made up of a compartment of width, length, height corresponding to 5 x 28 x 16 centimeters and, in the back area, it incorporates a pocket with the same dimensions. Also, it highlights a simple adjustable strap with clip closure.

If you still don’t know which fanny pack to buy, the invitation is to read and analyze the positive and negative aspects of this Fila model.


Strap: The strap has an adjustable length so you can adapt it according to your anatomy. 

Dimensions: Its size is suitable for you to place your wallet, documents, keys, mobile phone and other objects that you want to take with you. 

Pocket: In the back area you will find a pocket to better distribute smaller objects or documents.

Textile: Polyester fabric is quite resistant and also has waterproof properties.


Colors: The list of colors is a bit limited as the fanny pack is only available in black, blue, gray and white.

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Eastpak Belt Bag

5. Eastpak Doggy Bag Belt Bag 27cm 3L

If you are looking for a black fanny pack with a sporty style and spacious compartments, then the Doggy Bag model from Eastpak could be ideal for you. The product has been made with nylon fabric, which, being a robust and synthetic fiber, has waterproof properties. In this way, you will not have to worry about unexpected precipitation or spills, since all the objects contained in the fanny pack will always be protected.

This Eastpak fanny pack features a large main compartment. On the front there is a medium-sized pocket and on the back you will find a third compartment. All of them have zipper closure. 

The product’s containment volume is three liters and its format is 18 x 27 x 9 centimeters, corresponding to its height, width and depth. In addition, it incorporates an adjustable fastening belt with a practical closure by means of a black plastic clip.

This fanny pack can be used to go to the gym, the mountains or in your day-to-day, as it has a sporty, discreet and modern design. Read their pros and cons.


Pocket: Its main compartment is complemented by a front and a rear pocket, allowing a correct organization of objects.

Zippers: The zippers used for the pockets are plastic, robust and easy to slide.

Strap: The strap can be adjusted to wear the fanny pack at the waist or over the shoulders, making it versatile to wear.

Capacity: Thanks to its three-liter capacity you can store your keys, wallet, mobile and any other object you want to have close at hand.


Belt thickness: The thickness of the belt can be narrow relative to the size of the fanny pack, which could cause instability when adjusting it.

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Adidas waist bag

6. Adidas Essential Cbody Backpack Unisex Adult

The Adidas brand is known as synonymous with quality and innovation and an example of this is its extensive collections of sports equipment. On this occasion, it presents a fanny pack with a unisex design in black, spacious compartments and a modern aesthetic with a series of detailed finishes on the seams. In addition, on the front area there is its iconic logo in a white tone that visually enhances it.

This Adidas fanny pack has a wide, high, long format of 17 x 15 x 25 centimeters, highlighting in its structure a main compartment and a medium-sized outer pocket. Both have been provided with easy-open plastic zippers. 

In addition, the fastening strap of this belly bag has an adjustable length, which you can extend or reduce according to your build. Likewise, there is the robust synthetic fiber used for making it, which gives it resistance, durability and impermeability.

If you want a fanny pack with a sporty aesthetic that you can use daily, you should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Clothing: The seams and cuts made have great finishes, which mark the quality level of the product.

Waterproof: With this fanny pack you won’t have to worry about spills or precipitation, as it is waterproof.

Compartments: The fanny pack has a central compartment and a front pocket, which represent enough space to place your personal items.

Fastening: A tape with adjustable length is incorporated, designed so that you can adapt it according to the thickness of your waist.


Logo: The print quality of the logo could be better, so it may fade after a short time of use.

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Kappa belt bag

7. Kappa Gürteltasche Shoulder Bags Men

With almost 60 years in the market, the Kappa house is emerging as a brand with great positioning in the sporting goods market. Their products have high quality standards and, according to the experience of use of the buyers, they usually have a long useful life compared to the proposals of other manufacturers.

This Kappa fanny pack is a very good example of that. Its structure has a spacious anatomical design, which adapts perfectly to the waist or back area, of course, in case you want to wear it in a bandit style. In addition, it incorporates a fastening tape with medium thickness and adjustable length.

The design stands out for having a central compartment and a front pocket, both with zipper closure. It is also important to mention that the fanny pack is made both on the outside and inside with synthetic fabric, treated against spills for greater safety.

The quality of this fanny pack is remarkable, as is its pleasant aesthetics, hence it is an option that you cannot go unnoticed.


Strap: The support strap is robust and can be adjusted for a better adaptation to the body.

Waterproof: The synthetic textile used is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about spills or rain.

Pockets: The presence of a main pocket and a smaller front pocket allows you to store your belongings in an organized way.

Usage: The fanny pack is designed to be worn around the waist or crossbody style for versatility. 


Size: Its format can be small when it is intended to carry a large number of objects. 

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reebok waist bag

8. Reebok Dn1524 Walking Belt Bag, 15 cm, Black

Reebok is another iconic brand that has been present in the market since 1895, whose products, far from going out of fashion, are reinvented year after year to meet the needs of their thousands of followers worldwide. 

For example, in its extensive catalog of fanny packs we can highlight this model, which is made of synthetic nylon and polyester fabric, selected due to its resistance and impermeability. It is also robust enough to prevent the structure from deforming due to the weight of the stored objects.

This Reebok fanny pack has a nice aesthetic in black, and on one side the brand logo stands out in white. On the other hand, the interior of its compartments has been lined in red textile and all have a zipper closure. 

As for the storage volume of the structure, it is 6.37 liters and its use is scheduled as a fanny pack for running, fitness or for travel.

This is a fairly spacious model in which you can carry everything you need for your sports activities. Here are some details about the product.


Use: Its design is aimed at running practices, exercise sessions or other types of movement.

Textile: The combination of polyester and nylon provides resistance, stability in the structure and impermeability.

Storage volume: This is a fanny pack with a storage volume of 6.37 liters, so it is quite spacious.

Aesthetics: Its aesthetics are sporty, discreet and modern. In addition, it has a series of well-kept finishes.


Presentation: Its availability is only in black, which can be a limitation for those who prefer more striking shades.

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Puma Waist Bag

9. Puma Women’s Wmn Core Up Waistbag Belt Bag

Since its inception in 1948, the German company Puma has been dedicated to the production of sporting goods that aim to meet the needs of athletes to improve their performance. Similarly, users have been able to enjoy different urban collections that can be used on a daily basis.

This time we will talk about a Puma fanny pack that, as expected, has managed to capture the attention of thousands of users. Aimed specifically at the female target, the product offers a storage structure of 29 x 12 x 8 centimeters, corresponding to a convenient internal volume of 2.5 liters. 

The fanny pack has a central compartment and a zippered back pocket, ideal for carrying your identification credentials, bank cards, keys and mobile phone. Polyester treated with polyurethane was used for its construction, which results in a robust synthetic material with waterproof properties and a pleasant touch.

This fanny pack has a compact and modern design, which you can use at any time. Next, we detail its specifications.


Waterproof: The polyester fiber was combined with polyurethane, so it offers a high level of waterproofing.

Volume: Its storage capacity is adequate for you to carry your personal documents, mobile and keys.

Compartments: The fanny pack is made up of a central compartment and a back pocket, which allow quick and convenient distribution of objects.

Closure: You will be able to carry your personal belongings safely, thanks to the fact that the fanny pack incorporates zippers in its pockets.


Size: If you are looking for a large fanny pack, then this model may not be as suitable, because its format is small.

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Shopping guide

Fanny packs are very useful accessories that allow us to transport some of our personal items comfortably. The best thing is that they are designed to be attached to the waist, leg or shoulder strap, so we will always have our hands free. With so many designs, the selection can become messy, since it is necessary to verify their attributes to acquire the indicated model. Here is a guide to buying the best fanny pack, which we hope will serve as your guide.


Among the aspects to verify in your comparison of fanny packs, the textile used to make the product cannot be missing. Remember that durability will depend on its quality. Each manufacturer usually evaluates the needs of its users before selecting the materials, since not all people will give the fanny pack the same use. There will be those who wish to acquire it for day-to-day use, going to the gym or for outdoor activities such as running, hiking, walking, among others.

In any case, the important thing is that, depending on your needs, you review and select the fabric of the model that captures your attention. Fanny packs are typically made of polyester or nylon, as these are strong fibers and offer some level of splash resistance. 

For its part, the Oxford-type fabric is characterized by being quite light and soft due to its combination of cotton, elastane and polyester. However, if what you are looking for is waterproofness, a pleasant touch and stability in the structure, so that it does not deform with the weight of the objects contained in the pockets, you will have to opt for polyester fiber treated with polyurethane.


The number of compartments offered by the fanny pack is another of the specifications that you cannot go unnoticed, because this will help you to have a better interior distribution of the objects that you plan to take with you. Perhaps this is a feature that influences how much the product costs, but, finally, the ideal is to acquire a product whose storage space does not generate limitations.

As is known, the sporting goods market has a wide variety of fanny packs. Among them, the compact models made up of a single compartment and zipper closure stand out. Similarly, other manufacturers attach an interior mesh pocket for the placement of keys, identification credentials and even your mobile phone. Of course, depending on its size. On the other hand, there are the fanny packs that have a central compartment and a front or back pocket on the outside.

holding strap

Although the purchase objective should be to get a good and economical fanny pack, it is also true that said product must incorporate certain characteristics that favor its use. This is the case of the fastening method, which is given by a strap attached to the ends of the main compartment of the fanny pack. In this way, it recreates the shape of a belt that you can adjust according to your anatomy.

It is important that you verify the maximum length of said belt, since, if it is too short, it will generate limitations to adapt it to your waist or your torso to use the fanny pack as a shoulder bag. Also, check the closure method and try to use a plastic clip as much as possible. These pieces are waterproof, offer quick one-handed opening, and are smooth to the touch. However, if the selected model incorporates a metallic mechanism, make sure that the material is anti-corrosive.

Design and finishes

The aesthetic part is quite important when selecting a fanny pack. In this sense, we not only refer to the plain or printed exterior of its structure, but also to the finish present in its cuts and joints.

You must keep an eye on these details, since the low level of quality of the finishes will reduce the useful life of the product. For example, with constant use and the weight generated by the objects contained in the pockets, the seams could quickly give way if they have not been well finished or are too loose.

Also, you should emphasize the inside of the fanny pack to check that a textile lining has been incorporated that serves to reinforce the outer material. The zippers are another issue that you should not neglect, as they can quickly break down if the two rows of small teeth that make them up are very flimsy.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a fanny pack?

To use a fanny pack, it is important to identify the type of material and other information provided by the manufacturer for its care. Initially, the strap should be adjusted depending on how you intend to wear it, be it crossbody or waist-high. Then, the objects must be grouped according to size and added to the respective compartments that best suit them. Depending on the type of fanny pack, it may be necessary to clean it periodically using a damp cloth.

Q2: How to make a fanny pack?

Making a fanny pack is a task that requires time and dedication, especially if you don’t have basic notions of cutting and sewing. The first thing you should do is review some specialized pages in the design of this type of accessories. In this way, you will not only choose a model that suits your taste and storage needs, but you will also be able to access the patterns for later manufacture. 

You must capture the pattern on paper, respecting the prescribed measurements and leaving a margin of one or two centimeters for the seams. Previously, you should have purchased a piece of fabric, preferably a polyester or nylon fabric. Similarly, you should have a plastic clip for adjustment and some zippers, depending on the number of pockets that the design has. Also, you will need a sewing machine, scissors, pins, chalk, or a marker. Proceed to cut the pattern on the fabric and then begin to join the pieces until the fanny pack is shaped. Remember to use reinforced seams and with good finishes.

Q3: How to combine a fanny pack?

A fanny pack is an accessory that we can easily combine with various sports and even urban outfits. It all depends on the design of the product. For example, motorcycle fanny packs are usually black and fasten to the waist and leg simultaneously. In this sense, the ideal is to wear solid color jeans, preferably black, blue or intense gray.

Regarding the models for waist or crossbody type, they can be worn with a T-shirt with or without sleeves, as well as a plain sweatshirt. The important thing is that you refrain from wearing it when you are dressed in elegant clothes, since the style of the fanny packs is usually quite casual.

Q4: What to carry in a fanny pack?

Fanny packs are designed to carry basic items that we want to always have close at hand, such as our wallet, car or house keys, mobile phone and identification credentials. If we use it on an excursion, we can incorporate a flashlight, a multifunction knife or any other small object. Everything will depend on the activity that we are going to carry out with the fanny pack.

Q5: How to put on a fanny pack?

To put on the fanny pack, you must define the way you will use it, either on the area from the waist, on the side of the hip or on the back, simulating the bandolero style. In this way, you can adjust the length of the tape. Then, you must identify the adjustment clip on said fastening strap and release it. Proceed to place the fanny pack over the selected area of ​​your body and close the clip.

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