The 9 Best Fila Sneakers of 2022

Fila Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Whether to exercise or carry out daily activities, it is necessary to have comfortable and practical footwear that improves footsteps and promotes adequate performance without causing discomfort. For this, the Fila brand presents various favorable models. Among these, the Fila Laced Sporty Girl 1010781 stands out, a pair of women’s sneakers made with a synthetic leather upper, with a classic sports-style design available in various colors. Another recommended model is the Fila F-13 Big Kids, a shoe made with a high-quality leather exterior, wide heel and a lace-up closure system.



The 9 Best Fila Shoes – Opinions 2022

To exercise and walk comfortably, you should wear shoes that promote rest in each step and boost sports performance. Although there are many manufacturers, Fila is one of the favorites, with a wide catalog of alternatives. However, we have selected the 9 models that are recognized among the best of the brand, to explain their most notable attributes so that you can make an intelligent choice. 

Girls’ Fila Trainers

1. Fila Laced Sporty Girl 1010781.1FG

If you want to buy the best Fila shoes on the market, then you might be interested in this model with a classic and practical design, both for sports training and for daily activities, because it is comfortable and efficient with each step. 

In addition, this model is made with a high-quality synthetic material exterior, which provides greater durability. Likewise, these Fila shoes for girls have a synthetic insole that promotes an optimized footprint, while their sole is also synthetic and platform, made of non-slip rubber for greater grip. 

This proposal is available in various colors, including black, pink and white, in all sizes, each with the label of the brand to identify the manufacturer. Therefore, each user can select the one that best suits the foot and style. In addition, its manufacturing materials make it cheap Fila sneakers, which include lace closure, ensuring good support.

Considered the best Fila sneakers of the moment, this model has other attributes that we have summarized in the form of pros and cons. 


Construction: It has a strong construction made of synthetic material that promotes durability.

Sole: It has a rubber sole with non-slip traction for a better grip on the ground.

Insole: For greater comfort, it has a synthetic insole that reinforces footsteps and performance.

Closure: It has a quick closure system using laces with a mechanism that improves support. 


Last: Your last may be smaller, so check the size chart.

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Women’s Fila Trainers

2. Women’s Fila F-13 Big Kids Sneaker

Those interested in a women’s Fila sneaker may be attracted by the features of this style that is striking and convenient for girls, because it is comfortable and practical for everyday use. 

It has a robust construction, made of synthetic leather of adequate quality, so it is resistant to wear, even with continuous use. Similarly, the soles have been made of rubber with a traction pattern for better grip on surfaces, with a wide heel that promotes stability.

These characteristics make it qualify as one of the best Fila sneakers of 2022, since they also have a mixed closure system, with quick fastening laces on the instep and velcro on the upper part, for greater grip during jumps and sudden movements.. Likewise, its design combines the colors white, red and blue with the brand’s logo.

Fila may be the best brand of sneakers on the market and by reading the pros and cons of this model you could determine if it is true. 


Design: Its urban design is suitable for girls, with a predominant white color and red and blue details that make it attractive.

Fastening: It has a dual fastening system to protect the foot from sprains, with laces and velcro. 

Sole: It has a rubber sole with a traction pattern that favors grip on surfaces.

Construction: It has a wear-resistant construction, made with a leather exterior and reinforced seams.


Fit: Your fit may be a bit tight for some people, so check the size chart.

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Men’s Fila Trainers

3. Fila Men’s Orbit Low Sneaker

Thanks to their construction materials, these could be the best value for money Fila shoes, because they are suitable for long walks, since they are comfortable and provide adequate stability for the feet during use, by offering firm footing. 

In addition, this model has a classic design with a lace-up closure system and is available in several colors, including black, blue and white, all of them with the brand’s distinctive logo on the sides, tongue and back. 

Also, these men’s Fila shoes have a masculine and sporty style that is resistant, because they are made with high-quality synthetic upper material, as well as a non-slip rubber sole that favors grip on surfaces. This proposal has a padded interior and areas that promote the entry of air into the interior and the exit of sweat. 

Among the proposals, these Fila shoes are among the cheapest, but they are also resistant and convenient for different purposes. Here are its pros and cons. 


Construction: They have a strong construction, made with a synthetic leather lining.

Design: They have a classic and combinable design, with a masculine style, available in various colors.

Grip: They have a rubber sole that improves grip on surfaces, with sufficient adherence.

Laces: They have a lace-up closure system that favors the fit to the foot.


Sole: The inner part of the sole has a material that has been considered low resistance by some buyers.

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Fila Disruptor Sneakers

4. Fila Men’s Disruptor Low 1010262-1fg Sneaker

Since the brand has a wide catalog of options, many wonder what the best Fila sneakers are. Within the available alternatives, this model is positioned among the favorites for being of the classic type and helping to obtain good performance, with safe and stable footsteps. 

The Fila Disruptor shoes are designed with a striking block heel style that promotes stable footing while protecting the foot by compressing it ergonomically. In addition, they have a shaft that is slightly raised to provide greater stability to the ankle. 

Likewise, these Fila Disruptor sneakers for women are made with an outer synthetic material of adequate durability and are offered in a wide range of colors and sizes, to select the one that best suits the taste and size of the foot. Similarly, they have a fast lace closure system, which provides a good fit. 

For those who do not know which Fila shoes to buy, we recommend taking a look at the pros and cons of this model, to determine if it is suitable. 


Sole: The shoes have a non-slip rubber sole that adheres to the floor favorably.

Manufacturing: Its construction is robust, with an ergonomic interior and an exterior in synthetic material.

Design: They have a modern high-heeled design, with a gathered style that makes the foot look smaller and promote stable steps.

Laces: Correct support is obtained through a lace closure system.


Width: Its last is small, so you should probably choose a number more than usual.

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Fila white sneakers

5. Fila 96 Low Grant Hill Basketball Shoes 

If your taste is refined, you may be interested in these white Fila sneakers that are of quality and good performance for high-level sports activities such as basketball, because they have a modern cut design that protects and stabilizes the foot, to provide greater impulse and Shock absorption during jumps. 

In addition, this model is suitable for men and has a high level of resistance, because it is made with an exterior in imitation leather, reinforced with textile material that provides greater ergonomics and flexibility in some areas. 

According to taste, you can select between combinations of predominantly white with blue details, as well as black with white details, both with the brand’s logo in different areas of the shoe. Also, the width of these shoes is mid-level and they offer a secure lace-up fit.

We have identified the most relevant characteristics of this model and summarized them in the form of pros and cons, so that you can analyze them.


Design: The design is cut favorably for basketball, due to its shank and ankle reinforcement, and is available in combinations of white, red and black.

Adjustment: To fit the foot, it has a fast lace closure system. 

Manufacturing: It is a robust and resistant model, since it includes synthetic leather and textile material.

Sole: It has a reinforced sole on the heel to cushion falls after a jump. 


Sizes: It is recommended to review the size chart because the shoes may be larger than expected.

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Boys’ Fila Trainers

6. Fila 1010780 Boy Shoes

Available in combined colors along with the brand logo, this model is positioned as one of the favorites for the little ones in the house, since it is comfortable and suitable for daily activities, with a low level of wear. 

These boys’ Fila shoes are made with different materials, with a synthetic leather upper, a fabric lining and suede areas, which allow sweat to escape, keeping your feet fresh and odour-free. 

They also have a lace closure system that adjusts quickly and easily. In addition, they are one of the cheapest and most practical shoes for different activities, because they have a non-slip rubber sole with a traction pattern, so they adhere to surfaces and have a 10-millimeter heel.

If you liked this model, then we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons that we have identified so that you can ensure the purchase. 


Construction: Its construction is resistant and durable, made with synthetic leather, suede and textile.

Sole: It has a non-slip rubber sole with a traction pattern and a heel with a height of 10 mm.

Design: It is a modern children’s design, and available in a wide range of colors to combine.

Laces: The adjustment is made by quick-closing laces and with good fixation.


Colors: Colors may not match those displayed in the photographs. 

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Pink Fila sneakers

7. Fila Original Fitness S Women 1010297-70, Women’s Trainers

One of the most sought-after alternatives for women are these pink Fila sneakers, which have an urban and casual style design, to combine in different ways on daily outings. 

This model is available in different sizes ranging from 36 to 41, so that it is possible to select the size that best molds to the foot and provides greater comfort during the steps. Although they are pink, these shoes have a white sole, so there is a contrast.

They have a lace-up closure system that adjusts quickly to provide greater comfort, without having to tie them constantly. Likewise, its sole is made of non-slip rubber, and it has a flat heel.

We present below the pros and cons of this model of pink sneakers.


Design: The design of this model is urban, appropriate for women, due to its pink color.

Construction: It has a high-level construction, solid, leather on the outside and fabric on the inside.

Sole: It has a white rubber sole and non-slip properties that improve footfall.

Closure: Its proper fit is achieved through a lace closure system.


Last: Its last is small, but it is recommended to check the size chart to verify its dimensions.

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Fila black sneakers

8. Fila basketball shoes

If you are looking for a model for basketball that is modern and at the same time delicate, then you might be interested in these black Fila shoes, which have a medium cut to promote ankle stability during jumps, but without reducing movement and flexibility in plays. 

This model is made with a high quality mixed material exterior, as it incorporates textile for ventilation and sweat dissipation, as well as leather. It also has a midsole made of EVA that favors cushioning and provides a feeling of comfort and support. In addition, its rubber sole with traction allows better adherence to surfaces and high durability, without slipping. 

This Fila proposal also incorporates in its design the logo that identifies the brand on the side and tongue. Its closure is by laces, so it is safe.

To learn more about this model, below we present its favorable and negative aspects, so that you can analyze them. 


Confection: It has a delicate but resistant confection in high quality leather and textile.

Sole: It has a rubber sole, with a traction pattern and anti-slip properties that promote stability,

Comfort: It has an EVA midsole that provides greater cushioning and shock absorption in jumps.

Laces: The laces for fastening make it fit correctly to the foot and ankle.


Uses: They are specific shoes for basketball, not suitable for other sports disciplines such as football.

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Fila Running Shoes

9. Fila Forward Women’s Running Shoes

With a non-slip rubber sole, these Fila running shoes provide adequate performance on pavement, increasing stability and confidence when running on different terrains, both wet and dry. 

In addition, they have a strong construction, with flexible areas that promote better performance and greater comfort in the feet, because they are made with mixed and ergonomic materials that result in an appropriate composition to keep feet fresh and safe.

They also have a quick-adjust lace closure system and their design is modern and feminine, practical for running in the city and highly combinable, because it integrates the colors grey, pink and blue, with brand symbols on the sole, in the side and on the tongue of the shoes. They have a heel with a height of 2.5 cm to keep the foot away from the surface and it is flat, so it provides stability. 

This Fila model stands out for its quality, which you can verify with a quick analysis of the following pros and cons that we have identified. 


Sole: Its non-slip sole is favorable for running on wet and dry terrain, making it a versatile shoe.

Appearance: As modern, urban and colorful, these shoes that provide comfort when running have been described. 

Laces: Its adjustment is generated thanks to fast and firm braiding laces. 

Materials and flexibility: They are designed for running because they are flexible and wear slowly, made of mixed materials, as well as comfortable.


Insole: Your insole may provide little support for some people’s feet.

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Shopping guide

Fila is a recognized brand in the sports world that has a wide range of proposals suitable for different occasions or disciplines. However, before making a decision, we recommend knowing some features that could make the choice more effective. For this reason, we invite you to read the following guide to buy the best Fila shoes, with everything you need to know about this shoe. 

Design and uses

If you want to make a proper purchase, then you need to take some time to make a comparison of Fila shoes in which you analyze some features such as the design of the model and the use that will be given to the shoe, since, according to this, one prototype may be more convenient than another. 

In this sense, there are from models that stand out for their classic and unicolor style, to modern and striking in relation to the combination of tones in the same structure, which favors its use with different garments. 

In the same way, within the design, the type of cane and the cut can be analyzed, if it is low or medium in the ankle protection. Likewise, another aspect that cannot be left aside with respect to design is for which sports modality they have been created by Fila, since there are shoes designed for basketball, for walking, for running, among other disciplines. According to this, they will be more or less favorable, as well as ergonomic, for shock absorption, plant protection and stability. 

On the other hand, within the design you can identify models for women, for men and others for the little ones in the house. Each of them with a style that adapts to different tastes. 

Construction and materials

If, before making the purchase, you want to have an estimate of how much a Fila shoe costs, you should know that its cost varies depending on the model, the season and the materials that the manufacturer incorporated to make the shoe. 

Although, for the most part, all the models are comfortable and resistant, Fila introduces different ranges to the market to satisfy different demands and pockets. For this reason, we can find from models made of textile material, to others that have a synthetic exterior, as well as those made of genuine leather, which are usually the most expensive, due to their quality and durability, as well as for adapting comfortably to the foot., as if it were a glove. 

Similarly, some proposals are made of a mixture of components that reduce the level of wear and tear and favor the performance of the athlete or user, through a stable structure, but padded and comfortable with each step. In the latter, a positive feature is that, by including textile in mesh form, constant ventilation is allowed inside, so that feet are kept fresh and bad odors are avoided. 


An important property in footwear is the adjustment system, because it provides stability and correct foot support. Therefore, before considering if they are good and cheap Fila shoes, you have to analyze the closing mechanism. 

Most of the models that the brand presents are beneficial for having a quick and comfortable adjustment system with simple laces that adjust to the exact level that each person needs. In addition, some proposals may include an additional closure for greater support, by means of a velcro that can be at the height of the instep or at the ankle.

sole and comfort

Before making a hasty decision, you should study the sole and the comfort that Fila shoes offer through their midsole, because this will make the shoe suitable for use for long periods, without causing discomfort. 

Another aspect to consider is that the shoes are equipped with soles with non-slip and resistant properties, which tolerate skidding to prevent falls, without their traction pattern wearing out. 

Similarly, in most cases, these soles are made of rubber or rubber. Some models can have a higher heel, which promotes heel rest and favors comfort, as well as the impulse for jumps, as well as a greater height in the user. On the other hand, the soles can be the same color as the rest of the shoe or a different tone, in order to contrast and be more striking and combinable.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to wear Filas shoes?

Fila sneakers are often versatile and multifunctional, so they can be worn with sporty outfits or with jeans and t-shirts for a casual, casual look. In the same way, being comfortable proposals, they are favorable to use throughout the day, either on regular walks or for a day at work or school. 

The way to use them will depend largely on the colors and tastes when it comes to dressing, because the most important thing is not to neglect your personality and feel comfortable with what you wear. The recommended thing for any model is to wear socks, to avoid lacerations on the feet.

Q2: How to know if a Fila shoe is original?

The most important thing to ensure that they are original is the quality of manufacture and the details of areas such as the sole, the eyelets, which must be regular, as well as the tongue, which must have double and robust seams. In addition, to the touch they should feel of quality in relation to the skin of the other models. 

Another aspect that can help identify original Filas are the logos and labels on both the shoes and the box, since even the making of the latter can help determine whether or not it is a fake. 

Similarly, the price is another quality. Although there are cheaper models than others, some new season proposals usually have a more or less high cost, which can give an idea about the authenticity of their manufacture. Finally, if it is an online purchase, you should be attentive to the opinions of other users. 

Q3: In which country are Fila shoes made?

The history of this brand is long and began in Europe, exactly in Piedmont, Italy, in 1911. At that time, the manufacture of its pieces was in this country. Over the years and as a result of the expansion of the brand, as well as various economic commitments, it became part of a North American company, a country where they had production plants. Currently, manufacturing belongs to a subsidiary in South Korea, the country where the vast majority of its copies are produced, as well as in China. 

Q4: How to wash Fila sneakers?

The way to wash the shoes will depend on the manufacturing materials of the model that, if it is made of fabric, can be introduced without problems in the washing machine in a delicate cycle, with neutral detergent and without other pieces of clothing. If it is made of leather or imitation leather, it is recommended to moisten a cloth with warm water and pass it over the surface to remove impurities, and then rub a brush with detergent and thus clean more deeply. 

In both cases, it is important to concentrate on the sole and remove all impurities and mud residue, as this area can be washed with plenty of water. At the time of drying, it is important that they receive sun, but not directly. 

Q5: How do Fila shoes fit?

Again, this depends on the model and its last. However, a common feature in the proposals presented by Fila is that they are small and somewhat narrow, so that in general it is recommended to request an additional size to the conventional one. 

In any case, Fila has a size table that the user can consult to review the specifications of the number, in order to make an efficient purchase and not have problems, since a tight shoe is not very comfortable and a large one will not be as useful. 

Q6: How to string Filas shoes?

In general, these shoes come from the factory already strung, so there are no major complications, because you only have to make a loop to collect the excess of the laces and you will be ready. 

However, if the eyelet laces have been washed and removed for re-attachment, the same fastening pattern should be followed. The way of stringing will vary according to the model, but the most common is to insert each end of the cord through the right and left eyelets and then continue the zigzag braiding. 

Q7: Which is better for girls, Fila shoes or Nike Air?

It will depend on the particular model of the Fila brand, since this manufacturer presents some proposals for girls who are delicate and urban, with pastel colors and a textured surface. Similarly, it has other alternatives that are more sporty, but with a feminine style.

On the other hand, the Nike Air is one of the best-selling shoes and is available in a wide range of colors. Their design is usually more sporty but, when combined, they go well with jeans and a sweater. Therefore, it is a matter of the taste of each user.

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