The 9 Best Floats of 2022

Floater – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Children’s first aquatic experiences are inextricably linked to the use of floats. Available in fun designs, they are articles that, above all, should offer maximum safety in the water. But, in addition, depending on the model, they are gadgets that provide maximum fun for adults. One of the most interesting models is Intex 57558NP. It is a float in the shape of a flamingo, inflatable in nature and that supports a weight of up to 40 kg. For its part, the Dracarys Unicorn float is ideal for an adult due to its dimensions of 200 x 90 x 99 cm. Made of PVC, it is white, although with colored details.

The 9 Best Floats – Opinions 2022

For some time now, floats are no longer just children’s things. There are also very fun options for adults to have a great time in the water. With the most original shapes, a good time is guaranteed. Here are some of the best floats of 2022. Take a look at their characteristics and get the best one for your next vacation!

flamingo float

1. Intex 57558NP Inflatable Flamingo

Due to its design in the shape of a pink flamingo, the truth is that this float does not go unnoticed at all. It does not lack detail, since it consists of wings, a head with a beak and a tail, which can serve as a backrest during the crossing in the water. In addition, it has two plastic handles so you can hold on.

This particular model has dimensions of 142 x 137 x 97 cm, although it is also available in three other sizes and other designs: swan, duck and unicorn. It incorporates a total of two air chambers for optimal safety.

This flamenco float is designed for use by a child whose weight does not exceed 40 kg, as it is the maximum weight it can withstand. The little one can go both sitting and lying down, as he prefers. All models are made of PVC.

Due to its characteristics, this model is considered the best price-quality float. With it, great moments await you without damaging your pocket.


Design: This float is shaped like a flamingo. Pink, you will not go unnoticed in the water.

Resistant: It is made of PVC, a material known for its resistance. It can support up to a maximum of 40 kg of weight.

Handles: It incorporates two handles so that both getting on and off the float is very simple.

Security: It has two air chambers for greater security. Thus, you will not have to worry about it deflating during the ride.


Unstable: At first, it may take a bit of work to maintain stability on the float.

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unicorn float

2. Dracarys Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float Toy

Unicorns are very fashionable creatures today, which is why this design could not be more appropriate. White and with multicolored details, of course this unicorn float incorporates the characteristic horn. It has dimensions of 200 x 90 x 99 cm and is made of PVC.

Thanks to its design, you will be able to sit with absolute comfort on the float and prepare to cross the waters. Likewise, it has two handles so that you are always subject while you are in the sea or in the pool.

As for its resistance, it supports a maximum weight of around 160 kg, so two adults can perfectly climb it. It is a fairly thick float, which translates into greater durability. You won’t have to worry about it puncturing at the slightest occasion. To inflate it, you only need a standard pump. It will be ready in a few minutes.

The best and funniest float is closer to you than you imagine. Check the specifications of this model to finish convincing yourself.


Design: With a cute unicorn design, this float has dimensions of 200 x 90 x 99 cm.

Capacity: By resisting a maximum of 160 kg of weight, it is an ideal float for two adults.

Inflation: It is inflated with a standard type pump, one of those that you probably have at home.


Safety valve: It does not include a safety valve, which could speed up deflation on occasions.

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duck float

3. Intex 57556NP Inflatable Duck

If you want to buy an original float, it is possible that this duck-shaped model is what you are looking for. With dimensions of 147 x 147 x 81 cm, it has two air chambers to prevent it from deflating. This duck float is indicated for a single person, since it can support a maximum weight of 40 kg.

It is equipped with two practical handles for optimal support when walking through the water. Due to its size, the child will be able to enjoy this float both sitting and lying down. It does not lack detail, as it exhibits a very smiling duck with wings and even a tail that serves as a backrest.

It is made of 100% PVC and you can choose between two sizes: small or large, depending on your needs or those of the float user. Its bright yellow color will make you cause a sensation next summer.

The best brand of floats is the one that combines quality, price and a design that will win you over. This model is an excellent example.


Design: This float is yellow and has the shape of a cute little duck, so you will attract attention wherever you go with it.

Size: It has dimensions of 147 x 147 x 81 cm, which correspond to the small model, although you can also opt for a larger model.

Handles: It incorporates two handles so that you can hold on during your walk in the water.


Weight: The maximum weight it supports is 40 kg, making it a float only suitable for children or adolescents.

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baby neck float

4. WinCret Inflatable Adjustable Baby Neck Float

With babies, you have to have a thousand eyes, especially if you are going to experience their first swim in the pool. It is not only important not to lose sight of it, but to choose a suitable children’s float. This model has all the characteristics to become the best float of the moment for the little ones in the house, since it is very soft, comfortable and, above all, safe.

It is a baby neck float that incorporates a kind of strap to adjust it to the child’s head and make it fixed. This model presents a seamless technology specially indicated to adapt to the fragile skin of babies. Blue in color, although available in green and orange, it is made of PVC, a quality and non-toxic material.

Its inner diameter is about 9 cm, while the outer diameter is about 39 cm. It consists of a double airbag for the baby to float more, which, in fact, is leak-proof. Its side handles make it much easier to handle this float.

Identifying cheap and quality floats that ensure the safety of your baby is not an impossible task. This is the proof of it.


Airbag: This float has a double airbag, which translates into double protection. It has been designed leak-proof.

Handles: It has two handles to make it easier for parents to handle the float. Thus, they will be able to control the direction at all times.

Materials: It is made of PVC, a material that, in addition to being very resistant, is soft and non-toxic. Thanks to its seamless design, the baby will be very comfortable.


Closure: It is possible that, in certain cases, the closure is tighter than it should, a detail that should be considered.

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donut float

5. Intex 56265NP Strawberry Donut Inflatable Wheel

Although it makes you want to take a bite, what you can do with this donut float is have a great time both in the pool and on the beach. Bubblegum pink and with a bite detail, this item measures 107 x 99 x 23 cm, making it an ideal companion in the water. Since it resists a maximum weight of 100 kg, it is suitable for both children and adults.

It is made of vinyl material and has an air chamber that is inflated with the help of a common pump. The inner diameter measures 38 cm, hence it is recommended for children from 9 years old.

Resistant to chlorine and sea water, it is accompanied by a patch that will allow any puncture caused during use to be repaired in a jiffy.

Can you imagine that the cheapest floats would enjoy the same quality as the less economical ones? This model is an example of how it can be.


Design: The donut-shaped design with a bite and in pink, without a doubt, is an aspect that does not go unnoticed.

Kit: This float comes with a kit that includes a patch to repair any punctures.

Strong: It can withstand a maximum weight of 100 kg, so it is not only suitable for children and teenagers, but also for adults.


Color: Continuous contact with water derived from use could lighten the color of this float.

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pizza float

6. Otto Simon Giant Pizza Slice Float

And if we talk about original and curious floats, we cannot forget to mention this model in the shape of a pizza. Of course, it exhibits a triangular design seasoned with colors as striking as red or yellow. Look at his cute motifs, as he proudly shows off pieces of pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms. It measures 1.8 m long, so you can lie on this float without any problem.

Made of durable and resistant vinyl, it is capable of supporting up to 90 kg of weight, making it perfectly suitable for an adult or even two children. It is not only very easy to inflate and deflate, but also to clean, thanks to its plastic texture.

This pizza float is thick enough to lie on and bask in the water without fear of accidentally getting wet.

Are you wondering what is the best float to have a fun time in the pool? Take a look at this clever model.


Design: Its pizza design is the first thing that catches your eye. It does not lack detail, as it incorporates mushroom or pepperoni motifs.

Resistant: It is made of a resistant material such as vinyl. Moreover, it is capable of supporting up to 90 kg of weight.

Length: Its length is 180 cm, which means that, if you wish, you can lie down and enjoy the sun.


Puncture: It is advisable to be careful with the edge of the pool to avoid unwanted punctures.

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lifesaver float

7. Lalizas 70090 Lifebuoy

Every pool should always be equipped with at least one lifesaver float to avoid disappointment. This gadget can be very necessary if children or elderly people bathe in it, since, at a given moment, they could require it. Regarding this model, it should be noted that it is made of polyethylene, a material from the family of plastics that stands out for its hardness and resistance.

It is orange with white details. Best of all, it is an approved model, so you will be sure that you have purchased the ideal float for your pool. Another aspect that does not go unnoticed is that it incorporates a white reflective tape. This will help you manipulate the float much better and attract the injured swimmer towards you.

Its diameter measures about 73 cm, while the weight is about 2.5 kg, so that it can be handled effortlessly.

If you are still undecided and do not know which float to buy, we recommend you opt for a lifesaver model like this one, since it is always convenient to have one on hand.


Material: This float is made of polyethylene. It is a robust and resistant material.

Color: It is orange with white details, similar to the lifesaver floats found in community pools.

Reflective: It is accompanied by a white ribbon that is also reflective, which can facilitate the task of rescue in times of low light.


Price: Its price is higher than the rest of the floats on the list, which is understood given that it is an approved product and intended for other purposes beyond fun.

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swan float

8. Ardermu Giant Swimming Toys 

What is more characteristic of water than a swan? If you agree, you will surely love floating in the pool aboard this nice swan float that does not lack detail. It is white in color, exhibits two majestic wings and an orange beak. Giant in size, it has a diameter of around 190 cm, while it has a height of about 119 cm. Due to its dimensions, the manufacturer recommends its use by people over 6 years of age.

In the neck area, it has two handles so that the walk on the water is much safer. Since it has a maximum resistance of 149 kg, it is perfect for both children and adults and can even be used by several people at the same time.

Made of PVC, this float incorporates a valve that allows inflation and deflation 10 times faster than a conventional one.

To feel like another swan in the pond, you can get on board this flirty float in XL size.


Size: If you are looking for an XL float where you and even a companion can sit, this is yours, as it measures 190 cm in diameter.

Design: It is a white swan-shaped float. It also has wings, a tail and a cute orange beak.

Inflation: Thanks to its special valve, it allows inflation and deflation 10 times faster.


Children: The manufacturer does not recommend the use of this float for children under 6 years of age. In any case, it is recommended to use it in shallow water.

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swimtrainer float

9. Vedes Group Freds Swimtrainer 

For the baby to learn to swim, there is no better gadget than a swimtrainer float. A good example is found in this model, especially suitable for children between 3 months and 4 years. This means that its use covers a fairly long period of time.

Circular in shape and red in color, this article stands out above all for incorporating a kind of inflatable vest in the center of the float that maximizes safety in the water. The little one must put his arms through this accessory and, once placed, it comes with a buckle to adjust it to his body.

This model allows the baby to float in the water and to remain upright. Due to its design, there will be no risk of it slipping under the float hole, as it will remain attached at all times. In this way, the little one of the house will be able to kick around in the pool and have a great time without any danger.

If you want to buy a float that allows your baby to take his first steps in the water, this model is very interesting.


Use: This float has been specifically designed for children between 3 months and 4 years. With it, they will easily and safely learn to float in the water.

Vest: It incorporates an inner inflatable vest attached to the float itself that will prevent the little one from slipping.

Safe: It is a 100% safe article for children, since their little body is subject at all times.


Surveillance: Despite its usefulness, in a sudden gesture the baby could tip over, so it is recommended to always be vigilant.

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Shopping guide

For maximum fun in the pool or beach, perhaps what you need is a float. Initially designed for children to float in the water, the reality is that they are now highly coveted gadgets by adults. If you are thinking of purchasing one, check out this guide to buying the best float.


The first thing to consider when selecting a float is its size. At this point, you should ask yourself who is going to use it: a child or an adult? It is clear that the floats of babies have nothing to do with those of older children and, much less, with those of an adult. While the first make sure that the little one floats in the water with maximum safety, the other models are designed to have fun, since the usual thing is that these users already know how to swim.

If you are looking for a float for your little one, you just have to look at the age indicated on the packaging. This information is very valuable, because you will be able to know if the model in question is appropriate for the child.

For babies from 3 to 8 months, the most common floats are the ring type. Depending on the diameter of the hole, it will be suitable for one age or another. From 8 months to approximately 2 years, you can opt for a floatation vest. This must be tied very well to your little body so that it always stays in place. Up to 4 years of age, the use of sleeves is very common. Again, you will have to keep an eye on its dimensions, so that they fit the size of the child’s arm. From 4 to 6 years old, there are very original floats, also of the hoop type with funny shapes that will help them both to float in the water and simply to be rocked by it.

In the case of floats for adults, you should pay attention, apart from the recommended size or age, to the weight it supports. There are models for a single person, while others are suitable for several. They are those whose length is around 5 meters and can withstand even 400 kg of weight.


The design is one of those aspects that cannot be missing in any comparison of floats. As with any other product, it is obvious that we will opt for a model that is pleasing to the eye.

Baby floats often feature cute motifs and pastel colors that will grab their attention. In this case, it is very common that they are models with animals, stars, hearts and other beautiful details. When the child is a little older, the logical thing is that she prefers floats with designs of her favorite characters from both television and movies. It is more likely that he will notice the models of vibrant colors.

As for floats for adults, there are donut-type designs in which to relax in the water, although there are also other options with animal shapes, such as a swan, flamingo or duck. In this case, they have a stable surface on which to sit or even lie down to let themselves be rocked by the water.

Manufacturing materials

If you are wondering how much a float costs, you should know that aspects such as manufacturing materials are decisive in the final price. In general terms, we can assure you that plastic in its different versions is the predominant material in this class of articles.

PVC is, in this line, one of the star materials. It is a very convenient option, as it provides stability and resistance to crossing the water. Another of its advantages is that it has an enormous useful life, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

For its part, there are tubular type floats made of polyurethane foam. These are highly demanded especially for swimming lessons.


Ultimately, we must refer to the safety guarantee of the float. Remember that it is an essential aspect, especially when it comes to a child who is starting to swim. The first thing you have to examine is that it incorporates the CE marking, which means that it is endorsed by the European Union.

If it is inflatable, make sure that the closing mechanism is secure and, if possible, choose a model that has check valves that prevent air loss during use. Observe that the quality of the materials is optimal and this will prevent the minimum puncture. Even meeting all these requirements, it does not have to be mission impossible to identify an economic float.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to use a float?

The float is a very simple item to use, regardless of its design. The most common model is the hoop type that has a hole in the center, a space where the body will have to be inserted. It’s as easy as standing in the water and passing the float over your head to your waist. Lean your torso on the float with your arms outstretched and start hitting the water with your feet to move.

By having your arms open, you will avoid sneaking into the hole and thus you will be able to stay afloat all the time. For its part, there are other floats, such as those in the shape of animals that look more like a mat, which are designed to sit on them. Move your feet to move through the water.

Q2. How much weight can a float support?

The weight that a float supports will depend on the size and model in question. If you have in mind those original floats in the shape of a swan, duck or flamingo, for example, you should know that they are often available in several models. There are some that are designed to support only the weight of a child, while others can support not only the weight of an adult, but several. In this sense, you already know who the float will be for if it supports, for example, a maximum of 40 kg or if, on the contrary, it supports more than 120 kg.

Q3. How to inflate a float?

Depending on the dimensions of the float, it will be better to use a standard air pump. It will also depend on the kind of valve it incorporates. There are simple ones that can be inflated with your own mouth in just a few minutes. This applies especially to those small children’s floats, for example. However, if we are talking about an XL model, it is best to use an inflator. Conventional pumps usually have an accessory that you must press with your foot or hand connected to a cable whose nozzle you must insert into the valve. Once it is secure, step on the air pump with your foot several times until you get the desired inflation.

Q4. How to repair a pool float?

Surely it has ever happened to you that you are enjoying yourself in style with your float and, suddenly, you notice a puncture. Probably, it has rubbed against the edge of the pool, causing a small crack. The good news is that, in most cases, repairing a float is easy. The first thing, then, is to identify where the hole is.

Next, you will need a vinyl patch or a piece of adhesive tape to place on top and, in this way, plug it. The patches include an area smeared with glue with the aim of fully adhering to the affected area. Press for a few moments and check if indeed there are no more air leaks.

Q5. How to deflate a quick float?

To deflate a quick float you have two options, depending on which model it is. If it has a simple valve, all you have to do is press the plastic nozzle while you press on the float itself. By doing these two tasks at the same time you will be able to minimize the deflation time ostensibly. However, it is possible that the float you have purchased is a little more complex and has a more advanced safety valve.

In this case, it is best to have a special deflation pump. There are inflators that are, at the same time, deflators, so the normal thing is that you only need to use a different accessory to extract the air from the float.

Q6. Which float is better for learning to swim?

Although they are not specifically used to learn to swim, neck floats for babies have been in high demand for some time now, as they are a method for them to stay afloat and so that, little by little, they become familiar with the water. In any case, to learn to swim, there are very interesting models that go beyond the classic float, but also have a kind of vest with support to prevent the child from slipping through the hole.

These allow them to move their little legs to move in the water. The floatation vests also deserve mention, as they provide them with absolute mobility of both arms and legs so that they acquire the technique.

Q7. Which is better: armbands or float?

The float is an article indicated for children to float in the water, not thinking so much about swimming. Hence, they are aimed at children who have not yet reached their first year of age. However, when it is time for the child to learn to swim, the sleeves come into play, as they allow them to become aware of the movements they must make to move in the water. Styrofoam sleeves are on the rise, mainly because you don’t have to worry about punctures and they adapt better to your arms.

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