The 9 Best Glutamine Supplements of 2022

Glutamine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Glutamine is an amino acid that our body produces naturally and abundantly. This has multiple functions, such as strengthening the immune system, repairing wounds and increasing muscle mass. However, under high levels of stress or injury, the production of this can drop to such a degree that it is necessary to take it through supplements, such as Solgar L-Glutamine 1000mg, a kosher product in capsule presentation, convenient for users. with an active lifestyle. Another option is HSNraw Micronized Glutamine, a vegan item suitable for everyone, with a concentration of 500 gr of glutamine in one shot.

The 9 Best Glutamine Supplements – Opinions 2022

Most athletes use these types of supplements to improve their physical condition, strengthening the immune system and accelerating the muscle recovery process after exercising. For this reason, we present the following glutamine options, so that when reading its qualities you can choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

1. Solgar L- Glutamine 1000 MG Tablets Pack of 60

60% of muscle amino acids found in the human body correspond to glutamine. This amino acid supports the metabolic process by which proteins are made, improving the absorption of carbohydrates, stimulating the increase in muscle mass, and helping muscles recover faster after performing high-intensity exercises.

The Solgar brand introduces to the market, according to the opinions of its consumers, one of the best glutamines of 2020.

This supplement is made with natural ingredients, developed to provide 1000 mg of glutamine to the body daily.

In addition, each capsule contains loading elements such as: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate, vegetable stearic acid) and are coated with a vegetable glycerin, composed of coconut and palm seed oil, which facilitate both its administration and assimilation in the body.

The presentation of this container brings with it 60 corresponding tablets for the treatment of 1 or 2 months, depending on the daily dose that is ingested.

Solgar is a brand in which you could find the best glutamine of the moment, for this reason, we invite you to learn a little more about this product in the following pros and cons.


Formulation: It is free of ingredients of animal origin, so it can be consumed by people with vegan habits and those who seek the kosher seal.

Natural: Glutamine is obtained through the fermentation of high quality natural ingredients. Hence, it is a safe supplement for the body.

Allergen-free: This product is free of gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, sodium, artificial flavors, preservatives and dyes, so it can be consumed by users with special requirements.


Instructions for use: Although the product includes a label describing its dosage and method of use, this information is in English, which may be an inconvenience that needs to be improved.

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2. HSNraw Micronized Glutamine Kyowa as Raw Material

This supplement stands out in our list as the best value for money glutamine, since it is a product made with high-quality ingredients and fits all pockets due to its low cost compared to others.

The active compound in this item speeds up recovery after high-intensity exercise and increases blood plasma for muscle tissue regeneration, so it may be attractive to people with an active lifestyle.

On the other hand, the amino acids used in this 500gr supplement are obtained through a fermentation process to which natural ingredients of plant origin are exposed, generating a sustainable production system, free of genetically modified organisms; reasons why this product has a KyowaQuality guarantee.

We must mention that the presentation of this product is in powder form, which makes the glutamine molecule smaller and therefore it is absorbed more efficiently. Also, you can mix it with water or other drinks.

Being one of the cheapest presentations on the market, you may be interested in reading the pros and cons that could make this product a wise purchase.


Flavorless: This product does not have any type of flavoring, so it can be combined with other beverages or protein supplements without altering its flavor.

Formula: Its formula is developed to have an anti-catabolic effect on muscle tissues, which favors their recovery and growth.

Presentation: The container that contains this supplement is in the form of a bag with an airtight seal, a convenient presentation to take it anywhere.


Doser: The dispenser that comes with the product has the exact capacity for the recommended daily intake equivalent to 5 gr, so if a higher dose is required, this condition must be foreseen.

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3. MyProtein L-Glutamine 1000G

The MyProtein brand introduces to the market a powder supplement made with high quality ingredients, in a convenient and practical presentation, which brings 1000 grams of 100% pure glutamine, equivalent to 200 servings that can be taken 3 times a day in a quantity of 5 grams. Among other qualities, this supplement can be consumed by vegetarians and celiacs, since it is gluten-free.

Thanks to the properties of this supplement, many athletes choose to buy it, since it helps them replenish the levels of glycogens that are lost during exercise. Likewise, it raises both energy and strength and improves the immune system.

This product is mainly indicated for athletes who practice sports that require maximum effort, such as crossfit, martial arts, contact, cycling, bodybuilding, etc.; as well as those users who are in the fitness world or who want to take care of their body and health in a conscious way.

If you’re looking to improve your health and physical performance before and after high-intensity exercise, you might want to explore the following features below.


Quantity: The container contains 1000 grams of glutamine powder, equivalent to 200 servings, convenient for users with a high demand for supplementation.

Versatility: You can find it available in different flavors and sizes, to adapt it to your preferences and needs.

Compact: The bag where the product is located is compact and easy to take on a trip. In addition, its hermetic closure prevents spillage as well as keeping its properties intact.


Allergenic components: This product may contain traces of soy, milk and egg, so it is not suitable for people allergic to these components.

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4. Fairvital L-Glutamine Powder for 100 Days Vegan

If it is about looking for food supplements that improve your physical resistance and health, in the Fairvital brand you could find the best glutamine for vegans. Made in Germany, this product is formulated with natural ingredients of high purity and quality.

By only consuming 1 tablespoon a day of this product, your body will be receiving a high dosage corresponding to 5 grams of L-glutamine. As for the design of the container, the bottle in which the powdered supplement is found is resistant and totally hermetic, thus prolonging the shelf life of glutamine, keeping it fresh and active.

Regarding the production of this product, we must mention that it is subject to the strictest quality standards and hygiene controls (HACCP quality guarantee). As a result, a glutamine supplement free of fungicides, artificial fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified raw material is introduced to the market.

In this German manufacturer you may find the best brand of glutamines. Therefore, we invite you to detail the following pros and cons that this product brings.


Packaging: The cans are free of phthalates, since they are made of innocuous elements, such as HDPE and PET.

Confidence: The Fairvital brand tests its products on a regular basis, to offer safe and high-quality products to the market.

Dosage: The product comes with a dosing cap, to obtain an easy and quick measurement when consuming the supplement.


Instructions for use : Although the label is described in several languages, the instructions are detailed in German, being confusing for those who do not speak the language.

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5. Premium Body Nutrition L-Glutamine Pack

If you need a little extra to reinforce your diet and optimize your sports performance, you can turn to PBN Glutamine. This product contains only this compound, with which it is much easier to optimize the absorption of nutrients by the muscles.

Something key both when it comes to improving our physical recovery and so that those muscles have what they need to work at maximum performance at all times. The product is presented in powder form, without flavor and with a high level of solubility. Something that makes it easier to add it to any drink or take it with water comfortably and without letting our arms shake.

As for the container, it contains 500 grams of this product, enough for about 100 doses of it.

Nutrition is key when it comes to training, so adding a booster to your diet is always a good idea.


Flavor: Its neutral flavor makes it easier to use glutamine in any preparation or mix we make.

Solubility : Its good solubility prevents lumps from remaining when preparing any drink.

Vegetarian : Thanks to its origin, we are talking about a product suitable for vegetarian or vegan users.


Sweetener : The product includes a small percentage of sweetener in its recipe.

Allergies: Although the product is only glutamine, plus the aforementioned sweetener, it may have traces of certain allergens.

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6. Prozis L-Glutamine Natural 150 Gr

This glutamine supplement is indicated for people who have an active lifestyle. That is, athletes who practice high-intensity sports and users who want to improve their appearance and physical performance through long-term sessions; thus avoiding with this product the degeneration of muscle tissues.

The Prozis brand, through its glutamine, offers multiple benefits for the body, since it increases ATP production and increases both cell volume and muscle mass.

Now, the formula of this supplement is subjected to strict controls that are responsible for detecting if it has prohibited substances that are harmful to health; therefore the only active ingredient is 100% glutamine obtained through natural components.

In terms of design, the bottle has dimensions of 10.5 cm x 12 x 10.5 cm, with a modern style and bright color, which is easy to carry anywhere.

If you are still not convinced by the product description, we will shortly detail more of its positive and negative characteristics.


Quality: This product is tested under rigorous norms and standards of quality, hygiene and detection of prohibited substances, so that athletes can consume it safely.

Formula: Being made from 100% pure glutamine, this formula helps muscles recover after training, thanks to its rapid absorption.

Dosage: The powder format is easy and quick to dose, using the spoon that comes with the container.


Quantity: It brings 150 grams that are equivalent to 30 portions of the product, so it can last for short periods of time.

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7. Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Supplement for Athletes

If you are an athlete, or a fan of the fitness world, and you do not know which is the best glutamine that can help boost your strength and the recovery of your muscles after exercising, you could find a capable product in this Optimum Nutrition brand supplement. to provide 5000 mg of glutamine in a single dose.

This supplement is in powder format in a 630-gram container, with a concentration sufficient for 120 servings; which has a lid that seals hermetically to keep its properties fresh and longer.

The way to consume this supplement is very easy, you only have to dilute 5 grams of the product in 240 ml of water, juice or another protein drink, since it has a neutral flavor that is easy to combine. It should be noted that Optimum Nutrition is a brand that maintains rigorous standards and quality controls on its products.

Due to the different benefits that this glutamine brings to the body, it would be worth detailing its pros and cons below.


Instructions : Both the indications and the ingredients are specified on the package in different languages, which makes it easier for the user to understand according to their place of origin.

Size: The size of the container is 15 cm, practical and easy to take to the gym or on a trip.

Easy to dilute: Its powder format allows the product to be easily mixed with any drink.


Traces of allergens: This supplement may contain traces of allergen components, so sensitive users should evaluate this quality before purchase.

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8. Qualnat L-Glutamine More Muscle Mass Strength and Energy

After an intense session of sports training it is important to regenerate the cell damage caused by it. Hence, this product has been designed to help in the recovery of muscles, prevent catabolism and stimulate the energy reserves stored in the body, while strengthening the immune system.

It should be noted that the ingredients with which it is made are 100% natural and are made up of 2200 mg of L-glutamine, calcium, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate, for the healthy maintenance of the body.

On the other hand, you will be able to ingest it easily and without worrying about the correct dose, since the presentation of this container contains 360 compressed capsules, a sufficient quantity for 90 days of treatment; since its manufacturers recommend the intake of 4 units daily. In addition, this supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, since it does not contain elements of animal origin.

If, faced with the many options, you still cannot decide which glutamine to buy, we present the following pros and cons of this product, which can help you make a decision according to your needs.


Format: It has a format in the form of capsules with a soft texture, easy to swallow due to its comfortable size.

Quantity: The container contains 360 convenient tablets for those users who want to take it for a long time.

Quality: It is made in the United Kingdom, under strict regulations and standards published by the European Union. For this reason it is considered as a reliable product.


Dosage: 4 capsules should be consumed daily to achieve adequate intake of the product.

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9. Amix Glutamine + BCAA 500 Gr Forest Fruits

The Amix brand presents us with a nutritional supplement made with branched-chain amino acids, such as glutamine and BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine). These compounds are responsible for synthesizing proteins, raising energy reserves in our body, increasing muscle mass, strengthening defenses and accelerating the recovery of muscle tissues and cells.

The bottle is 19 cm high and contains 10,000 mg of L-Glutamine, and 10,000 mg of BCAAs per 20 gram dose. Likewise, it is hermetically sealed to preserve the freshness and quality of the product.

As for its form of administration, it is offered in powder format, which is easy to dilute and can be quickly absorbed by the body. For this, the recommended daily dose corresponds to 10 grams, which should be taken as follows: 5 grams with 200 ml of water or any drink before the intense exercise session and 5 grams after finishing it.

If you are looking to improve your physical performance during exercise, below we will detail more of the features that make this product stand out.


Formula: The formula of this product contains 5000 mg of glutamine and 5000 mg of BCAAs (2500 mg of Leucine, 1250 mg of Isoleucine and 1250 mg of Valine) to provide greater benefits to the body.

Combination: The mixture of glutamine and BCAAs make this supplement a combination that is considered successful for all high-intensity athletes.

Safety: Complies with all HACCP and GMP standards for safe consumption.


Flavored: This formulation is not offered without flavor, so if you intend to mix it with your drinks, you may have to look for another option.

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Shopping guide

The wear and tear of training, stress and lifestyle can sometimes lower the levels of glutamine in our body, therefore it is important to supplement these deficits through nutritional supplements. In the following guide to buying the best glutamine, we detail the aspects that you must take into account when choosing one.

Functions and source of obtaining

Glutamine is an essential amino acid in our body, that is, our body is capable of producing it by itself. But, in situations of stress, or high-intensity sports practices, these levels can drop to such a degree that it is essential to supplement any deficit with nutritional supplements. This amino acid is responsible for performing different functions, one of them is to synthesize essential proteins for tissue growth; in addition to regulating the pH thanks to the nitrogen molecules.

And it is that glutamine is not only responsible for improving our muscles, it also stimulates the proper functioning of the brain, by helping to maintain memory and lower levels of stress and irritability.

The main sources of obtaining this component are found in foods of animal origin such as pork, beef, poultry and fish, eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt; in fruits such as papaya, miso and beans, and vegetables such as spinach, eggplant, carrots and cabbage.

These raw materials are exposed to a natural fermentation process, and from there the glutamine that is used in the different food supplements is obtained. In the market you can find it in Kosher presentations, suitable for vegans and vegetarians; as well as free of allergenic components such as gluten, soy, egg, dairy, artificial flavors, etc.


As we have already mentioned, over the years it has been shown, through various studies, that there are more and more benefits that glutamine provides in our body.

This amino acid is not only indicated for athletes who perform high-intensity sports, it is also recommended for people who lead a sedentary or busy lifestyle, under high stress levels. Therefore, before worrying about how much a presentation costs, it is important to analyze that opting for a glutamine supplement is investing in physical, emotional and brain health.

Similarly, we can highlight that glutamine combats depression and anxiety, improves sleep, protects the immune system by increasing defenses, accelerates the recovery process of muscles after physical exercise and increases muscle mass. In turn, it is indicated to avoid catabolism, and stimulate anabolism during protein synthesis.

Presentation and types of supplements

When making a comparison of glutamines, we can find it in two types of presentation, powder and capsules. The amino acid present in a powder format is indicated for athletes who must consume a dose greater than 5 grams of glutamine, it can be mixed with water or other protein drinks to create personalized supplements, and you can also get it in different flavors. However, most of the packages that contain this product are usually very large, so it could be difficult if you want to take it to another place.

In contrast, glutamine capsules are small and compact, easy to carry around. They are recommended for users who have busy lifestyles and do not have time to prepare a protein supplement powder.

Most of these are tasteless and soft in texture, making them very easy to swallow. In general, this presentation usually provides only 2 grams of glutamine, although there are exceptions, a composition of 5 grams of glutamine, but the size of the capsule is very large, making it difficult and uncomfortable to ingest.

Interaction with other medications

In the market we can find food supplements that have glutamine as the only component. Which is a good and economical alternative, since it can also be combined with other nutritional supplements such as protein shakes, products with BCAAs or other essential vitamins for athletes that increase their cost.

Some supplements, meanwhile, contain loads of glutamine mixed with other components such as BCAA amino acids, obtaining 2 benefits in a single formula. However, before carrying out any supplementation, it is advisable to consult a medical specialist or nutritionist about the components that can easily interact with the raw material of glutamine, since it is important not to self-medicate in any case.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use glutamine?

The first thing we must take into account when using glutamine supplements is that it is really necessary to consume it, this is determined by observing if you are losing muscle mass after carrying out demanding exercise routines for a while, or if you feel fatigue or a lot of pain in your muscles after exercising.

A medical evaluation will also be able to tell you if you need to take this product or not. Following this idea, the specialist will recommend the appropriate dose to cover said deficiency and the appropriate time for its intake during the day.

Q2: How to take glutamine?

To start taking glutamine for the first time, it must be done progressively and in minimum doses, to test the tolerance that the body has to the supplement and the side effects that may occur.

After verifying that these products do not cause negative impacts on our body, the amount can be gradually increased, until reaching that indicated by a specialist. Generally, micronized glutamine powder is dissolved in water or other pre- and post-workout drinks, with the recommended amount being 5 to 10 grams per day, divided into 2 servings.

Q3: Where does glutamine come from?

Mainly, glutamine is generated by our own body naturally, since it is one of the 20 amino acids that are most abundant in our body.

However, we can also obtain it through foods of animal and vegetable origin, such as parsley, nuts, spinach, meat and dairy products; although these should be consumed raw and not cooked, since when cooked they lose all the glutamine properties they may contain.

Q4: Which is better BCAA or glutamine?

It is important to note that BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) are essential amino acids, that is, they cannot be synthesized by our body, so we must consume them through food or vitamin supplements. For its part, glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, since our body is capable of producing it on its own; although in situations of stress or intense and prolonged training they can lower their levels, to the point of needing to fill this deficit.

Each one has positive effects on our muscles, since both are responsible in different ways for repairing injuries caused during training and increasing muscle mass; only that BCAAs are indicated for athletes who need extra energy power; while glutamine is focused to be used by any user from athletes to sedentary people. The choice is yours.

Q5: Is glutamine fattening?

As long as it is taken daily in amounts indicated by nutritional or medical specialists, glutamine does not generate negative effects on our body. However, sometimes there is a tendency to confuse the increase in muscle mass that this may cause, with a weight gain. On the other hand, if this supplement is consumed excessively, without any control, recommendation or without physical training, it could intensify the accumulation of fat and therefore weight gain.

Q6: Which is better, glutamine powder or pills?

You can consume glutamine both in powder and in pill form, it’s just a matter of taste and needs. For example, glutamine powder is recommended for athletes who require the intake of high doses of glutamine (5g), since they are easier to take, can be combined with other drinks and some bring different pleasant flavors to the palate. For their part, the capsules are indicated for people with busy lifestyles, since the doses of these are easier to carry everywhere.

Q7: When to take glutamine?

Mostly glutamine should be taken by athletes who perform high-intensity exercises, or users who lead a busy or stressful lifestyle. We recommend that you first consult a medical specialist, so that he or she can tell you at what time of the day you should take the shots, and the ideal dose according to your age, gender and activity that you do. However, this product is indicated to be consumed when getting up, before and after training, and at bedtime.

Q8: Which is better glutamine or creatine?

Both amino acids are important for those athletes who perform exercises that demand strength and endurance. Glutamine is responsible for repairing injuries, raising the immune system and increasing muscle mass in your body; while creatine provides energy to your muscles quickly and powerfully. That said, it’s just a matter of analyzing what your body really needs.

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