The 9 Best Hiking Pants of 2022

Trekking Pants – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The trekking pants have been made to meet the needs of those who enjoy outdoor excursions. For this reason, these garments offer a series of specific characteristics to protect against abrasion, blizzard and humidity, as well as provide the comfort and freshness necessary for the development of a pleasant journey. A good example of this is the YiLianDa Poliéster model, a garment designed with waterproof fabric that does not sacrifice breathability of the skin. In addition, it has a series of well-crafted cuts with resistant seams. For its part, Izas Wengen is a model with a stylized cut with long legs in breathable and flexible fabric, which adapts to any anatomy.

The 9 Best Trekking Pants – Opinions 2022

Trekking pants have been specially designed to provide protection and comfort outdoors, which is why it is a very popular garment. Next, you will be able to review a small description, pros and cons of nine models valued among the best of this year.

Men’s trekking pants

1. YiLianDa Waterproof Softshell Trekking Pants

These could well be the best price-quality trekking pants, as they are made with polyester and polyamide fabric, which are soft touch materials, resistant to abrasion and blizzards. Likewise, a series of well-cared finishes in each of the cuts stands out in the design.

The YiLianDa men’s trekking pants have a design with straight legs and knee reinforcements, which provide greater protection. For its part, the waist area is elastic, which allows a correct adjustment to different types of anatomies, while the closure is by means of a zipper and a clasp. Likewise, a convenient belt is incorporated for greater practicality.

It is important to mention that the warm and breathable interior of this model is suitable for any outdoor activity at any time of the year. In addition, it is an easy garment to wash manually or in a machine and it dries quickly.

Among the cheapest trekking pants, this model stands out, whose advantages and disadvantages we show you below.


Waist: Its elastic waist allows a correct adjustment to different anatomies.

Waterproofing: You won’t have to worry about precipitation thanks to the polyamide fabric that makes the garment waterproof.

Use: You can use this garment in outdoor activities, in any season of the year, due to its comfortable and breathable fabric.

Pockets: A couple of zippered pockets are incorporated so that you can carry some objects with total security.


Elasticity: The fabric could have less flexibility than expected, but this depends on the taste of each person.

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Women’s trekking pants

2. Izas Wengen Trekking Pants

Izas stands out among the manufacturers with a recommended model to become the best trekking pants. Its cut line is long and straight legs, while the elastic waistband, in conjunction with the zipper and button closure method, provide an anatomical fit. On the other hand, the built-in zippered pockets on each side of the hip, on the back and on the sides of the legs, are convenient for you to easily carry personal valuables.

These women’s trekking pants have been made with 92 and 8% polyester and elastane, which are fibers capable of offering resistance to abrasion, are pleasant to the touch and have the necessary flexibility so that you can bend your knees, bend over, run, jump or simply walk, without the movements being limited. In addition, these fabrics repel water, provide an adequate level of breathability, are suitable for washing machines and are quick to dry outdoors.

This is a product indicated as the best trekking pants of the moment, whose advantages and disadvantages you will be able to know right away.


Pockets: Thanks to the six pockets arranged on the garment, you can easily store small objects.

Belt: A convenient belt is attached to adjust the garment to your liking.

Washing: You can incorporate the trousers in the washing machine to speed up the cleaning process. 

Drying: The fabric offers rapid drying due to its high level of breathability.


Legs: The lower part of the legs tends to drag, but you can fold the lower part of the legs to avoid this.

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Winter trekking pants

3. 7vstohs Men’s Waterproof Softshell Fleece Mountain Pants

There are those who comment on this model on the web as one of the best trekking pants of 2022, as it is made with resistant fabrics, has high-quality finishes and a modern cut line. In this way, it is possible to use the garment both for sports activities outdoors, and in your day to day.

These are winter trekking pants with a polyester exterior and a fleece-lined interior, which provide an adequate level of resistance to abrasion and blizzards, as well as providing the necessary warmth for the coldest days of the year, without sacrificing perspiration.

In addition, in the waist area, the garment attaches pins with their respective strap for a correct fit. Likewise, it has zippered pockets, so you can safely carry important small objects such as keys, wallet, mobile, among others.

7vstohs is considered by some buyers to be the best brand of trekking pants. Find out below the details of one of their models.


Knees: Its perforated knees improve mobility and provide greater protection.

Lining: The incorporated fleece lining enhances the warmth in the garment for winter days.

Pockets: You can store and keep any small object close at hand, thanks to the integrated pockets.

Use: This model is suitable for any outdoor activity, gardening or everyday use.


Cut: The cut line of the crotch area of ​​these pants might be a bit long for some people.

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Boys’ trekking pants

4. Mountain Warehouse Boys’ Lightweight Convertible Active Pant

This model has managed to stand out among the cheap trekking pants on this list. Its design offers great versatility of use, because, at first glance, it is a garment with long and loose legs, but if you remove the zippers below the knees, you can reduce the size and turn it into a comfortable short.

With regard to the construction of these trekking pants for boys, you will be interested to know that a combination of polyester and cotton fabric was used, which gives the design an adequate level of breathability, to maintain comfort during the hottest days..

Likewise, two pockets stand out arranged in the rear area, another pair in the upper sides and two cargo type, on each side of the legs, with the purpose of offering the child the necessary space to carry his small personal items.

Here we present the good and the bad after acquiring this model of trekking pants.


Use: The garment can be worn short or long because it incorporates zippers under the knees, to vary the length of the legs.

Washing: You will be able to save washing time, because the garment is suitable for the machine.

Pockets: It is possible to have personal items close at hand, thanks to the six pockets of the garment.

Fabric: Due to its manufacture in cotton with polyester, you will enjoy a breathable and comfortable garment.


Size: The cut of the legs could be a bit long, so you must be careful when selecting the size.

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Men’s trekking shorts

5. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge II Shorts

When looking for cheap trekking pants, it is not surprising to find in this list of recommended products a garment with the Columbia quality seal, since it is an iconic brand present on the market since 1938. In fact, this model belonging to its catalog of purchase, it is considered by many as the answer to which is the best trekking pants.

The garment has been made with robust nylon fabric, which is a resistant, breathable material that is pleasant to the touch and dries quickly. In addition, it adds a special UPF 50 treatment to block ultraviolet radiation and provide protection to the skin.

On the other hand, the pants have been provided with a total of four pockets, strategically placed to access them quickly. Thus, you will have your keys, credentials, knife, compass or any other object at hand. Likewise, these men’s trekking shorts have belt loops at the waist and a convenient synthetic buckled strap.

This product could help you define which trekking pants to buy. Know the good and the bad of this model.


Belt: Thanks to the built-in belt, you can correctly adjust the garment to your waist.

Breathable: This garment offers an adequate level of perspiration to keep you cool during the hottest days of the year.

Pocket: Four pockets are incorporated, so you can carry any small items with you easily.

Sun protection: You will be protected from the sun’s rays, because the fabric incorporates UPF 50 technology.


Size: It is important that you compare the dimensions of the size with respect to your anatomy, to avoid mishaps when wearing the garment.

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Men’s summer trekking pants

6. Regatta Men’s New Action Trekking Dress Shorts

In this opportunity, Regatta presents us with some men’s summer trekking pants with a short leg design, recommended to be used in any outdoor sports activity, during the summer season, due to the high level of freshness it offers.

It is a garment made of 100% polycotton, which provides greater freedom of movement to the legs. In the front area, you have a zipper and a button for a quick closure, while in the waist area you will have a series of pins so that you can place a strap between them. In this way, you will be able to improve the fit of the pants for greater comfort when moving.

On the other hand, we have the spacious built-in pockets on the sides of the garment and another pair with zippers on the back. Thus, you can place any object you want. Of course, these pieces must be small.

This is a garment commented positively on the web, whose advantages and disadvantages could capture your attention.


Pins: The pins arranged at the waist allow the placement of a strap, for a better fit to the body.

Closure: The garment offers a quick and secure closure, by means of a zipper and a button.

Pockets: It has four available pockets, so you can have with you any small object that you consider necessary.

Legs: These are short leg pants, suitable for any outdoor activities in summer.


Colour: The navy blue color of the garment may not be to the liking of all buyers.

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Women’s trekking pants for winter

7. Haines Women’s Waterproof Winter Mountain Trekking Pant

Haines is a manufacturer with a long history in the market and great positioning, due to the quality present in each of the designs it sells, among which they have managed to highlight these women’s winter trekking pants made with black textile.

The garment has a stylized cut line, which highlights the feminine silhouette, without sacrificing comfort, due to the fact that its long legs are slightly loose. In addition, the fabric used incorporates elastane for complete flexibility and reinforcements in the knees, so that you do not have limitations when bending said joint. 

Also, it should be mentioned that the textile has waterproof properties, so that moisture does not come into contact with your skin and its surface provides rapid drying. In this way, unexpected precipitation during the tour will not be an inconvenience. Likewise, it is a fabric with a light body, breathable and capable of easily cutting the wind.

With these trekking pants you will keep warm and comfortable during your winter journeys. More details below.


Waterproofing: Its waterproof fabric prevents the passage of moisture for greater skin protection.

Knees: The reinforcements on the knees enhance better mobility, due to their elasticity.

Pocket: On each side of the hip there is a pocket to store any small items you need during the journey.

Pins: You can improve the fit of the waist, thanks to the pins arranged to place the strap.


Elasticity: The fabric of the garment may be more flexible than expected, which some people may not like.

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Women’s trekking pants for summer

8. Columbia Saturday Trail with Sun Protection Women

If you are one of the people who enjoys outdoor sports activities, you may be interested in the proposal for women’s summer trekking pants offered by Columbia. It is a garment made to provide comfort, breathability and the necessary protection during your journey.

These pants have been made of nylon fabric with elastane at 96 and 4% respectively, which are materials that offer great resistance to abrasion. In addition, they provide the necessary elasticity so that you can lift your legs, bend over or move, without any type of limitation.

Regarding the design of the garment, the pair of long and straight legs, quick-opening front zipper and a pair of buttons that complement the waist adjustment stand out. We also have the pair of side pockets at hip level, and two more on the back, which will allow you to keep your keys, credentials or any small object close at hand.

If you are looking for trekking pants for this summer season, it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of this model.


Sun protection: You will not have to worry about the impact of the sun’s rays on the skin, because the fabric has ultraviolet protection.

Pockets: Its four pockets will help you keep your small belongings safe.

Reinforcements: A pair of protectors are integrated in the knees to avoid the rapid deterioration of said areas in the garment.

Fit: The pants incorporate a front zipper with a button for a secure fit.


Waterproof: The garment is not waterproof, but in case of precipitation it will dry quickly.

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Women’s trekking shorts

9. Ternua Magari Short Woman

These are women’s trekking shorts manufactured by the well-known Ternua house, whose design will capture your attention from the first moment, due to its modern cut line and well-crafted seams, which highlight the high level of quality of the product.

The garment has a pair of vertical pockets on the sides of the hip and a third horizontal one at the back. All of them incorporate a zipper with a secure closure and quick opening, which will allow you to always have any small object at hand during the journey.

These pants were made with polyamide and elastane, which provide the necessary elasticity so that you can move without limitations and stay protected from moisture, due to the waterproof properties of the fabric. In addition, on the front, there is a zipper for quick adjustment of the garment to the body and a series of loops around the waist for the strap. 

Here you can read more details of short-design trekking pants, aimed at the female target.


Waterproof: You won’t have to worry about unexpected precipitation or spills on the garment, because it is made of waterproof fabric.

Fabric: The combination of polyamide and elastane make the model adapt to the body, for greater freedom of movement.

Pockets: Three zippered pockets are incorporated, so that you do not lose the stored objects.

Belt: Thanks to the built-in belt, you will get a correct fit of the garment.


Design: If you want a long trekking pants, you will have to continue the review process, because this one is short.

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Shopping guide

Below, we present a guide to buying the best trekking pants, in which you will find the main quality indicators to verify, so that you can acquire a resistant, functional garment capable of satisfying your needs for use in any setting.

Design and textile

The design of trekking pants is usually varied, so it is not surprising that you get models with a long structure in the legs, while others could be short. There is also the issue of clothing fabrics, which provide the penda with waterproofing, warmth, breathability, softness, protection against the wind, among other benefits.

It is a series of characteristics that could well influence how much the product costs, but that ultimately will help you enjoy a quality garment capable of protecting you from the elements during your journeys.

Among the fibers generally used by manufacturers of trekking pants is polyester, which is a highly resistant material with a pleasant touch. Likewise, a low percentage of cotton is added to enhance the breathability and comfort of the garment, while the elastane strands provide the necessary elasticity so that the person can move freely.

On the other hand, there are the designs of nylon and polyamide trekking pants. These are two waterproof type textiles, so they prevent the passage of moisture into the interior of the garment. In addition, they are light fibers, breathable and provide protection against scratches.

waist and fit

Freedom of movement is vital for anyone when performing an outdoor activity, so it is important that you choose trekking pants that fit correctly at the waist, without causing discomfort. Therefore, the garment should not be too tight, so that it does not generate a feeling of suffocation or pressure, but neither should it be too loose, because it will tend to move and it will be necessary to constantly put it in place.

Let us remember that, despite the fact that two people may coincide with regard to the measurements of the length of the legs, waist and hips, offered by the model of the chosen pants, the waist usually varies in diameter according to the individual’s build.. In view of this situation, manufacturers usually incorporate elastics in this area, to provide a completely anatomical fit.

Similarly, in the comparison of trekking pants made, try to review not only this aspect, but also the incorporation of pins at the waist to add a strap and a strap. Thus, you will satisfactorily improve the fit of the garment. 


There are some small objects such as a compass, a knife, credentials, a wallet, keys, a mobile phone, among others, that we must have on hand when carrying out any outdoor sports activity. Therefore, when selecting trekking pants it is important to verify that the design incorporates at least a couple of pockets, which help in fulfilling said task.

Although the options of trekking pants are usually varied, it is also true that, regardless of how cheap a model is, generally these garments are characterized by incorporating some pockets to improve the user experience of the athlete. In this sense, you could find a couple of them on the upper sides of the hips or on each side of the legs, accompanied by their respective zippers, to avoid the loss of objects stored in them. Also, other pants have back pockets with Velcro closure or snaps.


Trekking pants tend to get dirty quickly, because they are totally exposed to the weather, so it is important to wash said garment constantly after each use that we give it. In this sense, you must confirm that the product to be purchased offers a quick and simple washing method, which we can carry out without spending too much time or special detergents, to take care of the fabrics.

This type of trekking pants can generally be washed by hand, or incorporated into the washing machine without any inconvenience. Of course, the garment should be exposed to a gentle wash cycle. However, a large number of manufacturers agree that trekking pants are best dried outdoors, since the heat of the dryer can gradually deteriorate the elastic fibers incorporated into the fabric.

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