The 9 Best Hiking Sandals for Women of 2022

Women’s trekking sandals – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Trekking sandals are part of the clothing used to undertake an open field route, as they provide cushioning, stability, good grip and keep the foot protected from external agents. Of course, all these benefits depend on the level of quality offered by the selected model. For example, the Merrell Kauna Iii women’s trekking sandals have been made with pigskin, which is resistant to abrasion, and a Vibram sole, whose grip adapts to any terrain. Another alternative is the Chiruca Gandia 0536, whose structure adapts to the natural shape of the foot, thanks to the adjustable strap system.

The 9 Best Hiking Sandals for Women – Opinions 2022

There are many women’s trekking sandals on the market, but not all designs are capable of offering the same benefits when embarking on a route. Therefore, selection is important. Next, you will find nine models that, according to users, could be the best of this year.

Merrell women’s trekking sandals

1. Merrell Women’s Kahuna Iii Hiking Sandals

These could be one of the best trekking sandals for women, since they are shoes made with high-quality materials and special technology, whose purpose is to provide a good user experience on any terrain.

The Merrell women’s trekking sandals have a Vibram rubber sole, which is characterized by being light and non-slip. In addition, in the heel area, they incorporate a piece of thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, to improve the level of cushioning and stability when stepping, due to the fact that this is a highly flexible elastomer.

On the other hand, there is the surface of the sandals for which pig leather was used, which is strong and durable; while in the internal area there is a special lycra lining with an antimicrobial treatment, responsible for blocking all the agents that cause bad foot odour.

Among the best trekking sandals for women of the moment, this model stands out, which adapts to wet or dry terrain. Here, more details.


Cushioning: The cushioning system in the heel absorbs the impact when stepping.

Closure: A practical buckle is incorporated to open and close the sandal with ease.

Lining: Thanks to the antimicrobial treatment of the lining you will not have to worry about the bad smell caused by sweating.

Surface: Its pigskin surface is resistant and has a soft touch.


Perspiration: Some people comment that the level of perspiration is a bit low, so you could still experience excess sweating on your feet.

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2. Merrell All out Blaze Web Women’s Hiking Sandals

Merrell women’s trekking sandals are recognized in the market for being resistant and durable, thanks to the high quality standards applied to their construction. In this way, when embarking on a route using this shoe, it is possible to improve the individual sports experience, by enjoying good grip, cushioning and softness on the sole.

These are ideal sandals to go on a trip and complete routes on uneven or wet terrain. All this versatility of use is due to the incorporation of a Vibram rubber sole with a robust body and a series of medium-deep channels that, when in contact with the ground, offer an adequate level of traction and stability to the foot.

Likewise, the midsole provided with Unifly or cushioning technology stands out, which is responsible for absorbing the energy of the impact against the ground, to release pressure points and keep the foot rested during the journey.

Know the pros and cons of women’s trekking sandals with a simple design, but with great visual appeal.


Closure: You can adjust the sandals according to the width of the foot, thanks to the velcro available on the instep and ankle.

Seams: The seams have been reinforced to provide greater resistance in the joints.

Sole: You will get a good grip on wet or dry terrain, due to the Vibram sole with built-in channels.

Breathability: The mesh on the sides improves breathability and thus keeps the foot cool.


Durability: The straps may not be the most resistant among the models analyzed.

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Chiruca women’s trekking sandals

3. Chiruca Gandia Trekking Sandal

Among the cheapest options in this selection of recommended products, these Chiruca women’s trekking sandals stand out, whose design offers a simple but completely anatomical cut line.

For the manufacture of the footwear, synthetic textile fabric was used, which has a pleasant touch and great resistance. Also, there are the double seams arranged in the straps and joints of the entire sandal, which not only prevent detachment, but also add a decorative touch to the outer area of ​​the product.

On the other hand, we have the black rubber sole, provided with a series of shallow channels, responsible for providing a good grip on the ground, to prevent slipping when stepping. In addition, a midsole is integrated in the well-known EVA rubber. It is a very soft thermoplastic, in charge of cushioning the energy of the impact produced when stepping.

Next, the positive and other less flattering details of women’s trekking sandals with a modern design and great finishes.


Outsole: Shallow grooves in the outsole help prevent slippage and gain stability.

Midsole: Its EVA rubber midsole offers correct impact cushioning when stepping.

Closure: The velcro straps incorporated into the instep and ankle allow you to quickly adjust the shoe.

Lining: The synthetic fabric lining provides softness in contact with the skin.


Last: You must be careful when selecting this shoe, since the last could be a bit loose.

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4. Chiruca Valencia

With these Chiruca women’s trekking sandals it is possible to move comfortably and safely during the summer season, whether on dry or wet ground. This is mainly due to the sole incorporated into the shoe, which is made of flexible rubber with some channels drawn on its back. In this way, it is possible to achieve an adequate level of traction when stepping. 

Likewise, an EVA midsole stands out, with which a correct cushioning of the energy generated when stepping is achieved, which allows pressure points on the sole to be eliminated.

The exterior of the sandals was made of synthetic leather in a light blue tone, while the interior has a textile lining. Both are resistant materials with a pleasant touch. In addition, there is the three-point adjustment system, which allows the person to adapt the shoe according to the shape of the foot.

These are women’s trekking sandals recommended for undertaking any outdoor sports activity. Find out more details right away.


Adjustment: You will have three adjustment points to adapt the footwear to the shape of the foot.

Sole: The rubber sole provides a firm grip on the ground, for a safe movement.

Midsole: Its EVA rubber midsole provides soft support and shock absorption when walking.

Resistance: Thanks to the poly-leather exterior, you will enjoy a high level of resistance against abrasion.


Last: The last could be a bit tight, so it is recommended to buy a size above the one used regularly.

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Columbia Women’s Walking Sandals

5. Columbia Women’s Sunlight Vent II Sandals

Among the best value for money trekking sandals for women, there is this model with a modern and anatomical cut line, made to provide the feet with stability, comfort and safety in each step taken.

These Columbia women’s trekking sandals have a light and resistant rubber sole, which highlights a flat heel one centimeter high and a series of channels that improve the level of traction on uneven and wet floors.

In addition, a textured surface is incorporated in the sole area, designed to prevent internal slippage of the foot due to humidity. In this way, the foot is offered the necessary stability to move with confidence.

Also, both the outer and inner area of ​​the shoe is made of synthetic material, which will dry quickly in the event that the person steps on a puddle during the journey.

These might be the cheapest women’s trekking sandals, made from high-quality synthetic materials. Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


Plant: Its textured plant prevents the foot from slipping internally when stepping.

Outsole: The grooved rubber outsole grips the ground for added stability on the ground.

Closure: Built-in velcro at adjustment points offers quick opening and secure closure.

Quick drying: You won’t have to worry about puddles on the road, because the synthetic material dries quickly.


Straps: The adjustment straps might be a bit small for people with sturdy feet.

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6. Columbia Women’s Santiam Sandals

Recommended as the best trekking sandals for women of 2022, we can find this model in the purchase catalog of the prestigious Columbia brand. 

It is a shoe made with a dark gray leather exterior, which is resistant to deterioration, while the internal lining is synthetic and soft to the touch, to prevent carvings and provide a comfortable experience. In addition, closure points with their respective velcro straps are incorporated on the instep and ankle to regulate the fit.

These Columbia women’s trekking sandals have been provided with a rubber sole and, on it, a series of channels are drawn to provide good traction on the ground. For its part, being made of flexible rubber, the midsole manages to adapt to the natural shape of the foot and, in turn, cushions the impacts caused by stepping to provide rest.

Columbia could be the best brand of trekking sandals for women, and this model can represent a sample of it. Next, its good aspects and other less convenient.


Closure: You will enjoy two closure points by means of an easy-to-handle velcro strap.

Lining: The interior has been lined with soft fabric, providing a pleasant touch at all times.

Sole: Its sole with channels provides a good level of grip, for a safe movement.

Midsole: The midsole gives the design greater flexibility and adaptability to the natural shape of the foot.


Hot: The footwear could seem hot and, as a consequence, it would give the sensation of more sweating on the sole.

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Teva Women’s Walking Sandals

7. Teva Tirra W’s Women’s Sport Sandals

When in doubt about which are the best trekking sandals for women, many users agree that this model could solve this question, because it is a design that combines resistance and comfort with a modern, but discreet aesthetic.

To achieve this compilation of positive characteristics, the manufacturer incorporated into these Teva women’s trekking sandals a robust rubber sole with moderately deep channels, whose purpose is to offer a correct grip on the surface.

Similarly, in the sole area there is a textured surface, which allows the foot to stay in the same place, without suffering any type of internal displacement, caused by sweating or external humidity. In addition, it is important to comment on the adjustment point on the instep and around the ankle, made up of velcro straps that provide quick fastening and secure closure.

Those who do not know which women’s trekking sandals to buy might be interested in this Teva model, whose pros and cons we mention below.


Adjustment: Two adjustment points with velcro closure are incorporated, to adapt the shoe to the foot easily.

Sole: Due to the channels drawn on the sole, it is possible to achieve optimal grip on uneven or wet surfaces.

Color: The sandals are completely black, which gives them a discreet touch, ideal for conservative people.

Sole: The sole has a textured surface, which prevents internal slippage.


Velcros: Velcros could deteriorate quickly when pulled due to their thin design.

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Keen women’s trekking sandals

8. Keen Clearwater Cnx Women’s Hiking Sandals

With these Keen women’s trekking sandals, the person will be able to carry out long hiking routes without their feet feeling the fatigue of said outdoor activity. This is because the footwear has been made with soft-touch materials and a flexible body that adapts to the shape and natural movement of the foot.

The robust rubber sole provides a correct level of traction, thanks to the series of channels drawn on the back. In this way, when it comes into contact with dry or wet terrain, it adheres to it and thus prevents unexpected slipping during the journey.

In addition, there is the sole of the shoe, whose texture keeps the foot in place and provides stability. Likewise, the closure method with criss-crossed laces along the instep stands out, offering an anatomical, simple and secure fit.

Next, you will be able to know the pros and cons of women’s trekking sandals with a robust design and high-quality finishes.


Closure: The lacing system arranged on the instep offers an anatomical fit and quick closure.

Sole: Its flat sole with channels provides a good grip on dry and wet floors.

Handle: Thanks to the handle on the back, the person can easily put on the shoe.

Reinforcements: Some reinforcements were incorporated, which provide greater resistance and stability to the foot.


Last: The last is fair, so you should try to choose the exact number to avoid inconveniences.

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Salomon women’s trekking sandals

9. Salomon Shoes Tech Sandal Womens Sandals

Salomon women’s trekking sandals have a modern and simple design line, which is visually attractive. In addition, they offer a good range of resistance and comfort for long walks, due to their manufacture with quality materials and a perspiration system, through a series of lateral perforations.

The interior of the footwear has a textile lining with a pleasant soft touch, so the person will not have to worry about the generation of carvings on the skin. For its part, the outer area and the sole have been made of synthetic material, which can eventually be exposed to water during the route without fear of deterioration. 

Likewise, there is the rubber sole, with channels capable of improving traction when stepping, while the midsole cushions the impact of the steps on the ground and releases the pressure, to achieve rest of the feet.

Here, details of women’s trekking sandals with a modern design line and comfortable interior.


Channels: The channels drawn on the sole provide a correct grip on different terrains.

Midsole: You won’t have to worry about pressure points, since the midsole cushions the impact that causes them.

Closure: The pair of built-in buckles allow a secure closure and quick release of the shoe.

Perspiration: On the sides there are a series of perforations, which facilitate the free passage of air.


Color: The light gray tone of the sandals might not be to everyone’s liking.

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Shopping guide

When embarking on a hiking route, it is important to have adequate support for the feet, which adapts to the different terrains that may occur: wet, dry, muddy, sandy, among others. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to select the type of footwear to be used and evaluate its main quality identifiers. Here is a guide to buying the best trekking sandals for women, which could be of great help to you.


The sole is usually an aspect incorporated in any comparison of trekking sandals for women, since the level of grip offered by the product on the different terrains to be covered will depend on said piece.

For example, when reviewing the proposals of the different brands of trekking sandals for women, those that have been provided with a Vibram-type sole quickly stand out. It is a robust and light rubber, which is characterized by providing high traction, being waterproof and non-slip, that is, it is suitable for moving safely on rocky or smooth surfaces, crossing puddles, etc. Similarly, there are other types of rubber used in the industry, which offer good performance.

In addition, whatever the material used, the ideal is that the sole is not completely flat. Instead, it should incorporate a series of deep channels, in order to achieve better adhesion to the ground and, therefore, favor the stability of the body in each of the steps taken.


The closure method used in women’s trekking sandals may vary, depending on the design line of the product. In fact, this feature is not only capable of determining the fit of the shoe to the foot, but also how much it costs.

These types of sandals usually have between two and three adjustment points, distributed in the instep area and around the ankle. Each one of them is made up of a strap provided with its respective velcro, being a quick and safe closure method. Similarly, some brands replace Velcro with plastic pins, which can be handled with one hand, making them very practical.

On the other hand, there are the sandals whose model preserves the patterns of traditional footwear, integrating two rows of pins intertwined by a Quicklace-type elastic cord into the instep area. Thus, it is only necessary to pull them to adapt the structure to the natural shape of the foot and the closing mechanism is activated, since these laces do not need to be knotted.


When starting the search for women’s trekking sandals, there are many aspects to review, the midsole being one of them. It is a piece incorporated into the upper part of the sole of some footwear models, whose purpose is to provide the foot with extra comfort, since it helps to eliminate pressure points caused when hitting the ground.

Manufacturers usually use good and cheap rubbers, which are characterized by a soft, flexible and resistant body. In this way, it adapts to the natural shape of the foot. In this sense, EVA rubber is a high-quality elastomer that meets these requirements and, therefore, improves the athlete’s performance. For this reason, it has become one of the favorite materials of the main footwear brands.

Lining and handle

Both the lining and the strap of women’s trekking sandals are elements that hardly capture the attention of buyers, when selecting the product. However, they are of great importance to improve the experience of using the shoe.

For example, the lining or inner lining of the shoes provides softness and, in turn, prevents the generation of annoying chafing on the skin. In addition, depending on the type of membrane or fabric used, it could provide warmth or breathability to the piece, as well as combat bacteria that cause bad odors. Of course, if the material has antimicrobial technology.

For its part, the handle is a piece that some manufacturers integrate into the back of the structure, in order to facilitate the entry of the foot inside the shoe, without having to force both parts.

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