The 9 Best Hiking Shoes for Women of 2022

Women’s Trekking Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Women’s trekking shoes have special features in their interior and exterior design, with the purpose of providing the foot with comfort and protection at all times, against the various external agents during the journeys. In this way, it is possible to move safely on any wet, sandy, rocky, smooth terrain, among others. For example, the Merrell Moab 2 GTX is a model of women’s trekking shoes made with a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane. In addition, the built-in insole cushions the impact energy when walking. For its part, the Salewa Wildfire GTX shoes offer a correct grip on any surface, due to its sole with studs and pointer for climbing.

The 9 Best Hiking Shoes for Women – Opinions 2022

With so many models of women’s trekking shoes on the market, selecting one that suits your usage needs could be a time-consuming task. In this sense, the ideal is to take into account the opinions and evaluations given by other users in the purchase portals, where they recommend the following nine models, among the best of this year.

Merrell women’s trekking shoes

1. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Gtx Hiking Shoes

When reviewing the purchase portals specialized in sports footwear, this Merrell model stands out, positioned among the best trekking shoes for women. Its design offers a modern cut line, which adapts to the natural shape of the foot to provide the necessary protection and comfort, to move safely on any type of wet, sandy, rocky, smooth or muddy terrain.

The exterior of these Merrell women’s trekking shoes has been made with a Gore-Tex membrane, which is characterized by its porosity, capable of keeping water on the outside, but without limiting the passage of air inside. In this way, the foot stays cool during the tour. 

For its part, on the instep there are pins crossed by a lace, which allows adjusting the fit of the shoe, while, inside, we see a convenient insole with an anatomical format, which absorbs the energy of the impact generated when stepping.

This is a recommended model among the best women’s trekking shoes of the moment. Know its positive aspects and some less flattering ones.


Sole: The Vibram-type sole offers an adequate level of traction on any surface.

Insole: An anatomically shaped insole is incorporated, which reduces pressure points on the foot.

Exterior: The exterior of the shoes blocks moisture without limiting perspiration, for fresh and protected feet.

Closure: Its closure with laces allows adjusting the fit, according to the taste of each person.


Internal friction: It is possible that during the first use your feet experience some friction, but everything will depend on the correct selection of the size.

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2. Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Q2 Hiking Shoes

With these Merrell women’s trekking shoes, you will enjoy aesthetically attractive, resistant and safe footwear. In addition, the cut line used in this design is complemented by Q2-type technology, to offer the foot a comfortable support that adapts to its natural shape. 

In this sense, an adequate level of stability is achieved in each of the steps, as well as a complete damping of the energy generated by the impact of the sole against the surface.

The exterior of the shoe incorporates synthetic fabric with a pleasant soft touch and mesh, which improve breathability. For its part, the template has an anatomical format and can be removed, so cleaning said piece will not be an inconvenience. In addition, there is a quick-adjust lacing system on the instep, which will allow you to adjust the width of the shoes, according to the anatomy of your foot.

Here are the pros and cons of these women’s trekking shoes repeatedly recommended by buyers.


Insole: The footwear has been provided with a pair of removable insoles, and it is possible to wash them separately with ease.

Tab: The tabs used for the design prevent the passage of waste inside. 

Odor protection: The fabric has a special antimicrobial treatment, which neutralizes bad odors generated by perspiration.

Closure: You can adjust the shoes quickly, with the help of the crisscross laces on the instep.


Waterproofing: The fabrics of this model may be less resistant to water compared to other options.

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Women’s trekking shoes with Gore Tex

3. Salewa Ws Wildfire Gore Tex Trekking & Wanderstiefel

Among the best women’s trekking shoes of 2022, we can mention this model from the Salewa house, made with high-end raw materials and special technology in some areas, to provide maximum protection and comfort.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning that the Pomoca Speed ​​Mtn type sole of these women’s trekking shoes with Gore Tex, is responsible for providing optimal grip on any type of ground, wet, rocky, muddy, among others. This is because it incorporates a series of studs and channels for greater traction. This way, you won’t have to worry about slippage when scrolling.

In addition, the toe box has been conditioned for climbing, while the OrthoLite plant cushions the impact and keeps the foot cool all the way. For its part, the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort lining prevents the passage of moisture into the interior.

Salewa is recommended as the best brand of trekking shoes for women, due to its quality, and this model proves it. Here, more details.


Closure: Its lace-up closure allows you to adjust the footwear, for adequate stability in the sole and heel.

Sole: The built-in cleated sole provides a secure grip on any surface.

Plant: The impact produced when stepping will not cause fatigue to the foot, because the plant absorbs the blow.

Lining: A lining with Gore Tex technology is incorporated, which enhances perspiration in the foot.


Vibram: This model does not incorporate Vibram in its sole, although it still offers good performance with each step.

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Women’s waterproof trekking shoes

4. Columbia Women’s Canyon Point Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Columbia brings to the market a sports shoe that, according to the opinions of users, could be the best trekking shoes for women, due to its resistant, anatomical design and with a cut line that stylizes the shape of the foot.

With regard to the manufacture of these waterproof women’s trekking shoes, we have to incorporate a membrane with special porosity, which keeps the water on the outside, but allows the fluid passage of air. In this way, the foot will stay dry and cool.

The rubber sole has a series of studs that provide the necessary stability to move on any type of surface, be it wet, rocky, with mud, sand, grass and even ice. Likewise, the midsole with Techlite technology absorbs the pressure generated when stepping, for greater comfort in the feet.

If you don’t know which women’s trekking shoes to buy, you might be interested in the advantages and disadvantages of this design.


Waterproof: The membrane used provides an adequate level of impermeability to the footwear.

Anti-marking: The design and material of the rubber sole prevent the generation of marks on the road.

Midsole: Thanks to the incorporated midsole, the impact energy when stepping is absorbed to provide greater comfort.

Toe cap: Its reinforced toe cap provides extra protection to the foot against stones or logs. 


Size: It is recommended to purchase a size above the one used, since the last of the shoe is usually reduced.

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Salomon women’s trekking shoes

5. Salomon X Radiant Gtx W Hiking Shoes

If you are looking for a sports shoe with which you can carry out different outdoor activities, without worrying about hurting your feet due to impacts or humidity, these Salomon women’s trekking shoes might interest you.

It is a product made with mesh and reinforced polyleather areas on the outside, which provide stability and protection to the foot, while the Gore-Tex type inner lining provides its waterproof properties to prevent the passage of water. However, this material also allows air circulation for proper breathability.

In addition, there is the rubber sole integrated into the shoe, whose special Contagrip stud format provides optimal grip on smooth, rocky, wet or muddy surfaces. For its part, the midsole effectively cushions the impact that is generated on the sole when stepping, releasing the pressure points for the foot to rest during the route.

Learn about the most relevant aspects of these women’s trekking shoes with a good level of cushioning.


Insole: Its die-cut insole reduces the impact of the footprint, giving the foot a break during the route.

Sole: The sole with studs enhances a good grip on any type of surface.

Lining: You won’t have to worry about water getting inside the shoe, thanks to its waterproof Gore-Tex lining.

Adjustment: You will only have to pull the laces simultaneously to adjust the shoe, according to the anomie of the foot. 


Color: If you are looking for this model in striking colors, you should know that it is offered in only two options.

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Women’s summer trekking shoes

6. Cmp Rigel Low Rise Hiking Shoes for Women

When reviewing among the women’s summer trekking shoes, this footwear stands out, positioned among the most outstanding models, due to the modern cut of its structure and the high level of quality of the materials. In addition, it is one of the most affordable products on this list.

These cheap shoes have a CMP Fullon Grip rubber sole, provided with medium studs, which provide a correct grip on wet or dry floors. Likewise, the exterior of the footwear offers a waterproof fabric composition, responsible for keeping the foot dry, despite weather changes or the water present on the road.

On the other hand, the synthetic reinforcements enhance the stability and protection of the foot, while the adjustment is fast and secure by means of laces, since you only have to take the strings and pull them until the shoe fits your anatomy.

By purchasing these women’s trekking shoes, you will enjoy modern and resistant footwear, with convenient advantages and disadvantages.


Waterproof: With these shoes you won’t have to worry about precipitation or puddles on the way, because they are waterproof.

Sole: Its rubber sole has a good level of traction on wet or dry floors.

Interior: The padded, mesh-lined interior provides soft, breathable support.

Adjustment: Thanks to the front laces, it is possible to adjust the shoes to the natural shape of the foot.


Summer: Although they have been designed for summer, they could retain a certain level of heat.

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North Face Women’s Walking Shoes

7. North Face W HH Fp Gtx Eu Shoes

With these North Face women’s trekking shoes, you can move on any type of terrain, including icy or smooth surfaces, since it is a shoe made with a Vibram rubber sole. This material is robust, light and capable of providing an effective grip and, therefore, an adequate level of stability in each one of the steps. 

On the other hand, the Cradle Guide midsole is responsible for cushioning the energy produced when the plant hits the ground. In this way, the foot will not experience annoying stress points when moving on uneven floors.

In addition, the shoe has a porous Gore-Tex membrane, which prevents moisture from entering the interior without sacrificing breathability, so that the foot is always fresh, while the instep lacing system allows the structure to be anatomically adjusted.

These are shoes designed for demanding routes, which offer special technology in their materials. Here, more details.


Sole: You will be able to move safely on wet or icy floors, thanks to its Vibram sole suitable for frost. 

Waterproof: Due to the incorporation of a Gore Tex membrane, you will enjoy good impermeability.

Cushioning: Its midsole absorbs impacts, so that the foot remains free of tension.

Closure: The lace-up closure allows an anatomical fit for greater stability when stepping.


Size: The last of the shoes could vary from conventional sizes, so you should check the measurements.

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Adidas women’s trekking shoes

8. Adidas Terrex Tracerocker Gtx W Hiking Shoes

Adidas is a consolidated brand in the sporting goods market, whose products involve the highest manufacturing standards, for the enjoyment of anatomical, resistant footwear with a pleasant appearance, which aims to satisfy the needs of each athlete.

As an example of its quality, we find these Adidas women’s trekking shoes, which incorporate synthetic mesh with a pleasant touch, water resistant and adequate perspiration. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the passage of water to the inside of the shoe, or the accumulation of perspiration on the foot, because the air flows from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

On the other hand, for the adjustment and closure method, a criss-cross lacing system is attached to the instep. In this way, by pulling them, you will adjust the shoe to the shape of the foot, immobilizing it slightly, for correct stability when stepping.

These shoes have interesting pros and cons, which we will summarize for you right away.


Waterproof: Thanks to the waterproof membrane of the shoes, you won’t have to worry about interior humidity after precipitation or puddles on the road.

Grip: Its rubber sole with studs offers a good grip, so you can move with safety and stability.

Closure: Laces at the instep provide a quick fit between shoe and foot.

Weight: These shoes will not represent an extra weight on the feet, since they have a light structure.


Hardness: The shoes may seem a little hard at first, but with the passing of days they give way.

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Asics trekking shoes for women

9. Asics Gel Mission 3 Nordic Walking Shoes 

This is a model belonging to the purchase catalog of the well-known Asics brand that, according to buyers, could be one of the best value for money trekking shoes for women. Its structure has a modern cut line, which stylizes the shape of the foot. Likewise, well-crafted seams stand out, which not only join the reinforcement pieces to the mesh, but also add an attractive touch to the shoe, without breaking with the discreet concept of the design.

These Asics trekking shoes for women have a soft and light rubber sole, with medium depth channels in the rear area, which provide good grip on different surfaces. 

The internal template is padded for greater comfort and can be removed, which facilitates cleaning. In addition, two rows of holes stand out on the instep, crisscrossed by a lace, which allow the width of the shoe to be adjusted according to the anatomy of the foot.

Among the cheapest women’s trekking shoe options, this model with the Asics quality seal stands out.


Closure: You will enjoy a quick and easy closure, carried out by means of laces from the instep.

Use: Due to their discreet design, these shoes are suitable for sports activities or for everyday use.

Reinforcements: Some lateral and toe reinforcements are attached, which improve the stability of the foot.

Seams: Well-crafted seams stand out in the structure, joining the cuts and giving the footwear a decorative touch.


Sole: The grip level of the shoe could be a bit low on wet ground.

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Shopping guide

In the following guide to buying the best trekking shoes for women, you will find the main quality identifiers of said product, which you should carefully review in the model that captures your attention. In this way, you will carry with you a durable, anatomical and safe model.

Adjustment and closure system

The ideal of every person is to make a good and economical purchase, that is, to carry with them some women’s trekking shoes with a quality design and at a competitive price. However, for this to be possible, the product must meet certain specifications. Such is the case of the adjustment and closure system arranged on the instep, capable of providing the necessary coupling between the shoe and the foot.

In the case of this type of shoe, the manufacturer brands usually incorporate a couple of rows of eyelets along the instep, as well as resistant textile or anticorrosive metal pins. In this sense, you will have to pay attention and review the last two adjustment systems mentioned, which must have been sewn to the instep with reinforced stitches, since this will prevent the pieces from coming off.

On the other hand, there are the laces that intersect at the instep. It is recommended that they be made of a nylon fiber, since it is a waterproof, flexible and resistant material. Thus, these ropes will not be able to absorb water and, therefore, will not add extra weight to the foot, in case of precipitation or when stepping on a deep puddle.


The sole is an aspect of great importance when acquiring any type of footwear since, thanks to this piece, we can move comfortably and safely on different surfaces. In addition, this platform improves stability in the foot. Therefore, when reviewing any comparison of women’s trekking shoes, the type of sole is one of the main characteristics evaluated. 

The sole is generally made of rubber with a robust body, because it is a wear-resistant material, while a layer of rubber is usually integrated into the midsole, to cushion the energy of the impact generated when placing the foot on the ground. Likewise, you will find high-tech footwear in this area, which uses a material known as Vibram, whose anti-slip properties and traction resistance are superior.

On the other hand, a series of deep channels stand out on the back of the sole, drawn with the purpose of providing an adequate level of traction when walking. In this way, you will not have to worry about unexpected slipping on wet, sandy or muddy floors.

Outer fabric

The outer fabric used in the manufacture of women’s trekking shoes is considered a characteristic capable of determining the level of quality offered by the product, and could also influence how much it costs.

In fact, when reviewing the designs offered by the main sports shoe brands, several types of textiles stand out, but two of them are the most used. Initially, polyester fiber, because it is a material with synthetic properties and a pleasant touch, while nylon stands out as another popular option. Both are robust textiles, which provide protection and comfort. In addition, there are poly-leather or leather reinforcements, usually incorporated in the toe box, sides and heel area, providing stability when walking.

On the other hand, there are the well-known Gore-Tex membranes and neoprene, whose porosity is characterized by preventing the passage of water particles, but at the same time allowing air to pass through freely to keep the feet cool.


The interior of women’s trekking shoes is a part of the footwear whose review is often forgotten. However, this area is of great importance, because it incorporates the insole, which is where the foot is placed. In this sense, the ideal is for the body of the piece to be moderately robust, smooth and with an anatomical shape, so that it adapts to the natural curvature. In addition, it should be a removable template. Thus, there will be no complications when carrying out the washing process.

In the same way, it is necessary to check the interior seams, since they can cause friction on the skin and, therefore, blisters that reduce the comfort of the foot during the journey. Therefore, the footwear must incorporate some type of cover over said joints.

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