The 9 Best Hiking Shoes of 2022

Hiking Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Outdoor activities in the mountains are one of the favorites of many people because they involve resistance, hence they are complete and demanding sports modalities for which you must be well equipped. Having hiking shoes is essential to protect your feet and ensure stable footing during the tour. A recommended model for women is the Salomon X-Mission 3 W, a shoe suitable for any surface and with lightweight properties, with lace-up adjustment and a rubber sole. For men, the Columbia Peakfreak Nomad model  consists of waterproof shoes recommended for their versatility for hiking or for exploring the city comfortably.

The 9 Best Hiking Shoes – Opinions 2022

When hiking, you must be properly equipped, in order to make the activity less risky and be able to enjoy the adventure to the fullest. Thus, shoes that provide protection during walks are required. To make a selection, you can review the following section with the characteristics of the alternatives that are positioned among the 9 best hiking shoes on the market.

Women’s hiking shoes

1. Salomon X-Mission 3 W Trail Running Shoes 

Light and comfortable, this is how these women’s hiking shoes have been defined, which are manufactured with high standards, in order to be more resistant and stable during walks, both in urban areas and in mountains. 

This Salomon alternative is made with an exterior and a lining made of synthetic material, while its sole is made of rubber, so that it provides grip and prevents slipping. Indeed, thanks to its traction, it provides grip and stability on any surface. 

All these features, together with a knotless lacing system, make this proposal in contention to win the title of the best hiking shoes on the market.

In addition, they are comfortable, suitable for extensive training and running. Likewise, they support the foot through the “Sensifit” technology, which surrounds it and increases the fit, as well as the safety and comfort in the steps. 

As this alternative is close to earning the title of the best hiking shoes of the moment, you will have to review its pros and cons.


Technology: They have Sensifit technology, so they are comfortable shoes that fit the foot for better steps.

Design: They have an adventure and feminine style design, which combines the colors pink, green and black. 

Sole: They have a contagrip wet traction rubber sole, which has been included to provide greater grip and resistance on wet surfaces. 

Adjustment: Its “Quicklace” knotless lace closure system provides a quick adjustment.


Last: It is suggested to order an additional half number to avoid inconveniences with your last.

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2. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 GTX Hiking Shoes

The manufacturer Merrell has a wide catalog of footwear proposals for different situations. Within its lines, it has presented the Moab 2 GTX hiking shoes for women, which have been favorably received by the user community, which is why its sale has become popular. 

This alternative is made with a synthetic upper and a high-strength and durable Vibram sole, suitable for mountain and trail runs, which provides grip on different surfaces and is provided with traction for firm and safe footsteps. For this reason, this model appears on almost all lists as one of the best hiking shoes of 2022. 

In addition, the proposal has a feminine design and padding on the inside, while its low cut provides greater stability and protection against twisting. It also has a quick lacing system without knots, if you wish.

Reviewing the pros and cons of this model will help you pinpoint why Merrel is considered the best brand of hiking shoes. 


Sole: It has a Vibram sole, suitable for tours on varied surfaces, with adequate traction.

Adjustment: Due to its internal construction with padded properties, it adjusts to the foot and provides comfort.

Footstep: Its cut to the ankle provides safe footsteps and protection against twisting.

Closure: It has a lace closure system that does not require a knot, so that the adjustment is quick.


Width: Its last is not wide, on the contrary, it is narrow and, if the conventional shoe size is chosen, it can squeeze a little. 

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Men’s hiking shoes

3. Columbia Men’s Peakfreak Nomad Hiking Boot

It is possible that, after knowing a couple of options, you still have not been able to answer the question about which are the best hiking shoes on the market. If so, it would be appropriate for you to know this Columbia model that has the recognition of users. 

These are men’s hiking shoes that are available in black or brown. They have high quality standards in their construction, because they are made with a leather exterior and synthetic coating that provides them with greater durability and resistance to wear and tear. 

In addition, they have a flat-heeled rubber sole, with an Omni-Grip grip system, convenient for being multi-terrain, since it incorporates multidirectional studs for greater stability on mountain surfaces, wet floors or even on ice. They are comfortable and waterproof and offer good breathability as well as cushioning to step properly in all outdoor adventures. 

This is one of our suggestions on which hiking shoes to buy, but the decision will be yours knowing its pros and cons.


Design: Its design is masculine, with lace closure, available in black or brown.

Technology: The boot is waterproof and breathable because it has been equipped with Omni-Tech seam-sealed technology.

Construction: It has a robust construction, made with strong materials, combining genuine and synthetic leather.

Sole: Its rubber sole provides a secure and stable grip on different surfaces.


Heat: Due to its protection and construction, these shoes may be hot in temperate climates.

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4. CMP Rigel Low Rise Hiking Shoes for Men

These men’s hiking shoes from the manufacturer CMP are suitable for those who enjoy outdoor activities in the mountains because, in addition to being resistant, they are available in an extensive catalog of colors, with more than 20 combinations to select the one that best suits you. fit personality and taste. 

In relation to its construction, this model is made with a lining and exterior in synthetic material, with waterproof properties, accompanied by a rubber sole that adheres to surfaces and provides correct grip due to its traction, so that there is safety and landslide risks are reduced. 

In addition, this proposal has a closure mechanism by adjusting the laces without a knot, so it is fast and precise. For greater protection against sprains, it has a medium shaft that stabilizes the ankle, without reducing mobility in the area. 

This model has positive and negative attributes that you will surely be interested in knowing.


Design: It has a masculine design with an adventurous sporty style and a flat, but high heel.

Colors: It is available in a wide range of colors and you can select one among 20 alternatives (according to this, its price changes).

Closure: It has a lace closure system that does not require a knot, but that adjusts. 

Traction: Its sole with traction pattern and studs guarantees better adherence to any surface. 


Impermeability: They are waterproof, not of the Goretex type, so that if the water is abundant, it will enter the interior of the shoe. 

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Salomon hiking shoes

5. Salomon Speedcross 4 W Trail Running Shoes

Some manufacturers are specialized for mountain and their models are recognized for being of quality. Such is the case of Salomon hiking shoes, which have a resistant construction, designed to provide comfort and safety in each section of the path and, in the case of this model, with developments for trail running. 

Among the advantages provided by this footwear, it can be assured that its manufacturer has bet big on the alternative, because its construction has been made with an exterior and lining in synthetic material, as well as a rubber sole, with a flat heel and height of 1 cm, so it is suitable to improve grip and provide support, with less risk of slipping on wet surfaces. 

In their design, these Salomon women’s hiking shoes incorporate a Quicklace lace closure system, which does not need to be tied. They are also water resistant.

This model has other attributes that we will present with some pros and a con that you should not miss reviewing. 


Sensifit: It is equipped with Sensifit technology, which adjusts to the foot and wraps it to provide greater comfort.

Sole: It has a sole made of rubber that provides grip on wet surfaces. 

Closure: Its closure system is achieved by adjusting Quicklace-type laces.

Design: The design is modern and feminine in black, with touches of high visual presence. It is a shoe suitable for running, due to its lightness. 


Sizes: Before selecting a number, it is best to review the size table beforehand, because the last may not correspond to standard models. 

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6. Salomon Evasion 2 Aero Men’s Hiking Shoes

Salomon hiking shoes appear recurrently in our selection for their avant-garde designs and quality manufacturing, which can be seen when analyzing this model from their men’s line, which is available in at least three shades, to select the one that best fits with personal style. 

Recommended for those looking for the best hiking shoes on the market, this could be the most suitable proposal because its manufacture is made with a synthetic exterior and lining, which provide greater resistance to abrasion. In addition, some light and breathable materials have been included, which offer greater comfort.

Its adjustment is generated by the Sensifit system, which covers the foot to provide greater security. Likewise, the footwear has a fast lace closure system and has an Ortholite insole, with EVA in the heel, which increases cushioning, ensures circulation and keeps the feet cool. 

This model denotes quality, but this can only be specified after knowing its pros and cons. 


Sole: Its Contagrip rubber sole provides grip and is suitable for all surfaces. 

Cushioning: It has an Ortholite insole that provides constant air circulation and comfort because it has foam and EVA rubber.

Weight: They are lightweight shoes, but resistant to abrasion, so their use ensures comfort throughout the route. 

Adjustment: Through the Sensifit system there is a favorable fit on the foot, for a secure hold. 


Toe: Its reinforced toe can cause discomfort in the big toe. 

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North Face hiking shoes

7. The North Face Men’s Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Boots

If you are looking for quality, then you should include these North Face hiking shoes among your alternatives, because they have a masculine low-top design that is designed to enjoy outdoor adventure in the mountains with steady steps. 

For this, the model has been made with a synthetic leather covering, the same as in the outer material, while its sole is made of Vibram rubber, provided with traction to ensure grip and reduce the risk of slipping on surfaces, without have to slow down. In addition, this proposal is equipped with a waterproof GoreTex membrane, which prevents moisture from reaching the feet, keeping them dry throughout the route. 

It also has a lace-up closure system and a midsole, which has been developed with technological innovations to provide greater stability in the heel, with support against sprains. 

Although many users claim that these are the best hiking shoes, you can evaluate it yourself by knowing its pros and cons.


GoreTex: It has a GoreTex membrane that prevents water and humidity from entering the interior. 

Technology: They have technology applied to various components for heel stabilization, by providing greater support on uneven surfaces. 

Sole: Its rubber sole is equipped with traction and anti-slip properties that improve grip. 

Design: They have a modern and masculine design, which is available in black, with laces. 


Laces: Its laces are resistant but, if you want to replace them, it can be difficult to get others. 

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Columbia Hiking Shoes

8. Columbia Women’s Ivo Trail Hiking Shoe

Among the most recommended proposals are these Columbia hiking shoes which, like other options from the same brand, offer great performance, quality and safety on the route with a low level of wear, with the difference that, Depending on the color and size, they can be cheaper. 

This model has a delicate, feminine and versatile design, which is available in three color combinations. In addition, it has a robust construction, because it is made of natural leather, with a fabric lining and a rubber sole, with an Omni-Grip multi-terrain adherence system, since it has multidirectional studs that guarantee stability and grip on all surfaces. without subtracting damping. 

With all these great hiking benefits, it’s not hard to see why they’re rated as the best value for money hiking shoes on the market. In addition, the model has a flat heel and lace-up closure. 

These are some of the cheapest and best quality hiking shoes around. If you don’t believe it, review its positive and negative aspects.


Construction: They are made of natural leather, with a fabric covering and an instep with layers of suede. 

Design: They have a feminine design, with versatile properties for the countryside or city.

Traction: Its sole is OmniGrip multiterrain, with studs that provide stability with each step, regardless of the type of surface.

Techlite: Techlite technology provides shock absorption while providing added durability.


GoreTex: Although they are waterproof, GoreTex technology is missing to reinforce protection on wet terrain. 

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Gore-Tex hiking shoes

9. Salewa Ms Mtn Trainer GTX Low Rise Shoes 

As one of the most promising models of this season, the GoreTex hiking shoes from the manufacturer Salewa appear, because they are made of resistant materials, which provide users with greater security and stability on walks. 

This model is made with a synthetic upper, as well as a coating of the same material and a rubber sole with traction, which provides a firm grip, with low possibility of slipping regardless of the type of terrain, whether dry or wet. 

By having a GoreTex membrane, they stand out among the best hiking shoes, since they have a high degree of impermeability in rain, marshy land and puddles.

Its cane is low, at ankle height and, although they are not boots, there is stability and compression for walks. They have a fast lace closure system that adjusts the foot to prevent the shoe from coming off during use.

This model has other attributes, both positive and negative, that you should know to make a correct decision.


Materials: It is made of synthetic material, durable and wear resistant. 

GoreTex: It has a GoreTex membrane that improves waterproofing in mud, puddles and rain.

Sole: Its sole is multi-terrain, made of rubber and with traction to provide greater grip on dry and wet terrain.

Design: The shoes have a modern and sporty design, with a lace-up closure and a low cut.


Colors: Although it does not affect its performance, the colors of these shoes are less intense than in the photographs. 

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Shopping guide

For mountain activities such as hiking and trekking, it is important to be equipped with the necessary and favorable footwear to increase safety, grip and protection, which together will guarantee a better enjoyment of the experience. In this case, random decisions can be of little use, because it is necessary to know about the manufacture, the sole, the technologies and other aspects that we will analyze in the following guide to buy the best hiking shoes. 

Manufacturing materials 

A constant concern for those who want to buy this type of footwear is knowing how much hiking shoes cost. Their costs may vary according to the brand and the materials used to make the piece, which is also an indication of quality and durability. 

The recommendation, regardless of the name of the manufacturer, is to select a model that is durable and has a low level of wear, but at the same time protects the feet. The most popular options, due to their affordable price, are those made with synthetic outer material and synthetic lining. 

These alternatives perform well, but they tend to be a bit soft and, although they are not the strongest, their quality is not questionable and they are light. In general, they incorporate a reinforced rubber insert on the front, known as the toe cap, which protects the fingers.

Other higher cost proposals are also made of synthetic leather, but have a textile lining that improves softness during walks. On the other hand, hiking shoes that are made of natural leather tend to be the most resistant to wear and tear. 

closing system

Those who have been in the world of hiking for years know how uncomfortable it can be to tie shoelaces, but this is necessary to achieve the correct fit. Therefore, a recommendation for novices is to select options that are equipped with a strong lace closure system.

On the market you can find everything from sneakers with classic laces, to other models that have quick and easy adjustment laces, without complex knots, because they are equipped with a system known as Quicklace, which is efficient and avoids having to tie knots constantly. Similarly, other proposals have dual closures, with laces and velcro for greater security.  


An element that can define a purchase decision is the sole. Therefore, before selecting the first model that is found, the correct thing would be to establish a comparison of hiking shoes in which the grip of the shoe is analyzed. 

When walking or running, the most important thing is firm and stable footsteps on surfaces, as this will prevent slipping on the ground. For this reason, manufacturers incorporate, in mountain models, rubber or Vibram soles, which have greater durability and favorable behavior on any terrain. 

In addition, within the soles it is necessary to analyze the grip and adherence, as well as the traction they provide on dry and wet terrain, since there are specific soles for each situation, such as the versatile ones with multidirectional studs that give them the multi-terrain classification, with grip and resistance to run and walk on any surface.

According to the brand, the name of the technology and the improvements in this element of footwear change, but all the soles have a common purpose, which is to provide greater stability and firmness in the footsteps.


There are many good and cheap hiking shoes, but you don’t just have to evaluate the cost and quality in a superficial way, but also look at features such as the technologies that the brand has developed so that these shoes have a better performance on the route, since that these will provide greater comfort, comfort and even strength. 

Some brands have a development department, led by engineers who make applied improvements such as Sensifit, an adjustment system that ensures better footing to provide greater safety and precision, as well as Contagrip, a sole that provides robustness and support on any terrain.

Similarly, you can find some alternatives with GoreTex, a membrane that provides a higher degree of impermeability to moisture, among other innovations that may vary in name. 


The design is another characteristic that can be selected in hiking shoes, because there are for men, women, with aggressive, delicate, sporty and mountain styles, which can be favorable for both the city and the countryside. Also, depending on the brand, there may even be several colors to select from. Within the design it is also possible to select the height of the cane.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use hiking shoes?

To use hiking shoes, they must first be removed from their box. Next, you’ll need to undo the laces, put on a pair of socks, and insert your foot into the shoe. It is necessary to exert a little pressure so that the heel enters. The same must be done with the other foot and, finally, the lace adjustments must be made, either with a knot or quickly. 

Q2: Which is better, hiking shoes or hiking boots?

You have to start from the idea that they are completely different models in terms of the design of the rod. In general, the two types are convenient and fulfill their function, so it will depend on the use for which the footwear has been purchased. 

Hiking shoes have the advantage of being versatile, as their designs are suitable for both the city and the mountains. They are usually recommended for hot climates and are lightweight. 

In the case of boots, they have a higher level of heel protection and ankle compression because their shaft is higher, while they protect from the cold and tend to be airtight, since water does not enter. They are suitable for all types of hiking and other mountain activities, but impractical for running or for urban environments, because their weight is greater. 

Q3: Which hiking shoes are better, Salomon or Columbia?

If both brands stand out for something, it is for their quality and, being specialized, they incorporate innovations and developments that offer a better walking experience, with stable and firm steps, as well as cushioning, so that it is not possible to specify which one is better without make a comparison.

Salomon has introduced some models to the market that stand out for their multi-terrain grip and adherence properties, but Columbia has resistant proposals, with a GoreTex membrane and suitable soles for wet and dry surfaces.

Similarly, both manufacturers have mid-range models, but this does not mean that the brand is bad, just that they offer different lines, so, before making a purchase decision, the most favorable thing would be to compare the option of interest. of each brand. 

Q4: How to tie hiking shoes?

The way of tying hiking shoes varies according to the type of closure system, since there are many models that do not require any knot, because they are equipped with the quicklace system. If you have to tie the laces, it is recommended to pass them through all the eyelets and tie a conventional knot at the end, which must be double-reinforced so that it does not come loose. 

Q5: What size hiking shoe to choose?

The size of the hiking shoe should be the same as conventional footwear. However, this can vary according to the type of last that the brand has, because in some cases it can be narrow or loose. 

There are those who suggest ordering an additional size, but with this there is a risk that the shoe will be large and loose, which would not be convenient either. Therefore, it is best to check the size and measurement chart provided by the manufacturer. 

Q6: Which is better, hiking shoes with Goretex or without Goretex?

If it is within the budget to buy them with GoreTex, it is best to do so, because it is a technology that provides greater impermeability and breathability. However, if an analysis is made, some environmental conditions should be studied, because this technology can be unfavorable if the water enters from the top, since it will give a feeling of cold on the feet and the evacuation of the water will be slow. So if the shoe will be used for mountain hikes or in cold, wet temperatures, shoes with GoreTex are suitable. 

Q7: How to clean hiking shoes?

The cleaning of these shoes will depend on the type of material with which they are made. However, to remove impurities from the sole, you should use a brush and remove the pieces of mud and dirt. Then, use plenty of water so that the stuck earth gives way. 

To continue, you can use a mixture of detergent with water and apply to the sole with the help of the brush. This should be rinsed with plenty of water. For the upper part, use a dry cloth and then wet only the surface with a little soap. If it’s leather, it needs to be conditioned to make it supple, and if it’s suede, you’ll need a special detergent. 

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