The 9 Best Investment Charts of 2022

Investment table – Buying guide, Opinions and Comparison

Whether to correct posture, improve blood flow, or as physical therapy rehabilitation equipment, inversion tables are effective in treating cervical and lower back problems. So, if you are going to buy one of these, you should know that there are many models available, but few are the ones that lead the preferences. The first featured model is the Sportstech IT 300, equipped with an efficient turning system, suitable for performing six different exercises and offering a versatile and comfortable design during use. All this without sacrificing maximum security, thanks to its triangular structure. As an alternative, we have the Yatek ECO model, a simple and foldable table, managing to reduce its size to store and save space where you want to place it. In addition, it has a black design and is very resistant.

The 9 Best Investment Charts – Opinions 2022

Before making a random purchase, it would be appropriate for you to consider the opinion of other users about the quality and operation of the inversion tables, since although there are many manufacturers, not all of them have the endorsement of the users, nor do they have the standards of quality. Aware that this is a complex decision, we want to guide you with a detailed section with the attributes of the five models that lead the current market.

1. Sportstech 6-in-1 Multifunctional Folding Inversion Table

The Sportstec IT 300 inversion table is one of the first proposals we found in our search for the best inversion table. We are talking about a product with a 90-degree rotation system and a design so complete as to allow you to perform up to six exercises on a single device.

Among these exercises, we have funds, push-ups, pull-ups or leg exercises. It is also suitable for stretching your back comfortably. In all these uses, the machine has a very efficient tilt adjustment system, with which to keep you at the angle that suits you best.

Regarding comfort, the ergonomic and large padding sticks to your body and gives you high security when training. A task that you can perform safely, for which you will have a seat belt and a support system that will allow you to focus on what is important.

We leave you some more information about the best investment table of the moment for many users.


Twist system: The twist lever gives you greater safety and comfort when training.

Safety belt: This accessory adds extra security to the product during training.

Versatility : It is a very versatile tool with which to carry out different training sessions, beyond the classics of investment.

Folded : Once you’re done training, simply fold the device and conveniently store it wherever you want.


Resistance: The brake can fall short for users of greater weight and size.

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2. Yatek ECO Folding Total Investment

If you are looking for a team for total investment and that also has a competitive price, this model from the manufacturer Yatek may be the one for you, because it is the best investment table in terms of value for money, being also one of the most cheap on the market.

The table is ergonomically designed, with adjustable footrests and folding features, making it possible to compact its dimensions to save space.

The model is tall for a 180 degree inversion, so it is accurate to reduce or prevent muscle discomfort while improving blood flow. Its weight is only 21.5 kilos, but it is capable of supporting a maximum of 150 kilograms. In addition, its height is adjustable.

Yatek ECO is a resistant table, manufactured to treat muscle ailments, foldable and low cost. In addition, it is considered one of the cheapest on the market.


Capacity: Although it has a light weight of only 21.5 kilos, the table is capable of supporting up to 150 kilos.

Adjustment: According to the user’s height, the size of the table can be adjusted from 130 to 195 cm.

Folding: If you do not have space, you should not worry, since this design can be folded and stored in small spaces.

Ergonomics: The model is suitable for total inversion, and is also comfortable, with side handles and non-slip foot grips.


Instructions: Although it includes instructions, these are not entirely clear, making it difficult to understand.

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3. Klarfit Relax Zone Pro Inversion Table

Few models are among the best inversion tables of 2022. If you are looking for one of these, you may want to pay attention to the specifications of this design from the manufacturer Klarfit.

Weighing 24.5 kilos, this inversion table is made of resistant steel and has a capacity of 150 kilos, making it suitable for different users who wish to treat their back problems.

It has height-adjustable properties in 20 levels, with a maximum level of 1.98 meters. In addition, it has a hinge for three positions, with a maximum investment angle of 180º. It is also ergonomic and is equipped with padded footrests for the ankles, safety side grips and soft support for the back, with non-slip feet to prevent accidents.

Klarfit equips its devices with solid and resistant constructions. For this reason, it is considered by many to be the best brand of inversion tables. Read the pros and cons of your model.


Capacity: The model has a capacity to support up to 150 kilos, with a weight of only 24.5 kilos.

Materials: The table has solid and resistant properties, because it is made of high-density steel.

Adjustment: According to the needs, the user can select between 20 height levels, with a maximum stop of 1.98 meters.

Ergonomics: To ensure comfort during rehabilitation, this model incorporates a pad, footrest, side grips and padded back support.


Spare parts: The model does not include spare parts that allow the weakest ones to be changed when they are damaged.

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4. SportPlus Inversion Table with Balance System

There are many models available, so ensuring which is the best inversion table is a complex task. However, this design marketed by SportPlus stands out for having versatile features that provide better results for muscle ailments.

This table is foldable, its size can be reduced for storage and it has a practical and safe closing mechanism. In addition, it is equipped with several positions according to needs, being able to adjust at angles of 20, 40, 60 or 80 degrees, in addition to the free investment mode, which is also adjustable in height between 154 and 199 cm.

Although it is made of robust steel, its weight is relatively light, being able to support a maximum weight of 135 kilograms. It is ergonomic, with soft upholstery.

With so many models available it can be difficult to decide which inversion table to buy, but you might want to consider the pros and cons of the SportPlus SP-INV-010-B design.


Design: The model is foldable, so its size can be reduced for storage. In addition, it is comfortable to the touch with the skin

Adjustment: The height of the user does not matter, since the model is adjustable according to height.

Inversion: According to the rehabilitation needs, the board can be inverted freely or at angles of 20, 40, 60 or 80 degrees.

Capacity: It is made of robust steel, so it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 135 kilos.


Instructions: Although it is a functional design, its assembly can be complicated, due to the confusing instructions.

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5. ECO-DE Gravity Inversion Table

This Eco-De model is one of the inversion tables that is among the most recommended by users. It has a maximum tilt range of 94 degrees, with a freely adjustable backrest and 180 degree inversion, being suitable for stretching the spine and reducing lumbar or cervical discomfort.

The model has collapsible properties, so its size can be reduced to store and save space. The manufacturer has incorporated safety straps to avoid accidents during its use, in addition to having a footrest made of soft foam rubber and a padded back or bench to avoid damaging the back.

Thanks to its versatile design, it can be used to strengthen the abdominals. Its height is adjustable and it supports a weight of 135 kilos.

Before buying you should look for indicators of quality, cost and functionality that provide relief from muscle tension, so review the pros and cons of the ECO-DE Luxury 848.


Capacity: The model is resistant and foldable, with a capacity to support up to 135 kilos of weight.

Security: The manufacturer has provided this table with fastening straps that provide greater security during use.

Versatility: You can use this model to reduce stress, improve back ailments or strengthen the middle area of ​​the body.

Comfort: The model is equipped with elements that make it more comfortable, such as a padded bench and rubber footrests for the ankles.


Assembly: The model incorporates the elements and pieces necessary to assemble, but these give the impression of being flimsy.

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6. Yoleo Heavy Duty Gravity Inversion Table

If you are looking for a quality and efficient product, you should take a look at the properties of this inversion table model from the manufacturer Yoleo, which has been built with high-end materials, being a resistant alternative.

Being a model for gravity inversion, it must be safe. Therefore, the manufacturer has equipped this board with a strong steel frame and ankle locking system, as well as a buckle closure and pin locking system.

In addition, it has a crossbar that can be adjusted in three angles. Likewise, it is easy to use, through the movement of the arms, to change the balance of the weight and start the rotation, relieving the muscular pressure.

For greater comfort, the backrests are wide and equipped with ergonomic foam. It includes an adjustable headrest and is capable of supporting a weight of more than 130 kilos for users with heights between 147 and 190 cm.

There are many inversion table models available on the market, but few are designed with functional attributes and quality materials. Hence, it is convenient for you to review this Yoleo option.


Construction: The model is made of high quality and resistant materials, incorporating a steel base.

Security: As it is a gravity inversion model, the manufacturer has equipped this board with strong closure systems with buckles and pins.

Materials: It is built with a steel structure and covered with “memory foam” foam to be more comfortable.

Capacity: The table has been manufactured to support a maximum weight of 130 kilos, being possible to adjust the height between 147 and 190 cm.


Manual and assembly: It is necessary to assemble with help, in addition to the fact that the manual is only available in English, which makes the process difficult and slow.

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7. Skandika Gravity Coach Folding

With a relatively light weight of 30 kilos, this inversion table from the manufacturer Skandika is usually among the preferences of users, for having a stable and firm base that provides a better action by relaxing the tension in the muscles.

The model is equipped with a wide and ergonomic surface, with foam-filled backrests and a structure made of high-quality and resistant materials. Due to its specifications, the manufacturer has provided this model with a load capacity of 135 kilos of body weight. Plus, it’s designed to adjust to four different angles starting at 0 degrees, through 20 degrees, continuing at 40 degrees, and ending at 60 degrees.

It also has padded rails that facilitate the return to the initial position. The model is large in size and its design combines black with blue, incorporating foot support with double safety, as well as an adjustable belt.

Skandika SF-1210 is a board that stands out for being among the favorites of users, for having properties that improve bodily ailments. Below you can know its positive and negative aspects.


Capacity: It has been built in resistant steel, being able to support a maximum body weight of 135 kilos.

Size: This inversion table is large and with a wide back, being practical for people between 150 and 175 cm tall.

Design: It has a wide and stable design with a blue back and black details, being practical because it can be folded.

Angles: According to the needs, the table can be adjusted in four angles of 0, 20, 40 or 60 degrees.


Height: According to some users, the maximum height of this model is 1.75 cm, being an inefficient board for those who are taller than this height, leaving the head without support.

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8. ISE Folding Inversion Table

If you are looking for an inversion table with classic and functional properties, you should take a look at the attributes offered by this model marketed by the manufacturer Ise. It is a large alternative that has been designed with folding features, to reduce its size and make it comfortable for the home.

In addition, it has a strong and resistant construction, with a comfortable backrest that helps prevent shoulder and muscle contractures. It has been designed to support a maximum body weight of 120 kilos, being adjustable in height from 130 cm to 190 cm.

It is recognized as a multifunctional board for inversion, push-ups, abdominal training and pumps. Likewise, it has an inversion angle in four adjustment levels of 20, 40, 60 and 80 degrees, as well as for free investment from 0 to 180 degrees. For added safety, it has an adjustable belt.

Although making a purchase decision may seem complex, it is recommended to know the properties of the models that are interesting. Therefore, you should know more about the attributes and disadvantages of the Ise SY-1012.


Folding: The model can be folded and even disassembled quickly and easily to save space in the home.

Angles: The table offers the user the possibility to select between four established angles of 20, 40, 60 and 80 degrees, as well as free reversal from 0 to 180 degrees.

Capacity: The board has a strong construction that has been manufactured to support a maximum weight of 120 kilos.

Multifunction: It has been manufactured to improve muscle ailments, circulation and promote rehabilitation, but at the same time it is used to exercise abdominals, do push-ups and dips.


User manual: Although it is easy to assemble, the instructions are not available in Spanish, which complicates the process.

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9. Homcom Folding Gravitational Inversion Table

Made with a high-strength structure in reinforced steel, with a padded back, this alternative from the manufacturer Homcom is one of the favorites of users, as it is suitable for promoting cardiovascular circulation, reducing tension and eliminating muscle pain.

The table has been built to support a maximum weight of 150 kilos and is adjustable in height from 147 to 198 cm. Likewise, the table has padded handrails, non-slip feet for greater stability during inversion and is equipped with two safety belts. In addition, it has adjustable foot support and ankle and back support, with a soft foam coating to prevent injuries.

Its weight is 20 kilos and to use it it must be assembled. Its dimensions are compact and portable, being these 142 cm by 126 cm. In addition, it has folding properties, being possible to reduce its size to store comfortably.

There are many manufacturers that promote their models as the best on the market. However, it is necessary to review the options and properties to achieve attributes that denote quality. Here you can learn more about the Homcom ESA91-0530731.


Weight and dimensions: It has a weight of 20 kilos, being an inversion table easy to move, due to its compact and folding dimensions.

Design: It has been manufactured with a wide and comfortable backrest, in blue and black, to support a maximum weight of approximately 120 kilos.

Construction: The model is built with high quality and resistance reinforced steel tubes that provide stability.

Safety: For added user safety, the board is equipped with various seat belts and ergonomic fasteners.


Manual and assembly: Although it has instructions to execute the assembly of the board, it is not available in Spanish, which makes the process difficult.

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Shopping guide

Inversion tables are equipment that can be used for different purposes, rehabilitation being one of them. In addition, they improve circulation and reduce muscle discomfort, as well as tension in the muscles. If you have decided to buy one of these, you need to know what attributes to look for so that it is an efficient team. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best inversion table, where we explain some considerations and characteristics that you should not ignore.

Manufacturing materials

If you are wondering how much an inversion table costs, it is possible that analyzing the materials that the manufacturer incorporated for the construction of the model is a way to guide you in relation to its cost. In general, raw materials tend to denote greater or lesser quality, being an almost direct indicator of market value.

In the case of inversion tables, remember that it is equipment where you will be against gravity and with all the weight of the body, so it is necessary that they are built with robust and resistant materials, that remain firm and stable, providing a high degree of security. Most models of these tables are made with a structure and base made of reinforced steel tubes.

In addition, they incorporate backrests in resistant wood, which is usually covered with padded material, in order to provide greater ergonomics to the body. In the case of the padding, this can be soft high-density foam or memory foam, among other options. Similarly, belts and bras tend to be made of resistant and comfortable materials, so that the skin does not get hurt.


An inversion table can be good and cheap, but value it better if it also has a functional design, these being the alternatives most sought after by users. In relation to the design, you can get some options that have been equipped with folding properties to reduce its size and store in small spaces.

Similarly, there are other fixed and large designs that provide greater comfort for the user. In relation to the design, it is also possible to select options according to color, where most models have a structure of tubes in silver, with furniture or backrest in black and details in blue, orange or red.

On the other hand, there are designs that have been manufactured to serve solely as inversion tables, while other manufacturers have equipped their alternatives with more versatile uses, to be functional machines that not only serve for rehabilitation and reduction of muscle contractions, but also that can be used as an exercise bench for abdominal training or push-ups.


In an inversion table, the user will be against gravity, that is, when the user is on it, the body will be inverted, hence its function of blood circulation and stretching. Therefore, it is necessary that the equipment has an adequate level of support, stability and security systems, which allow greater protection of the user during the time of use.

Based on this need, the manufacturers have provided the models with dense and resistant belts, as well as foot and ankle fasteners, which have reinforced closures through adjustable buckles and padded material, which improve the position and guarantee greater safety..  


When making a comparison of inversion tables, it is necessary to analyze whether the models have angle adjustment and in what degrees or positions. A wide variety of options are available on the market, with boards that have controlled angle adjustment at various levels being the most notable and popular.

For example, some alternatives are equipped with four levels ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, while others can be changed from 20, through 40, 60 and 80 degrees, as well as having the possibility of free reversal. Similarly, in addition to angle adjustments, it is recommended to select options that give the user the possibility of adjusting the measurement in relation to height, so that it is an appropriate inversion table for both tall and short people.


Before making a hasty purchase, it is necessary to look at the maximum load capacity with which the inversion table has been equipped. In this sense, there are different capabilities. However, most models offer support of more than 100 kilos. The most resistant models have a capacity of up to 150 kilos.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What does a gravitational inversion table provide?

The gravitational inversion table is a suitable option to reduce muscle pain, tension and other ailments that occur due to physical injury or poor posture, when doing body training exercises. Among its benefits, it provides flexibility, relieves pain such as migraine, cervical discomfort, shapes the figure and tones the abdomen. Additionally, with this equipment blood circulation is stimulated, the appearance of varicose veins is prevented, it allows an alignment of the spine, corrects posture, reduces stress by reducing tension and pressure levels, while strengthening the body and increasing the force.

Q2: Which inversion table is better, GH or Skandia?

Both brands are recognized in the world of sports, bringing to the market designs and models of a high degree of quality and resistance. In the case of Bh, it usually presents high-end and functional equipment, but at a high cost, while Skandia offers some lower-cost models with simpler properties. This leads us to conclude that both are suitable, so that it will be the user’s decision to select one or the other.

Q3: How to make a homemade inversion table?

Inversion tables are care elements that have been designed with ergonomics and precise measurements to achieve positive effects on the body, such as the reduction of muscle tension and pressure. So it is recommended to buy a copy from a recognized manufacturer that offers a guarantee and security. However, alternatives can be made with PVC pipes to create the end pieces of the structure and wood, in addition to the use of a simple mat.

Q4: Is it safe to use an inversion table?

Inversion tables, as the name implies, are suitable for reversing the position of the body. So when using them, the person can vary the angles, even being upside down, so it can be a risky piece of equipment. However, its use is safe if the protection requirements are met and the parameters indicated by the manufacturer are followed. That is, do not exceed the maximum load, fasten the belts, adjust the buckles at the ankles and close the pins. Complying with this, the use of the inversion table will be safe and prudent.  

Q5: Is an inversion table helpful in relieving a herniated disc?

The inversion table is recommended to relieve a large number of bodily ailments, herniated disc being one of them, as well as ligaments. This happens thanks to the fact that with the table, the body goes from its traditional position in a vertical state to being horizontal. This posture or change in gravity has a positive impact on reducing back pain, neck problems, stimulates the lymphatic system, corrects posture, increases flexibility and mobility, strengthens the back, lumbar and abdomen, as well as improves circulation in the blood.

Q6: Is it recommended to use an inversion table for scoliosis?

Yes, the inversion table is recommended for people with scoliosis and back pain. In fact, this instrument is usually recommended for recovery after injuries or as a rehabilitation machine, because it inverts the body from its usual position at angles that work with the force of gravity. In the process of inversion of the body, the pressure of the spinal column is reduced and the direct blood flow to the affected areas is increased, which improves the discomfort of the lower back, thus reducing back pain.

Q7: What is an inversion table with a tubular structure?

Inversion tables with a tubular frame are generally built with a steel frame with circular tubes, through perimeter systems that provide greater lateral strength. These features provide added balance for smooth and subtle board movements. Furthermore, they tend to tilt fully 180 degrees.

Q8: Does the inversion table serve to grow?

Not that this item is designed to make people grow or give extra inches of height. Its uses are usually focused on the recovery of the body after injuries, in training, pain reduction and better blood circulation to eliminate muscle tension. However, they are effective in stretching the spine, through the release of tension in the muscles, and according to some studies, this allows you to increase height through better posture, adding a few extra inches naturally and easily.  

How to use an inversion table

If you want to relieve muscle pain or discomfort in the back, herniated discs, among other conditions, you could try inversion therapy as one of the options to leave ailments behind and have a body free of gravitational tension. Although they are efficient pieces of equipment, inversion tables are not widely known, so not everyone knows how to use them. Therefore, below we present a section with some keys and tips on how to use an inversion table.

Review and assemble the investment table

The first thing to do is check all the items included in the package and remove them one by one. These kits usually come unassembled, so assembly is required. To do so, follow the instructions that are included in the package, since depending on the model and the pieces, the way of assembly changes.

Select a flat surface

After assembling the table you must make sure that all the joints a

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