The 9 Best Iron Supplements of 2022

Iron Supplement – ​​Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Iron supplements are usually one of the most sought after complexes due to how common anemia is; However, this does not mean that you should self-medicate, as an overdose of iron can have serious effects on the body. If the doctor has already indicated that you need a supplement, it is worth looking at products such as the Solgar MP_1000016734 complex, which has iron chelate as its main element to avoid stomach irritation and constipation. However, if you need something more complete, the Vegavero VV-VITA-49 multivitamin supplement could be your solution, as it is a product that comes with different ingredients, including folic acid.

The 9 Best Iron Supplements – Opinions 2022

You should not play with your health, therefore, before buying any product of this type, it is necessary to look among all the available options and choose the one that best suits your requirements. In this case, these 9 supplements stand out for their quality and one of them could be the one you need.

1. Solgar Iron Gentle 20mg Vegetable Capsules

If you are looking for a good iron supplement and don’t know which one to choose, this product may be a suitable option due to its versatility. Noted for its easy absorption, the supplement can be ingested by vegans and also by celiacs; since the composition of the capsules is free of gluten, dairy, sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, soy, sodium and wheat.

As for its content, the container contains 90 units of 20 mg each, so regular treatment can be followed. Being made of chelate iron, the absorption of the composition will be much easier for the body and, thanks to this assimilation, it is very unlikely that you will suffer from constipation or that your stomach will be irritated when consuming the tablets. To give you greater comfort, the bottle has dimensions of 5.6 x 5.6 x 10 cm, therefore, if you need it, you can take it with you.

Considering Solgar’s 70+ years of experience, it could be considered the best brand of iron supplements.


For everyone: Having no dairy, meat derivatives or gluten, it is suitable for coeliacs and vegans.

Absorption: Chelate iron is easily absorbed and prevents constipation.

Content: Each capsule comes with 20mg of content; an adequate quantity for this type of products.

Container: The dimensions and weight of the container make it easy to port, if necessary.


Quantity: Although 90 capsules is an appropriate quantity, there are other supplements with a greater number of units.

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2. Vegavero Iron PLUS Suitable For Vegans

When it comes to products with comprehensive benefits, this Vegavero model is one of the most outstanding on the market. The 120 capsules contained in a green bottle not only come with 14 mg of iron each, but also other supplements that strengthen the formula, specifically 10 mcg of vitamin B12, 1.4 mg of B2, 1.4 mg of B6 and 80mg of vitamin C; Additionally, this product contains 200 mcg of folic acid to give you better results.

It is necessary to highlight that the composition, despite having additional ingredients, has not included artificial additives or derivatives of animal origin, for that reason, it is an appropriate compound to be consumed by vegans. In addition to the easy absorption of iron by vitamin C, the components work together to accelerate the production of hemoglobin; this makes it recommended for pregnant and menstruating women.

Due to its composition and its benefits, this could be considered the best iron supplement of the moment.


Formula: The formula of this supplement brings iron, vitamins and folic acid for a comprehensive benefit. Additionally, it is a suitable compound for vegans.

Benefits: Thanks to its composition, the benefits are several, from iron absorption to increased hemoglobin production.

Capsules: With 120 capsules in the bottle, you won’t need to purchase another supplement for some time.


Content: The iron content in each unit is not as concentrated, due to the addition of the additional elements.

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3. Deva Nutrition Vegan Iron Chelate 29mg

Among the cheapest iron supplements on the market you can find this Deva Nutrition model, an outstanding product that shows that price does not affect quality, as it comes with a high concentration of iron. Unlike other similar complexes, each of the 90 capsules has 29 mg of chelate iron to facilitate absorption and avoid stomach irritation or constipation. On top of that, the formula is supplemented with 30 mcg of vitamin B-12 to maximize the benefits you can reap.

So that a greater number of people can consume the supplement, the composition of this product does not contain chemical additives, preservatives, sugar, yeast, gluten and animal products. Thanks to this, people who follow vegan lifestyles and those allergic to gluten will be able to ingest the tablets. Finally, as they are small coated capsules, you will not have problems swallowing them.

Low in price and highly concentrated, this supplement is a suitable alternative to regular treatments.


Composition: Because this composition does not have gluten, dairy or meat products, the supplement can be consumed by vegans and celiac people.

Ingredients: The combination of vitamin B-12 and iron make the benefit more complete.

Absorption: Chelated iron not only facilitates absorption by the body, but also prevents irritation and constipation.


Quantity: The bottle comes with 90 tablets, an adequate quantity but it could be higher, as is common with other models.

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4. Warnke Vitalstoffe Iron Vitamin C With B12 and Biotin

With a low cost and 100 capsules content, it is possible to consider this Warnke Vitalstoffe product as the best value for money iron supplement. Produced in Germany, this complex has undergone a fairly strict manufacturing process to ensure you the best possible result. On the other hand, the bottle comes with a dosing cap that can be opened without turning it.

As for its composition, each of the tablets has 17 mg of iron and also brings other elements to give you comprehensive benefits and better absorption. In this case it’s 200 mcg of biotin, 1 mcg of vitamin B-12, and 60 mg of vitamin C. On top of that, the formula is naturally made, non-GMO, and has no lactose, yeast, or gluten; Thanks to this detail, it is possible for people with celiac disease to use the supplement.

With various benefits, reasonable price and 100 tablets, this supplement could be a very good alternative to save.


Cost: With the purchase of this product it will be possible to get 100 capsules for a low price.

Content: The formula with iron and other vitamins makes absorption easier and results are more complete.

Composition: The composition has no unnecessary additives, GMOs, gluten or wheat; therefore, more people will be able to use it.


Odour: The aroma of the tablets is somewhat strong and this could be unpleasant for some people, however, this does not affect its quality.

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5. WeightWorld Iron Supplement 14 Mg

Although they are essential nutrients, they should always be taken in the recommended amount to take care of health. For this reason, in the case of iron, companies such as WeightWorld base the concentration percentage of their supplements on the rates recommended by the Ministry of Health and the EFSA.

Being more specific, their product comes in the form of small tablets, each containing 14 mg of iron fumarate. This form of iron is easier on the stomach and the size of the pill makes it easier to swallow.

Now, it is a mineral that those who follow a keto or vegan diet can consume with confidence; and just taking one capsule daily will be enough to avoid deficiencies. The best thing is that the presentation pot includes 365 units. Therefore, you will have enough supply for a whole year of treatment.

Only formulas that include certified ingredients, extracted from trusted sources, and follow strict production guidelines can be considered among the best iron supplements of 2022.


Quantity: Those who consume iron on a regular basis can find a practical option in this 365-tablet supplement, designed to take one daily.

Concentration: Each piece provides 14 mg of iron fumarate, an amount that is in the range recommended by the EFSA.

Digestive tolerance: Its formula, compared to others on the market, is gentler on the stomach.


Supplements: Several experts recommend that vitamin C be included in the diet, so that iron is better assimilated, something that this supplement does not have in its formula.

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6. Fair & Pure Iron with Vitamins Iron Supplement

Do you want a complex without additives or preservatives? If so, then you will not have to ask yourself which is the best iron supplement, since it has a formula free of such substances, for better assimilation without adverse effects. Its composition is suitable for both celiac and vegan people and, in addition, it provides a comprehensive benefit, since its 14 mg iron capsules are complemented with 200 mcg of biotin, 60 mg of vitamin C and 1 mg of vitamin B-12; this facilitates its absorption.

As for its content, the bottle comes with 120 tablets so that you can maintain a treatment for up to 4 months, since it is recommended to take only one unit per day. In addition to this, another outstanding aspect is the manufacturing process, since HACCP standards have been followed and all the elements have been tested in independent laboratories.

To recover energy and lead a healthier life, this product could be an economical and quality solution.


Composition: Vitamins C, B-12 and biotin not only provide better benefits, but also easier absorption of iron.

Quantity: With 120 capsules you can have treatment for several months; that way, you won’t need to buy more.

Vegan: The formula of this supplement is suitable for vegans, as it does not contain derivatives of animal origin.


German: The directions on the boat are in German, so it might be difficult to understand if you don’t speak the language.

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7. Vitafair Iron Plus Vitamin C B12 and Biotin

What this vitamin complex seeks is to meet the daily requirements of your body; For that reason, the formula has a high dose of iron with 20 mg, and is supplemented with 80 mg of vitamin C, 2.5 mcg of vitamin B-12 and 50 mcg of biotin. This, in addition to benefiting your body, will also allow rapid absorption of the composition. For that reason, it is considered by some to be the best iron supplement on the market.

Made in Germany, this product has followed the highest quality standards to be able to go on sale. In addition, no elements derived from animals have been used in the creation of the supplement, therefore, it is a vegan product.

On the other hand, each of the 120 capsules can provide you with well-being by giving you an increase in energy, fast metabolism and proper collagen formation.

Those who require a high dose of iron and, in addition, wish to supplement it with other healthy elements could find a good alternative in this product.


Concentration: By having a high concentration of iron, this supplement will be able to meet the daily needs of the body.

Composition: The combination of vitamins, biotin and iron facilitates the absorption of the formula and provides comprehensive results.

Quantity: Having 120 capsules, this bottle of tablets can last you several months if you take the recommended dose.


High dose: Not everyone needs a 20mg dose, therefore the supplement will not be compatible for those who need a lower concentration of iron.

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8. Fairvital Iron Complex 25mg Vegan High dose

Although the bottle of Fairvital’s iron supplement only comes with 90 capsules, each of them has a high concentration of iron to provide a high dose of 25 mg. This breaks down into 7.5 mg of iron gluconate, 7.5 mg of ferrous bisglycinate sulfate, and 10 mg of iron bisglycinate. Because of this, the recommended dose is 1 capsule per day. Either way, to prevent you from forgetting, the dosing cap is quite handy.

This supplement has been manufactured in Germany and, to be able to go on the market, has followed the most rigorous hygiene and quality standards of HACCP. In addition to being a vegan product, the brand has tried to keep the composition as natural as possible, which is why it does not have GMOs, lactose, dyes, fructose, gluten, preservatives or yeast. For maximum supplement enjoyment, the bottle is hermetically sealed to preserve shelf life.

In case you don’t know which iron supplement to buy and want to buy a fairly pure one, this model is a good option.


Iron: The high-dose capsules are made entirely of iron to give you a better result.

Vegan: The formula of this product is completely vegan, therefore, more people will be able to consume the supplement.

Bottle: With a dosing cap and an airtight seal to extend the life of the complex, this element counts as a positive aspect.


Vitamins: Unlike other supplements that combine vitamins with iron, this product does not have additional ingredients.

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9. Health Hack Iron 20 mg 270 tablets

Among all the alternatives on the market, this Health Hack product is definitely one of the most striking. Unlike other supplements that have 100 capsules or less, this one comes with a content of 270 tablets; that way, you can cover a treatment for months. Each of the capsules has a high concentration of iron; specifically 20 mg. The formula also has no gluten, dairy or allergens; for that reason, more people can benefit from it.

This supplement has been manufactured in the UK following high quality standards in order to provide you with the best. On the other hand, among the benefits that you can obtain is an increase in energy, an improvement in cognitive functions and a normal functioning of the metabolism, immune system and hemoglobin. Finally, the small size of the pack will make it easy to move around so you can take a tablet when needed.

It is not one of the cheapest options, however, it is one of the most complete products to be used for a longer period of time.


Concentration: The concentration of 20 mg of iron is suitable for products of this type.

Gluten: People allergic to gluten can use the supplement, since its composition does not have said element.

Quantity: With the 270 capsules that come in this bottle you can have a treatment that lasts for months.


Price: It is necessary to make a greater investment of money, compared to other options; however, 270 capsules will be obtained for a long treatment.

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Shopping guide

To buy an iron supplement you have to be sure that you need it; then you must take all the precautions required to be able to buy a product that is right for you. In addition to the specifications of your doctor, it is advisable to take into account certain relevant characteristics such as those mentioned below.

iron type

When making a guide to buying the best iron supplement, several important things should be kept in mind. Acquiring one of these products and starting to consume it does not mean buying the one you like the most and that’s it; It is necessary that this is suitable for you and that it adapts to your requirements. In addition to that, a doctor should be the one to recommend the ideal supplements for you.

It is necessary that you verify the indications of the supplements to see exactly what type of iron is the main one, because this way you will have less constipation and stomach irritation.

The most common supplements use ferrous fumarate and ferrous sulfate; however, these forms of iron are the most difficult to absorb and, for that reason, will likely affect the digestive system while in use.

On the other hand, chelate and bisglycinate irons are easier to assimilate and, thanks to this, less waste will lodge in the colon, which minimizes the risk of adverse effects. In turn, iron bisglycinate has also been recognized as the element that offers the most lasting results in long-term iron levels.

Remember that it is also possible to obtain compound supplements and, in these cases, it is recommended to give a higher value to the highest percentage of the composition.

With this in mind, it’s best to look at the type of iron in the formula you’ve chosen before worrying about how much the product costs. A higher investment will give you better results.


Iron supplements do not necessarily have to be composed exclusively of this element, since the body also requires different vitamins and you could benefit from acquiring an economic complex that brings more ingredients that complement iron.

The most common element that is usually added to these supplements is vitamin C. The reason why this is so is because of the absorbent quality that the vitamin gives your body, allowing you to assimilate more iron. In addition to this vitamin, there are others that are also added, on certain occasions, among them the most prominent are B and B-12.

Those more complete supplements also usually include biotin and magnesium. This helps improve the immune system and promote collagen production, thus giving you a more comprehensive care that includes greater benefits for your body.

As for pregnant women, there are also supplements manufactured for their specific cases. These, in addition to offering the qualities of iron, are enhanced with folic acid to provide well-being to the baby and ensure its correct formation. Obviously, this must be consumed under the order of a professional.

Meanwhile, older people will also be able to consume supplements with calcium as an additional component. This strengthens the bones, which is often imperative after a certain age.

The last two alternatives tend to have higher prices, but this is because they are specialized products.


Like all products on the market, especially medicinal and multivitamin complexes, there are various options, each one presented in a different way. You will be able to notice this more easily when making a comparison of iron supplements.

The easiest thing to visualize is that the products vary in quantity. Most complexes come with approximately 100 tablets; however, it is possible to find some alternatives that offer up to 200 capsules or more. You may think that the best option is the one with the largest number of units, however, remember that the important thing is the concentration of content that each of the tablets has.

The capsules that are considered “high dose” range from 20 to 30 mg, but the most common are between 10 and 16 mg. The latter are suitable if large doses are not needed, but if required, then it is better to buy supplements with fewer capsules and higher concentration of iron.


Not all of us have the same diet, either for ethics or for health; Because of this, if you want an iron supplement you should purchase one that suits your dietary requirements.

Most of the products available are vegan, however be sure to check to make sure this is the case.

On the other hand, if you have a gluten allergy, then make sure the formula is gluten-free. Do the same if you suspect you are allergic to any other ingredient that may be in the composition.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an iron supplement?

Before consuming an iron supplement it is necessary to know if it is necessary to do so, therefore, a medical evaluation is required.

From there and, depending on what the body requires, a suitable supplement will be recommended for the specific case, as there are complexes that have additional elements such as vitamins.

After this, the doctor must indicate the daily mg that are necessary to have the desired effect. Usually, when it comes to anemia, the amount goes from 100 to 200 mg each day.

Iron supplements can be taken with citrus juices such as orange, however, it is more advisable to take it with water so as not to interfere in the least with the product.

In addition to that, if possible, take the supplement on an empty stomach; preferably one or two hours after the meal. However, if you suffer from a sensitive stomach, then it is possible to take the supplement with food.

Q2: When to take an iron supplement?

Under medical order, it is necessary to take supplements of this type when you are pregnant or have iron deficiency in the body, which causes anemia.

It is necessary to know that, because the requirements between some people and others may vary, the supplements to consume most of the time are not usually the same for both cases. It all depends on the personal situation of each person.

Q3: What iron supplement to take during pregnancy?

Something common in pregnant women is the intake of folic acid and iron supplements to promote the correct and healthy development of the baby; however, the requirements of each mother depend on her type of pregnancy and many other aspects that must be evaluated by a professional specialist.

Self-medication is risky and even more so when you are pregnant, therefore, any change in diet and intake of supplements must first be evaluated and endorsed by the doctor in charge of managing the pregnancy.

Q4: How to make an iron supplement?

It is never recommended to try to make homemade nutritional supplements of any kind if you do not have medical expertise, nor is it recommended to follow a diet strictly focused on raising the levels of iron, calcium or any other element if it is not endorsed by a professional.

If a doctor has diagnosed iron deficiency and it is necessary to take a supplement or follow a dietary routine, then that is when you can take this product.

Q5: Why does the iron supplement cause constipation?

Iron, due to its composition, is an element that is usually difficult for the body to absorb. Any element that is not absorbed then passes into the large intestine.

To regulate the environment of the intestine, the colon contains healthy bacteria that help with bowel movement. When there is constipation, it means that the non-beneficial bacteria have proliferated and now outnumber the good ones.

One of the characteristics of iron is that it is an element that can feed bacteria and, for that reason, it is not recommended to consume it when there are infections.

The percentage of iron in the supplement that is not absorbed will proceed to lodge in the intestine and will cause a proportional imbalance between the bacteria; this will cause constipation.

Q6: What foods should not be mixed with an iron supplement?

Changes in diet should be subject to medical advice only, however, there are some foods that should not be eaten so that they do not interfere with iron absorption.

For this reason, if you find yourself taking iron supplements, it is not recommended to eat foods rich in fiber, dairy products, cereals, caffeine, theine, cocoa, among others.

Q7: Why do stools change color when taking an iron supplement?

One of the effects caused by the intake of iron supplements is the darkening of the stool, however, this is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it is a normal process of the body.

The body, as a rule, does not absorb the full amount of iron and must eliminate the excess through the feces. Due to this, these tend to take on a black or greenish color during the time the complex is consumed.

If the stool remains dark after a while or if it takes on a tar-like hue, it is recommended to see a doctor.

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