The 9 Best Linoleic Acids of 2022

CLA – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Linoleic acid has multiple properties for the growth and development of the body, ranging from increasing muscle mass to reducing blood cholesterol levels, among others. This is obtained through the consumption of specific foods, however, when we do not have a balanced diet, food supplements are a solution to avoid any deficit. For this reason, the Hivital foods H-AP-300192 capsules offer 3000 mg of CLA and its presentation lasts for 2 months, while the Amando Perez AP1202 pills are made with natural ingredients and a purity of 80% of this nutrient in each portion.

The 9 Best Linoleic Acids – Opinions 2022

To function properly, the human body needs a series of fatty acids, among which is linoleic acid. In the market we can find a wide variety of supplements with concentrated CLA, for this reason we present the following selection of products, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and objectives.

1. Hivital foods CLA Safflower Vegetable Oil Pearls

If you are looking for the best linoleic acids in 2022, this food supplement could be a good option for you, since its formula is made with the best CLA from 100% natural safflower vegetable oil. On the other hand, each capsule is coated with gelatin, iron oxide and glycerin.

One aspect that we must highlight about this product is that it does not contain allergens, magnesium stearate, sugars, preservatives, and also has a seal that identifies it as a supplement free of genetically modified organisms.

Regarding its presentation, you should know that this supplement comes in the form of oil pearls, to ensure optimal absorption and bioavailability once ingested. Among other qualities, the bottle comes with a supply of 180 capsules, equivalent to 2 months of treatment, taking 3 pills a day as a dose.

To provide more details about this supplement, we present the following list of pros and cons that you should take into account when purchasing it.


E-book: With the purchase of the complement you receive a free e-book, which provides information on the benefits and characteristics of CLA.

Quantity: The container contains 180 conjugated linoleic acid beads, a convenient supply for a 2-month treatment.

Confidence: The product is manufactured in Spain under strict quality standards, and has ISO and GMP certificates.


Packaging: Due to the number of capsules, the size of the bottle may be a bit large.

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2. Amando Perez CLA 3000 mg per dose Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Mainly focused on athletes, who must take care of their intake of Omega 6, this formulation is designed to help them achieve greater muscle development and lose fat at the same time.

It is a supplement in the form of capsules, for a practical intake, and each one of them provides 1000 mg of linoleic acid. Thus, you can adapt the dose if necessary, according to your personal requirements. However, the manufacturer recommends taking 3 pills a day, with plenty of water, to enjoy its antioxidant effects and complete a total of 3000 mg of CLA. Following this dose, with this presentation you will have enough for a month of supplementation.

If you are wondering about the quality of this product, you should know that its manufacture adheres to strict German policies, so it offers confidence in the use of certified ingredients.

For athletes, this might be the best linoleic acid of the moment. That’s why we show you more highlights.


Quality: The production of this supplement complies with strict control rules, which guarantees the exclusive use of certified raw material.

Convenience: The recommended dose involves consuming 3 capsules a day with plenty of water, a smaller amount than other presentations.

Special diets: If you are vegan, you can consume this product with confidence.


Duration: Due to the fact that the container only has 100 capsules, this supplement only covers the requirements of one month.

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3. Nutravita Alpha Lipoic Acid 650mg High Potency Capsules

Thinking that only the best linoleic acid has antioxidant properties and acts as a fat burner is a mistake, because in the market we can get products made from alpha lipoic acid, which can intervene in the energy metabolism of cells, so that the body breaks down fat and so get power.

This compound is a non-essential fatty acid and natural antioxidant present in various plant foods.

Analyzing the characteristics of the product in detail, we note that the formulation offers 650 mg of alpha lipoic acid per dose, and when you buy a bottle you have a 4-month supply in your hands, since it comes with 120 softgels designed to be easily ingested. We do not want to forget to mention that the supplement is free of gluten, additives, elements of animal origin and other artificial substances that can be harmful to health.

Below, we detail some pros and cons that you should consider when purchasing this plugin.


Vegan product: The formula is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as its components are free of elements of animal origin.

Confidence: It is a supplement that provides confidence and quality, given the recognized trajectory of the brand.

A single dose: Due to the high concentration of the formula, just by taking one capsule daily, the amount necessary for the body is received.


Odour: The capsules may have a slight odor characteristic of these fatty acids. Therefore, they should be consumed together with food.

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4. Iron Labs Nutrition CLA Xtreme 1000mg for Athletes

When buying a food supplement, many of us may ask ourselves what is the best linoleic acid for long-term treatment.

Although many supplements are characterized by offering small presentations for short treatments, this is not the case with the CLA Xtreme food supplement, since this XXL version comes in a larger container and contains 400 softgels. Hence, they can cover a supplementation for 4 months, since they are indicated to take in doses of 3 units per day.

Speaking a little more about this product, we will say that each capsule has a concentration of 1000 mg of conjugated linoleic acid, obtained from distilled safflower oil and is coated with bovine gelatin, glycerin and water. Therefore, if you are looking for a completely vegan supplement, these CLA pills may not be the ones for you.

Those who are looking for a food supplement rich in CLA, so that their body works well, we recommend that you analyze this product in detail.


Packaging: The size of the packaging is large, so the capsules do not stick together.

Certification: This CLA is safe, as it is manufactured in the United Kingdom and has been certified by the BRC Food, for its good manufacturing practices.

Treatment: It has 400 soft capsules for 4 months of treatment; for this reason, you will not have to buy additional canisters.


Expiration: The manufacturer recommends not consuming the capsules 6 months after opening the container.

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5. Myprotein CLA 1000mg 90 Servings

Linoleic acid has become popular in recent years, because it helps in weight loss by promoting the elimination of fat and favoring both the increase and maintenance of muscle mass. Although we must emphasize that, to obtain an optimal result, this product must be accompanied by regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Delving into the main characteristics of this CLA supplement, we can mention that the dose of 2 capsules provides the body with an amount of 1.6 grams of conjugated linoleic acid, does not provide extra calories and is free of yeast, starch, lactose, gluten, preservatives and artificial colors.

If we focus on its presentation, this container weighs 314 grams and contains 180 soft pills arranged for 90 servings, which the manufacturer recommends taking 1 to 3 times a day.

To resolve any doubts as to which linoleic acid to buy, we invite you to read the following pros and cons offered by this supplement.


Quality: The ingredients used in the formula and the final product are evaluated to guarantee the quality of the supplement.

Tasteless: The capsules do not leave a bitter taste in the mouth when swallowed.

Practicality: The container, with 180 capsules, is convenient to transport so as not to skip doses throughout the day.


Daily dose: To reach the dose of 4.8 g of CLA, 6 capsules must be consumed daily in 3 servings.

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6. Lytham Body Conjugated Linoleic Acid 100% Vegetarian Capsules

Another food supplement that cannot go unnoticed is the one offered by Lytham Body. This conjugated linoleic acid promotes cardiovascular health by lowering blood cholesterol levels, strengthening immune function, increasing muscle mass and increasing the speed of metabolism.

On the other hand, to adapt the supplement to vegans and vegetarians, each of the components used in the formula are of natural and vegetable origin, its main ingredient being linoleic acid derived from safflower oil.

Being a good alternative for short treatments, the container contains 60 units, an equivalent supply for 1 month, taking as a dose 2 each day. Finally, we can add that each capsule contains 1000 mg of CLA, and they are the right size to be swallowed with water without any problem, since they have no taste or smell.

Being considered one of the cheapest presentations on the market, you may want to review the negative and positive aspects of this supplement.


Kosher: It is suitable to be consumed by people who follow certain food and cultural trends.

Container: Bringing a month’s supply, the container is a convenient size to take anywhere.

Accelerates metabolism: The properties of CLA help support fat loss by accelerating metabolism.


Labeling: All product information is written in English, so it can confuse those who do not master this language.

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7. Tooshaped CLA 1000mg Soft Gelatin Capsules

Conjugated linoleic acid capsules are among the preferred dietary supplements for athletes. For this reason, the Tooshaped brand introduces this 73% CLA formula, which promotes weight loss and optimizes metabolism, to give a boost to those who want to strengthen muscles and achieve definition.

In addition, this product, manufactured in Austria under safety, quality and Good Manufacturing Practices standards of the European Union, is listed as one of the cheapest on our list.

Regarding its components, it is important to mention that it is free of allergens and transgenics, therefore, it is suitable for people with sensitivities to certain foods, and also for those who are vegetarians and vegans. Now, if we talk about the formula, each serving of 3 capsules provides a dose of 3000 mg of CLA, which must be administered 1 between each meal.

This product has interesting pros and cons that can perhaps be adjusted to your nutritional needs.


Easy to take: The capsules are coated with glycerin, gelatin and water; Likewise, they do not have taste or smell, which facilitates their ingestion.

Supply: The supplement comes in 100 capsules, so you will not have to invest in another bottle until after 3 months.

100% vegetable: The formula of the capsules does not contain sugar, allergens or transgenics, being suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Packaging: The bag-type container of the supplement opens and closes easily, so it should be kept out of the reach of children.

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8. Solgar Tonalin CLA Softgels

The formula of Solgar’s Tonalin CLA capsules is protected by 4 patents and comes from natural safflower seed oil, for this reason it is free of wheat, sugars, sodium, yeast, starch, dairy derivatives, flavorings and artificial preservatives. It is a product of 1300 mg, of which, there is a contribution of 1014 mg of CLA; while each softgel is coated with bovine gelatin, vegetable glycerin, and natural caramel color.

The way of use is very simple, since its manufacturer recommends taking a soft capsule twice a day with meals. If you are wondering about its presentation, each container contains 60 pills, for a one-month treatment. To conclude, we must indicate that this food supplement specializes in stimulating energy metabolism to reduce body fat, therefore, it is not designed for children, pregnant or lactating women, as it is contraindicated for them.

Opting for the best brand of linoleic acids can help you make the right purchase. Therefore, we invite you to read some qualities of interest.


Daily dose: By taking 2 capsules daily, the necessary nutritional values ​​are obtained, since they are concentrated.

Softgel capsules: The softgel format of the capsules allows them to be easy to swallow.

Composition: The CLA in this product is made up of isomers cis 9, trans 11 and trans 10, cis 12, for a good action and balance of the formula.


Quantity: Compared to other supplements, this one brings 60 capsules for a month of consumption.

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9. Scitec Nutrition CLA 60 Capsules

Scitec Nutrition is a well-known brand in the field of fitness and sports nutrition. For this reason, this product can perhaps compete as the best value for money linoleic acid, as it has an attractive presentation containing 60 pills, which provide a dose of 800 mg each. In this way, it is designed to cover the requirements for 15 days at a competitive cost.

To optimize the action of CLA, the manufacturer recommends its intake twice a day, in portions of 2 capsules with meals, as this provides the required daily dose of conjugated linoleic acid.

However, to achieve more notable results, it is necessary to accompany the intake of this supplement with a balanced diet and exercise sessions, since taking it by itself does not promote weight loss efficiently, nor does it improve body definition.

To finish knowing the characteristics of the product, here are the following pros and cons.


Purity: The vegetable oil used in the supplement formula is obtained from 100% natural safflower seeds.

Composition: Each pill includes a high dose of conjugated linoleic acid with more than 80% concentration.

Satiety: Reduces appetite providing a feeling of fullness, which is beneficial during weight loss processes.


Allergens: The product may contain traces of soy, egg, gluten, nuts and milk, which is why it is not recommended for people with allergies.

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Shopping guide

Before purchasing a food supplement based on linoleic acid, it is important to take into account the various characteristics and benefits that these products have. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best linoleic acid, with the aspects that you should evaluate when buying it.

Ways to take CLA

Before purchasing a product, it is necessary to make a comparison of linoleic acids to know the different ways of taking it. As we well know, this type of fatty acid can be found in some foods such as eggs, cereals, grain breads, wheat, nuts, pine nuts, cashews, among others. Similarly, in vegetable oils from flaxseed, hemp, canola, evening primrose, safflower, borage and also in pumpkin, flax, grape, blackcurrant, soybean and cotton seeds. Therefore, the most natural way to obtain the benefits of linoleic acid is through a constant consumption of these elements in the daily diet.

On the other hand, supplementing with food supplements is the most effective way to ingest the exact dose of linoleic acid required by the body, to avoid any deficit and enjoy all its properties. In the market, the CLA supplements that are in greatest demand are those that come in capsule format, as they offer a quick effect, are easy to consume, and you can find bottles with a supply to cover a treatment for months.

Formula and benefits

Not all linoleic acid supplements are made with the same formula, each brand works to create its own recipe with different ingredients, which can provide different benefits according to the proportions of polyunsaturated fatty acids they contain.

To choose a CLA-based product, it is advisable to observe and analyze the nutritional table that the package always comes with, because there you will find each of the components with which the product formula has been made. Thus, some capsules usually offer high doses of conjugated linoleic acid, so that a single pill covers the necessary requirement for the body. As we can also find pills that contain a lower concentration and, therefore, they recommend taking them up to 3 times a day.

If you are wondering about the benefits provided by these types of food supplements, you should know that these omega 6 fatty acids are essential since they provide energy, improve the immune system and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood; while in turn, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. In a nutshell, we can say that taking linoleic acid, maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly is a way to contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Container and number of pills

When buying a quality supplement, regardless of how much it costs, it is essential to observe all the characteristics of the product in detail; this includes from the design and practicality of the container where the capsules are contained, to the type of material with which said containers are made.

Most brands choose packaging that is safe and resistant, with an impeccable design that inspires consumer confidence. Another point in which you should pay close attention is the size of the boat, since if you want to take it on a trip, by having its dimensions and weight you will have an idea of ​​the space it will occupy.

As for the number of capsules, you should know that they can vary according to your needs and nutritional requirements. In the market there are presentations that bring higher doses to cover a treatment for several months; while other brands may offer a cheaper format with less content of this supplement, just to balance some nutritional value caused by a deficiency of CLA for a short period of time.

Origin and appearance of CLA

This fatty acid is obtained through some natural and vegetable sources such as sunflower, safflower, soybean, pumpkin, corn, walnuts, pine nuts, etc. On the other hand, if we talk about the chemical process, this component is acquired from the hydrolysis of vegetable oils enriched in linoleic acid. CLA is then purified by distilling.

Now, one of the characteristics to take into account when buying original, safe and good quality supplements is the appearance of the conjugated linoleic acid. This compound is mainly pasty yellowish in color and its consistency is oily. Therefore, when buying CLA, it is important to note that the formula inside the capsules has these properties.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What foods contain linoleic acid?

Linoleic acid (CLA) is the main representative of omega 6 fatty acids; being a fundamental component for health, we can find it in foods such as oils made from sunflower seeds, flax, flaxseed, corn, safflower and in large quantities in soybeans, in eggs, cereals and nuts, such as walnuts, pine nuts and cashews.

We should also mention that this polyunsaturated fatty acid can be found in smaller amounts in poultry, meat, dairy products and some vegetables. It is important to note that the body cannot synthesize linoleic acid, therefore, it is necessary to obtain it through different foods, and soft capsules that provide the necessary daily dose for the development of the body and growth.

Q2: How is conjugated linoleic acid taken?

Conjugated linoleic acid can be consumed in soft capsules or in powder form, as there are a wide variety of brands on the market that offer this compound. The recommended dose is between 3.2 to 6.4 grams, however, it can vary depending on the level of intensity of the physical activity that the person practices and the weight, for this reason we recommend consulting a health professional beforehand, who can indicate the amount necessary to achieve your goals, or the exact dose to cover the deficit of this fatty acid.

Now, if you want to take linoleic acid softgels, they are usually taken during breakfast or the main meal and the number of tablets will vary depending on the milligrams of concentrated CLA that each manufacturer provides in its formulation. Finally, we can add that it is advisable to rest from taking this supplement for periods of 2 to 3 weeks, after having consumed it for 2 or 3 months, in order to prevent the rebound effect.

Q3: What is conjugated linoleic acid?

Conjugated linoleic acid, or better known by its acronym CLA, is a combination of isomers of a polyunsaturated fatty acid that the human body cannot produce. Likewise, we do not want to forget to mention that it is the main compound that makes up the group of omega 6 fatty acids. Delving a little deeper into its composition, currently after many studies the two isomers that mix to form CLA are known, which are the Trans and the Cis. Regarding the Trans isomer, we can highlight that it is a viable neuroprotector and has properties that help with inflammatory processes.

On the other hand, it has been proven that the Cis isomer stimulates muscle metabolism, promotes bone health and favors the composition of muscle mass, reducing body fat. Thus, the linoleic acid obtained by the combination of these two isomers offers even more benefits to the body, as it acts as a fat burner facilitating weight loss, has an antioxidant effect, reinforces cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol levels and strengthens the immune system by stimulating the synthesis of antibodies, to reduce the risk of constantly getting sick.

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