The 9 Best Military Backpacks of 2022

Military Backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Military backpacks are storage spaces used by thousands of people around the world, as they allow them to easily and safely transport their personal belongings, documents, devices, among other items. The models are usually varied, so when selecting one, it would be advisable to take into account the recommendations of other users. In this sense, a highly positioned product is the FreeWalk Nylon, made of fabric resistant to abrasion and humidity. In addition, its central compartment and pockets allow you to distribute the load in an organized manner. On the other hand, if you want a military backpack with a robust, adjustable body and a spacious interior, the Songwin EnergeticSky model could be what you are looking for.

The 9 Best Military Backpacks – Opinions 2022

There are many military backpacks on the market, but not all designs are capable of offering the same level of resistance, ergonomics and safety, so it is advisable to review several options before making the purchase. Next, we present nine military backpacks valued among the best of this year.

military tactical backpack

1. FreeWalk Unisex Hiking Molle Assault Military Tactical Backpack

This is a military backpack positioned among the cheapest in this selection of products, whose design is suitable for different outdoor sports activities or, if you prefer, to carry books and documents to work or study.

It is a military tactical backpack that has been made with high quality 900D nylon, as it is resistant to abrasion and humidity. Its main compartment is spacious, while on the outside there are a couple of side pockets and a front pocket. All of them are suitable for placing various objects of different sizes, in order to always have them at hand.

Likewise, the product incorporates a special slot for the headphone cable and a hydration system, made up of two tube outlets. Thus, you will be able to drink water with greater practicality, by not having to take the bottle out of the bag and take it in your hands.

If you are looking for a military backpack that you can use in the field or in the city, you will be interested in the pros and cons of this model.


Straps: You can adjust the straps to the anatomy of each person, thanks to the strap regulation system.

Pockets: You will have two side pockets and one front pocket, so you can carry small objects safely.

Hydration: The internal bladder, with built-in tube outlet, allows rapid hydration without taking the bottle.

Breathable: Its padded back enhances the passage of air, for greater perspiration.


Water bag: The incorporation of a water bag in case of precipitation is missing.

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military green backpack

2. Songwin Tactical Backpack Waterproof Military Mountaineering Bag

Recognized as the possible best military backpack, it has managed to highlight this model with the Songwin quality seal, which makes available to all its followers a product made with 900D oxford fabric, which, like the double zippers, protects against water leaks. In addition, there are the reinforced seams present in the garment, designed to provide a higher level of resistance to tearing.

This military green backpack has a storage volume corresponding to 43 liters, in which you can carry clothing, provisions, knives, a compass or any other object necessary for hiking. On the other hand, expansion buckles are attached on the outside, suitable for comfortably carrying some additional accessories.

Likewise, the compartments and pockets allow an organized distribution of the load, whether for outdoor activities or for day-to-day activities, while the padded shoulder pads and back cushion the pressure of the weight supported during the development of the route.

Considered the best military backpack of the moment, this product offers advantages and disadvantages that might interest you.


Use: It is a suitable backpack for excursions, trekking, walking, cycling or for daily use, being very versatile.

Padding: The padding system cushions the pressure of the load, providing comfort to the shoulders and back.

Zippers: The waterproof zippers prevent the passage of water inside, protecting your objects.

Storage: Thanks to the compartments and pockets, you can distribute the objects in an orderly manner.


Scent: Initially you may notice a slightly strong synthetic scent, but if you hang the backpack outside for a few hours, the scent will gradually disappear.

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Black military backpack

3. Mardingtop Tactical Military Backpack Moto Molle Assault Bag

Among the products recommended as the best military backpacks of 2022, we find this model with a modern and discreet design in black, which is suitable to be taken to any type of outdoor activity or for the city. All this, thanks to the detailed finishes in the cuts and reinforced seams in the joints, which improve the resistance level of the product. Likewise, it features its ergonomic upper handle, which allows comfortable handling of the structure, while the padded shoulder pads cushion the pressure generated by the weight of the load.

On the other hand, the storage volume of this black military backpack corresponds to 28 liters, distributed through a central pocket with internal compartments, which promote better luggage distribution. Likewise, there is the special case for placing a laptop, up to 14 inches, designed so that you can carry the equipment without fear of deterioration.

Mardingtop might be the best military backpack brand. Proof of this is this model. Below, we have summarized more details about it.


Compartments: Its multiple compartments allow you to store clothes, equipment and a laptop.

Adjustment: A chest and waist strap are available, which keep the backpack in place.

Textile: The combination of nylon and polyester provides resistance to wear, for greater durability.

Versatility: It is a suitable backpack for outdoor activities or to be used in the city.


Lower pocket: The lower zipper is directly connected to the central compartment, so it is not an additional pocket.

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old military backpack

4. Selighting Nylon Molle Military Waterproof Tactical Backpack for Men

With this model, some users have clarified the question of which is the best military backpack, since it is a product with an adequate level of resistance to abrasion and humidity, thanks to its high-end nylon construction. This material is characterized by being robust, but, at the same time, providing a pleasant soft touch. Likewise, it is a textile that is easy to clean manually or by incorporating it into the washing machine.

This old military backpack is recommended for outdoor activities, because, due to its multiple compartments and external pockets, you will be able to store all the necessary equipment for your journeys in an organized way. In addition, it can be used to carry a laptop, documents, books and even an iPad.

Also, it should be noted that the product has a breathable backing for greater freshness on the journey; padded shoulder pads, which reduce chafing; and adjustable straps for a better fit.

This is a model that could interest those who do not know which military backpack to buy. Next, its pros and cons. 


Perspiration: The back will be cool and dry during the tour, thanks to the fact that the backpack incorporates breathable mesh in that area.

Compartments: The model has been provided with several pockets, which allow small objects to be transported safely.

Shoulder pads: You won’t have to worry about chafing your shoulders, as the padding cushions the pressure.

Cleaning: Its polyester textile is easy to clean by machine or manually.


Flimsy: The frame might be a bit flimsy for hiking, but it’s still adequate for the city.

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Military camouflage backpack

5. Runature Sling Molle Tactical Military Backpack for Men Combat

Runature presents this time a backpack with military camouflage, which has managed to capture the attention of the female and male target, due to its modern cut line, which is suitable for carrying everything you need during any short trip, walk, trip to the supermarket or daily activity.

The backpack has been made with 1000D oxford-type fabric, so it has a robust and light body, capable of providing resistance to abrasion and humidity, in the event of unexpected precipitation or spillage. For its part, the nylon thread seams provide greater durability and prevent tears caused by the weight of the load.

In addition, it is convenient to refer to the molle system arranged in the front part, designed so that the person can attach other larger equipment and, in this way, save space in the interior compartment.

Learn about the good and bad aspects of this military backpack below.


Molle: The attached expansion molles allow you to attach any additional equipment to the backpack without taking up space.

Waterproof: Thanks to the waterproof properties of the fabric, you won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside.

Water bottle: You will always have the water bottle at hand to hydrate yourself, since a special outer compartment is added.

Adjustment: You can easily adjust the straps, in order to achieve a comfortable and secure fit to the body.


Volume: The storage volume may seem small, depending on the needs of some people.

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50 liter military backpack

6. Blitzer Waterproof Military Backpack for Hiking Hunting Use

If you plan to go on an excursion, undertake a practice of trekking, hiking or hunting, you will need to have safe and resistant storage equipment, in which you can distribute clothing, personal hygiene products, supplies, among other essential elements to survive in an organized way. out in the open

In this sense, the ideal would be to have a 50-liter military backpack like this model from the Blitzer house, whose structure offers a pair of easy-open zippered central compartments and a pair of side straps, designed to keep the load in place.. Likewise, the front pockets stand out for the placement of small objects.

In addition, padded shoulder pads are incorporated, which are responsible for cushioning the pressure and, therefore, reducing friction; while the lateral and front molle system allows other types of equipment to be attached to the backpack, to achieve a practical load and save interior space.

Here, the details of a military backpack with a good storage volume.


Fabric: Due to its 900D nylon construction, you can enjoy a product resistant to abrasion and with a pleasant touch.

Straps: The side straps help regulate the load, achieving greater comfort when carrying the backpack.

Molle: You can attach additional equipment to the backpack, because a system of front and side springs is incorporated.

Waterproof: You won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside the backpack, thanks to the PVC coating.


Handle: The absence of padding on the upper handle could be uncomfortable for some people when holding it.

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Military print backpack

7. Huntvp Tactical Military Assault Backpack Molle Shoulder Bag

This could be the best price-quality military backpack, as it is made with 900D nylon fabric, whose waterproof properties prevent moisture from passing into the interior of the structure, keeping stored objects protected. In addition, it is a robust textile and, therefore, resistant to abrasion.

Also, it stands out in this backpack with a military print, the incorporation of a convenient spring system in the front area of ​​the structure, designed so that people can fix any type of accessories or equipment, which would normally end up taking up space inside the bag. backpack.

On the other hand, there is the issue of storage volume, corresponding to 12 liters and distributed in a central compartment with dividers, as well as two side mesh pockets, for placing hydration bottles or a snack. Likewise, there is another front pocket with a zipper, to keep your keys, mobile phone or any small object close at hand.

Here, the main details of this 12-liter military backpack, rated among the cheapest.


Side Pockets: Mesh side pockets are convenient for a bottle, snacks or small items.

Molle: You will be able to attach some accessories to the backpack, thanks to the molle system incorporated in the front area.

Waterproof: Moisture does not deteriorate the stored objects, since the nylon fabric is waterproof.

Zipper: Double zippers are incorporated in the central compartment, for quick opening.


Size: The interior of the backpack could be reduced to carry what is necessary during an excursion, but it is adequate for day to day or a walk.

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Vans military backpack

8. Vans Old Skool Ii Men’s Casual Backpack

Vans has been present in the market since 1966, providing its followers with products with the highest quality standards and managing to transcend time to become an iconic brand in the sports world.

A good example of this is this Vans military backpack with a top handle, for practical handling, and with adjustable shoulder straps that improve the user experience. For its part, the structure was made with polyester fabric, a material with a robust and light body. In addition, it is a textile that is easy to clean and dries quickly in the open air.

The backpack has a storage capacity of 22 liters, distributed in a central compartment and a front pocket, resulting in adequate space to transport study implements or items for personal use. In this sense, with this product you will be acquiring an ideal backpack for day to day, walks, going to the gym or to work.

This is a military backpack, with advantages and disadvantages that you can analyze below.


Closure: Both the central compartment and the pocket incorporate easy-open zippers, so you can quickly access the interior.

Handle: You will be able to handle the backpack easily, due to the ergonomics of its upper handle.

Pocket: You will have a moderately sized front pocket, which is suitable for storing small objects.

Shoulder pads: Your shoulders can be adjusted in size, according to the anatomy of each person.


Reinforcements: The fabric bottom of the structure could be a bit flimsy, as a reinforcement piece is not incorporated.

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small military backpack

9. Mardingtop Molle Assault Military Tactical Backpack

This is a small military backpack aimed at all those men and women who enjoy carrying out outdoor activities, such as camping, trekking, hiking, hiking, cycling, among others.

The structure of this storage kit has a spacious central compartment with dividers, so you can distribute the weight properly, while the pair of side pockets, together with the front bag, are convenient to safely carry any small objects that you need. you want to have on hand. Said compartments attach waterproof YKK-type zippers, which provide a quick and controlled opening.

In addition, these backpacks attach a front molle system, designed so that people can attach equipment and accessories, in order to save space. For its part, the padded and breathable shoulder straps reduce friction and keep you cool during the journey, while the lateral straps enhance the compression of the load.

Next, you will know the most relevant details of this military backpack.


Shoulder Pads: Breathable mesh on the shoulder pads keeps your body cool, no matter how hot the day.

Pockets: You will be able to keep small objects close at hand, due to the side and front pockets.

Molle: With the front molle system it is easy to attach accessories and some complementary equipment.

Adjustment: You will get a correct adjustment to the back and shoulders, thanks to the incorporation of a chest strap and at the waist level.


Waterproof: The fabric used for the backpack is not 100% waterproof, but it will protect objects from spills.

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Shopping guide

Through this guide to buying the best military backpack, you will be able to know the main quality identifiers to identify in this type of product, with the purpose of acquiring a resistant, spacious, safe model with a pleasant aesthetic.

Resistance and impermeability

In any comparison of military backpacks, it is common to find a section dedicated to issues associated with the manufacture of the product, such as the resistance of the textile material and its respective level of impermeability.

The fibers used to make this type of structures are usually varied, but there are few textiles that are positioned as the favorites of the different brands. Such is the case of nylon and polyester, whose synthetic threads are characterized by being robust, highly resistant to abrasion and waterproof. Of course, the protection will depend on the density of the textile.

On the other hand, there is the Oxford-type textile, which is also of synthetic composition, but much more resistant to tearing generated by the pressure of the load; while other manufacturing houses opt for the incorporation of PVC coatings. This last material enhances the waterproofing and provides stability to the backpack.

Fit and compression

The adjustment of the straps and the compression of the load are two characteristics that not only influence the comfort and ergonomics of the person, when using the military backpack, but also determine how much the product costs.

In the case of adjustment, confirm that the shoulder pads incorporate a strap system on the lower straps, which allows the length to be easily adjusted, adapting it to the person’s anatomy. Likewise, verify that a strap is attached at the waist level and another in the chest area, which allow the structure to be attached to the back for a better posture and comfort.

Regarding the compression of the load, it will be necessary that the backpack has been provided with a pair of straps on the sides, whose closure is by means of plastic or metal snaps. Thus, you can adjust these straps to regulate the volume generated by the load, slightly compressing the central pockets.

load distribution

The distribution of the load in the military backpack is an aspect of great importance, since thanks to this, not only will space be saved, but it is also possible to transport the equipment without generating annoying pressure points on the shoulders, back and lower back.

The organization of the luggage usually depends directly on the pockets incorporated into the structure. In this sense, it does not matter if it is a backpack considered by users to be good and economical, if it does not have the appropriate number of compartments, then it may not be a successful purchase.

For example, when reviewing the military backpacks on the market, we find models with one or two central compartments with internal dividers, for the placement of objects, devices and clothing.

There are also designs with mesh pockets on the sides, designed for placing bottles or snacks, while those with zippers are usually suitable for a compass, knife, keys, wallet and other small objects.

On the other hand, backpacks with front or lower pockets stand out, which add storage volume to the product, so you can store dirty clothes, wet shoes, supplies, sunscreen, among others.

molle system

Military backpacks are storage structures that allow people to safely transport their personal belongings, folios, a laptop, tablet and other objects, as well as sports equipment. Everything will depend on the use you intend to give the backpack.

In any case, it does not hurt that the design has been provided with a modular molle system. These are nylon straps sewn on the front and side of the structure, through which any additional accessory or equipment can be securely attached, which is generally too large to be incorporated into one of the compartments of the bag. bag.

In addition, this is a method that more and more brands are incorporating into their models, as it helps save space, improve load distribution and keep your hands free at all times. This is because you can place the sleeping bag, tent, cane, a tripod for your camera, among many other elements, more practically.

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