The 9 Best Mountain Pants of 2022

Mountain pants – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Mountain pants are part of the clothing necessary to keep us protected during our sports activities, which is why they are products of great demand in the market. For this reason, when you start the search for said garment, you will find varied designs both aesthetically and in terms of manufacturing materials. A highly recommended model for cold climates is Dengbosn Softshell, which has a modern and stylized cut line, according to the female anatomy. In addition, it combines robust fabrics for greater protection against abrasion. But if you need a masculine model, Izas Aletch is a good alternative, since it is made of waterproof fabric and incorporates reinforcements on the knees.

The 9 Best Mountain Pants – Opinions 2022

There are many mountain pants on the market, but not all have been made to offer the same benefits in terms of waterproofing, breathability and abrasion protection. Next, find out the specifications of nine mountain pants positioned among the best of this year.

Women’s mountain pants

1. Dengbosn Women’s Waterproof Winter Mountain Pants 

If you are looking for women’s mountain pants that provide protection against abrasion, humidity and blizzards, you should place this model at the top of your shopping list. It is a garment made with spandex and polyester fabric at 8 and 92% respectively.

This combination will keep you dry and comfortable, since it repels water, but at the same time conserves body heat, making it a suitable product for excursions, climbing, snowboarding, trips or any activity to be carried out in cold climates.

For many, this model could well be the best mountain pants, since they have a cut that adapts to the female anatomy, an elastic waist for a correct fit and four easy-to-open zippered pockets in which you can keep any object close at hand. small. In addition, you will find a pair of reinforcements on the knees that provide extra protection in the event of an impact.

This product has several pros and cons that you may find interesting if you are looking for the mountain pants of the moment for women.


Textile: The combination of spandex and polyester provides strength, comfort and warmth.

Waist: The elastic incorporated in the waist of the garment allows a quick adjustment.

Pockets: You can safely store any small object in the pockets, since they have a zipper.

Reinforcements: Internal reinforcements are incorporated in the knee area for greater protection.


Last: Despite being a woman’s pants, its last is a bit loose in the hip area and generates some folds that could be annoying depending on the person’s build.

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Men’s mountain pants

2. Izas Aletch Pant Man

For many people, this model from the Izas house should be valued among the best mountain pants of 2022, since it has an aesthetically attractive design and well-crafted finishes, both in cuts and seams.

These men’s hiking pants have a straight cut through the legs, which hugs the body slightly without limiting mobility. The waist is elastic and incorporates a belt with a buckle, while the front closure is by means of a zipper and a velcro. In addition, in the knee area you will find some reinforcements in a slightly more robust fabric, which will provide you with greater resistance to abrasion in the event of impact with the ground.

It is important to mention that these pants have been made with elastane and polyester fibers, which is a combination capable of repelling water, offering elasticity and a good level of breathability.

Izas is recommended as the best brand of mountain pants due to the high level of quality present in its preparation. Here, the details of one of their models.


Washing: You can wash the garment manually or in a machine at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C, so its maintenance is simple.

Waterproof: Thanks to the waterproof fabric used, you won’t have to worry about precipitation.

Reinforcements: The knees have been reinforced to protect you in case of impacts.

Pockets: You will always have any small object at hand thanks to the pockets incorporated in the design. 


Size: The cut of the garment could be a bit tight, so you should previously check the width of the waist and legs.

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Mountain pants for winter

3. Koudyen Men’s Waterproof Winter Trekking Pants

These winter mountain pants have a fairly modern design, which highlights a series of double stitching on the sides of the legs and pocket area. In addition, the well-cared finishes in each of the cuts and joints show a high level of quality in the making of the garment.

The waist is elastic so that it adjusts to different types of anatomies, while the closure method is by means of a front zipper, which provides an easy opening. Likewise, you will enjoy articulated reinforcements on the knees, which will protect you from abrasion without limiting your mobility.

It is important to mention that these cheap mountain pants have been made of softshell fabric, so they repel light rain and are suitable for blizzards. Also, the inside of the garment retains body heat due to its convenient fleece lining.

For those who enjoy carrying out sports activities during the winter, it will be convenient to review the main specifications of this model of mountain pants.


Belt: With the purchase, a practical belt with a buckle is included for a better fit.

Knees: Its knees with articulated reinforcements will protect you from abrasion without limiting movement.

Pockets: Built-in zippered pockets will allow you to keep a few small items close at hand.

Use: With this garment you can carry out activities in cold weather, such as snowboarding, climbing, mountaineering, fishing, among others.


Softshell fabric: Although the softshell fabric used for the garment repels light rain, it is also true that it is not completely waterproof.

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Trango mountain pants


4. Trangoworld Goym Men’s Long Pants

When asked what is the best mountain pants, this model has received great comments and recommendations in this regard. It is a garment with a very attractive design due to its straight and modern cut, which fits the body without limiting movement when walking.

These Trango mountain pants have an elastic waist, loops for attaching a belt and a front zipper closure, providing a good fit. In the same way, you will have a total of four pockets, two of them upper and the remaining pair on the sides of the legs. All of them incorporate a lid and zipper, so you can carry any small object without fear of losing it.

Cotton and elastane were used for the outer area to make the garment, which provide flexibility to the design, while the internal cotton-polyester lining provides warmth.

If you still don’t know which mountain pants to buy, you should review the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Interior: The cotton and polyester inner lining retains body heat for greater comfort.

Exterior: You will be able to move freely thanks to the flexibility given by the combination of cotton and elastane fibers.

Waist: You will have no problems regarding the correct fit of the pants thanks to its elastic waist.

Pockets: Its side and horizontal pockets have a zipper to prevent objects from being lost. 


Drying: To avoid damaging the fibers, the product should not be dried in a machine, so you will have to place it outdoors, something that could increase the drying time in humid conditions.

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waterproof mountain pants

5. Zoerea Men’s Hiking Pants Waterproof Winter Fleece Lined

The Zoerea house has recently added to the market what could be the best price-quality mountain pants, designed to be used during any outdoor sports activity such as trekking, excursions, hiking, fishing, climbing, travel, among others.

For the manufacture of this model of waterproof mountain pants, polyester fabric was used in the outer area, a material that will keep you protected against abrasion, blizzards and humidity, while the interior in polar fiber, also made of polyester, is much more comfortable. and retains body heat, without sacrificing proper breathability. In addition, it is an easy-to-wash and fast-drying textile.

As for the design, it fits correctly at the waist thanks to the built-in elastic. The front closure is safe, by means of a zipper and a metal clasp. Also, you will have a couple of zippered pockets so that objects do not get lost.

Among the cheapest mountain pants, this model stands out, whose advantages and disadvantages you will be able to know below.


Use: This is a suitable garment to be used in any outdoor sports activity.

Waist: You will enjoy a correct fit at the waist, since this area is elastic.

Pockets: Its spacious zippered pockets are suitable for you to carry small items with you.

Textile: The polyester textile used retains heat, repels moisture and protects from abrasion, which is why it is considered a comfortable and practical model.


Size: The cut of the pants is a bit tight, so you should check the size measurements before purchasing the garment.

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Izas mountain pants

6. Izas Baltic for Men

Izas mountain pants have achieved a good position in the market, due to the fact that they have a design that is highly resistant to abrasion and very comfortable. 

To carry out its preparation, a combination of elastane and polyester fabrics at 8 and 92% respectively was used. It is a pair of robust fibers, which give the garment the necessary flexibility so that you can move freely.

In addition, said textile repels water and allows proper perspiration. Similarly, you will find some reinforcements in the knees, crotch area, lower legs and in the butt. 

All of them, in Mount Stretch membrane, which is characterized by being flexible and quite robust, so that, in the event of a fall or impact during the route, you will enjoy greater protection. We should also mention its elastic waist and zippered side pockets to keep your belongings safe.

With this garment you will be protected from abrasion and humidity at all times of the route. Here are some details of interest.


Pockets: You have two easily accessible upper pockets and another pair on the side with a zipper.

Washing: You can place the garment in the washing machine for quick cleaning, which contributes to its easy maintenance.

Accessory: A belt with buckle closure is incorporated for a better fit of the garment.

Reinforcements: You will find fabric reinforcements with greater resistance to abrasion on the knees, crotch and back, which extend the useful life of the piece.


Pattern: Waist and leg measurements may not fit. However, everything will depend on your anatomy.

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mountain shorts

7. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge II Shorts

Columbia is a brand that, over the years, has managed to position itself among the main places in the market, due to the fact that each of its products offers modern, highly resistant designs that adapt to different sports and urban settings.

This time he presents us with mountain shorts aimed at the male target, which can be used on excursions, walks, trips, fishing, among other activities.

The garment is made of Ripstop-type nylon fabric, which is slightly water-repellent and breathable. In addition, a convenient filter with Omni Shade technology with sun protection factor 50 is incorporated into the textile, making it a suitable garment for summer.

Among other specifications, we have a couple of cargo pockets on the sides of the legs with a lid and Velcro closure, while another two with a more discreet format are found in the upper area.

These are men’s shorts that can be incorporated into any summer sports activity. Next, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the design.


Pockets: You will have a total of four spacious and easy access pockets, so you can store the small items that you need to have at hand quickly.

UPF 50: The fabric has been treated with a special technology that will keep you protected from solar radiation.

Fabric: Nylon fabric was used for its construction, which is resistant and breathable, making it a durable garment.

Waist: You will not have problems with the adjustment of the garment to the waist, since it incorporates elastic.


Flexibility: The fabric may not be very flexible, but the design is quite loose, so you will not have any problems if you choose the corresponding size.

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Men’s winter mountain pants

8. Zoerea Men’s Winter Hiking Pants

Zoerea is a brand that has been present in the market since 1941, and whose products are synonymous with quality. Proof of this are these men’s winter mountain pants, made with abrasion-resistant, permeable fabric and an adequate level of perspiration. In addition, the polar fiber interior is comfortable and warm, so you can use them during the cold season of the year.

Aesthetically, these pants have a fairly elegant cut line, which highlights a series of cuts and double seams that serve as decoration, with completely clean and detailed finishes. 

The waist area incorporates some elasticated sections for a better fit to the body, while on the sides of the legs you will find a couple of spacious zippered pockets, on the back area another pair with lids and on the upper part two more pockets for discreet cut.

This is a model with a modern cut and detailed finishes, which may catch your eye. More details below.


Lining: This garment retains body heat thanks to the built-in fleece lining, helping you stay comfortable even in cold weather.

Waist: The addition of elastic at the waist makes the garment fit better.

Pockets: The side pockets are roomy and have a zipper, while the top and back pockets have a discreet cut. So you can better organize your belongings while keeping them safe.

Use: You can use the garment for any outdoor sports activity or daily due to its attractive design.


Measurements: The legs of the garment are a bit long compared to other models, so you must take your precautions when using it.

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Technical mountain pants

9. Women’s Izas Stretch Birham Technical Pant

The Izas outdoor clothing brand is present in this list of recommended products with technical mountain pants aimed at the female target.

The garment has a completely sporty design, detailed finishes and well-crafted seams. The waist area incorporates an internal elastic band and a belt with a buckle, which, together, improve the fit in said area. 

There are also the side, back and top zippered pockets, in which you can safely carry small items. In addition, the cut of each of them is integrated into the design of the pants without altering its visual harmony, so it adapts to the natural curvature of the body without limiting its movements.

Finally, we must mention the combination of elastane and polyester for making the garment. These are breathable materials that repel water, easy to wash and dry.

Those who want women’s summer pants for outdoor sports activities should review the characteristics of this model.


Design: Its modern design adapts to the female silhouette without limiting its movements.

Knees: Reinforcements are incorporated in the knees for greater protection against abrasion.

Washing: You can place the textile in the washing machine using a gentle cycle with a maximum temperature of 30 °C.

Drying: The garment dries quite quickly because the fiber repels water.


Use: This is a breathable and quite cool garment, so it may not offer warmth in winter.

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Shopping guide

Mountain pants are mandatory garments for those who carry out outdoor sports, whether in the summer or winter season. Next, you can review our guide to buying the best mountain pants, in which we explain the main quality identifiers that you should take into consideration.

clothing fabric

Knowing the type of fabric used to make the garment is one of the main aspects to evaluate when making a comparison of mountain pants.

There is a wide variety of fibers used for mountain pants, among which polyester stands out due to its waterproof properties and high level of breathability. Likewise, elastane, which gives the garment a little flexibility, for a better adaptation to the natural movements of the body. For its part, the softshell membrane is another favorite of the main brands, as it is ideal for blizzards and effectively repels water droplets. However, it is not a completely waterproof material.

For its part, the fleece lining, combined with the aforementioned fabrics, is also widely used in winter pants. In this way, they provide the person with great comfort and a pleasant retention of body heat.

Gussets and pockets

The incorporation of some reinforced areas and pockets in the garment are usually quite convenient details so that the person enjoys a better wearing experience when wearing the garment. However, this could influence how much said product costs.

When reviewing the different proposals of the manufacturer brands, we will find that there are many normal and winter mountain pants that have articulated knees with linings in robust fabrics. In this way, they provide greater protection against abrasion in the event of an unexpected impact during the journey. The best thing is that said piece will not sacrifice the correct mobility.

On the other hand, there is the issue of pockets, which will allow you to always have at hand any type of small object such as a compass, map, knife, documentation, keys, among others. In any case, what you should check is that they have a secure closure, either by means of velcro or easy-to-open zippers. Thus, you will not have to worry about losing these elements.

Adjustment method

It is important that the mountain pants to be purchased have certain characteristics that favor its fit and closure method, since, many times, the garment is too loose in the waist area and, when walking, it tends to slide down causing discomfort.

In this sense, you should try, as much as possible, that the pants fit correctly at the waist. To do this, the main models usually incorporate eleatic waists, which are better adapted to different anatomies. Likewise, straps with buckles are attached, whose purpose is to complement the function of the elastic and keep the pants in their right place.

In fact, wearing pants at the waist during your outdoor adventures is recommended by experts, because it will help protect your skin from chafing caused by the backpack when walking. Remember that it does not matter if it is a cheap or high-cost mountain pants: if it does not meet these characteristics, it may not be worth your purchase.


Mountain pants are destined to be washed constantly, since, during our journeys, their exposure to dirt from external agents is inevitable. Therefore, it is important that the product you select is easy to wash, dry and straighten.

In general, this type of garment is suitable for being incorporated into the washing machine, using a gentle work cycle with a temperature not exceeding 30 or 40 °C. Similarly, they can be washed manually, but you should avoid using brushes to remove stains, as this would end up damaging the fabrics. In addition, in either case, you will have to use a bleach-free detergent, as surely indicated on the manufacturing label inside the garment.

Regarding the drying method, you will only have to place the pants outdoors until they dry and smooth them with your hands, since it is best to avoid the explosion of the textile in the heat of the iron. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use mountain pants?

To use your mountain pants, you will have to start by verifying that the size of the garment is the right one for your body, that is, that the waist area fits correctly and that the legs are a bit loose so that you do not have problems of mobility. In the same way, it corroborates the good condition of the textile, zippers, finishes and seams.

Also, it is important that you read the manufacturing label placed inside the pants, since in this way you will be able to know the care to be taken with respect to washing, drying and ironing the textile.

Finally, proceed to put on your pants and perform a small test by lifting your legs and bending down. Thus, you will check the resistance of the seams and flexibility of the fabric.

Q2: How to wash mountain pants?

The washing of your mountain pants will depend on the type of material with which it has been made, so you should check the manufacturing label that is inside the garment. In this way, you will be able to know if it is correct to put it in the washing machine and what is the appropriate temperature for the water, among other aspects.

In general, mountain pants are garments made of robust fabrics that can be put in the washing machine, but you should use a gentle washing program and a temperature not higher than 30 °C to avoid deterioration of the fibers. Likewise, to extend the useful life of the trousers, it is recommended not to use bleach and, if you choose to wash manually, you should refrain from rubbing the textile with a brush.

Q3: Up to what temperature do winter mountain pants protect?

The protection against the cold offered by winter pants will depend on the type of material with which they have been made. In this sense, you should keep in mind that, for example, some garments are made of polyester and elastane with a fleece lining, while others have been made of softshell fabric, which combines a polyester exterior with a breathable middle layer and microfleece interior. Therefore, the level of protection of this type of winter sportswear could vary between -10 and up to -25 °C, depending on the case.

Q4: How to choose the size of mountain pants?

When selecting the size of our mountain pants, we must bear in mind that the main thing is comfort and freedom of movement when walking, lifting the legs or bending over. For this reason, you should try, as far as possible, to ensure that the area of ​​the legs of the pants does not fit too closely to the body, so the ideal is to choose a garment that is one size above the one usually used.

You can also be guided by the width of the pants, which should be at least four centimeters more than your body measurements, while the length of the boots should reach ankle level for greater protection.

Q5: Which mountain pants are better, Columbia or The North Face?

Columbia and The North Face are a pair of American brands dedicated to the manufacture of outdoor sportswear, accessories and footwear. Both companies have been in the market for decades and enjoy a good position, thanks to the great manufacturing quality present in each of the products that make up their annual collections. 

In fact, both Columbia and The North Face are among the best-selling brands, with the most followers and the best comments on the different shopping portals. For all these reasons, one brand cannot be classified as better than the other, since, despite offering different mountain pants designs, both use the best materials and cutting-edge technology.

Q6: What is the difference between normal mountain pants and winter pants?

All mountain pants have similar characteristics with respect to reinforcements, pockets, adjustment method and closure. However, there is one aspect of great importance that should not be overlooked. It is the fabric used for its manufacture. In this sense, we will find normal mountain pants, made with abrasion-resistant and breathable fibers, which differ from winter pants, since these are waterproof, offer protection against blizzards and retain body heat.

Q7: How do water-repellent mountain pants work?

The water-repellent pants are made with a special membrane, whose porosity is so low that it prevents the passage of water molecules inside. However, said fabric is wide enough for air to circulate freely. This way, you get moisture protection without sacrificing proper breathability.

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