The 9 Best MTB Gloves of 2022

MTB Gloves – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Mountain biking is a complex activity, but very rewarding, due to the well-being it provides and the landscapes it allows you to appreciate. However, it cannot be ignored that it can be a very dangerous discipline, if you do not have the right products for your protection and safe mobilization. MTB gloves are essential, and for that reason, models like the Meteor WX101 have been designed to protect your hands from bumps and slips, even in very cold temperatures. On the other hand, the Fox Dirtpaw gloves offer padded palms for greater comfort and have elastic mesh on the fingers, which prevents the accumulation of moisture inside.

The 9 Best MTB Gloves – Opinions 2022

Much of your performance on the MTB will be due to your equipment, as it has been designed to provide you with safety and comfort. Gloves are part of this and so checking out different options until you really find the one that suits you is a great way to enhance your riding experience.

Winter MTB Gloves

1. Meteor wx101 Full Winter MTB Cycling Gloves

Having MTB gloves for winter is a good way to protect your hands from the cold, without compromising the grip you need to ride the bike. The pair has been made with nylon and elastane to make them flexible gloves; in addition, this also allows them to adapt to the hands more easily and provide greater mobility.

On the other hand, cyclists can be safe with these gloves, as they have non-slip dots to give a good grip, which will provide better control of the bicycle, and an elastic band on the wrists to protect the skin from the wind. To these qualities must be added the Touch Point technology of the gloves, which allows touch devices to be used easily.

Finally, these cheap gloves can be used for other sports activities and for your daily routine in winter. Therefore, it is considered a practical and versatile product.

Good value for money and an attractive model, these gloves stand out for their various positive features.


Grip: Its non-slip quality provides a secure grip, which is complemented by an ergonomic material to give better movement.

Versatile: This model can be used in different physical activities in the winter season.

Technology: Touch Point technology makes it easy to operate touch equipment while wearing the gloves.

Cold: These gloves have been manufactured to protect the hands from the cold and the wind correctly.


Season: Since they are made specifically for the winter season, these gloves might not be a comfortable option to wear in other seasons.

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Fox MTB Gloves

2.Fox Dirtpaw Glove

They are high performance Fox MTB gloves, which have armored knuckles, which allows you to move the branches and any type of obstacles that you find on the road. In addition, the palm area offers high density to increase grip comfort, so they are suitable for professional cyclists and beginners.

It is important to mention that the padded area of ​​the palms is composed of a Clarino conductive layer, which is compatible with touch screens for greater practicality. Likewise, the finger reinforcements are made of elastic mesh to increase air flow and flexibility.

On the other hand, they have a velcro closure that provides great adherence, but without reducing the movement capacity of the joints. Therefore, they give you a secure fit and dexterity in your hands.

Fox is considered by many to be the best brand of MTB gloves, so if you are interested in a durable and comfortable model, it is advisable to take a closer look at this product.


Breathable: The fingers have elastic meshes to promote flexibility and allow air flow.

Softness: They offer Clarino palms, made up of a layer of padded material that is soft to the touch.

Closure: They have a velcro closure so that the gloves do not come off with the movements.


Color: The design of these gloves is in black and white, so they could be less attractive compared to other similar models with colored surfaces.

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Long summer MTB gloves

3. Solo Queen Motorcycle & Bike & ATV Gloves

With long summer MTB gloves it will be much more comfortable to ride a bike in hot weather and this model shows why. With a palm made of waterproof leather and a microgrid designed to provide breathability, these gloves stand out by avoiding the discomfort that comes from the accumulation of sweat.

The materials that make up these gloves are synthetic leather, spandex, neoprene, PVC rubber, and lycra. Thanks to its elastic elements, it is easier for the gloves to adapt to the hands ergonomically, while the velcro closure is responsible for keeping them always in place. As if this were not enough, this model is compatible with the use of touch screens, so you can use your phone.

On top of everything, the fluorescent green and black design is an eye-catcher, while doing various activities such as hiking, biking and motorcycling. Even if it’s not summer, your gloves can keep you safe and comfortable.

If it’s already summer and you don’t know which MTB gloves to buy, then this model could be the right choice, thanks to its characteristics.


Versatile: Suitable for use in various seasons and in different activities, these gloves are very versatile.

Breathability: The micro mesh located on the back will provide greater breathability, preventing the accumulation of sweat.

Resistance: The combination of materials provides great durability to prevent rapid wear of the gloves.


Sizing: It is a short sizing model, so it is recommended to opt for a larger size than usual.

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Long MTB gloves

4. Boildeg Anti-Slip MTB Cycling Gloves

When it comes to making long MTB gloves, materials are of great importance. For this reason, this model stands out for taking advantage of the best qualities of neoprene, microfiber, lycra and elastic mesh, to provide great ergonomics and comfort. In addition, these elements allow them to be very good gloves for the fall, summer and spring seasons.

It should be noted that in cycling having a good grip is essential, so this model has padded foam palms to provide a comfortable grip, while the protection between the thumb and forefinger prevents constant friction. All this is complemented by a secure and resistant Velcro wrist strap, which will prevent the gloves from moving out of place.

Finally, to prevent sweat from accumulating, the fabric has ventilation holes to ensure breathability. Plus, the touch-sensitive pads make it easy to use touchscreen devices.

Among the cheapest alternatives on the market you can find this Boildeg option, gloves that stand out for their comfort and great design.


Versatile: These gloves are practical to use in different seasons without limiting your freedom of movement.

Comfortable: The padded palm and friction protection will always give you a comfortable grip.

Sweat: You won’t have to worry about sweat with these MTB gloves, as the holes in the fabric will give you better breathability.


Seams: The seams of these gloves could be more resistant, so they must be used with care.

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MTB cycling gloves

5. I Kua Fly Anti-Slip Cycling Gloves

It can be difficult to choose the best MTB gloves, however, if the combination of design and comfort is what you value most, then these MTB cycling gloves may be a good option for you. The red, black and gray colors contrast with each other for an eye-catching look, while the adjustable straps help secure and stabilize your wrist.

Thanks to its fabric, with small holes, the hands will be able to stay dry and sweat-free, providing adequate heat release to avoid discomfort. On top of that, the elasticity allows for better mobility which, in turn, will help you get a better grip on the bike.

The latter is complemented by the gel pads arranged at specific points on the palm, to prevent wear and tear on the hands. On the other hand, the touch-sensitive pads will let you use touchscreen devices with no problem.

With these MTB gloves, Kua Fly proves that quality, good looks and comfort are characteristics that can go hand in hand, without any inconvenience.


Adjustment: For greater security, the adjustment straps will always keep the wrist in place, and completely stable.

Grip: The pads found on the palm will allow you to have a better grip, avoiding shock from movement.

Breathability: The holes in the fabric provide adequate breathability, preventing the accumulation of sweat.


Size: The length of these gloves could be larger to avoid discomfort for those with large hands.

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Gel MTB Gloves

6. Kutook Breathable Long Cycling Gloves Men

Having quality gloves is a key to performing well when it comes to MTB, so if this is what you are looking for, this could be a good alternative. By using these gloves you will be able to forget the wear and tear due to the clash of the palms, as the padding provides good cushioning, while the non-slip section on the fingers provides a better grip, giving you greater stability.

These gel MTB gloves not only stand out for this safety, but also for providing excellent ventilation, thanks to the holes in the fabric that offer very good breathability, keeping your skin temperature cool. On the other hand, the thumb has a plush absorbent space, to help you dry the sweat on your face when riding a bike.

As for practicality, the touch function on the index finger will let you manipulate phones easily, while the velcro closure prevents the gloves from moving.

Due to their different characteristics, these could be the best MTB gloves of the moment, as they have been designed with attention to every detail.


Sweat: The ventilation holes have been created to provide better breathability, preventing the accumulation of sweat.

Padding: To provide greater cushioning, the EVA padding allows good impact absorption.

Fit: The velcro closure will keep the gloves always in place, preventing your hands from slipping.


Cold: This model is not suitable for cold weather, as the fabric is too thin to be used in seasons with low temperatures.

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MTB short gloves

7. Inbike Men’s Gel Cycling Gloves

For the summer it may be a good idea to have short MTB gloves, as it is much easier to maintain adequate ventilation in hot seasons. In this case, these gloves, in addition to leaving your fingers exposed, also have a fabric with several holes to ensure proper breathability, preventing the accumulation of sweat. Meanwhile, the velcro strap is responsible for providing a good fit, to prevent the gloves from slipping off your hands.

Comfort is also an outstanding aspect of this pair of gloves, since its 5 mm of gel padding protects the hands from the constant vibration of the handlebar and friction with it, which will allow you to have greater control over your bike.

Also, so that you are always safe, the design of these gloves has some reflective markings, so that your signals are more visible in low light. Because of this feature, many consider them to be the best MTB gloves of 2022.

Although quite simple in design, these gloves stand out in a number of ways and are suitable for use in MTB riding.


Reflectors: The reflective details will make it easier to see the signs you make, thus protecting you from cars.

Padding: To provide good shock absorption and prevent wear and tear on your palms, these gloves come with 5mm of gel padding.

Breathability: The holes in the fabric and the free fingers will allow for more optimal ventilation, preventing accumulations of sweat.


Toes: Bare toes may be difficult for some to get used to, although this provides better ventilation.

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MTB gloves for summer

8. Konvinit Half Finger Bike Gloves 

These summer MTB gloves stand out for their half-finger design that allows better support and breathability. In addition, the palms are made of synthetic leather and rubber pads inside, which makes them more comfortable and aerodynamic.

Also, they have a honeycomb pattern on the back surface and are coated with silica gel, which makes them suitable for absorbing shock and providing greater flexibility in the central point of the hand. The back is made of moisture-resistant Lycra, so it’s durable. 

For added convenience, these gloves include fingertip straps that make it easy to remove the gloves. As if that were not enough, the cuff is adjustable with a velcro strip, which allows you to adapt them more precisely to the thickness of your wrist.

If you are looking for the best value for money MTB gloves, you should know that these are not too expensive and are soft to the touch. Let’s thoroughly review its pros and cons.


Use: They are suitable for exercising, cycling, mountain biking, weightlifting, driving, among other sports activities.

Colors: You can get them in the colors black, blue, red and green to choose according to your style.

Removal: It is possible to remove them from the hands easily, since they incorporate strips on the upper part of the fingers.


Size: They may be tighter than expected, so it is recommended to buy a larger size and adjust with the velcro.

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Mavic MTB Gloves

9. Mavic Deemax Pro 2018 Long Bike Gloves

These are Mavic MTB gloves that have palms made of 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane, so they do not degrade with moisture and prevent the proliferation of fungi. In addition, the back of the hand has an elastane and polyester insert, which have breathable properties to prevent sweating.

These gloves offer rubber on the knuckles, which helps protect from shocks and allows you to easily move obstacles that may be in your way. Also, they provide maximum vibration absorption, since they are made up of Ortholite padding to increase comfort.

On the other hand, they incorporate laser-cut micro ventilation openings. In this way, they provide optimal airflow. As if that were not enough, they have an ergonomic closure system that allows you to put on and take off the gloves easily and quickly.

The best MTB gloves should provide comfort and long life, as is the case with this pair from the Mavic brand. Let’s see its main features.


Resistance: They are made of polyester, polyamide, polyurethane and elastane, so they are resistant to constant use.

Sizes: They are available in sizes S, L and XL, allowing you to choose the pair that best suits the size of your hands.

Breathability: They have micro openings made with laser that favor the ventilation of the gloves.


Grip: The non-slip surface in the palm area is smaller compared to other models, which could decrease the grip capacity.

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Shopping guide

If you really want to learn more about MTB then you need to dress like a pro and know exactly what to look out for when buying your gloves. Just buying this product will mark a change in the way you ride your bike.


Although it is about buying products made specifically for mountain biking, MTB gloves follow the same purchase parameters as most clothing. For this reason, before looking at how much the model you are interested in costs, you must first know if it is your size.

MTB is a discipline suitable for children and adults, therefore it is necessary to check the size of the gloves to be purchased. This size even changes when it comes to models for women or men. Go through the process of measuring your hand to discover the ideal size and make sure the measurements are the same as the gloves you want to take home. Remember that if you make a wrong decision, the gloves could be out of adjustment and this is quite dangerous, as it will be easier for them to slip.

After this, you can now move on to paying attention to the shape of the gloves. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be unique details in each model, however, the most outstanding feature of this type is the length. Because of this, the gloves are divided into two: long and short.

The lengths are characterized by having enough material to cover your fingers completely and, most of the time, this section exists to protect your fingers from falls and the weather.

Short gloves, on the other hand, are models that leave the fingers bare. This is a common feature in summer models, and is also often the first choice for those looking for comfort.


You may have noticed, when reading the guide to buying the best MTB gloves, that the weather is a decisive factor in choosing the perfect pair. The different environmental conditions are a reason behind the division of long and short gloves, however, in addition to this, there are models made specifically for certain seasons that stand out for other qualities.

Summer gloves, for example, are products that have been manufactured with a design that enhances good ventilation. Sweating is inevitable at this time if you exercise and, for that reason, most gloves of this type come with perforated fabrics, to provide better breathability, preventing them from slipping by accident. These gloves can usually be used in spring as well and, in addition, most of the time, they are compatible with other activities such as motorcycling and hiking.

On the other hand, a good and cheap winter option focuses on the opposite. The gloves for low temperatures are characterized by being a little more rigid than the summer ones and also by having a fit that minimizes the contact of the hands with the outside wind. In addition, they do not have multiple ventilation grilles.

No matter which gloves you choose, make sure they always have a secure closure that stabilizes your hands, so you can take on any weather.


After paying attention to safety and sizing, you can’t pass up the opportunity to do a comfort-focused MTB glove comparison. Practicing mountain biking is quite a complex challenge and, therefore, you should always look for comfort, because if you are uncomfortable it will be more difficult to move.

When it comes to comfort there are many things that could be mentioned, however, there are three that stand out for their great relevance: the pads, the anti-slip and the freedom of movement.

As for the first quality, this is liked by many and disliked by others. The pads could give you comfort by absorbing the various vibrations and shocks that can occur from movement, preventing this from tiring your hand. However, even if this is true, others prefer to always have a direct grip on the handlebars to have more control, without pads in between.

As a second aspect, the non-slip sections are great allies to hold the handlebars effectively and have more control of everything. These make the fastening of the bikes much more comfortable and safe.

Finally, don’t forget to always have freedom of movement. When choosing your favorite gloves, keep in mind that they should be elastic enough to move your fingers without any pressure and without rubbing against each other. The latter is especially important, since rubbing can cause the formation of blisters, which are usually painful.

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