The 9 Best MTB Helmets of 2022

MTB Helmet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The MTB helmet is one of those accessories that should never be missing on our routes. It does not matter if we go through simple terrain or that we practice descent, because the risk is present even in the simplest and safest trip. So investing in a good helmet like the JWL QK106, which has a shell made of high-strength ABS plastic and also includes safety glasses, a mask and reinforced gloves, can be a good investment to improve the security. If you prefer something aimed at children, then the FOX Rampage 2022 model would be the most suitable, it is a helmet made of fiberglass, with a traditional design, in black and very comfortable.

The 9 Best MTB Helmets – Opinions 2022

When it comes to protecting ourselves when riding our mountain bike, having the best MTB helmet is essential. For this reason, beyond searching among the cheapest and poor quality options, it is necessary to spend time finding the best MTB helmet that we can buy with our budget and according to our preferences, as well as the type of routes that we do. A task for which we leave you with some suggestions and proposals, among which it is very likely that the best MTB helmet of the moment is for you.

Enduro MTB Helmet

1. JWL Motocross Helmet with Gloves Goggles Mask for Enduro MTB

The JWL helmet comes equipped with all the necessary material to get started in motocross and enduro, since it has protective goggles, reinforced gloves and a mask. The helmet is available in four different sizes, S/55-56 cm, M/57-58 cm, L/59-60 cm and XL/61-62 cm, making it adaptable to almost any user.

The outer shell of the helmet is made of highly resistant ABS plastic. Inside it has a high-quality expanded polystyrene lining, capable of withstanding bumps and falls without losing integrity and without the blow passing to the head, which prevents injuries.

It also adapts to the head, thanks to an adjustable strap with quick release, which goes through the chin and has foam protection, for greater comfort. On the other hand, the helmet only weighs 960 grams, so it is not heavy.


Inner Lining: The inner lining fabric is removable and washable, which allows the helmet to always be kept clean, as well as being soft and comfortable.

Ergonomics: The entire interior of the helmet is made of expanded polystyrene foam, which adapts to the shape of the head and absorbs shock to prevent injuries.

Equipment: The helmet includes the reinforced gloves, the safety glasses and the mask, to have all the equipment.


Design: It only has two designs to choose from, in two different colors, which can be a problem for users looking for personalized equipment.

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Fox MTB Helmet

2. Fox Rampage Youth MTB Helmet 2022 Black

The Rampage 2022 MTB helmet has the best technology for motocross and mountain bike clothing. It has a classic design, with a long visor, a wide field of vision and cooling spaces in the lower part; that facilitate interior ventilation, while not hindering the user’s breathing. The helmet is black and is designed for children and adolescents, so its size is 51/52.

The inner lining is removable and washable, it is also made of an elastic and anti-tear fabric, which maximizes performance and is fresh, facilitating perspiration. In this sense, it includes a double-density foam bandana inside, to maximize grip and make it comfortable.

On the other hand, the profile design is low so that the glasses fit perfectly. In addition, the helmet is secured by a tape, with a cover and quick closure.


Weight: The case is made of fiberglass, so it is resistant, but at the same time very light.

Inner lining: To increase comfort, the inner lining is made of an elastic, breathable and fresh fabric, which can be removed for washing.

Design: The design is very ergonomic, with space on the sides to adjust the rubber of the protective glasses and with a wide field of vision.


Sizing: As it is a helmet for children and adolescents, it is available in a single size, so it may not fit all users.

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MTB full face helmet

3. Rockbros kids detachable full face helmet for MTB BMX bike

The Rockbros full-face helmet has a very robust outer shell, made of PC sheets and high-density EPS foam; which is capable of absorbing shock and protecting users’ head, neck and face. It has a rotating wheel on the back that, together with the adjustable chin strap, allows an optimal fit so that the helmet does not move.

To improve ventilation and internal perspiration, it has 12 large spaces for air to enter, which makes it easier for the user to stay cool at all times. On the other hand, both the pad and the inner lining are removable and can be washed by hand, to prevent the helmet from absorbing bad odours.

It should be added that the chin area can be removed, thanks to a quick release buckle system, to convert the helmet into a lighter and cooler bicycle helmet.


2 in 1: The chin guard part of the helmet can be released, thanks to a buckle system, turning the helmet into a bicycle helmet.

Adjustment: Thanks to the adjustment knob and the lower adjustable buckle, the seat of the helmet on the head is maximized, preventing it from moving.

Protection: The helmet is made of PC sheets and EPS foam that absorb shocks and protect the head, neck and face.


Sizing: It only has two sizes, both small, since it is a helmet designed for children.

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Bell MTB Helmet

4. Bell Nomad Mountain Bike Helmet

For those who prefer a Bell MTB helmet when hitting the road, the Nomad model has everything you need to ride safely and comfortably. This model is manufactured with a polycarbonate exterior and an interior made in a casting mold, with considerable resistance.

The result is a helmet with a good level of safety and protection when riding. Something similar happens with the lower pads, which will give you extra comfort and also serve to better adjust the position of the helmet to your preferences.

In this task, the shell adjustment system also helps, which makes the product suitable for heads from 53 to 60 centimeters in diameter, in a classic model for adults. So the piece will be correctly placed so you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you are one of those who prefer a Bell helmet to protect yourself, we leave you what you should know about this model.


Construction : Its high quality construction keeps your head safe from possible impacts during the route.

Ventilation : The design has 15 ventilation holes placed to generate a pleasant sensation.

Adjustment : The helmet is adjustable by means of the rear selector, the straps and the adjustment pads.


Weight : The weight of the helmet is 330 grams, greater than that found in other models.

Visor : The visor must be treated with care, as it is a bit fragile.

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Giro MTB Helmet

5. Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Unisex Helmet

Thanks to its in-mould polycarbonate construction and polystyrene lining, this Giro MTB helmet offers you everything you need to ride with ease on complex terrain without safety being an issue. The Fixture model is a traditional style helmet with a flat base and an enlarged visor, which makes it even easier to have a comfortable position when riding. To do this, this helmet has the usual support ring on the head, as well as additional protection for the neck, with which to have an adjusted and precise position when wearing it.

Likewise, the helmet offers efficient ventilation, with a large number of ventilation holes, as well as a design that guarantees adequate fluidity in that air flow. The helmet is finished off with technologies such as the multidirectional impact system, which gives the product greater safety, as well as the Roc Lock closure, integrated into the buckles to achieve a better hold.

Riding safely on all types of terrain is safer thanks to everything this Giro helmet offers you.


Design: The design of the helmet is trail style, with an enlarged visor and efficient ventilation.

MIPS technology: MIPS technology better distributes the force of impacts in the event of an accident.

Roc Lock closure: This closure system adds extra security to the helmet, for a better fit.


Color : Some comments indicate that the colors of the helmet may differ from the images, although it is simply cosmetic.

Visor adjustment: The visor is not adjustable, although it is removable, in case you need it.

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Mavic MTB Helmet

6. Mavic Deemax MIPS MTB Helmet

We continue with the leading brands on the market, taking a look at the Mavic MTB Deemax MIPS helmet. A model with a traditional character design, although improved with EPS-4D technology. This system improves shock absorption and reduces damage to the brain in the event of an accident. It also incorporates MIPS technology, which reduces the intensity of angular impacts on the head.

Comfort is not lacking in this Mavic MTB helmet either, thanks to the quality of the product’s materials. Something that is helped by details such as the closure and adjustment system, so that the straps are in perfect condition and do not bother when rolling.

Ventilation doesn’t fail either, thanks to a system of strategically placed openings that generate good sensations during filming. Just what you need to endure the hottest days of summer.

So that you know everything you need when deciding which MTB helmet to buy, we give you some more information about this high-quality proposal


Protection: Thanks to technologies such as MIPS or EPS-4D, this helmet is much safer.

Weight: The weight of the helmet is 310 grams, which improves the sensations during use.

Visor: The visor is integrated aerodynamically within the structure, for greater comfort.


Sizes: The sizes are somewhat smaller, with measurements of only 4 centimeters of range in each size.

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POC MTB Helmet

7.Poc Tectal Helmet

Among the best options on the market, we also find the Tectal model POC MTB helmet. A trail design product that has been specially enlarged both in the nape area and in the visor area, thus increasing protection at these points. To do this, the product has a system of aramid fiber bridges, which give the helmet greater durability and generate greater resistance in the event of an accident.

The adjustment of the helmet is also simple, through the support for the neck and the set of straps of the product, with which to adapt it to the position that most interests us. However, the sizes are not excessively wide, so having a more precise fit is easier, so you do not have to worry about being in an awkward or incorrect position during use.

Cover your head safely and forget about the risks with this efficient helmet from POC.


Design : The main design of the helmet covers practically the entire area of ​​the neck in an efficient and safe way.

Reinforced protection: The aramid bridges included in the helmet give extra protection to the head in the event of an accident.

Adjustable visor: The adjustable visor allows you to adapt its position to what suits you best according to your preferences.


Price : It is not one of the cheapest options in our selection, although the security it provides is worth the investment.

Weight : The weight of the helmet is 821 grams, perhaps a little higher than other similar products.

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MTB helmet with removable chin guard

8. Rockbros Kids BMX Cycling Full Face Helmet

If the protection of any cyclist is important, that of the little ones is even more so. So nothing better than this Rockbros MTB helmet with removable chin guard, so that your head does not suffer any risk. We are talking about a helmet with an integral design, so that it protects both the head and neck area as well as the chin area, through the included removable piece. An easy-to-remove piece that provides extra protection in a high-risk area.

Its manufacture in PC and EPS also contributes to this protection, two materials that are very resistant to shocks and the friction of use. This does not cause discomfort, since we are talking about a very comfortable model and designed so that the little ones do not have problems while using it. Something that is helped by its 12 perspiration holes or the adjustment system with a rear wheel, among other aspects.

Protect the heads of the little ones with this Rockbros helmet, with an integral design and high resistance.


Chin guard: The removable chin guard gives our little one greater security during use.

Comfort : It is a highly comfortable product, both because of its padding and because of the design of the helmet itself.

Visor : The visor is adjustable and gives the product greater comfort when fighting against the sun.


Measurements: The measurements of the helmet are somewhat fair, according to certain comments about it.

Hooks : The hooks of the chin guard must be treated with care, to avoid premature deterioration.

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Women’s MTB Helmet

9. X-Tiger Bicycle Helmet Adult

Although it is not an option from a well-known brand, if you are looking for an MTB helmet for women, you have a very safe solution in this X-Tiger model. This helmet has its own technologies designed for your safety, which are responsible for improving shock absorption in the event of an accident.

Another strong point of the product is its comfort. In this aspect, issues such as its weight stand out, which remains at 260 grams. Therefore, it is one of the lightest helmets in our selection.

This does not prevent the helmet from having high-level ventilation, which cools your head with solvency. It also includes a very comfortable chin guard, which reduces friction from the strap. In addition, the helmet is easy to adjust using the usual wheel system.

After analyzing this model in detail, we leave you its most outstanding characteristics below.


Weight : The helmet weighs only 260 grams, being one of the lightest proposals on the market.

Net : The interior anti-mosquito net prevents problems with bugs that can sneak into the helmet.

Chin guard : The chin guard absorbs sweat and gives you extra comfort when using the product.


Uses : Although the helmet is suitable for basic mountain routes, it may fall short for downhill and other more risky disciplines.

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Shopping guide

The helmet is a tool that should not be missing in our cycling team. And when it comes to moving off conventional roads even more so. That is why we must dedicate time and interest to find that perfect product that, in the event of an accident, can save our lives. A task for which you can count on the help of our guide to buying the best MTB helmet, where you will see the aspects that will make it easier for you to find that product effectively and safely.

hull type

When it comes to an MTB helmet, the truth is that the usual bump-type helmet comes to mind for all of us. However, a simple glance at any MTB helmet comparison will show that there is much more to choose from, with specialized models for certain more extreme cycling disciplines. Something that, on the other hand, also influences how much the chosen helmet costs.

Starting with the most common, we have the classic MTB helmet. This has a base of plastic material, similar to a cork, topped with another harder and more brittle plastic with which to distribute the stress of the blow. Its shape is no longer the usual one of the bumper, but now it extends a little its protection space in the neck, for greater security.

As an alternative, we have the trail helmets, designed for those who do not ride in very extreme terrain or are looking for something simpler. These helmets have a classic “duck head” image, with a wide rear protection and a large front visor, also having interesting ventilation. At the other extreme, we find Enduro MTB helmets, similar to motocross or full-face motorcycle helmets. These helmets include a chin guard and protection for the sides of the face, being the safest for the most extreme disciplines, such as downhill.

hull size

In addition to the type of helmet, one of the most important issues of the product has to do with sizing. Just as we look for a product of our size when it comes to a jersey or shoes, that fit is even more important when it comes to something that serves to protect our head.

To choose this size, we must previously equip ourselves with a tailor’s tape measure, made of fabric or plastic. A rigid one does not work for us because it would leave spaces without measuring correctly and, therefore, the measurement result would be incorrect. To make this measurement, we place the tape on the head, covering with it the largest part of it, which is where the helmet will rest.

With this measurement we will have to choose the corresponding helmet, according to the measurements and sizes that the chosen manufacturer has. To facilitate this procedure, all manufacturers have such tables and conventional measurements, so that each numerical measurement has its equivalent. However, the best thing to do is to try the product directly on your head and see how it fits you, as long as the helmet is the right size for you.

MTB helmet comfort

Even if you have the best MTB helmet on the market, if it isn’t comfortable, then it probably won’t do you any good. Fortunately, current helmet designs are very comfortable, thanks to the additional materials and elements that the manufacturers themselves include in their products. However, budget helmets generally do lack some of these options, so an in-depth review is always a good idea to know what to expect from the product.

One of these elements are the sets of pads included in the product, which allow to improve the support on the head and customize it in a convenient way. This comfort also helps us to have adequate ventilation. The more ventilation holes we have within our reach and the larger and better placed they are, the better that internal ventilation will be.

We cannot forget either the fastening of the helmet. Part of it has to do with the adjustment or dial located on the back of the neck, which today is an almost essential element in any helmet. Regarding the buckles, they must be verified in terms of their comfort and safety, being preferable the magnetic closure models, which are more comfortable than conventional products. If you have to resort to a model with conventional buckles, check the resistance of the adjustment of the straps and that they do not rub against the face during use.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a MTB helmet?

Wearing an MTB helmet is as easy as placing it properly balanced on our head, closing the straps on the face, placing them under the ears and away from the chin and, finally, closing the clasp of the straps under the chin. A simple process, although as long as we have done our homework when adjusting the helmet to our head, as we will see later.

Q2: How to clean a MTB helmet?

To properly clean your helmet, you should start by disassembling the moving elements, such as the visor, straps or pads. All these elements must be cleaned with lukewarm water and a neutral soap, such as bath gel for children or similar. This product does not deteriorate the structure of the helmet or its material. Once clean, just let it dry in a ventilated place and away from direct light, waiting until it is completely dry before using it again. When dry, just reassemble everything and check the fit before use.

Q3: When to change MTB helmet?

In general, there is some controversy regarding when we should change the helmet, beyond when an accident has occurred, which we will talk about later. This question has to do with the useful life of the hull. In general, MTB helmets do not expire, but due to the type of material used, it is possible that the helmet loses its protective capacity.

Therefore, it is recommended that the product be replaced every 5 years, which is the time during which these products maintain their structure and properties, according to the current consensus. However, this does not prevent that, in case we see deformations, cracks and other defects in the hull structure, it is highly recommended to proceed with its replacement even if this period has not been reached.

Q4: How to adjust a MTB helmet?

The fit of the MTB helmet is key for it to be useful and efficient in its protection. This will require the helmet to sit flat and balanced on your head, without tilting back or to one side. Next, we adjust the neck retention system to a firm level, but always without being annoying or hurting us. The next step is to adjust the buckles, which should be under the ears and not near the chin, proceeding to pull the straps until the proper pressure is achieved. In case of doubt, you have several videos on the net to see this procedure.

Q5: How to choose MTB helmet size?

Choosing the correct size for your MTB helmet is a process as important as it is simple. We only need to have a sewing tape measure, made of fabric, to proceed to take the measurements of our head. It is important to measure correctly, placing the tape a couple of centimeters above the eyebrows and in the widest part of the skull, which is where the helmet will rest. In most manufacturers we will not need more than this measurement to know what size we need. The good thing is that each size has a range of 2 centimeters, so that each one gives a little more play when choosing a helmet. For example, a size L helmet is for “heads” of 59 or 60 centimeters in circumference.

Q6: Is it necessary to change the MTB helmet after an accident?

One of the cases in which the MTB helmet must be replaced yes or yes is when there has been an impact in which the helmet has fulfilled its purpose and has protected us from the blow. In these cases, the helmet must be replaced immediately, since the impact alters its properties and its ability to adequately protect us, modifying its structure and resistance. Even if the helmet does not present external defects, it is possible that the internal structure has been affected, which can translate into greater risk in the future, being unable to provide the expected protection.

Q7: Which is better, MTB helmet with chin guard or without?

As with motorcycle helmets, the MTB helmet with chin guard has the advantage of extending protection beyond the head area, so that the mouth and chin are also protected in the event of an impact. Since this area is “sold” with conventional helmets, we could recommend its use. But the truth is that it is also an annoying and somewhat overwhelming element for certain users. For this reason, the recommendation may be very personal, except in the case of downhill bike users and other extreme users, in which case the use of MTB helmets with a chin guard is almost essential.

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